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Bad Cop Arrested After Good Cop Filmed Him Stomp Innocent Man’s Head In

Conway, AR — Faulkner County Sheriff’s deputy, Eugene Watlington, 43, went to trial last week for excessive force after stomping on the head of Harvey Martin. The entire assault was captured on video by Mayflower police officer Dalton Elliott.

The violent arrest happened during a botched police chase in 2015, during which Martin was working undercover for Conway police. When Faulkner County deputies attempted to pull over a Mustang carrying Martin and the man who he was supposed to be surveilling, Christopher Cummings, all hell broke loose.

As the chase began, Cummings held a gun to Martin’s head and forced him to speed away from police, according to authorities. The chase only ended once the Mustang ran out of gas. When the chase ended, however, the violent excessive force began.

According to Elliot, he and two deputies had their guns drawn when they arrived at the site in Conway where the chase ended once the Mustang ran out of gas. Elliott said they told Martin to put his hands up, which he did. Elliott said Martin did not resist arrest.

When police moved in to make the arrest, Cummings ran, but Martin immediately complied.

Naturally, Watlington’s fellow officers claimed that Martin was not cooperating and continued to “reach for his waistband.” But, the video does not show this. Also, Martin would not have any reason to reach for his waistband as he was working for the police at the time.

During the trial, Elliot testified that he counted “nine to 10 times” that the 6-foot-1 Watlington, who weighed 310 pounds according to his arrest warrant, kicked Martin with his boot.

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Watlington was not participating in the arrest and was only standing there — just waiting to inflict violence.

According to Arkansas Online, Conway Police Department officer Glen Cooper testified that Martin was trying to help Conway police locate Cummings that night. Cooper said Watlington asked him to question Martin later because Watlington said Martin wouldn’t want to talk with him. Watlington then smiled and shined a flashlight on one of his boots, the officer said.

“Help me! Help me! I’m not resisting,” Martin can be heard screaming in the video as officers stomp, punch and kick him. The sound of the beating was so overwhelming in the courtroom that Martin’s mother broke down into tears and had to cover her ears.

“I think the best piece of evidence was … the video” filmed by Mayflower police officer Dalton Elliott with a body camera, Special Prosecutor Tom Tatum said, according to Arkansas Online. “There’s no bias” with the video. “It … shows what it shows.”

Martin, who was actually helping police before being assaulted, was then rushed to the emergency room after the beating.

“I was beat down, tased, everything. I wasn’t putting up no fight,” Martin told authorities in an interview after his arrest.

Once the smoke and the blood cleared, all charges against Martin were dropped, and the attention was focused on Watlington. The Faulkner County Sheriff then fired Watlington after an investigation concluded that he’d used “excessive force.” He was charged a short time after being fired.

As the Free Thought Project frequently points out, violent and dangerous cops are allowed to continue to prey on society because their fellow cops remain silent in the face of excessive force. Fortunately, however, that was not the case this time around.

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In spite of the fact that Watlington’s fellow corrupt cops attempted to cover for the officer, Elliot’s video and testimony were able to bring this bad cop to justice.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. , Facebook, and now on Steemit

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    Charges are a start – let’s see a conviction and a REAL punishment!

    • David Daisy May Boldock

      Sooner the better lass. 🙂

  • Paradise in Chaos

    Charges were brought only because he is a “friend” of the cops. Lets see the charges stick.

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    I think this should serve as a lesson for the rest of us. DO NOT HELP THE FUCKING COPS!

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  • TechGump

    If you’re assisting violent thugs, don’t be surprised when that violence is turned on you.

    • The1Grinch

      It doesn’t surprise me that you are too stupid to read the article. If you weren’t an imbecile you would realize that the victim of this incident was an undercover cop.

  • IceTrey

    Is this what they mean by “snitches get stitches”?

  • Rex

    “In spite of the fact that Watlington’s fellow corrupt cops attempted to
    cover for the officer, Elliot’s video and testimony were able to bring
    this bad cop to justice.”

    OK, so what about the ones that tried to cover for him? That would be conspiracy.

    As fart as only getting charged with “excessive force”… well, I guess I should be thankful for small favors. I have a feeling that, if it weren’t for the “magic suit”, he would have been charged with attempted murder.

    And what about the other officers? Why aren’t they being charged? They were beating on the “suspect” as well.

    Pretty much looks like they tossed this guy under the buss as a token. And the officer that filmed him? He can expect his career in organized crime to be over any day now.

  • Anbu_Engineering

    “Stop resisting arrest while I proceed to stomp your head in and beat the living shit out of you. Stop resisting me beating your ass!”

  • 17

    Why didn’t superhero #2 pull his weapon and exert deady force against superhero #1, since what was occuring was obviously attempted murder?

  • JW Mack

    How do you obey the command to put your hands up when you’re busy using them to protect your head and other vital areas from a barrage of boots and fists?

  • ben dover

    Hope this PIG puts a barrel in his mouth and pulls the trigger maybe and hopefully more will follow and do the same thing. Dead corrupt PIGS can do no harm

  • Mother Earth

    Everybody’s gotta get inta de act, last one in’s a rotten egg and gotta cuff him

  • Im awake

    How do I turn off the Carambola ad it keeps playing on a loop.

  • Nishi

    That was disgusting. Those cops aren’t men, they are the devil’s minions. A plague on the Earth.

  • Alantar

    Glad to see that at least one police officer was willing to stand up for … the victim who was actually WORKING FOR THEM. I’d feel better if this had just been some random innocent guy that at least one officer acted to provide justice for, but I suppose we need to take what we can get.

  • hippieatheart63

    Look at all the tough fat men protecting and serving the hell out of this guy. Neanderthals waiting to pounce.