WATCH: Flint Residents Ask for Clean Water So Cops Assault and Arrest Them

Flint, MI — (RT) Six were arrested at a heavily policed Flint, Michigan, public town hall meeting that was convened at a church to address the mayor’s decision to remain connected with a Detroit-area water system.

Hundreds of Flint residents were on hand to grill Mayor Karen Weaver and other city , state and federal public officials on Thursday at a town hall meeting to address Weaver’s decision, announced Tuesday, to maintain the city’s primary water supplier, the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA). The city has endured a three-year water crisis that has included high levels of lead and other contaminants.

Tensions were high even before Thursday’s meeting began, as attendees complained that the event was held at House of Prayer Missionary Baptist Church and not a public space, the Flint Journal reported. Upon entering the church, people wearing hats were pressed by armed Flint police to remove their headgear in a place of worship. This led to arguments with police and, eventually, six arrests, according to reports. Others were escorted out of the church for using profanities.




“I just want to make sure this meeting goes off the way it’s supposed to and that everybody’s respecting everyone,” Flint police Chief Tim Johnson said at the meeting, according to the Flint Journal. “Please don’t be in here trying to disrupt this meeting, because if you do I’m going to escort you out and I’m only going to take you to the back door and then you’re going to jail. I’m not going to play with nobody tonight.”


Johnson said those arrested were “agitators” who, despite the chief’s warning, “felt like they can do it anyway.”

One man being escorted out of the church yelled, “Mni Wiconi,” a Lakota phrase meaning “Water is life,” a term used by and now connected with Standing Rock Sioux water protectors that sought to block the Dakota Access Pipeline. Immediately after the man yelled, his wife was aggressively arrested by Johnson and others, as seen in a video posted by WFNT.

During the meeting, officials fielded questions about water bacteria levels and the long-term health effects of tainted drinking water in the city, according to the Flint Journal. Residents said the city was not doing enough to purify Flint’s water. The city still recommends residents ingest only bottled or filtered water.

“How are we going to protect people when they’re in their showers and when they’re washing their clothes,” said one woman, according to WKAR. “I’m not trying to be rude.. but people are going to continue getting sick and possibly die.”

Weaver said Tuesday that Flint officials considered 12 different options for the city’s water supply, but chose to remain with the GLWA, as it is “the best option when you consider factors related to public health and when it comes to being fiscally responsible.”


The meeting was the only official public gathering during a 30-day “feedback” period for residents to address the city’s continued use of the GLWA, a regional water system that draws from the Detroit River and Lake Huron.

On April 25, 2014, after at least a year of deliberation and negotiation, Flint officials and its state-appointed emergency manager switched the city’s drinking water supply to the Flint River. Residents soon complained of the water’s odd tastes, smells and coloring, while officials repeatedly told them the water was safe to ingest. The situation became a full-blown crisis when, during the summer of 2015, rising levels of lead were detected in children’s blood.

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It was later determined that the Flint River water was not being treated properly, and that lead from aging water pipes has leached into the city’s water supply. Lead is a deadly neurotoxin, and exposure is especially dangerous for children, who may experience stunted growth, behavioral problems and neurological damage. During the crisis, 12 people died from Legionnaires disease, while residents, including young children, were continually exposed to dangerous levels of lead.

The city switched its water supply back to the Detroit River in October 2015, and current water tests show the city’s water quality has improved.

Last month, the US Environmental Protection Agency and the state of Michigan pledged $100 million and $87 million, respectively, to help the city address infrastructure improvements. A judge-approved settlement between the state and Flint will require the state to operate nine water distribution centers for residents to pick up bottled water.

The state will also be required to reserve another $10 million of federal funds in case repairs are more expensive than expected. In addition, the state will be responsible for appointing a third party to monitor the lead levels of 100 homes for at least three years.

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    They can’t afford to allow even a twinkle of dissent in this situation because they’re (probably rightly) afraid that if they do, people are going to tear that city to the fucking ground and why shouldn’t they? You POISONED THEIR FUCKING WATER and are presently going full Marie Antoinette with the “let them drink bottled” insult y’all call an answer.

  • Phasung Baccam

    i was wondering why the media they don’t follow up on this story their something very wrong within the government

    • Tmoney

      Jordan Chariton from The Young Turk, TYT politics channel on YouTube has been all over this. He’s done investigative journalism including testing residents water and finding large lead content on houses that were cleared by the government. He’s interviewed many residents who have a litany of medical conditions from poison water. The MSM was there during the Democratic debate and then left, never to return, but there are still some people doing good work and fighting for people who seldom have a voice on most news outlets. If it bleeds it leads, someone slowly succumbing and dying from lead poisoning just isn’t sexy.

  • Keith Olson

    I pray Michiganders kill the police

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      Yeah, God told me to tell you to knock that shit off. He’s a busy Deity, not your personal hitman.

      • Mr. Wrestling III

        The only true God is Eddy Merckx and he told me he doesn’t even know you. So he’s going to carry out Keith’s wishes.

  • IceTrey

    Since when has it been illegal to wear a hat in a church?

    • Ebby123

      Since the cops in Flint needed an excuse to have an aggressive show of force – it a common tactic to intimidate vocal dissidents from speaking their mind.

    • Mr. Wrestling III

      I don’t know but if they hold a public meeting there, they must accommodate the entire public. I’m not religious, I wouldn’t take off my hat. If they arrest you for wearing a hat, you get to sue for deprivation of rights.

    • Will Ewing Sr

      Because hats in churches are a sacrilege, of course. Everybody knows that. So, the officers rightfully pointed their guns at them and threatened them with imprisonment until they took off their hats. I’m sure it’s written somewhere in the bible that hat enforcement will be met with deadly consequences.

  • danielistical

    Six Flint Government Employees FINALLY Criminally Charged July 29, 2016 Six government employees have finally been criminally charged in district court in connection with the Flint water crisis.
    Among those charged are, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services workers Nancy Peeler, Corinne Miller and Robert Scott, and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality employees Liane Shekter-Smith; Adam Rosenthal and Patrick Cook, according to Robert Allen, of the Detroit Free Press.
    Allen explains that “in April, Schuette announced felony charges against two Michigan Department of Environmental Quality officials. Along with them, a City of Flint official was also charged. Mike Glasgow, pleaded “No Contest” to a misdemeanor charge and is said to be cooperating with the investigation.
    The DEQ employees, Stephen Busch and Mike Prysby, are still awaiting preliminary examinations.

    • herbsistah

      #JailSlickRickSnyder. He is ultimately responsible for his racist takeover of this Black cities…Benton Harbor is the other one with a so-called Emergency Manager.
      This was a strategy to by-pass the will of the voters, mainly Democratic, so that they could run these cities, sell off what meager resources they had left & not take any back-talk from grown-ups taxpayers.
      Rick Snyder is a Criminal.!
      Who runs a state like a business?
      Fails!? Lies!?
      Then takes down your subordinates, that did what you said…Save Money by any means necessary!
      Rick Snyder is a Thug!

      • danielistical

        Environmental officials warned Snyder administration not to use water that poisoned Flint,,He could have gotten away with it had he fessed up when he found out the water was bad BUT HE DIDN’T,He willfully mislead and lied to his own people for money for over a year,,,this is what DE REGULATION BRINGS with it,,Get rid of EPA. No one to tell us how poisonous the air and water is getting. “If you do not support SOCIAL SERVICES you get no SOCIAL SERVICES,,,
        THE MICHIGAN PENAL CODE (EXCERPT) Act 328 of 1931 750.436 Mingling poison or harmful substance with food, drink, nonprescription medicine, or pharmaceutical product, or placing poison or harmful substance in spring, well, reservoir, or public water supply; false information; violation; penalties. Sec. 436.

  • Ibcamn

    see what the negro did,he picked on the women for not moving fast enough,knowing the guy would come to her aid,so then they can arrest him too,have a charge on him,legit anyways,see how they do this shit people..this negro was flaunting what pathetic little authority he had,which is odd,because it was a church,not city hall,where he has authority,not in a church,he actually has none,unless the church hired him for security….but in all these cases they get the people worked up first then start pushing them around,they know they work with impunityand the corrupt courts will back them up and their fellow criminals will put in a false report,this one is gonna be nasty,because i think michigan is milking this for every single dollar they can get..remember,the town is fucked,just like detroit,and i think they want everybody out of flint like dearborn,i think they want to get all the white people out and all the negro’s can just move over a bit to make room for a whole slew of muzzies coming in,has anyone done their own test on all the water outlets and sinks and such,because in betting it is not as bad as they are saying it is.think about it,what better way to get the whites out,than to cause a spill or flooding,some nasty event,but then when they are out and gone,have the city come in and fix the problem so the new tenants can move in pennies on the dollar…just like dearborn muzzies did,they come in and destroy it for every american to live there and take it over for cheap………………………and this is another way to keep the people quiet,keep putting the pressure on them at these city meetings,keep arresting them till noone shows up to argue with them so they can go ahead with their plan,make it so expensive to live there right now the whites and rich leave,and leave their properties..
    this is my guess,but who am i to say what atrosities the liberals and muzzies will commit to get their way.

  • Thebob

    Simple solution privatize water departments….

  • James Mathis

    10 million in case things cost more than they thought? Wanna bet they get that 10 million, too? Why isn’t the money being taken out of politician’s and civil servants pay?

  • tom browne

    the whole thing exacerbated when obamas EPA did nothing while Flint’s largely black residents were poisoned. what a sellout!