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Same Govt that Locks People in Jail for Cannabis, Just Approved OxyContin for Young Children


Washington, D.C. — The evidence is undisputable. Cannabis is an incredibly beneficial plant with medical applications that humanity has only begun to explore. Its harmful side effects are nearly non-existent, and no evidence to date has shown that anyone has ever died from it.

The evidence is undisputable. OxyContin and other opioid-based prescription drugs have a small range of uses from pain management to cough relief. The harmful side effects of opioids are virtually limitless. They are highly addictive, sicken tens of thousands of people a year and kill thousands.

Of course, opioids have a place in medicine as they are used to treat severe pain. However, they are incredibly dangerous.

Cannabis can also be used to treat severe pain. In fact, cannabis has shown some incredible promise in reversing the harmful effects of debilitating, painful, and deadly seizures in children.

The main difference between cannabis and opioid medication, however, is that government agents won’t kick down your door in the middle of the night, shoot your dog, and kidnap and cage you if you have doctor-prescribed OxyContin.

So far in the US, 23 states, and Washington, D.C. have legalized cannabis for medical use. However, in all but five of those states, it is nearly impossible to obtain. In the other 27 states, police will deprive you of your freedom for possessing it.

Marijuana kills no one.

Not only does marijuana not kill people, but a study published by JAMA Internal Medicine found that states with medical cannabis laws had significantly lower rates of opioid overdose mortality. That’s right, in states where medicinal marijuana is legal, deaths from OxyContin are significantly less.

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The irony here is that OxyContin is legal in all 50 states, it ruins lives, ends lives, and yet still, the government signs off on the ability of doctors to give it away like candy. Of course, no one is saying that these drugs should be illegal either, but the fact that marijuana is illegal while these dangerous opioid drugs are legal is a travesty.

The painful irony does not stop there, however.

Tens of thousands of children suffer from epilepsy in this country. Of those tens of thousands, only a very small handful have access to the potential benefits of cannabis. The rest face losing their parents to fines and imprisonment for attempting to alleviate their debilitating diseases.

However, if you are a child who wants to start a regime of deadly opioid drugs, this is now perfectly legal.

On Friday, the Food and Drug Administration announced that it has approved the use of OxyContin for children as young as 11.

According to NBC News, 

Dr. Sharon Hertz, director of new anesthesia, analgesia and addiction products for the FDA, said studies by Purdue Pharma of Stamford, Connecticut, which manufactures the drug, “supported a new pediatric indication for OxyContin in patients 11 to 16 years old and provided prescribers with helpful information about the use of OxyContin in pediatric patients.”

This move by the FDA is a glaring kick to the face of parents of suffering children who could benefit from the potential effects of cannabis. To say that kids can now have OxyContin while keeping marijuana illegal, is nothing short of pure insanity!

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If ever you needed proof that the state is not at all interested in the well-being of the citizens, and only engaged in enriching the special interests who profit from their corporatist ties, this is it.

This decision is shameful, and it deserves to be spread. Please share this article with your friends and family to highlight the blatant hypocrisy of a government that pretends to keep you safe, while doing the exact opposite.

  • If you enjoy dead children, absolutely fine.

  • not right if natures garden works why is it illegal. any body know??????

    • The pill palaces don’t like it….

    • Erm….Money!

    • it all ways the money, shame shame..

    • The reason is, is in USA u cannot patent anything that comes from nature, and because of that monopolies cannot be created via naturally grown items. Therefore it’s illegal to own/manufacture certain natural items to allow synthetic forms to be made and profit off them. This is why hemp was made illegal long ago. Thanks to people like Henry Ford who saw sustainable hemp fuel as a threat to his empire, so they lobbied the politicians and gave them money to make weedhemp and opiates illegal.

    • I’m sure they indulge, I’m sure they want safe drugs..

  • Because capitalism yea

  • Welcome to Amuricka

  • My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you,ask what you can do for your country.

  • It’s like the drug dealers are running the government

  • Thats there grander plan. Money

  • if its approved by government,..you probably do not want any part of it

  • it’s the same story as Tesla vs Edison all over again.”but..but..we cant own stock from a plant,if it grows everywhere naturally,how can we monopolize it?”FFS we’re a full century later & nothing changed.time for a global civil uprising : round up all banksters & bilderbergers,and have them stand trial for their crimes against humanity.Have the usa come clean on all beneficial tech hidden through the invention secrecy act of ’51.

    • I saw this and thought…”hmm maybe thats why its called area 51″

    • who know?funny AF and could even turn out to be the actual case XD makes downright sence even,they seized some choice tech from the public eye so naturally they need a secluded area for them to tinker with it themselves in secret.The law is real tho n who knows just how much and what kinds of tech they stole from the public?The real kicker is when you start to learn just how many underground military bases there really are,they are not a usa-exclusive phenomenon.Even in Belgium,tiny spec of a country,there’s multiple underground military bases.If there are US military staff stationed in a given base,that’s a good indication.Others may have a secluded,high-security area ran by UN forces,wich usualy means US troops with slightly diff. uniforms.Dafuq goes on there?nobody knows,nobody talks.From the rare stuff i did manage to find out,there’s some antigravity research beeing done,but unsure based on what principle.Considering a witness i spoke to,i think they’re using the Hutchison effect.(bonus : search YT for hutchison effect)

  • It’s all about the money honey.

  • Well if I am a lobbyist for the pharm industry and I give a lot of money to a politician to dictate laws and actions put into play, this happens.

    • why the fuck can you buy a politician

    • Because the American public have been duped into believing this is Democracy, and not Cooperate Oligarchy.

    • Lobbyists can only pressure by representing jobs and thus a large group of active voters who will vote how they have to depending on their union, and they represent a constituent who will vote specifically for one cause. In other words, Lobbyists represent a certain number of active voters, so they use that to presure politicians. That’s all they can do. You can’t buy a politician. You can negotiate with one “you scratch my back and I scratch yours”. This is how committees, the two houses, and local and state government senates work. So no you can’t directly buy a politician. Only negotiate

  • stupid s.o.b all i can say

  • Makes no sense at all

  • I just got denied employment again for using medical cannabis lol even though i am more than qualified for the position, perfect background ( never been in trouble ), passed the physical ( in perfect health ), have a very good work history with my previous employers, i’m always extremely proficient and on time, i am very nice and polite. I am the definition of a perfect employee.. But discrimination is alive and well and highly praised… Oh well, guess it’s time to get another government grant and use more money for schooling even though once i’m done and on my way employers will just deny me employment again…. lol vicious cycle wasting people away.

    • Very sorry to hear that.

    • you still have to fit the system no matter what your thoughts are if they said drug testting you turn out to be the retard

    • ” fit to the system no matter what ” lol

    • What state are you in? People in Oregon can get unemployment for it even without a medical card, but it’s legal here. I guess it varies by state.

  • its government / big pharma controling the people by getting them doped up at an early age because then they are hooked on the meds and people will do anything to keep their comfortable world , and also people who dont take this crap will be classed as terrorist because they are fully aware of whats going on in this evil world therefore they will be taken out which ever way the governments see fit so as to not upset the rest of the populace , there is always a payback for big pharma/governments to think of these kind of silent wars against the populace

  • So if pharmaceuticals profit, its OK. A reasonable mind must conclude that COMPETITION for that PROFIT, must not be ” OK “.

  • disgusting

  • so sad they want your money no matter what it takes

  • They really hate competition!

  • WTF ?

  • [email protected] Conner Near You.

  • WTF Part of their evil plan to get kids hooked at earlier and earlier ages.

  • now that’s F’d up…F’d up real bad
    does something seem backwards …or is it just me?

  • It should have been legal long ago but since we live in a corporate country where they want people to be sick and wrongfully incarcerate marijuana users, does that make us a corporate communist country?

  • Dude. This is getting ridiculous. Do you actually read any of the shit these sites spiel? My god. I can even open it up. Blasted with popup adds. And then the site is full of adds. Total bs mate. Man. I make websites for a living. I understand the web. These guys are total scumbags preying on gullible hippies just to get some “pay per click” money. Don’t buy into it mate. Check your links before you post. Is fucking comical to waste my time proof reading fucking crap. Cheers.


  • I would never give my child synthetic heroin! I have seen this stuff destroy people’s lives! Proof that our government doesn’t give a shit about our children!

  • Outlawing Gods creation, while at the same time altering Gods creation and then calling it ok.. lol..

  • That’s bullshit. Don’t trust big pharm. Don’t use pills. Always look for the natural alternative first. Please think of your family. Don’t feed them your money. There nothing without you, remember that.

  • :p Profit Margin it’s always easy to being following the Money of big pharmaceutical. :p than is it is to follow the twists and turns of politicians as to where they get their money from :p

  • I’m on a federal recovery program and they won’t let me smoke Marijuana and pay for their own mess which hooked me in the first place.

  • Its what keeps the nation going

  • Make the rich richer

  • There creating addicts it shouldn’t give this pills to children can’t imagine. Cannabis be better for them cause it won’t kill them

  • …justice ain’t cheap.

  • I dont think its ok.

  • synthetic heroin, good job

  • Follow the money.

  • The hypocrisy of our government is astonishing.

    And it’s BOTH sides.

  • OxyContin owners are Billionaires

  • Its not ok but will you fight it ? and i mean fight it. Not stand outside a govt building with a sign cause that doesnt do fucking anything.

  • If u think cannabis is more dangerous than chemical, then u are a part of the problem.

  • that tells you who is in charge

  • Everything in this country is about money and drug companies are amongst the riches

  • Insane.

  • OxyContin is far more a gateway drug then cannabis.
    The welfare of people isn’t at the governments forefront of thought money is.

  • Freakin Crazy

  • weed will never be legal in the uk… the main political partys are too scared! they think they will lose votes no party in this country has the bollocks to tell people that the billions a £ss they have wasted on the “war on drugs” has failed!1 fuck em i still smoke every day!! i just wanna be able buy wi out fear of arrest

  • Thank you The Free Thought Project.com. This is very disturbing to me. I seen brochures about this in a psychiatrist office, I was taking my niece to last year. OxyContin for 11 year olds?!

  • sick sick sick..no other description

  • Jesus save us please