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Govt Corruption So Rampant, FBI Buys Billboards Asking Public to Rat Out Criminal State Agents


Albany, NY – Instead of issuing Amber alerts for missing children or escaped fugitives, New York billboards are now asking government employees and ordinary civilians to report any state corruption directly to the FBI. Since 2012, at least 17 corrupt New York lawmakers have left office due to ethical or criminal issues.

Earlier this month, billboards appeared along interstates throughout the capital city urging citizens to report corrupt politicians instead of drunk drivers. The FBI along with the New York Public Corruption Task Force and state Attorney General set up the billboards in an effort to delve deeper into the systemic subornation plaguing Albany. Prior to posting the anti-corruption billboards in New York, the FBI erected them last year in Connecticut and Kentucky.

“The public plays an integral role in helping law enforcement root out corruption,” Andrew Vale, the FBI’s special agent in charge at the Albany division, told the Associated Press. “Which is why we try to make it easier to come forward and report suspected abuse.”

But Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell, a Manhattan Democrat who once headed the Assembly Ethics Committee, explained to the NY Daily News, “It seems to me that if someone is aware of corruption in any form, they don’t need a billboard to tell them. It’s not like the people don’t know what the FBI is and what they’ve been doing. But maybe I’m wrong.”

In the last four years, at least 17 New York lawmakers have left office due to criminal or ethical issues. On December 11, 2015, former New York State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and his son, Adam Skelos, were convicted of fraud, extortion, and soliciting bribes. On November 30, 2015, former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was convicted of seven counts, including conspiracy, fraud, extortion, and accepting roughly $4 million in bribes and kickbacks.

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On November 24, 2015, former New York State Senator Tom Libous was sentenced to six months of house arrest for lying to an FBI agent. On September 14, 2015, former New York State Assemblyman William Scarborough was sentenced to prison for wire fraud and theft. On July 24, 2015, New York State Senator John Sampson was convicted of obstruction of justice and making false statements to federal agents.

Last summer, former FBI agent and New York Congressman, Michael Grimm, was sentenced to eight months in prison after pleading guilty to tax fraud. In connection with his guilty plea, Grimm admitted to exploiting immigrant workers, underreporting wages, and repeatedly lying under oath. Grimm was also caught on video threatening to throw NY1-TV reporter Michael Scotto off the balcony of the U.S. Capitol building and break him in half.

Assemblymen Micah Kellner, Dennis Gabryszak, and Vito Lopez either resigned or failed to seek re-election due to allegations of sexual harassment. Assemblymen William Boyland Jr. and Eric Stevenson along with State Senator Carl Kruger were convicted of multiple counts of bribery.

At least 34 New York legislators have left office due to corruption or misconduct since 2000, including 17 corrupt state officials since 2012. As Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell explained, “Anybody who is a lawmaker who is unaware that the FBI is looking at us has other cognitive problems.”

With a pervasive culture of corruption, New York now apparently requires billboards to remind government employees and civilians that the FBI desperately needs their help in catching the plethora of crooked politicians. Heaven forbid someone might take it upon themselves to tackle government abuse without the FBI’s assistance. The last contracted government employee to try that was Ed Snowden.

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Andrew Emett is a Los Angeles-based reporter exposing political and corporate corruption. His interests include national security, corporate abuse, and holding government officials accountable. Andrew’s work has appeared on Raw Story, Alternet, Activist Post, and many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @AndrewEmett and on Facebook at Andrew Emett.

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  • It sounds like a setup.

  • Lol, the FBI just want to find out who the informed citizens are.

  • Funny, the most corrupt ones, besides the CIA themselves, want you to blow the whistle. I think Edward Snowden and the guy that just hacked the Police Union have done just that and you call them criminals. I’m glad the American empire is crumbling into dust but I feel sorry for the intelligent citizens who have to suffer because of your misdeeds.

  • Reporting corruption to the FBI. Lol

  • I called and reported hillary

  • so they get to the witnesses first. and silence them

  • Start with those criminal NYPD pig cops!!!

  • Wow seriously do you think a government entity is going to investigate another government entity

  • Shortly after our situation these billboards starting popping up all over Kentucky…

  • Sounds like a trap to me. If they were this concerned, all documents regarding 9/11 and our mass surveillance programs wouldn’t have been kept a secret.

    They DGAF.

  • Who rats out the Federal criminal agents?

  • Yes, but the FBI is just as corrupt!

  • Mark isn’t rich enough yet?

  • I wish that would happen here in Washington state. The LCB is nothing more then a Nazi band of Criminal thugs.

    • So you need a billboard to do something? If you have something to inform the FBI about do it. Don’t want for a billboard. That’s just advertising for something that is already available to you.

  • Lol . Yes because the FBI are not in any way corrupt or the CIA

  • Is this a joke

  • Visit Manitowoc county Wisconsin, the home of sheriff/prosecutor corruption.

  • We couldn’t do that in tevas. There would be no-one left!

  • Is it snitching if it’s about the police? Or senator? Judges?

  • Early warning system for cover ups. Report the crime so they have time to remove, adjust stories and records.

    • Agree!

    • It’s the same with reporting prostitution n corruption at your job or even reporting sexual harrassment

    • Shay Chelle One has to be very careful with those, to easy for it to be turned around.

  • Problem is it will be used against the whistle blowers.

  • Well start with the NYPD as a whole. Some of the most corrupt m************ in the world

  • Yeah but the FBI is equalily as corrupt as your Government???

  • Afghanistan is a fraud perpetrated solely to steal tax money.

    Troops need to serve America by refusing to participate in bankrupting this country for wars based on scams and lies. http://girightshotline.org/en/other-organizations/#anchor-01-veterans-organizations

    FREEDOM is ability to independently live off of the grid

  • You people who think it’s a trap are wrong, they know civilians see everything

  • This is funny

  • I would like to report corruption last year I paid taxes on everything! Lol

  • The FBi, if they really wanted to, could just go count the officials’ money. That would tell the tale. They have no problem counting mine if they want!

  • Rat out New York’s MAYOR and GOVERNOR!

  • This is a sign of progress

  • and the FBI aren’t corrupt ? :/

  • Report wet water.

  • Bahahaha

  • What a joke that’s like police policing themselves.

  • They should start with themselves, that will keep them occupied for the foreseeable future !!!

  • I have seen similar in Nigeria, lmfao!! Hahhahaa

  • Yeah report them, then they will come after you.

  • Start with the FBl

  • This should go nationwide

  • Wish they had billboards everywhere so it STUCK in peoples heads…not just a passing thought

  • Congress and the administration. Corruption

  • What the hell difference will it make? The governor of Michigan just poisoned everyone and he still has his job!!!!! WTF????

  • They need to investigate the CIA and audit the fed and investigate the IRS. City and state government municipalities are a microcosm of the federal government

    • They investigate themselves, and find no wrong doings.

    • City and state are the place to start.

    • They get away with what they can get away with.

  • Its so rampant, it is hopeless.

  • What about the federal corruption? Does this mean a line will be up for calling on corrupt feds soon?

  • Never trust politicians

  • Who reports the corruption of the FBI? Who watches the watchers?

  • BULL SHIT fbi is so full of lies

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  • Starting with the tax department in both countries would be an excellent start.

  • The government

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  • If you phone them you probably disappear.

  • Yea and end up like manning and Snowden !!!

  • Americas head long dive to banana republic !

  • This is laughabkr. All it does is track informers and does not have the ability or resources to really make a difference

  • New zealand government

  • Ok so who’s gonna report the FBI then?

  • I think America’s problems come from the area it governs so poorly. It’s government can not govern such a large area. It’s a divided country. You can not create a coherent nation from 52 separate states. Why the united states of Europe will fail. It’s all about economics. Government only looks after it’s(Our) money. We are statics in a business plan.

  • The FBI just wants to know who is not brain dead yet in America

  • real smart so they give you a number to dob them in, got to love that, now they’ll have a list of people to target

  • They are apart of the corruption.

  • why bother?

  • In Morocco they started something similar.( The anti corruption hotline) …But too many people calling, their phone lines crashed down…

  • All they have to do is follow all the politicans in Washington, DC after hours and watch the money change hands, problem solved!

  • the FBI should look in the mirror

  • A good place to start would be Larry Silverstien on 9-11 and wtc7

  • You know things are doomed when… “You report a fraud or crime, and the folks in power re-write a law to use against you to punish you for speaking out.”

  • Crooked to the core.

  • This is funny they to need to be investigated.!!

  • lmfao. Ok. Call one corrupt force to report another?

  • As if


  • posted from a brother site: Don’t fall for it! It’s a trap. They will take your information then tell the people you called about that you ratted on them then you may end up getting gang stalked. If you see corruption go get a lawyer who likes fucking with the cops!

  • Why?They ain’t got the balls to do anything

  • Looooooooool. Come to SA

  • Quick! Report the government to itself!

  • Coming from the FBI?
    Must be bad!

  • boy talk about govt bull shit at its fineist

  • Is NY worse then DC??

  • FBI more corrupt than all of em put together

  • Everyone on here is being watched!


  • Kind of like calling the mafia to stamp out street crime.

  • then they put you in jail for squealing

  • Gotta start some where. We have more eyes, and we don’t get paid off.

  • Well now,,,,that is the Pot calling the Kettle Black.

  • So they can silence the whistle blowers……………

  • 0101aaz

    This case is the most telling and horrific example of injustice in the court system. The deliberate inattention to rectifying the injustice has made the family decide to publically post it on the internet. The family would like for your unit to review the case and restore the name and position of a dedicated Police Officer. We as a family have Spoken to Rabbi Gluck who sent the case to Governor Patterson, Senator Sampson, Assemblyman Joe Lentol and Assemblywoman Jenny Fields who have attempted to assist us in our plight. . Assemblywoman has written a letter on behalf of Officer Rosato and Jurors have written letters. We have brought this case to the attention of your office and the results are contradictory to statements delineating your position. We have a letter from your office stating that the case was reviewed and there will be no further action in the case. I must continue to alert you to the manipulation of the entire case to ensure the conviction of a dedicated person and Public Servant known as a Police Officer. We have the up most respect for the strides you have made in restoring the reputation of innocent people and continue to support you in your attempts. WE RESPECTFULLY REQUEST A MEETING AND THE TIME TO SHOW HOW THIS CASE WAS MANIPULATED TO CONVICT THIS INNOCENT OFFICER OF A CRIME.

    The Manhattan District Attorney’s office under the previous administration maliciously prosecuted Michael Rosato. Some of the Highlights of the case include: All of the Judges motions were made off the record without permission of the Defense Attorney , The DA became an unsworn witness, Missing and altered Rosario material presented at trial, Complainants statements did not match the videotape,

    The investigating officers reports did not match the complainants statements. The appeal for ineffective counsel was denied on its face. The initial hand written report by the Police administrative aide was not presented at trial (Rosario material). The investigating officer’s report times preceded the arrival time of the complainants on the Police administrative aide’ reports.

    The investigating officer is now the senior investigator in the DOI which falls under the Mayor. The investigating officer retained the case after the Inspector from IAB designated the case to the proper unit. The investigating officer had only two months left to retire and stated in court that he took it upon himself to keep the case. The Supervisor then sent the case to IAB after the detective retired because his unit did not handle these cases in his unit. Jurors sent letters stating that the case was over prosecuted and that no crimes were committed and it was a waste of taxpayers money.

    The video tape presented at trial no longer had the IAB lieutenant’s and the investigating officers initials and date on the Rosario material, the burglary was supported by official misconduct, the complaint’s testimony to IAB was that he delivered the original tape to the detective on the date the complaint was made however, the detectives reports indicate the detective did not receive the tape for five days, the detective solved the case without viewing the tape or responding to the building, the Judge would not allow evidence that the DA had produced in his opening statements at trial, no crime delineated on the original complainant, the witnesses testimony was contradictory to the evidence(video) report and so much more.

    please contact me, Michael Rosato at 631-484-7760 Once again no public entity will do anything to rectify the unjust blatant destruction of this dedicated police officer.

  • Rixar13

    Worthless Shit in 2016 ← FBI (on hold)