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Flint Residents Told That Their Children Could Be Taken Away If They Don’t Pay For City’s Poison Water

Flint, MI – As the water crisis in Flint deepens, it is becoming apparent that the effects of the lead-infested water are not just a health hazard, but the situation has the potential of ruining many more lives outside of the poison issue. There is no denying that the water in Flint is undrinkable and that it is contaminated with lead and other substances, and it is clear that the government of Flint is responsible for the problem.

However, the city’s government continues to charge people for the poison water and then threatening to foreclose their home or take their children if they refuse to pay. Michigan law states that parents are neglectful if they do not have running water in their home, and if they chose not to pay for water they can’t drink anyway, then they could be guilty of child endangerment. Flint resident Melissa Mays says that some residents have already received similar threats from the government if they refuse to pay their bills.

Flint residents have recently filed two class action lawsuits calling for all water bills since April of 2014 to be considered null and void because of the fact that the water was poisonous.

“We are seeking for the court to declare that all the bills that have been issued for usage of water invalid because the water has not been fit for its intended purpose,” said Trachelle Young, one of the attorneys bringing the lawsuit said in court.

“Essentially, the residents have been getting billed for water that they cannot use. Because of that, we do not feel that is a fair way to treat the residents,” Young added.

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Recent estimates have indicated that it could take up to 15 years and over $60 million to fix the problem, and the residents will be essentially forced to live there until the problem is solved. Despite the fact that the issue is obviously the government’s responsibility, they have made it illegal for people to sell their homes because of the fact that they are known to carry contaminated water. Meanwhile, residents are still left to purchase bottled water on their own, in addition to paying their water bill.

Although this problem is finally getting national media attention in Flint, they aren’t the only city with contaminated water supplies. In fact, a recent report published by The Guardian showed that public water supplies across the country were experiencing similar issues.

This crisis highlights the many dangers of allowing the government to maintain a monopoly on the water supply and calls attention to the fact that decentralized solutions to water distribution should be a goal that we start working towards.

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  • Sometimes, the highest and best use of a city is to bulldoze it and start over.

    • Did you read the article? It states there is a law that children can be removed from a home without running water. Obviously, this means even if said water is poison and hazardous to the entire family. Another instance of common sense being thrown out the window.

    • No Marsha Karen Fowler not thrown out the window
      Imagine others incited to riot over this lying post.

  • I don’t believe it what right do they have to take your kids away really, imagine if they started to do that imagine what parents would do

  • revolution

  • OMG

  • That’s disgusting

  • Let’s see how many people feel the same way about their kids as they do about their guns. #comeandtakethem

  • throw another laes suite at the governmenr and the water companies and all the other companies who help and paricipated in suplying the water!!!!!! then also sue health and welfare (as they are part and reprisentive of the same government!!!!! sue for false advertising aswell!!!!!!!!! sue for entrapment to!!!!!!!! as it endagering them to use the water and is neglect to not use, so the state has entraped becuase they cant do anything but commit a crime in the eyes of the law!!!!! next sue for property damage!!!!! as they damahged the property of every home using the wATER AND HVE MADE EVERY HOME UNSELABLE!!!!

    • Yea fuck suing … They want to use violence so use violence back

  • People of Flint need to arm themselves and fight.

  • I’d leave that place and never return.Why stay and fight with these morons

  • The worst yet to come, poisoning air and the water…Keep drinking beer and cheer for stupid sports america….

    • They’re hitting it hard in Denver. No one cares. They want brats and football.

    • Christopher Wolfe Alabama was covered in this yesterday. I mean tons of trails! That’s all you could see.

  • BS , why do people believe this crap ???? grow a friggin brain cell FFS

    • Umm I live in michigan I have friends that live in flint this article is 100% accurate it is actually worse than the media is telling ppl

    • So I guess maybe you should probably grow some brain cells

    • I did a long time ago , which is why I don’t live in or even visit there. Aside from that , how is this even legally possible ?? My kids would be leaving over my cold dead body !!

    • Reality check bro the government does a lot of thing that aren’t legal

    • Government can’t do anything illegal, yep, you’re right. Government decides what is legal, do you think they would prosecute themselves?

    • Imagine others incited to riot over this lying post.

  • BULL!!!

  • Muh municipal water supply!

  • I live in michigan and it’s really bad. I’m glad this is finally getting national attention but the water in flint has been this way for awhile now and nobody cared until now

  • Private owned businesses would do it. It’s hell either way. It doesn’t do any good to pretend that there’s an alternative

  • What the hell is the problem with Flints water?

    • There is a high amount of lead in it…the residents and businesses have been making complaints about the water quality since they started taking the supply from the flint river. The government has been telling these people it’s safe to drink and use for at least 2 years when it was not…now the people have lead poisioning

    • Oh, damn then its serious!

  • Where would “they” take the kids since ALL of Flint’s water is tainted?! (water in the homes is “unfit for use”) Another “mystery” in the making!

    • Most will just pay the bill out of fear. Apply that logic to every action of the state. If we all started saying no….

  • Fuck you government!!!!! You’re gonna poison the fucking water and force the residents there to pay for the poisoned water, and if they don’t you’re going to take away their kids!?!? Fuck that! Fuck you government!!! You sons a bitches will get what you fucking deserve you sneaky lying butt plugs! I personally hope all you lying assholes get raped in your fucking asses! It’s what you guys have been doing to the American people ever since we stole this country from the Native Americans!

  • Instead of terrorizing ranchers and burning down homes and scarring cattle with fire. Go to Flint they need help.

  • This us not true, do your research.

  • This is some smelly bs right here!

  • By who? Oh, by the LIBERAL Protective Services? Nice try, won’t work, families should have been protected from the federal government, president obama, the EPA and countless other alphabet agencies who are responsible for this planned attack on an American city.

    • The conservatives in Michigan voted to sell treaty protected lands to gas and oil companies-one reason the water is shit. My advice is to quit believing the 2 sides of gov’t are any different.

  • This is exactly why the federal system has to go…please america just ask yourself ..why is it the federal system will bail out banks….wont bail out the people….and instead threaten to snatch children off parents who are held to ransom..

    Thats the system thats supposed to look out for you.

    Fucking hell america… when did you allow these wolves to steal your country? why did you all let go of your senses…? Wheres the real America gone?

    • illigitimate authority tends to do that.

    • Vote or die baby

    • Im not sure if its vote or die….i think if your voting you get a man with the same face as the last….left and right are the same monster..i think those men in oregon are probably on the correct path.

    • Well said brother. Namaste.

  • How dystopian. Even Orwell couldn’t have imagined this.

  • is this for real??????? what fucking universe am I living in????? UGH!

  • WTF!!!!!

  • Now THAT is Militia worthy

  • But you voted for these people?
    Suck it up buttercup…..

    • Could’ve just stopped at “voting”, as you gave consent to the outcome by voting and taking part in your own enslavement.

    • Have fun.

  • Extortion !!!!,……Government style !

  • WOW…I’d be furious…first for being poisoned…second for being bullied & threatened by the very government doing the poisoning….just….WOW. UNBELIEVABLE!!

  • government was never your friend.. government’s goal is to destroy you

  • not right

  • THIS is why we need the 2nd Amendment, right here!

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  • How is that possible? What kind of sadists are in control there?!

  • can’t read the article because of your invasive pleas

  • We do not need a government. It has outlived its useful purpose.

  • Take the politicians to jail.

  • Uh that sounds like made up bullshit. The most they can do is shut off their water. Not steal humans or property.

    • Why not, they do it to homeschoolers and off-the-grid-ers all the time?

  • Is this what government do to create criminals?????

  • Is this what Flint City is doing to garentee their pention?

  • Many of Gov. Snyder’s emails are heavily redacted, and others missing, so it’s hard to discern exactly when Snyder first knew about the Lead Poisoning of Flint’s citizens. In July 2015 Brad Wurfel, of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality stated, “…anyone who is concerned about lead in the drinking water of Flint can relax.” At the very least Snyder is guilty of gross mismanagement for not knowing of his underlings’ involvement in the Flint environmental disaster. At worst Snyder is guilty of a massive Cover Up, echoing the Watergate Scandal. A full criminal investigation of this human tragedy is warranted.

  • Sooo

  • You still use the water to flush the toilet, and take baths even if you don’t drink the water. Your kids need to be showered, the dishes washed and the toilets need to be flushed where they’re staying. Move or pay your water bill.

    • Shivers from the cold…

    • It’s the truth, shitty as it is you can’t raise children in a house without water, even if all its good for is flushing the toilet. They need clean clothes, dishes, sanitary conditions. Should water rates be dropped dramatically, hell yes but they aren’t taking the kids for not paying for water they’re taking them because you can’t raise them in filth.

    • Your an absolute clown. None of of that even makes sense. So letting your kids bath in unclean water takes away the filth. Dumbass

    • Ramon Rodriguez I live in flint. I buy water for drinking and cooking and I pay for the water I use to flush, and clean my house, clothes, floors, showers, because believe it or not not all the waters ass brown. Just a few good pics chosen to enrage and pull the heart strings. The water sucks yes, but it cleans and takes care of that floater your 8 year old left floating in the toilet.

    • Ramon Rodriguez I could see if they stopped using the water and refused to pay, but the people you’re reading about probably didn’t do that. Here they use it til they shut em off then scream about how unfair it is to have to pay for water that’s unsafe to use. If it’s so unsafe (which granted it is, and any of us normal folk would have cps on us to fix it under threat of child neglect charges) unsafe don’t keep using it until your bills so high they shut it off, either pay under protest and sue the hell out of whoever responsible or move to safe water.

    • Thanks for clearing this up Kelli

    • No one should have to pay for tainted poisoned water.

    • Seth L Miller lead isn’t good, no level is safe, and you can’t see it in the water. I’m not trying to downplay the seriousness of the situation, because it’s very serious. When cleaning from lead paint dust they advise to use paper towel because the lead will leech into everything, clothing, skin while showering.. I’m just saying weigh the risks of illness from showering with the water and washing your dishes and clothes with the water vrs, living in a household without water, where toilets aren’t getting flushed, and dishes aren’t getting done, that’s a good way to get sick too. It’s a no win situation and you can either suck it up and do what needs to be done to take care of your kids aka pay your toxic water bill, or you live in an environment that’s not suitable and risk having the state take them from you anyways. Which is kinda like poisoning them .. think that’d count as a double whammy.

    • Rosalyn Spears Roberts I agree, but they aren’t taking the kids for not paying the bill they’re taking them because the law says there has to be running water in the house, to flush toilets amongst other shtuff… Hygiene reasons I suppose. They’d do that to anyone in any town probably.

    • You can absorb lead through your skin and also your respiratory system.

    • Lori James yep and there isnt much you can do to fix it. A good way to help combat the accumulation is to eat a lot of greens. Unless people want to start donating community showers outside of flint there isn’t much anyone can do other than buy water to eat and cook with, it accumulates in clothing and the filters they give us for the sink don’t filter it. All not paying and getting the water shut off is going to do is add more grief and stress, then you’re going toe to toe with the state to keep your kids. If you have a well, that’s different in my opinion cause you can bucket flush the toilet and get water to boil like in the old days, but who in flint has a well. Yeahhhh uh Not much else to say. Lead water sucks, paying for lead water sucks, losing your kids because you can’t flush your toilet sucks even worse.

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    • Stupid cunt, for telling it how it is. Thems some mighty ugly words for such a purdy mouth Scott.

    • Thanks Kelli. It’s good to get an opinion from someone who is actually living through this.

    • Why do people resort to calling each other names? It’s so childish.

    • The only person calling names is Scott. It’s a silencing tactic. Scott us aggressive.

    • Kelli Danko, your are morally and mentally bankrupt! Why don’t YOU pay the bills for poisoned water! You’re so stupid you don’t even understand that the level of lead in the water doesn’t just poison you if you drink it! Do some research before you open your mouth and show how stupid you are! Just a quick question. Are you related to Sarah Palin?

    • Cheri A Gaspero question for you, did you read anything I typed? I believe I covered alllllll of ‘that’ in the above comments. K. Thanks

    • Cheri A Gaspero Seriously? Sarah Palin

    • Not that I’m not elated that we’re finally making press, but this has been an on going problem for a long time here, and in a month, hell I give it two weeks it’ll be old news again. Everyone’s going to go about their normal and find something else to be outraged over. Meanwhile I (WE) will be here paying our bills for shitty water we can’t use so our kids dont get stolen while everyone and their mother who are supposed to be in charge play ‘who done it’ instead of ‘what can we do to fix it’. The longer they keep delaying the worse it’ll get.

    • Cheri A Gaspero Seth L Miller lead isn’t good, no level is safe, and you can’t see it in the water. I’m not trying to downplay the seriousness of the situation, because it’s very serious. When cleaning from lead paint dust they advise to use paper towel because the lead will leech into everything, clothing, skin while showering.. I’m just saying weigh the risks of illness from showering with the water and washing your dishes and clothes with the water vrs, living in a household without water, where toilets aren’t getting flushed, and dishes aren’t getting done, that’s a good way to get sick too. It’s a no win situation and you can either suck it up and do what needs to be done to take care of your kids aka pay your toxic water bill, or you live in an environment that’s not suitable and risk having the state take them from you anyways. Which is kinda like poisoning them .. think that’d count as a double whammy.

  • Time for an armed revolt.

  • Nathan Lakeman



    • Not true David. If a person owes cost containment fees or unpaid child support they face as well are imprisoned. Both of these reasons are debts.

  • Michigan = A state ruined by the Unions and the Democrats .

  • Shared

  • When my company screws crap up the customer doesn’t get charged, why would this be any different? Lawsuit time!

  • what some call “government” are really just people. Hold individuals accountable.The world is watching Flint, Michigan.

  • Unreal. What’s it going to take to start a revolution in this country?

  • The politicians are guilty of child endangerment.

  • Flints water problems, Cali gas disaster….hate to be American but then this is coming from an Aussie who’s country is following the USA’s footprint

  • Decentralized solutions? You mean private corporations? You really things that private corporations would somehow be more responsible? You must be joking. This is a very thinly veiled opening salvo for privatization of vital services for profit.

    • They would be far more responsible. Otherwise they cease to exist. What’s so bad about paying a fair price for water? The situation we have now is that government loses money thus has to borrow massive amounts to remain afloat therefore subsidizing your water use on the backs of the unborn generation. That’s what I call greed.

    • You understand that in a democracy ‘the government’ is us? There should be no profit in the services of survival for a population. Water is essential to life. I fully understand the ‘march to the sea’ by the monied class on this one. They’ve all bought up land and water rights. They rightly see that now that we’re all becoming increasingly more enslaved, that we are being reduced to the necessities of life, food, water, shelter. So, there needs to be control of access, for a price of course, to these necessities. If you think otherwise, you are deluded. As are the sheeples who complain about ‘the government’. This is the attitude the oligarchic corporatacracy wants. They want our government DESTROYED, so that they can do as they please. Why do you think that Grover wants to ‘drown government in a bathtub’? Because it is our joint and only defense. But go ahead, keep promoting ignorant thought patterns to the sheeple. Ignorance is dangerous. And this type of ignorance is what the monied class is building into to get their way with us to our detriment. It’s like the frog in the pot. Idiots.

    • Actually, a wonderful example to disprove your allegation that without government, these things would be way worse is Chipotle. As soon as they knew they had a food safety issue, they pulled that particular product and publicly acknowledged it, apologized, and let customers know they were doing everything they could to make sure their customers were not made ill. And that happened rapidly. The government has known for years that the water in flint was and is poison, yet nothing has been done.

      Years ago, Saladworks had an issue with tainted spinach – it was immediately pulled from all stores.

      Private companies have inventive to keep people happy and healthy, because they know people have the choice to avoid them if not, causing them major revenue losses. Since the government has a monopoly on public utilities, it has no such inventive, and unfortunately, no conscience.

    • First, Chilpolte was interesting in profit and avoidance of lawsuits, hence their quick action. But I promise you, if there were NOT government regulation and cause for lawsuit, they would go on feeding people crap rather than incur the costs they did. That being said, I can see the ‘slant’ of your page ‘free thought’. You obviously are a right winger and are deluded in thinking that unfettered ‘free’ market enterprise will save mankind. God save us all from those so ignorant to be deluded into destroying our only protection from those who would be our masters in the nouveau slavery. Of course, your own personal profit motivations color your views. You got a great little LLC going with ‘free thought’, your nice little ranch style house, and lifestyle out there. Of course you are for capitalism. You are an example of its positive uses. EXCEPT when you use that enterprise to spread delusion related to our joint economic concerns.

    • Nanette Grigsby What is more important to you? Affordable necessities, or not making a profit from necessities. You completely missed the point. The government loses money. You are living on the backs of the unborn. There is no need to fear corporations. They are not the ones who have enslaved you. Walmart can’t garnish your paycheque or throw you in a dungeon for not shopping at their store.

    • Austin Mackillop I do not fear corporations. I fear human nature and the natural prediction of mankind to garner power for himself. I understand, like the founding fathers did, that ambition should be bred to counter ambition. And that if ‘men were angels there would be no need for government’. I also understand that ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. The wealthy, and their corporate arms have increased their influence and perverted the government of the people. Then they point their fingers at the government as the evil thing that needs destroyed. It’s brilliant really, And it’s evil. And it makes me sad that people are so very ignorant that they are swayed by the propaganda.

  • So many say they should pay water bill yet it isn’t fit to bath in only flush in a toilet. These same people are forced to buy bottled water at an expense higher than food costs normally would be. They may have had to choose clean safe bottled cost to transport up to 100 gallons per day or go without and pay for deadly water. Very very saddening.

  • If the water is bad and u drinkable you shouldn’t have to pay for something your not using .not until it’s fixed then you pay . Where did they get there brains from ,stupid and makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Fuckery of the year award. The government didn’t protect the people in Flint because the government – as is the case in most of the nation – serves the interests of the Wealthy Predator Elite.

    And when you elect “Free Market” Predators to run government, guess what happens?

    You get screwed.

    How difficult is that to understand? Apparently it’s a real fking challenge.

  • Fucken Assholes.

  • If you don’t think this is an act of war against the American people, you’re already a prisoner.

  • This whole story just sounds Flawed.
    The water is Poisoned? with Lead? and the Flint authorities don’t do anything about it? except to threaten cut offs and taking the children away from the parents???

  • I’d be fighting.

  • The profiteered corporate water authority.

  • Nothing surprises me anymore

  • Disgusting and criminal.

  • This is some crazy azz chit. Our American government showing its true colors to the world.
    Only a matter of time before this country is taken back.

  • Hmmm well obviously Flint City Govt is clinically insane. No one pay for water or any services and rates. Vote no confidence.

  • Everyone there should stop paying their water bills and use that money to arm yourselves. We need to stand up to our corrupt government. A revolution is long overdue.

    • Is this some type of suicide pact you’re willing make? Will your AR shoot through an M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank? Our U.S. Military has outpaced our “well regulated Militia” as far as weapons go. Any chance to fight this “corrupt goverment”, as you put it, must be done by peaceful means. Gandhi got it right with his tactics of civil disobedience. Don’t ever think you’ll be able to overthrow this government by violent means. Just isn’t happening.

    • It’s been done before and can be done again. Why do you assume everyone in our military will fight against our own people?

    • Why do people think guns will help them if the government actually fought citizens? People are so dumb. If the government wanted to hurt you they would and you little guns won’t do anything. Don’t bring guns to a tank and drone fight.

    • Mark Hoy when has this government been overthrown in the manor you perceive since the country was founded? When? Because if it had been the government here would not be the same way it has been since the inception of this country.

    • Your governments Genesis was a armed rebellion against a much stronger (militarily) opponent. I’m sure back then there were many who said fighting the Redcoats was impossible. The human spirit always prevails. I do agree non violent action is usually more effective.

    • Mark Hoy , I don’t assume all will. In fact I assume some won’t. It would be a very difficult moral decision for any of them. I hope it never comes to that. And… remind me, when was our government successfully overthrown? I missed that day is school.

  • Bring on the backlash against these crimes against human rights. These people have every lawful right to defend themselves and their families with deadly force. It is time that the guilty start to die by the hands of those they seek to crush. The domestic terrorists are those that have usurped true authority and have turned governance over to psychopathic mafia parasites.

  • That’s totally depressing

    • Well cheer up because the article is false

    • Mary Russo Creswell thank you for that! The worst thing is the world is in such a mess that the horror stories like these are believable

  • They cannot take your kids away for not paying your water bill.

    • bills could be paid with children is surely illegal.
      Taking children for being in harms way that they themself put them in is wrong to rather they should pay for out area hotels closest to area till threat corrected.
      But this post is a lie…and an incite to riot.


  • Hitler would be proud 🙁

  • If your water poses a greater threat to you than ISIS and you have to pay for it, congratulate yourself, you just got your country back.

  • This just pisses me off even more. I cannot believe this fascist bullshit. RESIGN Governor Rick Snyder…..NOW!!!

  • I think the people incharged including the epa that resigned should all be charged, if you were posining the water and you were caight u would be charge

  • Without a government,who would force the people to pay for the weapons that kill them in war?

  • #riot

  • Talk about tyranny

    • Except dor the fact its not true. CPS did not take any children ovee over this

  • police state… people are being systematically killed, and the so called “leadership” is making excuses and allowing it to continue while they “investigate”, and in the meantime they insist on collecting fees for this service… pay or we take your children… WTF!

  • A lot of this is a huge republican ploy to make citizens want very limited government…this is not the answer, private corporations created the poison river that was used by corrupt government OFFICIALS. We need a government not paid for by millionaires. We need a president who will fight and remove the corporate connected officials in the FDA, EPA and so forth.

  • (Y) + Comment or SHARE to help us defeat ISIS in Flint. 😉 #Satire

  • This isn’t even Humane. This has to stop!! These people have the right to clean water. This is F***** genocide

    • Well..technically No they don’t actually have a RIGHT to clean water, but they do have the right to not be extorted and blackmailed..Remember it is the RIGHT to PURSUE happiness that is guaranteed, not the happiness itself.

    • Christopher Hudspeth you do have a right to life, which requires clean water….

    • If they’re paying taxes and utilities, they absolutely deserve what they’re paying into. Chris, you’re a butthead. You have a point, but it doesn’t apply here.

    • Scott Roehren But it is not up to the state to provide that tho. It was NEVER up to the state. Our founding fathers were very clear in that regard. Life simply means no one has the RIGHT to take your life. If where you live there is no clean water..You need to move to where there is clean water. I understand not everyone can just move, but there in lies the problem people become too dependent on the state and in doing so unwillingly give up their RIGHTS. There is a much bigger issue here than clean water.

    • Chris, then it’s my right not to pay my water bill, correct? No. The city or county at some point decided to charge to provide a “service”, therefore the obligation falls onto them to insure that the drinking water is safe–that’s why a mandatory report is issued every year detailing the levels of each and every chemical in our water supplied by the city/county. If you own private land serviced by well water, then the test must be performed individually, at least in my area of IL. Our water is atrocious, BTW. We don’t drink it.
      I do agree that it’s time to step up and say enough is enough, put pressure on officials at a grass roots level, because I believe on the whole we don’t realize the power that we have. We are very used to “letting someone else handle it”. Yeah–that’s not going real well.

    • Lisa Matsie-Reilly Of course its your right..and it is their right to turn off that service. But under no circumstance should the state be able to punish you if you choose not to pay for that service.

    • Chris, my point is: if the city or county is going to charge for a natural resource (and of course, they then must account for the upkeep that goes along with making sure that resource is kept free of contaminants–that is included in the cost of the bill), they are responsible for how that resource gets to it’s customers. If they weren’t, there would be no EPA, who clearly did not do their job in Flint, and again, I refer you back to the mandatory water reports, which you failed to address.

  • I cried at my wedding with Melissa Blake

  • Nope, that was our government.

    • One in the same, sadly.

    • That’s what some believe, all I know is that our government funds them

    • You’re smart, I like you. The Government is Isis as a matter of fact. They want to start a war, war=money.

    • Well historically speaking, after both world wars we had periods of great wealth in our country. But it all hung on the losses of millions of lives.

    • Yeh and your country is fucking corn holing Canada.

    • Just be glad you schmucks get free health care.

    • Nathan Daigle fuck canada

    • And les me guess Steven your a stupid yanky fuck who’s government is funding Isis

    • That’s the point:
      If people started believing that ISIS is responsible for the water crisis (because a lot of people can be that… stupid) then perhaps people will treat the issue with more severity. Then when they learn it’s the government, maybe real change will occur.

    • All and all, it’s easy to say it was our government, and it makes plenty of sense to say they help fund ISIS. It’s a very reoccurring thing they do, between ISIS, Sudam Hussain, and plenty of others over the last 40 or so years.

    • What’s the difference, oooohohohoho ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • John Freddie Jr Krueger we pay taxes around 13% in canada so we can have that “free” health care and few other thing !!

    • Funny, that would likely still be dwarfed by what we have to pay

    • Nathan Daigle a yankee fuck???? Dont you have free hugs and handshakes to give out

  • Shawnigan Lake, sound familiar?

  • Do what!?!? You mean this is terrorism linked to ISIS. Wow. who is protecting us? President Obama. Certainly not you

    • No it’s not terrorism by ISIS. The meme is being facetious. This terrorism is being done right here at home by our own government.

    • Sigh.

    • Oh I just now seen “satire” but it sure seems that way

    • Definitely our own government being greedy. Another example and reason to stand up against the Fed’s in Oregon

    • Seems like ISIS? Please wake up and realize the US government is just as bad, if not much much worse, than ISIS. Read something other than the bible. Expand your knowledge and critical thinking skills, please.

    • O Kay how would you know I read the bible ISIS sympathizer? ISIS was created by our own government genius

    • Lol. And the stupid pointless debate begins. . This is a stranger saying that you both sound dumb and neither of you are government employees, which makes u both, crabs like us. . Sit back, shut up and enjoy the ride.

    • Obama has been supplying ISIS and faking the fight against them in Syria and Iraq. How is that protecting us ?

    • Lol right on

    • I see the troll blocked me or deleted her comments

    • Lol people are krazi. . I meant nothing against you Terry. 🙂 hope we’re good. . Don’t shoot me. 😉

    • Ok I won’t

    • It IS the fault of Michigan officials, not Obama. Michigan had the opportunity to get better quality water for a better price, but they chose to keep the same polluted water for a higher price, even after receiving multiple emails from the better optioned company. Sound like a conspiracy? Unfortunately it actually happened… Just shitty.

  • I thought the nazi did that

  • And so many Americans still believe their government is for the people and it’s the best place to live…

    • Because they are stupid! And the media keeps deflecting problems in our society. What did Flint get one day on TV. And Isis got how many years?

    • Honestly the governments over-reach is 100% the fault of the citizens of our country for allowing state and local government’s support of crony capitalism and corporate licensing which allows a person or group of people the right to profit without personal responsibility. The Bill of Rights allows us the forming of armed militias to protect us from tyranny. Yet everyone’s “too busy”

    • Too busy with their heads up their asses! Canada isn’t far behind and they both used to be such great countries 🙁

    • Tammy McIvor You know what blows my mind is people keep voting in big money interests. Repuplifucks are the worst of them all. $hillary is right up their with them. State and local. There is such a large problem it’s astronomical.

    • They are all puppets, the good presidents you guys had were shot, all 3 of them. Regan survived but had to sell out for fear they’d kill him or his family. We live in a fucked up world buddy.

    • Nicole Johnson I agree. Democrats bankrupted the city of Flint, then a republican sends an Emergency manager in that compounds the issue.

    • It is beyond my comprehension how they are getting away with what is going on in Flint! Disgusting!

    • Frank Welsh It actually doesn’t matter a lot of the time. Repuplifucks/ democrat but before people vote in any officials they should follow the money first. Speak up against greed. That asshole governor really ticked me right off with his response to this. Saying people should go buy their own water. Then the emergency management just quick and tried saying it wasn’t Snyders fault. Well then exactly who made the decision to switch the water source? What we as Americans don’t understand is that the lakes on all sides of Flint can also get contaminated. The whole situation is horrible.

    • I’m saying both parties are responsible along with those who voted them in. Had Flint’s city counsel not bankrupted the town Snyder wouldn’t have been able to install the EM. Thus the crisis would have never happened.

  • The Free Thought Project.com I find it ironic you are falling for this deflection “crisis”. The state of Michigan has had poor water conditions for more than 50 years mainly due to the auto industry and Dow Chemical. The Saginaw River wouldn’t freeze in the 1970’s But all the sudden we want to talk about it…..during an election year. Ponder on that a bit.

    • Agreed! It wasn’t Isis, it was our own government! #wakeup #fuckthesystem

    • Jamee Whitworth I don’t think you understand what the meme implies or what I have said. Michigan’s government has been supporting crony capitalism for years allowing our water to be contaminated by corporations. All the sudden out of the blue the media can’t stop talking about Flint and our state government…..this story is another “Dress”

    • Nelson Hughes don’t expect me to read this mainstream trash. They are the ones who have ignored our plight for more than 50 years but want to address it with elections around the corner.

    • Jamee Whitworth isis is our own government dumb dumb

    • People still dont know that our government created ISIS as an effort to stay in a war-state and make money off of others deaths? CIA operatives mostly with just a few easterners thrown in the mix to help the “terrorism” image.

    • Would you prefer that it not be adressed at all?

    • No, I’d prefer if everyone took some time to attend or at least view local and state government meetings. The truth is Flint is our mistake for ALLOWING government to support crony capitalism since the days of Thomas Edison, wasting our treasury and requiring the installment of an “Emergency Manager”.

    • Katie Partridge in other words as my mother always said

      “you want something done right, you do it yourself”
      Not allow others to determine it for you.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding is that regardless of how bad the water was previously, it just got a lot worse recently, no?

    • It got spread into pipes but has been effecting wells in the Flint Basin for over 50 yrs. Full of rust and lead as the result of irresponsible corporatism.

    • Didn’t they have to also switch sources of water due to a dispute between the governments of flint and Detroit? Wasn’t Detroit supplying water to flint?

    • Detroit was supplying water (and are now) but there was no conflict, it was about saving money, but no one took pay cuts which would amount to higher savings.

    • I hear you, and I also see that you’re a Michigan resident so I’m sure you have much more knowledge than I of this, hence why I’m asking questions. But when you call for an emergency manager I really don’t see how that doesn’t equate to another government official that has the “power” to fuck you guys over some more

    • Sort of seems like rewarding the government with more ridiculously high paying jobs and still being left with no representation

    • I think you misunderstood me, the state government installed the EM. We had no choice. The reason for the EM was irresponsibility of local government. Who voted for and did not demand accountability for wasteful spending which allowed the crisis? Us, so because we allowed someone else to do it for us we have to deal with the consequences, harsh I know but, if we do not recognize our accountability in the matter how can we expect someone else to be held accountable.

    • That’s exactly what it is, Ryan.

      On one hand, the local governments who received emergency managers received them because they were incompetent. On the other hand, those emergency managers were local dictators who overthrew duly elected government, appointed by the Governor.

    • Frank Welsh, we have been talking about the national water supply for a long time. Pick your battles, dude. http://thefreethoughtproject.com/?s=fluoride

    • I think I took what you were saying as calling for an EM, but I sounds like you’ve already been given one. Either way the point I’m trying to make is that at this point in the game we can’t reasonably expect “representatives” to actually represent us. If requiring the masses to attend political meetings and such is what it takes to get these people to “represent you” doesn’t that illustrate in itself the divide that exists between the people and their “representatives?”

    • The Free Thought Project.com My battle as you put it is to get people to practice self ownership and self responsibility more than blaming those they have ALLOWED to do this, an electorate does not determine who local officials are after all. We do. Have we stood united in defiance of tyranny? No. I believe if you can’t put on your big boy pants (or big girl panties) and do it for yourself don’t be surprised when someone else fucks it up.

      “Oh poor me, my government, my oppression” says the average American.

      “It is your right and duty to throw off such government”
      Declaration of Independence.

    • I mean at that point, where we already have the masses making the effort and gathering together, what do we need representatives for? Why can’t we just vote on everything when they’re together instead of coming together to tell one person what everybody wants and hoping that one person doesn’t misconstrue or manipulate what the people actually wanted?

    • Ryan Zielinski Because unbridled democracy is mob justice. The founding fathers feared mob rule as much as they feared monarchy and dictatorships.

    • Ryan Zielinski look at your neighbor, then your other neighbor, you really want them to make the choice for you?

    • Isis didn’t poison the water supply dip shits, the river the town got water from was used to dump factory and automotive waste which is why everyone has lead poisoning. The mayor and I believe the governor were aware of the toxic water.

    • Austin Elmore you’re the “dipshit” for not understanding what satire implies, now hush, grown folks are talking

    • Austin Elmore Don’t call people dipshits when you aren’t even smart enough to recognize sarcasm. Dipshit.

    • Remember when Flint had all racist and GOP elected officials?

    • Yep, and who voted them in?

    • Frank welsh I don’t support government. So no I don’t want my neighbors voting for me. I don’t believe voting works. Allowing a mass of people to elect officials who then impose their views via force isn’t moral

    • Exactly my whole point, we supported it, and this is what we got in return.

    • I’m just saying id rather see the voice of the people be a pure voice of the people than to see the voice of the people being literally filtered through one or two individuals. And I only feel that way because I don’t feel we will ever rid ourselves of government

    • But those who didn’t vote for said elected officials in fact never supported it is what I’m saying

    • Ryan Zielinski But they made no real action to stop it. Instead they remained apathetic ie responsible through neglect of duty.

    • Our first mistake was allowing government control over how we got water. Do you think government had that right when the state was founded?

    • That’s true

    • I think this applies Frank Welsh.

    • Michael Schooley Sure does

    • This is what I am talking about, too much old hands in the pot for too long, too much good old boys splitting the pot,, we need new blood with clean hands and great ideas to get this government back to work and forget how they are going to split the pie. That is why I am voting for the new president with strong fresh ideas, DONALD TRUMP, come on with me and back a new whitehouse with clean ideas.
      Who got the millions of dollars kick back to let the Auto mobile industry just keep dumping their violent sludge Into the lakes and water supplies. Which bunch of the good old boys filled their pockets to let them contaminate the waters, wouldn’t you be surprised if an investigation could tell us? But the Old good old boys have their backs covered. Let’s get rid of them and take America back. I am sick and tired with this, that is why they are scared of Donald Trump who will get in there and clean house. He is not scared of them. Let’s vote Donald Trump in and let him take America back to the people. Go with me and vote for Donald Trump

    • Robyn Dahood, I do not support government in any form. Government controls Isis dumb dumb, they’re not one in the same. So no, “Isis” did not do this it was the damn government. I understand the joke, I am saying it is incorrect.

    • Robert Paice you understand the Electoral College determines presidency right? Almost half of states do not require their electorate to vote accordingly with popular vote. The same electorate funded by corporations. So what you are saying is you believe a group of people paid off by corporations are going to allow someone into office that is going to kick them out…..I have some ocean front property in Ohio if you are interested.

    • State and local levels of government MUST be controlled by the people before Federal changes can be expected. You don’t treat the leaves of a sick tree, you treat the roots!

    • They poison all water. With all of our “technology” lol Americans should t have to worry about poisoned water anywhere. This isn’t Dominican Republic, Mexico or African countries. Gimme a break. This complete neglect by the gov running that town. Plain and simple. They tried to cut a corner to try and save $$ that you know wasn’t going for schools, health care or anything important.

    • Frank Welsh you’re so right, I mean those people should collect their own rainwater so they have a somewhat decent supply….wait….isn’t that illegal?(I know you can get a permit for a small amount tho)

    • LaDerrick Searcy In Michigan their are no laws regarding rainwater collection. Since there is no law we have the right to do so. The whole reason we are hearing about this is to point fingers at Republicans because the appointed EM knew nothing of Michigan’s water history, obviously. The truth is, the city was bankrupted by a Democrat controlled city counsel supported by auto unions.

      Basically both “parties” fucked the people. The answer now is the removal of parties at the state and local level. No more crony capitalism. It’s up to us, the citizens of Michigan, to ensure special interest groups, unions, and corporations no longer control our electorate.

      I’m a native son of Detroit, moved to Saginaw as a child and grew up blocks from the Saginaw River also spending a few years living in the Flint Basin. I love this land, always have, I demand the land be taken back from the State.

    • Keep pointing fingers.. Something needs to be done.. It’s been like this ..so they been dealing with it its this persons fault etc…fucking disaster….

    • Frank Welsh You’re wrong, WE don’t actually choose our officals. Lobbyists do. Gerrymandering assures THEY get to choose who votes for them, and WE allow it because the majority of Americans are too willfully ignorant to understand what the fuck is going on.

    • Kay Osmo Tion You are partially mistaken. When it comes to city counsel who votes? In state elections who’s vote is counted? I rest my case. you can use that excuse federally because of the Electoral College but not in state and local elections. Also if you had read the comments I pointed right at citizens being too apathetic to our system. After all being willfully ignorant is legal defined as negligence.

    • As a dual licensed (water and wastewater) treatment operator I can say this, what is happening in flint is incredibly unfortunate. More over, what is happening in flint is a direct result of human neglect for the only natural resource we cannot live without. Yes, engineering practices and some scientific common sense could have mitigated this outcome if proper source selection and testing was performed. But here we are; going forward they should be able to treat with a more advanced RO or even Nano system. The down side: it costs a fortune to install and run them.

    • Joshua Baker Thank you for you knowledgeable contribution.

    • Frank Welsh I’m always happy to contribute and educate.

    • As am I, this is why I try to get people to understand their role in our political system and how we got to where we are. We sacrificed liberty for security and got neither…just like Benjamin Franklin said.

    • Just checking because I totally understand your point and can’t disagree. I’m just as responsible for flint even though I’m in California because as a citizen I haven’t been as diligent as I should be in holding people accountable or changing the system. That’s why in my state we have nestle stealing our water. It’s easy for any of us to blame others and yes they are partly responsible, however you are 100% correct that the populace has to own up to it’s failures and fix them.

    • Coke pumps out of the Great Lakes

    • So does Nestle. A movie that will outline a large section of this back story for y’all is “Blue Gold”

    • Joshua Baker The comment above mine addresses Nestle. That’s why I bought up Coca Cola.

    • I’m well aware of corporate influence on our land and water

    • Frank Welsh it’s atrocious to pan out and see the industry as a whole and some of what has happened. Bechtel in GA. Veolia in South America, Coca Cola in Africa and the list goes on. Both the government and the corporations are to blame. They both win and the citizens lose.

    • Until we, at local levels, abolish corporate license they will remain unaccountable for their actions. After all corporate license is a license to deny personal responsibility for the company they profit off of. This can only be fixed by the people CONTROLLING local and state office through active participation. It is OUR responsibility. No one else will fix it for us.

    • ‘We are the ones we have been waiting for.’ source unconfirmed

    • The battle continues in Fryeburg Maine where nestle is taking water (Poland springs).
      The local government representatives do or used to work for law firms that were hired by nestle. They decided not to recuse themselves when voting.
      There is another court case in March where the citizens are challenging this. Again.

    • LolDudeThisAintAboutDirtyWater…TheGovernmentPurposelyAllowedLEADfilledWaterIntoTheirHomesToSaveMoneyForAyearWhileContractsWereInFlux!

    • Aron Hasiak Who are you talking to? And is your spacebar broken?

      If you had read anything I said I pointed out this whole thing is a party finger-pointing game.

    • Poor water conditions are not the point…the point is that peoples lives have been permantly altered and even sacrificed in the name of the almighty dollar…yes this is an election year…but govt has gone a muk…there is not 1 candidate worthy…yet i will vote

    • I totally agree with everything said above about the local gov and the changes that needs to take place, but at this point doesn’t that need to come second and the water issue come first before people lose their children, their homes, and their health is compromised? SINCE, the water issue has in fact gotten worse in the last year? In the short isn’t that more important? And in the long run worry about where to make the changes, because as we all know making gov changes is not something that’s going to change quickly. As a parent, I wouldn’t care who was in local gov as long as I didn’t have my child removed from my home IF the local gov is threatening to take my child from me if I didn’t continue to have/pay for the water. I would want the water fixed and then get rid of the person who made my family fearful with those heinous threats. I would play nice another words and then burn them at the cross. If it took my lifetime I would make it my life’s mission to get them out of office after making me afraid of losing my children over their mistakes.

  • The western government’s doing to us all of the time.

  • This may be a truer statement than one would think. The US Government and Israel are ISIS.

    • Word

    • yea its true in some kind of way they are indirect “isis” its the same story as al qaida

    • They are the same animal. People don’t realize that Al Qaeda isn’t an organisation, It is a list of Merc’s that the CIA recruits from to form organizations like ISIS. Al Qaeda means list !!! That is why you see the same faces in different countries fighting under different names. The leaders do not come from any list. They come from the CIA and Mossad

    • Yeah but most ppl are idiots and will take it as literally isis. The boogie man.

    • Words of truth my brothers

    • Exactly

    • Lol ok so muslims hate USA and hate Israel.
      So I find it very hard to believe that the CIA or Mossad recruit muslims to kill other muslims, who in their right mind would do that? and as a result USA and Israel bomb their countries and kill them?
      Yea ok let’s let the USA train us in warfare and then once we are trained we can go and kill our own people and then the US will come in and kill us so they look good.

      It seems extremely unlikely that anyone would be a willing participant to this outlandish “theory”

    • You people probably think israel and USA were working with hitler so that the Jews could claim Israel. Conspiracy theories are just that. There is no merit in them.

    • Cameron, have you ever heard the word, Zionism? Did you know Prescott Bush (yes, that same Bush family) financially backed the Nazis during WWII? Have you spent any time looking into how much money the U.S. government gives Israel every year? Do you not understand the whole concept of creating your own enemy, so you can constantly perpetuate the war machine? Just some topics I like to ponder daily.
      A conspiracy theorist believes in nonsense like 19 Arab men hijacking commercial airliners with box cutters, flying them through the most protected airspace in the world, performing physics-bending maneuvers, vanishing on impact and creating enough heat to bring down the only steel buildings to collapse due to fire in the history of engineering. Now that is some silly shit.

    • Matt couldn’t have said it better!

    • Cameron can’t have his reality disturbed lol…

    • Cameron McNeill Where have you been Cameron ? Have you ever heard of Saudi Arabia Yemen Qatar, Libya Iraq ….. Gees dude have you been in a coma.

    • Wow. You all have read way too many personal blogs and haven’t done a lick of actual travel and life experiences.

    • Steven, could you please tell us more about how your army indoctrination equates to more actual travel and life experiences than the rest of us? I love to hear those who revel spending life under the lens of a need-to-know basis tell everyone how narrow-minded their perspectives are. Have you ever read any Noam Chomsky or Howard Zinn, by chance, Steven? Or do you just stick to the standard issue Tom Clancy escapism?

    • Steven Swisher. I’m 73 years old sonny, and I have traveled all over the frigging world . Europe the Mediterranean. Middle east 47 states including Alaska and Hawaii. I worked for the government in mid level management for 18 years and worked in 7 states, and I’m a Navy Veteran. I owned an operated three businesses. Where have you been ?? I’ve forgotten more shit than you will ever know.

  • Mitchell Llewellyn

  • disgusting and scary

  • You do know this isn’t the only American town with this issue

  • Class action lawsuit.

  • I wonder if anyone has given any thought to how similar our situation in the US today is to what happened to the indigenous population. If you aren’t strong enough in numbers to defeat the inhabitants in battle , spread diseases , poison their water and kill off their food supply. Better wake up or you will find yourself living on a reservation or in a concentration camp working as slave labor. Oh wait ! that has already happened hasn’t it. Better wake up wage serfs before it’s too late. The US has become one large open air cesspool.

  • This ISIS was made by US Israel and the child molester England

  • POS Rick Snyder is untouchable!

  • Seriously? ?

  • Ouch!

  • Seriously? The revolution could start the nano second it would take for a rumpswab to get its carcass out of his car intending to take my babes….

  • 90 billion dollar for infrastructure and no body fixed a damn thing. Now it’s a problem ?

  • Why are we blaming isis this is an American problem on American soil. Stand up and take responsibility for our people. Stop blaming and start finding solutions.

    • It was a sarcastic statement. Like, “no, those pants make your ass look nice.”

    • Satire

  • Throw money at it !

    No , wait … Send the Syrian refugees there .
    Hold on …
    Make Obama Mayor .

    • How about we stop destroying their country and send them home ?

    • It’d probably help balance the budget .

  • Where’s the epa been to busy stealing people’s land for natural resources and selling to the company’s poisoning us. How do we live in a world where the people assigned and paid to keep the environment clean are actively and openly destroying it? At lest cops try to pretend they do good they hide and cover up their mistakes. So I can understand how people can sometimes believe them but the epa how are these terrorists still active it’s crazy

  • yeah……I’ll never forget. the terrorist’s masters honing their evil.

  • John McClain

  • Helen Kelly

  • Jarrod Shirley

  • Flint Michigan

  • Really bro? Isis? Stop the propaganda bs. You know thats not true.

  • Remember when Flint had all racist, ISIS fear mongering, GOP elected officials?

    Ohh wait….

  • This is why we have a second amendment. Our government has become what our founding fathers and mothers fought against.

    • Exactly when men were men back then they would be standing in the cold streets armed to the teeth demanding change.

    • We have men and women willing to do just that. And the support of the military. What we lack is the unity of the people. They keep us divided with politics and many people simply don’t have the courage to do what needs to be done.

    • They keep us divided with stories like this, gay rights, feminism, black rights, white privilege it’s all propaganda so the public remains ignorant to the fact it’s not that they hate you, it’s that they do not care about anyone.

    • Best opportunity to overthrow the government happens every November. Nobody seems interested in taking it though.

  • Michigan… such a beautiful state… and then there’s the government – which has always sucked!!!

  • If they cant afford a water bill, they shure as hell cant afford kids…. they;ll be better off in cps rape prison…

    • I think it’s less about affordability and more about whether they want to pay for poisoned raw sewage coming out of their faucets. I wouldn’t pay for that shit either.

  • The more I hear about what is going on in Flint – the more my stomach turns… We are just falling apart as a country, ey?

  • What a monumental tragedy there must be some kind of filtration system out there that would suit, surely

    • The problem isn’t the filtration system. Michigan’s officials made a “deal” paying more for shitty water, instead of taking a better “deal” for less money and better water. It’s literally like a terror plot in a film. Except in real life. It’s tragic.

    • Oh dear , in John Belushi’s words “I guess they’re up shit creek”.

  • Nope ! because it didnt happen and if it did then the american gov is to blame . ISIS = Us gov. thats it boys and girls. Get it. Got it. good !

  • Glad to see everyone jumping on the Flint bandwagon, one question though, where the fuck were you these last 20 years that it went fuckin sideways into hell? The water is honestly the least of Flint’s problems. There’s a reason it’s called Murdertown.

  • “Water from Detroit is no safer than water from Flint.” – Flint Emergency Financial Manager Jerry Ambrose, appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder – March 24, 2015 – See signed orders to make the switch to Flint River. – https://impeachsnyder.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Jerry_Ambrose_quote_Recall_Gov_Snyder_Flint_Water_Crisis.jpg

  • Thank you guys

  • It was our elected officials that cause this problem I never once heard any story saying Isis was part of it. It’s our big corporation government officials that just want to make a quick buck and save money for themselves in the process deliberately hurting humanity

    • sat·ire
      the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
      synonyms: mockery, ridicule, derision, scorn, caricature; More
      a play, novel, film, or other work that uses satire.
      plural noun: satires
      “a stinging satire on American politics”
      synonyms: parody, burlesque, caricature, lampoon, skit; More
      a genre of literature characterized by the use of satire.

    • Just for info, Michigan actually didn’t save any money. They actually SPENT more money to keep this shitty water, even with another water company courting them with cheaper prices and better water. They KEPT the polluted water and spent more money on it. The plot thickens, doesn’t it?

  • No ISIS isn’t the only evil in this world. It’s everywhere. ISIS is pretty bad though. Greed and religious extremism have taken quite a toll on this world.

    • More greed than religion. According to the book, Encyclopedia of Wars of the last 1793 wars only 123 were classified as religious in nature. Most war is flat out statism and the greed produced by it.

    • Religion? More like liberalism.

    • Frank I am going with you on this but in your book dose it say how many of the religious wars were religion v religion?

    • Isis was created by government

    • Frank Welsh but 99% of discrimination is because of religion

  • To be fair, they have poisoned water before, but that probably doesn’t help that city govt’s reputation.

  • That water looks fucking nasty. Lmao ‘mericuuhhh!

  • im just wondering how long itl be before armed militia take up arms and start civil war the american government clearly want totalitarian rule the super rich are your enemy the american dream is a lie

  • Do you know anyone on your water board? Why not? Get off Facebook, loose the cable, and get active if you want your voices heard and rights protected.

  • Crazy

  • They’re just testing the ‘waters’ for future American civil war..

  • Bought time you Americans had an uprising. Land of the brave my ass you pussies

  • Honestly I’m gonna say it straight up. If Americans spent less time bitching about people with beards and turbans, they’d fix a lot of shit that goes on in their towns.

    • Agree. Keep our noses out of everybody else’s ass n we might have less war and a better America

    • I think the meme is a joke and majority of people on the post and the world know isis isn’t responsible for flint

  • God bless the USA, God smite the US government please.

  • Lol nope, that’s good old nationalistic America poisoning the children

  • Bless

  • Drink Lake Michigan!

  • I grew up in Saginaw yes the water has always been terribly polluted as far as the river. However, we had some of the best drinking water around. Although this may draw your attention away from other things the fact of the matter still stands that their water supply is severely contaminated and this should have never happened to begin with!

  • They should have the water bill cut in half because they can’t drink it.They could use it to flush the toilet and that about it. They will need some revenue to fix this problem so that is my idea

  • Shame, shame, shame.

  • Kidnapped by armed thugs?

  • lol and the US people are terrified of radical islam and IsIs, the people cant even see the terrorists within their own local, state, federal governments, they cant see the terrorists within multinational corporations, they cant see the terrorists within large private corporations… got damn the US media is just punping out garbage…

  • Gaynie Baumler
    You were Right!

  • I don’t remember this, why aren’t we sending more bombs over to the middle east as punishment?

  • Seriously? We are all just going to do nothing about this

  • Oh wait, Government did that

  • I love how none of us are doing anything still.

  • No the water has always been horrible and undrinkable. Is is had nothing to do with this, govener murder…I mean Schneider , wanted to save money so he switched from Detroit back to flint water and the whole pipe system was corroded with lead and nasty so get off is is ass.

    • Actually, it’s been discovered thru emails dating back as far as 2011 that Detroit offered a plan to save millions over 30 yrs, which is 20% cheaper than switching. This was a political move that used flint and it’s residents as pawns. The goal is to privatize the water system (which is ran by the state as of rt now) and Jack up the prices. Fuck snyder. Why defend him?

    • you missed the point completely

    • Really what it is all about is an election year finger pointing game, Democrats are pointing fingers at the Governor who happens to be a Republican but who bankrupted Flint in the first place…auto union supported Democrats. In other words both sides fucked us. Want to point fingers at anyone point fingers at these fools voting for special interest groups.

      It’s not like they can take office without votes.

  • Tami

  • Time to bloody revolt and hang this government in the gallows.

  • Brent Angelique Mendiola

  • Matthew Gilding

  • So let’s do the math, the Black community will protest and march over thugs they can control, but they won’t rise up and protest vs. this?

    • Do you have proof that blacks are not enraged about this? And please feel free to share event pages for all of the white protests and marches so we can “do the math.”

    • The Free Thought Project has the audacity to ask for proof …smh.
      What is this post, an incite to riot; can you prove otherwise??


    • No I don’t, hence why I posted that. Because if they were you’d be sure to hear about it on every bullshit news station, and traffic would be held up with idiots walking and shouting non sense. “Actions speak louder than words”

    • But if a white person is a part of an injustice then “oh hell no, we can’t have that”

    • I’m saying, if I lived in Flint, you could be sure I’d be taking measures other than protesting and talking shit. There isn’t even a need for that article to cause a reaction to the water crisis. People need to be help accountable. Take actions Flint residents.

    • “Black people” don’t control the media, therefore you can’t say we aren’t outraged about this matter just because you don’t see it on tv. You people kill me always pulling the race card but then throw tantrums when we “black people” do it. This crisis has been going on for more than 2 years. People have been calling, protesting, sueing, ect. to bring attention to the issue, but nothing is being done. Before you speak on behalf of all “black people” get your facts straight. Everyone should be outraged about this not just “blacks”…smh at you people!

    • Is Flint not predominately Black?

    • Believe me if it happens to my water, I’ll be taking action, not walking around blocking traffic and shouting bullshit. I’m condoning to rise up and take action. I’m not picking a fight with the “race card” because the “racism” issue is bullshit. We are all in this together. It just so happens that black communities have been the focal point.

    • Mary Russo Creswell funny how they stopped commenting when you post that they are talking out their ass

    • Yes, Ryan Ross, i hate being called to an issue where no issue is…it’s like the boy who called wolf where none was.

    • people ARE having their kids removed at an alarming rate. i know this because i started a group a number of years ago to raise awareness to that fact …BUT….to use that fact and add it to this as “click bait” is completely wrong. the wrongful removal of children is happening all over the world and unfortunately there are no signs of it stopping. like i said in a comment above i would like to see ONE piece of paper or hear ONE recording PROVING this is going on. otherwise this site needs a “this site is satire only” type disclaimer.

  • Bomb them, bomb them into the stone age, oh, wait…

    • Bomb Flint, MI. Problem solved? Lol that’s terrible.

    • I know what you meant, I just thought it was funny. Sounds like something to govt would do. Bomb the “whiners.”

    • Emmalee Burgess Let me help you, the plutocratic empire wants war to make more money, but they don’t want to go after the ivory towers where the real terrorists live. https://youtu.be/U56B_a66uxM

  • Anybody have a credible link to the government saying they’re going to take the kids away if people don’t pay the water bill?

    • It’s satire.

    • It’s common knowledge that if you don’t have running water, it’s grounds for children protective services to take your kids. So if they refuse to pay for the water, it gets shut off, you don’t have running water, your kids get taken. You don’t need a link; it’s common practice in all states.
      Or, ya know, you could Google it.

    • Emmalee Burgess that has got to be the most ignorant response anybody could have given me. I would only assume that they would make an exception in this case. So now you need to Google the difference between common knowledge and common sense.

    • Thank you Emily SO that is what I figured.

    • Maybe you should Google the horrible history that CPS has of abusing the system in their favor. They go against all common sense, and they have made threats against people in situations like this.

    • When it actually happens let me know… I guarantee flint would be one empty city

  • I certainly hope this isn’t serious. Obviously you mean that the U.S. government has done this…and even still, they have always had polluted water.

  • But the EPA gets a free pass when they poison a water supply. Maybe the EPA has sold out to ISIS>

  • Drink beer, not water

  • republicans, the bottom line is the most important thing.

  • Welcome to the amerikan genocide

  • Didn’t America do that for war money?

  • Is there not a fund to help this situation? I mean we help people in other nations purify dirty water to drink can we not do the same in this situation? Waiting on the government to do things is a major problem. Who has 15 years to do that?

  • So just like here

  • This is part of the plan. They want to kill us all.

  • I thought that was the State’s fault… not ISIS.. But then, I wouldn’t put it past ISIS either.

  • Pointing fingers will do no good if we aren’t taking any action that we possibly can.
    Let alone doing the proper research.

  • This is insane.

  • Well I’m moving out of this terrible country then

  • Make a couple of excellent points-

  • If the taxpayers don’t pay for the poisoning -who or what will pay for the poisoning ? That’s really a tough issue – I don’t have any quick answer- Complicated

  • Granted elements in this government helped to build ISIS by allowing them to become stronger. Granted this government is fucked up beyond belief. But to compare this country’s government to ISIS is ridiculous. ISIS will kick down your door, rape every woman in the home, murder your entire fucking family, then make a video about it to recruit more sickos. Sorry, but this fucked up government of ours doesnt come close to the terror that ISIS has done. And this meme is completely whacked the fuck out. Comparing dirty water to a murderous group of extremists is straight bullshit. If ISIS had control to our water supply, they would poison everyone.

    • You would change your tune if you looked more into the fucked up shit the U.S. has been doing in the Middle East also. They’re also raping children and killing innocent civilians there as well.

    • I already know about it. I was talking about our government, not the military like you are. It’s the damn water utility company making them pay. And CPS has taken kids for less.

    • Justin Gamble Who commands the military? The President. Who SELECTED the President? The Electoral College. Military is the enforcement branch of government.

    • Give them time

    • Mega lulz

    • Dont get me wrong I don’t like Isis. But they aren’t a govt. They are rogue. A well supplied vigilante group. A really horrible one. None the less they dont have an actual country or govt. Yet.

  • Nobody noticed how natural resources are being tainted on purpose every one will have to pay for what was once in abundance and free. Its all about supply and demand and making a profit. Its water. Arent there environmental agencies tax funded to avoid these issues? Protect natural resources another gimmick. A whole lot of agencies put in place to protect everything..water, the country our rights and they arent protecting a damn thing but lining their pockets to line someone else’s pockets .the whole system and government is a failure. Greed has diminished all that used to be great and abundant…

    • It’s quite terrifying when you think about it.

    • What’s terrifying, The Free Thought Project is that you are lying.
      Imagine others incited to riot over this bull of CPS taking their children based solely on water shut off.

    • Mary Russo Creswell if what is being provided as false information this post should be corrected or removed and the administrator of this page should be ashamed

    • Carey Anne C We aren’t. Some people can’t actually do any independent research of their own.

    • some places in the US won’t even let you collect rainwater off your own roof!

    • Cathy Bristol Wicker shame isnt it

    • The Flint River would not be polluted with lead if it wasn’t for the auto industry and Dow Chemical….but thanks for continuing to by cars and scrubbing bubbles

      Want it to change point at corporations and the act of corporate license. The State wouldn’t have to worry if share holders were held accountable directly.

  • Lets ban guns too so when u refuse to pay for poisoned water and they come to take your kids you cant fight for your family or protect your children from this warped enforcement of a greed run government. I wouldnt pay for that polluted water and i wish they would threaten me with trying to take my kids. They didnt endanger their children. Go after the corporations that polluted the water wtf

  • Isis or our own government?

  • Why are you spreading this bullshit

  • Except when they have enough data and proof that goes against the forcefed message of the media

  • Scott Allen where’s your proof? I’m listening.

  • Our governments against us anyway. Might as well lump them in together

  • Yeah let’s expose this pg posting bull like this and not removing it…knowing its false…what is this, an incite to riot??

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  • Actually, no, I don’t remember this

  • The biggest gangster in the world is the richest and when ur rich people in power don’t care how u got ur fortune,it’s like oh ur rich now welcome to our club

  • Stephen Moore another post by the same page

  • OoooMFG this is fuck stuuuupid

  • i would like to say that i am leaving you page. though your information and questions are well put. i clicked on a link to read a article about the rainbow gathering being terriost activity. shortly after reading a few lines a pop up blocked the page, and demanded that i do what i already have. click “like” & subscribe. Demanding that people do something for information is not “free thought” good by.

  • Politicians are Isis they work day and night to take freedom they keep you distracted with fake boogy men while the real Terrorist are your representatives who actually have the power to change law and take freedom..

  • Vald for president

  • If you are truly concerned with the Flint water crisis don’t waste time pointing fingers. HELP THEM! I am helping to organize a delivery of needed supplies during this crisis. If you are in Michigan and want to help feel free to contact me.

  • How oddly convenient that the only source of this story is your website…

  • Blex Wilson

    • you’re reaching on this one and this is from a person that started a group almost 8 years ago against the wrongful removal of children which has 450 plus incredible members now. try sticking to telling the truth as it is…not as you see it.

    • show me ONE piece of paper or ONE recorded phone call or interaction proving this is really happening.

  • Damn ISIS, found a member hiding under my bed! Those bastids are everywhere, I tellz ya!

  • yeah let’s get those mozlem barbarians

  • Remember people, it took your votes to put those people in office

  • ——Our Nations families Needed your help to fight Oppression and Tierney——
    ~~~The Fathers Rights Movement~~~
    We are Family members and Friends united in support of children whose lives have been ripped apart by the Family Courts Systems. Together sharing our stories, We given each other support, share advice and learn from one an other.

    The system is broken when a man has to fight in court for his God-given right to be a father.

    The Movement is picking up steam. As of late we have been able to Rally are members to together in a concentrated effort to win first place UpVotes. our goal is to ask the presidential candidates the real important questions, ultimately getting family law reform on the ballot for 2016.

    Please click the link below and check out where we stand.

    The help we ask of you is to
    Share our page with your friends and Family just once, because even if a small fraction of 2% of them are dealing with custody and visitation issues In a Corruption Family Court System, that’s 10,000 children who’s Fathers and Mothers find hope in knowing that they are not alone!!!!


  • since when was it Isis” fault

  • I demand that our Federal Government and the State of Michigan get plumbers to Flint to repipe the city and homes! Put our people to work fixing this one cities Water Infrastructure immediately! I don’t care how much money rich people spend on bottled water this is only promoting the bottling companies agenda! Demand Action! Repipe Now!

  • no way.

  • Sam Jameson

  • The robots are nearly ready. Then the elite won’t need a Labour force any more. Robots can now beat man in chess and Go. Go is the game of the intellectual elite. Sooner they poison us off, the better.

  • Mich Govt? Seems like Flint itself is responsible for it’s own decisions over that last several generations.

  • pardon my sticker but I know you value me

  • Keep voting Republican and you too can soon live in a toxic wasteland, and pay for their private jets.

  • Corporate fascism.

  • I try to stay positive, but I have to say that I positively hate these f—ing bastards. They cannot get away with this. They need to be arrested and tried. I thought I couldn’t be shocked anymore, but this is absolutely despicable.

  • 🙁

  • Ridiculous to compare stupidity to hate. Lets compare my car to the Mississippi River the both run so by your logic its the same

  • Wasn’t that the US of Aholes CIA ???

  • Linda Hansen

    Considering the fact it was Mich Governor Snyder who replaced the mayor with a city manager, it is the MI government that is responsible. Gov. Snyder FAILED to act when notified of the problems with Flint’s water. It wasn’t Flint that did this to themselves. I can’t fathom ANY living, breathing human being DELIBERATELY POISONING themselves or their families!!

  • Knock ItOff

    You seem to forget…this has been a Democrat-controlled city for decades. Nice try though.

  • Gene

    This is an old article, would like an update. The corporate media has swept this under their corrupted rug. But yeah, that happened.