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FOX News Caught Stoking Hate With Fake News that Mass Shooter was Muslim

Proving that the purveyors of fake news exist on both sides of the political divide, Fox News was caught perpetuating the blame for the Quebec mosque shooting on a Muslim Moroccan – well after Quebec authorities had clarified that he was actually a witness.

The actual suspect is 27-year-old Alexandre Bissonnette, a white French Canadian with a habit of posting anti-immigrant and misogynistic remarks online, who also praises Donald Trump and French politician Marine Le Pen.

The shooting, which left six dead and 19 wounded, occurred on the night of Jan. 29. Mohamed Belkadir had just finished prayers when he heard gunshots inside. After 15 to 20 seconds of shooting, he ran back inside to help.

Translated from La Presse:

“It’s the reflex when someone gets hurt. We cannot leave him. It is an act of humanity shared by everyone, not just the Muslims,” he said modestly, insisting that he should not be made a star or a hero.

The shooter was already gone. Dead and wounded strewed the ground. Mohamed Belkhadir telephoned 9-1-1 to ask for help and give the address to the emergency services. He leaned over to cover a wounded man with his coat. It was soon after that a great fright filled him.

“I saw someone with a weapon. I did not know that he was a policeman, I thought he was coming back to shoot. So I fled outside, on the parking side,” he said.

“I understand, I respect that they caught me. They saw me flee, they thought I was suspicious, that’s normal. For them, someone who flees is a suspect,” says Mohamed Belkhadir.

Belkadir was initially a suspect, but authorities cleared him within hours as the shooter called police to turn himself in. Quebecois news outlets were already reporting that Bissonnette was the shooter and Belkadir was a witness, but that didn’t stop Fox News from tweeting Belkadir was the shooter.

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At 9:06 AM on Jan. 30, Quebec authorities confirmed Belkadin was a witness, not a suspect. At 12:31 PM, Fox News tweeted that Belkadin was a suspect and ran an article with that headline. Fox updated its article afterward, but the false tweet remained live for more than a day.

That gave Islamophobes and anti-immigration voices plenty of time to trumpet the fake news across message boards and throughout the echo chamber. Press Secretary Sean Spicer even latched on to it as evidence for why Trump’s immigration order was prudent.

It took a complaint from the Canadian Prime Minister’s office for Fox News to take down the erroneous tweet. Kate Purchase, Director of Communications, posted her email to Fox News on Twitter, which read in part:

“These tweets by Fox News dishonour the memory of the six victims and their families by spreading misinformation, playing identity politics, and perpetuating fear and division within our communities.

We need to remain focused on keeping our communities safe and united instead of trying to build walls and scapegoat communities. Muslims are predominantly the greatest victims of terrorist acts around the world. To paint terrorists with a broad brush that extends to all Muslims is not just ignorant — it is irresponsible.

If we allow individuals and organizations to succeed by scaring people, we do not actually end up any safer. Fear does not make us safer. It makes us weaker. Ramping up fear and closing our borders is not a solution.

Fox deleted the tweet hours after the email and apologized for the “error.”

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Purchase rightly used the opportunity to make some rational points in the immigration debate. It should not take much reasoning to figure out that building walls and stoking resentment against Muslims is no way to actually defend a country from terrorism. But it does perpetuate the military-security state.

As Ron Paul reminded us recently, truly defending against terrorism would mean acknowledging that U.S. interventions and violence in the Middle East is a primary cause of terrorism.

We have been dropping bombs on the Middle East since at least 1990. Last year President Obama dropped more than 26,000 bombs. Thousands of civilians have been killed in US drone attacks. The grand US plan to “remake” the Middle East has produced only misery, bloodshed, and terrorism. Ending this senseless intervention will go a long way toward removing the incentive to attack the United States.

  • Michael Saenz

    Bad sourcing that’s all they’re guilty of. Fake news for all of you from rio Linda
    Is when the whole story is fake, not just part of it such as was in this case!
    Come on free thought project, you’re totally guilty of fake news. You better
    Watch it or you’ll end up like the conservative news daily. And your starting
    To mimmick them. So it won’t take long for you to lose readership.

    • JP

      When they leave a tweet up with false information more than 24 hours after it was proved false, as people were calling them out on Twitter and as others were continually retweeting it to stoke hatred — it’s fake news. They even waited hours until after receiving the email from PM Trudeau to delete the tweet.

      • Michael Saenz

        No it’s a tweet with false information sent out due to poor sourcing.
        A journalist you’re not! Irresponsible journalism yes, based on erroneous information yes. Not an attempt to smear or build resentment for Islam.
        Some of thier members do that just fine by themselves! It’s perfectly
        Acceptable and understandable for an organization that large to move slowly in retracting an errant tweet, but those that are perfect, I can
        See look at it differently. And it’s not an attempt to make trump right.
        The president doesn’t need to make a case for radical Islam. It is what
        It is. Our previous four presidents created the hate for the west, and
        Left it for the president to clean up and I got his six all the way! So
        Suck it up snowflake!

        • JP

          Lol, I can see you have your narrative all worked out.
          The fact is, it took a complaint from the Canadian Prime Minster’s office for the tweet to be taken down, and even that took hours. A tweet that lots of people were calling out as false, and lots of other people (you too?) were using to whip up Islamophobia. To suggest Fox was unaware of this is absurd. It’s par for the course in their passive-aggressive Muslim bashing.
          But this is not really about Fox. It’s about the entire issue of whipping up hatred against a billion Muslims based on a giant fallacy of composition, which will only serve to create more conflict and more violence.

          • Michael Saenz

            Man it’s like you didn’t even comprehend what I just said. Are you that
            Inept. It was an oversight. You have no idea what it takes to back off of
            a tweet for the reporter who originally posted it representing Fox. They
            as journalist are required to as a condition of standards adhered to at fox and as part of their contract, and as a general rule in the media
            Business, must go up the chain of command to confer with the chief
            of operations when altering,adding, subtracting, withdrawing or
            otherwise omitting an error. It was unfortunate that Fox made the
            Error, however by removing the tweet acknowledged it’s it
            Thereby correcting the error. Your and everybody else’ knee jerk
            Reaction tells me a lot about the left. They’re sore losers and will
            Take exception with anything that they can to discredit the trump
            administration. Now on to whipping up islamaphobia. First of all
            your pc shaming isn’t working because I’ve got news for you,
            nobody gives a fuck about that anymore. In fact a lot more people
            Are tired of the pc bullshit. So you can stick that in your six.
            Fallacy of composition??? What the fuck are you even talking about?
            Read and comprehended……..RADICAL ISLAM! ITS A REAL THREAT!
            Now whether you want to do something or offer up suggestions as
            To how to defeat this tangible or not, I think not, all you want to do
            Is sit on the sidelines and cry foul and say “yay one for our side”!
            It has to be identified and dealt with in a swift and decisive way.
            And certainly not, by leaving the jewels out and letting in the burglar.
            Identifying a palpable enemy and engaging them is not stirring the
            Proverbial islamic pot. Only in mamby pamby pc land where all the
            Snowflakes float around and cry how horrible the greatest
            Country in the world is. It is identifying a problematic faction
            Within a group and dealing with them. Neeeeeext!

          • SickofSocialism

            yes yes Shame on you for being a Patriot and having concern for this country!…
            JP here would rather see more carnage when he turns on the TV must be entertaining for him! The answer is simple Assimilation… Don’t want to be American then don’t come here or leave if you already made that mistake! Why is it Muslims are the only ones who are allowed to immigrate to America who are not expected to treat women equally or have respect for other religions!

          • SickofSocialism

            Fox news is not the reason people hate on Muslim people! Muslims are doing that just fine all on their own! My guess is that every time they have Muslims on TV burning Flags and killing people on TV you cringe and wonder why they put that stuff on TV. They should be hiding this from the world right? Did it ever occur to you that their own Hatred is fueling Hatred in others. Christians are right to fear and Hate Islam when Islam has a history of killing and converting Christians at least since the 8th Century Najran in Saudi Arabia had a mostly Christian population until the 10th century when they were either slaughtered or converted when Muslims decided they were too dangerous. even to this day you cannot openly practice Christianity in Saudi Arabia and Bibles, Icons and even the Cross are illegal. So why should we have tolerance when they do not. what would the Muslim world say if we converted all mosques into churches and told them the Koran and all symbols of Islam are illegal in this land and if you want to practice your religion you have to do it in secret. Seems to me if there are more Muslims in the world than Christians than this is just a response to almost a Millennium of Christian Bashing and whipping up Hatred of anything that is not Islam!

  • doucyet

    Huge difference between an error and a custom. Fox made an error (and recanted within reason) liberal MSM is accustomed to reporting “fake news” without recanting.

  • Taylor Y

    I believe that this was False Flag Event. Done as a way to intimidate President Trump. And, if it WAS A REAL event with a Muslim involved, you would never get the truth out of Trudeau or his minions.
    All the leaders, including Trueau, of each of the European countries have done their best all along to supress any information concerning the muslims and there would be no reason to change that in this case They would also have no problem actively altering the scenario and the evidence.. So, I would not hold much stock in anything said on this matter..

  • Jim Bob ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I remember how just a few days ago, the article on about
    How the “Chicago 4” was used as a tool to broad brush “All Black People”
    as thugs & lowlifes that you can’t & shouldn’t be trusted.

    The quebec Shooting story was on the exact same path & more efficacious
    just before the new broke out that out of the two arrested 1 was a
    suspect who was morrocan.

    The moment the shooter’s Race, Religion,
    Political affinities & general attitude to life, where made known
    the story lost Steam with an unprecedented Rate.

    He killed 6 injured 19 Charged now with Six counts of first-degree murder and five
    counts of attempted murder using a restricted firearm.

    Yet REBEL.MEDIA is now Pushing a False Flag Narrative, Their Host Gavin McINNES (disgraced VICE Former Co-Creator) the Comments section’s shows exactly how there is a strong support for
    Alexandre Bissonnette on Youtube, claiming he is innocent & a patsy.

    Alexandre Bissonnette seems to be in the Thousands, @ REBEL.MEDIA . they have many saying so what if he was white nationalist?

    Mind you Canada, the worst is yet to come, & sadly there will be another Dylann Roof in in the US.

  • edwitness

    Eyewitnesses said there were two men in hooded jackets that did the shooting. Either the other shooter got away. Or the Moroccan did the shooting too. The gov’t story here disregards the eyewitnesses just like they did when the 9-11 towers were destroyed.
    Rebel media is doing a great job.

  • Fredddd

    He shouted Alluha Akbar—

  • Louis Wermann

    I don’t get the “both sides of the aisle” thing. It was primarily conservatives who bought into the genuinely fake news stories – I mean the ones that are straight up made up. Now we’re conflating bad journalism with fake news, which aren’t the same thing at all. Bad sourcing isn’t fake news, it’s bad sourcing. Even a story that turns out to be wrong isn’t fake. Fake means someone sat down and thought the story up to appeal to a certain demographic that they knew would eat it up. The rest of this stuff is either shoddy journalism, or just the way stories unfold – sometimes messily.