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Graphic Body Cam Footage Shows Killer Cop as He Murders an Innocent Unarmed Man

Salt Lake City, UT — On August 11, 2014 Dillon Taylor was gunned down in broad daylight by Officer Bron Cruz.

The confrontation happened because Cruz confused Taylor with a possible criminal in the area.

Taylor, his brother, and his cousin were exiting a 7-Eleven in an area where police were searching for a suspect who had allegedly been waving a gun around.  These uninvolved young men allegedly matched the description.

When the three men exited the convenience store they were surrounded by officers and ordered to show their hands.  Two of the men stopped and complied, Dillon Taylor, listening to music, kept walking.

Barely 40 seconds go by from the time Dillon is approached until he is shot by Cruz.

The body cam footage was released in September of last year, however, it stopped just after the shots were fired. Apparently the department did not want you to see what happened after as the full video was not released until this week. It shows the disturbing moments before and after this innocent man was gunned down by police.

“He couldn’t hear them, so he just kept walking. Then … they had guns pointed at his face. That’s when he turned off the music,” Taylor’s brother Jerrail Taylor told the SLC Tribune. “I saw them point guns at my brother’s face, and I knew what was going to happen.”

One officer told Taylor to get on the ground, while another told him to put his hands on his head.

“He got confused, he went to pull up his pants to get on the ground, and they shot him,” Jerrail Taylor said.

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A report by the Daily Kos provides a detailed breakdown of the 7-minute video:

Now that the full video has been released, it’s disturbingly clear that nothing about this police shooting was justified. Nothing at all.

At 0:17, Officer Bron Cruz gets out of his vehicle. You will notice people confused by his presence.

At 0:22, Officer Cruz walks past two men who were friends with Dillon Taylor.

At 0:24, Officer Cruz walks behind Taylor, who has on a white T-shirt and is listening to music.

At 0:33, we see the officer has his gun drawn and is yelling at Taylor, who’s holding his sagging pants up and does not appear to hear Cruz.

At 0:36, the officer shoots Taylor. It would be fatal.

Starting at 0:41, you will notice the headphone cord coming out of Taylor’s pocket.

At 0:48, you will see that the headphones were clearly going up to Taylor’s ears.

At 0:52, the officer asks Dillon to “give me your hands,” but Taylor is already near death. His friends begin screaming and crying in the background.

At 1:03, the officer handcuffs Taylor.

At 1:48, the officer turns Taylor over, the headphones are visible, and the officer states “it’s clear”—meaning that Taylor was actually unarmed.

At 2:54, the officer turns Taylor completely over, keeping him handcuffed, and begins talking to him and trying to get him to talk. Taylor appears nearly dead and is completely covered in blood.

At 4:56, the officer is rummaging through Taylor’s pockets instead of providing any first aid.

It seems that after the officer discovered Taylor was unarmed, he pretended to care and provided a nice show for his body cam. However, he never once attempted to simply apply pressure to the gaping hole in Taylor’s chest.

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WARNING: The video below is graphic and disturbing.

In October, the DA ruled this murder “justified.”


  • LEE

    He did try to apply a ”BAND AID” . That is atrocious, still shouting and yelling at the kid with his air of authority as if he was still in the right !!!! Come on, is this cop still in the ‘force’, Being the Operative word , He should have taken him self out of service through sheer guilt, Because he obviously has No conscience !

  • Wesley Ahmed

    legalized gangsters in uniform who are immune from prosecution, if they take a life they are protected by a corrupt legal system, as no one will ever be brought to account, if you are a police officer you have a license to kill and anyone who has suffered death by police contact will no full well that they will never get justice from this unjust corporate world and it is now fact that you are more likely to be killed or murdered by a policy officer than you are by a terrorist in the uk, no more deaths in custody, no justice no peace JUSTUS

  • Dave Salloway

    Cold blooded murder

  • tonto

    defo murder, an the pig still cuffed him, he was dead before he hit the floor. said he reached for something, ye probs his phone,,,deeerrr, he could`nt find a weapon on him, cos he will av been innocent of what ever the pig was guna pin on him.

  • H .Mac

    Should put that cop on a wall and do exactly the same thing to him this is why guns should be banned British cops don’t carry guns for a reason ! we won’t allow them guns are designed to do one thing and that’s to KILL there are no second chances here your either maimed or killed and what for picking your trousers up this is a very sad day when they could have tazered him just as easy from that distance this is a straight on LEGALISED MURDER AND I BET THIS COP WILL GET AWAY WITH IT AND KEEP HIS JOB ANOTHER REASON FOR LEGAL CARRY OF A WEAPON IN THE GREAT US OF A …

  • Duncan Mcarthur

    wow blatant assasination and then no cpr or aid stay with me heres a sticky plaster for that bullet hole n stay with me i only shot u for no reason come on why not wait 2 see what he was reaching for his gun was aimed at the guy stick with me dead guy oops no weapon no reason no justice sick and cowardly act

  • Duncan Mcarthur

    watched over an hour of police officers i use the term very loosely shooting dead men all over america all i can say is keep running guys cause your only hope is you get away its definately a shoot to kill policy in the land of the free and home of the not very brave from unarmed to brake pads back turned and firing squads thousands of deaths not one brave armed bullet proffed cop charged thank the lord god i dont stay in usa definately a shoot to kill cowardly cop force yous poor people have and the most sinister part is you usually get shot more than once if stopped by the police force bring back brave police and policing give the people at least the chance to surrender before yous pump them full of holes

  • Kellbell

    You told him to put his hands up, wouldn’t he have to reach to do that idiot. Asking what was he reaching for. His retorric is just for the camera.

  • Rod

    Murdering cocksuckers!!

    • Mark Hack

      no more like people that can’t follow directions. no respect anymore.

      • Robert Gough

        Comply or die? Wasnt that the Nazi slogan? Or was that Communists? I always get my tyrannies mixed up.

  • Drammen

    The guy was showing the cops he was unarmed, he was no threat to anyone at all – murder!

    • Robert Gough

      This right here folks. He literally was lifting his shirt as his hand came up from his waist band where they had been since he started walking. Even his brothers testimony said that he was pulling up his pants to get down on the ground. Not having taken out the ear phones yet.

    • Michelle Mohr

      the way you show that you are unarmed is you raise your hands you don’t lower them, so even if your pants fall off, you raise your hands when a police officer tells u 2

  • Drammen

    Happened in Salt Lake County in South Salt Lake City -Utah cops will kill you. Fleeing Felon law, the cop WILL walk…

  • John Gomes

    that is a miscarriage justice. an innocent man gunned down not for advancing on the pig but because he didn’t hear the pig while calmly walking in the opposite direction of this pig and was killed for that. I hope that pig gets what he gave.

    • Mark Hack

      innocent my ass, he was told more than 5 times to get his hand out. he shouldn’t have had to say it more than once if that guy was ‘innocent’..

      • Robert Gough

        So deaf people should be shot?

        Did he even fit the description or was his movement away from police suspicious enough to warrant death.

        Where are the non-lethal tactics? Where are the non-weapon tactics like de-escalation by proximity.? There was another officer yelling.

      • Robert Gough

        If you dont immediately comply with police you should be shot is that your argument?

        • dilbert

          Personally I would love to do the same thing to you that the cop did.

          • Andy Burgess

            dilbert are your pathetic comments pointed at RG? get a life you muppet

          • Robert Gough

            Such a reasonable response.. you must be such a peaceful person…

    • Michelle Mohr

      yeah, you could tell he heard and didn’t raise his hands. I do hate those stupid big pants, his cousin said that he thought that he was pulling his pants up. why didn’t he raise his hands? there was a gun pulled on him? Seriously! but I don’t think that it justified the gun shot at him either.

  • Taylor Bloom

    So we can be justifiably executed for wearing headphones it seems. honestly id like this coward cops information please ANONYMOUS help me out here!

    • James

      We are working on it. The injustice in this is beyond a joke. He will pay for his actions.

    • Roy Staggers

      Personal information of Police Oficers is not hard to get at all. The question is are you MAN ENOUGH to do whats yelling at you in your head.

      • Michelle Mohr

        don’t tell me that you are egging a man on to kill a police officer?

  • Mike Lashewitz

    It is unfortunate. It should have never happened. WHY? Because the “suspect” was never a threat. Walking away NOT RUNNING no weapons (at all) visible. The young man did not act in any way threatening and though I do understand somewhat the fear by police of a suspect going for a gun. However this provides a perfectly good reason not to “bust a sag” which BY THE WAY is a prison signal that the wearer will provide sexual favors for things like cigarettes.
    The difference between this and what happened in Charleston SC, is the fellow in Charleston fought physically with the police officer for 100 yards, actually got hold of the officer’s taser and used it on the police officer. Then the fellow ran away with the taser wires caught around his own foot while the barbs were still in the police officers chest. In Charleston the shooting was deemed unnecessary because the “victim” of the shooting was running away and considered no longer a threat. Never mind the fact that he and the officer fought all that distance and the officer was shot with his own taser.
    The kid in the above video did nothing apparently threatening. Yet the officer did not know the kid was unarmed, he was reacting to a police call about someone waving a weapon. He also did not know the kid was unarmed. All he knew was there was supposed to be an armed person at the store.
    Now please explain to me how the officer was supposed to know the kid DID NOT HAVE a weapon in his pants? I wear baggy pants in order to fit my concealed carry weapons so it does not “print” and show everyone I am “carrying”. But I also do not “bust a sag” either.

    DID YOU KNOW it takes less time for an attacker with a knife to cross 30 feet than it takes an officer to pull his weapon. This has been tested and verified hundreds of times.

    There was no obvious threat and only an implied threat. However this too also happen quite often when people do false reports and the police have to roll up onto precarious situations. The officer had no idea who was the threat. That was unfortunate. The threat could have been behind him and escaping.

    What message am I sending? ONE Dress properly instead of like a gay convict. Two turn lower the music and pull the earphones instead of going for the volume control because the cop DOES NOT KNOW what the fuq you are going to do. (Is that his fault?)

    Now how about a reality check. What if the officer had been right and assumed the kid was not armed and he was? Now place yourself in the officer’s position. Look at it from his eyes. You got up this morning with no intent of killing anyone. Yet every day being killed is a definite possibility.

    What did I start with above? “It is unfortunate.” I cannot justify what happened, but there are steps everyone takes every day to ensure “unfortunate” does not happen.
    Do we blame the parents for this near adult kid way of dressing? Do we blame society for condoning what can only be seen as an unacceptable fad derived from criminal activities in prison? Do we go after technology companies for selling personal music devices that deafen the user? Do we go after the police because they acted wrongly or mistakenly in a possibly precarious situation? (Do we pay them more than the pittance they do get paid while placing their lives on the line every day?)

    Yes I see the reasoning for reacting to this negatively. How many involved are to blame when we look at the situation SUBJECTIVELY????

    Every situation is more than your immediate reaction and if you take the time to LOOK at the entire situation you will see FAILURES on everybody’s part. It is sad that things like this happen but we ALL are responsible to make sure it does not happen again, not only the police.

    If you dress like a thug, it does not matter if your halo is invisible. You are responsible for the message you send. Why do people bitch about racial profiling? Consider that 6% of 13% of the population commits 83% of the violent crime in our country. It is just a fact. It is not “white privilege” or “racist” it is just the actual numbers. When does racial profiling simply make sense?

    Oh and go ahead and call me a racist it is OK, would it also matter to you that I am 39% sub Saharan African too?

    • SD888

      Shut the fuck up. I hate wiggers and the kid was stupid to wear sagging pants, but he did NOT deserve to be murdered for it!

      • Mike Lashewitz

        I agree he did not “deserve to be murdered” and I said it was unfortunate. So I suggest YOU pull up your pants and wear a belt as well as turn down your music and do your best to avoid those kinds of situations.
        Oh and by the way asshole (wigger) I served 22 years and ended up permanently disabled. I earned the right to my opinion and I backed it up with facts.
        Have you been a police officer? Have you taken a bullet? I HAVE so keep your racist opinion to yourself and stick to the subject and you know goddamned well I am right.
        It WAS an unfortunate situation, Instead of attacking me like an asshole would how about you provide something that is positive to the conversation?
        How come of all the senses COMMON is the least used?
        If you want to “hate cops” go right ahead but when the shit hits the fan I want you to remember that choice BEFORE you call the cops because WE SURE AS HELL DO NOT GET PAID TO BE KILLED just because you cannot keep your ass out of trouble.

        • ImajWalker

          The USA is now officially a COMMUNIST SHIT HOLE and the people should be protesting this in the 10,000’s but Game of Thrones was probably on.. so that won’t happen..
          Until its a child in your family.
          The way America IS…is the way the people have been BRAINWASHED.. through Mainstream LYING Media, Propaganda & government made FALSE FLAGS, Sports, Television, Marketing..

          Ear phones, saggy pants, black or white.. you are INNOCENT until proven guilty. That is how it USE to be. If you remember. Thank you for serving 22 years.. but the USA is your HOME.. not Iraq.. It shouldn’t be that way.

          To condone this shit puts you in the same class as the coward cop. He could have tazed him, shot a leg or maimed him.. at least he’d have a ‘future.

          Common Sense.. LOL
          There’s nothing like that in existence anymore.

          After you listen to Silent Weapon for Quiet Wars.. these kids are deliberately dumbed down.. by the Elite..

          Then we’ll have a conversation.
          I don’t name call.. it’s immature.

        • James Bacon

          Yeah, he doesn’t have to ship his mouth. That dumbass cop violated R.O.E., Rules for deadly force. The suspect wasn’t fleeing. There was no gun visible. The Cop murdered a man, PERIOD, and he walked. I hope his soul is tortured and kharma comes his way.
          Just because he has a badge doesn’t mean his actions are above reproach.

        • Goddes FourWinds

          What “situation”? Being an American? Because that’s all that was going on. It doesn’t matter what the fuck he was wearing or what the fuck he was listening to or how loud. He was simply being an AMERICAN CITIZEN and, as such, is afforded the same rights given all AMERICANS, covered by the Constitution that you AND I swore to support and defend against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. He was breaking NO LAWS. Your opinions regarding how he was dressed do NOT void his rights to just BE a citizen living on American soil. Nor do they give any cop the right to END HIS LIFE because they *think* he’s a suspect. Cops are supposed to ENFORCE the law. No law was being broken. Suspects are supposed to be arrested and detained. Not judged and executed. You aren’t the only fucking person who’s earned the right to an opinion. Perhaps you want to revise how you think about yours.

          • Mike Lashewitz

            It is OK, there is nothing wrong about not being able to GET IT. So you do not understand the reasoning. But then you never spent a single day as a police officer or as a service man.
            So I cannot expect you to see something from the eyes of someone who has…

          • drew

            “But then you never spent a single day as a police officer or as a service man.”
            Your experience in the military is irrelevant to this situation and discussion. It isn’t the same experience and gives your opinion no more weight despite your delusion that it does.

          • Mike Lashewitz

            Yep I called it.

            Your uneducated inexperienced opinion is meaningless in the scheme of things.

          • Harold Patrick

            He posed no threat, this was straight murder.

        • drew

          “I agree he did not “deserve to be murdered” “. Wrong. You just denied your previous statement.
          “What message am I sending? ONE Dress properly instead of like a gay convict. Two turn lower the music and pull the earphones instead of going for the volume control because the cop DOES NOT KNOW what the fuq you are going to do. (Is that his fault?)”

          So now your the fashion police? What part of your military training gives you the authority to pronounce that gibberish? If black men don’t wear things that suit the officers idea of a good citizen you are condoning shooting them?
          Perhaps you got TBI during your 22 years in the Military?

          And to answer your question about the man with the badge, the weapons [gun, truncheon, etc] and the authority granted by the state to protect the community and was SUPPOSEDLY TRAINED AT AN ACADEMY…
          To answer your question “Is that his fault?”; Yes. Yes it is.

          • Mike Lashewitz

            I guess you are not a police officer with police experience? Opinion does not replace experience and common sense today appears to be a super power.

        • Harold Patrick

          Lol, I feel sorry for you.

    • Menno

      Only a scumbag would attempt to defend the coward who snuffed out the life of an innocent young man who posed no threat whatsoever. And the mental contortions you engaged in to try to pull off that weak defense are hilarious.

      You said, “Yet the officer did not know the kid was unarmed…” and noted that an attacker can cross thirty feet in less time than it takes for an officer to draw his weapon. Hey, guess what: All that is completely beside the point when the officer already has his weapon drawn and aimed at the suspect, now isn’t it hotshot? The officer did not need to know that the kid was unarmed. He had his gun aimed and ready; he DID need to see the suspect wield a weapon before pulling that trigger, and that did not happen.

      Nice job blaming the victim. But don’t mind me… you can go back to licking boots now.

      • Mike Lashewitz

        Only a lack of common sense and a lack of experience would judge something without ever having been in such situations.

        • James Bacon

          Hey, asshat, I’ve been in that situation. Cop is a phucking coward and you’re wrong. Regardless of your military service and awards. It doesn’t make your opinion right.

      • Michelle Mohr

        Oh, brother. you are really something aren’t you?

    • Chrisblackusa

      70% of police are killed by Whiteman….2006 fbi report warned that police departments are being swarmed with white supremacist groups and its members joining the force…check those facts..

      • Mike Lashewitz

        You know, some people get the facts and pothers ignore them for personal profit.

        • drew

          So you post a ‘fact’ that is from a deliberately right wing site that pronounces one unknown ‘black rapper’ who spouts about black on black crime. [Ah. Remember the good old days when it was just called a ‘crime’ to kill someone?] In that respect your comment : “You know, some people get the facts and [sic] pothers[what?] ignore them for personal profit.” can be directed right back at you, friend.

          And exactly how is this particular piece of…well…’information’ relevant to a poorly trained officer who ignored procedure and shot an unarmed man in the chest before he even had the chance to comply? And this is your counter to the 2006 FBI report presented?
          Are you joking?

          You are now starting to look desperate and ignorant.

          • Mike Lashewitz

            You are wasting my time.

    • drew

      “Now please explain to me how the officer was supposed to know the kid DID NOT HAVE a weapon in his pants?”

      As ex-military can you explain lethal force in a situation that does not present itself as dangerous imminent threat? Was he turning off his radio to hear the officer? Was he adjusting his pants to abide the officers demand? A prepared and well-trained officer does not use lethal force [shot in the chest?] in a situation like this. Philandro Castile was explaining to the officer that pulled he and his girlfriend over [for a minor violation] that he had a gun and a license to carry when he was fatally shot in front of his girlfriend and a baby girl in the back seat.

      Is it your position that baggy white pants and a loose white shirt is dressing like a thug? With respect to your service I must ask if wearing a hoodie, carrying bottled drink and Skittles is a death sentence as well. What if I’m selling loose cigarettes in front of a liquor store to make ends meet?

      Most Americans want to trust the police and the ones I have had encounters with have been reasonably stern [even when I was wearing hoodies or loose pants-though that may have to do with the fact that I am caucasian] but actions like the one seen here are not to be defended. We rely not only on the police to protect us from the social criminals we need them to police the criminals in their own ranks.
      And unsubstantiated percentages should be not be considered.

      Within those ‘facts’ you present, however, you seem to forget that MORE DAMAGE happens in society by Wall St malfeasance…and 0.001% of them served any time at all [since you seem to like percentages]. That and the notion that a lot of white kids get a pass. And I know that because I grew up in this country white. And so are most Wall St traders and bankers.

      So perhaps you aren’t racist or a self-loathing Uncle Ruckus and 39% sub Saharan African. But if we are all responsible for the message we send you are sending the message of ‘if you dress or even act like a thug the police officer has the right to shoot to kill…and look for the reasons and weapon later.’
      As a side note putting cameras like these is good in the sense that some officers might ‘find’ the weapon later…in the bushes or their own ankle holster. How many times do you think this has happened in the past?

      “It was a good shoot. I found the weapon. It was here in my desk the whole time.”

      Please don’t tell me that never happens.

      Most importantly serving in the military is not precisely correlated to serving on the police force. We, as citizens and the case of this video witnesses, are entitled to offer our opine in this situation the same way you are. If that kid has never had a gun pulled on him [in ANY situation let alone by an officer of the law] he reacted the way anyone would, even me. [Thing is being 5’7″ and white this poorly-trained and panicky municipal employee would not have shot first…probably]

      The real failure is 1] the officers inability to properly assess a situation and raising it to lethal force and 2] a retired Military man attempting to blame the victim.

      Shame on you twice, sir.

      • Mike Lashewitz

        Yep common sense is a super power.

  • Infernos_Reaper

    So, can someone tell me why it seems to be standard operating procedure to handcuff someone you just shot? Is it so they bleed out and can’t be treated well. Of course, they never try to administer any first aid either so that tells you about cop training priorities

    • J.H.

      Isn’t it obvious?
      In case they are still conscious and have a gun.
      In many cases, people continue to fight after having been shot and falling to the ground.

      • Infernos_Reaper

        Contrary to what action movies have taught you, most people who get shot aren’t doing much fighting back, mate.

        • J.H.

          Here on this side of the world where everybody has a gun, even the crazy people, we know that’s not the case, mate.

          • Infernos_Reaper

            Crazy only goes so far, bruh. The body has limits & most people who take a half dozen shots do tend to bleed out & either go into shock or die rather quickly, bruh

          • J.H.

            Surely you know what happens when you assume?
            The same thing that happens when you threaten cops, and fail to follow simple instructions.
            In a land where guns are as plentiful as Iphones, it’s just common sense. Freedom requires a certain amount of responsibility from those that exercise it. And if that isn’t your thing, then moving to a place where the government intrudes on liberty by restricting your access to deadly weapons is probably a better idea. If you want to live.

          • Infernos_Reaper

            I’m definitely down for the right to self-defense. Responsible gun ownership is fine & all, but that’s not even close to the issue here. The issue is cops cuffing someone who clearly can’t fight back & are bleeding to death instead of trying to administer some aid. Normally, that wouldn’t be that be much of an issue, except the nature of the bullet recipient makes it a matter. Someone who’s just going about his business & has just pissed off a cop but hasn’t necessarily committed a crime does not merit assault, let alone being fatally wounded & the condition exacerbated by cops putting him in a position to bleed out faster than trying to apply some basic first aid instead.

      • Liz O’neill

        does that include the innocent unarmed people like this poor kid, executed in broad daylight, for the crime of wearing earphones.

        • J.H.

          The cop was called because of a report about a man with a gun that was threatening others.
          He was shot because he did not comply with the officers simple commands to show his hands. And he maintained a posture of having a weapon tucked into his waistband.

          • J.H.

            Darwin award.
            Some people just weren’t intended by nature or biology to survive until breeding age.
            Maybe it’s not such a bad thing.

        • Michelle Mohr

          earphones and saggy pants. and making the mistake of looking like someone else.

      • Cup_of_STFU

        If you’re not a moron like this cop, you keep your own gun in the fight. When you’re alone like that you don’t holster your weapon and calmly cuff the dead guy, especially with that many people around. A person drawing a concealed weapon will almost never win the fight against an already drawn and aimed firearm. I mean, how fucking stupid do you have to be to holster your weapon with so many other people around you, and not consider the fact that one of them has a gun? One of these days a cop is going to kill someone like this, and ten other armed Americans, exercising their 2nd amendment rights, are going to point those guns at the head of that cop, and collectively pull their triggers. Dead cops everywhere. So, if cops want to be dead, what they REALLY need to do is kill more unarmed people. I don’t really want to see dead cops, but I’m thinking that’s what it’s going to take for them to get the message that it’s really the big thing everyone is pissed off about. The law should apply equally, per the 14th amendment. Any homicide that a civilian could not get away with, a police officer should not either.

        • Michelle Mohr

          yes, the cop did not have to pull the trigger, but he thought that there was a weapon coming too. I guess police should wear body armor and helmets even in the summer, right? that ‘gangsta’ rap that has young men dressed like criminals should be outlawed.

  • Ruth Skowron Becker


    • Michelle Mohr

      excuse me, Ruth, yes it was awful calm down. you are not a police officer right? so you don’t know what they face, and you have no idea about how you would handle this once you saw what they see daily. and drugs do allow people to have super human strength.

      • Ruth Skowron Becker


  • RT

    Welcome to the Orwellian Empire.

  • J.H.

    Good shoot.
    A cop tells a suspect to show your hands, then you show your hands. Or you get shot.
    Common sense in a gun culture.
    You see, for all you race baiters out there, race has nothing to do with it.

    • James Bacon

      You’re a p.o.s. a $$hat.

      • J.H.

        Semper Fi, dumb shit.

    • drew

      Yes, well if you had your iPod on listening to Slipknot or some other such noisome garbage and could not hear the officer your natural reaction would be to reach down to the player to turn it down. In the process of doing this he was shot point blank in the chest. No weapon visible because of no weapon. No weapon visible means he broke procedure and jumped straight to lethal force.

      And if this were a big white guy he would NOT have gotten shot. Race certainly played a part here.

      Thanks for attempting to play ‘CIVICs™’ but I’m afraid you fail. Here’s a version of the home game which I heartily suggest you play daily until you understand how the rules are there for everybody.

      • J.H.

        You have a problem with comprehension of the obvious?
        The facts were clear Einstein.

      • Ken Whalen

        The guy was White. Did you even watch the video or listen to what the guy had said to the cop?

  • Brena L Hadjian

    This is sickening. There is too much of this going on. And tell me, Pray tell, HOW is this “Justified”?

  • MaximusX67

    Justice for Dillon?? You mean the stupid ‘thug’ wannabe who told the cops ‘NO Fool’ and acted as if he was about to pull a gun on them? That douchebag?

    THIS is why the fucking bullshit Hands Up crap is a joke and nobody takes it seriously. Those who have a brain, black or white, understand this and think the whole thing is a sick joke. Stop trying to be tough guys. Don’t pull weapons on cops. Don’t disobey direction from a cop. Don’t pretend you have something to hide, such as a weapon. Don’t act like an asshat, fucktard, douchbag and you won’t get shot. It’s pretty simple actually.

    For those who think ‘fuck that, cops suck dick and just kill people’ I invite you to a.) check your statistics on who kills who in the US and see where cop shootings rank (VEERRYY LOOOWW) and b.) go fuck yourself.

  • Rachel Vaughan

    He was already dead while the cop talks with him. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize he was making the kids body move. When I hear Mr piggy say, “slow everyone down,” it’s cuz he’s dead and no longer needs the entire. The constant theme in these shootings, “he was reaching in his waistband.” Ah yea, whatever.

    • Michelle Mohr

      they will shoot if you are walking or running, and they have no sense of humor on the job except with their partner. or other officers.

  • Liz O’neill

    how on earth can this be ” justified “, it should be open season on this murdering bastard, I bet he got paid leave and then promotion,

    • Michelle Mohr

      I bet he was made to hand in his gun and then made to be suspended, without pay, until it was looked into. Stop inciting violence against police.

      • Susan Ellington Traceski

        NOTHING happened…it never does- they get a free vacation…that’s all….cops seemingly have the lowest IQ’s in any profession. They shoot first, ask questions later…what’s wrong with inciting violence against those who would rather kill my pets, my kids and I? Guessing it’s because you, or someone in your family’s a cop? Am I right? ffs

  • Todd M Olson