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Former CIA Officer: “Every Single Terrorist Attack In US Was A False Flag Attack”

Washington, D.C.  While it is a commonly know fact that the CIA utilizes foreign terror groups to destabilize governments targeted by the United States, a much lesser known fact is that numerous whistleblowers have come forward to claim that U.S. intelligence services not only use terrorism to achieve foreign policy goals, but to actually create domestic terror incidents to “blind the masses.”

The most recent intelligence whistleblower is David Steele, a 20-year Marine Corps intelligence officer, and the second-highest-ranking civilian in the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence.

Steele, a former CIA clandestine services case officer, had this to say:

“Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our own security services. In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism. We’ve become a lunatic asylum.”

Many people are confused as to what a false flag attack entails. A commonly held misperception is that there is no actual incident/event and it was all staged, but this definition is critically flawed, as a false flag attack actually describes a covert operation that is designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

An example of a false flag attack is Operation Northwoods, which was a proposed operation against the Cuban government that originated within the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the United States government in 1962. The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or other U.S. government operatives to commit acts of terrorism against American civilians and military targets, blaming it on the Cuban government, and using it to justify a war against Cuba. The proposals made it all the way to the president’s desk, where they were rejected by John F. Kennedy.

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Many people believe the attacks of 9/11 to be a false flag event, perhaps orchestrated by U.S. intelligence services or an entity that operates above the level of government entities (commonly referred to as the deep state/military industrial complex.)

The alleged purpose of this false flag attack was to justify the invasion of other countries, and usher in a heightened state of “national security,” precipitating the curtailing of civil liberties in the name of “safety.”

In turn, the citizens of a state falsely believe that engaging in murderous wars are wholly justified and gladly accept new and intrusive security measures to protect the society. This often results in a false sense of patriotism that people have been indoctrinated into believing due to their skewed perception of reality. Subsequently, men and women join the military machine with good hearts, believing that they are serving in the name of freedom and fighting terrorism — when what they are actually doing is the complete opposite.

“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda, and any informed intelligence officer knows this. But, there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an intensified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the United States.” – Former British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook.

The reality is that people are participating in fabricated wars based on lies and misinformation sold to the public as truth.

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    “Surprise, surprise, surprise”! ~ Gomer Pyle

    • Jamie Hall

      Nice touch.

  • Karel Bellic

    well if the thuglivesmatter brigade actually stopped, and dropped their guns when told to do so, then they wouldnt get shot dead. Its not rocket science. (Although, to some sections of the ‘public’ it may seem like a really intelligent thing to do, so for that reason alone, they dont do it…. )

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      You’re not even trolling the right article, you racist fuckwit!

      • Hugh Culliton

        Jenna, you just made me actually laugh milk out my nose! Thank you for making my night! LOTFL!

    • Beasy

      Naive, you’re exactly the type of person he’s talking about that’ll believe anything the government says ,even though people are protesting the unarmed killings SAVAGE

    • Jay

      You really are the quintessential example of the type of people who caused the rise of Hitler in ’33 and kept him in power when murdering millions of innocent people. You should be ashamed of yourself, that you even call yourself an “American” is absolutely resentfully disgusting.

      • steve button

        Hitler murdered exactly 0 people in WW2 idiot. Get a life and an education- not an indoctrination. Hitler was likely a controlled opposition agent that took the real concerns of Europeans(not just Germans) concerning Jewish organized crime and used that to start a war that killed @50 million Europeans…and @ 350 000 jews(who died from starvation, bombing, shootings etc. No Jews were EVER “gassed” in WWII…not one Jew

        • decemberx

          stevie must be a member of the tiny hands club

        • Elsie

          Come on they have the gas chamber buildings and tons of witnesses. Shame on you

      • steve button

        I feel the same way about you – you should be ashamed to be so trusting of the media and ‘education’ system completely controlled by Jews and Freemasons who openly admit their hatred for non-Jews(who they call “profane”). You’re not an American – you’re a brainwashed slave. Sad.

        • Elsie

          I just started looking into these faked attacks and if you examine the crime scenes critically, you can see they are not real. For example this truck attack in Berlin, the truck drove through the center lane of the market just sideswiping some displays in the aisle but only hit one booth on the way out. The pavement is not marked up at all with blood. Most pictures were of the front of the truck with a Christmas wreath and tree knocked over to show he was anti-Christian. They they have the manhunt for the guy and supposedly shoot him on the hiway, they hold up tarps and have something under one but you never see any part of a body. Its a set up.

    • gininitaly

      2016 to date 70 cops supposedly killed in the line of ‘duty’ while 863 of all races were killed by the thugs in blue. Do you know what racism is, other than the bad habit of the ignorant? The great distraction for bigots, while your government and their corporate/bankster buddies extract the wealth of America into their pockets.

    • Anonymous

      What does BLM have to do with false flag attacks???

      • m96

        Funded by Soros? 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Soros funds all the false flag attacks??? We aren’t a fan of Soros, but would you have any proof of that?

  • Karel Bellic

    well, my tablet is lagging again, but… who cares. ,;-)

    • Paschn

      Doubtless a covert action by that conglomerate Obama “gifted” our internet to. My desk top has been “jitter-bugging” for months.

  • Nite_Owl

    Well if Soviet Government TV says so it MUST be true! Really FTP? With all the disgusting truth out there you can print you resort to these crap dealers as sources? When did you start swallowing Putin’s ejaculate? That’s just lazy BS tabloid journalism on par with the National Enquirer.

    • Carolyn Pearl

      Had you thought to do any research, even Wikipedia, you’d find that Operation Northwoods was a genuine psy-ops plan that involved, amongst other things, creating terrorist incidents within the USA which would give us an excuse to invade Cuba. Several other Operations were aligned with it, including plans to blow up a jet, use terrorism in Florida and on our own naval bases. If you’re going to be naive that’s your choice, but I’d personally rather face the possibility of a different truth than what we’re spoon fed. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Northwoods

      • Nite_Owl

        The US government and military have plans for everything. They have plans for the stupidest things you could possibly think of from repelling Martian invasion fleets to attacking and occupying every country on earth including their closest friends. See The Men Who Stare at Goats for an amusing look at one of their better plans.Staring at goats to try and kill them and yes you funded that. The truth is they’re mostly all clinically insane and shouldn’t even be allowed near matches let alone a whole fucking country’s people and resources but here we are. Would a sane country let a man like Trump ANYWHERE near the Oval Office?

        • lcj240

          Would a sane country where people actually look at the candidates records and policies ever let a warmonger like Hillary be in control?

          • Alan

            Good point. It’s good to know some people haven’t bought into leftist media brainwashing. Hilary gets support by celebs who don’t realize she is 10 times worse than trump. The clintons have had many people murdered. Trump gets a bad rap for “being a bully and changing his mind on issues” when the reality is that Hillary is MUCH worse on both points. Hillary was being investigated from the very second they entered the White House (travelgate) up till the very second she lost to trump ( emailgate) … What does it take to realize she thinks politics is synonymous with corruption??

        • Elsie

          He may reveal that these attacks have been faked when he finds out, if they did not get rid of the evidence. He could not keep that secret. And if I were an American I would have voted for him.

      • elfinito

        And it was rejected.

    • junktex

      Commies are in DC/TelAviv/Kiev

    • Anonymous

      Everything is fine, go back to sleep, idiot.

      • Nite_Owl

        Go Fuck Yourself you Putin/Trump Loving Conspirisy Theorist Moron. God you Americans are stupid.

        • Elsie

          You think its all true because you saw it on TV. Good critical thinking, lol

        • Alan

          Trump was the only suitable candidate as he cares about America. Hillary is as corrupt a politician as this country will ever see. You lose credibility when you say “Americans are stupid” … We ARE , but where do YOU get off saying it? Don’t buy into the leftist media brainwashing. It’s Hilary that is the bully (read up on the women who bill messed around with) , that changes her stance based on where she is speaking (a 30 min video on YouTube showing her giving diff answers on a wide range of topics) and lastly the clintons have had dozens of associates and investigators murdered.. While 3 or 4 deaths over 40 years might be coincidence…. Not 40 to 50 … Sorry that’s not possibly coincidence. Meanwhile trump wants to bring jobs back, put America first, strengthen our desks with foreign govts, and keep dangerous immigrants from entering the us illegally…. WHATS NOT TO LIKE ABOUT THAT???

    • izzysykopth

      Are you a shill? You must be. No one and I mean no one could be so stupid…

  • Paschn

    At the risk of sounding arrogant, I think most all politically
    cognizant members of idiot culture realized that. Further, with even
    a reasonable look into whom is profiting from it, (other than, of
    course the D.C. Judas Class), there’s only one tribe to place the
    crosshairs on.

    From dual citizens;

    Larry Silverstein, a real estate genius the likes of Einstein,
    (himself a dual citizen “genius” created by the kosher media
    who was, in fact, a class three patent clerk/plagiarizer, nothing
    more), held title to the asbestos-laden WTC for 42 days and made +/-
    4 billion.

    Michael Chertoff’s “suggestion” cops be trained in Israel
    helped create DHS and morphed their “charter” to include
    “domestic terrorists”, (veterans/precious metal
    collectors/politically cognizant), buy full body x-ray machines from
    a company he partly owns and his main claim-to-fame, ordering the FBI
    shills to release the five dancing Israelis (caught filming/high
    fiving as the towers free-fell), back to occupied Palestine where
    they were filmed on T.V. Discussing how they were sent to “film the

    The 4 (soon to be 5 after Scalias “natural” death dubbed
    unecessary to autopsy), dual citizens that even a junior high school
    student can see are corrupting/shredding our founding documents. The
    old adage “follow the money” certainly works when tracking the blood trails
    to the synagogue.
    The list of dual citizens is very long and revealing. Unnecessary to list unless you’re an apologist, evangelical or mentally retarded and more than happy to stay that way

    • regvernon .

      And President Obama, Congress and Senate are all totally subservient lap dogs I suppose.

      • Paschn

        Well, a so-so democratic republic
        doesn’t use tax dollars to subsidize moving over 10 million jobs OUT
        of country – grant int’l oil companies multi billion dollar tax
        beaks – give private lender’s tax money at .33%, (notice the
        decimal point), who then pivot 180 degrees and lend it RIGHT BACK to
        taxpayers @ 10 to 15% to create a student loan debt approaching 1.5
        trillion – allow it’s infrastructure to rot into 3rd
        world statuse, (ranked 25th, next to Brazil) – STEAL
        their peoples’ retirment money rather than putting it into secure
        investments so their (lol) beloved constituents can retire with
        dignity while still young enough to walk – Privatize corrections
        and sell it on the stock exchange, then put people in jail for having
        a plant which as luck would have it, is better than the “safe”
        pharmaceuticals killing hundreds of thousands a year, (more if you
        consider collateral damage caused by some poor fool on psychotropic
        drugs) – vote BILLIONS to a genocidal nuclear rogue nation
        committing sanctioned mass-murder while millions of their own live in
        storm systems/tent cities with their children – send their law
        enforcement to same nasty little nation to train so they can return
        and murder their own with impunity – ruin smaller/weaker nations
        who actually DO give a shit about their citizens enough to provide
        education/healthcare/help with home purchases with revenue from oil
        sales rather than grant tax breaks to oil companies – elect and
        re-elect scum the likes of “wet start” McCain who calls his
        beloved fellow citizens “low-life scum” for the heinous act of
        same citizens attempting to arrest demon Kissinger, the wanted war
        criminal and handing him over to the Int’l courts because Sewer
        Nation protects them..

        So, yeah, I suppose them too. What
        would you call them?

  • Police State

    No entity in the US government could maintain the operational secrecy necessary to do any of these supposed false flag attacks, even if they could find enough competent traitors to participate. If he actually knew shit from shinola about operations that sensitive and the government was as nefariously evil and competent as he’d have you believe, he’d be dead already.

    • sharkboy

      Private Sector Contractors like Blackwater/ XE Services/Academi are not us government.

      Besides the major flaw in your opinion being that the manhattan project was an immense government project consisting of locations in the midwest, northeast coast, and even the gulf coast, thousands of people, billions of dollars in taxpayer money, paper trails galore, that was not leaked to the public.

      Think about the implications of what you’re saying, not of the point you’re trying to get across.
      I got my point across without contradicting myself. You don’t know whether to believe this guy is telling the truth but that is based on your pre-existing bias against their ability to do so and subsequently in your mind if they were competent enough they would just kill people. Your mind is not allowing you to conceive, which is in part, their plan. They can silence living people, obviously you can’t.

      Question: When was the last time you were made aware of the conditions of Guantanamo bay by a prisoner?
      Point Made.

      • Police State

        You ever been in a class in Moyock? Your suggestion just gave me the best belly laugh I’ve had all year.

    • izzysykopth

      STFU stupid. Your suggestion it could not be successfully implemented because of the number of operatives required is absurd. Because to believe the official 911 narrative you’d have to to believe the laws of physics can be defeated by the laws of probability. Sorry the KNOWN LAWS OF PHYSICS DO NOT TAKE THE DAY OFF due to ‘intelligence failures’. Let’s test your critical thinking skills shall we dip$#@&? Ever seen a cutting tool made of aluminum? Even scissors??? Me neither. Lol derp!

      • Ron Garrett

        You can possibly be treated for the paranoid schizophrenia, but your single digit IQ will remain a lifelong disability.

  • Ibcamn

    hoax is nothing real……the hoax,false flagg,staged,encited and formed are all the gov’ts doing,they alone will start all these events and see them through…sandy hook was needed to get the gun ban started and to get cops into schools[along with several school shootings]they did it………people don’t want to think their gov’t could do this,but they do to drive the NWO agenda…just like the internet,now under ICANN authority,censorship if you will]because we waking in mass and they hate it….so,they give it away,to the UN type dictators who hate free speech…its just like the gov’t sanctioned eventsw here in the US,it’s to get what they want…CONTROL,and they will do anything to get it…Boston PD is corrupted,all those criminal cops in on the BPD martial law trial run,every cop was in on the fake shootout and search for[1]one person….1 mind you,never before has it happened,they just needed an excuse,and they made one up and people fell for it…even when proof it was bullshit was thrown in their face,they still didn’t want to believe it………..

  • nnose

    It’s ironic that this article is posted right next to “Obama Stabs 9-11 Victims in the Back — Vetos Bill Allowing them to Sue Saudi Arabia for Attacks.” Which is it? False flags or the Saudis?

    (Of course, every single one of the preemptive terrorist arrests since then have been because of FBI instigators, but that’s far from “every attack has been a false flag”).

    • Lois Hertog

      Saudi funds Soros, therefore Soros is not working alone.

  • Lindsay Smith

    Hahaha….TERRORISM- The Self Licking Ice Cream Cone”…. Love it !

    Has anyone ever wondered why in 2012 Obama TOTALLY REVERSED the Smith- Mundt Act?

    By doing so he made it LEGAL for the US government to promote propaganda inside USA.

  • timothy price

    Honor is essential for freedom to thrive.

    • Anonymous

      That song is a story of history. We need to get that back!

  • Hugh Culliton

    Interesting claim – are they possible? Sure. But to overcome the emotional baggage surrounding the possible explanations of 9-11 or Kennedy’s assassination for example, there needs to hard, scientifically verifiable, and boilerplate evidence to support any theory. And even then, memory is malleable and faulty – once people have psychologically invested in what the perceive as truth, even one that’s demonstrably incorrect, it’s very, very hard to change their mind.