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US Government Admits Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells, But they Still Kidnap, Cage, and Kill You For It


The National Institute on Drug Abuse, a US federal government research institute whose mission includes “bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction,” has officially admitted that marijuana extracts can kill cancer cells.


The institute has revised a page on its website entitled “DrugFacts: Is Marijuana Medicine?” citing a recent study conducted by a group of scientists at St. George’s University, London.

“Recent animal studies have shown that marijuana extracts may help kill certain cancer cells and reduce the size of others,”
the NIDA report stated, adding that evidence from “one cell culture study suggests that purified extracts from whole-plant marijuana can slow the growth of cancer cells from one of the most serious types of brain tumors.”

The study, published in the Molecular Cancer Therapeutics journal in November, discovered that cannabis helps “dramatically reduce” the growth of new brain cancer cells.

“The benefits of the cannabis plant elements were known before but the drastic reduction of brain cancers if used with irradiation is something new and may well prove promising for patients who are in gravely serious situations with such cancers in the future,” Dr Wai Liu, Senior Research Fellow and lead researcher on the project, said.

Twenty-three US states have so far legalized marijuana in some capacity, while an additional 12 have legalized limited medical use of non-psychoactive cannabis extracts. Four states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana. The federal government still bans marijuana use, however.

In December when Congress passed a historic medical marijuana amendment as part of the federal spending bill, the move marked the first time in history that Congress approved legislation rolling back the federal government’s war on medical marijuana patients and providers. The bill features an amendment that prohibits the Department of Justice (which includes the Drug Enforcement Administration) from using funds to interfere with state medical marijuana laws.

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Earlier this week the Justice Department (DOJ) released a statement that while it will not stop states that allow medical marijuana from carrying out their programs, it will still go after marijuana users, however.

“Consistent with the Department’s stated enforcement priorities, we don’t expect that the amendment will impact our ability to prosecute private individuals or private entities who are violating the Controlled Substances Act,”
Department spokesman Patrick Rodenbush said in a statement, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Policy manager at the Drug Policy Alliance, Malik Burnett, told VICE News that NIDA’s recent admission about the efficacy of medical marijuana, coupled with the US Department of Justice’s vow to continue cracking down on the drug, is akin to a “major hypocrisy” by the government.

“We have the Justice Department continuing to threaten patients with arrest and prosecution in spite of the fact that Congress has voted to prevent the Justice Department from interfering with states that have passed medical marijuana laws,” Burnett said.

“These are all just parts of the major hypocrisy within the federal government when it comes to the issue of marijuana.”

Republished with permission from Russia Today.

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    • “Responsible”

      Oversimplifying a complex, heartbreaking thing is pretty goddamn irresponsible.

    • Kenyon Stacey Tell that to all the cancer causing industries. It is a racket. And “Susan” got paid for pink FRACKING BITS!!

    • Kenyon Stacey , Not using every treatment option available is even More goddamn irresponsible

    • Yvonne: Huh? In what way are they being this incredibly reductionist?

      Don: Yes, please tell people dying from cancer how irresponsible they are for not doing everything you think they should. Walk right up to them and tell them how you know what’s best for them and their bodies.

      Y’all give cannabis a bad name.

  • As a cancer patient, i can confirm this. You dont see those ads on TV because they want to help you out of the goodness of their hearts. Greed kills. 🙁

  • Mandy Robling

  • 18 years ago I was kidnapped…

  • I imagine that all the people dying of cancer right now would beg to differ that cancer is not a disease.

    • There is a cure If you have a lot of money but I see what you are saying

    • Steve Jobs, the founder and CEO of one of the most profitable companies in human history, died of cancer. If there was a magical cure that only rich people can afford, he could have had it.

    • Nah, marijuana only hits certain types of cancer. I also think that Jobs was diagnosed to late wasn’t he? It’s been awhile but it seems like on Monday he was diagnosed and in Wednesday he died.

  • As someone who just lost their mom to cancer, I assure you it’s a disease too.

  • 30 grand a day for my grandmas chemo and it hasnt dine anything but deteriorate her health

    • It hurt my grandparents, too. My grandmother had breast cancer and as a result, she had to get her breasts removed. And my grandpa had melanoma on his head and it killed him. My grandparents could’ve been alive if they used cannabis instead. If I get cancer, I’m flying to Colorado for treatment. Fuck chemo, fuck the government, fuck the corporate entities that oppress cannabis, and fuck big pharma!

    • I’m so sorry to hear that Chance. I looked up where you live! Hada feeling u are from America! I have family in Seattle! Come to Australia! Get a job and Medicare is charg d thru tax . and yes we sometimes have to pay. But nothing compared to you guys! Good luck brother! ♥

    • U a homie! Honky whateva they call yas!. Here in Australia.. We’re just white cunts! Sorry bout the foul language! But that’s just the way it is!

  • Mindy Nichols

  • Send me links, back your mouth

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  • My grandmother use to always say that they “learned their lesson with Polio.” In other words they will never cure cancer because there’s too much money in “treatment.”

  • Did you hear about the doctor who was telling patients they had cancer to make money but the patients didn’t have it.

  • You’re correct in saying that cancer is not a disease.
    Cancer is a disorder within the cells in your body. Can a person contact cancer? No. It happens within the body. It doesn’t come from an outside source.

    • Thanks Facebook doctor

    • So then cigarettes don’t cause cancer?

    • Technically no. The known carcinogens found in the cigarettes do.

      Short answer: yes.
      Long answer: no.

    • Billie Goodnough do you know what they mean as a “business”? They mean that big pharmaceutical companies amongst others such as health care and private prisons and so forth make money. Some make money because they have to treat the cancer and some make money because they sell all the meds and some make money because some are locked up for it..do the math..you can figure it out pretty quickly without finishing the math….doctor nurse police and so forth..we are fed very bad food and the food industry is making money by increasing their profits and the way they do that is by processing food to make their cost cheap but yet the food prices always go up, while they save lots of money..that’s just part of what the problem is with big corporations taking over any country..the food we eat ultimately can make us obese and very sick such as having cancer..

    • There are different types of cancer with differing causes. And it can be caused by outside sources. Radiation being the biggest one that comes to mind.

      Regardless that wasn’t really the intention of this post.

    • Billie Goodnough a disease is not caused by a pathogen. It’s a disorder. Sickle cell anemia is caused by a genetic disorder, just like cancer. They are both diseases. Pnuemococcus is a bacteria, but the subsequent pneumonia is the disease. The disorder is the disease, not the vector.

    • Cancer seems to be a disease, just not an infectious disease: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/disease?s=t

    • Erm. Some cancers ARE infectious; some involve a cellular response to carcinogens and other contaminants. Don’t know what you’re on about.

    • sun ?

    • Billie if that were the case everything that says “may cause cancer” wouldn’t say that smh

  • Sad but true smfh!

  • This country’s medical system is the business

  • ugh, not this again 🙁

  • Sandy D’Angelo Gannaway

  • I lost my father and mother in law to cancer. Right now my sister in law is in remission. I 100% agree with this post. Think about how great cancer is to a monetary based economy? Imagine if we found an end all cancer cure that was affordable for all to have? Look at all the fancy new cancer wards at hospitals. They’d close and everyone employed in them would lose their job. Foundations would fold, some charities would close down, and also even morticians would lose out. It’s a sick way of looking at it, but it’s true. Cancer is great for the economy. Curing cancer is the last thing we want to do because it would hurt the economy immensely.

    • Hi my wife suffer from cancer last stage please tell me truth does canibis oil really works

    • Cannabis oil has been shown to work against certain types of cancer, but not all. If your wife is in last stage, it may not help. I would definitely try it though. I’m very sorry to hear about your wife my friend

  • Big business! Shame on them!

  • It’s a b***ch

  • Yeah well I want a fucking refund I didn’t order this shit

  • Jane Christenson

  • We say again, if you have a problem with someone smoking a plant, you have serious control issues, and need professional help…

  • Finally somebody caught on

  • Yep, and Big Pharma are jacking up the price …

  • Use CannabisHemp!!
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  • oiracles from the vaultf course it is.. they have a cure. . h-86. .. my bad, should read miracles from the vault. they have a cure: h-86

  • Cancer is a disease that has become a money making business!!!!

  • The food and drug administration. Eat this food so you will need these drugs.

  • We can treat you many times but cure you only once, so we will keep looking for that cure indefinitely while we come up with more treatment’s. The world is sick.

    • really…lmao…..then u dont get out much

  • Absolutely Right

  • Phama works to find better and more expencive Treatments… not looking at Cures…

  • A bunch of hypocrites.

  • especially Pink shit!

  • That is why Bob Marley lived to be so old… Oh right. (Extra points because he would have been fine, thanks to actual medicine, if it was not for his stupid religion) http://worldmusic.about.com/od/genres/f/BobMarleyDeath.htm

    • All he had to do was cut his toe off or something right? But he believed if his body couldn’t fight it off then it wasn’t meant to be or whatever. Respect him for being true to his beliefs but man what could have been.

    • His beliefs were foolish and cost him his life. That is not something to respect.

  • For years…

  • You all don’t understand basic science…

    • But they read something online and now they are more smart than people with doctorates!! /sarcasm

    • Its not science its economics

    • So, all those years of advanced biology and pharmaceutical studies, condensed to a sheep skin, that hangs on my office wall, is wrong?

      Explain to me how eukaryotic system of genetic replication is not to blame. Please try. I would like a good chuckle.

  • This can cure anything!
    Watch “Mike Cutler beats liver cancer with cannabis oil: #illegallyhealed Podcast with Kevin Quinn” on YouTube

    Watch “How To Make Cannabis Oil in 7 Easy Steps” on YouTube

  • Race for the cure yeah right race for all that money. Eat right and exercise that alone would more than half the cancer deaths but people are looking for a magic bullet and making a lot of people filthy rich.


  • research is worth more than the cure

  • It sure is…

  • I lost my Brother to cancer. I believe they have hidden cure…

  • Absolutely

  • holy fuck enough is enough i am beginning to get fed up with this fucking extortion.


  • Well I guess if you believe conspiracy theories with no evidence, it’s not too much of a leap to believe science with no evidence.

  • extra Fluoride in your drinking water sir?

  • America is basically a greedy fuck

  • Dooooom

  • Kills brain cells too … As highlighted in the comments section .

    • studies have shown smoking it can have those effects.

  • Word!

  • I believe that to be true, I’m sure there is a cure for cancer, but no profit if everyone gets well.

  • So true. How many families get drained one way or the other. They need a cap on drugs and medical care.

  • Drugs are as big a buisness as oil. Wake up people lets take our world back from these corperate fuckers

  • Sven Koltermann

  • Then I need to resume toking.

  • Scientific illiteracy and conspiracy in pure form.

  • Virginia McComish

  • Dustin Bearup

  • Kalle Jurgård

  • Glenys MacKenzie

  • Real nice pricks… You have taken so many peoples lives and ruined many families including children’s lives etc for your wallet… Disgusting people you are..

  • Martha Rodriguez

  • 🙁

  • It is definitely a business when “leading” oncologist say science should not find a cure for cancer because it is better to die of cancer because people have time to say their goodbyes.

    First we have the blind leading the blind and now he have the insane treating sick people.

    Not finding cures for cancer and just finding ways to prolong people’s death is just a part of the British theory on Eugenics now being praised throughout the British Empire.

  • and tobacco stops poison. no joke, i got stung by a bee and i didn’t have any shots, so, my dad gave me a bandaid with tobacco on me….i was fine the whole day

  • It sure is and it’s time to get the truth out

  • I’ve always said we have a cure but the drug co. don’t want us to know because they’d lose $

  • legalize cannibus

  • So every doctor and researcher is on the conspiracy payroll?

  • You can tell from the profile pictures some people look intelligent, but,,??