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New Gallup Poll — ‘Number 1 Problem Facing Americans Today’ is the U.S. Government


Healthcare, economy, unemployment, immigration, and terrorism are mere sideline issues among most Americans, according to a recent Gallup poll. The number one problem in America today–is America–or, at least, the government which represents it.

In 2015, for the second straight year, the largest problem Americans have faced is the United States Government.

Over the past two years, Americans have watched the federal government help to create and fund ISIS in Syria, completely trash the privacy of its citizens, beat, kidnap, cage, and kill people for a plant, and continue to bury generations of unborn children and their grandchildren under an infinitely massive mountain of debt to pay for it all.

According to the poll, Americans think the Government is the largest problem at 16%, followed by the Economy at 13%, and then Unemployment and Immigration, which are tied at 8%.

Ironically, all of the top issues Americans claim to face, happen to be controlled or at least heavily influenced by government. The word “immigration” would not even exist if not for the imaginary lines drawn on a map by governments. It would simply be referred to as “moving.”

According to Gallup, there was less consensus in 2015 on any single problem as the nation’s biggest, largely because Americans’ concern about the economy and unemployment subsided, while no other issue replaced them.

It seems that the government created problems are becoming so numerous that it’s hard to nail down just one–which is likely why the number one problem is simply “government.”

As seen below, in the Gallup’s annual averages since 2001, there always tends to be a single polarizing issue–until now.

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This Gallup poll tends to corroborate another recent poll conducted by the Pew Research Center that found more than one-quarter of all registered voters say they think of government as the enemy.

In the Pew poll, their findings suggested that 57 percent of voters feel frustrated with the government while 22% feel angry, and 18% feel “basically content.”

The Pew poll also found that the majority, around 3 in 4 Americans, actually figured out that the federal government is “run by a few big interests,” while nearly two-thirds say the “government is almost always wasteful and inefficient.”

Government atrocities that have previously only affected a small number of people have now become so commonplace that they are considered the norm.

It is no longer conspiracy theory to find out that the government is spying on innocent civilians through many different means. Also, it is now well known that the government is not afraid of killing civilians who get in its way, not excluding bombing innocent doctors inside hospitals. 

As more and more people feel the wrath of their almighty state, the 18% will become 30%, the 30% will become 60%, and so on until the paradigm of politicians feeding off of the citizens is finally brought to a halt.

To end this police state, we have to educate our fellow Americans about its immoral nature. Only through a lesser ignorance will Americans wake up to the atrocities being carried out against them by their supposed protectors.

The Free Thought Project has a running list of articles that pose solutions to the myriad of problems that arise when criminals run the show. Please take a look through our #Solutions section to find out more, and share this article with your friends and family to help open their eyes to the immoral nature of the police state.

  • (Y) + Comment or SHARE if you agree government is the number one problem we face!

    • Word spreads fast these days. Lol 🙂

  • (Y) + Comment or SHARE if you agree government is the number one problem we face!

    • Word spreads fast these days. Lol 🙂

  • (Y) + Comment or SHARE if you agree government is the number one problem we face!

    • Word spreads fast these days. Lol 🙂

  • (Y) + Comment or SHARE if you agree government is the number one problem we face!

    • Word spreads fast these days. Lol 🙂

  • 0% surprised

  • 0% surprised

  • 0% surprised

  • 0% surprised

  • Rothschild DNA is no different then mine. Obama shit stinks too.

  • Rothschild DNA is no different then mine. Obama shit stinks too.

  • Rothschild DNA is no different then mine. Obama shit stinks too.

  • Rothschild DNA is no different then mine. Obama shit stinks too.

  • Pretty much.

  • Pretty much.

  • Pretty much.

  • Pretty much.

  • I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

  • I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

  • I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

  • I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

  • I suggest the #1 problem the WORLD faces is the MERKKKAN government, it’s not just limited to Americans….

  • I suggest the #1 problem the WORLD faces is the MERKKKAN government, it’s not just limited to Americans….

  • I suggest the #1 problem the WORLD faces is the MERKKKAN government, it’s not just limited to Americans….

  • I suggest the #1 problem the WORLD faces is the MERKKKAN government, it’s not just limited to Americans….

  • Hello? We are the government. And, well, you are right.

  • Hello? We are the government. And, well, you are right.

  • Hello? We are the government. And, well, you are right.

  • Hello? We are the government. And, well, you are right.

  • The question is how long are we going to put up with this shit?

  • The question is how long are we going to put up with this shit?

  • The question is how long are we going to put up with this shit?

  • The question is how long are we going to put up with this shit?

  • It’s not just the Feds, as alleged by the right wing. State and local is even worse.

  • It’s not just the Feds, as alleged by the right wing. State and local is even worse.

  • It’s not just the Feds, as alleged by the right wing. State and local is even worse.

  • It’s not just the Feds, as alleged by the right wing. State and local is even worse.

  • It’s the same in England, Our Government does Not Represent us, and insists on waging wars for profit on behalf of their Unseen Masters.

  • It’s the same in England, Our Government does Not Represent us, and insists on waging wars for profit on behalf of their Unseen Masters.

  • It’s the same in England, Our Government does Not Represent us, and insists on waging wars for profit on behalf of their Unseen Masters.

  • It’s the same in England, Our Government does Not Represent us, and insists on waging wars for profit on behalf of their Unseen Masters.

  • The Elites have always controlled gov’t. But they have been cajoled into reforms with neoliberal policies in the mid 20th C. by threat of genuine Revolution like occurred in Russia and later, China.

    But since the failed Children’s Revolt of ’68, these elites have been rolling back these reforms, accelerating since the implosion of the Soviet Bloc and the coup(s) of 2000/2001.

    Though not a liberal democracy, I believe Cuba to be the best model of a truly sustainable post carbon economy.
    And it is the only country that has made the Enlightenment’s experiment’s dream: that one’s human potential doesn’t rely on the socio-economic status of one’s parents.

  • The Elites have always controlled gov’t. But they have been cajoled into reforms with neoliberal policies in the mid 20th C. by threat of genuine Revolution like occurred in Russia and later, China.

    But since the failed Children’s Revolt of ’68, these elites have been rolling back these reforms, accelerating since the implosion of the Soviet Bloc and the coup(s) of 2000/2001.

    Though not a liberal democracy, I believe Cuba to be the best model of a truly sustainable post carbon economy.
    And it is the only country that has made the Enlightenment’s experiment’s dream: that one’s human potential doesn’t rely on the socio-economic status of one’s parents.

  • The Elites have always controlled gov’t. But they have been cajoled into reforms with neoliberal policies in the mid 20th C. by threat of genuine Revolution like occurred in Russia and later, China.

    But since the failed Children’s Revolt of ’68, these elites have been rolling back these reforms, accelerating since the implosion of the Soviet Bloc and the coup(s) of 2000/2001.

    Though not a liberal democracy, I believe Cuba to be the best model of a truly sustainable post carbon economy.
    And it is the only country that has made the Enlightenment’s experiment’s dream: that one’s human potential doesn’t rely on the socio-economic status of one’s parents.

  • The Elites have always controlled gov’t. But they have been cajoled into reforms with neoliberal policies in the mid 20th C. by threat of genuine Revolution like occurred in Russia and later, China.

    But since the failed Children’s Revolt of ’68, these elites have been rolling back these reforms, accelerating since the implosion of the Soviet Bloc and the coup(s) of 2000/2001.

    Though not a liberal democracy, I believe Cuba to be the best model of a truly sustainable post carbon economy.
    And it is the only country that has made the Enlightenment’s experiment’s dream: that one’s human potential doesn’t rely on the socio-economic status of one’s parents.

  • I am glad to see that the corporate owned media has pointed the finger away from them and to the government. There are so many failures with business that it would be a very bad model to follow for government.

  • I am glad to see that the corporate owned media has pointed the finger away from them and to the government. There are so many failures with business that it would be a very bad model to follow for government.

  • I am glad to see that the corporate owned media has pointed the finger away from them and to the government. There are so many failures with business that it would be a very bad model to follow for government.

  • I am glad to see that the corporate owned media has pointed the finger away from them and to the government. There are so many failures with business that it would be a very bad model to follow for government.

  • Oh yeah, oh yeah: “It’s not my fault.”

  • Oh yeah, oh yeah: “It’s not my fault.”

  • Oh yeah, oh yeah: “It’s not my fault.”

  • Oh yeah, oh yeah: “It’s not my fault.”

  • Exactly Nick. Greed took over. Instead of enjoying the ride people chase after the buck not caring about anything else. The golden ox is their new God!

  • Exactly Nick. Greed took over. Instead of enjoying the ride people chase after the buck not caring about anything else. The golden ox is their new God!

  • Exactly Nick. Greed took over. Instead of enjoying the ride people chase after the buck not caring about anything else. The golden ox is their new God!

  • Exactly Nick. Greed took over. Instead of enjoying the ride people chase after the buck not caring about anything else. The golden ox is their new God!

  • The surest solution to any problem is the removal of the source of the problem. This is the quandary that faces us all in this day and age, when the Government on all levels controls almost every aspect of our lives.

  • The surest solution to any problem is the removal of the source of the problem. This is the quandary that faces us all in this day and age, when the Government on all levels controls almost every aspect of our lives.

  • The surest solution to any problem is the removal of the source of the problem. This is the quandary that faces us all in this day and age, when the Government on all levels controls almost every aspect of our lives.

  • The surest solution to any problem is the removal of the source of the problem. This is the quandary that faces us all in this day and age, when the Government on all levels controls almost every aspect of our lives.

  • Agreed.

  • Agreed.

  • Agreed.

  • Agreed.

  • they think they are above the law

  • they think they are above the law

  • they think they are above the law

  • they think they are above the law

  • Oh Hell Yes…

  • Oh Hell Yes…

  • Oh Hell Yes…

  • Oh Hell Yes…

  • Sick of the BS going on?? A free world is waiting for those in need. The technology is here now to supply the necessities we need to survive, we only have to create this free world. Out with the old and in with the new. Its time for change. Join this group to be part of the change>https://www.facebook.com/groups/265603456982790/ .

  • Sick of the BS going on?? A free world is waiting for those in need. The technology is here now to supply the necessities we need to survive, we only have to create this free world. Out with the old and in with the new. Its time for change. Join this group to be part of the change>https://www.facebook.com/groups/265603456982790/ .

  • Sick of the BS going on?? A free world is waiting for those in need. The technology is here now to supply the necessities we need to survive, we only have to create this free world. Out with the old and in with the new. Its time for change. Join this group to be part of the change>https://www.facebook.com/groups/265603456982790/ .

  • The number one problem facing the USA Today is people who want to take up arms rather than behave like adults.

  • The number one problem facing the USA Today is people who want to take up arms rather than behave like adults.

  • Native Indians said it best? Every bird has a Right & Left wing, what’s the diff

  • We’re winning the war of information, but we need more minds on our side. Please (Y) + Comment + Share this post. Thank you from all of us at The Free Thought Project.com.

  • Voting, is a trick they use, to make us think, we have a choice. Clinton will be next president. I’ve said it over and over. It matters not that everyone I’ve asked, won’t vote for her, she’ll win, b/c it’s rigged!

    • It was rigged from day one.. the electoral college exists because the owners of the USA knew a true democracy would depose them..

    • There has never been a true Democracy. Per my 18 y/o son.

    • Clinton? Seriously?

    • Yes!

    • If you look close you can usually tell who will be the next candidate shortly after they pick the candidates. After the democratic convention when every one was bragging about the great speech Obama had made about 12 years back.

    • The name of the next president will most likely be Hillary Clinton.

    • I picked Obama in the primaries in ’08. Told everyone he’d win.

    • Smart you are
      Backed by the Central Banks she is

    • lol I wish, bahaha I’m extremely intuitive is all. History repeats itself. Black man was first to vote b4 women, and now woman will follow black president. No matter what we the people want. Last real pres. was JFK. Now all are puppets to the nwo.

  • It’s the people that count the votes ‘Stalin’. It’s enough that the people believe there was a vote

  • As long as you continue to vote for Republicans and Democrats, it’s your fault.

  • If you can find to vote someone that is not a nazist and at the same time you dont let him get corrupted you make the system work for you.

  • Cause hope is all they have

  • Because we’ve been brainwashed for years…generations…..

  • I really think Bernie sanders could honestly make a change so if he doesn’t win I’ll know the polls are all rigged.. N the government shuts out the truth for corporate interest…

    • So you want him as your master? And everyone who doesn’t want him has to have him as a master to? Sounds fair huh

    • So…. Anarchy is your answer Manuel?

    • Honor Mosley Bell III Anarchy is true liberty. Look up Voluntaryism.

    • Anarchy does not mean no rules. It simply means no rulers. You can have anything and everything society wants as long as no one uses force or coercion against another human being.(except for self defense and voluntary contract enforcement).

    • No I believe the troubles n the worries he addresses on behalf of the people if elected into office he would strive for those goals he calls out a lot of the bull in politics the only one really n he doesn’t get mass media attention because of who controls the news I se Bernie as the next jfk

    • Please shut up

    • Bernie is an absolute moron who is an economic illiterate and has no clue what he’s saying. He is the Trump of the left.

    • I could understand why you’d like him. He’s bribed you with other people’s stuff. I’d be swayed if I was retarded and wanted “free” shit as well.

    • Chris Chandler your fallacy is the belief that no one will force others. It is a guaranteed certainty that some people will do exactly that if they can. Anarchy always leads to dictatorship. There has never been a case when it didn’t, and the resulting dictatorship is always an improvement compared to the unrestrained violence that results when anyone can do anything they want.

    • Bernie is honestly the only true candidate up for election the rest are just puppets…Chris Haas you shut up!#FeelTheBern

    • Good luck keeping women and children safe… With the kind of anarchy soon to happen already stoked by Trump there are going to be a lot of minorities, especially women and children, slain in the process…

    • You’re funny Chris Martinez. It’s not like he’s a blatant socialist or anything, which completely contradicts the notion of freedom.

    • So does capitalism

  • Because not participating will not change anything either.. unless it’s everybody all at once..

  • everyone keeps telling what the problem is ,nobody suggests a solution.

  • Because we’re afraid. We’re scared shit less. Not knowing what will happen if we rise up and fight makes us fear fighting a good fight, especially if we have kids.

  • Excellent Question

  • Many people don’t participate…as if that will fix things…
    Participate or not, the laws of the land still effect your daily lives!

  • It’s the only option indoctrinated into the minds of the populace by the media.

  • Let then eat cake

  • In a time when people sooner throw something away for a newer replacement than try to repair it, why do we believe a system that is HUNDREDS of years old and has proven to be outdated and flawed is still worth holding on to. Just like a computer program, updates will solve the little problems to keep the program current but every few years an update is no longer feasable to maintain functionality and an entirely new program is made. All of this is done in the name of progress! Stop trying to update an outdated system with votes and start helping design the new current model.

  • Down with the two party system

  • So US government punish citizens & have a new war world wide

  • These people are trying to help:

  • We let government be hijacked by businessmen.
    Those businessmen have put themselves first. We must take our government back. No more second rate actors. No more businessmen.

  • Are you trying to incite an uprising?

  • If you don’t try you fail immediately. The system has been abrogated. If we ride together and demand accountability, we can get change. Armchair whiners get nothing but the fist up the ass

    • Or just get rid of government

    • We’ve been demanding accountability for decades. Still waiting on that change. No, it takes much more than demands. It takes action. But the majority of the people are either to scared to stand up, or too stupid to figure it out.

    • Demand implies action or it it is merely noise

  • Name a better idea

  • Get rid of business lobbies. Make corruption punishable with long prison terms…in regular prisons.
    Impose term limits. Discourage nepotism.

  • Your not winning a damn thing! Once again you have fallen in love with your IQ not understanding! Ron and Rand show is the WWF of politics. Show me some more commedia dell’arte I do appreciate a could spoof!

  • Perpetual presidential propaganda

  • This makes sense to me.

  • Because we’ve been programmed that way from childhood.

  • Oh yeah. Lets have a king, or a premier, or a generalissimo, or any dictator. The system needs fixing…but voting is the only voice we have.

  • Hey can you authoritarians lay off the critical theory shit .

    We get it you hate the people of the United States

  • Cuz were stupid period, I could throw a whole list of other flawed things thats fucking wrong with us but I don’t want to start anymore wars than these idiots have no problem to spend our money on whatever itch they get up their ass to do so -,-

  • Most don’t. That’s the problem.

  • because they will always revery back to their programming whilst thinking it is their own independant thought.

  • So lets all americans try this idea. Look how a silly dance on youtube will go viral,,what is the idea below did the same. And people got out of their own way to debate this idea….then what if it got traction? We have nothing to lose, even if you disagree with the intent…….here it is——I have an thought..not original, but damn it needs to happen. Ok America ready?For the next 4 to 6 years, we only elect a libertarian for political office, all of us(or at least 50% of people who vote). President, Senate, Congress, Governors and other state officials. If this happened our judges would follow and perhaps remember the constitution. I can just imagine the FB comments from the people on the left and right! First, when these libertarian people would take their oath of office, it might actually be honored. I think it would be a win-win for all. Our military wouldn’t be the worlds policeman(less killings of soldiers/suicides etc). We would most likely..audit the FED, take a close look at all the agencies with an acronym,,IRS,CIA,NSA,TSA etc. Our economy might just soar, as the psychology of such a new idea, of a true constitutional government would be so refreshing. Perhaps the patriot act would be repealed, perhaps no more children would die from our drone wars. The left would scream..”what about the poor people, the children!?” The right would scream..”what about ISIS..and unborn babies!?” They might just see that actually following the Bill of Rights would handle everything best. Being that we are creatures of habit it might be hard to imagine this. But really what have we got to lose..a Trump or Clinton presidency??? Would there be upset? Sure. So what? We’re going to have that anyway. It would be the most positive thing that could happen to our country, not to mention the rest of the world. What if this idea went viral, and intelligent people discussed this, and it got traction? What if it actually happened?

  • Because we don’t know any better than Germany.

  • There have been hundreds of thousands murdered in central and south America because they elected presidents that the U.S. government did not approve of. Knowing this what makes us think they will allow us to vote in any president we want?

  • Indoctrination, religion or state, same crap diferents chains.

  • i trust bernie-

  • Ok, this page is great at posting memes. Thats about it. What do you suggest, everyone just sit home and let them keep destroying everything? How about people who want change get involved with government? Ever think about that? Now all we have are shit choices (except ppl like Warren and Sanders) because as George Carlin said “garbage in, garbage out, dont blame the politicians, blame the electorate!” The people who run this page DONT THINK!

    • What if the person does not like an authoritarian representative democracy like we have now? I get it, get involved can help and many many people are apathetic. But also changing government to a minarchy or less is also a path that may fix things better than playing the system.

    • So the choices are ignore the problem, or continue to contribute to the problem. Hmmmm… that’s a tough one.

    • How would you be contributing to the problem? I suppose you think society should collapse…..and that is somehow a solution. Hmmmmm.

    • #breakemup

  • This attitude is propaganda to keep the voters unmotivated

  • this seems to forget how few Americans actually do participate in government…. maybe it will work if Americans voted like Europeans

  • Because…Bernie Sanders.

  • What if they had an election and no one showed up?

  • Cause TV told them to,lol

  • Because the minute they discover the truth that they are controlled without representation and voting is a joke of a scam, they will lose hope.

  • Matthew Gilding

  • It won’t . It’s all an elaborate Broadway production (at tax payers expense) to give the illusion that the U.S. voter has control. The ” winner” was appointed months ago,has already been through the orientation class White House 101 and is probably deciding a nice location for his post presidential library.
    It’s all an illusion America , wake up . Revolution is in the air .

  • Vote for Sanders as a first step to TAKING OUR OWN COUNTRY BACK

  • What alternative do you suggest? Please don’t tell me you think nonparticipation will change things in the system.

  • You can change government, but not if you believe in the two party system with a dysfunctional electoral system and rigged debates

  • this is what happens when you do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome! 🙁

  • What kind of backwards logic is this meme then? The solution is to what, ignore the problem? The underlying problem in government is that 95%+ of the people who get involved in politics do it for personal gain. There is no way a government built on greed and personal agenda can serve the people.

    • Thank you. The more people who have responses like this, the more hope I begin to have again.

  • Because they are too afraid of the truth and the changes that the truth will bring.The American public acts like children afraid of the boogie man and it’s parasitic politicians and the corporations and the rich bastards that own them use this to stay in power.

  • Cronie Capitalism Is the problem. The presidential debate commission is the problem. Government is a necessary evil that must be limited as much as possible. We haven’t don’t that nor have we listened to the warnings of our founding fathers. That’s why our government is fucked.

    • Limited so that Wall Street, the pharmaceutical industry, and big marijuana can continue to destroy our bodies, our minds, and our civilization?

    • It’s not government that should necessarily be limited, it’s the corruption and undue influence of the genuine special interests within our government thst should be limited

    • Big marijuana? Are you kidding me….

    • Lobbying is legal bribery

    • Marijuana is now mainstream and marijuana is big business

    • The marijuana industry has become very powerful

    • Nobody is forcing you to buy a product lol.

    • I’d rather have big marijuana than big tobacco.

    • People think that corporations are so terrible. When government is involved it creates a monopoly of force. A business is just selling a product

  • They will fix it with a the next war and after . and the Americans will suffer more

  • All the money paying for life was taken away to give away as free profits by taxes for profits paying for profitable wars,outsourcing,immigration,cages,inmate slavery,police state,and spy state.Those profits are forcing inflation,debt,downsizing,closures,automation etc..So she has been given the death penalty by the greedy and corrupt profiteers as well as the kids..Demand Government Corporate welfare benefits of taxation and money printing press be taken away,outlawed,banned,and enforced by the military and police citizen forces.This proves just how unequal,controlled,and double standard the life and death laws,economics,medias,education,propaganda,wages,business,work,and more really are!!!!!!!

  • because the only real change comes from within. all else is chaos.

  • They’ve being conditioned to believe that the voting system is real. All politicians including U.S. Presidents are SELECTED, not ELECTED. It’s another Bread and Circuses.

  • The system is broken because not enough of us Participate. We the people as a nation have been disinterested and distracted for to long. If we want change we need to be a part of it.

  • Bcs they are brainwashed 🙂

  • same snake . . . different head

  • Plato: “choosing the lesser of two evils, you are still choosing evil”

  • Oh yes.

  • Obviously the sheeple no not what to do but continue to graze in the same old government pasture and drink the fluoridated water from the same government trough. We/they need new direction from reliable, truthful sources.

  • Faryal Irfan true

  • #feelthebern #berniesanders

  • I will ask the “Free Thought Project” yet again … WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION???

  • I don’t know.

  • Non-participation and ignorance is what got us here in the first place. We have lacked the courage to stand up against the corruption and accepted that we have to choose from the prescribed choices. In a Republic the government is the responsibility and by extension the fault of the people.

  • So tell us your solution all mighty lame meme poster…ignore it? Claim ignorance…..Civil War…please tell us oh enlightened one.

  • you vote in such shitty boxes? no way 🙂

  • becauseIn instances of injustice, silence always gives consent to the oppressor. You dumb fucks. PLEASE stop trying to convince people to drop out, not vote, etc. Who pays your bills? Are you a CIA asset? Cointel pro much?

  • Funny shit really!
    Us humans are quite amazing.
    As a species,as a whole,,,,,
    Amazingly sad.
    Solution ????
    This is nothing new . American foreign policy has been lies ,deception and genocide for years.Yes it is comming to lite through modern technology. What we do outside ourselves,we do to ourselves and this is the reflective social unrest from withen today.The awareness.
    We are waking up,soon enough people will “Wake up” and the actions towards solution will present themselves.

  • Jonathan Gilliard

  • It’s better than not participating!

  • People don’t vote or participate in government. The majority of young people do not vote. The problem is that people don’t participate in government. I’m a bit worried about the idea presented in this meme, what else should we do? Not participate? Be apathetic? or worse? The worse concerns me. Please no violence.

    • I present the legalization of cannabis in Colorado as a good reason to vote. When young people participate in government they get stuff done.

  • because the vacuum would be much worse.

  • because when you don’t vote, republicans win

  • The problem is that no one participates. 2/3 of eligible voters don’t even show up. If you don’t take control of the system, it won’t work for you.

  • The fix is limited government and


  • If voting made a difference it would be illegal.

  • Because it’s way ahead of everything else. Anarchy is not pretty.

  • Right of Revolution.

  • Because not doing so will make them run amok.

  • Uh, dumbasses, we are the government thus only we can fix it. Go live in moronville, oK?

  • As opposed to doing what?

  • Is there a better way to make a change?

  • cant fight city hall???

  • Why do you keep posting this stuff without even so much as offering an alternative? You’re causing more harm than good by being so ignorant.

  • Well they should not believe in government if they follow the half truths of The Free Thought Project.com page. But if they really want to have a government that reprsents them, they need to find out who really represents their interests and then vote for those candidates. Clearly, this page has a deep seated fear of the USA and a Xenophobic neo-con bent that has gone from being interesting to being laughable at best.

  • Voting means nothing. The senators will vote how they want to vote.

  • Simple Hope for positive change.
    HOPE <3

  • The only possible way to make politics really work for the people is to have power and responsibility to equal out.

  • Because not voting just allowes our elected idiots to believe no one cares.

  • Because it will! Participation takes work, sweat, tears, money and more of the same on and ongoing basis.

  • On point !

  • Because participating in the political process and electing the right people, is how you end up changing things

  • Only when the sheep realize at one time they were all wolves. The wolves have a hierarchy. Much like our own. If we don’t have war our population would have outgrown this planet already. Mind you the bubonic plague and a few ice ages. Big rocks falling from the sky. The earth deciding it going to shake some fleas off its back. In 200 years none of this will matter. It will come to pass an unseen event and humans will either be gone from this planet or have their clocks turned back. The united States will fall to its own people. They can govern themselves. The ones that can’t let them be dealt with. The rich are only amassing gold. Gold back in the day was related to affluence. Modern day it still has a hold on people. Myself I can’t eat gold. I can grow my own food. I can generate my own electricity. I can build my own home. I can hunt and forrage for all off of the land. Like the Roman and Egyptian collapses the time has come.

  • because they cant think for themselves?

  • If we don’t voice our desires for our government representatives and the entire election process, nothing will change. We need to be active. We need to vote. We need to repeal Citizens United.

  • I think its because we still believe in the system. We vote and if we dont get what we want we can protest publicly. Given new social media, that can be more effective than ever before. Protest itself doesnt fix everything, however, publicly denouncing and repudiating people can’t be said to have no effect.

  • why does a beat dog lick the hand of his abuser?

  • better not to leave it up to chance

  • We have to get rid of the electorate which is what really decides who is going to be president. So then I’ll votes will really count

  • Because it’s our way to change things without having to resort to revolution. It’s the founding principle of our country. It’s what so many people have fought and died for over the last 200 years. It would be amazing if people would actually investigate who they are voting for and choose someone whose voice had been drowned out by the Republicrat media machine.

  • Medicare part D

  • Paper ballots counted in public!!!!

  • Voting is the easiest way to count who the idiots still are and the government still has control over them hahaha

  • People who vote Republican is the problem.

  • Go gote… it is the only way…

  • maybe its because so many stopped participating

  • because hope springs eternal

  • Support Oregon!

  • Yup, the design of the system negates the purpose.

  • Vote Gary Johnson

  • Anthony Gomez Roy Blackburn

  • Does everyone have a job,degree job,livable wages?Do we have groups living in poverty while the severity of poverty increases as immigration,refugees,and foreigners with lifetime work visas pouring in?Did Taxes pay for profits by paying for wars,outsourcing,mass immigration,refugees,foreigners with lifetime work visas,cages,inmate slavery,police state,spy state.All of which forces debt,inflation,crime,more poverty,worse severity of poverty,mental harm and destruction,more outsourcing,downsizing,closures,automation,robotics does it not?The poverty,debt,inflation,overpopulation,and more forcing abortions,birth control use,wars,crimes,trauma,addiction,and mass murder does it not?

  • All I can say is give U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders a chance. And if he is not what I hope he will be, then all hope is lost.

  • Indoctrination. That’s all I know, but I’m afraid to admit it.

  • I know the fix, Veterans Party of America and Chris Keniston for President 2016!!!

  • the system will work if it’s allowed to

  • I’m 51 and never voted in my life ! Never seen where my vote would make a difference . You vote for a person but get represented by a party ! We need a new system , Where each province elects it’s Mlas to represent the peoples voices and send one person to Ottawa to represent the province . We don’t need two people to represent us ! MPs do nothing ,even for their own ridings They are there to vote the party line ,not to reflect their riding ! That would cut 100 million a year from the federal budget ! They would be easier to be held accountable because it would be on one person rather than 25 ! The party that rules the province would pick a non-partizan person to rep. us The PM would be elected by the whole country as a person No party . We might then get a Leader not just a Boss like we have now

  • If you don’t vote, the Trump supporters will.

  • You have two options, hope enough people stand with you to overthrow the government, or hope enough people vote the right type of politicians in. The third option of doing nothing is pathetic, frankly

  • because the TV tells me so.

  • We agree that corrupt government and corrupt corporation influence on our corrupt government is the problem if you don’t vote you are not part of the government if you do vote you are part of the solution

  • Yup!!!! No ifs ands or buttttts!!!!

  • Fix immigration
    No more empty promises

  • Fix immigration
    No more empty promises

  • Fix immigration
    No more empty promises

  • Because not doing so enough is what got them there?

  • because people are stupid

  • they are stupid?

  • Because all we do is make FB posts about it instead of acc doing something..

  • Good question especially since the electoral college is the only ones needed to elect a president. Just a waste of time.

  • Because we r conditioned, brainwashed, and pushed to do so. I learned in college that electoral votes are worth more than regular folks. So the point of voting is invalid. It takes equality and justice right out the whole damn thing

  • Another message for blacks not to participate in voting subliminally.

  • We vote for state and local things. Not because we truly believe it will make a difference, just because we hope it will. So far, the only time I was dumbfounded by the outcome was when The Arnold became our governor, even though I knew it would happen just because of his popularity as an actor. #NationalPopularVote

  • Fuck the Criminal Corporate Governance System to Hell

  • Vote for Bernie Sanders. He’s neither Republican or democratic. He’s for the people. He’s our last chance to make these changes. His whole platform is about a political revolution. He’s fighting for what the majority (98% of the population –not the corporations) wants and needs. Wake up folks! He’s the first domino to fall in a much larger and positive chain reaction.

  • By not voting, you’re perpetuating Government. Not voting benefits the Republican party, who are only trying to benefit and continue helping the 1% (corporations). So yes, go fucking vote for Bernie, the socialist. He’s for the people. Don’t allow the mainstream media to lie to you. Because guess who owns everything you watch, read, and listen to mainstream?? The 1%/corporations! #wakeup

  • It’s because Bernie Sanders / Elizabeth Warren 2015.

  • Stop perpetuating the Oligarchy. #feelthebern

  • Help us spread this #TRUTH. People need to hear this message. Click ‘Like’ + Share + Comment (even 2 words) & help us reach more facebook users.

    • you got your wish, the government is no longer telling us country of origin for your meat and produce. feel better yet?

  • So says the NEW Republican mascot. Looks more descriptive of the grand old party.lol

    • Looks like someone still buys into political parties ; ) aaaaah they got you

      You do know the Republican party is equal in spending to the democratic party. There are tiny tiny differences in social issues but by and large are the same party.

    • Haha the Republican’s actually repeal all the dumb shit the government actually does. Lmao

      Guess you don’t realize they and the Dems might as well be the same party. Socialism and socialism lite.

  • should government be expelled ? yes

  • Fix the money? Yes.

  • Should the people….

  • Raise minimum wage? Fucking duh

    • Yes, lets raise it to 100 an hour. What could go wrong?

    • Who suggested that? Come on man. Use a real argument, not a straw man.

    • Paying decent wages puts money back into the economy.
      People with money, spend money.
      raising the minimum wage is good economic sense.
      The fact that people work a 40 hour week and still need taxpayer assistance proves that.

    • The usual brainwashed opinion against raising minimum is this: if you raise it other costs rise too. Like they dont see those other costs rising every year while minimum wage stays the same, leaving families in poverty despite the fact that they work hard.

    • An Austrian website that claims that minimum wage shouldnt be raised because poor people dont actually exist. It goes on to say that 97% of poor people have color tv. Are you kidding me?

  • this is a stupid post

  • NO:the way government is now YES: if government works correctly.

  • “But but this time government will do the right thing with all of our money and fix issues it created!!” Hahaha

    • “But this time Corporations will do the right thing with all our money and fix issues it created!!” Hahhaha

    • Our government is a corporation dumbass…

  • yes to all that stuff

    • What’s it like needing a group of grown men to point guns at people so you get what you want?

    • John Westcott huh? are you drunk?

    • That’s what the government does to enforce those things, or didn’t you know that?

  • Haven’t we tried no for most of the list and it didn’t work.

  • I agree with all except the one about GMO labeling. People have the right to know what they are eating.

    • Then research what you’re putting in your mouth. You’re an adult.

    • Informing people the ingredients and nature of the food that we are eating is not treating us like children, it’s being honest and transparent.

    • Then demand it from those that you purchase from, if they will not supply the information, don’t buy from them, head to the local farm market, when enough go to the farm market, the others will change. Just this week Campbell’s soup in Canada announced to start labelling GMO’s (without force and voluntarily) Companies that produce products for their customers are always the quickest to adapt to customer demands. They do not need the any force other than market forces to dictate to them.

    • Boycott companies who refuse… The market just solved its own problem, no government necessary.

    • You’re confusing wants and delegation. Just because you don’t want to delegate something (such as charity) to the government does not mean you are against charity. That’s propaganda attacking your mind.

    • Im Danish and the thought of eating something i dont know what is and the producer apparently not Wanting me to know is SO creepy i World never buy something, Much less something i eat or feed to my family without knowing exactly what it is…. U America’s Are crazy

  • Fuck whoever did this meme, you are a sad mindless joke, and the name Tard would fit you much better than the cat

    • You named your cat Tard? Cruel.

    • Lol someone who wants to be a slave to government.

    • YA! Let’s deregulate fast food so they can serve us cat meat again!!! Wooooo hooooo!!!

      Fuck wits…

    • Well, if people want to eat cat meat, they can eat cat meat. Who are you to tell what someone puts into their body?

  • We people should stop depending on government and take this country back. Stop working, stop buying, live off the land, we the people own this country. The government works for us.

    • the industrial revolution blew that idea out of the water IMPO

    • And there isnt enough land for us all to live off it…..

    • This is what trump is saying, Lol

    • Joseph Blue divide the population of USA by the area of USA, and I think you will find there is more than enough land.

  • I think for myself and I don’t agree with everything. Unfortunately some of those regulations are necessary.

    • Yes, if you don’t believe in peoples ability to work together peacefully without coercion.

    • Well, you tell me how well that works.

    • Works pretty well at flee markets, for people working under the table, for people in less restrictive markets and countries, etc etc.

    • I agree, but you have to get people to wake up and you have to cut off funding to corrupt politicians and government agencies -atleast to start with, and that is where things get difficult isn’t it?. Jmo

    • Sure you have to build infrastructure first, but it must be allowed to be done by the market, not by a monopoly controlling power working in its own interest.

    • You are right. The problem lies in getting it done.

  • …disband, YES

  • Yes to every point.
    Otherwise the Owner class will drive us minions into the dirt.
    It is called wage slavery for a reason.
    The role of democracy isn’t really to choose who best governs us but is more about reducing the harm done to us all by the ruling elites.
    That’s why these An Cap/ “libertarian” memes will fail* if brought in by corporatists like the Pauls.

    *(in creating an equitable society, for isn’t that what the Enlightenment Project’s about?)

    • Well spoken comrade! Stalin would be proud!

    • You realize about half of TFPs posts lately have been about sucking post-Soviet cock, right? Pretty sure Putin would love us to say no to all of the above only slightly less than a Trump presidency. And curiously, the closer we get to elections, the more this site tries to drive a wedge between those generally opposed to the status quo.

  • Some yes,some no.

  • Jarl Moreland

  • What should the government do then, besides wage endless war, spy on its own citizens, help funnel taxpayer money to the bankers and continually lie about what’s going on?

  • Unfollowed. Just for this post.

  • I too put that in Google and same come out


  • Government or some sort of third party intervention is needed sometimes. We have seen the consequences of what happens with unregulated financial sectors and the oil industry.

  • Absolutely raise minimum wage. Nobody should have to work for slave wages.

    • slaves don’t get paid, just sayin.

    • If you are made to do something under the threat of force you are a slave. Like being forced to pay a wage determined by a government who can throw you in prison.

      You should worry about the root of the wage disparity, the privately owned Federal Reserve who devalues the money of the poor and middle class while giving free or cheap money to their cronies on Wall Street.

    • Raising minimum wage isn’t going to do shit, the government still takes a cut out of it, if you raise minimum wage, they’ll just tale a larger cut.

    • Nevertheless, it might help those whose earnings now are pathetically low. Don’t look for more excuses to keep people down.

    • Then business will raise prices to pay those wages… And working a short amount of time you will be saying the same thing again.

      Seems pretty pointless to perpetuate this never ending inflation to its inevitable collapse.

    • Everybody is entitled to a living wage. These are merely excuses for getting rich on the backs of the less fortunate. It is especially important for children not to grow up in abject poverty so they might stay in school and have a better future. This is merely a way of looking down one’s snoot at the poor.

  • Let me reread this. Ummm nope, My first answer still stands. But let me be more specific in order: yes, yes, yes, maybe, yes, huh?, single payer yes, no, yes and yes. If that means ending monopolies. We tried no. .

  • Imma have to disagree.
    we all know that yhere are people that sell their kids to make a profit.
    which means that sny industry that has a goal of profit is destined to become corrupted.

    • That is some of the most insane logic I’ve heard in my life. Any industry that has a goal of profit? Um, isn’t industry made up of businesses, whose goal is to obtain profit? Glancing at your profile, it says your self-employed, I assume to make a profit to better your life and further your ambitions. But applying your logic here, that would mean that since you are in the pursuit of profit, you are therefore corruptible. So you’re a hypocrite is what you’re saying. You need to rethink your argument because you sound coo coo bananas on this end.

    • so you’re saying that there is no corruption in industry? because industries can be trusted to do the right thing and regulate themselves?
      lets think about that for a minute……….
      better yet, lets take the list one by one shall we Ben.
      1-minimum wage, by federally enforcing a higher minimum wage, the 47% of the population that scrape by working a 40 hour week but still qualify for taxpayer sponsored supplements, would actually be able to afford….life!!
      2-business regulation, The Glass Steegle Act, or rather the repeal of the GS Act is a perfect example of why businesses need to be regulated. Without those regulations in place our economy was brought to it’s knees. Why was is repealed then? well because businesses promised to self regulate, and we all know that didn’t work
      3-pay for college: a couple of things about this, first is that for the amount of personal income tax we all pay, the least we could get back is 2 years of community college for our kids. Second, back in the late 80’s (yeah, I’m that old) in-state tuition at UConn was about $7k a year, that same school now charges more than $16k for in-state students. That is a ridiculous amount of money, and the idea that every student should graduate with that sort of debt is also ridiculous.
      4-education standards have always been mandated, I’m not a fan of standardized testing, but I get the reason for it.
      5-fast food is a genuine health crisis in this country, the epidemic of obesity and diabetics is outrageous. If by making rules like posting nutrition information is too damning to a fast-food organization, perhaps they shouldn’t be in business.
      6-capitalized? is what way?
      7-healthcare……, that’s a big one. Lets just say that it’s totally effed up that the ONUS of healthcare is put on employers. It shouldn’t involve your employer at all. You should be able to go through an exchange and purchase your healthcare directly, or perhaps join your own “group”. Ideally, single payer would be the answer, but the profit margins of Insurance companies in the US would be affected by that, and we can’t have their multi-million dollar bonuses affected can we? (I suppose it didn’t bother you that the federal government gave AGI millions in bailout money -eerghh- , which they then gave to the employees that almost destroyed the company.
      8-the price of gasoline is not, and never has been set by the government, we in the US enjoy cheap gas because of subsidies.
      9-GMO labeling – really? you don’t think people want to know WTF they’re feeding their families? Monsanto has paid billions to keep GMO labeling from becoming the norm. why? what are they hiding? they’re an honest company right? with no agenda? (hahahahahahhahaha)
      10-cable tv is technically already regulated, through the FCC and SEC, so this is irrelevant.
      you’re comment on my being self-employed is really funny. WTF difference does it make what I do for a living? and did you really go and look at my profile before replying to my post? because that’s super creepy Ben.
      The moral to the story is that because of human nature, regulations have to be in place, especially when the outcome can do financial or physical harm to people that have nothing to do with the industry itself.
      Waltham Mass comes to mind when I think of unregulated industry…….
      Fracking would be another industry, mostly because people in pennsylvania can light their tap water in fire, and people in Texas have lost all their water.
      okay, thats enough of that.
      have a nice night.

    • Try applying some logic to your reasoning before wasting all your time writing something I won’t read because you’re making an argument against a point that I did not make, but rather, you think I think.

    • Yes, hovering over your icon on facebook and reading what it says is SUPER CREEPY. Project much?

    • If you don’t know why I brought up that you’re self-employed I would recommend learning about reading-comprehension while you’re brushing up on your logic. I’ll not repeat myself

    • Lol

    • I tske everything back then, you’re obviously right, I’m a ridiculous hypocrite and will now believe that corporations and industry don’t need regulation, ad they obvioudly have my best interest in their sweet warm hearts.
      have a fabulous day Ben!

  • Who ever runs this page has been deffinely has been trying to stir the pot between the socialist and libertarians. This page usually sticks to the things we agree on

  • I disagree.

  • Ok, this page is quickly going down the tubes. Is it a right wing corporate owned fear mongering steaming pile of Libertarian BS page……starting to look that way. The solution to all our problems is…..more Capitalism! Free enterprise solves everything and never makes mistakes and when it does someone is always held responsible. The “no thought project” continues.

    • Yes, because putting the world in the hands of people who’s only goal is a profit is always a good idea. Corporations prove to us over and over again they are willing to rig said “market” even in the face of regulations. You people are losing my quick. Is that all you have, fucking memes?

    • Why would any advanced, modern society be against government funded health and education? The rest is possibly debatable, but those two are just not up for grabs.

    • FTP just went full retard…..YOU NEVER GO FULL RETARD!

    • Who protects corporations? What regulations? The one where they get tax breaks for being an extension of government power? Who rigs the market, exactly? Who stifles competition? Who protects banks when they hedge bets against the American economy? There seems to be a a big piece of the puzzle here that you might be missing.

      The market is a self regulating system because it is fueled by human choice.. However, when it gets manipulated ad nausem, then the market cannot flourish, monopolies are protected, competition is stifled, and then it is therefore no longer a free-market; choice is limited and freedom is restricted. I don’t think you understand what you’re talking about, no disrespect

    • Matthew was just destroyed by Ben.

    • Oh, and in case you were wondering what kind of system you’re truly living under:

      “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”
      ― Benito Mussolini

    • What’s wrong with profits? It tell the entrepreneur that he is making an efficient use of scarce resources.

      When you go to a grocery store and buy an apple, didn’t you just make a profit? You valued that money used to buy the apple less than the apple, therefore you made a profit. Oh no, look, now your some greedy capitalist because you made a profit.

    • …because corporations aren’t strictly driven by profits and have the best interest of society in their non existent heart. Hey everyone, get ready to drink more polluted water and worse, just like in Flint MI.

    • Corporations could not exist without governments granting them special privileges. In a voluntary society only individuals have rights under natural law, and individuals cannot hide behind strawmen they are accountable for their own actions.

    • This site was started by libertarians and anarchists. I wish it would post more stuff like this.

    • For a softer landing put some sand under all this astroturf.

    • ^What’s the difference between a libertarian and an anarchist?

      About 6 months

    • Sustainable capitalism started dying when the government started borrowing money from a private bank aka federal reserve. Once that happened, the government became a business (see IRS,sixteenth amendment to constitution)with the power to regulate and restrict the competition. Thus crony capitalism was born with government picking and choosing what companies they would invest in and any hope of free market capitalism is gone. Poof! It’s a whole lot more complicated than that but that is the gist of it.

    • The big and small of it is that the government can tax, regulate, or restrict any competition to the point where they fail.

    • So I am a military spouse. We are deployed on Guam. The USS Frank Cable, (my husband’s boat) is the most useless piece of garbage and it’s costing the tax payers millions.

      Seriously, it’s a submarine tender. We haven’t had a sub in need of tending since the days of George W.

      It just sits unused in port, taking up money for repairs.

      And why are we here (on Guam)? Honestly, they don’t want us here, nor do they need our protection. The Marianas islands are in the middle of nowhere.

      So yes, there is waste in government.

      Were it up to me, I would get rid of all overseas bases and keep our military at home, defending us.

      There is no need for military spread across 70 bases (that we know about) worldwide. They’re just protecting corporate interests and nothing else.

      It’s a waste.

      BUT that doesn’t mean I am against firemen, schools, roads, etc…

      We want to live in a society and societies need those things.

      That’s why I like Bernie Sanders.

      He wants to cut military down to what we need to protect the USA. Just that, and nothing more.

      But he also wants to extend benefits that I have now to you.

      I get federal banking, right? It’s way better. My interest rates, opportunities for investment, etc are all better. Plus none of those pesky private bank fees.

      So Bernie wants to add banking to what the post office provides. You too can access the benefits I get! We already HAVE socialized banking for our soldiers. Why not you too?

      And I get socialized healthcare. Tricare Prime is accepted everywhere, and there are no fees associated with treatment.

      Why can’t you have this too?

      It’s cheaper than private healthcare because the government has collective bargaining power so they get drugs cheaper. So it SAVES money, but it also saves lives. Why not expand it to cover civilians?

      I don’t see why healthcare and banking should be for-profit. That’s crazy talk. Same with firemen and teachers. Some things are better socialized, and the systems are already in place for your armed forces, so we would just need to expand them.

    • Yes JD your right that there is huge waste in government especially in the military. Your wrong though on banks and healthcare.
      Federal banking would be an even worse disaster than what we have now with the central bank. And more socialized healthcare would be a disaster also. Government has been involve in healthcare for ~70 years and their not going to reduce costs, even if thats what they are trying to do. Prices in healthcare now are so inflated now because of GOVERNMENT involvement.
      And if you want to point out Canada as an example, people from Canada come down here to cash only clinics because it ends up being cheaper, they don’t have to wait as long, and they get BETTER service than they do if they had the same procedure done in Canada.
      There is literally hundreds of pages on these topics written by great authors if you would like to inform yourself of them.

    • Thanks Ben, Matthew didn’t have any more tired cliches after that verbal smackdown. Appreciate you actually providing logic instead of sophistry and buzz words like Matthew did

    • Did matt delete comments? If not, you just showed your age FTP

    • Because “bye felica” isn’t cliche

    • Lmao

    • Governments are not perfect.

    • The Free Thought Project.com governments aren’t perfect, but the reason they aren’t is because they are being guided by corporate motivations to make money.
      The Nordic countries have some of the most involved governments, yet we are still the best countries in the world.
      Even if our leaders are corrupt as well. The system needs to be changed, but these ideas put on by this picture are idiotic.
      Why shouldn’t the government pay the college of everyone? We have free schools here and its a fucking fantastic system. You don’t have to get into crippling debt to banksters just to get an education.
      What the US is doing is fucking CRIMINAL. Education SHOULD be FREE as possible.

      I think I’m gonna stop liking your page.

    • Bahahaha. Nice burn Kevin!

    • Why shouldn’t the government pay for our college? Well because 1. It’s not the government who’s actually paying for it; it’s the taxpayers. 2. It’s reinforcing dependency and reliance on the govt. 3. Because it gives the govt control of our “education.” The public school system is already brainwashing people and rewriting history. But you’re right let’s let em destroy college too

    • You guys are pants-on-head retarded. Seriously.

      First, I already have Socialized healthcare and federal banking.

      You don’t get to tell me those things don’t work, because I HAVE THEM.

      They are awesome.

      Trust me; everything I get right now is better than anything you have access to.

      Right now, if you use a private bank, they can charge you fees. They can charge you higher interest rates on loans. They do NOT have to offer you any free financial planning services.

      You don’t get this awesome thing I have yet, but yes, it’s awesome.

      My healthcare is also awesome! And it’s so much cheaper! The government has collective bargaining power, so they can easily get better prices than smaller insurance companies.

      The systems are in place.

      The systems work.

      And what I get is better than anything you have.

      So if you want to tell me that MY OWN LIFE and MY OWN EXPERIENCE is a lie, then let’s see you prove it.

      Go ahead, show me some evidence of all this bullshit you’re saying.

      Prove it’s a “disaster” to have a fucking society instead of the bunker-hiding weapon – stockpiling Libertarian wet – dream of a shit hole YOU want.

    • You are arguing against your own interests, and 100% ignorant of the government structures already in place.

      You need to educate yourself before you say something stupid again.

    • The Free Thought Project.com

    • Mathew Morrison, did you have an actual rebuttal to my comment or are you only interested in congratulating others on their “dissing” of the admins on this page now that your argument has been systematically dismantled?

    • Right, Kevin Keys, taking a comment I made to a different poster and referencing it here where I actually made an argument is totally relevant and completely exposes my oh-so-conspicuous use of “cliches”. Bravo, dude-bro.

    • Jd is clearly a pure statist

    • No Mark Ryan, I am not.

      I have lived in 3 countries and been to 32.

      I have two college degrees and friends all over the world.

      So what I am is educated.

      And my education has allowed me to see things that you are unable to see from your small perspective inside the USA watching your podcasts in your basement.

      I don’t approve of many things that the government does, but I do understand that some things need to be private, and some things need to be public.

    • Ok. Ben. So your position, like the meme is rid the world of government and laws, regulations, social services?

    • See, if you don’t like an aspect of government, you don’t go full retard about it.

      Essentially, you are angry at not winning a game of Scrabble, so you flip the table over and try to beat your opponent to death with the board.

      That is not the way to be an adult.

      You sound like a petulant child.

    • These people rail against government……would be the first ones to have their shit taken from them and killed by their freedom loving neighbour.

    • What I find really Ironic is that Im the Capitalist who owns his own business, uses his own money and works for himself. I would be willing to bet these people rely on the government for things, then go online from moms basement on moms internet and play “big boy” online.

    • I haven’t heard ONE single person answer my challenge.

      It’s like they couldn’t argue my logic so they just said “Oh you’re a statist.”

      Because calling someone names is what you do after you lose.


      Come on.

      Tell me why you’re Libertarian wet dream is better.

      Tell me why we don’t need roads, schools, firemen, bridges, or anything else public.

      Tell me how when your house catches fire, you will be HAPPY to give your credit card number before anyone will come put it out.

      Tell me why MY healthcare through Tricare Prime (which is AWESOME!!!) shouldn’t be available to everyone.

      Tell me why MY access to Navy Federal with better rates and no fees (Which is AWESOME!!!) shouldn’t be available to everyone.

      Tell me if you can!

    • They ran out of memes JD. Apparently “free thought”……..is only possible when someone tells you what to say and think first.

    • JD, I’m not talking to you because I’ve already started a conversation with someone well before you chimed in. I don’t know what you’re arguing as ive past up your postings. Don’t take it personally.

      Matt, you’re hurling projections and straw-man arguments (“would be willing to bet these people rely on the government for things”) as well as ad-hominem remarks (then go online from moms basement on moms internet and play “big boy” online”).

      Why should anyone respond to you or take you seriously when you’re just going to rail against them and conjure up factoids of their life you think are true in order to discredit their point of view? How old are you?

      “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”
      ― Socrates

    • Ran out of memes you say? Right, cause I clearly need someone else to think for me in order to prove you wrong. That evidence is blatant and apparent to any and all with any shred of common sense. Btw, what’s the weather like on your planet?

    • So I ask again, is your position to get rid of government? Or are you too busy droning on about losing again,

    • JD is waiting also.

    • And after looking at your page, and I see its mostly batman stuff, Im pretty certain you do live in a basement, and spend way too much time online.

    • Right, because only people who live in their parents basement can like batman. Clearly you’ve studied the work of Aristotle extensively given your firm grasp on the use of logic.

      Have you ever heard the phrase “attack the argument, not the person making it”? Clearly, you’ve not, lest I wouldn’t be making these points, no? Or maybe you think attacking who you think I am can somehow validate your incorrect form of reasoning? Given your rhetoric, I do declare a case can be made.

      I may adore Batman but I’m not the one in need of growing up, apparently, given your need to scour my page in order to invalidate my argument, which you haven’t, by the way. I hope you understand that. But I doubt it.

      Keep digging brother. You’re bound to have a good point eventually. I believe in you

    • Why should I take you seriously given that you don’t even understand the tenents of basic discourse? I don’t owe you an explanation about anything. Keep asking though, I’m sure you can brow beat me into responding the way you want me to

    • Oh, you speak for JD now? Interesting. You two team up or something?

    • So now you refuse to answer the question I asked? And call me names. Wow.

    • Hypocrite much? You just lost.

    • You lose a lot. I checked.

    • Clearly reading-comprehension isn’t your forte. I don’t take you seriously because you’re rude and arrogant. You lost the argument and now you’re attacking my character. Why should I answer any question you put to me? Again, I don’t owe you anything, random person on the internet who doesn’t comprehend logic or economics, but thinks he does. What name did I call you, exactly? Spare me your feigned-outrage; you’re the one going through other people’s pages in an attempt to smear their character. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • No, I started attacking your character when you failed to answer a simple question related to the topic. You are avoiding the question I and others have asked you. But keep on with the high horse routine. Batman’s not impressed.

    • “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

      ― Stephen Hawking

      This is in reference to you, Matty boy. Keep proliferating your ignorance as if it’s unadulterated truth and smearing those who prove you wrong. You’re a testament to our species.

    • And keep avoiding the question.

    • It has been asked twice now.

    • I lost? Oh, because you say so? Cool story bro

    • This is pathetic. You are pathetic. I don’t respect you; you were making estimations about my character, and others who disagree with you, before you even gave me a chance to respond. Go check for yourself. It’s all there . You are a waste of time as your entertainment value has run out. Be well.

    • The question, stop being a bitch.

    • I win, you fail to defend your position. Took his ball and went home.

    • You are a pigeon

    • Failed to defend my position. Oh man that is rich.

    • How bout making a rebuttal to my argument instead of asking me the same inane question over and over again? Asking me a question doesn’t prove your position right. I’m in awe that you think it does and that I have to explain that to you. I’m confident that you’re older than me and yet you act like this? Very sad.

    • More memes, no answer.

    • Yeah, because me not having to type something out somehow invalidates the point said meme makes. You’re a joke

    • A simple yes or no, one word, you dont even have to explain why. Do you feel mankind, society, would be better if government played no roll? If each person were allowed the freedom to live how they felt best for them?

    • Oh, now you’re going to be polite?

    • You have me on the fence. I’m not going to lie

    • I have asked you 3 times, others as well, but you keep coming back with something else as I try again and again to being you back to the topic in the thread.

    • For the sake of the discussion, personally, yes. But, given that you scoured my page already, I’m sure you figured that out on your own. So why do you need me to tell you?

    • Others have asked me? That I did not know, honestly.

    • You were the only person here I deemed unworthy of addressing properly, given your rhetoric and arrogance

    • Round and round we go!

    • I totally answered you

    • Dude, you’re insulting me in other threads too? Can you see why I don’t respect you enough to answer you?

    • Why don’t you understand manners?

    • The world is going to own you Benny boy.

    • This is what’s really wrong: we can’t have a discussion about anything without name calling coming to the forefront. We start foaming at the mouth when someone challenges us or illicit a perspective that puts yours in a bad-light. We’re divided to the point where we can’t even have a discussion without deriding the character of others whilst also touting ourselves as superior. It’s just sad.

    • Oh? Care to elaborate? Or did you want your point confounded in obscurity? You know, so you can condescend to me more.

    • Yup, its the world we live in. Get used to it. All I want is to know if you truly believe the “free markets” hold the answer to the worlds problems.

    • I’m 31, guy. Any truth “the world” has to teach me has already been taught. I’m not omniscient nor have I claimed to have all the answers. The only thing I know is how much I don’t know.

    • This is silly. You’ve only asked me this question so you can chastise my position and feel superior to me. You’re not interested in discussion. It’s my fault for thinking that could be possible.

    • You act like a child. Yet you want me to respect you as an adult. Get over yourself. You’re not worth anymore of my time. Go to hell for all I care you piece of shit. You’re worthless

    • Alright. Thanks for playing.

    • Back to being a Hypocrite I see. What was that post about name calling and being the loser?

    • See what you don’t understand is that you get to call people names when you prove them wrong. Not the other way around. I don’t need to call you names to invalidate your argument, I’ve already done so. Saying you’re a piece of shit isn’t name calling, that’s a factually accurate statement as that is what you embody most; you’re a deplorable little thing worthy of contempt, much like shit. Keep shitting on that chess board, retard

    • More names, no discussion. In one post you take the high road, the next its a meme, then name calling and best attempt at feeling superior, but Im the one shitting on the board.

    • Retard is offensive. Dickhead would have been a better choice. There are no actual dickheads to offend, but mental challenged people would be upset by your derogatory term. Its a good thing society has a government that makes it clear that those things are not Ok, or else people would be killing off the handicap and mental challenged people because they felt they were inferior.

    • This is actually exactly why you’re a statist Jd. I’ll explain… If you supported democracy you would understand that by saying “by the people” it is insinuating that the people get to decide what’s best for themselves. Understand the implication of freedom with that one?

    • However socialist – for the people; that’s essentially taking away the decision making ability of the people by another group of people to tell the people what’s best for them. Removing free thought and free choice; removing freedom. Without freedom you’re a slave. And when you support it; that’s what makes you a pure statist

    • Keep in mind I’m only using your own words against you. It’s funny how that tends to happen when you don’t understand the concept of logic or morality

    • Because electing a group of people to use the threat of force and violence to force their views upon those who did not give consent to be represented by these “elected officials” isn’t morally correct by any stretch of the imagination. I think that’s where liberals come from. They never learned the meaning of morality or ethics. When you don’t know what something is how can you value it properly?

    • Oh, I understand it. What you fail to grasp is that I do not believe that Billions of people with limited resources are capable of this fantasy “freedom” you are talking about. We are not a collective thinking group that will do whats best for the group and find an equilibrium with our surrounding environment (maybe at one time thousands of year ago there where human beings that did, but those days are over for the current populous. As it was put earlier by Ben. Whats the difference between a Libertarian and an anarchist? About 6 weeks. The current system in the USA is severally flawed, Im sure we can all agree on that. The solutions are up for debate.

  • Unfollowing. You have become really disgusting lately.

  • Weird fuckin post. We have been infiltrated!!
    All invaders must die!!–

  • Bwahahaha you guys take this stance after asking us about the dumbest shit? Good job, you are now worthless.

  • Some crazy right wing people took over this page.

    • Oh no, you’ve fallen into the trap of the two-party system. You must get out! There are views outside of the spectrum you’ve been given. This site is mainly libertarian/anarchist. Shit, did you even know that?

  • I’ll have to disagree on a couple of them. GMO labeling is a matter of public safety, as well as educated free choice. Paying for College works well enough over in Skandinavia, but then they don’t have our Politically Correct Education Association running the show. I have to rank this one as a, maybe yes, maybe no.

    • No it’s not, just buy GMO free products. They’re all labeled.

    • I’d still want to know what goes into whatever, and who is putting it there, even if it’s just to keep them honest. There’s entirely to much deceptiveness about the operations of the Frankenfood outfits. They wouldn’t need to bribe politicians etc., if their stuff was that good. If it was that good, they’d be proud of it, but obviously, they are not. Nor would their workers refuse to eat it in the lunch room.

    • I’m fine with informed consent like GMO labeling in the meantime until we can transition to self-government. As it stands now our tort system is pretty much non-existent so we have no recourse. GMOs are a property rights issue, due to the fact that open-air pollination threatens the genetic purity of heirloom crops. If GMO companies want to grow food they can do it underground.

    • Not safe enough, should be on Mars.

  • No to all the above.

  • Just imagine if we privatized everything.

    Your house is on fire?

    Well, give us your credit card number and we’ll see what we can do.

    You want to go on a road trip?

    Well, figured out how much you can afford to pay and which private roads you can pay to drive on.

    Want your kids to experience nature?

    Well there’s no more of it because the national parks were privatized and they were sold off.

    Fuck privatization! I want to live in a society.

  • Should the government raise the minimum wage? Answer: no they should do more to lower the cost of living.
    Should the government regulate business? Answer: to a point. I don’t think large corporations should be allowed to run the small business boners out of business.
    Should the government pay for college? Answer: yes education should be free
    Should the government mandate education standards? Answer: absofuckinlutely! We should not accept mediocracy in our education system. Raise the bar and bring everyone up to speed.
    Should the government regulate fast food? Answer: they should regulate what goes into fast food. And again we’re raising the standards here.
    Should the government be capitalized? Answer: No. The government is there to represent the people. We the People are diverse and ever changing and so too should our government be.
    Should the government be involved in healthcare? Answer: sure as fuck not the way it is now!
    Should the government require GMO labeling? Answer: I think people need to learn the definition of what a genetically modified organism is. Anything that has been bread to sound, smell, taste, look, feel, or act a certain way is a genetically modified organism.
    Should the government regulate the cable television industry? Answer: no but they already do.

  • Maybe not the government, but the PEOPLE SHOULD require GMO labeling!

  • Fuck that cat…Somebody takes care of HIS needs.

    I say “YES”!

  • Government creates corporations so it (the corporation) doesn’t have to compete in (what’s left of) the free market. Free enterprise would solve everything if not for government picking and choosing a winner or a looser. No, markets aren’t pretty. However, it’s either freedom or tyranny; those are our choices. We’ve opted for the tyranny of the state and just hope like hell its henchmen won’t bother us too much from womb to tomb. It seems that support of government is not a virtue. All we can expect from government is oppression, extortion, and butchery. It’s the best one can get out of thieves, thugs, and liars.

  • Just leave things alone that are non of your business.

  • The threat of litigation should obligate food companies to truthfully list ingredients. Too bad the government grants them limited liability and the FDA lies about the risks of GMOs.

  • For the most part YES

  • yeah no regulations and no minimum wage, great idea asshat. Seems like you’ve really put a lot of thought into it.

  • I wish they would regulate the cable tv industry.. They are all scam artists..

    • They are supposed to but unfortunately a big cable exec now sits at the head of the FCC. We reap what we sow and America’s complacency has lead to a government that doesn’t represent us, but that can be changed.

  • Yes to raising minimum wage..Yes to labeling GMO, Yes to paying for college, Yes to affordable Healthcare and Free Healthcare to Seniors and Single Parent Homes!
    This meme sux

  • yes

  • There are a lot of butt-hurt fascists in the comments. The only one I disagree with is GMO labeling. Since I see it as a property rights issue, and the only legitimate function of government is to protect individual rights which includes one’s person and property.

  • Actually it’s the central banks that foul everything up. Even government.

  • Lmfao tea party….I mean FTP

  • I’m for GMO labeling.

  • Should government…..go fuck itself?

  • FTP: 1865 “should the government abolish slavery, no”

  • Yes. At the state and local level.

  • This attitude is what is wrong with USA.

    • Right, because this country was built on the principle that government should be involved in every aspect of our waking life. I think that’s what the constitution was all about, no?

    • Free education, fuck that.
      Free healthcare, fuck that.
      These are stupid attitudes.

  • …fuck off should be in there

  • So you support demolishing government and handing power to large corporations. Try having a say in anything then. Dickheads.

    • Dude, who is it do you think that lets corporations flourish unabated? The people? Are you even thinking?

    • Government has been corrupted by the corporations Ben, not the other-way around. Dickhead.

  • not down with the raise in wage?

  • i support business regulation and gmo labeling… corporations will fuck us worse than governments if we don’t pit them against each other

    • How is it that corporations got out of hand in the first place? Do you think that the government might be involved somehow? Have you noticed that corporations get hefty tax breaks more so than regular businesses? Notice how they’re protected when they cause environmental disasters or just break federal law in general? Have you noticed that corporations have been granted the rights of a “person”? That’s because corporations are an extension of government power. Government is what’s letting the corporations run out of control with their stranglehold on the “just-us” system and their monopoly on violence. You’ve been propagandized into believing Government is your savior when they are the root of the problem

    • on the contrary I realize the current system is a proto-fascist nightmare where the state has merged with corporate power to become a oppressive nightmare… believe me I know the root of the problem lies in the corrupt legislature…. that doesn’t mean in an ideal system there would be no business regulation but as you say some form of fair business regulation that doesn’t set corporations up to fuck us

  • I want to say gmo labeling, but I buy from companies that already do that themselves. See how the free market works?

  • Government shouldn’t require GMO labeling? Government shouldn’t mandate education standards or be involved in healthcare? Really? Our food needs to be properly labeled, local government especially should be able to set education standards, and state governments have the right to be involved in healthcare to the extent of overseeing the welfare of the state. Socialized medicine works. There are numerous countries where it works (try living outside the US). Obamacare/romneycare is not socialized medicine…. Businesses in certain industries most definitly ought to be regulated without question. Should anyone be able to blow off a mountain top and pollute the air and poison the water, just to get some cheap and inefficient coal? I don’t think so! There has to be some checks on corporations.

  • “The government” is only a small group of people that have magic authority. Yet they control every aspect of our lives and are bought-out by billionaires. Such a sick system you’d expect the results

  • No to GMO labeling? You disappoint me.

    • Free market, bro. Support the companies that supply the food you want. Research and decide for yourself.

    • Without proper labeling, freedom of information used to make said decision is impossible.

    • Proper labeling allows consumers to make informed decisions about the product. You cannot decide to consume or not consume GMOs if products aren’t properly labeled.

  • My sights are on the Jesuit trained Rockefeller Zionist shills that are sowing discord, and distrust in the Constitution regarding calling an Article V Convention of States.

  • Yes on GMO labeling!!!!!
    We have packaging laws for ingredients. I don’t know why they seem to be exempt.

  • Riiight so what should the government do. Cut taxes for the wealthy so they can hide that money in off shore accounts? Maybe they could semi privatise schools and prisons and watch children get caught doing almost nothing and get put in juvenile prisons while judges get kick backs for sending them there. Schools will require more and more money from govt to tell kids what to buy and what to think while they turn the kids into consumers instead of people. Hey they could even tell them what hospitals to go to so when the kids leave school and breed they can take that kid to that school for its vaccines which the very same corporation makes. It will be just like wall.e where you don’t get a say or a thought or even a like. Just like this stupid page. So much for free thoughts. More like neoliberal failures for a totalitarian future.

    • Free thought does not equal thinking of the shittiest alternative possible to what we have now. That’s actually still ignorance cuz you act like you put legitimate time into thinking up a reasonable scenario, but you didn’t…

    • Although you did attach some cool, catchy labels that the media gave you to use. Good for you

  • Yes. Unless you like the present situation.

  • did the goverment represent the people or the people are the goverment

  • This bullshit is the exact opposite of freethought.

  • I’m not voting for Grumpy Cat.

  • this page is awesome! thats4 words keep up the great work +5

  • Why do people want govs hand in every aspect of their lives?

  • I say yes to most of them

  • Which one of the addict parasites do you trust

  • grumpy cat for president??

  • Actually, yes.

    • Lol I didn’t get the joke until I realized it’s extremist anti human propaganda. And it’s like. Not a joke.

  • We have to many laws trying to tell us how to live.

  • Sorry, but “just no” is uneccaptable. WHY no? Why shouldn’t the government provide healthcare? For my last six sessions of physiotherapy i payed… 20 euro. For my medicine against my stomach infection i payed…. 5 euro. For my university i will have to pay about 230 euro per semestre. Why don’t you want gmo’s to be labelled? And what about the minimum wage? You’ve got the feeling everyones earning too much? 😀 Seriously, I’d love to get an answer.

    • It shouldn’t because one individual cannot grant rights he does not have to another individual. So taxation cannot occur without an individual assuming a right they do not have and then applying it by forcing others to comply. That would be immoral.

    • Furthermore government is not legitimate being that it is predicate on falacious arguments:


    • John your analogy makes it seem like John just came out of nowhere. John ran a political campaign, John told us his ideas, the majority liked what he had to say, then everyone voted for John. Anything John does is our fault for voting him in…..

    • So how do you plan on living together in this world with other people? In states as the USA people don’t stand living with each other in one town without shooting in the other one’s face. There must be certain rules for society, anarchy á la everyone does as he wants is not an alternative. In itself your arguments may be right (maybe you shouldn’t have let john become a politician), but if you expand them on our actual life? Which schools do you go to, on which roads do you ride?

    • I think Samuels confused about a lot more than just politics…

    • Yup thats me. What’s that thing about people looking in other peoples profiles for something they can attack? Are you mad at me? Don’t you have arguments, or an opinion to express? Very weak, dude….

    • This is a political discussion. So why not start talking about politics instead of stalking people Ryan Zielinski?

    • Samuel if it’s the USA we are talking about then it’s a constitutional republic which guarantees the rights of the individual, a democracy guarantees the rights of the majority. That’s why democracy is the tool of despots and tyrants.

    • Also just ignore people who do shit like the previous guy just did. He shouldn’t be posting any pictures of you.. Out of order…?

    • Democracy is absolutely not perfect, we agree on that – but what is the alternative? We’re just not ready yet to live together by ourselves.

    • Anarchy does not mean do as you like or want. Anarchy means without rulers. Are you telling me if there was nobody to tell you what you can or can’t do that you’d suddenly turn into a raping murderous psycho?

    • So you don’t feel responsible enough to live without authority?

    • The alternative is no central government for a start. And leaving people alone would be good also.

    • No. But who’d pubish me if i did? Who treat me right? A so called ”psycho” is not to be treated as a criminal who committed a crime with calculation. We just need some institutions to look over that theres equal treatment. And of course the situation in most democratic systems is otherwise right now. There is no perfectly fair justice system, but theres a need for it.

    • You know what happened in china when they had no central government? Groups of warlords appeared, and japan invaded the country.

    • I know this sounds like super conservative arguments, but i just don’t believe in people living peacefully together without a system telling them how to do.

    • Just because the government you’ve got right now is shitty doesn’t mean you don’t need a government.

  • Hell yes they should raise the minimum wage. We had no minimum before and worked 80+ hours a week for less than a dollar an hour.

  • Was this page hacked?

  • If they refuse to regulate themselves, they force the government’s hand. Wage&Hour, Child Labor Laws, EPA, OSHA, and the list goes on and on. Just think about it for a minute. What would America be like today, if not for government intervention.

  • Yes to gmo labeling.

  • Because laziness does fuck all?

  • We need YOU to Help us spread this #TRUTH. Click ‘Like’ + Share + Comment (even 2 words) & help us reach more people! (y)

    • Stand Up

    • Pay Attention!

    • US Government is voted in by american citizens.. yes it exactly represents you.

    • If that were really true our country would change already. Unfortunately even though many are finally waking up to what I felt pretty much alone with from early childhood until my late teens, the majority of the nation is still sound asleep and under so many layers of control they can’t even see.

    • Government is controlled by the central bank group Jarmo Sits. Do some research

    • Lets hope every government in the world is rejected by their people.

    • Same goes for the UK….

  • so ??? what are you wating for ?? Stand up.

    • More people we would need at least 55% of the population for it to be any effective

    • Greg Griffiths Again … what are you waiting for ? I’ve been standing up for 20 years. I’ve voted against incumbents literally for 20 years – to no avail. All I see is a lot of pissing and moaning and crying the blues about the way things are, and everyone goes right back to the polls and votes the very same career criminal a$$holes back into office .

      Let’s clean house ONE TIME. What have any of us got to lose ?

  • at the same time though

  • Tell it to the troops.

  • Cracks me up that the “players” are all old white men, and the “holders” have brown or black skin. Very untrue.

    • It is very true.

    • Cameron youre a fucking idoit and youre still a blind sheep.

    • If you think the world is run by old, decripit white men, we have larger issues at hand.

    • Jorge, when insulting someone for their intelligence, it’s important to spell insults correctly. It’s idiot, not idoit.

    • I was typing fast does it really matter point you’re still blind that is exactly runs the show behind the curtains.

    • I’m blind? I’m not the one who thinks a specific group of Caucasian men rule the world, tin foil hat zone.

    • Secret government.

    • Than who do you think it is? Enlighten me

    • Men and women of all races and backgrounds, that’s who. Both in government and the private sector.

    • Youre fucking retarded its the bankers the ones who own the federal reserve its the Rothschilds.and amy youre dumb aswell

    • Lol okay. I’m not the imbellicle throwing up a terrorritoral gesture for my profile picture. Take care.

    • only one color matters… its green.

    • Cameron that doesnt matter what matters is that im telling you the truth..research if you want.

    • It’s the Zionist

    • In fact actually it’s isn’t just old white men, the rothschilds and warburgs are old Jewish families

    • I thought this page was supposed to be about being real, unsheepish.So whats with the pointy nosed old white guys, no women, blacks, chinese. This image is outdated.

    • Colour does not matter it is the message that counts we need to stop fighting amongst ourselves in the end it is only those in the picture that win

    • The Germans saw what the Jews were doing and tried to stop them, unfortunately they’re as strong as ever today.

  • Little game of global monopoly. Worldwide famous game of illegal financial market manipulation.

  • get up, stand up! stand up for your rights!

  • We’ve already built an Information & Peace social network called PeacePoint where everyone can join and work on a better socialsystem and exchange information and cooperate together….please feel invited to join our platform for regional, national or international cooperations and power of the people…feel welcome and geetz from Germany : http://network.humanistischefriedenspartei.de/

  • Too many have the fluoride gaze, and sheeple mind

  • It just takes one to inspire thousands

    • What would someone have to do to inspire you

    • Me? One has to prove i can trust them, i need to know they wouldn’t sell the people out for a mere have full of cash

    • You should go see what James boggs is writing in the comments truly on point

  • Have you all read Yertle the Turtle by Dr Seuss? I found it on a list of Anarchist literature for kids.

  • Truth is 99% of folks are completely oblivious. Some folks do know there’s something not quite right, but they can’t quite put a finger on what it is.

    • But they don’t look for it either. That is a huge part of the problem. Some days I wish I could go back to blissful ignorance. I envy the ignorance.

    • Indeed, it’s hard to be awake and be surrounded by those who are still blissfully asleep. Most people don’t look beyond what is directly in front of them.

    • Wayne Watson

    • 55 not me?

  • reverbnation “High Time”

  • why they gotta be black tho

    • Because it was originally a meme about the systematic oppression of blacks by the European power structure.

  • This is so on the mark

  • im ready

  • They can’t see the forest for the trees. ……

  • I hear a lot of excuses, be honest… We don’t know how? We’re still hoping we’re wrong, we have no problem following if someone else leads the charge…. If we feel up to it at that moment. Stop making excuses, sh*t or get off the pot! Make your stand …

  • It really that easy people

  • Stand up and do what? We tried protests, marches, and signs. That didnt work. We tried occupying the front of our city halls and that failed miserably. And people have recently tried armed occupations which also failed miserably. Soooooo…… stand up and do what?

  • Wickedness blinds

  • Yeah,stop crawling..!!!!

  • Ray Rakhar

  • Cool story bro, but back on reality it’s not going to happen or it would have a long time ago. But yeah, let’s make more mems, do some more marches and do some more occupy movements. Those really work.

    • Explain how the memes don’t help?

    • They are as effective as putting a yellow magnet on your car that says support the troops or having a 5k for breast cancer awareness.

    • But it gets exposure it inflames people’s desires it is a start my friend learn to crawl before you run

  • I tried, got punched in the dick a few times, decided to bide my time

  • oh wow

  • Brilliant

  • sounds simple… so simple.. not yet in ppl’s mind

  • It would literally take how ever many people to protest and boycott. That causes them to stop seeing profits to make a real difference. Sad that will never happen.

  • it’s not exactly ‘little’

  • Who are all those old dudes? They look like the same guys from the Elder Council in One Piece.

  • Yes we need to come together as one” people of all colors and race. Our government needs to be reformed

  • It’s coming.


  • I don’t know. If history has proven anything, men will cage, torture and kill, their brothers and neighbors, for their state.

    I guess what I’m saying is, if we stand up, we must be ready to back it up.

    • history has also made it clear that we don’t ever learn, not really

  • I just wanted to be the first to welcome you all…. To obamas govt watchlist.

  • Stand up already! maybe then people will stand with you. This posting is getting us know where. Plan some movement or something. I don’t know! but I will stand. Just don’t know where to join the fight.

    • True that my brother in every city we need to set up a network of like minded individuals where are you from

    • Kelowna British Columbia

    • I know plenty more that will stand with us

    • Nice I’ve got a few and ill try get more I’m from New Zealand. It is a start my friend

  • think they tryed that in OR and see where that went

  • Does any one have this picture with out the text over it??

  • Or a group could 1) hack their accounts and give the money to all the workers of their companies. 2) “liquidate” the CEOs and 1% families the way they had the CIA liquidate people in the way in the 1950’s-1970’s.

    • If someone could contact anonymous they would be good for this I have often thought they would be the way to go in this world of technology we live in they have the means they just need the power and mayby chapters around the world with a council of elders to oversee the work that gets done

  • In the late 18th century and early 19th century it was small groups of Illuminated people that stood up to the Royals and demanded Democracy. I am proud to say I had family in the Americas fight the British and I had family that were members of the Bavarian Illuminati that were opposed to the Bavarian monarchy (despite all the BS about them wanting to take over the world.)

  • That’s right..

  • And there is absolutely nothing that any human is going to do to stop this! Stop painting an illusion that isn’t realistic

    • Humans are doing this. It’s going to take bigger humans to make the sacrifice.

    • Stacy Lance Croan realistically speaking no one is going to do anything about it and if they try there going to fail…

    • Better to fail than not try at all why are you against this

  • Love it. I am not certain the dopes under the board will stand up though. They are dependent on and defend the game being played.

    • All it takes is one person to stand the rest will follow ideally we want everyone to stand at the same time but as we all know this ain’t the perfect world this is why I like this page it gets everyone on the same wavelength in time my friend Rome was not built in a day

    • Yes the tides are turning as veils are lifted, we have already seen a major shift in concious awareness, but is it too late?

    • I can’t answer that question all I know for sure is that slot of people are unhappy that might be enough

  • Why are we all bald?

  • too many of the downtrodden aspire to take their place.

    • Then it would be upto people like us to give the people what they want so they don’t feel downtrodden on anymore any ideas on how we can make this happen

    • too many have unobtainable aspirations and will follow blindly anyone who gives them hope of being on the winning side, believing promises of big rewards for followers.. people need to see that this is selfish and unrealistic. all should have what they need, leaving those that can honest ways to get the extras that they want. i know this sounds like communism but it is not. no one would have anymore than the next man, no matter if they are leaders or serving the people in more minor ways.

  • If we could just get all the “freedom movements” to stop being controlled by egocentric profiteers and make peace with each other. Trying to really be active with more than memes quickly opens up a pot of drama, this organization did this or said that so that organization is boycotting them and we’re all trying to tune into integrity while bumping heads. Show me people without ulterior motives who genuinely care and have no interest in branding themselves but are willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work, and I will show you a revolution.

    • Shot brother well said I’m down we need to start networking with each other and try get a global movement started

    • Yeah but how to start a movement without it turning into a “thing”, you know? As soon as you’re Gaia’s Justice League, Inc. copyright 2016 with your book keepers and central offices money stops going into the work and into supporting the infrastructure promoting the work until it becomes its own self perpetuating facile marketing machine.

    • People are enculturated in the philosophy of branding and marketing as the grease of the world’s wheels but it’s designed to be selfish, restrictive, it creates a framework for the exploitation of the illusion of ownership. Matter still exists in space if we aren’t trying to control it based on a possessive ego. If we were truly in service to our environment selflessly then the quality of the space we existed in would flourish. Fearfulness and scarcity make people desperate and sneaky and dishonest.

    • We can all have more than enough in our own lives to give freely to others, and I don’t think that needs a name… Just, maybe helping people learn how to feel empowered and motivated to be able to take care of themselves and one another better?

    • So our main aim would be to inspire and to teach without getting involved in the politics that probably will destroy this world I like your way of thinking but we would need some sort of money or even just a way of supporting ourselves because I do not have the means to do it without a job and I work so hard afterwards I barely have the energy to do anything else we need a rich sponsor who will help us without wanting a prophet

    • Yeah, if only

    • I’m working on it, but it is time consuming when you have a tight budget. Eventually I will have the beginnings of a space. Geographically where I am now just isn’t ideal.

    • I seriously don’t want anything, other than to be okay and for everyone else to be okay too. I have my personal creative ambitions but they don’t involve profit or exploitation. A combination of primarily self sustaining low maintenance gardening systems able to be maintained by one worker per 100 people sustained would be feasible in a properly arranged area. Permaculture, aquaculture, and hydroponics centers depending on area and available utility and resource space tied into biogas facilities could, if supplemented by motors repurposed into windmill generators, provide at least a livable amount of electricity.

    • Tell me about my friend we should try marry a rich girl but that is a dream your right only through the application of hard work will we make this dream come true but im on your side

    • Get yourself where you need to be, do what serves your integrity and calling in life, live your purpose and create so much abundance in your life that people just passing by you are better for it. If we could send a shockwave of people being true to themselves throughout the world nothing could stop us.

  • With all the comments here why are we not all trying to work together as a cohesive unit I like all this brainstorming but in the end it’s only words and we all know that action speaks louder than words but it’s a start like Leonidas 300 or those that fought in the battle of Britain”never in the history of mankind have so few defended the cause of the many” Winston Churchill

  • Hi we are all entitled to our own opinions but why the swastika?

  • Can’t we just not pay taxes, somehow, till the government is what we want!?

  • Max de la Maxence pas mal le dessin nonplus 😉

  • Arthur Rab

  • That would tip the board over and ruin the whole game. Of course thats about how every game of monopoly I ever played ended.

  • PS please make sure you have a better game plan before standing up

  • I am all eyes,how do you propose we do this !

  • Diana Iulia!

  • Amen

  • Already standing. Just waiting for the rest

  • Let’s be clear. Very clear: it is NOT the government, but the CORPORATIONS who run it.

  • I was wondering the same thing. If you’re against something, you don’t waive the banner representing it.

  • Right on.

  • do it before it’s too late.

  • Tuan Duc Vu BOOM

  • A few with miniguns is even easier.

  • can’t jail us all for not payin taxes !

  • It’s coming…

  • We need to start at the bottom, in our own communities … How many of you are going to your town meetings? It’s going to take congressmen to stop our government. Close nit communities that run there own fake money system. Barter and trades staying away from banks and big corps.

    • Living off the grid, no phone, , no tv, no internet. Need to find the brain to set up power to the area. Grow food and such.

    • bikes and horses to get around town, back to the old days

    • Home schooling too. School is like a prison for kids. Sit down, shut up, and listen, line up, breaks outside in a fenced in area. Only learn what the gov. wants them too, not the truth about our history at all.

  • When that happens it will be too late.

  • We need to stand up and fight for what’s ours. And that’s america and freedom

  • Tiffany Britton

  • Siobhan K May Jason Barley Mark Johnson Simon Pace Sean Stacy

  • Needs to happen soon or they’ll pick us off one by one, little by little, unnoticed…

  • It’s not that easy if we all stand up they will put us down by force. Look at Syria, Iran, Libya, Egypt. People in power never give up their power easily. They will kill everyone on the planet before they do. Besides revolutions don’t work because once there is no rule of law in a country other powers will get involved to tip the balance to their favor like in Syria. In the modern world slow change is the best answer.

  • Phil Morris

  • Ouch