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VIDEO: FOX News Doctor Says Marijuana Causes Heart Attacks, Crack Babies, And Overdoses

Fox News medical correspondent Dr. David Samadi recently appeared on Fox & Friends with Clayton Morris to speak about a new study that showed that marijuana is one of the least lethal drugs available.

Samadi was brought on to the show to discredit the study and speak about the horrors of marijuana, but he wasn’t very convincing, and ally made some outrageous claims that made him look completely ridiculous.

“I think it’s a very dangerous study, people need to be very careful about not getting the wrong message from this study. They’re using a lethal dose as a comparison. For example, they’re putting pot against or weed against cocaine or alcohol. We know you need less amount of alcohol to die. So, they’re using death to see what’s dangerous and what’s not,” Samadi said.

They’re extrapolating a lot of these animal studies and surveys that doesn’t make a lot of sense and coming with this whole thing that pot is safer. Absolutely not. It’s a huge fraud,” he added.

His point is entirely irrelevant considering that the purpose of the study was to determine how lethal certain drugs were. Also, there are many other studies pointing to the safety of marijuana and its ability to help with a wide variety of ailments. Samadi instead says that marijuana has unknown long-term side effects but fails to even discuss them or provide an evidence.

Not only did he suggest that marijuana was responsible for heart attacks and overdoses, but he also said that marijuana was responsible for crack babies.

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“It actually causes heart attacks. It increases your heart rate. And on and on. We’re seeing in Colorado that we had 13 kids that came to the emergency [room] and ended up in the ICU as a result of overdose from marijuana. Now we have crack babies coming in because pregnant women are smoking this whole marijuana business.”

After railing against medical marijuana and calling it a fraud, Samadi welcomed anyone who disagreed with him to post on his facebook page and prove him wrong.

“I challenge any doctors, come to my Facebook, convince me how this is healthy for you. I’m 100 percent against this,” he said.

Many people have already joined to educate Dr Samadi on his facebook page, feel free to chime in below.

John Vibes is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war. In addition to his writing and activist work he is also the owner of a successful music promotion company. In 2013, he became one of the organizers of the Free Your Mind Conference, which features top caliber speakers and whistle-blowers from all over the world. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can find his 65 chapter Book entitled “Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance” at bookpatch.com.

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    • “Dear Mr. Fantasy play us a tune, one to make us all happy!”

    • Slowly indeed, I just turned 42 and I’m trying to be patient with the public but um…


  • This can’t be real. Fox is getting to creative with their bullshit.

  • Crap like that is why people don’t believe the MSM. They’re full of crap.

  • the bummer is that people still believe this. Nobody believes the truth about why weed is illegal, because of anti-Mexican feelings back around the turn of the 20th century. Mexican immigrants smoked it, they didn’t like Mexicans, so they banned weed.

    • Viva la Marihuana

    • Yea and a movie in the thirties, reefer madness was such a hit, it caused people to believe for an entire generation

    • Actually your info is slightly wrong…
      The history of the illegization of ‘weed’ happened when Jamaica abolished slavery back in the turn of the century. When that happened, there were some who owned plantations decided to illegally bring in slaves from India to mind their crops. The Indians brought with them ‘weed’. They would smoke it while working. It was then,that due to the fact that the slaves weren’t as productive when they smoked it, that it was labelled a ‘drug’ and was illegal to possess or smoke it.

    • Well you are wrong also Sonja Edgell. Yes Indians used it. But main reason it became illegal is bc of a president said “black men use this drug to rape white women”. And well in that time whites wore gas masks around them and so begins the race hate and the failure they call drug war or war on you better yet.

    • Great article Yvonne it shows that several people above were all right in their arguments.

  • MORON!

  • >Marijuana
    >Crack babies

    Something is missing here…

  • Consider the source. If it has anything to do with Fox News, you known it’s 100% BULLSHIT!

  • That’s weird. I must be jesus then because I’ve been smoking since highschool and I’m now 33.

  • The people at Fox News need to relax, smoke a joint or something.

  • Seems legit

  • So ignorant

  • I should have been dead 15 years ago. So does concentrates make you see the invisible god or flying spaghetti monster?

    • Depends on what you believe or don’t. 🙂

    • How’s that go. Crazy is believing in your own imaginary friend. Religion is believing in someone else’s. Lol

  • Fox News are incompentent.

  • Crack babies?!!? Lmmfao

  • What assholes

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  • But black people smoke weed, and most black people are crack babies. He’s not wrong.

    • Most black people are crack babies. Site source.

      How does pot which is not crack creates crack babies.

      Amount of logic in your statement 0. Amount of racism over 9000.

    • I’m chuckling because this has to be a joke! No one is that ignorant!!

    • Either this is a joke, or Paul lives in “white suburbia” & doesn’t know ANY black people & believes EVERYTHING he sees/hears on TV. Paul, if you believe this, I have some Ocean Front property in Arizona to sell you REAL cheap too 😉

    • Vicki Tuttle Wanna bet?

    • ????????

    • It takes a racist bigot like you to say that pale skin

    • Pretty easy to talk shit behind your laptop

    • Wow don’t you people recognize sarcasm when you read it?

    • Lyla Massaro Was the congressman being sarcastic when he said a woman can’t get pregnant from rape? Was Schumer being sarcastic when he said a flash-bang couldn’t hurt anyone? There is that much stupid in the world, so sometimes it can be difficult to tell. How well do you know Paul, and are you SURE it’s sarcasm?

    • Lyla Massaro If it was, it wasn’t done well. Yet, he’s a kid, so …

    • Gary Schachtner you have a great point. I chose to believe it is sarcasm because I have high hopes that no one could really be that stupid.

  • Alcohol produces redneck morons who watch Fox News

  • If it wasn’t for Empire, no one would watch Fox .

  • B/S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s a good thing we have a year to wake people up. It’s going to be a very tough year!

  • If you don’t like it, don’t use it.

  • More idiots ignoring facts!!!!

  • LOL crack babies? Does marijuana chemically morph into cocaine?

    • Also heard that weed makes u addicted junky after 1st try . Next time they blame weed for any illness

  • Crazy

  • Yeah if they get pushed into trying Crack and the other drugs.The person has to learn to say no!!!

  • Keep posting the bs. The meme responses are hilarious.

  • Fox news causes brain damage ☕

  • I heard that douche Laura Ingram talking about how marijuana needs to stay illegal this morning. Must suck being so narrow minded and indoctrinated that you can’t accept the war on drugs is “for our safety.”

  • Someone needs to sue FoxNew and Rupert Murdoch for spreading false information to the masses!!!!

    • I’m pretty sure that kind of thing has been done before. “News” TV shows don’t have to be accurate, just entertaining.

    • Yes it would be called a frivolous lawsuit They go on every day here in America

    • I wonder if they can be sued it would be great

    • You can sue anyone. Just need enough people to make it class action lawsuit

    • No the truth is the government legalized propaganda just like the nazis did.

  • If anything marijuana helps people make wiser choices

  • No matter which lamestream media outlet they all have an agenda to promote. People unable to recognize propaganda are screwed, there is no reliable source for news, journalism is dead.

  • They’re not dumb… they are smart. They just lie about stuff to keep people ignorant. It’s not in their interest to have smart people knowing the truth… it makes them less rich…

  • This meme should read “before you watch fox news & after you watch fox news.” #JustSaying

  • Lmao!

  • That “Dr” CLEARLY is a MORON!!!!! He’s OBVIOUSLY interested in the bigger pharmaceutical company’s “kick backs” he makes, by LYING to the public. Maybe he should actually READ the side effects of that man made poison that he prescribes, & be HONEST about those!

  • There is so much dark money behind this fight. If they legalize it, their propaganda will be proven lies. Big Pharma does not want to lose the billions they rake in on drugs that keep us sick, rather than cure us. Once their drugs are proven less effective than a plant that grows in nature, the public will lose confidence and begin demanding accountability. MJ greatly reduces symptoms in many diseases and completely cures others. This is not a simple matter of antiquated views keeping MJ illegal. This is about fear of losing huge profits.

    • 71% of the American population uses at least one prescription medication (study JM 2013). $&$&$

    • That is an Rx for BIG bucks, Tracy. MJ treats or helps SO many ailments, the Pharma Cos would be devastated.

  • What an idiot!

  • Overdose and you end up at a fast food place

  • Consider the UN policy toward cannabis and the meaning of their policies “Licit/illicit drugs

    The United Nations drug control conventions do not recognize a distinction between licit and illicit drug, they describe only use to be licit or illicit. Here, the term illicit drugs is used to describe drugs which are under international control (and which may or may not have licit medical purposes) but which are produced, trafficked and/or consumed illicitly.” http://www.unodc.org/unodc/en/illicit-drugs/definitions/

  • Been smoking 21 yrs. Have 4 boys. None born addicted to crack or with crack in their systems. Strange? And I smoke so much weed, but their not crack babies.

    • Their Indigo children <3

    • You are a cool dad ?

    • What’s your annual salary?

    • Amen

    • Irrelevant Wyatt Marshall Brule, unless you love money over happiness.

    • Wyatt, I will worry about my finances. But just to be polite its somewhere between 15,00 and 43,000. What is your I.Q?

    • so you gave birth to 4 healthy boys !! miracle !! moron….

    • Hey there genius, if I smoked before they were born there would be Thc. In their systems, as my wife also smokes too. Go to name calling last resort of the simple minded with nothing useful to say or do. You corrected someone on facebook now you can justify the waste of time your mother went through birthing you. Congrats but somehow I still feel like your the moron.

  • What an idiot

  • only sheep watch the news

  • Getting high is not a fight worth fighting for and you lose all credibility on real issues. I’m all for medical and others uses but to get high makes you look stupid

  • Will Mr smart ass at 69 years old like me who has smoked marijuana their entire life I guarantee you it does kill you if you smoke it but probably if you just swallow it it doesn’t

  • Did I just hear him attribute “crack babies” to cannabis use? Fox News surpassed The Onion in crazy nonsense.

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  • Edith Durr Sam Hayden Hailey Cote Kim Cote lol what…

  • The sad part is that the retarded sheep that watch faux news believe it without even questioning it.

  • Their full of SHIT

  • “And on and on.” Man, if I wasn’t worried about all my crack babies, I’d definitely be worried about ‘on and on’. That’s a super-convincing argument, there.

  • Fox news has the credibility factor of the national enquirer. Most people with at least a half of brain knows this…

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  • Corporate sheep.. Fuck Fox News

  • Take a look, Joey and Caitie. This is what happens when you buy your degree instead of earn it.

  • Fox news, did they use one of their specialists to come up with this information? Like the CIA guy or their retired police specialist who is apparently a massive civil criminal.

  • If this is a fox person saying it you can’t trust anything or anyone coming out of Fox News

  • Found a pic of fox news doctor with brian

  • WOW, just WOW. What are they going to bring out next a trained monkey?

  • Faux news is good for the mouth breathers and religtards.
    Just another form of brainwashing.

  • And here aall this time I thought CRACK made Crack babies..

  • Maybe they meant it would kill them? People would be too relaxed to fall victim to Fox’s fear porn lol

  • oh dear another lying doctor taking back handers from big pharmacuticals to tell lies really …what a fucking retard obviously he s not bothered by medical eveidence showing him he s talking out his arse and the other doctors laughing their heads off and him being ridiculed for being a fucktard what a cunt lol

  • Wow. Just wow.

  • And this prick is a doctor

  • Here’s some more of your “fair and balanced” bs you love so much Deric Roemer

    • Weed creates lazy, non motivated, entitled, unhealthy=higher national medical costs, violent crimes, stealing for drug money people.

    • Show me the statistics to back up that non sense lol. Zero deaths in the history of time. Tell me how I got a 3.5 gpa while taking 6 classes and work? Medical costs? That’s strange to have higher medical cost from something that is proven to cure/kill cancer cells and help with numerous other health issues. Violent crimes? You mean all the dumbass police officers harassing people for a plant oh yes those violent crimes. Stealing for drug money? Hmmm you mean like the police stealing to fund their bullshit failing drug war. You are far too gone to actually believe that shit lmao. Only time will bring the truth to everyone, and in the future kids will be laughing their asses off in school to people like you just as you do when learning about alcohol prohibition. Oh yeah alcohol something you’re so found of, please tell me the health benefits of alcohol, oh and possibly the alcohol related domestic violence reports, or even yet dui numbers or those killed by drunk driving. Get the fuck outta here son. You gone learn today boy lol

    • I’m glad we can agree on one thing lol. Follow the money trail. Side note actually believing that the next president will do anything to change the system, just as dumb.

  • Fox News Retard.

  • Who pays this guy?

  • President of the United States…

  • You need to refer to them as Faux News not Fox News.

  • Bullshit

  • lies lies and more lies it kills cancer cells helps with pain and stop seizures

  • Faux


  • Yep, that’s what totally happens. Marajuina is the root of all evil. Please avoid alcohol tobacco and firearms and Tabasco sauce for that matter also.

  • Arrest this so called doctor for STUPIDITY!

  • Neither do the Clowns at CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN…

  • More pot smoker logic.

  • Lol

  • Unethical doctors.

  • friggin idiots!

  • they do and say anything to protect big business in this country…..I’m sick f it!

  • Soulless Hemp Injectors! That’s the problem in ‘Murca today… damn hippy reefer snorters…

  • Lmao they didn’t even mention munchies fucking idiots hahahahaha

  • It’s all true! Marijuana is the Devils work!

    • So are stupid people

    • Hey there Sue Duhaime Van Scoy, I was being sarcastic!…Sorry,I’m English…I don’t really believe in the Devil either… Right, I’m off to stick another ‘Crack Baby’ on the fire,It’s bloody freezing in here! (that was also,sarcasm).Sorry once again. I just cant seem to help myself.

  • omg

    • Sadly many WV people I know watch Fox and believe this asinine propaganda. WV-Happy to be last in every statistical category especially……..education lol.

  • Such a dick head, I think he needs to hit a blunt

  • Omg I just watched the interview. Wow so he researched this prior to the show. Where did he get his info from? Crack babies come from crack not pot! There are no recorded deaths from pot. Also he can barely speak english. Is he even a credible doctor? On and on I could go but iam preaching to the choir aren’t I. This was the dumbest shit I think I’ve ever seen from fox news. These self righteous single minded simple idiots need to all jump off a cliff.

  • oh fuck off

  • Chris Nine Mitchell Gunther lol

  • crack babie from smoking pot ?

  • These are the same types of people who still think trickle down economics work

  • I want what they’re smoking

  • Logic and Facts here.

  • They so STUPID

  • And yet no one panics like this over the long term damage from booze and cigarettes; which was, is and will always be significantly worse than pot

    • Very true but it’s my body, my right and if I’m not hurting you than it should not be against the law. I say let people smoke or drink or inhale any damn thing they want it’s their life and it’s their body. Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol and it hasn’t worked for drugs. Now we have the largest prison population in the history of the world! We live in a police state with no privacy and no freedom only privileges granted by overlords. Stop asking for more force from government over people’s everyday actions because that kind of thinking got us here.
      Sorry I kinda went in a rant there lol

    • I actually agree with you. I’m in favor of legalizing it all. People make informed choices and users do not belong in the legal system. I just get frustrated with the hypocrisy of people who moan about pot and how evil it is then go have another beer or cigarette

  • Ummm, I didn’t think you could produce a “crack” baby without smoking crack. Thus the term “crack baby.” Geesh.

  • More Logic and Facts Part 2.



  • as much as i like fox, i do find some of their stuff is uninformed …i’ve been smoking for over 45 yrs, raised a family, worked 2-3 jobs , had a small business and paid my taxes….i am not the exception to the rule, i am the norm

  • This doctor cheated his way through medical school. This FOX news analyst is probably just as valid as the CIA analyst that was just arrested for lying about being in the CIA.

  • Fox news

  • If it wasn’t propaganda it wouldn’t be on Fox.

  • I mean it can affect your heart in negative ways though

    • That’s not a lie

    • Maybe if you already have a pre-existing condition and you smoke some strong Sativa, then MAYbe I could see that, but….eh.

    • I have muscular dystrophy I mean that does make it worse you right

  • Well damm,if that dumbass can get a p.h.d. i want one too

  • And plenty of morons still believe it.

  • Lmao

  • “FOX news Doctor” is as reliable as an honest politician.

  • Fox News can’t even comprehend why Star Wars is popular…..

  • Reefer Madness!

  • Uyee uyee…

  • Marijuana is responsible for the trillions spent on war by USA

  • Idiot! But let’s take all the prescriptions they hand out like they are candy

  • Lol

  • And they wonder why people think Fox news is a joke

  • Wow…..this guy is full of it….

  • Who is ready for opening day

  • Shows their intelligence

  • Lmao fuck foxs lyng ass

  • Oh, the exact opposite of what long term research has shown…interesting

  • He needs to do some better research..

  • I would wonder about this doctor being able to make a rational cocnclusion. Marijuana has proven medical uses and is completely non-toxic unlike the big pharma’s long list of poisons.

  • get the fuck outta here with that lie

  • Funny, I never look like that straight after a joint . . . get the munchies really bad though, and my eyes and face look like droopies, and I find I wanna listen to really good music . . .

  • I agree

  • Well this doctor now has NO credibility at all!

  • Fox who ?

    • I once saw a Jesus injecting himself and it say, every time you inject yourself marijuana you are injecting in Jesus veins. I mean…. this people is nuts.

  • “faux news doctor says”. that was enough for me to know it’s bullshit. anyone else agree?

  • FOX news!! how do they get away with this false propaganda?
    I wish I could meet this idiot Dr. David Samadi…
    I would make him famous as the first person to die from cannabis! by taking a block of hash and beating him about the head till he died!!
    any Doctor that makes claims like this should be stuck off….permanently!

  • What a joke!! LOL

  • It’s probably not that they don’t have a clue,i think they’re just trying to do their job in deciving the public into thinking about the “dangers” of marijuana.
    And of course gullible americans will eat it up,they’ll pass the word around about these “dangers” of marijuana,and go back to eating their mcdonalds

  • This “Doctor” is a quack.

  • Isn’t there a law against making statements like that on Television? Someone should look that up and if so, sue them and force them to stop all the misrepresentation and ‘in pocket’ “professionals”.

  • Fox sucks….

  • LOL

  • Wow just fucking wow

  • eliminate money…take their power…then its not “too costly” to protect the planet…and the creatures that inhabit it…its up to the people

  • Everything has side effects. Let Americans make their own choice. Vote Libertarian.

  • Big Pharma is behind the Fox Snooze Propaganda on Marijuana.

  • Doesn’t crack make crack babies? I’m confused and I don’t even do drugs.

  • Question is..how much did he get paid to denounce marijuana.. And was it worth his credibility being destroyed

  • Omg.

  • This is dumb and so are they

  • Ha ha ha I’ll be dead aleady


  • Funny how our Founders smoked Marijuana. It seems these “patriots” are truly authoritarians.


  • *facepalm*….only on Faux.

  • All false.

  • Oh yes, Rupert Murdoch’s minions are at it again.

    However you should be aware of the risks involved in smoking pot if you are going to do it. It is not as risk free as you all think it is.

  • Faux news

  • Hi there. first of all i love your political view and your post. i very often like your stuff. im a former weed smoker and other stuff… it is true. it can cause heart attack . if you believe it and get the panic and fear. someone in the family died from heart attack by smoking hash. off course this happens for very few but it does do something to the heart rhythm . it is not a joke

  • lol

  • the one to the wright is stil smiling

  • I wanna be a skeleton!

  • reefer madness and the just-us system…

  • lol two words … Fox News

  • I don’t agree with the general premise but anecdotally I can say that the shift in reasonable and acceptable places/times for drug use is clear in Colorado. I can’t take my children to the main branch of our public library without passing multiple spots where people who choose to be drifters are smoking up or where they were recently. An enclosed bus stop is particularly noxious and I would not be surprised if unsuspecting people, including those with children, haven’t had accidental contact highs. The police don’t want to enforce the personal space use rule (homelessness has become a bit of a cause celebre in of itself — I feel for people but wanting to be helped is also important and not always part of the scenario) so it is a no win. I don’t think marijuana use/etc. should result in jail time and I support medical use (especially things like Charlotte’s Web for children with seizures) but there needs to be two way respect and people who don’t want exposure should not have to avoid public spaces.

  • what a wanker, and people go to this so called doctor for health issues what a joke. He’s a big pharma boy for sure best give him the lube

  • eff Faux news

  • This “doctor” compared crack babies to weed and is saying alcohol(wine) can be good? I dont know what to think lol but I’m pretty sure he’s a quack
    Also ignoring the 80 some year old people that have been smoking weed for decades with no problems opposed to the people drinking for decades or using prescription drugs that have many problems or die

  • And their moronic, low-IQ, redneck viewers believe it.

  • how can marijuana make crack babies?

  • crack babies, huh? So, they’re not products from users of crack/ice/meth?! wow

  • The media is a big joke

  • After watching the interview, it appears that the doctor has confused smoking marijuana with smoking cocaine.

  • A whole load of bull shit in so many ways . Here sit back have a toke and you’ll see the truth . Weed is actually good for you depending on your need . I smoke to calm myself and stop one of my OCDS and I was on oxyies 8-10 a day for pain I now take NO OXIES A JOINT RELAXES MY PAIN TO A TOLERABLE STATE . Thanks to my doctor the poisons of all the pills I was on are no longer pumping through my body shutting down my organs . I also stay clear of alcohol and cigarettes there the real killers . Legalize weed everywhere and if you need to ban anything it should be alcohol it’s the reason for most deaths or accidents . Just so you know I’m in my sixties and have smoked the stick for almost fifty years . My children all beautiful and very healthy and my grand children are beautiful and healthy . ❤️

  • No wrong they do have full clue
    They have a mission and lobby to defend:
    The alcohol industry! !

  • Fox is a joke. The Simpsons got that right.

  • Know the signs . What else u expect to hear from FOX , which stands for 666 , only lies

  • Nonsense

  • doctor in what? idiot! dont know what he is talking about!

  • bullshit

  • FFS

  • This just in. Being a fox news anchor makes you more prone to being paid to lie, sexualy transmitted diseases, and being outed for being an over payed front man to corporate interests. Except that would be the truth than these half baked ideas of what stones actually do.

  • LOLOL Chris Pate

  • They are in bed with advertisers including the pharmaceutical industry, who DO NOT want marijuana to become legal.

  • Ha ha crack babies from pot! Marihuana overdose lol your killing me! Stop! I can’t take it ha ha ha ha ha hah hargh cough choke….. Ha ha haha ha!

  • Where do the find these doctors? Ben Carson and now this guy, both blithering idiots.

  • Lmfao!! Oh Fox News! You’re so funny!!!

  • Faux News. You get more truth from TMZ.

  • And this *doctor* is still doctor?


  • Who believes any main stream media anymore… Fox CNN any of them..

  • I lost trust in Fox News a LOOOOOOONG time ago