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Single Mom Charged with Multiple Crimes, Faces a Year in Jail for Participating in Facebook Food Group

Stockton, CA — A single mother of six is now facing down the possibility of being kidnapped by the state and thrown in a cage, away from her children, for a year — for participating in a voluntary Facebook food group.

For years, Mariza Reulas and others enjoyed the fine recipes and food trading in the social media group called 209 Food Spot on Facebook. According to Reulas, this group was a place where people could share recipes, organize potlucks, and, on occasion, sell some of their food to willing neighbors.

“Somebody would be like, ‘Oh I don’t have anything to trade you but I would love to buy a plate,’ like they’d be off of work,” Reulas explained to FOX 40.

However, in the ostensible land of the free, selling a food dish to a willing buyer is akin to rape — or, considering the 3-month sentence of convicted rapist Brock Turner — selling food is far worse than rape, according to the state.

The incident began last December when someone contacted Reulas to purchase a dish of her highly desired homemade ceviche. So, like she always did, Reulas made her signature dish and prepped it for who she thought was a willing customer. However, this was no customer — it was an undercover agent from San Joaquin County.

According to court documents, authorities squandered taxpayer dollars in an elaborate undercover sting operation to bust members of 209 Food Spot — because they did not pay the government the proper extortion fees, via permitting, to sell their food.

Reulas, along with a dozen other entirely innocent community food traders, was targeted by authorities and charged with two misdemeanor crimes — operating a food facility and engaging in business without a permit — for trading homemade dishes.

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Everyone else who was charged pleaded down to three years of probation. However, Reulas, rightfully so, refuses to be bullied by these bureaucratic thugs and is taking her case to trial.

“I don’t write the laws, I enforce them. And the legislature has felt that this is a crime,” said San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Kelly McDaniel in the typical and equally repugnant callous bureaucratic fashion.

According to FOX 40, McDaniel says selling any food not subject to health department inspection puts whoever eats it in real danger, not to mention it undercuts business owners who do get permits to make their food.

“Food prepared in a facility that does not inspect it creates a risk to the public,” said McDaniel.

However, Reulas was not operating a restaurant here. She was not distributing mass quantities of food nationwide. No, she was trading, and occasionally selling, a single dish at a time to people who loved food as much as she does.

“When they talk about potential jail time for this, what goes through your mind?,” asked FOX40.

“My kids,” responded Reulas.

As FOX 40 reports, without a father in their life, Reulas says the thought of having to leave her kids scares her. Every court appearance takes a toll on her youngest son, six-year-old Justice.

“The night before (court) he always asks like are you going to come back?” said Reulas.

Reulas’ case comes on the heels of another ridiculous example of statist food control. Over the weekend, the Free Thought Project brought you the story of a Kansas City charity who was forced to bleach and throw away thousands of pounds of food destined for the plates of 3,000 homeless people.

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Because the state cares more about ‘just doing their job’ than they do about helping anyone or allowing a single mother of 6 to make a couple of extra dollars selling ceviche, good people starve while others are deprived of their freedom.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit
  • P. Douglas

    The hell? If she’d served the food to her own family, would they have been at risk from her non-inspected kitchen? Gestapo asshats.

  • The Cat’s Vagina (Nasty Woman)

    I hope they don’t try to pile on with “fraud” charges if she gets public assistance and didn’t report all the contributions to this club.

  • billdeserthills

    I bet her kid, ‘Justice’ will need to visit a court soon to have that silly name changed

  • JdL

    That undercover asshole should be stopped from further predations.

  • Dave Johnson

    Entrapment as I see it those nasty FUCKERS!!! no wonder they ask to get shot haha

  • Forrest Carlton Lackey

    Don’t they have bigger fish to fry?

    • Ed

      They can’t boil water!

    • Steve Rusk

      The war on drugs takes priority over murder, rape, armed robbery, etc., so this offense is probably in between the drug war and murder as far as law enforcement priorities go.

  • Doreia Powell

    So does that mean everyone involved with a school, church or social group that has any bake sale or food sale subject to the same?!

    • Andrew Hopkins

      Yep basically

    • Ed

      The warrants will be printed before the sale!

    • sharkboy

      Yes, for us. But those first two organizations are state-subservient anyways. so NO for them.

  • Gene Mistatwoeleven Minter

    evil begets more evil. 1st murder of compliant negroes to give their health organs to the rothschilds and rockefeller banking cartel friends and families. 2nd without taxes america is unable to give welfare to israel in the form of billions of dollars and murder machines.

    the roman empire fell within with it’s senators being bought much like the american congress.

    cut israel off of financial draining of american tax dollars and God knows american can be great for the first time in it’s history. It’s never been great contrary to popular opinion.

  • tz1

    One of the reasons I don’t want to have anything to do with the People’s Republic of California and if they decide to secede I will say don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    In my state, there is a farmer’s market type exception so it is completely legal here. I love raw milk.

  • Alec Hunt

    Please fix your ads. I had to install ad block to even view site. Fake virus warnings and play store redirects that take me away from your page before even fully loaded

  • Brian

    We should try to get ALL of these criminal single Moms behind bars.

  • FiuToYou

    America! Land of the people being squashed by the slime that is the government. This kind of story is insane. It’s getting worse and worse every day. Vote Trump and ‘Drain the Swamp” before you all drown in the shit that is being served up by the a-holes who have lost their forking minds. Keep pushing and it’s going to get real nasty!!!! You hear that Hillary? How about you Obama? Worst two people in the world!!!!

  • M Green

    The best reason to serve on a jury these days is to exercise your constitutional right to jury nullification. Let us hope that the good people of Stockton exercise theirs and find her not-guilty!

  • Commuted

    Actually I think the shakedown with so many court appearances is the more serious crime. It’s pure abuse compelling people to give up their constitutional rights to a trial. It goes unnoticed.

  • gininitaly

    All of these absurdities are simply ploys against normal people to keep ALL Americans fearful of their own government…. so they won’t rise up, as we should all be doing against this fascist abuse.

    • Southernfink

      Will they ever rise up, like how much worse does it need to become before enough is enough?

      • gininitaly

        I think the same thing everyday!… but the reality is that most people don’t go to progressive sites and so aren’t informed. The Right because they believe that seeing clearly and objectively is a crime against the preconceived notions they’ve been spoon fed and others because they listen to mainstream propaganda media, if they even have the time working 2-3 jobs a day.. and the rest just float in some Kardasian reality tv denial of the world crashing down around their ears. Remember, that we are 3 generations from a somewhat free America, there are far too many who think that chaos, fear and violence are ‘normal’. May the gods have mercy on us all.

        • Southernfink

          Information without sources, conclusions without evidence are the staple diet for many of the claims made by the far right.

          It doesn’t take much to challenge these claims, — like is there any solid and verifiable evidence to support these claims and and just as soon it will have become a matter of national security, no one is allowed to see.

          The MSM is a force feeding diet of corporate approved propaganda —

          People are hesitant to challenge authority, the consequences could involve social suicide, what will the neighbors think — however i’m starting to see a lot of changes, people are getting better informed and that is thanks to some sites on the web….and wikileaks.

        • Two Americas

          America was “somewhat free” three generations ago? For whom?

          What evidence is there that going to progressive sites, or anything about progressive politics, could lead to any sort of uprising?

  • IceTrey

    Dear San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Kelly McDaniel enforcing immorality makes you an accomplice. It’s not something to be proud of.

  • Sean Brinson

    She’ll beat it easily, as long as she’s smart and stays in the public limelight and there isn’t more to the story. Any judge that presides over this case and rules against her is pretty effectively killing his own career as well as opening the potential for federal interference with state law. Federal law trumps state law when they come into conflict, but it requires someone to raise the issue through the state justice system and to the federal system. This is one of those “We’re going to capitalize on stuff because we’re rebellious” laws that seem to pop up fairly often in Florida, California and here in Texas, and they are usually made to kill even the smallest competition to small business owners by making it illegal to do it yourself. California especially has a really bad case of the state government trying to influence or directly control how, when, where and what citizens put into their own bodies. Honestly I’m amazed people keep electing the morons that do this even here in Texas.

    • AJ

      The story doesn’t indicate whether or not this woman has been assigned a public defender. If she has been assigned one, then she will likely lose the case as public defenders are paid to “throw the case” and intentionally lose. Public defenders are some of the most corrupt players in the criminal “just-us” system.

      If a public defender wins too many cases for their clients, the corrupt court system will refuse to renew the public defender’s contract.

  • Southernfink

    Such double standards, I cannot help but think that the police involved are on a quota system and under orders to produce results.

    A woman could end up in jail for cooking a dish, while ”coin operated”Hillary Clinton gets away with a series of conflicts of interests like accepting money from foreign governments in return for political favors – while she and her husband abused their positions as public servants in order to increase their personal wealth.

    Why are politicians never held accountable… when it’s perfectly obvious that they’ve broken their political oath.

  • Brett Rapley

    What utter idiots ! Preparing food in your own home, you yourself would not put your family at risk because you make sure the area is clean. So why are these asshole cops coming up with this crap that she is running a business, when she is not ? This is bullshit and they know it. Sharing food between friends has nothing at all to do with being a business, even if they buy it from you. It’s only recompence because she has made the dish for that person and there is nothing wrong with that, so using food hygiene as a reason to arrest someone is crap. A legitimate business selling food is completely different, as they are governed by strict rules, this has nothing to do with taking custom away from any business. One thing she needs to do is go to her local library or wherever she can get a hold of Law bound information pertaining to food prep at home based against a business, because that will shoot them down.

  • marlene

    The corporate Food Monopoly strikes again. Her unspoken crime was in not adding chemicals, pesticides, toxins and GMO’s to her food!