Never has unadulterated hypocrisy marched itself to the forefront on a silver platter more efficaciously than on Independence Day in the United States — that is, until 2017, when my online friend decided to test the public mettle — by urinating on a Chinese-made American flag.

Oh, yes. She did.

And thankfully so — exercise of rights ultimately staves off their evisceration. Without occasional tests of the protections granted all U.S. citizens, those boundaries of protection shrink, unabated — because, if you don’t value freedom of expression, just wait until expressing yourself freely cannot be achieved without a consequent stint behind bars.

In that spirit, my friend, Emily Lance, placed a flag on the rim of a toilet on the 4th of July, and — using a device allowing women to stand and urinate — let loose, unleashing a torrent of urine against the Stars and Stripes as a friend videotaped the immediately-viral act.

“Fuck your nationalism,” the dedicated activist narrated on video since deleted by Facebook and YouTube, as the song, “Night Moves” by Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band, played in the background. “Fuck your country. Fuck your stupid fucking flag.”

Offended? You should be.

You should be offended that the U.S. military maintains a presence in 150 of 196 nations on the planet. Offended the CIA employed the grossest human rights abuses known when it psychologically, emotionally, and physically tortured detainees — even though that method has been proven utterly ineffective. Offended the Authorization for the Use of Military Force granted a blank slate for perpetual war anywhere on the globe. Offended the most heinous terrorist organization yet to manifest only did so because the West sought and hoped for a caliphate of terrorists. Offended millions of people abandoned their homes for flimsy life rafts, risking their otherwise uneventful lives to escape relentless American and allied bombs.


You should be offended our prisons incarcerate more per capita than any other nation — fascist dictatorships, included — on the planet. Offended the police, with seemingly endless authority over our daily lives, kill with nary a consequence, even in questionable situations. Offended free speech has been forgotten to cater to those too sensitive to bear it. Offended protest is being criminalized in a growing number of states. Offended medical choice isn’t an option in a nation claiming to value choice. Offended acceptable expression has been narrowed so severely, your right to redress grievances has been summarily erased from the books — and from the hemp-based paper on which those rights were putatively enshrined.

You should be offended with your own damnable hypocrisy — calling for the bodily harm of someone committing a nonviolent act against a symbol — rather than voting out the pols excusing the wholesale murder of innocents inside the bounds of sovereign lands.

Instead, you’re offended that bodily waste met striped and starred fabric — made in China, no less.

This hypocrisy — not our farcical shreds of freedom — is why we’re so hated around the planet. In fact, it’s why blowback — not terrorism — comprises our greatest threat.

Those indelible impressions the U.S. has effected on the world — not to mention innumerable other unnamed iterations — comprise just a fraction of the motivation to carry out the one act an otherwise helpless citizen might choose to force the spotlight on the issues: desecration of the flag.

So, that’s what Emily Lance did — she chose the symbol of pain for millions around the planet who experience the full brunt of American exceptionalism to focus the rage of living only symbolically free in the one nation pompously regurgitating liberty, but failing to live up to the hype.

To call the act inflammatory would belie the altogether appalling backlash instantaneously generated the moment video of the July 4th stunt was posted to Facebook — a reaction so horrifically hypocritical, the exercise of free speech has since extended into death threats to Lance’s family members.

Threats to dissect Emily with knives, bludgeon her body, and even a $3,000 bounty for her head, rumored to be posted to Craigslist, now dot the activist’s Facebook timeline — as if she injured each individual in cold-hearted glee.

But she didn’t — she exercised an albeit fraught freedom and catapulted an astonishing hypocrisy into the world spotlight.

As furious former and current service members, their families, and other devotees to the symbolism in Old Glory crawled out of the self-aggrandizing, misbegotten cracks to wish death upon an otherwise unknown person on the Internet, Lance — obviously no shrinking violet — wrote in a post to Facebook,

“Freedom (of speech/expression) means that I’m entitled to do and say as I please, EVEN if you don’t like it, so long as I am not physically hurting someone – and no, your precious feelings don’t count, that’s your own problem. What don’t you people understand? You’re celebrating freedom while damning me for doing the same. You can’t have it both ways. FREEDOM OR NONE. Practice what you preach or shut the fuck up.”

She has a point.

Indeed, while the bulk of condemnation centered around disrespect for the flag, critics widely missed that Lance’s act not only falls under constitutional protection, desecrating the symbol of the nation embodies the freedom putatively defended by the military. Those threatening death and mutilation against the woman bold enough to express displeasure with the direction of this hopelessly self-serving government would do well to re-examine what the United States allegedly stands for — freedom.

Perhaps a nation born of the blood of the land’s original inhabitants and built upon the involuntary toil of enslaved Africans and others could never comprehend freedom as a concept on which to base its existence — though, perhaps, it should.

In propaganda — advertisements, corporate news, and Hollywood cinema — the United States can do no wrong. In reality, it rarely does right by those under its control — much less, those under the bombs dropped so readily.

Testing American mettle means teasing the bounds of acceptability and tolerance — what better way to test its willingness to stand for the ideals of freedom than by destroying the symbol so dear to so many.

Instead, Lance merely proved the laughable hypocrisy in Americans’ claiming the nation the freest of all while calling for her murder for expressing a freedom apparently untenable to the national conscience.

We must face, as citizens of these once-United States, the crimes of our government for the brazen reduction of people to commodities those wrongs encompass — failure to do so engenders only militancy in the cause of knocking the imperialist empire from its self-appointed pedestal.

This nation is not exceptional — it’s ordinary. Worse, it’s complicit in the misery of billions, and — no matter how extraordinary the somnambulant American public finds itself — this shameful fact cannot be extricated from our national identity.

We are not gods. We haven’t mastered life. Our government and military commit the worst atrocities in our name — yet, people are enraged about a piece of cloth — one not even manufactured in the United States?

To say priorities have been compromised would be gross mischaracterization and understatement.

“People are wishing illness, harm, and suffering upon me over a piece of fabric,” Lance later tellingly asserted online. “People are willing to MURDER someone over a flag. It’s so sad that people don’t realize how brainwashed they are. I’m gross for peeing on a symbol? LOOK AT YOURSELVES. You people epitomize all that is foul.”

No matter how much so many wish it so, the American flag is only a symbol — however imbued with personal meaning for any individual — the flag is just a symbol. You cannot equate military service — even the ultimate price — with a piece of colored cloth.

Not when the provocative among us aren’t offered the same platform to express distaste as those expressing pride.

The true beauty of our protected freedoms in this land are most clearly seen when someone expresses themselves in a way or on a topic on which we don’t necessarily agree — then, and only then, is its foundation and strength actually proven.

This experience proves that foundation — and the flag flying emptily above it — deserve to be condemned.

Claire Bernish began writing as an independent, investigative journalist in 2015, with works published and republished around the world. Not one to hold back, Claire’s particular areas of interest include U.S. foreign policy, analysis of international affairs, and everything pertaining to transparency and thwarting censorship. To keep up with the latest uncensored news, follow her on Facebook or Twitter: @Subversive_Pen.
  • David Daisy May Boldock

    Grant seems such a nice chap doesn’t he haha. I would like to grant him his wish but on him.

  • Kevin Landers

    hahahaha poor baby girl wanted attention and now that she has it, she wants to cry. I love it.

    • Matt Matt

      Low life scum like you need purging from this planet. I hope it is you who is found dead and by a far worse and more painful way than a simple bullet in your head.
      All you half wits are only proving what a bunch of pathetic cry babies you are. Death threats are actually worth crying over, seeing someone desicrate a fucking piece of cloth is not. So who’s the real fucking cry baby here?

      • amishmime

        I agree with Freedom of Speech and her right to do it. However, I also endorse whatever is directed back at her within reason.
        BUT you’re probably a guy crying about this and cries like a wuss when somebody does it to a Koran. Aren’t you? Be honest. Somehow that “speech” isn’t protected according to you snowflakes. A truly evil book that it is.

        • Matt Matt

          I couldn’t give a shit what someone does to a Quran, they can piss on it for all I care.
          Your assumptions about me just reveal who you are.

          I know it would be easier for you if I was some left wing “snowflake” who didn’t apply free speech consistently, so you could point out my hypocrisy to distract from your own, but I am not.
          So unlucky. What are you going to do now?

          I am consistent with my support for free speech. And people can do what they want to any inanimate object that they rightfully own, whether it is a Quran, a bible, a flag or whatever.
          I don’t know what you mean when you say “I also endorse whatever is directed back at her within reason” but if you endorse any kind of violence or threats towards her because she exercised her right to free expression then you are hypocritical piece of shit guilty of the very hypocrisy you are trying to project onto me with your pitiful assumptions.

          I don’t endorse violent responses to free expression. Whether it is psychotic muslim’s reacting to some disrespect of their faith or some right wing hypocrite who embraces nationalism as a substitute for sanity, you’re all the same to me.

          For people who actually believe in free speech there is very little difference between the half wits who are reacting violently to someone pissing on the flag and the Islamic half wits who react violently over disrespecting of their bullshit.
          There are rational sane people who can understand basic logic and morality and there are sick half witted arseholes who want to impose on others and violate the most basic standards of freedom.
          Who do you want to be?

          • Matt Matt Well said, awesome rant. Sure are some thick, sensitive types on this thread.

      • Michael Sorg

        Apparently you are the cry baby. Look at how triggered you got trigglypuff

        • Matt Matt

          You have no argument so you want to say I am triggered or crying or whatever little buzzwords that’s popular with the kids these days, when I am clearly not crying about anything but just expressing some contempt for a contemptible low life (quite calmly) and also providing a logical reason as to why I find this moron contemptible.
          You and your comment is pathetic, but I won’t waste my life explaining why.

        • Maria Harigforman

          Wow I can do that ,you are so triggered troll

      • dustbusterz


      • Leonardo Castellano

        Free Speech at work… She exercised hers to piss on the sacrifice that thousands have given for her freedom to do so. People are also exercising theirs to let her know how they feel about it. She could have bought a thousand flags and pissed on all of them without posting it, and no one would have cared. But she chose to purposely disrespect the sacrifice for her freedom in a most public fashion. So she should not be surprised she had the desired effect she wanted, pissing people off.

        • Matt Matt

          death threats is not freedom of speech. I am not objecting to people expressing their opinions about what she did. You are right that they have the same right to free expression as she does, but your point is a complete straw man because that is not what I am objecting to and that is not what this article is speaking about.
          I am not objecting to people exercising their free speech to express their disgust at what she did I am talking about the hypocritical cry babies who are responding with threats of violence.
          And to be perfectly honest it is fucking obvious that is the issue here, so either you are being intentionally dishonest or ridiculously obtuse.
          Supporting free speech doesn’t mean you support what she did/said it means you support her right to do it. All the people who are reacting with threats are no better than the other fanatics who respond to free expression with violence and threats.
          It’s really quite a simple concept.

          “She could have bought a thousand flags and pissed on all of them without posting it, and no one would have cared”
          ^^ what would be the point in that? She did it to make a statement for fuck’s sake.
          That’s the fucking point in free speech, you do it for people to see and hear. Free speech is not for what you say or do in private it is what you say and do publically.

        • Bill the eighth

          You really believe the fairy tale that “the sacrifice that thousands have given for her freedom to do so”? Nobody has sacrificed their lives for any freedoms since 1776.

      • Maria Harigforman

        So his freedom of speech bothers you but her freedom did not hhmm

        • Matt Matt

          Who’s freedom of speech bothers me? I think I made my position clear. Death threats are not freedom of speech. But expressing opinions is free speech and while I may find many opinions disgusting and contemptible I do not object to people’s right to express their opinions, but I may also express my own opinion which may include disgust and contempt for their opinion.
          I support free speech and free expression, but threats is not included in that definition. Doesn’t mean I have to like the opinions being expressed and if I come across an opinion that I find particularly vile then I may exercise my free speech and express my contempt for their vile views, but I support their right to express such views and opinion even if I despise such mind sets. Is that clear?

          • Amor Terra

            You’re talking to the wall. Remember the neighbor in the book 1984? No meaningful brain activity.

    • Maria Harigforman

      Yeah the antagonising child wanted attention

    • grgk

      as long as you love it, you hypocrite… and no, she surely did not want your attention

  • Kevin Landers

    I personally hope we read of her being found with a bullet in her head

    • Amor Terra

      Yeah, killing someone for exercising their freedom is definitely respectful of all the people who “died protecting” it. Get in touch with a neurologist dude–you need a brain transplant, stat.

  • Jacob Seavello

    So basically the left loses in 2016 and decides, fuck it… come on Hillary supporters let’s go join the terrorists LMAO.😂

    • disqus_GiSFk511BB

      Where did you get the impression that leftists were joining the military? …..Oh wait, You weren’t talking about that terrorist organization….

      • Jacob Seavello

        As says the pansy who probably still bunks with their mom. Why don’t you go watch V for Vendetta again…

        Maybe that will make your corny ass hard again.

        Little puss don’t even got the balls to use your real name, why don’t you go get me a double shot latte, you Antifa cocksucker LMAO.😂

        The best part about the results of the election was getting to see you snowflakes cry like little birches cause you needed ‘safe places’…

        I still can’t stop watching those videos… 😂💀

        Also you need to learn what a ‘terrorist’ is buddy, if anything we are ‘foreign invaders/marauders’ a terrorist is someone who wants to cause mass panic and chaos in order to inspire fear in a population all in order to bring the political infrastructure to its knees through decent.

        But if you honestly think anyone is afraid of Americans given most have lived in war and death their entire life… just proves what an uneducated tool you must be.

        So why don’t you stick to what you know and go plant a tree you can hug or something.

        • disqus_GiSFk511BB

          HA HA HA HA HA!!! You fuckin’ pussy ass snowflakes are so easily triggered. Why don’t you go back to overthrowing a democratically elected government, or training folks like Bin Laden, or protecting the poppy fields…You fucking dimwit.

          • Jacob Seavello


            Your mom must be pissed that of all the sperm that went up her snatch, you’re the one that made it.

          • Tess Alexandra Dallas

            Vitriolic insults & filthy language are the outward manifestation of low intellect & absence of meaningful education. You are not worthy of respect.

          • Jacob Seavello

            Actually they are signs of high intellect, they have already conducted a study on it you fucking twat lol.

            They showed that an intelligent person will not filter themselves and utilizes ALL of their vocabulary to their verbal advantage, whereas a less intelligent individual will filter themselves and try and utilize verbatim which ‘sounds’ more sophisticated, when in fact they are merely compensating for their lack of intelligence.

            If anything profanity is just seen as ‘vulgar’ and ‘politically incorrect’ to the population and has nothing to do with or without an IQ.

            It really has all to do with the substance of the conversation. But you keep on believing that swear words make a person dumber… that is about ad scientific as pencils being the reason why children fail tests.

          • Jacob Seavello

            And moreover so, I don’t give people an ‘Intelligent’ conversat ion when they already have proven they DO NOT want one.

            Otherwise I am just running around in circles trying to teach a retarded puppy how to sit… it’s fucking useless.

            So I treat them about as seriously as they deserve to be treated… LMAO.😂

    • Leonardo Castellano

      Exactly.. They lost.. Started ANTIFA in 2017, just like they started the KKK in 1865. History is repeating itself.

    • Hillary voters are not the left. CNN is not the left. The Democrat party is not the left.

      • Jacob Seavello

        Actually they ARE the left, how far left is what remains to be seen.

        The left is comprised of: Anti-Fascists and Progressive Liberals on the ‘Far Left” and Progressive / Classical Democrats, Globalists and Progressive Libertarians make up the median base. However all of them affiliate in the same party (Democrat).

        On the Right you have your Hardline-Conservatives(Religious Right), Alt-Right and Anti-Communist on the Far Right, then you have your Republican Nationalists, Neo and Traditional Conservatives, Moderates and Traditional/Cultural Libertarians.
        All of which are found in the Republicans Wing.

        Outside of these parties are 3rd party affiliations such as the Green Party.

        Now if you didn’t vote, then basically your opinion doesn’t really matter because you chose to ‘side-line’ yourself during the election.

        And to say that all of this retarded ‘Anti-American’ sentiment has nothing to do with the 2016 election is just idiotic… the Left has been doing everything in their powers recently to make a mockery of the Democratic party and anyone in the party who tries to decent from these shenanigans, is quickly steam rolled by the far left members in the party crying out: ‘RESIST!’.

        So frankly you can look at the blatantly ignorant message being spread by the Left the entire election, something that carries on today which are just messages fostered in ignoranance and bigotry.

        I remember when Obama won the 2012 elections… all Republicans did to the flag was turn it upside down and the hypocrisy from the left was “you guys are all sore losers, babies and anti-American’

        The Right wins in 2016 and there are riots in the street, millions of dollars in property damage and dumb fucks burning, piss on on and wiping their asses with the flag; calling it ‘patriotic’.
        So as far as I’m concerned the Left has always been filled with hypocritical assholes.

        Whether it was back when they supported slavery and founded the KKK, or when they constantly changed their political views just to get that colored vote (and yes they did do that for political reasons, before that they only tried to appeal to ‘white’ voters).

        Some of th he most disturbingly bigoted organizations have also come forth from the Democratic party as well besides just the KKK…

        Like planned parenthood which purposely targeted black and impoverished neighborhoods.

        The neo-feminist movement which is basically just the little rascals equivalent of the SheRa-Man-Haters club, pushing as much anti-male sentiment as they can and then making society think they are the victims somehow.

        Then you have the Black Lives Matter movement, a movement SO seated in racism that it has nothing to do with black lives mattering, in fact the organization itself turns a blind eye to black homicides and black medical concerns (such as cardiovascular disease) which are the chief killers of black men… no instead they focus on the minority of the problem ‘police officers’ and not just police officers, WHITE police officers (white people in general actually) the group in itself has become the black equivilent of the modern KKK and only seeks to foster hatred among whites and blacks further segregatin our society in its wake.

        So yeah, our problems today DO stem from the Left whenever they don’t get their way. They have becomes the children in America the rest of us are forced to put up with.

        • all you’re telling me is that you have white male fragility and you don’t want to believe feminism is legitimate, black lives matter, and that you’re still stuck in the dark ages of nationalism, capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy. I’m of the left with many agreements aligned with Peter Kropotkin, Emma Goldman, Noam Chomsky, Nestor Makhno, Murray Bookchin, and it still holds true that: Hillary voters are not the left. CNN is not the left. The Democrat party is not the left. Progressives did not vote for Hillary, for one quick detail on who the left is and what they do.

          • Jacob Seavello

            No apparently you don’t understand,
            Racism and Sexism don’t have a color they can affect anyone and everyone; especially white males who have become the perfect targets for the Left. Which you have just concluded.

            Feminism USED to matter back in the day when it was originally about getting women ‘equal rights’ something that women to this day have and then some. In fact women actually have more rights in this day and age then men do. And our society is still jaded by the illogic that men can only be victimizers and women victims.

            And also black lives do matter as much as anyother life. However, the BLM movement has nothing to do with that as it is an ‘anti-white’ and ‘anti-policing’ HATE organization passing itself off as a social justice organization. They blatantly ignore the 8-9000 black deaths attributed to gang violence annually for the 6-750 police related ones. Even Martin Luther King Jr knew to love and respect his fellow man unlike this radically polarized movement.

            However to be frank, NO LIFE MATTERS… it is what you do with your life that counts. If you think a heroin addict who is going to die with a needle in their arm one day’s life mattered as much as a doctor who invented insulin injections you’re a fucking idiot LMAO.😂

            Even Adolf Hitler’s life mattered more than a junkies…. and why you ask? because he left his mark on history.

            So this idiotic notion that we all are just born and our lives mean something is a euphoric notion, just as much as your outcry that the Left has nothing to do with you….

            All those things you claim are not the Left, ARE the Left and although labels shouldn’t define us, they are just part of how we organize things in society.

          • pisceanpassion

            I’m sorry but you’re an idiot. Since when was BLM about ALL black issues? It’s always been about race relations between the police and African-Americans. Just because idiots like yourself are trying to police what the movement should focus on, doesn’t mean BLM is not a legitimate movement because they don’t focus on those things.

            Ask yourself these questions: Who founded BLM? What was it in response to? Why is it called Black Lives Matter?
            Black lives matter was made in response to police brutality and general black deaths caused by people who think that blacks matter less. Most importantly, BLM IS NOT ABOUT PRESERVING BLACK LIVES, IT’S ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT TREATING BLACK LIVES EQUALLY AND SHOWING IT HOLDS THE SAME WEIGHT AS WHITE LIVES. They don’t care about preventing diseases. They don’t even care about black on black crime. WHY? Because at the end of the day, the black criminals are guaranteed to feel the full force of the justice system. The black criminal is even more f*cked when it comes to black on white crime. THE MAIN ISSUE is that police officers and non-blacks are rarely punished for crimes against blacks. This is what shows African-Americans that black lives don’t matter. And it’s issues like this that the organization BLM addresses.

            So, to summarize, BLM is not The Society for the Preservation of Black Lives, they are not here to fight black on black crime or diseases. Instead, Black Lives Matter is here to make sure the takers of black lives receive the punishment that they would receive if it was any other non-black life. They simply want to be afforded the dignities that white lives are afforded (cops try to de-escalate, rather than shoot “out of fear”, murderers are brought to trial), nothing more, nothing less.

          • Jacob Seavello

            No you’re the fucking idiot LMAO.😂

            The entire black lives matter movement was based on the idea ‘black lives matter just as much as anyone elses lives matter’ that is a statement that was reproduced countless times. To claim otherwise is just blatant ignorance. So now the group has solely become just another KKK. An organization that establishes us vs them. They don’t even care that 2300 white people are also shot and killed by police on an annual basis. Because white lives have no value to their organization, as much as black lives really don’t have any value to them. They just want white people and police to stay put of their business. The problem is blacks keep killing themselves in droves and you as ignorant as you are are OK with that…

            So yeah the real assholes here are people like yourself who would rather see black people murder eachother than see a police officer or the federal government get in their way.

            You are the most disturbing sort of human being imaginable.

            Did you ever consider the reason why police and black people don’t get along might have something to do with how paren’t of black kids teach their children to respect or act around police officers? Or that the cause for a majority of police related incidents deal while how the individual conducts themselves. Police can’t help it if a majority of crimes in an area happen in a certain neighborhood either. That is why profiling exists, it has everything to do with risk and the amount of risk based on the situation. You can get pissed about this ‘them vs us’ mentality shit all you like, but unfortunately at the end of the day it is them that is the only thing keeping us from tearing eachother apart.

          • pisceanpassion

            “No you’re the fucking idiot LMAO.😂”

            I know you are but what am I? <— why does that always seem to be your people's go-to response

            "The entire black lives matter movement was based on the idea 'black lives matter just as much as anyone elses (sic) lives matter' that is a statement that was reproduced countless times. To claim otherwise is just blatant ignorance."

            Jake, Honey, I never claimed otherwise. Where does what you just said contradict what I said? BLM wants the government to understand that black lives matter just as much (holds same weight) as non-black lives. Where is the contradiction? On the other hand, I don't see how you can interpret what you yourself just said into BLM needing to focus on diseases and black and black crime. Blacks that are killed by other blacks are given justice because the government will punish the black murderer with the full extent of the law. This isn't rocket science.

            "So now the group has solely become just another KKK. An organization that establishes us vs them."

            That's quite a far reach Mr. Extendo arms. Let me know when BLM starts lynching white people.

            "They don't even care that 2300 white people are also shot and killed by police on an annual basis. Because white lives have no value to their organization, as much as black lives really don't have any value t o (sic) them. They just want white people and police to stay put (sic) of their business."

            BLM isn't interested in the whites that are shot because:
            1) 9 times out of 10 officers will try their hardest to preserve a white life. A white guy can wrestle an officer's gun or taser away, endanger multiple civilians lives, and kill multiple people and officers will still try their hardest to de-escalate the situation so they won't have to take a life.
            2) In the instances where officers do unnecessarily kill an innocent white person, an investigation is held and they aren't villainized by the media
            3) Police officers are rarely incarcerated for killing civilians but white people usually receive some form of justice. Recently a white family was awarded over a million dollars because their DOG was shot by police.
            4) White people don't really care that much about police brutality (even though it's been proven times and times again departments are riddled with corruption and it's the type of profession that attracts sociopaths). Whites love their precious police officers, thug officers are heroes in their eyes. For Pete's sake, a black man was shot multiple times in the back, had his corpse handcuffed, and a weapon planted on him, all on camera, and whites were still defending the thug officer. What business is it of black civilians to protect those who do not want to be protected. Let them drink the kool-aid.
            5) there are more than enough anecdotal evidence, files, and statistics to prove blacks are treated worse than whites by law enforcement.

            "The problem is blacks keep killing themselves in droves and you as ignorant as you are are OK with that…"

            Neither I nor BLM is okay with murder. First of all, there are numerous organizations already trying to reduce inner-city crime, why must BLM have their hands in every pot? Secondly, how exactly are Black Americans supposed to solve black on black crime if they have no trust in the police? Don't you think that problem needs to be solved first?

            "So yeah the real assholes here are people like yourself who would rather see black people murder eachother (sic) than see a police officer or the federal government get in their way."

            Yes, because BLM protests when police officers intervene when a black person is about to be murdered /s

            "You are the most disturbing sort of human being imaginable."

            Yes, what I typed was so disturbing to you so I must be the most disturbing human being. Hitler, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, and Jeffrey Dahmer have nothing on me. They killed people for no reason, but here I am defending BLM. How reprehensible.

            "Did you ever consider the reason why police and black people don't get along might have something to do with how paren't (sic) of black kids teach their children to respect or act around police officers?"

            Did you ever consider the reason that the the police and black people might have something to do with the fact that police officers were created to catch runaway slaves and the police is proven to be infiltrated by many KKK members in very high ranks? Really, at what point between catching slaves trying to find freedom and now did the police and black Americans join hands for a kumbaya? There has NEVER been a time in history where they've got along.

            "Or that the cause for a majority of police related incidents deal while how the individual conducts themselves."

            You might have a point if there wasn't so much evidence of whites conducting themselves even worse without a slap on the wrist. Which is just fine because police officers are owed no more respect than anyone else. Some were lifelong losers who thought a badge and gun would finally give them the respect they never earned. Now, we see numerous examples of aforementioned losers getting their panties in a twist when they aren't shown subservience. God forbid, it's a lowly black person who dares to disrespect them. FYI, disrespect isn't illegal and it definitely doesn't warrant a death sentence.

            "Police can't help it if a majority of crimes in an area happen in a certain neighborhood either. That is why profiling exists, it has everything to do with risk and the amount of risk based on the situation."

            Pray tell, why are crimes in a certain neighborhoods? It wouldn't happen to involve the many issues that surrounded white flight, disenfranchisement, and the effects of racism, would it? Hmmm… Anyways, profiling isn't illegal, harassment and murder is.

            "You can get pissed about this 'them vs us' mentality shit all you like, but unfortunately at the end of the day it is them that is the only thing keeping us from tearing eachother apart."

            May I remember you of what you typed earlier: "So now the group has solely become just another KKK. An organization that establishes us vs them."

            You're the one who mentioned us vs. them, not I. But while we're on the topic, this us vs. them mentality is only detrimental. It only serves to dehumanise "them" which leads to wars, colonization, genocides, and the current politically divided U.S.A. 🙂

            Welp, I've wasted enough of my time talking at you. I say "at" because judging by your terrible reading comprehension, your habit of putting words and ideas in my mouth, I have a feeling everything I type will be lost in the black hole that is your head. I'm done talking at you. Have a nice life, Jake.

  • Jacob Seavello

    Who the fuck is hypocritical now, what about all that talk of: we will accept the results of the election…

    Oh wait I guess that only applied whIle you thought your side was going to win…

    As for your dumb as dogshit friend, all I can say is this: don’t do dumb shit and dumb shit won’t happen to you.

    There are always consequences in life for stupid choices, so to think somehow your friend is special, kinda points to what ‘winners’ you and her must be.

    75% of the US population still loves their country despite the bitter assholes like yourselves who don’t. They still support its values and support the troops, whIle all assholes like you do is get bitter about shit that doesn’t really affect you…

    I mean when was the last time you deployed anywhere other than a bar, skank?

  • Alex Knight

    THIS much discussion, vitriol, and wasted energy over a chick pissing on a piece of polyester.

    I’m not even wasting any more of my own time commenting.

  • pwlsax

    The flag is regarded possessively by that tribe of Americans that does not question our country, and will not stand to see it questioned. They also happen to supply most of our all-volunteer armed forces.

    I know of no way to resolve this tension, especially since the people I’m talking about see no tension at all. They simply want the challenges to their beliefs to stop.

    • Maria Harigforman

      Wrong I love our flag I am very patriotic but I question our Government every step and strive for change.You are confused about what patriotism is.And there are countries way worse off than the US you need to do more reading

      • You keep spouting the same tired rhetoric. You should do some “reading”! Matt Matt could teach you a thing or two. He lays it out very succinctly. Or https://youtu.be/m4ylSG54i-A

      • Amor Terra

        That makes as much sense as saying you love your diabetes, because at least it’s not cancer.

  • rob6065

    This Country of ours is as Fake as the News written about it. We are The Land of The UNFREE and Home to The SLAVE. Propaganda has been pushed down each and everyone’s throat plenty of times. We have career Politicians who are nothing more than Pathological Fucking Liars who care more about themselves and family instead of helping the people who got them elected. They throw us breadcrumbs to keep us happy. I could go on and on but lets just say that I’ve seen the light about America and its probably still the best out of all of them to live, but we are definitely not squeaky clean and EXCEPTIONAL like they say we are.All America seems to be good at is starting Wars and making the 1% richer in the long run while the rest of us poor schmuck’s take it right up the ole Hershey Highway. Nuff Said for one day about this SADNESS

    • Maria Harigforman

      Wow go live in a few of the countries where you do not have the right to talk bad about your country.It is where you belong.You do not even know your freedoms and how much less so many other countries have.I feel so bad for you

      • rob6065

        Don’t feel bad for me Miss Brainwashed. Your part of the problem not the solution. Get yourself educated before you start feeling bad for someone. This Country is a TRAIN WRECK. all the way around.

      • Maria the time is soon coming when you will see how “free” you really are! I recommend you listen to Chris Hedges and educate yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veFMuYNRr8A

        • intrinsicblue

          That’s the same stuff spouted by the right about the left, they have you ALL trolled. Fighting each other.

      • Amor Terra

        I feel bad for someone who feels loyalty to an institution like the U.S., which has a history of continuous violence, racism, inequality, exploitation, corruption, genocide, and a complete reneging on the social contract. Stockholm syndrome really does exist.

      • Bill the eighth

        Unfortunately, you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • daniel_edmondson

    The American public is waking up to the fact that we the US is the most hated and feared nation on the face of Earth. That we (US) have joined the ranks of nations that include the Likes of Nazi Germany. This is the path that Corporate America has set our nation on.

    • TechGump

      It is the path of all powerful Govts. History proves it so. Authority via Force (Govt) is the single largest mass murderer, oppressor, and destroyer; time and again. If not the USA, another will take it’s place, until people are done excusing the initiation of violence in the name of “peace and order.”

      • Maria Harigforman

        There are many countries that are horrendous in regards to basic human rights and the treatment of women,mass murder for beliefs still exist.I am glad I can at least work with my fellow country men women to change the laws.I can go online and talk crap about my nation and I won’t be punished.There are places you can’t do that.Sure America has its problems but it is way better off then a lot of places all you have to do is some research.I wouldn’t be able to live in Canada or Australia if I had to depend on state medical.So many in those countries wait months to years for medical treatment,surgeries.I know about this because of how many people I know living there and they talk about it.People also believe the news stations way too much they do not realize how much is left out and how much has other sides to the story because they only tell what they want you to here.Yet people believe every word they here from the TV or internet.The lady peeing on the flag is a complete idiot antagonizing people on purpose is just wrong.And she is lucky she isn’t in a place where you do get your head cut off for that type of thing or put in jail because there are places like that,that do exist.

        • Amor Terra

          Again, please enlighten us “know-nothings” with your vast knowledge of other countries. Please tell us about the last beheading you witnessed in person. What did the person say to be sentenced to beheading? Please also tell us which countries have you been to where you saw people be punished for “talking crap” about their nation. And are the wait times in Canada and Australia (I assume you can ask one of the many people you “know” living there) longer or shorter than the veterans wait for care at the VA Hospitals here in the U.S. Do people die waiting for treatment there like veterans do here? Please do be specific, and speak from your own personal knowledge, because otherwise we might just conclude that you only “here”d it on TV or the internet and believed it uncritically.

    • Maria Harigforman

      So that’s why so many people move here they hate us lol

      • Bill the eighth

        You don’t get it do you Maria? People moving here has nothing to do with how much the US government is hated around the world.

    • tufflove

      we are by far worse than nazi germany we rank right up there with Israel.

  • Leonardo Castellano

    Instead of doing something meaningful. Showing a positive example of what America should be doing. THIS SNOWFLAKE chose to use the freedom thousands have died to give her, to literally piss on that sacrifice. Pissing on the graves of the men and women who died to give her this freedom. IT’S CALLED RESPECT FOR THE FREEDOM YOU’VE BEEN BLESSED WITH,, SNOWFLAKES DON’T HAVE ANY…

    • TechGump

      She didn’t piss on graves. If you have a valid point, lying isnt necessary. Anyway, seems you are a perfect example of the hypocrisy discussed here. First, you purport to speak for the thousands who long ago died to secure these rights, and second, you say she has this freedom because of thier sacrifice, yet in turn say exercising that right is disrespect? It really makes ZERO sense.
      Your ideal of “respect” isnt what freedom of speech is about, at all.

      • Jeanette406

        Actually you don’t make sense. And lying? How is he lying? These people that pee on the flag do have the freedom of expression, distasteful, clueless and misguided as it is. Bigots have the right to express their racist views under the first amendment, also. We know they are wrong, and disgusting people, but they have the right. When they spout their racist crap, it is highly disrespectful to all humans. When idiots pee on, burn, stomp or do these things to our flag they DO highly disrespect all those who have served and died in the Armed Force. You clearly never served and have no understanding of what respect, duty, honor or country are about, so do not presume that you do.

        • TechGump

          How is he lying? Nobody pissed on graves. She pissed on a Chinese made piece of fabric. Period.

          “When they spout their racist crap, it is highly disrespectful to all humans”
          This isn’t about rascism. It’s about expressing one’s views of the dangerous, violent nature of nationalism. Stay on topic. Furthermore, expression of racism too doesn’t warrant violence. Indeed, I won’t agree with racist on that topic, but I respect their right to expression, and my opportunity to challenge those ideal with what I believe are ideals more principled; no different then I do with you now. Threats of violence that, alas, are intended and have the real consequence of hindering free speech is destructive, dangerous, are NOT what free speech is about; quite opposite.

          “When idiots pee on, burn, stomp or do these things to our flag they DO highly disrespect all those who have served and died in the Armed Force.”
          Again, you don’t speak either for all those whom have served and died, or why they served. You cannot speak for how they feel of her act, or it’s merits. You speak only for yourself, and attempting to speak for others as if you do demonstrates your areguement’s weakness. In kind, few serving in the armed forces actually provide service to the foundation and protection of free speech. Iraq, Afganistan, Syria, Lybia, Vietnam, and on have nothing to do with American Rights (arguably opposite). They are corporate wars and CIA opps for corporate benefit. One’s intent in service has no bearing on actuality of service under the orders of command.

          As for me serving, you have no idea who I am or what I’ve done. Nor is that relevant either to the merits of free speech and it’s principles.

          • Amor Terra

            Oh dear. Using that awful LOGIC and REALITY! Tsk, tsk. Don’t you realize that all those poor jingoistic morons need their annual fix of pollyanna-ish BS about freedom to keep lining up to protect the military industrial complex’s profits?

          • Guy

            Stop it Amor ! There you go again, making logic when it should be left brained hash ! Trouble is, both of you are right and even Jeanette406 has a few valued points too. Now I got to take a couple of aspirin and rest awhile, because my friggin head hurts from reading all of this mumbo jumbo, about logic and patriotism, enough to last me for the next couple of months, unless I peek again. *totters off to a quiet dark room*

    • take your imperial flag, and shove it up your ass.

    • Amor Terra

      You know, if I had “died to protect” people’s freedom, I think I’d want them to exercise it. Otherwise, I kind of died for nothing. Stop drinking the phony nationalist Kool-Aid, Leonard.

  • JayJacobs

    What drivel this article is only surpassed by the woman-girl who cried and complained like a baby, that people were using their freedom of speech to verbally attack her after she used her “freedom of speech” to urinate on the symbol of the dead solders that allowed her to humiliate herself by pissing on camera. clap. clap.

    • Amor Terra

      Hate to tell you, but “freedom of speech” has never extended to death threats.

    • Guy

      I understand you sarcasm, but really dislike your calling the story *Drivel*. Suggesting that if you don’t like it, go someplace else that is more enlightening to yourself.

  • Guy

    Most of you here, know me on this site to be pretty even minded, fairly objectionable, and at least most time willing to listen to both sides of the argument, also as well to be one not to advocate violent reactions over folks opinions.

    But I gotta say, this is one that makes me see double and my blood boil to the point, that I want to strangle someone or thing over it.

    Were does this vile creature think ,that it can come off as some sort of patron saint for all that is holy and liberal, by peeing on and A American Flag, then posting it on the Internet to test the waters and not think it will not get some sort of violent reaction from folks that take offense to it !?

    A Three Grand Bounty For It’s Head, may be a bit extreme, But if I had the chance, I would flush it down the toilet along with the rest of the garbage, and not think twice about it ! It has waved a red flag, that to me is about equal to standing on the White House lawn and waving the Black ISIL one as well !

    I see crap like this, and realize and firmly believe that *LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISEASE !

    That’s my opinion such as it is. You don’t like it, tough and can wear it as a hat ! That’s all.

    • Amor Terra

      She thought that she’d pull a stunt. Whoopie. Pissing on a cheap piece of Chinese polyester that represents a Constitution that one of our recent (not liberal) presidents called a “goddamn piece of paper.” Don’t you think that we’d be better off focusing more on correcting all the wrongdoing that the government does that makes people want to pee on the flag, and less on a cheap piece of cloth?

      • Guy

        Not in a million years. Amor. Nor a thousand, a hundred, a decade, a year, a month, or a day, or for even a second, will I give up my right to defend my *AMERICAN FLAG* from it’s desecration, so others can laugh and disrespect it, for getting brownie points on the internet, or to burn it, or stomp on it in protest !

        Too many have died for it in it’s defence, for what it represents to (ALL) of the American People and I will always honor that, no matter what. Even for the rights, that (YOU OR OTHERS) can do what you feel is your right, by your disrespect towards it for calling it a “A Cheap Piece Of Cloth.*

        To do anything less, would be a dishonor to all of thouse who have died and are still living, who defend it every day, so you and I can sit in front of our computers and type, while being (FREE TO) wrapped in it’s protective cloth.

        I don’t always agree with my Government’s Policies, or it’s Politics towards the world or it’s people, wishing for a change in many. Knowing that, such is the nature of the political stage and it’s actors. While recognizing that I can do very little about it, but perhaps making it a bit better in my small corner of it, with the hope that I can pass on to my own, so they can someday make a better world than what I am leaving them, such as it is. Happy with the knowlage, that it is better now than what it was befor, but far from being perfect, knowing that it never will be.

        That to me is what is called Patriotism, and the honoring of all those befor, who sacrificed everything, so that I, my children, and you can can have it.

        I also believe that thouse many of us, who have never given up anything in defence or sacrifice for it. That do, nothing more than to take what they can get or steal, either by hook or crook, or who just stare into Iphones, while talking trash about how bad or rough they seem to have in life, no matter who, what, or where they be or live, have no clear concept or the understanding, of what it is that they truly have as FREE AMERICANS, except for what they may have been taught in some H.S. Civics Class 101. Which is not much and most times worthless political trash.

        Suggesting, that perhaps they should exchange places with someone who doesn’t, like in Iran, N. Korea, China, or even in Counties and places like in South America, or Mexico. Maybe then, they would begin to understand what it is they do have or have lost, when they don’t have the freedoms or rights to sit and pee on a flag on the internet and laugh about it, or what would happen to them if they did !

        To some here this may seem silly, or even a oxymoron in values of beliefs, because to some they may seem to be mixed, because I say I will defend it’s honor, while allowing for you to be disrespectful of my American Flag, at the same time. No ! They are wrong. That is to me, what it is to be a (Free American), who will honor thouse rights that you and I do have, even to the point of self sacrifice for it’s sake !

        • Amor Terra

          Then you are the one who is disrespecting the sacrifice of people who try to protect freedom. Oddly enough, Guy, people who do popular things don’t need the protection of a Constitution because they have the tyranny of the masses to protect them. It is the people who do unpopular things who test whether we really believe in principles or whether we are just all mouth.

          • Guy

            No Amor that is were you and I differ in opinion.

            It is because they are doing what is unpopular and controversial in our Country, that has given them the rights to do so, by the signature on a piece of paper, represented by a symbol of a flag, for the many who have lived and died in protection of it, and the rights that piece of paper represents.

            The test is, that this person is still breathing and free to continue on with it’s campaign in testing the waters, while it knows that it is free to do so, as the result of what others have given her, that she may disrespect their memory. Unlike many other places in the world, where she would be stoned to death, or battery acid thrown on her, for it’s desecration, for even the mention of her intent.

            This is not tyranny by the masses, as you say. This comes because of freedom of expression and oppression as it is written on that paper, represented by the flag that gives her the rights to do so. And not as a cheap imported wall mart knock off of imported linen.

            If that is in some way being Disrespectful, as you may call it. Fine I can live with it, and personally am tired of folks that always want to test and poke us, that do understand what it is, that this represents to us. Likeiing it to the same as what a black man would feel if someone walked up to him and yelled that he is just a low down dirty N-Word or A Marine is a baby killer or that your Dad was just a guy who was nothing but a dude in a blue clown suit ! Those of us who have pride understand it, thouse who do not or can care less, don’t.

          • Amor Terra

            I have pride in those things that I personally accomplish. And people can call my dad a clown in a blue suit if that’s what they wish. I became a lawyer because I actually believed in logic, law, and justice. When I realized that was not what was truly involved, I tried to change to other areas/types of law in the hope that maybe I could do good for people. When I realized that too was bastardized, I quit, and I haven’t regretted it for a moment. But I still believe that a system that actually lived up to the promises of the Constitution (not this one, obviously) would be a noble and unique thing. And part of that (part of freedom) is to allow people to do rude and stupid things so long as they don’t endanger other people. So, I have pride–not in some hollow symbol that people use to browbeat others into not criticizing that which richly deserves criticism, but in the things that are right with this country. Not one of those has one thing to do with the government or a piece of fabric. They have to do with people.

          • Guy

            Okay then, we can agree somewhat to disagree to a point of being amiable about it, and no one gets butt hurt over it, just because I think we are coming at it in similar fashion, but from different angles.

            Though it saddens me now, to see and think that our American Society, has become so modernized and politically correct, that it is now okay and acceptable to break the crosses off the churches, banish the 10 commandments monuments to back rooms, refusal to stand or place a hand or hat over one’s heart when our National Anthem is played, so one can stand in protest, hero worship for Athletics that are payed huge amounts of money, later to be caught doping, who have contributed noting except to throw a ball, and now it’s okay to pee on our American Flag. I wonder what will come next and think that I am glad I will not be around in the future to see it ! All because we have become a society of me, myself and I, filled with a decadent people, where men have become woman and woman have become men, with Government approved politically corrected bathrooms !

          • Amor Terra

            Well, there’s another couple things we’ll have to disagree on. I don’t think it’s anyone’s business who was, is, or will be, male or female or all/none of the above, any more than it’s my business who is fat, or wears stretch pants out of the house, or who smokes cigarettes or drinks beer. My motto in life is leave other people the hell alone–unless they are harming someone else.

            The National Anthem is a song. Nothing more. I think we ought to stop the sappy sentimentalism over flags and songs and the mythology of the perfect free country that never actually existed and face the reality that our country is deeply corrupt, flawed, and in need of major reformation. As they say in twelve step, the first step is to admit you have a problem. Making up a bunch of phony mumbo jumbo about how wonderful we are just stands in the way of fixing it. People hate us because we bomb them and overthrow their governments and steal their stuff–not because we’re “free.”

            I really could not possibly care less which toilet someone uses, as long as there’s a stall and they shut the damn door. I have a lesbian child and an asexual one, and if they weren’t my kids, their queerness would be, likewise, none of my damn business. Why do we continually focus on meaningless trivia instead of real problems?

            I do agree about the athletes. Sports religion is ridiculous.

            And back to the flag. I figure if I feel like I should have the right to say or express unpopular things, then I have to expect that others can too. And if I don’t like it, I can tell them off or not listen. Freedom works both ways.

          • Guy

            Of course it dose, that is why they call America *The Land Of The
            Free* !

            As to the rest ? Well maybe that is why they call it a generation
            gap ?

            I am more conservative and you aren’t. So what ? It works both ways kiddo. Considering we both have our ideas and feelings about the rights and wrongs of our Country, enough to both agree that there are things we like, and don’t like about it.

            I don’t like plenty, is a fact, some you allready know about and others you don’t, is a sure bet, but I would not want to change you for it, nor do I believe I could ever, because that is what makes you, You ! And I can accept it ! No more than what you do with your own children, or the person down the street, that causes you no harm, except for maybe simple annoyance, that should be easily overlooked.

            Now ? I do my work in a voting booth, but have spent my time in my youth, on the front lines of the protest at U.C. Berkley as well in the first Earth Day March ever held, when I felt passionate about it enough to do something about it, other to just stand there and talk. about it ! Similar to when I served on my County’s Boards and City Councils, when I felt that what was happening was not right, and decided that maybe i, could do something to help make a change for the betterment of all thouse it affected.

            Perhaps that is one of the things that i do see now, as to not being right. Because of lack of personal involvement and empathetic attitudes of folks today, who are mostly clueless as to what is going on around em, having no commitment, or caring enough to even be bothered with it, except for their own personal gain of what can I get out of it for me, and fuck everyone else, because i got mine first ! Maybe that will change with time, but I don’t think so, with it seeming to me only getting worse, rather than better.

            Again The Generation Gap, that I believe is the cause, and not something that is easy to put a finger on. I just think that a lot of folks are spoiled rotten, having it way to easy for themselves, and expecting it to always be that way, with the feelin’s that, it is nothing but a Nanny State of gradel to the grave lifetime care and entitlements, being all supplied by a Government, that they don’t give a turd about, except to complain really loud, when they don’t feel they are getting there fair and equal share of. Or perhaps it was a cop, who thumped em over the head when they were misbehaving, or their dog got abused somehow, or maybe it’s the stock market that’s got em down, because it dosen’t live up to their expectations or their Iphone has crapped out !

            To me there was a time, when we gave back and worked hard for our daily bread, and probably we were even somewhat asleep to what was going on around us, about our Governments world politics. The internet helped to change all of that, and that is a good thing, as I see it. But also when I live in a society of people that are willing to shoot 2 yr old children over road rage, swoon over the butt size of some fantasy t.v. bimbo, or what rock star twerks with who and makes a lot of money from it ? I think that we are also sick as well. Oh well it sucks to be me ! Sooner than later I will be dead and gone, and someone else will worry about if the Kardashians will ever figure life out, if a ball player is having a off day, and if he has the right type of tennis shoes to wear or not, or if their own personal Iphones has the right type of apps Good Luck.

          • Amor Terra

            I doubt it’s the generation gap. From the way it sounds, you’re probably not more than 10 years older than I. Maybe I just made a lot more mistakes in my life than you have, and so have a bit more tolerance for what I term the “diversity of stupid,” meaning that we all have our stupid–we’re just more comfortable with our own variety than others’. I also spent a lot of time with the supposed “dregs” of society, and figured out that a lot of them are very good, intelligent people having some trouble figuring life out. People aren’t born knowing how to live, and you can’t much blame someone who was never taught. There’s only three kinds of I truly cannot stand–money grubbers, mean people, and the willfully ignorant.

          • Guy

            Lordy Amor, you and Cat must be a cut off the same cloth. but after thouse three types you call out, there are not to many left to categorize, is there ?

            About generation gaps. It use to be I was not suppose to trust any one over the age of 30. then it moved on to generation–X’rs and now, I think it’s the Millennials, who are standing in the streets doing the yelling. Where that leaves me, I have no idea !?

            About teachers. I do understand, and would be frustrated too about trying to teach or mentor to, and the student, is more interested in what’s on their phone, than hearing the message !

            Mistakes ? I have made plenty, some being doozies large enough to twist my head 360 degrees around, but had to grow up first enough, to have tried to learn the message, even when my mom was standing over me with a bat (figuerity) and saying “Son, quite your talking and learn to just listen !”

            She was born in 1911 me in 49, and hers was a much more practical life lived than mine. She tried to give us all the advantages and advice we could manage, but sometimes we didn’t know how to “Just Listen” but just yack and yack till the cows come home, thinking we knew everything, all you had to do was just ask us, and we would be happy to tell you that we did, while they (parents) are nothing but old fogies. Sort of like it is now, I suppose.

            *Dregs* come in a variety of all different shapes, sizes and colors, with even some disguised as being normal, and even a few being as quiet as a breeze, and about as smooth as a good chocolate syrup on Ice Cream. Till you catch em reaching for your wallet ! I have know many, taken by a few and hurt by a few more, enough to recognize em a block away, having tried to teach my own sons to stay the hell away from em, but know that sooner or later, they will have to deal with them on their own terms, and hopefully, what i, my wife and life till now, has taught and rubbed off on em, well enough to keep them whole. Matthew in Alaska has a good woman (wife) along side him, that has her eyes wide open, suffering no fools and he listens to her, and Patrick, his younger brother, has a very keen sense of practicality, plus the brains of good common sense, that should do him some good throughout his life.

            “Diversity Of Stupid”………… I like that, because one thing is for sure, folks are diverse !

          • Amor Terra

            Apparently the Cat and I are similarly fed up with similar things. I usually love her posts. And even though you and I disagree on many things, you don’t seem to fall into the three categories, so you’ll do. 😉

          • Guy

            Good to know and thanks. I think ? 🙂

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    More Divide and Conquer I see.What reaction did this little girl expect. The American people are being psyoped by the MSM and the AM.

  • Jeanette406

    The same people that say that the American flag is just a piece of cloth and peeing on it is no big deal shouldn’t have any problem with torching a Qur’an. That’s just paper with words. And arguably what that represents is a million times more foul. Our flag is not responsible for the misdeeds of this country, nor are those in our Armed Forces who follow orders. Clearly many people have serious problems with those who disrespect our flag, because like me, our friends and loved ones coffin’s were draped with that flag, and we pledged our lives to defend this country and her citizens before that flag. When they disrespect the flag they disrespect our friends, brothers and sisters in arms, and our family who gave their lives for the rights and freedoms these fools, and we all, have. Peeing on the flag is like peeing on them, and the ungrateful fools who do this are either too dumb to figure that out or of the poorest character and benefit of all integrity. Don’t like things this country has done? Hold the politicians who make those decisions responsible and pee on them. Although that would be a stretch since the fools doing these foul deeds usually can’t even figure out who the worst politicians are and prefer to support and vote for them (Hillary, Obama and other globalist elite owned shills).

    • Amor Terra

      Jeanette, that flag was saluted by the soldiers who perpetrated the MyLai massacre and were systematically not prosecuted for it by the military; that flag was carried by the soldiers who raped tens of thousands of women and children in Germany, Vietnam, and Laos; that flag flew over the USS Liberty as it was being attacked by Israel and over the White House that covered up the murders of over 170 American sailors to avoid “embarrassing an ally;” that flag flew over the government offices that housed the people who proposed murdering Americans in a false flag attack called Operation Northwoods; that flag flew over the White House when GW Bush called the Constitution of the United States a “Goddamned piece of paper;” that flag was pasted on the side of the planes that bombed Doctors Without Borders Hospitals and weddings and funerals and churches with hundreds of innocents slaughtered; that flag flew over the White House when it ordered the systematic and capricious imprisoning of hundreds of thousands of American citizens and other innocents because they were of Japanese descent; and it flew over the White House when Obama ordered the murder of an American citizen without due process of any kind. I could write another few pages of similar atrocities done under that flag. So who has desecrated the flag more–the government that pisses on it every day? Or some clueless youngster who’s tired of pretending that a piece of polyester stands, on the ground in actual reality, for anything good? The only reason you’re offended by this more than what our government has done for at least the last century is because you haven’t read any history beyond the sanitized lies they taught you in public school in tenth grade.

    • Damiana

      So, basically you’re defending your own hypocrisy by criticizing its counterpart? “Burn that filthy Koran, but leave my flag ALONE” is no more enlightened or intelligent than “piss on the flag, but the Koran is a holy book.”

      Your mental gymnastics are clumsy and undignified – kindly go take a running fuck at a rolling doughnut!

  • USA is not off-limits to being protested, and desecrating the US flag is the perfect protest. Nationalism is a cage of the mind, and there are a lot of bootlickers who want to threaten and force us to stay in that cage. Patriots can take your flag, your anthem, your military industry, your insurance industry, your oil and shove all of that right up your asses.

    • Gia Brown

      Really? Should we hate ourselves and destroy our country and everything and everyone in it because our government is and has been an evil, corrupt entity for decades? Patriots didn’t create the evil or corruption that is consuming this country and our lives, asshole statists and “give me more free shit” losers have given our power and control over our own fates to the government.

      Stop using the government as a weapon against your fellow citizens and you’d be amazed at how much we, the PEOPLE, could and would accomplish!!!!!!

      • Amor Terra

        Isn’t the flag a symbol of that government that you term evil and corrupt? I think that’s why they display it at government buildings, and on government bases and ships and planes. I think that the pledge that children are indoctrinated to brainlessly recite says that the flag stands for the “Republic,” doesn’t it? And a republic is a form of GOVERNMENT–right?

        • Maria Harigforman

          No it is not a symbol of our Government it is a symbol for our freedom.Which we have a lot more of than a lot of countries if you know anything all.We can have issues in our government because we work on bettering it. What you are doing is over complicating something turning it into something it is not.I am really amazed by all the people who know nothing at all.

          • Bill the eighth

            Wrong, the flag is the symbol of the government.

          • Guy

            Maybe to you it might be. But to many here it is not !

          • Bill the eighth

            I cannot help people who insist on laboring under delusions.

          • Guy

            Thank’s a bunch for your kind offer. It’s great to know that your type of help can be declined and easily recognized as to being the type of bunk it is noted for.

          • Bill the eighth

            No the bunk is you believe in a fantasy created for you. You don’t even know that the flag you hold so dear is not the true civilian flag of the united States. Seek an education, it might just help.

          • Guy

            Only for myself, not at your request. As to the rest. As they say “To Each Their Own Fantasy* !

          • Bill the eighth

            Too bad you suffer from delusions.

          • Bill the eighth

            I also don’t see where I offered you anything.

          • fortuenti

            … and the greatest enemies to liberty and justice the world has ever known are those who pose in front of said flag inside government buildings surrounded by barricades and armed guards in the District of Columbia. If they weren’t doing so much wrong SO many people they wouldn’t need to hide behind all that security now, would they?

          • Bill the eighth

            Yes, you are correct sir! Back in the day, when the US was relatively free, you could go to the Whitehouse, knock on the door, and have a meeting with the president. Try it today and you will be disappeared.

          • Amor Terra

            Is that right? I wonder why the pledge of allegiance says it stands for the republic then? I wonder why all countries have flags–even those who don’t have “freedom.” And why don’t you tell me about all your personal experience with “a lot of other countries” and specifics about what freedom we have that they don’t. And please don’t cite third party propaganda from the news–as we’ve seen recently the news can be quite “fake.” Which countries have you lived in? And what were you unable to do there that you can do here?

          • Nathan Jensen

            We are so free thats why we have more people in prison per capita than any nation on earth now or ever

          • grgk

            end of story

          • suemenow

            We have a lot of laws, created to keep problems from going unchecked in the streets and beyond…part of why it’s pretty safe to do a lot of what u want…It is just a great big country with a lot going on…To ONLY look for the bad…is pretty unbalanced…even though I understand your frustrations that much is often glamorized and white washed.

          • Bill the eighth

            You are befuddled, mala prohibita laws have nothing to do with crime or safety and are all about control. Wake up!

          • fortuenti

            The the primary reason there is a disproportionate amount of people in prisons and jails in the US, is because a bunch of charlatans (many allegedly “Christian”) who pose in front of said flag think it’s more important to “send the ‘right message’ to young people” about “drugs” then preserving our constitutional liberties.

          • Allen Anderson

            You are amazed at the size of the club that you are a member in good standing of, are you? And here you are writing in generalities that are standard for someone with little knowledge of what she speaks. As a Canadian I can tell you our medical service is excellent for most people, even those who are poor, unlike your Tx for profit system. Stop listening to those people you “Know” who are living there. They are just blowing it out of their shorts and you are standing too close.

          • Bill the eighth

            Your health care sucks, don’t lie!

        • Guy

          Ah shit ! Another one who makes sence. Not fair ! *While he winks at her* So did Gia !

      • Murry Von Sock

        Fuck your country. Your people elected them, so fuck them too.

        • Damiana

          Sounds harsh and dickish, but that’s about the heart of it.

          • Guy

            Damn it ! You don’t make it easy on us do you saucy girl !

        • Maria Harigforman

          I bet you know nothing about America and nothing about all the freedoms we have and continue to develop even more. Yes we elect people and we can change things to more easily than other countries.you have problems to say such a thing to a person about their country.Just because you don’t like yours doesn’t mean you need to lash out against others.

        • rhodaunit

          Please ignore this stupid ass Maria. She, and people like her, are reason the US is in the position it’s in. Just please realize, some of us are trying to stop the corrupt, bought and paid for criminals in our government. But, every government with a central bank, is in the same effed up position. But yes, the U.S. has the second biggest terrorist government, second only to Isreal. Peace

        • Bill the eighth

          What’s your excuse?

      • Damiana

        Well, at least you spelled everything correctly!

      • how many more decades are you going to fantasize about nationalism, flags, anthems, and other authoritarian indoctrination being some sort of good thing? It’s 2017. USA is ruining lives all over the world and local governments are ruining lives within USA. I’ll say it again that it’s 2017, and I just watched 130 million of you vote for the most awful Democrats and Republicans again, and you want to claim that the government is at fault and those people are not? The worst of you are the ones who are still threatening us if we refuse to worship your stupid fuckin’ flags & Republican overlords and corporate overlords.

    • Maria Harigforman

      Have you ever served the military ? or your family ? Do you even live in America ?. Are you one of those people who believes everything they read or see on the “news”.Nothing wrong with being PATRIOTIC. You sound like you live in a bubble or maybe you are a child and have no idea about real US history.Maybe you should go live in one of the countries were you get arrested for saying the type of stuff you just said.I think that would be very eye opening for you.I hope you aren’t American I would dislike knowing my father served 22yrs in the military for ingrates like you.I feel so bad for you,you do not really see America I wish you could experience some of the other countries.Maybe wait months to yrs for a surgery you need or a Drs appointment like in Canada,Australia ect for public medical.People like you know nothing about the world and the other countries so you cant see why people in America would be patriotic

      • Guy

        No Maria, he is right. A true American Patriot is someone who does not need a flag to honor us, it is in the heart and mind that we do so !

      • Nathan Jensen

        Blah blah , my families military service , your families and my families military service has no honor as the military doesnt fight for american freedoms you ridiculous ass hat it fights for the interests of the central bank so go suck a dollars dick

      • Maria you’re a tad off regarding Canada. Our healthcare system doesn’t bankrupt us. So we sometimes have to wait. But, if it’s emergent care we need we get it. Ego seems to be a huge ‘murcan problem. Getting upset over a piece of cloth and tolerating, some of you even loving, a “pussy grabbing” pres.

        • Bill the eighth

          Canada is in dire straights, your financial system is going to collapse under the weight of out of control government spending just like ours. Don’t fool yourself.

          • Totally agree. The world is going down the crapper! I was just commenting on the state of healthcare in Canada at this point in time, as opposed to the U.S.

          • Bill the eighth

            Yes, I do believe we are ALL screwed!

      • you wasted your time typing a bunch of blowhard jingoism bullshit to a very mentally developed, informed and aware 44 year old, and I was born in USA in 1973. I still live here. I am entitled to exist as a human being on a rock we call Earth floating through space without being subjected to apartheid or colonization that you and your overlords love to impose on people in North America and the rest of the world. I’m not interested in anything a USA bootlicker has to say.

        • Guy

          Good enough, just don’t let the door hit you in the ass, on your way out !

        • Guy

          Been trolling much, have you ?

    • Genevieve Hawkins

      “You should be loyal to your country always, and your government when it deserves it.” Mark Twain

      • Amor Terra

        My country is made of people–not polyester.

      • no. You’re replying to me saying I’ve released my mind from the authoritarian indoctrination of nationalism. I have absolutely forsaken nationalism for the rest of my life. I’ve been against colonization, nationalism and all forms of concentration of wealth and coercive hierarchy for a long time now. It’s a big picture that holds together and cannot be undone.

  • Amor Terra

    Every year, someone does something like this on one of the “patriotic” holidays, and every year, the mindless minions get their noses all out of joint over a piece of cloth and advocate violence, citing “all the people who died” protecting “freedom.” Oddly, very few of them see the irony in the position that states that in gratitude for people’s sacrifice for our freedoms, we should not use them. I live in a nation of idiots.

    • TechGump

      Not quite. They believe in their usage, so long as they agree with how it’s used. “Freedom” to them, means being free to do only as they believe. Challanging that ideal warrants violence. It’s not just a nation of idiots, but one of violent idiots. I partly blame public schooling. They no not their cognitive dissonance.

      • Amor Terra

        As a wise man once said, “You’re free–to do as you’re told.”

      • Maria Harigforman

        And freedom to the girl pissing on the flag means purposely antagonising people on a patriotic holiday. Freedom to be a troll it may be wrong but they don’t care.They just want to upset people yes we should encourage this your right.(Sarcasm)

        • Amor Terra

          Oddly, Maria, freedom meant that to the Supreme Court of the United States as well. You know about them, right? They said that desecrating the flag was a protected First Amendment activity. Did you ever hear about that? Do you honor what the Supreme Court says? Or does your “patriotism” only extend to the “freedom” that YOU think others should have?

          • grgk

            very correct

    • Maria Harigforman

      No people just do not like being purposely antagonised about the day they are celebrating.Someone using their rights to be an ass and purposely antagonise is a child.What the other people did was not right either.All of them are in the wrong .Just because you have the right doesn’t mean you should and that is the difference between an adult and a child.A child will use the excuse oh it is my right and adult wont do it because antagonising others is childish.And those threatening were just using their right to freedom of speech I guess.People used to know right from wrong but the girl pissing we call people like that trolls.Do not feed the trolls ignore them please.

      • Amor Terra

        I didn’t say that the foolish young woman was right to do what she did. I think that desecrating the flag is about the surest way to ensure that the brain-dead masses stay brain-dead and wave their silly flag, instead of sitting up and paying attention to things they really need to pay attention to.

        However, people who advocate killing someone (last year it was either murder or anal rape for the dumb twit who burned the flag on Facebook on some holiday) for foolishly exercising their rights are just as stupid as people who hurt their own cause by advocating for a position with a firebrand act like messing with the flag.

        The big difference is that making death threats is illegal and immoral, on top of being stupid and hypocritical, particularly when you do so citing the
        “many who died for our freedoms.” Burning or peeing on the flag is neither illegal nor immoral–just stupid.

    • G’ma G

      I have a very close relative that was one of those very disturbed by this act. He went on at length about his service to protect me and the free nation the flag represents…until I reminded him that his “service” when there was no declared war made him nothing but a money and benefit grubbing mercenary.

      • Amor Terra

        Dang, G’ma, I thought I was the only one who said things like that to self-satisfied promoters of the corrupt empire-police-state. Good on ya.

        • G’ma G

          We are not alone. Take heart.

  • jmi0112

    Fuck you and your bitch ass friend

    • Amor Terra

      Great logic and intelligent argument aren’t your strong suit, are they?

    • Damiana

      Aren’t you just adorable? *tosses a Troll Treat onto the floor* Who’sagoodtroll? Yes you are!

      • Guy

        Just nuke the sob cat, and send its sorry ass off to hell !

        • Damiana

          Who uses nukes on a cockroach?

          • Guy

            De-con then or a fly swatter, if you want to be organic !

  • Kevin Whaley

    Big gasp, head tilt down. No ones right, no one is wrong. Ones statement shouldn’t be a groups opinion. Best to learn topic on hand and know where you stand,accept events (such as peeing on a flag)knowing that the only way from there is forward(maybe try to see what their reason is for X event) . this tard n snow yelling back and forth is adding fuel to the fire and I don’t think we want trump to touch that thermostat.p

  • Gia Brown

    If the U.S. American flag solely represented and reflected the U.S. GOVERNMENT I’d be inclined to agree with you, BUT IT DOESN’T and I DON’T!!!!!

    The America flag represents the country, our heritage, our hopes and dreams, and our way of life (ALL things that are being trampled and evaporated because of disrespectful, irresponsible, nasty pieces of trash like yourself Ms. Bernish!)

    The people are NOT their government and spitting (or pissing) on our flag is no different than spitting or pissing on us, your fellow Americans.

    SHAME ON YOU. You’re no better than the elected & appointed government officials who are eagerly destroying our country and our lives.

    • IceTrey

      Yes our heritage. Genocide. Slavery. Jim Crow. Being at war for 93% of our existence.

      • Jacob Seavello

        Actually dude 93% of our history is colonialism. And we did the same shit every other European did at the time which was ‘conquer’. People don’t seem to talk shit about Europe after they invaded countries or China and Japan…

        However I guess we should feel more guilty since we have some sort of ‘moral’ concience.

        In fact the US was the first colony to break free from its shackles of the motherland and declare itself a sovereign nation… it’s efforts actually inspired other nations such as France, Mexico and India.

        The US also led the way in innovations due to us taking in the world’s ‘outcasts’ some of the most brilliant minds the world had to offer.

        Then if you look at our negative points like genocide and slavery you should consider the logic that EVERY country has its barbaric history, even the Native Americans and other indigenous people’s of North and south America. They were killing and sacrificing one another for generations long before the settlers arrived.

        And as for slavery, as wrong as we see what it was and is now… back the it was no different than the latest fashion trend; slavery had started in Europe and out of fear of being left behind the US followed suit soon after. A lot of it had to do with our primitive understanding of the world, which still deemed certain human beings inferior. A view that has obviouly changed and stayed the same over the centuries. However if not for slavery the African American population in the US would be about the same as the Asian or Arab population a fraction of what it is today and we wouldn’t have gotten social movement warriors like Martin Luther King, Malcon X or Mahammad Ali.

        As for Jim Crow… A lot of that had to do with ‘forced change’. You can’t just tell an entire population: ‘you need to accept this NOW!’ And not expect repercussions to occur. The Jim Crow era was due to the backlash after the civil war; a very bitter time in US history which is reminiscent of the current ‘Pro-LGBTQ’ events America is facing now. Half the population wants the other half to accept something that they don’t want to accept, so forcing this acceptance onto them is no different than when conquistadors used to beat Aztec with bibles and the mother Mary. Frankly, most rather die than change their veiws. That is why change should be gradual not swift, however all change is usually diliberate.

        But either way, getting pissed about history doesn’t change it, what matters is how we can better our history through future prospects and remembering we are currently living in the NOW. In this day and age ANYONE can be a millionaire if they work towards it, Anyone can be whatever they like because they choose it, and anyone can find happiness if they want it.

        Every century our country gets better and worst dependin who you ask, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad place or our history defined us. We chose the history we wanted to live up to and discarded the rest, because the rest didn’t matter.

        Because it doesn’t matter where you are or where you have been, it’s where you’re going that counts.

        And I don’t think our history has any bearing on what we represent this day as a nation.

      • Maria Harigforman

        So what about all the other countries that had slavery like ALL OF THEM. ?

        • Amor Terra

          Which of them claim to be “the land of the free” and started their existence with a lot of twaddle about how “all men are created equal” while enslaving one race, exploiting another, and treating women as property?

      • Maria Harigforman

        There is a place where genocide is STILL happening go get on them. You know nothing of real American heritage you are too salty to even learn about it.

        • Amor Terra

          Yeah, one of them is the U.S. Go to any Indian reservation and see and hear about it.

    • grgk

      Two questions for you: are you a US citizen? and do you believe all that you say?

  • IceTrey

    What did she expect?

  • Murry Von Sock

    This page is fake news.

    • Guy

      Yeah ? No more so than you ! Fake, that Is !

  • Maria Harigforman

    This child knew what she was doing.She did not just go in her closet and find a piece of fabric to piss on.No she went on a patriotic holiday and pissed on the flag representation of hard work,freedom,sacrifice ect ect.That is incredibly disrespectful .A child with terrible upbringing uses rights as an excuse to publicly insult,publicly antagonise on a national holiday the kid did it for attention.This is the worst kind of person there is. People shouldn’t have threatened her they should have ignored her so she wouldn’t get the attention she so desperately needed I would like to see her do something like this in a country where it is illegal.Where it is illegal and piss on their flag seeing as it is so hilarious (no it is not hilarious) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_desecration yup in some other countries it is illegal .

  • Belden Smash Josh

    If it’s so horrible here, GET THE FUCK OUT. Hate America? Bye Felisha. Think there’s someplace better? BYE FUCKING BYE. Fucking imbecile can’t fathom the fact that she has her freedoms because of soldiers who DIED for that fabric. And what a propaganda piece this whole article is. Talking about history and trying to make citizens who’ve never owned slaves, never killed a native American, and never lynched anyone feel guilty for loving their country is a pathetic, leftist, idiot move. Here’s the kicker, I don’t care if she wipes her ass with the flag, I do care about being included in a stereotype that says “you like America? You’re the problem.” Which is what this article, written by a total douche canoe, is saying.

    • daniel_edmondson

      The truth is solders are diving to protect the profits of Corporate America not to protect our rights. Our Founding Fathers would be the first to call for the over throwing of this government that only represents the Corporations. Have you forgotten that they rose up and formed a Government for the People, by the people not the Corporations

  • LawrenceNeal

    $3,000? Is that all you got? LOL.

  • grgk

    “The true beauty of our protected freedoms in this land are most clearly seen when someone expresses themselves in a way or on a topic on which we don’t necessarily agree — then, and only then, is its foundation and strength actually proven. This experience proves that foundation — and the flag flying emptily above it — deserve to be condemned.”

    Really like how in most articles the two last sentences sum up a very correct (at least imo) stance to keep against the matter at hand… Very insightful

  • grgk

    I agree that the flag in reality is only a symbol, one though that should have sentimental value attached to it but for most US citizens it has not and justifiably so. And for being such, it is ridiculous to lower the value of life itself by equating it with the desecration of a symbol, by making actions that hurt no one punishable by death

  • McAirborne82

    As soon as you ask someone to commit a crime, you are guilty of Solicitation (to commit the target crime). The crime of Solicitation is said to be “complete” as soon as the question is asked. Therefore posting a bounty against this woman is an actual crime. It’s not Free Speech to solicit a crime. And the idiocy of doing it publicly. Good Grief!

  • Alberto Coin

    Great article. That woman has every right to say or do as she pleases. The knee-jerk responses by so many shows exactly why our country is filled with brain-washed slaves who love being enslaved. Fuck the “symbols” of a fascist Government. Cherish human lives and what little true freedom that exists.

  • Tan Stanton-Britton

    Such freedoms. It’s an illusion… ok your police are FREE to murder with impunity. Your sick are FREE to go bankrupt in the pursuit of essential healthcare. Your fascists are FREE to infiltrate your country’s government agencies. But are you FREE as people? Certainly not if you fear for your life at the sight of LEO just because your skin is dark. Certainly not if you are woman that has been impregnated and for whatever reason need an abortion. Certainly not if you happen to be Muslim even though you are not a terrorist. Certainly not if you are unlucky enough to be poor

    Freedom means everybody is free to be who they are as long as it doesn’t harm another.

  • ClareClare

    A couple of weeks ago a story was posted on the web about a CIA agent being convicted in Italy, for kidnapping a suspected terrorist–who btw was not a US citizen, not that that should even matter–and forcibly taking him out of the country. To my amazement, all the flag-wavers posted applause for the CIA, and decried the conviction!

    In other words, they objected (rightly) when Obama trashed the Constitution, international law, ordinary human decency, etc.–but now if someone trashes these things in order to get a muslim possible-terrorist, they think it’s okay. And they don’t comprehend at all that they are being inconsistent. Apparently our legal processes only exist for our opponents, not for us (?).

    The takeaway: not everyone who agrees with us on the issues necessarily has a brain. Very scary.