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“How was your water? Was it clean?” Gov Snyder Chased Out Of Restaurant By Angry Residents


Flint, MI –  Governor Rick Snyder is surely one of the most hated people in Flint, if not the entire state of Michigan, and it is a surprise that he can actually go out anywhere in public without being heckled. In fact, there was just an incident reported last week where he was chased out of a restaurant with residents who were angry about the part he played in the city’s current water crisis.

At the Old Town Tavern on Liberty Street, which is just down the street from the governor’s new condo, Snyder was unable to finish his meal because of his public infamy.

According to Ann Arbor resident Laura Tanner, someone in the restaurant yelled “Snyder, you f*** up!” which alerted everyone else in the bar that the governor was there.

As Snyder was getting up to leave, Tanner yelled to him “How was your water? Was it clean?”

Tanner later told MLive that, “He was just eating his meal, drinking fresh water, like he didn’t have a care in the world, and this was my chance to tell him what I think of him. I don’t know how he sleeps at night, to be honest.”

MLive later called the restaurant and spoke with an employee who said that the governor was in fact there and was forced to leave as he was being yelled at by other customers.

Tanner said that some of the patrons in the bar seemed hesitant or afraid to say anything.

“He almost got away without getting noticed. They treated him just like they would any other customer,” she said, adding that, “Really, I was shocked by the hesitancy of anyone else, to say anything. Nobody else was saying anything.”

“When he got up to leave, honestly, I just felt like I had, to say something, so I stood up,” she said.

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She said that the governor did his best to ignore his hecklers as he made his way out of the restaurant.

As we reported last month, the city’s government continues to charge people for the poison water, threatening to foreclose their home or take their children if they refuse to pay. Michigan law states that parents are neglectful if they do not have running water in their home, and if they choose not to pay for the water they can’t even drink, then they could be guilty of child endangerment. Flint resident Melissa Mays says that some residents have already received similar threats from the government if they refuse to pay their bills.

Flint residents have recently filed two class action lawsuits calling for all water bills since April of 2014 to be considered null and void because of the fact that the water was poisonous.

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  • So nothing about this

    • I just posted about the same thing. The Dani haven’t had anyone fighting for them. I have… trying to protect Mother Earth.

    • Janice L Myers keep on posting till they have no choice but to listen

    • Free thought has posted this once or twice already now..

    • That’s where I got it from but it’s crazy how no one is picking up the story so I figured that people here might spread the word

    • I posted this last week….I didn’t post anything about Flint. Didn’t need to.

    • Native Land doesn’t fall under US jurisdiction. What could our government do really lol. They can go after the agencies or companies involved, sure. And that’s a subject that’s hard to come across unless you are directly looking for, or it’s put in some form of Media. I mean how many people on a daily basis google native water contaminated? Unless they were to hear about it previously. I’m not undermining their problem, but seriously claiming no one cares because they’re native is ridiculous.

    • Even further, are you surprised the majority haven’t a clue about anything that’s happening within the United States or globally? Really, are you? If so, you haven’t been paying attention very long yourself.

    • Ashton Haggitt I’m not surprised by this at all I have been talking about this for over 25 years but if I just sit back and say or do nothing while people are paying attention to the water situation in other places then when should I say something If you have all the answers?

  • Too bad they are playing blame games, instead of looking at their leadership and institutions failure.
    There has been nary a peep, about the lab techs or administration of the water department.

  • Where’s your outrage for the Native Americans forced to drink bad water too? They’ve been living and dying because of their water for years, and I don’t hear one word being said, but you go nuts over Michigan. Are their lives more important than the Natives who’ve been shafted since the Pilgrims took over Native lands? I don’t think so… ALL WATER SHOULD BE CLEAN!

  • no offense to native americans BUT NATIVE LAND ARE NOT GOVERNED BY THE US OR IT PEOPLE!!! THE NATIVES DONT Want the government to assist or help in any way they want to leave government out of it, next how was their water supply poisened??? OR IS IT NATURALLY OCCURING IN THEIR WATER SUPPLY??? IF IT IS POISENED BY SOME BUSINESS THEN THE NEED TO GO AFTER THAT BUSINES, BECUASE WE ALL KNOW TRIBAL LANDS ARE OUT OF THE JURISTICTION OF THE US GOVERNMENT!!! SO PLEAse stop comparingt this to the indians land. other wise we can start clamering that africas water is 100 time more poluted then filnt but we up in arms abbout flint and not africa right!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Get informed fool. It’s not that much different than this. They knew and said nothing.

    • but when it comes to tribal lands the government does not have any say, the native americans government does!

    • but the real problem is EVERY GOVERNMENT IS GOVERNED BY THE BIG MONEY!!!! IN EVERY COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!


    • BUT I WAS MERELY STATING if just cuase they mention flint they forgot about natives water????????????????? then your forgeting every one in africa whos water is unfit as well!!!!!!!

  • He’s a criminal. Him and Nestle.

  • Come see for yourself

  • Dont loose focus….the reason.he is a twatwaffle is not.brcause the water.is poisoned…but because he and his peers knew about.it and said NADA …

    The greatest evil.is not the evil people do….but people who.turn a blind eye to.it!!!!

  • This poor example of a human
    being-Gov Rick Snyder-should consider himself
    lucky every morning he awakens: like all the other
    wealth-addled psychopaths in the USA, they are
    targets for vigilante groups that are not willing to
    wait for the current justice system to start working in
    favor of We the People.

    Keep looking over your shoulder-because someone,
    somewhere is coming to kill you.

    • you hear that snyder im sure its more then just a few ppl with these thoughts, im in bloody Australia and id have thoughts about lynching you if i saw you. watch the fuck out.

    • There is no other way to
      handle people who are so reckless with
      other peoples health and lives. Unless we
      change the policies that make it possible
      for what Gov. Rick Snyder did. In my 50
      years of being alive, not enough of these
      monsters have been brought to justice.

    • One could only hope

  • arrest that piece of shit, governors are not above the law !!!

  • Recall time

  • the power of the people in full effect!

  • I wish they get rid of this guy already. He is culpable and he should be arrested.

  • Chased out ?? They shoulda bum rushed his scumbag ass and gave him a beat down of a life time then strung him up from the nearest tree

  • You want the true face and voice of Flint?!
    Then stfu and fucking listen.


  • Watch the archived footage of the hearing today FLINT WATER CONTAMINATION on C-SPAN

  • Seems to me they want to fire the wrong people. What about their all DEMOCRAT city council. Where were they why all this took place.

  • sometimes tar and feathering really seems appropriate. he should be in stocks

  • Sally people can do the whole blame thing, but it still stands that he and his colleagues knew about it before it happened and didn’t issue a warning. That to me, justifies an impeachment.

  • Guillotine!

  • Fuckin’ right on! Give these scum the arse!