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The Game Donates $1,000,000 in Water to Flint Residents — Calls on Other Celebs to Match It

Flint, MI – In the midst of an overseas tour, rapper The Game took to Instagram to announce that he was making a $500,000 donation to assist in providing bottled water to residents of Flint, Mich., in the midst of the city’s ongoing major water crisis, according to the Michigan Chronicle.

He added that the bottled water company Avita Water will match the $500,000 donation – making for a total of one million dollars in bottled water being sent to Flint on behalf of The Robin Hood Project, the rappers charity.

The former G-Unit rapper made note on Instagram that this issue was personal to him, as he has family that lives in Flint and are unable to use the lead-contaminated water.

“…my younger sister & her children live there & 2nd because I care… Most of these celebs on here faking using the word ‘Pledge’ in their so called donations are not fooling anyone!!!!” the rapper wrote in a lengthy Insta-post.

He also challenged celebrities Madonna and Jimmy Fallon to step up, noting their “cute” $10,000 dollar donations.

“That’s cute but not nearly enough… So I challenge both & anyone else in the world to match me & DONATE $1,000,000 in bottled water to Flint, Michigan… No more pretending to give a f**k.”

The Game also revealed that the initial water shipments from Avita were scheduled to begin arriving to the Flint area on Wednesday. The residents of Flint undoubtedly appreciate the charitable efforts of the superstar rapper in not only helping to bring fresh water to Flint, but also in challenging other celebrities to step up financially.

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The Compton rapper has set the bar high with his donation and deserves to be commended for using his celebrity to forward an extremely righteous cause.

Will any other celebrities accept The Game’s one-million-dollar donation challenge? Let’s hope so.

Check out his full post on Instagram announcing the $1,000,000 bottled water donation below.

#WATERFORFLINT PROOF !!! So, I’m on tour & not in the US as I’d like to be to help with this water crisis in Flint, Michigan 1st hand…. #1 because my younger sister & her children live there & 2nd because I care. Most celebs on here faking using the word “Pledge” in their so called donations are not fooling anyone ! The truth is the population in Flint, Michigan is about 105,000 people & it takes at least 9 bottles per person a day just to use to bathe, brush their teeth, drink & cook with… So on behalf my charity @TheRobinHoodProject I am donating $1,000,000 in water bottles..$500,000 coming out of my own pocket (which is everything I’ve made on tour up to this point) & the other 1/2 being met by @AvitaWater & the 1st drop is being made TODAY 1pm eastern time at “Food Bank East Michigan” 2300 Lapeer Road flint Michigan 48503 & the 1st drop will be 1400 cases of water equaling about 33,000 bottles today & everyday that follows until 1,000,000 bottles of water are dropped !!!! To those who think it’s easy getting this water to Flint, it’s not so the people who are PLEDGING they are, show us.. We want proof !!! Stop using others tragedies for your own celebrity gain… You’re not fooling ANYONE ! I seen @Madonna & @JimmyFallon’s $10,000 donations… that’s cute, but not nearly enough…. So I challenge both & anyone else in the world to match me & DONATE $1,000,000 in bottled water to Flint, Michigan & we want proof, shipping order receipts, bank wire receipts, pictures etc……….. No more pretending to give a fuck….. I donate money all the time & it comes out of my pocket & never once have I written anything off on my taxes because that’s not why I do it !!!!!!!! So, if any other celebrity wants to MATCH MY MILLION here’s the site where you can donate http://selfmadefoundation.org or pick your own.. JUST MAKE SURE THE WATER ACTUALLY GETS TO THE PEOPLE WHO NEED IT !! & I don’t wanna see anyone else using the word “PLEDGE” in their donation or press release because we know that that means. “YOU JUST TALKING & TRYING TO MAKE YOURSELF LOOK LIKE A HUMANITARIAN” !!! #WaterForFlint #TheRobinHoodProject #AvitaH20Corp #SelfmadeFoundation #HUMANPOWERBALL

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  • Compton to the rescue!

  • Good shit game ! Anyone reading check out my page GOAT FOR PEACE … We are on this earth TOGETHER , let’s start acting like it

  • I don’t know who this guy is, but I’m gonna go look him up now. That’s heroic af.

  • They should use that money to fix all the pipes and plumbing in the city

  • and start a call to put that governor in jail.

    • Or a Judge could order the Governor and his family to drink and use Flint water and only Flint water for 10 years and no prison time!

    • eh, i don’t think the family deserves to be punished….they deserve freedom from that tyrant too

    • If you’re locking up the governor you better lock up the city counsel that bankrupted the town and allowing the governor to take over. And the corporations who polluted our lakes and wells

    • and the emergency manager

    • The news may be jumping on this story now but the fact is this is the result of nearly 200 years of irresponsibility in government and apathy to political agendas by the populace.

    • yeah

  • Isn’t that sad? The people responsible not only have no repercussions but they aren’t doing anything to fix it. Celebrities have to step in….Really screams corruption

  • I want everyone donating to make sure all the residents are getting the water. I.d. or not. Give everyone who needs it water.

    • I’m in the Detroit area and helping to organize a door by door delivery. The plan is we will be going into the poorest neighborhoods we can find FIRST.

  • Fake ass people want to do shit late and get credit for it wow

    • And what did you do to help? You’re an asshole

    • I go every weekend and do recycling after that i take 300 from

    • My check and buy toilet paper toothpaste toothbrush shampoo and washing detergents then i make 300 sandwiches put into little packs and ride my bikr looking for people in need. So wtf do u do lame ass

    • Every week and weekend i do this wtf do u do

    • Volunteer at the homeless shelter, serve thanksgiving and Christmas diners for the needy and I’m an advocate for veterans who need help.

    • Your not doing enough

    • So why do you feel the need to put down someone who is helping others. That’s why your an asshole. Calling out others for doing good cause you think you’re the man only makes you look like an asshole

    • For one thing game is fake and not a role model maybe your like him wanting credit for everything you do in life lol plus wtf is he doing for young black men that’s not how a true African king should do with his welth and credibility wake up your in a dream also

    • Yeah you’re the man and Noone can do better. You’re the one who wants to call people out and make yourself feel better. Thinking you’re the one with insecurities. A true King remains humble and doesn’t bring others down only brings people up. And who are you to say what someone should do with their wiealth. Like I said you’re an asshole not a king. A king has more class than you

    • Wow took.all day to come up with that lol

    • No I don’t sit on Facebook all day acting arrogant and putting others down. Like you being able to respond in 30 seconds of me posting. Like I said you sit on the computer and put people down trying to raise yourself up. Keyboard tough guy. Have a nice life of arrogance and ignorance. Gday

    • Lol.poor thing

  • Sad so many elderly and families sabotaged by stupidity , thanks for the help

  • 2 years of poison it’s sad

  • They should get money together change the pipes out and charge the city for the correction.

    • Lol you must not understand the state of our economy (nation wide) or how expensive replacing all of the water piping will be. This is not isolated to flint or just Michigan. This needs to be done throughout the United States and will cost well over 20 billion. We simply don’t have the money due to wasted spending and a fiat currency.

    • My concern is and I do understand as I was In the military working with infrastructure in many countries including here in the USA… Water bottles run out the moment another emergency arises… so LOL for lots of luck once the media darks out this situation for another… We have money for wars but can’t take care of the poor… FYI If you think led pipes were a misunderstanding of toxicity before they were laid out originally I say think again… multiple thoughts one solution Infrastructure or create a new one.

  • The problem with bottled water, every time you buy a bottle it’s like a vote for privatization. Under the current circumstance in Flint it’s understandable, the people need water no matter what, still people in general should probably stop voting to privatize water….

    • Right now the people in those areas have no choice in the matter and it’s time we made sure that those responsible are held accountable and that it never happens again. Privatizing utilities is a call for disaster, I believe EVERY utility should be owned by those using it and controlled by those using it.

  • With all the donations they could possibly fix the situation instead of supporting the privatization of water.

  • You want the REAL story of Flint?!?! Then stop listening to the media, you’re only hearing a fraction of the story. The people’s voice is embodied in these men, https://m.facebook.com/KING810FLINT/
    All you need to do is stop talking, stop reading, and watch and LISTEN!

  • Shame he doesn’t value all life enough to do this for other nations where clean water is a luxury, not a right.

    • If you have to pay for water it isn’t a right. Ignore your next water bill and then call it a right.

    • You’ve entirely missed my point. There are people around the world with no running water at all, walking miles to collect shitty water full of parasites. To only be moved to action when it happens in your own nation is hardly a great humanitarian work.

    • I’m not criticizing what he’s done, just saying there are people who haven’t suddenly been hit by this crisis, it’s all they’ve ever known, why are they undeserving of help?

  • They should split their power and send money to ALL the places in our country that need access to clean water

  • The Water System must be Changed/Fixed ASAP, Homeopathic and Chelated Therapy and Conventional Medicine needs to be used to try and detoxify the Victims and help them to live better lives!

    • Then get proactive in changing the ruling class in this country. This is all they have planned for us. And before you make a stupid tinfoil joke remember they KNEW about all of this. Rich people killed children to make their money piles slightly bigger.

  • I respect that he has donated such a large amount but, I can’t help but, think it’s all for not. Maybe install water filters inside every home instead since most “bottled water” is basically filtered tap water….

    What a mess they have made of that beautiful city
    Shame on all the politicians that have neglected their duty as representatives of WE, THE PEOPLE!! All involved should be fired! You two Barry

    • The governor sought help from Obama to do just that (adding in home filters) but the proposal was shot down.

    • Not surprised at all!!! Very sad.

    • The thing that pisses me off as a Michigan resident is all the people falling for the publicity of the story. Lead poisoning rates in Michigan are in the top 10 in the country according to the CDC. This is due to the auto industry and other corporations such as Dow Chemical polluting our waters for a long time. The sickest thing about all this is that the publicity started with Democrats blaming Snyder but, who bankrupted Flint? An all Democrat city counsel. So both parties boned the people. On top of that the whole world is using it to point fingers rather than helping the people. Personally I think if it is too much effort for a person to get off their butt and get their hands dirty helping then they should mind their business and stop acting any less apathetic than government officials.

    • Well said! Good luck to you Frank Welsh and your beautiful state.

    • California is getting just as bad. There are some parts of my state where the water supply has been undrinkable and poisoned with pesticides for decades now;( , literally tastes and smells just like rotten eggs! We are the agricultural area of the state so whatever bullshit poison they put in our water, goes right in the the food supply for a 3rd of the country.

    • All the wells in the Flint Basin have smelled the same as long as I have been on Earth. The Saginaw River wouldn’t even freeze back in the 70’s due to pollution.

    • WOW?

    • Maybe Flints drinking water needs to be bottled up and sent to Capitol Hill…. Bet you would see results in a blind of an eye!

    • Personally I think it’s time for their version of the Boston Tea Party. Open all the taps wide and let it run, then through civil non-compliance stand together and refuse payment. The US may have a lot of prisons but not enough to lock up all of Flint.

    • So the President will not be doing anything to help them?? I have been trying to get info on that..

    • Governor Snyder is trying to repeal the decision.

    • No what needs to be done is all the pipes through out the whole city need be ripped out and replaced. That is the only way to fix the jmess that has been caused. What is causing the problem is the lead. Once all these are replaced every governer and mayor that has knew about this problem should be charged with assualt and possibly attempted murder. That is my opinion.

    • Daniel Sancoy THE LEAD PIPES ARE NO LONGER USED TO SHIP THE WATER IN!!! Also the cost will be phenomenal (billions possibly trillions). It’s easy to say “rip it out and replace it” but where does the money come from??!?! This is the simple fact so many seem to not understand. Also ripping it all out and replacing it, purging safe lines, etc is going to be a 3-4 year project (union workers move real slow).

      So what is to be done in that time while these people are COERCED TO PAY for the city water bill..Threatened with confiscated homes to pay water bills and removal of children from homes without running water?..for water they can’t use?!?! The citizens must demand government holds the corporations who polluted the water in the first place to foot the bill for nano systems needed to purify the water. They have far more money then the annual state budget and if they hadn’t polluted the water we wouldn’t be in the top 10 in the CDC lead poisoning reports SINCE THE 70’S.

    • But hey, keep buying new cars and scrubbing bubbles, we appreciate it

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    Thanks for view: This is awesome! Massive respect to The Game. Hopefully more celebrities will match his donation.

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  • The governor should be in prison!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What about the city counsel that bankrupted the city treasury? The governor wouldn’t have been able to send an EM into the city had it not been for careless spending.

  • Fuck yeah! Go Game!

  • Your not doing it for that, but write that shit off!!! US gov don’t give a fuck who you help, they always trying to rob you!!! Don’t let ’em

  • How about getting the some top tier attorneys to tear the flint government a new ass hole.

  • yeaa respect

  • check the urban dictionary for flat bill

  • Be sure not to donate Nestle’s ARROWHEAD WATER, since the CEO believes that the public has no rights to water.

    • Funny thing is Nestle steals from our Great Lakes.

  • Fuck that. More people need to start taking it out on those who caused this.

  • He donated $500k, not a million of his own. And it will be written off on his taxes (he has no control over them, his CPA does).


    • Coca-cola and Pepsi are no better. Aquafina is filtered Detroit tap water.

  • He is a man of his word 🙂

  • Soooo generous !! Good to see..now go after the SOBs accountable

    • You mean the citizens that allowed government the rights to our water? They are dead. The American corporations that put lead in once clean waters (Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, Dow Chemical etc)? They have license that allows personal profit without personal responsibility.

    • In other words if you think government is going to change while the masses are ignorant to history and policy (ignorant means you lack knowledge of fact, not insult) you’re waiting for a train that won’t come. Want to punish those responsible? Stop buying cars and scrubbing bubbles

    • Thanks Frank..no tower is to big CRUMBLE..where there’s a will..there’s a way..a “collective mass” is more powerful than a piece of paper..ignorant or NOT..;-)

  • Damn I hope the water bottle industry didn’t have a hand in this

  • Every bottle probably pumped 75 miles away by Nestle.

  • The Game , rapper, thug , dealer, artist and more humanity in dude pinky finger than most cities.., where’s bill gates contributions? Or trump or even obamas buddy jayz, seems like something Pac would have done …

  • Has anyone drawn a connection to the flint water catastrophe and nestle bottling the great lakes and selling it back to us? Wouldn’t it be the height of irony if after Michigan loses its right to tax nestle for stealing the great lakes that Michigan had to buy them back to survive a crisis?

  • All respect to the game but I am furious that Nestle makes a fortune, California gets dryer and Rick Snyder – Michigan’s Murdering, Corrupt Governor is still walking free!

  • What will help more is stronger government regulations on water safety.

  • Isn’t this the best thing to happen to companies that bottle water? Like Nestle, who was illegally poaching water on expired land permits, in drought stricken California.

  • I respect you donation brother. But its crazy how the government isn’t taking responsibility. People we have to realize that this government is not for us. We need to unite. Revolution now people

  • King 810 has been on top of it too. Helping out as always

  • helping the SYMPTOM does not get rid of the problem ! It makes it worst. Let’s deliver them hundreds of vans of bottled water, the CO2 will bring more rain ! With the symptom now hidden the prssure on governments is reduced and public servants will sit on their ass.

  • and what about the wrongdoers…?

  • Thats how you do it

  • Big respect!! Big ups top shotta!!

  • Frank welsh is such an awesome guy, call him out on his bullshit and he deletes the post and private messages you

  • Which game?

  • Its awesome celebreties are donating, but this a another example of government officials not doing thier jobs. This is why we pay taxes. Its fucking bullshit and no excuse for it. With epa and all these other agencies. Our leaders dropped the ball once again.

  • I appreciate the gesture its generous for sure but a million in water is less than a million bottles and less than 2-3 days drinking only water for these people… where is the national guard or army with the giant desert water purifying trucks to off set the poisonous city water supply?…. Where are the police to lay charges and hands upon those directly responsible also?…. This was no accident after all this was an on purpose!!!

  • Flint is having a “public” water crisis and it’s good to see these people get this support. However, it seems too much is going to the “private” water bottling companies rather then fixing the problems in the “public” system.

  • Voluntary charity to fix government failures. (y)

  • Let’s see stitches do that!

  • im glad he asking other celebs to do it too. why make a big deal out of celebs doing this?? they have the funds to so why not?

  • And here it begins. Clean water is no longer a right. Nestle can drain the last clean water out of California and sell it to the public in little plastic bottles. Never saw it coming!

  • He was awesome 2night. #Amsterdam

  • What a swell guy.

  • Okay great but what is with all the little bottles what an epic waste, why aren’t people getting gallon jugs or filling up by water truck.

  • All they have to do is switch back to Detroit’s water supply!!

  • All these millions donated by celebrities would be put to better use replacing lead pipes…

  • Good idea

  • Michigan has split speed limits for cars and trucks. I won’t spend a dime since I lose 50 a day in mileage driving through there at slower speeds. Plus well they voted for the people that caused this.

  • Its not just flint…not just iron but flouride too and thats still in that bottled water….

  • It’s pathetic that citizens has to clean up the mess our gov leaves behind. Nobody but the government should be having to give them free water. Of course our gov doesn’t give a shit about it’s citizens so that won’t happen.

  • Avita Water is distributed by a company called A List Distibution. Why is it that their .com website could be harmful to computers…I smell a rat!

  • The only problem with that is that the company that supplies water (is it Nesle or Coca Cola), will probably find it a really great way to improve their bottom line. I would not put it past them in the future to stage such event on purpose.
    I wish it would be done in a different way ie. either rail or water moving trucks and people would come with containers and get their water instead of snowing them under with plastic.

  • He is really on top of the Game

  • My question is how long and how feasible is it for bottled water to be shipped in? How long can thousands of people live like that? I would not be surprised in the near future, they will be carted out of Flintin railway trains to the wonderful FEMA camps just waiting for us. Then that great lake can be taken over.

  • How about donating money towards the lawsuit, using their celebrity to bring more attention towards the corrupt actions that took place prior to the switch, call attention towards the auto manufactures who shut off their own river water access for not informing the politicians and general public.

  • Here in Illinois… We got together and have been asking people to donate…sad how some people tell me and how do we know it’s going to the people and not the government over there…we do what we can.

  • Wow cool bro

  • I guess he’s pretty cool Samantha Monique

  • My favourite rapper for a reason!!

  • Its a tax write off. Every celeb does it

  • Wait a min! Why isn’t nestle donating the water which is free to them anyway? #Fu*k Nestle!

  • This guy is real ….that’s why the media hates him pure heart ….give to others to be given back

  • Good man great

  • Funny you don’t see nestle or aquafina donating water they rip out of the ground for pennies

    • Fuck those corps

    • Nestle donated water numb nuts

    • Nestle and Aquafina both had to admit they are selling people filtered tap water complete with fluoride at a 6000% markup. They aren’t much better off with either

    • They are crooks.

    • Actually coke Pepsi and a few other companys had agreed to donate 6.5million bottles of water to flint Michigan within the next year you can find the article online

    • I did actually, still not a fan

    • Chris Richman pennies for them.

    • Asshols buying water like the fucking sheep they are.. Why didn’t ppl from other towns just take water from the they tap ?

    • They should donate to a cause that will replace the government officals currently in charge with people who care about their community!

    • I suggested Nestle could help clean up their image by donating water to Detroit and they blew me off by sending me to a sponsor page.

    • Sheryl McNeill they apparently didn’t blow you off but clearly directed you to their donations page

    • Curtis G Persaud people are doing that and taking collections of bottled water.. The issue is a bandaid to the core problem though

    • Lionel, I’m not a fan of Nestle but they actually did donate water with Wal mart

  • How many potable water tenders could he have bought with a million, and refillable!

  • It would be better if these celebs were paying into a huge fund to allow the communities affected to sue the irresponsible bastards who have caused this issue. Let the government supply water to its citizens using their disaster relief funds, they can then also sue those companies at fault.

    • I think right now its just important they have access to clean water..

    • Agreed but that is the duty of the water companies and the government. I’m sure that citizens aren’t complaining just now but it’s just wrong!

    • The government let this happen, we fund the government, can’t really sue yourself.

    • There is your problem ?

    • Yes, by all means, let us put there immediate needs to the side and let us focus on any possible fiduciary compensations that the survivors may or may not be allowed to collect.

    • As already mentioned it is the DUTY of the water companies, government and moral obligation of whoever has caused this to act. It shouldn’t be left to charity!

    • Hi all! smile emoticon If anyone you know or you yourself are of need of food or water Sikh temples called gurdvara (Door of the Guru) are OPEN TO ALL regardless of caste, colour, nationality, sexual orientation, or religion. There are two main rooms in a gurdvara: the prayer hall and a dining room where FREE FOOD is served 24/7 (ideally). All you gotta do is cover your head (men and women), take your shoes off, wash your hands and enjoy a hot vegetarian Indian meal free of charge. I will post a link with a list of all gurdvaras located in the state of Michigan. PLEASE pass this information to everyone affected by this tragedy #FlintWaterCrisis. https://www.worldgurudwaras.com/world-gurudwaras/united-states-of-america/michigan

    • The above link lists all Sikh temples in Michigan. The one posted right after this link is a little introduction on the etiquette of visiting a Sikh temple in poster form (pdf file). Its more simple than it may seem smile emoticon once on the link click the second file in the list called the ENGLISH GURDVARA INSTRUCTIONS.http://www.basicsofsikhi.com/resou…/gurdwara-guide-poster/

    • Gurjot Singh so these temples will feed people but only if they come in and follow all the rules of the temple. Doesnt sound like charity to me…sounds like forced worship for basic needs. Cover your heads? But caps and hats are not acceptable? Why not? As long as your head is covered it should be ok but tradition dictates otherwise. Remove your shoes? Why? Feet should be covered. Dress moderately? What is the scanty clothes is all that person owns? Charity with stipulations is not charity. It is payment for following the rules of your religion. And the horendous atrocity that has happened in Flint, Michigan is viewed by you as a way to get people to follow these rules so that they might have clean water? And besides all that how is the water in these chapels any cleaner than the water anywhere else in Flint? It’s Not!! So basically you are just trying to sneakily take advantage of the people with no clean water. Thanks but go eat a cow.

    • Michigan is by far a 3rd world country in the USA figuratively speaking. this is about driving land values down the governor should be impeached someone or a a lot of people are getting hand outs under the table its sickening how much politicians get away with. People like Hillary Clinton, Whats worse are the youth who support these people knowing nothing really about them except an idea symbolism.

    • use the $ to pay resident’s water bills w/o having to worry if they’re going to take your children

    • Billybob Thorton You’re the type of persons we don’t need on this planet!! Ignorant cock!!!

    • Billybob Thorton NONE of what you listed is worship in any way, its about RESPECT. When you are a guest somewhere it is not normal to respect the rules of the home or place you are a guest, or is that completely forgotten these days? I guess keeping neat and clean is too much to ask of people nowadays?

    • Fix the water system with the money. Better than bottle landfill. Respect to him tho.

    • It’s always funny that people like Michael know how to spend other people’s money better than they do.

    • What will they drink in the meantime

    • It’s a good idea at face value, but is it really? Or is it just a veiled attempt to cheapen a rappers good deed?

    • Billybob Thorton wow. Way to turn something positive nasty. Well done

    • You mean the government. Then they’d only be taking away money from the people.

    • Gurjot Singh ignore Billybob Thorton he obviously is a very ignorant and nasty man who won’t do anything kind for anyone. Your offer to those that need it is very kind and generous. I’m sure many people will appreciate your offer and understand all you ask is respectful behavior in your place of worship.

    • Nah it wouldn’t there is no point whatsoever in suing America in America

    • They cannot be sued. It was literally setup to prevent that

    • U.S Government Cartels

  • We know “fiddy sent” can’t afford it.

  • See? We don’t need socialism.

  • What if this was all some master plan by nestle to sell more bottled water?

  • This dude be beefin’ even when he doing something positive. LOL!!!

  • Where are all those rappers etc with all the big jewellery, “character”,houses big parties etc? They don’t give a shite for no one but themselves really.

  • Fix the water system with the money. Better than bottle landfill. Respect to him tho.

  • Bless The Game.

  • Hearts in the right place, and I got love and respect for that. However, a million dollars would’ve probably gone a long way toward fixing the actual problem rather than sticking a band aid on it.

  • Beginning of week the original article said 500,000

  • Good job.

  • Spend the money on prosecuting the twats at the top who allowed it to happen.

  • So many people saying all the celebs should do this or that instead, or oh……so n so only bought a million bottles. Wait……..BITCH….Yes this means YOU……Wtf are you doing about flint other than being a critique of those that are doing something?

    • We’re broke dumbass

    • Do volunteer labor……DUMBASS.

    • Always a butthurt hater lurking somewhere. Silly little Facebook clown bitches.

    • “We’re poor” fuck off no you’re not, you can’t afford $5?

    • Um , that’s what poor means. ^^ foo

    • We’re giving our opinions. LoL

    • Lolz at Kelly and Betty. They’re broke but flapping about on expensive internet. Priority poor is what they are.

    • They should donate to a cause that will replace the government officals currently in charge with people who care about their community.

    • It’s not about anything more or anything less than discrediting a good deed. Contrarians are everywhere.

    • Yes Kait , my priorities are poor because I comment on the “expensive ” WI FI . Good bless you . You rich soul you.

    • Lmao. Wow what have I got started

    • The only thing these calebs doing is make more mindless sheep like ya self..

    • The sheepel today..

  • Why can’t people appreciate a great gesture without having to kill the vibe with their negativity BS

  • Samirah Boss

  • Game always looking out on the low…

  • Hell yeah

  • Put that money together and fix they pipes. All that water you sending is great. But the issue is way deeper way bigger.

  • This is a bandaid on a shotgun wound. If Any of these so called celebrities really wanted to help they would be giving these people water filtration systems so they could collect and filter their own water. But nope just give him some bottled water, and then after that runs out, be stuck with all the crap that they had before. Teach a man to fish…..

    • how many filtration systems have you sent ? I bet you wouldn’t do a fucking thing even if you could..

    • Isn’t collecting your own water illegal in the states? Lol

    • Shawn, first: kiss my ass. I don’t have this guys money. But i would set them up myself if i could. I happen to he waiting on surgery right now.
      I do however, have my own filtration system so i don’t have to deal with things like this. Maybe I’ll look into crowdfunding.
      Ryan, it is sad that more and more places are making it illegal. But law doesn’t make morality.

    • I’m pretty sure that water is unfilter able…. Why do ppl like you always have to find the bad in something?

    • Bro all you can do is what you can. At least something is done regardless of who its from or how. Thats like saying if you seen a homeless person and you give him a hundred dollars although you have 600 you dont deserve credit for what you did cuz you didnt give half. 1Million dollars is alot of money for water regardless of how much more could be done. If every rich person in america did that i think there city would be okay on water. The system itself will get fixed. There not gonna leave it like that. But give credit when its due. Regardless of who its from. Cuz trust me theres more celebs and rich punks that arent doing anything at all so everything counts. Hell i bet the same ppl who helped poision them are pitching in trying to play the good guy. We need all these anals in prison.

    • Robby, distillation would clean the water. They could also collect rain water. I’m not finding the bad in what he did. Just pointing out what should be obvious, this will not help in the long run at all
      Bennie, I am NOT saying he didn’t give enough at all. But if someone has their house destroyed by a tornado and you show up with a front door. If you don’t help rebuild the house first, what good is the door? I see a similarity in this situation. It Doesn’t matter to me who gave the water bottles, But what will actually change afterwards. But, instead of just putting the people in jail I would much rather see them force fed the water until they become ill and died just like they caused other people to

    • They needed fresh water immediately. This will help. Yes water filtration may have been a better answer but would cost much more and be much more difficult to implement. The guy did a good deed. I’m gonna take it at face value.

    • Again how many units have you sent. Since you are the all mighty authority on charity tell me what you have done for flint.

    • Lol

    • Shawn, you’re obviously a douche. I already answered that question. Should i draw a picture for you? Lol. Sorry to bring forethought into your “feel good, but accomplish little” mentality. Lol.

    • What Jeffery said…it would take who knows how long to even get all of that arranged…but you’re rite in a way.but there’s way too many ppl with negative things to say…he could have gave a shit instead of a million

    • Robby Hustle There is a very good water filter that has been demonstrated on TED TALKS that filters the dirtiest sewer water.the company that makes this really needs to get their stuff to Flint

    • reflecting ? a douche is a asshole like your self shitting on everything anyone does because it isn’t up to your unrealistic standards..

    • I wasn’t shitting on what he did. I look for substance over symbolism. And whats unrealistic about a 100 gallon capacity water collection/filtration system? It costs around $150 for the complete system including pressurized connection to the house. Any able bodied person can install it themselves. If thats too much for you to do to give yourself clean drinking water you don’t deserve clean drinking water. Handouts runout. That million would have made 6667 of those systems. That would have made more clean water than a million in water bottles.

  • Ryan Harrison

  • So the government privatises water to sell.. Then the tap water becomes in drinkable and people are forced to pay for it. THEN the only thing they can do is buy the bottled water.. Sounds pretty schemey to me.

  • This is the same man that shit on 50cent after bein responsible for his career. This is tax write off not out of good faith. There’s a huge difference

  • Stop sending them water and start helping them sue the government and holding them accountable for their actions!

    • how can you sue the corrupt creators of the laws of which you dont agree with?

    • By us uniting as one and making them follow the same laws as we do.

  • Zach Moore

  • Wolves can restore rivers faster then humans can ….wtf?

  • You know…. If they just donated that money to the water treatment facilities the problem might just end up getting fixed

    • Can’t trust them either ! safer to get your own I got one from Home cheapo, works good water tastes good ,didn’t cost much.

  • lol donating money so they can buy water from the bastards that poisoned them. makes sense guys

  • All these millions of plastic bottles…
    The sentiment is fantastic, but the execution is not well thought out.

  • It’s disgusting that it has got to this in the first place!

  • Mark Stange

    • All While being sued for 10 mil by a pussy ass cop he punched in the face for hacking him in a pick up basketball game. Game is one of the few real guys in the industry.

  • That’s love. I would like to request if Game would switch it from water to water filters. They are already having a problem getting rid of the plastic. But regardless, I appreciate the support for my hometown. Thank you.

    • Fill all those plastic water bottles with the dirty water and send them to the corp headquarters of those responsible.

  • Grandstanding at best. Fund a class action against the city.Build a new water treatment plant etc….

  • Why the celebs. Make the government come in and fix the mess they have cause through they’re own neglect of a known issue

  • That’s not completely true. At least $500k came from a foundation. I read only $170k came out of pocket but that was an old article

  • It’s sad that these ppl need any kind of water donations. Everyone is entitled to clean and safe water. Not just the politicians and the rich class. Whats happening in one of the worlds leading countries in the world is pathetic

    • Not according to Nestle, “the largest producer of “foodstuffs” in the world”

      The CEO of Nestle is loving this crisis… They are making $$$$$$$$$$$ off this travesty.

      As the CEO staes: water is not a human right; it is a commodity and should be sold for profit…


    • Ha!!! Well thats like hitler sayin jews dont deserve to live. Same shit

  • Bet the bottled water companies are loving this.

  • but why does someone have to buy the water..hasnt the US Gov. failed here, and so should be getting the people the water?..

    • I’m not so sure the US government is in charge of local water, although the EPA did ignore the problem

  • Its great that they help and donate bottled water ….. but what are they gonna do with hundreds of thousands of bottles

  • Not knocking them but why don’t they just buy water purification machines?…

  • How much money and water has been thrown at flint Michigan??? I hate how its takes this long to realize something is wrong before people act on it…if only people cared before instead of after, this catastrophe may have been avoided…

    • Hindsight is 20/20 .

    • Not always..especially in politcs

    • Dude the people complained and the mayor drank the water to shut them up and now hes saying he regrets that. Hindsight is 20/20?? What an ignorant fucking statement

  • Hi all! 🙂 If anyone you know or you yourself are of need of food or water Sikh temples called gurdvara (Door of the Guru) are OPEN TO ALL regardless of caste, colour, nationality, sexual orientation, or religion. There are two main rooms in a gurdvara: the prayer hall and a dining room where FREE FOOD is served 24/7 (ideally). All you gotta do is cover your head (men and women), take your shoes off, wash your hands and enjoy a hot vegetarian Indian meal free of charge. I will post a link with a list of all gurdvaras located in the state of Michigan. PLEASE pass this information to everyone affected by this tragedy #FlintWaterCrisis. https://www.worldgurudwaras.com/world-gurudwaras/united-states-of-america/michigan

    • #FlintWaterCrisis The above link lists all Sikh temples in Michigan. The one posted right after this link is a little introduction on the etiquette of visiting a Sikh temple in poster form (pdf file). Its more simple than it may seem 🙂 once on the link click the second file in the list called the ENGLISH GURDVARA INSTRUCTIONS.http://www.basicsofsikhi.com/resources/gurdwara-guide-poster/

    • Thanks for using this disaster to promote your indian hindu siek sharia temples. .. Go fuck a cow…

    • Are you offering free food and water Billybob? Or do just offer free handouts of the hate that has consumed your soul?

    • Billybob Thorton No, I am not promoting a religion although langar (free food) is a Sikh practice invented by our Beloved Guru. Sikh temples, especially the food and water part, are ALWAYS OPEN regardless of a disaster or not…. ALL Sikh temples…ie EVERY Sikh temple in the world wherever they may be are open for free food regardless of background… So I am not taking advantage of bad situations to promote a religion but I am making people aware of this as they do not know and because they may need it. By the way Im not an Indian (im Canadian), Sikhism was not found in India as India never existed before the British invaded the Indian Subcontinent Im not a Hindu neither is Sikhi a sect in Hinduism or Islam which is a common misconception. Its not Seik its Sikh but dont worry that’s probably a spelling mistake. Sharia has nothing to do with Sikhi because that is an Islamic thing Sharia are a set of laws governing a Muslim’s spirituality, and body, does not apply to Sikhs. Sharia is not practiced by Sikhs nor by Hindu Temples. And about **** a cow, thats pretty offensive to my Hindu brothers and sisters but I’m guessing you dont care. You should watch this video on the teachings of the Gurus they are pretty universal if you open your heart to learning spiritual/religious practices of other human beings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lUvq8xJHKY.

    • Shut up billybob. You redneck. The Sikh are good people.

    • The company I work for used to mow a Temple here in flint, yes they are a very different kind of people, but they were some of the kindest people you will ever meet. It’s horrible that this guy treats people who he obviously doesn’t know or know anything about this way. Gurjot Singh not all Americans are this big of assholes,you believe whatever the hell you want man,your a good person for the help you offer,not everyone will see it this way,but not everyone matters,stay humble friend

  • I hope he bought water and didn’t donate the money… Cause the gvt only buys 3-4 gallons with million!

  • We should be calling for the trials of the multiple governments that put this city and numerous others into this water crisis.

  • so now it is the duty of the celebrities to solve the problem of the usa government? ow yes ofcourse the usa government is busy with solving /stealing other countries

  • Just make sure residents get it and not government employees.

  • Fix the freaking water system damn

  • It’s a shame than water has been turned in to something people profit off of. Solid move by Game though.

  • lmao, they drink it all……. then what? people use you fucking minds for gods sake, thats why he gave them to you, yes it is a great gesture and im not saying ive helped in any fashion or form, before i get those people who want to mention that, but i do know these celebs with all of their money and resorces could do ALOT more for their fellow human beings. lmao at eveyone who is saying sue the creators of these unjust laws smh

  • Why aren’t any water companies donating??

  • This is cool and all but are the people who let this happen going to jail?

  • It’s bullshit that anyone should have to donate… That piece of shit mayor & the city of Flint should be taking care of %100 of the bullshit havoc they have created!

  • Shoulda put a milli contract on snyder fucking head

  • I dig people are helping with donating water, but that still equivalent to putting a bandaid on a shot gun wound. We gotta fix the root of the problem not the cap of it.

  • Yes, it is awesome. But what is he doing outside of donating water??

  • How can we spend billions in foreign aid and somehow ISIS has millions of dollars worth of our Humvees and there is a city in our country with no drinkable water?

    • TECHNOLOGY SOLVES PROBLEMS ,NOT POLITICIANS. and I hate to tell you this but there are many cities with water problems of some sort. Knowing this it seems that we as individuals should not rely on governments to oversee what we should be taking care of ourselves. The world is a big toilet now make sure you filter your drinking water.

  • Its not only flint. There are many other cities that are affected by this as well, I am right near one in ohio. This clearly was not a stand alone mistake.

    • Ohio is affected too?? I thought it was just flint

  • how about a privat sewage plant! put your money up!!!

  • I have no idea what -(The game ) is,but it’s awresome that people are donating water.

  • I think that it’s great that people are sending bottled water to Flint but at the same time they should try putting it into water filters, yes in the mean time please send clean water but also we should try to figure out a way to fix the problem. Kudos to all those who are doing what they can to help though! 🙂

  • donating water is not fixing the cause of the problem

  • Wtf?? Why should anybody have to donate anything?? The people responsible should be held fully accountable and made to cover all costs!

  • Gary Turpin Ryan Russell ✌️

  • Donating fkn water? What a sorry state of affairs this world is

  • Setting your supposed homie up and getting your goons to jump him isnt very awesome

  • What is the game?

  • To everybody commenting he should have done more or spent the money on lawyers or some other such shit….Fuck off. This guy didn’t have to do shit yet he did anyway. No this isn’t gonna fix the problem but it will go a long way towards fixing an immediate need. Give the guy his props. He did a good thing. Many others with much more money than him have simply turned a blind eye.

  • Game is always on point. Watched that guy down a whole bottle of goose, THEN perform. Goals

  • Hope all this water is Nestlie

  • This should be a job for the government and it’s military, not donations.

  • Environmental nuts to scream about all the plastic bottles in 3, 2, 1….

  • Hell no

  • more awesome would be putting those politicians in jail.

  • A million dollars in water…. So u mean he put a millions dollars in the pockets of the same people that steal water from your lakes and profit off od your natural resource..meanwhile.. That million could have gone to building a sustainable water filter that cuts flouride, heavy metals and other toxins out….ok.

    • What u do to help?

    • That was a basic ass response to a logical statement. I made my point.

    • You’re such a fuck.

    • The Game didn’t know better. Somebody gotta be smart.

    • Boom you said it man he probably thinks he doing good and it is helping but there is a bigger problem going on here

    • Couldn’t of said it better myself, nice

    • Bigger problem or not bottom line is these folks need water.

    • HELL YES but aren’t they surrounded by a big lake? There are companies that have developed water filtration systems that are portable , inexpensive to run and provide people in 3rd world villages plenty of clean safe water. This is verifiable on a TED TALKS episode. Technology solves problems ,not politicians.

    • Motherfucker, who gives a shit – at the end of the day, no matter who profits from it; people who need clean water get clean fucking water, and you’ll sit here and bitch about ‘the man’. Do you guys actually get off taking a good act and finding some dark place to stick your dicks in it?

    • Lol you’re the type of person to buy a million dollars in water.. Rather then buying 500k in water and 500k in a filter for the city…#danlogic

    • it ain’t really that bigger deal when you’ve got that much…why do you think he gave it away? it meant little to nothing to his life..not because he just sacrificed 3/4s of his life like the impact it would leave on the average man..

    • Chill!!! he makes a good point. Was it an amazing gesture? Yes. Could it have been used more efficiently? Yes! Now whats done is done come together and move forward dont argue with each other. Know your enemy. Simple minded people turn on each other when your all getting fingered by the same culprit… divide and conquer is working well. Unite n fight the power that did this in the first place. Short term fixes arent solving problems.

    • They need the water now

    • What have you done for them? Exactly SHUT THE FUCK UP

    • Whos profiting?? Game pay 1,000,000 for water, writes it off on his taxes. Going through a corporation is the best way if you need a write off with no problems.

    • Marcus – they need the water now? I think im aware of that. How long do u think it takes to install a filter lol…. It takes only a few hours to a day or 2..do u have any idea how long they have been dealing with the water crisis? So you’re saying they cant wait one more day or use the donated water bottles for one more day till a filter is installed????? No shit they need it now. We arent living in the stoneage where we dont know how to clean water.. We are living in an age where politicians support the rich and kill off the poor and the black.. they are very capable of fixing this issue..they just dont want to.
      Simple minded people will easily try to state some basic shit about my comment lol. No shit it was a “nice thing to do” people. Open your fuckin eyes. Jesus. Do any of u have ANY idea how much water has been donated already.. Think of it this way…

      Water bottles are like rent…..Water filtration system to clean up after the dumb fuckin senetor is like a mortgage….short term < long term. Maybe half of that million could have gone to bottled water and the other have to a system. Get it together you simpletons.

    • Jensen Nusbaum coz that solves everything doesnt it? There is a problem and a cause of that problem… dealing with the problem helps at the start but eradicating the cause, the powers that made it happen is necessary aswell.

    • Thats too much logic for most, simon.

    • Man i know what the fuck is wrong with people. People need to wake up get educated n love each other. So much hate aimed at tge wrong people.

    • Can anyone explain how people can start pointing fingers, calling names over someone helping and donating water. How is this your issue, you’re not helping or living in Flint.

    • I heard a Flint resident on the radio say that no work is being done on the water treatment facility nor the pipes that carry. He has 17 cases of water on hand and a family of 7. His running water is clear but contaminated with led; they continue to shower. People will be forced to move, then some private party will invest and rebuild.

      Skin head, dead head
      Everybody gone bad
      Situation, aggravation
      Everybody allegation
      In the suite, on the news
      Everybody dog food
      Bang bang, shot dead
      Everybody’s gone mad

      All I wanna say is that
      They don’t really care about us. ✌?️???

    • I wasn’t trying to belittle your comment brother I was implying they need solutions as you did. Hopefully you’ll reach success someday and be able to use your own disposable income to make a sizable donation and help people in need as you see fit like Game. Peace.

    • One step at a time.

    • Yea man but…the first step should be solving point of origin… Not bringing buckets to a boat that already has holes in it..

    • Marcus- i have a tendency to curse in sentences when im pationate about making a statement. I didnt mean to have any negative energy directed straight towads you. If you heard my voice instead i think you would approve. My apologies for coming off that way. It was more of a civil debate with a touch of profanity. Nothing at YOU directly. MUCH love.

      HOWEVER, i cant say the same for the responses ive been getting lol. Quite amusing to see that people still think so simply…and sad at the same time.

    • Right, but they’re already $45M+ into trying to fix that problem. Someone made huge mistakes in the transition from Detroits water system to the Flint River and its gonna take a long time to rectify that. This is just about getting these residents quality drinking water.

    • Hope u are being sarcastic when u say “mistake” this wasnt a mistake.. It was a deliberate NOT well thoughtout plan. also.. It sure as hell doesnt cost 45 million to fix this issue.. Thats the price of people capitalizing off of the crisis. Whenever something like this happens.. Someones always making money on the other end.

  • Good job more need to steep up to the plate ya got the $$$. Show summ love

  • Water wars! Poison from your tap or from a plastic btl. Pick your deception.

  • Where are the army water filters for everyone?

  • Him and stitches fight and use the money raised to help those in Michigan

  • there is a kind of people who love to show off, theyre called middle east rich creatures im sure if they see this post, the least of them will donate 100 million worth of water or may bring new water resource into the city, try to post this in gulf area fb pages

  • Michael Rennie: My thoughts exactly! C’mon guys/gals, they neeeeed your support to indict this guy and make it count. This needs to be the era to end this kind of corruption. Roll this snowball DOWNHILL!

  • You think these water companies would donate it free considering how cheaply they pay for water by having the government steal water rights from the farmers forcing them to use dirty run off water from places like car manufacturing plants. Look up: ” Nestle Continues Stealing World’s Water During Drought” or “The Feds Just Got Sued for Letting Nestlé Bottle Water in California’s Drought Country” etc etc etc.

    • Or this:

      The CEO of Nestle is loving this crisis… They are making $$$$$$$$$$$ off this travesty.

      As the CEO staes: water is not a human right; it is a commodity and should be sold for profit…


    • It’s definitely a blessing for Nestle, huge sales and free advertising to boot!
      I’m just over here wondering where all the reusable containers of clean, cheap, everyday tap water are?

  • With in home water treatment being an option, WHY make the bottled water companies profits rise?These celebs intents are not well aimed. Give a man a bottle of water , he drinks for today. Give a house a well made water filter system ( about 300 bucks) and no more problems. I think they might only be doing this to get attention, anybody agree?

  • I agree with donations, my only question is, when were all them black celebrities donating to this black neighborhood when the east coast got hit by that hurricane? Or where were they every time a tornado destroys a white town in Kansas??

  • There are Osmosis filtering units. We could provide purified water from any source no matter how polluted and regardless of any chemical present. We could do this for up to 50,000 troops. If we needed to provide for more troops just add more ROWPU units. — Why are we spending money going into the pockets of bottled water companies, not that the people don’t need it, but the military is capable of solving this issue immediately. Is this not the purpose of the federal government in times of crisis?

  • Yet the people of flint fill each other full of lead everyday.

  • Everyone who is renting in Flint should LEAVE
    and then threat the local economy would collapse might be enough to stop big business and slumlords being arses

  • another reason I like the dude. Scott Bennett

  • Propoganda

  • the governments got money for Israel and refugee’s and chemtrails but no cash to keep its citizens from being poisoned, wow time to be replaced

  • I have no idea who he is, but good for him.

  • My man, salut

  • Thank so all so much for your help. These people needed this

  • Flint = fear of natural water sources = bigger profits for bottled water

  • Why isn’t the governer providing this water?

  • Hmmm haven’t seen any NFL teams doing this? Nestle is too busy RAPING our public water supplies while we’re vulnerable, any other corporations jumping to the opportunity of cleaning up our water? Nope. It’s a rapper. A random person decided to help. Still think the ones in power care about us?

  • Game is the man.

  • No I don’t agree. It tries to perpetuate the dying idea that an elite few should control societal wealth. People need to realise that these acts of ‘charity’, whether Bill Gates or anyone else, are only possible for selfish individuals. They are nothing but egotists seeking control and approval. Otherwise why not do it anonymously?…

  • no i dont agree, wers all the fucking tax money

  • Gallons are better than bottles… Even water despensor jugs… Thats what they need…

  • If everyone has the right to life and water= life, then why is anyone paying for clean water? How about nestle and Aquafina and ice mountain donate it at no cost. I can guarantee they won’t even feel the loss.

  • And $linton sits on her billions at the $linton foundation what a waste

  • They should donate to a cause that will replace the government officals currently in charge with people who care about their community

  • Don’t they need new pipes in Flint? Who is donating the pipes. Snyder won’t help. Seriously, are Flint residents showering with bottled water?

  • This bottled water shit is a joke,you give people water……whats next??????Lol you people are so funny,these cases of water that everyone is donating are being returned all over the city for cash refunds,its became such a problem that the people passing out the cases have to x out the barcode. What everyone here really needs is to be offered free relocation to a place with a clean water supply and maybe some OPEN grocery stores and schools (fyi they took all them too) That million dollars could have relocated quiet a few people. Yes he was a stand up guy for making and effort like that,but I think it may have helped more going to other places,like getting people the hell out of here.

  • No chip no purchases.it’s coming

  • With a net worth of $8mil, that is very impressive! Hats off to The Game! Respect.

  • how are these people getting a bath or even washing the dishes? the water is bad

  • you have poisoned and brainwashed people of their individuality to the point where other can take credit for that by donating water, wake the fuck up !

  • Tax break that too don’t care

  • I mean really, wake the fuck up from loss of common sense and kissass !

  • Some REAL g shit

  • Milan Mills Javorina

  • I think about all the plastic though; just for the bottles and stuff. I’m cynical – but still. It is a nice gesture though.

  • absolutely great
    but we cant afford to or should not have to donate for things like this. it is the government’s responsibility and we should make them fix it anyhow

    • Dream on ,gummint dosen’t give a passin interest. They too busy playin cops for the Oil cumpannies. our military people work to insure we keep it commin .WE NEED OIL TO MAKE BOTTLES,TO PUT WATER IN. get it?

  • Maybe Nestle who stole all LA’s water can donate a shitload of water as well. Corporations and politicians who caused this mess should also be held accountable. Maybe some of Hillary Clinton’s bribes (ugh, I mean donations) can be used to help as well.

  • 1,000,000 gallons of water…i bet people still gone love these celebs dat dont do shit tell beyonce to get her ass up

  • When do we start donating handcuffs to arrest the governor of Michigan??

  • thug heart.

  • That’ll be awesome for the landfills.

  • Nice sentiment, but it is putting money into the companies that are raping natural water sources and adding a crap load of plastic into landfills. What about filtration systems that reduce lead and dont require heavy packing and shipping to serve this need. I hate the idea of miney being used to endorse crap companies

  • Nice gesture. I hope others do. Water is one of those things like air, we need it. It is inhumane what the people of Flint are suffering.

  • Bit late don’t ya think?

  • Isn’t that the brand that has the lead in it tho!!!???

  • I still say we force the corrupt politicians that caused the poisoned water to drink it or not drink at all… see how fast those corrupts pieces of shit get off their ass and fix it then

  • Them bottled water companies is loving this flint water issue….mo money

  • So it takes Acon and Game to help people wow.

  • Moises Flores <3

  • Cant shower with it

  • Just a bandaid. The government needs to step up and help. Maybe the car manufactures that abandoned Flint a long time ago need to step up?

  • Your government are playing you for fools, they chose a financial path over the peoples health, then get the gullible do-gooders to do their jobs for them after they get caught trying to poison large chunks of the population. Use the cash spent on the water and buy millions of pitchforks, go walk onto CONgress and sort the problem from its source. FFS America your politicians are looking away when your being poisoned. They are testing how far you can be pushed, looks like all the way to death unless you act now.

    • People are stupid , like occupy wallstreet. That was fucking stupid, they should have done that to congress the people that are supposed to have power to change things not the rich assholes who dont give a fuck and wouldn’t do anything ro help anyway

  • Shea McEnaney asked why he did it he said gangster rap made me do it

  • I’m utterly convinced this is a conspiracy created by companies like Nestlé to force us to buy water!

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing, not gonna lie. Even if not necessarily a conspiracy, they’re certainly making out like f$&$ing bandits. Why aren’t they the ones making donations? This could all seriously be out of some dystopian SciFi fantasy novel… if it weren’t real life.

    • Twilight zone stuff, eh?

    • Totally

  • Monika

  • Ray

  • #capitalism

  • #FuckFlint

  • Son Ny

  • Save water and drink beer!

  • isnt anyone ever going to teach those people how to purify their fricken water themselves???? or just keep em dependant on hand outs for the rest of their lives?

  • Tyler Edward Charles Haldane gotta love the Game…

  • A Million dollars! Why don’t these celebs pool in their money to actually fix the problem? Obama says its gonna give 80 Mil. The Pistons owner says he’s giving 10 Mil. They estimate itll cost 100 Mil to fix the infrastructure. The state has a surplus. I’m sure they can round up the rest and gwt this shit done instead of wasting money on bottled water. They ain’t doing nothing but bandaiding the problem and saying “look at me. I’m cool, I’m helping”

  • A local group of Muslims do rated 30,000 bottles of water but that didn’t make media.

  • The government doesnt care cuz they know Flint is just the guinea pig for what is to come.

  • Is very respectful way to donate but where will all the plastic go to

  • it’s hard to believe that water could cost 1 mill. wtf. totally ducked up situation. good stuff Game!

  • Nestle bottling water in a drought zone to sell to the polluted river basins. #waterisahumanright

  • Tom ‘T’ Lasley Dylan Sanders David Karlon who knew the game was so generous

  • How about 1 million in water infrastructure or desalination plant you are only supporting the corporate take over off natural resources that should be free to tax payers

  • No one is donating water filters?

  • Matt Mitchell what a man!

  • How about you stop donating water so you can take all that money to actually fix the problem. Bottle water is only a temporary fix. How about a reverse osmosis unit in each house in flint.

  • Everybody drinking that New World Water …..

  • Where tf is Eminem during all of this.

  • there heart is in the right place

  • Pretty fucking stupid.. Let’s get rich richer.. Why fuck don’t they dumbass just put that money in to fixing the problem ? SMFH

  • The CEO of Nestle is loving this crisis… They are making $$$$$$$$$$$ off this travesty.

    As the CEO staes: water is not a human right; it is a commodity and should be sold for profit…


  • Is it me, or should a million dollars in water keep a city well hydrated for a nice chunk of time.

  • Will only have respect for The Game when he fights stitches.

  • What is awesome is the entire nation wake the fuck up,

  • This one-upper…now hes down to $0.8 mil of his own

  • Buying water is a concept I am still getting my head around ☔️

  • Wouldn’t it be ultimately better if they pooled their millions and permanently fixed the water issue by building a water purification system?

    • You sir have also landed on the million dollar idea,but sadly the powers that be seem to want this city to die.

  • Respect to those that have, in their donations, given relief, but, money needs to go into building a new water system, bottles only go so far. The politicians behind this travesty, that affects not just Flint, but other cities in Michigan, need to be locked up.

  • ALOHA!!!!

  • He must be thinking of playing some sort of game with other affluent individuals

  • Nathan King Buster Getman

  • That’s actually bittersweet af. That epitomises a shortsighted solution with massive environmental costs with all the plastic waste it will create. You’re trading one degradation of the environment in light of a different one. He should donate 1,000,000 dollars to getting those responsible to pay for their crimes. Or donate it to fixing the infrastructure and water pipelines that are damaged extensively due to lead contamination.

  • Savage

  • I read many comments, no insults. Weeks ago, an article about Muslims donating water to flirt, insults were endless.

  • Someone did something, damn people .

  • How about they spend money on a treatment plant

  • Power Power to the People

  • I think celebs should shed the fame, and join the band wagon.

  • So not only did they get away with fucking up a water supply… they suckered people into buying mass amounts of water! i understand we cant just not help them but maybe some money towards fixing the cause of the problem is needed as well!

  • Erin Brockovich to Stephen Colbert: ‘Flint, Michigan Is the Tip of the Iceberg’ http://ecowatch.com/2016/01/29/brockovich-colbert-flint-water-crisis/

  • What exactly does the government do again?

  • God bless The Game and any other person that donated to the people of Flint!!! I will support anything y’all put out! Hope the people do the same!!! Actions like these are what Black people need!!! #blackpeoplehelpingblackpeople

    • How about people helping people why make it racial?

    • Are you insinuating that only black people live in flint??????because me and my family and many others aren’t very black at all. Don’t turn this shit into something its not Jackson,people of every race are effected by this. Do you really believe that only blacks are benefitting from his donation? I really hope your not as stupid as your comment

    • 60% majority and i aint the one poisoning the water. U should be looking for rhe politicians instead of coming here fucking with me. Ur mind is worried about some comments and not racist actions by the government! I aint the one to oick a fight with look for the people responsible. Im glad the these people donated and contributed because u dont see much black celebrities doing that so excuse me for loving to see that! I ain’t the one, look for who poison the water dont come to me with that shit!

    • And everything in this country is racial way before i was born look for the ones responsible. Im glad to see black celebrities helping their own because u dont see much of that and that is what i am encouraging! Yall need to look for the people responsible not fucking me!

    • I can explain real quick why this crisis is happening…. The city of flint used to have a huge population with lots of tax money coming it because we had GM and Buick and Fischer body along with AC delco and many other sub companies under and supplying all of the major factories. Well in the mid 80s the government made it so hard for the companies to turn a profit, that they found it was cheaper to move to other countries,so that’s exactly what they did. And once all the shops closed and fell to decay,the people started to leave with them. And when you have a city that is built to accommodate a certain amount of people it takes a tax bracket of big proportions to sustain said city. Well once most of the people and jobs left,the government cut the income of the city and now there isn’t enough money to fix anything around here,so our water system continued to lack attention from everyone because,hey its still flowing out the taps right?well it got left alone for so long it snowballed into this giant issue. There isn’t any one person that caused this,its a problem that has been getting worse for decades. To say its anybody’s fault directly is ignorance at best. There is people who knew things and kept them quiet,and they will answer for that trust me. But to say that we need to find the person responsible is far from what people should be worried about. We all need to come together as AMERICANS not black white yellow and red people,to fix this problem and stop worrying about who did what to who,that will solve nothing. And King Dan I didn’t mean to jump down your throat,I’m just sick of people turning this into a color thing. We’re all people who need help,separation will get us nowhere.

    • I respect that i am all for coming together! The only way we see real change is coming together! I just dont trust the government because history shows what they have done to people who look like me. I still live through racism everyday people judge me for no good at first glance but im use to it! I blame the government because people have been complaining and nothing was done. They have money to fight wars and give to other nations but not their own! Its a machine that print money so print to help the people! It can be fixed they just choose not to! If we the people dont fall into the divide and rule we can hold them accountable but it has to be real unity. Not just come together for one issue and then go back to business as usual! It has to be a lifetime commitment we might not benefit from it but the children the future generations will enjoy real lasting peace and harmony! The people, all people must unite for this to happen! Im all in for coming together as a black man people look down on me but i look at people as equal i see them as no better or worse! I look at people eye to eye! One Love peace to u and ur family!

    • Get the fuck outta here another dick rider of it was mclemore donating water u would be talking shit show your true racist colors i can respect that instead of blaming the goverment

    • These dudes a hypocrite his profile is everything pro-black
      And anti-white
      Nothing but whining about white racism
      What are your thoughts on the Oregon Militia homeboy

    • Brent Caster don’t explain nothing to this half-way racist only thing he sees is black people being mistreated by whitey

    • Fuck u …u dont know me! I am pro black fucker yes! That doesn’t mean i have a problem with all white people only racist fuckers! I have white family members fucker! I speak up for the black people who are fucked up in the head as a result of racism! Look up the definition of racism i can never be a racist! Nobody was talking to u fucker! I show love and respect to who show it to me! I ain’t a turn the other cheek type no way! And ur racist ancestors did fuck up my people to this day!!! Have u done anything to try to reverse the damage! If not go fuck urselves! U are the racist pro black dont mean anti white! Its a reaction to y’all fuckers who think u are better because of ur skin color. It is to uplift my people teach them to love themselves! U dont like that huh!?! Is it because u are a racist u cant stand to see black people loving themselves!

    • With ur pro white racist page!

    • The words of a true racist blaming everyone else why they are racist I’m not white I am a decedent from the people of the sun, puto maricon in not pro white I’m pro American and anti-Bull shit like the bullshit coming out your mouth

    • These are the root cause of the problem

    • Well it got some black people who are just as pro white as u! Subconsciously u are! U are the one who attacked and blame me so i tell u about urself! If u have a problem with me shouting out the game and encouraging other black celebrities to follow! What else do i call u except a racist. I explained myself to the other guy. U come with ur BS to me! Check irself before u check other people! Not because u aint white dont make u not think or act like u are! If u pro America why u aint saying shit about black America! Who is the real hypocrite!?! And Spanish people did the same to black people as the white man! U benefit from white privilege also! U might not want upset ur white friends but i dong give a fuck!

    • I am pro black and proud of it fuck who have a problem with it!

    • Marcus Garvey say death to all black and white oppressors! It don’t change nothing if they are black! In slavery they gave the whip to a black man to beat the slave so its no surprise what u are showing me!

    • Man you phony as he’ll

    • Go look a life stop watching mine! The truth hurts i know its an offense not a sin!!!

  • Hayley just another reason to love The Game!

  • I wonder which huge corporation(s) is(are) taking in all these new profits from selling their bottled tap water that they took for free from California?… Could it be one that has spent MANY millions buying off the politicians who created this state of emergency in Flint? My vote is yes.

  • Gr8 step but find permanent solutions .

  • Spent fix the problem…..

  • http://countercurrentnews.com/2016/01/flint-water-suit/ they need to come out and speak agianst the government.

  • #waterforeveryone !!

  • Please recycle the water bottles

  • I will be impressed when a celebrity gets it right and instead of donating water bottles, that create a huge mess, they donate portable water filtration. There’s one that will filter anything on a Ted Talk out there, but instead people send use once bottles. Sad.

  • Fuck the government

  • Once it goes into funds……it goes into pockets what they doing is great

  • DeineMutter wolltest du nicht zum the game concert in Berlin gehen^^

  • All the water in this country is questionable

  • I wonder with the cost of all these donations if they could have simply fixed the problem with all the pipes and water filtration…

  • How about using the money to get rid of the lead pipes that are causing the main problem. Yes they need water now, no Question,

  • But it is a temporary fix. The Incans and the Mayans started dying out due to lead poisoning and thousands of years later we add a species are still dealing with this BS! Really?

  • As a species*

  • Andrew Martinez

  • Champion , drop a mill on that

  • That’s great, but, what about the other cities in Michigan who have lead issues too?

  • What’s a the game?

  • That is fantastic!

  • I love the effort, just wish it was’t tons of plastic bottles…. Can’t someone bring in some tankers or something?

  • What is better? To make a kind gesture to your fellow countryman. Or to sit at a keyboard and criticise it? Maybe all his critics need to get off their keyboards and March on Washington, that’s where the criminals are.

  • Respect

  • Donald A-hole Trump for president right…? Tell him to just pay for it all he can afford it.

  • Champion 😀

  • Nancy Marie

    • Q.


  • Fund a way to clean the water, I applaud the effort. But you can’t drink bottled water forever. My kids got lead poisoning from a bathtub that had lead paint, this is a problem that has no easy solution.

  • sorry am I missing something here?!…………..I wasn’t aware the USA was a third world country?! Why should anyone have to donate anything?! The corrupt government has the resources to sort the problem they initial started but………..they’d rather see the people suffer………..sick

  • Q.

  • Game needs to start his own foundation

  • Lol in south africa that’s R15000000

  • Typical dipshit, try solving the problems w your money

  • No not awesome cause now it’s just turning into a publicity stunt for celebs and no one is doing anything about the people poisoning the water!

  • the donation is very much appreciated and the publicity is very gud for the celebrities too i guess.

  • Yes. This is cool

  • Investigate, and imprison thise responsible.

  • Terrible that this is necessary, the Goverment should sue and jail those who are responsible for this disaster!

  • Love the game . Now we just need the off billionaire artist to donate . They have all the money u could imagine and they only think about them self

  • Im still waiting for the Game and Stitches fight

  • Outstanding humans !!!

  • This is kind yes , but only makes things worse. it would be better to put that cash into sorting the route problem not giving them a mils worth of toxic plastic bottles!

  • What about buying water filters..? Can they do the job. Really kind gesture – but isn’t there a need for long term fixes?

  • Don’t hate the player, hate The Game………… Wait

  • Simon Klochko

  • Hell yeah !!!

  • Replacement of the lead pipes need to done to restore healthy water…….donating water is only a temporary solution. Where are the Big Corporations to volunteer to do the work?

  • So long as they undertake more complicated action to prevent these situations, that’s great!

  • That’s great and all, but who is donating a water treatment facility, that doesn’t poison the city??? Quick fixes aren’t necessarily good fixes.

  • I wonder if the bottled water suppliers are somehow responsible for this?

  • Why dont the water companies donate water that shit all comes from the tap any way

  • It’s too bad that people don’t realize the water bottles are doing more harm than good. The same resources would go towards actually fixing Flints water pipe a and making a longterm solution instead of filling landfills up with plastic bottles.

  • Flint needs a new community with clean water. How about the white community down the road where the water is flowing clean and fresh it will take forever to change the piping system to assure the water is clean and throw in free transportation as well to all of the affected people and their families and compensate them justly.

  • We commend ‘The Game’ for doing this (y) (y) (y) (y) (y) (y) (y) (y)

    Don’t you wish more celebs would use their fortune and star power to make the world a better place?

  • Remember when The Game punched a cop on the b-ball court?

    Rapper ‘The Game’ Punches Off-Duty Cop in the Face
    Video: http://bit.ly/1F6Zj9m

  • Funny how people where mocking Detroit for try to privatize the water works over the “above the law” local government ran water works.

  • Falling for it! Is all business from big corporations! No clean water; $$$ on bottle of water! $ to corporation. Gas so cheep; more pollution in the PLANET.. they trying to keep there habitat! But think the wrong way don’t work Ya! GOD is working on everything that need to be straight ib the PLANET YA. 10commandment LAW in Earth YA blessing 7777

  • would be better if the citizens of Flint wouldn’t be forced to pay for the damn tap water still…

  • These celebrities now need to use their clout to actually get this situation resolved. Even though supplying water is a wonderful thing, It does nothing to rectify the infrastructure and putting a halt to the political shenanigans that created this mess.

  • Brilliant gesture… Cmon celebs…. Give somin’ back to the people who put you there

  • Sean Newton good guy game

  • Dudes a fraud lmao ex stripper turned into a blood gtfoh man this dudes a clown…he did a good thing ya he should have cuz he got 13 mill sittin in thd bank so y wouldnt they plus he tourin he want the publicity….you dont turn from chip n dales male dancer in thongs to a overnight blood idc what anybody say he a flake

  • Should of just spent the money on a water treatment station…

  • it’s just a shame that the same guys that did this are now proffiting big time selling water… :-/

  • He’s awesome

  • You’d think a million dollars could manage to solve the whole problem..

  • I wouldn’t doubt for one minute that these celebs are being sponsored by Flint officials to take some of the focus off their crimes.
    I keep hearing about bottled water-why the hell are they paying the 200% mark-up for name brand water and not just filling large, reusable containers with tap water?? Couldn’t that extra money be used toward solving the overall problem? Must be blessing for Nestle.

  • Yeah but fuck Africa, Americans are much more important and deserve all this publicity

  • It’s good that so many famous and regular citizens are doing what they can to help those in Flint, Michigan as they do need it. The one thing I think needs to be done immediately though, is the firing/impeachment of that governor, and then his immediate arrest and or execution. What he did and allowed to happen has caused a LOT of suffering, pain, death, and most importantly to our already corrupt government, MONEY!

  • Irony.
    No one talks about the fact that all that money goes to one of many shady, anti-environment companies, that are mass producing petro-based plastics, to serve us glorified tap water, that is (almost always) mixed with fluoride (just like most tap water).

  • Top lad!

  • dammit ..he is buying goodlife nestle water …they winning lol

  • Put the residents of flint to work buildind there own state of the Art water treatment facility

  • Anti-media at it again
    Riding celebrity cock

  • Its turned from a disaster into a fucking media event. Cunts should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Not a million half million out of his charity account Robin Hood project. He posted a screen shot, wish it was more but hey it a start

  • Kirwan Waiti

  • <3

  • They’re much too busy being angry about the oscars……

  • The residents need new plumbing, a new CLEAN water source, and to have the assholes who did this rotting in prison.

    Time to start putting money aside for THAT.

  • the government is counting on you to pick up the tab. i’d rather see an effective system of government.

  • Bardhyl BiLi Halimi

  • Keshe plasma generator. Make one buy one, what are you waiting for

  • Awesome, but all these brown Celebs should get together and really stick it to these white republicans. They should get their funds together and hire people to start removing the led pipes out of the low income family homes. Shit would hit the fan!!

  • Correction $1,000,000

    • Yeah, I was just gonna say I’m sure it was a million lol

  • Reza

  • Respect !!

  • See look what the private sector and voluntary charity can do to fix yet another government failure.

    • right!


    • Its a temporary solution to a government problem. That strike your fancy? If the private sector was allowed to provide a permanent fix the government would ban it.

  • Awesome..

  • you rock….threw it down,who do you think is going to pick it up??

  • Looks like small in scale but people from all walks of life are waking up.

  • How long before the work begins to fix it ,
    Nothing to talk about.


  • better idea to buy filters, once you are out of bottled H2o., u r back in the same spot

  • Yes except for bottled water is ridiculously expensive and some corporation is profiting

  • that is great! It would be good for the rich entertainers to also look at chipping in for fixing/updating their water treatment system.

  • Much respect to you sir…

  • Ever heard of Michael Moore? A mil worth of water will only help them out for ONE day. No matter how many celebrities, activists, or any other caring people help, will not help the problem. Flint is a tragedy. No millionaire is going to be able to help. Only those in power in Flint, can help. That’s the sad reality.

    • Even the annual tax revenue can’t fix this and Obama has turned down Federal Aid Extension . The one’s responsible for contaminating ALL of Michigan’s lakes, rivers, and wells need to step up and cover it.

      General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Automotive, Dow Chemical, and all the companies bottling our water and shipping to other states for profit such as Coca-Cola, Pespi, Faygo, etc. Time for some boycott

    • True words…but before its fixed they need water to drink right?

    • They have 105,000 residents. 4 bottles per resident per day(if not more), for drinking, cooking, bathing, etc. how many residents will that help?

    • Maybe 20,000 people for one day. It’s good that they’re donating big money, but it will solve the problem for only a low percentage of the 105,000 residents, for one day.

    • Doesn’t change the fact that all these people trying to help are also drawing attention to it. So kudos to The Game.

    • Currently they are taking a lot of donations and giving out in home filters that are easy to install. This will at least make the water safe for bathing. Insert filters will fill fast with all the contamination though.

    • i hear u 100% bro about it only helping for a small period of time…, but this the game dude doing this is a GREAT START…hopefully more will follow from his generous actions and hopefully officials will hold the scumfucks accountable that were/are responsible for this atrocity! so yes, this is a negative situation, but no need to knock what this young man “the game” is doing basically saying his donation is pointless since its only a day of water… better a day than nothing… more people need to stand up and do what right and start curing the problem and STOP being negative like yourself..

    • Im not being negative. Im saying Flint needs A LOT more help than a few celebrity donations. Where are the people who did this? So, the governors wife is the spokeswoman for Nestle in Michigan. They’re just sitting there and laughing. And thats okay? No jail time or fines or anything? How come nobody tried to help those poor people prior to the water crisis? It’s called being realistic, not negative, sir.

    • They should save those bottles for schools, hospitals and children

    • Offering filters and LOTS of them would do more good.

    • Flint actually has too much water right now. They need a solution.

      The filters don’t work because they can’t filter out how dirty the water is. The entire infrastructure and piping system needs to be replaced. That will cost billions.

      There is actually talk locally of Chernobyling the thing. But there are 2 big and successful colleges there.

    • And Flint actually has around 85,000 residents.

    • 99,763 (2013)
      Sources include: United States Census Bureau

    • He’s doing something more than most and the officials caused it.

    • Admir Jahic when fellow americans stood up against such acts from the government (Oregon) what did the rest ask the government to do? DRONE THEM,KILL THEM,JAIL THEM and all kinds of evil viles.
      Who do you expect to make these people incharge responsible? Remember, they have ALL THE POLICE, SWAT AND MILLITARY guns on their side to quell any local protest. You the people have the millitia until after some were killed in Oregon with FEE THANKS.
      The rest of the world has been preaching to Americans how your government is a dictartorship and uter EVIL you should wake up and do something while Americans got to be keyboard warriors and DEFEND their oppresors the slave master government by ALL MEANS.
      The chickens are home to roost now.
      If you people dont unite now against the system..hahahahahahaha NO WORDS.

    • So…the answer is to not contribute, and show those in power that the people can help themselves? Sorry. I have to disagree. Once those in power see that the people can affect true change, shit starts to happen. Michael Moore is a waste of oxygen. Dude talks, and talks, but doesn’t ever really do anything. Fuck him.

    • Every little bit helps, lots of bits make a whole bit, if everyone in this country shared that sentiment we would be nowhere as a whole.

  • I tip my hat to him….

  • Props G!! 🙂

  • When thugs have more of a heart then the government

  • Just listened to “Too Much” in the truck. Ironically, the only thing I seem to see too much of anymore is Trump and the Kardashians and not enough people like The Game, standing up and doing the right thing. All politicians and Kanye-types give a fuck about is their online presence and their bank accounts.

    • Trump donated amillion to vetrans organizations. Helped raise 5 million more…jus saying

    • Trump’s attitude towards minorities is the reason he’s mentioned in my post. Maybe he has donated money to veterans but his attitude towards other groups is dangerous and divisive. The fact that people are considering voting for him makes me want to pack up and leave this hemisphere so I don’t die from the impending nuclear fallout. American politics have become dangerous. “Reality” television watchers/Walmartian shoppers are now going to vote for people just because they have a show?? What ever happened to voting for the person who stood up for personal integrity?

  • The other celebrities send hopes and prayers

  • Respect. Very cool. The Game just moved up a notch. Not bad ole boy

  • Dont know who this guy is, but he’s better than most of these bullshit celebrities. Great job!

  • It seems like with the kind of money Hollywood is throwing around, they could get together and find a way to filter the existing water or find a way to create a safe source instead of buying all those bottles. They need reliable water sources now besides bottled. They can’t bathe themselves or their babies in that tap water.

    • Water is too dirty for filters.

      The entire piping system and infrastructure needs replacing.

      It’s either turn it into Chernobyl and abandon it, or spend billions to fix an impoverished city…

    • Well it won’t be fixed tomorrow and they need relief now. So something had to be done in the meantime..what ya you done?

  • Hats off to you.

  • Well done sir, well done!

  • Respect #feelthebern

  • I don’t know his music, but that doesn’t matter. What he did there is class.

  • He’s keeping it real hasn’t lost his roots

  • Sam Shepherd

  • With that amount of money they could start cleaning the tap water

  • Thanks, The Game for not just sending prayers.

  • Hopefully added to creating jobs in their recycling sectors also.

  • good for him! great guy

  • Zane Vtec Forbes

  • Kudos to the Game and his supporters for stepping up to the plate!!!!

  • Mad respect bro!

  • never heard of him since i stopped listening to rap the day jay z came out.. pre jay z i love all rap… but as for the game guy doin this for flint…good for u man, and im happy to see a millionaire help people in need and using their celebrity to gain awareness to a serious problem… “holding my beer high” heres to you “the game” well done sir!

    • Lol that’s stupid as fuck to say u stopped listening to rap because of one shitty “artist” maybe you should’ve been listening to some real hip hop in the first place and you wouldn’t have even heard of jay z lol nice try tho bud

    • lol, it wasn’t because of 1 shitty artist, my meaning is that when jay z came out rap music all sucked…yea there were a few decent guys, but rap and hip hop as a whole started to shit the bed…to me at least and thats my opinion..like the good ol days of rap: tribe called quest, gangstar, beastie boys, nwa, public enemy, wutang, mobb deep, cyprus hill, biggie, 2 pac, naughty by nature, black sheep etc…GOOD rap… shit nowadays sucks balls… and it all went down hill when jay z came out…thats what im sayin..

    • cant believe i left out NAS lol…

    • Dudes got no response to that lmao plus if he even tries to insult you just look at who we’re dealing with here ?

    • Lol hes like 17..im old enough to be his pops

  • Jered Lindsey

  • They DO need the bottled water, but I agree with all the people who understand much more is needed than just bottled water – they need RUNNING water.

  • And in the mean time the government doesn’t give two shits about what’s happening. Smgdh!!
    There sitting back saying “ah, fuk it. Let someone else pay for that. We have better shit to do with taxpayers money. Like, go on vacation”

  • I hope he didn’t buy $1m of water from nestle

  • From his own foundation that people donate to!

  • Where is Michael Moore he’s from flint

  • Arrest Snyder.

  • Straight up Brotha right their. He giving to His people and isnt Bitchin.

  • Kudos to the game and anyone else stepping up making a difference

  • Good just keep Oprah’s tainted empire out of there.

  • The bottled water is poisoned too.

  • Jordan Gilliam

  • What about Bill Gates and Oprah?


  • the pricks that poisoned the water also need to be held too account’ jail em

  • Flint has more than enough bottled water, they are actually overstocked.

    They need a solution, and the middle class shouldn’t have to pay for it

    Locally there is talk of turning it into a Chernobyl situation and abandon the city. But there’s 2 big universities there. The entire piping system and infrastructure needs replacing and that will cost billions.

  • Tamara

  • They won’t do anything because there all members of the “famous actors guild” FAG!!!

  • Is this nestle water? I bet the water bottle corporations are happy about flint. Part of the plan

  • good job mr game . i salute you.

  • U go game

  • Arrest Snyder.

  • Respect G

  • Dgeevan Ouchache

  • Melissa Opsahl

  • Andreas Sahin Bolotis

  • He’s not the only one to have donated money. And you would assume they would put these large donations toward replacing the piping causing the issues in the first place. But lol that’s probably a one in a million chance of that happening. Common if all donations went where they said they where going world hunger wouldn’t be an issue, there would be more no kill shelters for animals and better education for children. Donations are a joke.

  • That’s awesome!

  • Kyla Elliott

  • Nice gesture, small patch, now money raised to hold the people responsible for letting this happen and continue would be money well spent.

  • awesome, god bless

  • Meanwhile where are all the presidential candidates?

  • Yeah & I bet the U.S Government is taking all that shit to bail there assess outta the whole they dug

  • Mathew Fletcher

  • Respect to the rappers, Muslims , and Cher for doing something……

  • No my kind of shit..but respect..

  • John Kelley

  • This beer is to you The Game cheers

  • JP Wins

  • Game rocks ❤️

  • That’s goes for mayweather instead of buying million dollar cars help out

  • What would be more awesome is for arrests to be made.

  • I just lost the game.

  • Game’s double album from last year was a highlight for the genre

  • hay KID ROCK were you at and , KISS you too and every one eminem eminem

  • And that is the EXACT response that people who make far too much money for……. ehhh…….nothing…….should have to a nationwide crisis. Now if we could just get them to stop trying to distract us, with nonsense boycotts of useless award ceramonies, and pay attention to REAL crisis'(?)isisisisisis……..we’d be getting somewhere. #funkyerlimelights

  • Extremely generous of him but the money should probably go toward replacing the pipes.

  • yes, have friends there so great full to see the influential minds of our time doing something great 🙂

  • Look at all that fucking plastic.

  • Zack Baker when you see it

  • Nick Cathren my man

  • The thing is that these celebrity figure’s are giving these people what we cannot live without…clean drinking water.
    If the sue that’s going to be years of litigation. THEY NEED WATER NOW.

  • Why do u have to b rude!!!

  • If I lived there, my parents would already be burying me.

  • He knows how being powerless feels

  • Moe Saiid more than a thug

  • Can’t shower with bottled water.

  • I wish one of these guys would hire a lawyer and let heads start to ROLL! From the bottom UP.

  • New respect for the game. He just gained a new fan.

  • I am sure their multi-millionaire Governor will match it (right)!

  • Just what the government wants, for the people to clean up their mess.

  • He shoulda just didvided the money amongst the flint residents donating to organizations is a waste they pocket most of that.

  • This Flint Water Plant mob, is unbefuckin’lievable… They make people concerned about stepping cracks, and the fucking rest…

  • I only hope that if it’s got anything to with my aggro they get found out and the heads roll.

  • We need more like him!!!

  • I know where the remediation money has gone…

  • Interesting- They can now swim in fresh water but now the medical- food and housing issues fall into play as Those idiots poisoned every homes pipe-lines in FLINT! We should waterboard the murderers with their poison water.

  • noo! They’re trying to steal from the lower upperclass now…

  • Quick buy stock in Avita water and you could become as wealthy as “the Game”

  • good, now take your ass to Flint and reclaim all the plastic you just unloaded on Flint.

  • Now that’s ballin

  • Wonderful! good to see a star doing something positive. They are usually in the news for bad behavior.

  • Why don’t they lend a voice in getting all these bastards jailed for poisoning Americans, in Flint and in other states and also the poisonous water the native Indians are drinking as well!! Fuck your donations! Speak up, you are a voice that is easier to be Heard! That goes for ALL celebrities #celebrities #voices #donationsrgood

  • He bought the bottles at retail price though. He should at least have bought them at wholesale proice or profit neutral price.

  • ever heard of. . off grid living? f*ck plumbing, develop rain water filtration systems ! innovation shouldn’t be the bi product of an emergency, it should be a way of life!

  • good for him..

  • Exactly who cares about the oscars we have sick children and people with contaminated water. Let’s get back to what matters. Our people


  • Pamela Bryson

  • Who cares what about every where else your not helping anything

  • So should we praise the capitalist criminals too when they donate a few dollars to an organization after a life of taking from others? He’s still a gang banging piece of shit and he’s open about it.

  • Marlene Keena Tap

  • Money for a good dream teem to sue the daylights outta the bastard governor.

  • Wake up zombies

  • well done

  • I don’t give a fuck, and I’m not pretending; it’s sincere. I have perfectly safe tap water and I haven’t drank it in years.

  • Steven Thompson

  • Marc Boyadjian nice guy it seems

  • Sean Michael

  • Ryan Vandaele

    • Bere eh!

    • Ze kun ton al commentaar en dat gangster rapper is, mao weinig rijke fuckers die zen voorbeeld volgen wi

  • It’s sad the Game has that much money. Lol and buying bottled water is a HORRIBLY WASTEFUL & bad solution. A $500,000 flush down the drain instead of towards a solution?

    • So why don’t you take half a million of your own money and show us a better way? It’s so easy to sit behind a computer screen and judge yet no one will get off their ass to do anything besides give their unwanted opinion.

  • celebrities are more concerned with getting their pic taken (as long as photographer pays) than helping others.

  • Can they get the big bottles like Poland Springs delivers? Then at least they can bathe their kids & themselves. The dispenser heats the water to a extreme, then mix w the cold to make it tolerable for a bath.

  • It’s still not teaching people how to fish. Make water vapor distilleries. 99.99% pure and free water to #flint and to everyone everywhere!