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Globalist Billionaire Behind Anti-Trump Protests Holds Urgent Strategy Session with DNC Elite

Washington, D.C. – Billionaire globalist George Soros is meeting with a number of Democratic mega-donors and various party elite at a three-day strategy session in Washington, D.C. to plot methods to usurp President-elect Donald Trump’s agenda.

In addition to Soros, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Rep. Keith Ellison – in consideration to be next DNC chair — are among the key Democrats expected to attend, according to Politico.

The annual closed-door conference, which kicked off on Sunday, is sponsored by the Democracy Alliance donor club. Democracy Alliance was created by Soros after John Kerry lost the 2004 presidential election, and annually funnels millions of dollars toward left wing projects.

According to a report by the Daily Caller:

The organization dictates that its more than 100 members donate at least $200,000 a year to approved groups — a la Planned Parenthood and Media Matters — with the ultimate aim of mobilizing voters.

Though Democracy Alliance has raised over $500 million in the past 11 years, operatives noted that issues traditionally favorable to Democrats failed to pull support away from Trump in this year’s election.

Therefore, Soros and other Democratic leaders used this year’s summit to call for a shift in strategy in order to oppose Trump and the Republican controlled government.

For those unfamiliar with Soros, he utilizes a vast number of progressive organizations affiliated with Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Soros-affiliated organizations across the world are deeply connected to various color revolutions, the Arab Spring, and a number of other political uprisings across the globe. Although democracy promotion is the stated mission, in reality, the many Soros-linked organizations operate to forward the Western globalist agenda – often working to foment dissent and revolution.

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According to a report in New Eastern Outlook:

The totality of what is revealed in the three hacked documents show that Soros is effectively the puppet-master pulling most of the strings in Kiev. Soros Foundation’s Ukraine branch, International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) has been involved in Ukraine since 1989. His IRF doled out more than $100 million to Ukrainian NGOs two years before the fall of the Soviet Union, creating the preconditions for Ukraine’s independence from Russia in 1991. Soros also admitted to financing the 2013-2014 Maidan Square protests that brought the current government into power.

Soros’ foundations were also deeply involved in the 2004 Orange Revolution that brought the corrupt but pro-NATO Viktor Yushchenko into power with his American wife who had been in the US State Department. In 2004 just weeks after Soros’ International Renaissance Foundation had succeeded in getting Viktor Yushchenko as President of Ukraine, Michael McFaul wrote an OpEd for the Washington Post. McFaul, a specialist in organizing color revolutions, who later became US Ambassador to Russia, revealed:

Did Americans meddle in the internal affairs of Ukraine? Yes. The American agents of influence would prefer different language to describe their activities — democratic assistance, democracy promotion, civil society support, etc. — but their work, however labeled, seeks to influence political change in Ukraine.

Anyone familiar with the history of the Soros Open Society Foundations in Eastern Europe and around the world since the late 1980’s, will know that his supposedly philanthropic “democracy-building” projects in Poland, Russia, or Ukraine in the 1990’s allowed Soros the businessman to literally plunder the former communist countries’ wealth, according to the New Eastern Outlook.

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During the 2016 presidential cycle, Soros committed $25 million dollars to the unsuccessful Presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. Per the standard Clinton operating procedure, this was indicative of the symbiotic relationship of favors between the billionaire and his array of political puppets across the globe.

Politico reported:

The meeting is the first major gathering of the institutional left since Trump’s shocking victory over Hillary Clinton in last week’s presidential election, and, if the agenda is any indication, liberals plan full-on trench warfare against Trump from Day One. Some sessions deal with gearing up for 2017 and 2018 elections, while others focus on thwarting President-elect Trump’s 100-day plan, which the agenda calls “a terrifying assault on President Obama’s achievements — and our progressive vision for an equitable and just nation.”

Yet the meeting also comes as many liberals are reassessing their approach to politics — and the role of the Democracy Alliance, or DA, as the club is known in Democratic finance circles. The DA, its donors and beneficiary groups over the last decade have had a major hand in shaping the institutions of the left, including by orienting some of its key organizations around Clinton, and by basing their strategy around the idea that minorities and women constituted a so-called “rising American electorate” that could tip elections to Democrats.

The Democracy Alliance has blanketed liberal groups and candidates with over $500,000,000 since Soros co-founded the group in 2005 to forward a very specific neoliberal globalist agenda.

On Sunday, Gara LaMarche, president of the Democratic Alliance, told donors that a recalibration was in order for the Democratic party. “You don’t lose an election you were supposed to win, with so much at stake, without making some big mistakes, in assumptions, strategy, and tactics,” LaMarche said, according to prepared remarks he provided to Politico.

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In the wake of widespread protests and rioting, the billionaire globalist was immediately implicated in the wave of protest by alternative media, as Soros-affiliated group MoveOn.org organized most of the rallies.

Soros has a track record of usurping states in an effort to forward his neoliberal globalist agenda, under the guise of democracy promotion. When it comes to Soros, the will of the people, comes secondary to forwarding his neoliberal globalist ideology.

Please share this important story to help awaken people to the ongoing political manipulation taking place behind the curtain!

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    George Soros and the other NeoLiberal scheming scoundrels planning treasonous acts should be arrested and prosecuted.

    • divide et impera, look it up.

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      How antisemitic

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    Their to entrenched in their own power to understand their money is no longer any good in this country. Please continue to throw it away!

    • So if the Koch’s offered you a thousand dollars to write some information or attend a rally in support of the Republican party, you would turn it down? 😉

      Money is power and those that control the most of it (or print it) are the masters and you are but a slave.


      • Vastmandana

        money is merely a concept YOU have sold your soul to… No, neither I nor any of my friends would take money to spew garbage… YOU are sad… sick… and hopefully die young…

        • I am trying to get rid of money, so how could I sell my soul to it if I want to rid the world of it? Seems a bit illogical to me.

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  • BB King

    So much for listening to the people.

  • Tmoney

    The problem is money in politics. Neoliberalism and the establishment bubble popped on Election Day.

    • As long as there is money, there will be those who have more of it that can control those who have less of it.

      Zeitgeist Ending

    • S. Richard

      As long as the rich have money, they will continue to pay for power. The sad truth.

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    Your ‘free thought project” quotes righwing rags and spews fascist propaganda… pursuant pretending to be left! Good bye

    Bernie spoke truth… You all are a bunch of jingoistic platforms keeping us divided. Ur fucking insane die young

    • Why do you have a problem with the idea that a billionaire would not want to use his wealth as a means of social control? This happens on both sides of the aisle.

      But all of these articles, from both the left and the right, are part of a smaller picture. The division you are seeing and you are a part of is all part of the plan. Divide et impera is the name of the game and it is working wonders on the 99%.

      Soros, Koch’s, etc…, they too have their masters. Need to look behind the curtain.

      Owned & Operated

    • Mira

      are you working for Soros and neocons too? Sounds like it, well good luck, but let other people awake.

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        Bye Bye!!! How can you except Soros’s shit?

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    Soros should be arrested, Putin has already issued a warrant for Soros, the US and Europe should do likewise. This man is a demon.

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      Murrka loves these corrupt scum.We keep re-electing them in DC

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    Soros – the recruiter via Craigslist – is the payee of these agitators and their destructive actions, riots, attacks on citizens having voted for DT and more. hundreds of buses to chauffeur these criminals from place to place.
    Those who are members of the electoral college starting reporting how intense they are harassed and threaten by emails, texts, phone calls and owing up at their residences. Many have reporting receiving over 200 threats per day alone demanding them to vote for Hillary.
    This is criminal to threaten their lives and that of their families not to mention to show up in numbers at their homes.
    If that does not work – Soros et al has called upon 25,000+ agitators to show up on inauguration day and cause chaos, destruction and mayhem with the intent to stop the inauguration of president Donald Trump.

  • Henry

    Utter bullshit.

  • FiuToYou

    Warren really is hanging out with some classy POS! This monster Soros should be arrested and sent to Russia to hang!!!! He’s paying for the riots that are killing the country. Obama is a coward for not putting a stop to this madness!!!! Worst President ever!!!!

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      Soros funded osamas presidential campaign, just like he gave 25 million to hillary’s. Isn’t that illegal?Well, that fits, doesn’t it?

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    Right wing fake news sites… you death merchants are everywhere! Sad little psychopaths…