Wichita, KS — Angela Kastner has colorectal cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy to treat it. However, because the state is hell bent on targeting people for putting THC in their bodies, Kastner is missing her much needed chemo treatment after she was locked in a cage by Sedgwick County deputies.

Apparently, these cops felt that throwing the grandmother with terminal cancer in a state-sponsored jail cell would somehow serve society. After all, she did have THC, the dangerous psychoactive component of cannabis, in her system.

However, had these cops bothered to read any research on the subject, they should’ve let her go on her way with an apology. But that’s not what happened. Instead, police are taught to fear THC. They are fed bogus stats claiming that it is a gateway drug. They also dangerously believe that having THC in your blood somehow means you are impaired. And, especially in Kansas, cops love to kidnap, cage, or even kill you over this highly beneficial plant.

To show just how criminally uninformed the deputies were who arrested and jailed Mrs. Kastner, she hadn’t broken any law — even in Kansas — as she was prescribed the FDA-approved and entirely legal, synthetic version of THC.


“I had … Marinol in my system that the doctors in Oklahoma gave me to fight cancer. I’ve been fighting cancer 5 years,” Kastner said.

That’s right. Kastner is taking Marinol to fend off nausea and help her have an appetite, just like millions of other cancer patients across the country.

According to her pharmacist, as KAKE reports, the amount of THC in her blood is not enough to make anyone high. In fact, according to the drug’s own insert on its safety, they only recommend not driving if you feel confused, dizzy, or drowsy.

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Aside from the drug Kastner has been taking for 5 years, not causing impairment, there is no scientific evidence that THC in the blood stream equates to impaired driving.

As the Free Thought Project previously reported, no scientific basis exists to legitimize current THC testing for impaired driving. According to a study from auto club giant AAA’s safety foundation, a blood test threshold for THC — the chemical component of cannabis that makes people ‘high’ — is simply not scientifically possible.

As the study notes, determining actual impairment from THC consumption is quite different than for alcohol. Tolerance for the chemical would mean though a regular cannabis user might have high blood levels of THC, they are perfectly safe behind the wheel — while a relatively low THC blood level could be found in someone unfit to drive.

Because Kastner was a regular user of Marinol she was, more likely than not, entirely fit to drive — even if she’d just taken it.

However, none of this matters to those tasked with upholding the law. And, if the law says we have to throw grandmas in cages for having their legally prescribed medicine in their bloodstream, then, by golly, we are going to do just that.

“I miss my chemo tomorrow and I miss my doctor’s appointment tomorrow,” said Kastner, whose doctor is rightfully furious. Because she’s missing the chemo treatment, her doctor says she’ll have to restart her entire regimen.

“She’s all I’ve got,” Kastner’s niece, Crystal Fleming said to KAKE. “My dad passed away and she’s all I’ve got.”

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As for Kastner, she says she wants people to know her story so no one else has to go through her pain.

“I feel sorry for the next cancer patient who has to go through anything I have had to go through. They shouldn’t have to do this at the end of their life.”

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Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.
  • planesVERSUStowers

    Hypocritical cops NEVER treat THEIR family members the way they treat the average civilian stranger, victim, prey. They NEVER shoot their own family pet DEAD the way they KILL the average civilian pet.

    Is it zionism brought home to roost? Let’s study on it…

    U.S. Police Routinely Travel to Israel to Learn Methods of Brutality and … › Badge Abuse › Police Brutality
    Aug 30, 2015 – “As for the increase in police brutality within the United States, I think this definitely can be pointed towards the Israeli training that the …

    • Gordon Klock

      They started training in Israel, at the same time they instituted the policy of hiring mostly “sub-intellects”….

      • alexandra

        Interestingly Israel allows medical cannabis for patients that require it and as since march of this year only fine recreational users $250 without giving them a criminal record, building up accordingly with repeat offenders. But the push is on its way to total decriminalization. They even tested on a couple thousand in the Israeli army in 2010 with great success. Also good to note the children of Israel receive only 17 vaccinations unlike California that receive 30.

  • Gordon Klock

    Kansas is notoriously draconian about cannabis, (& the state government seems to seriously hate us in Colorado, for legalizing it), & there are plenty of local horror stories as to how petty & vindictive, they are willing to get about it, often over the flimsyist excuses, they can possibly muster…
    Hope this poor lady, & her doctor can find some way to get them to legally see reason, (esp. over ‘marinol’ use), but by now, we all know how stubborn, & willfully ignorant, prohibitionists tend to be…

  • jpriest2121jr .

    Time to start killing these tyrant assholes and torture the assholes that allow the tyranny!

  • Travis Bickle 2.0

    I certainly hope all those authoritarian pigs get incurable painful brain cancer.

  • Speckintime

    Hell is made specifically for judges, lawyers and politicians, the misery we suffer here is only temporary compared to eternity that is an awfully long time .

  • Mother Earth

    When Nixon declared war on drugs as well as Nth Vietnam and Cambodia all the states fell in line with this gross injustice so now we have states legalising recreational marijuana but certain states don’t want this to happen and are still screwing good people under their war trodden boots and treating them like criminals the way the crooked system likes it and they are only showing their true colours , brutality and violence accompany these colours and until you get rid of these violent perpetrators your freedom will remain just a word and the violence will continue under their iron fist.

  • Mark McAnulty

    You know, this very cruel and more than heavy handed punishment, without using any common sense to judge the circumstances of this lady’s “offence”. To hassle and steal the time of this lady while she deals with this charge and then take 2 more days to punish her is heartless and senseless. The county attorney could of declined to file charges on this, and should have. Shame on you.

  • freeman

    Hahahaha right on par with Saudi. The funny part the us think there country is great. It will be gone in one hour and most in hell.

  • freeman

    Lol crack head counrty. In America even are pres was a crack head. Losers. 5% good 95% shit hole. Just like Saudi.

  • patriot156

    However, none of this matters to those
    tasked with upholding the law. And, if the law says we have to throw
    grandmas in cages for having their legally prescribed medicine in their
    bloodstream, then, by golly, we are going to do just that.
    Perfectly biased comment, but one I agree with however.
    You can’ thank Sessions for that I’m sure POS tyrant!
    yeah you can’t test for impairment the same way you do alcohol THC stays in the system for up to 30 day’s and presence in the blood stream has no indication of impairment.
    Assholes should of just left her alone. one of the main reason you never trust a cop, and never assume that because one is your neighbor never assume they won’t enforce gun laws as well with the same by golly it’s against the law and well do our job attitude.
    I know Trump,and all, but that truth still remains if it’s against the law they enforce it!

  • Jim

    Follow the rules, or you pay the price. No sympathy for old hags or African Americans. You people have to follow the rules, too.

  • AshitWadhwani

    I hold her neighbors, friends, community, social help orgs and local politician responsible too for not coming to her aid. Try doing this to MY neighbor, and you will never forget me. I’d find the guy responsible and brand ‘Love thy neighbor’ on his ass with a hot iron.

  • Gaylen Allen Anderson

    She missed her much needed chemotherapy!?? Why would anyone want to kill themselves with chemotherapy? There has to be better ways to die.

  • chivalry

    What does DUI mean? Driving Under the Influence! This article is uhh can’t say those words.

    She chose to drive while on a substance that is considered and intoxicant. She should have gone to jail. If I drink and am over the limit then guess where I go if I drive. Marinol is a controlled substance, so is Xanax. If I am under the influence of either while I drive guess what.

    If her niece was so concerned then why didn’t she drive her?