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Shameful: Green Card-Holding Iraq War Vet Now Fighting Deportation

Miguel Perez Jr., of Chicago, Illinois, is a battle-scarred U.S. Army War veteran who proudly displays his patriotism in the tattoos he wears; a Statue of Liberty, a battle cross representing  a fallen soldier, as well as the U.S. Army Special Forces insignia that reads “To liberate the oppressed.”

Even though Perez, who was born in Mexico, served two tours of duty during the Gulf War, the same government he fought for is now trying to deport Perez back to the country of his birth. The 38-year-old is fighting deportation because he was caught with cocaine back in 2012. While in prison, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) identified Perez as a candidate for deportation, even though he grew up in the U.S. since he was 8. Perez, who’s married, also has American-born children, “anchor-babies” as some wish to characterize them. That fact alone should be enough to keep Perez from being deported, but the government is weighing all its options, nonetheless.

Perez’ mother said when he returned home from the war, he got caught up in the wrong crowd. Chicago immigration judge Robin Rosche will decide the Army veteran’s fate. His lawyer, Chris Bergin is using a United Nations resolution against torture as defense against the deportation.

According to the Chicago Tribune Burgin “argued in court Monday that his client’s life would be in danger if he were sent back to Mexico, where he hasn’t lived since he was 8. According to human rights activists and advocates for deported veterans, drug cartels target former U.S. residents, especially veterans with combat experience, to work on their behalf, and those who don’t comply are at risk.”

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The fear is when and if Perez gets deported, he’ll be used to push the drug cartels’ agendas, possibly being militarized for violent actions on behalf of the organization. Bergin said, “There’s a pattern of impunity of the government either participating or looking the other way clearly in human rights abuses,” placing the burden on the U.S. government to ensure his safety if deported.

Anastasie Senat, ICE lawyer for the Department of Homeland Security said, “I understand it’s a sympathetic case because he has served our country…But it is Congress’ law that I’m called to enforce and that we are called to enforce and to respect, and in this situation there is no discretion.”

In a recent hearing before the judge, Perez addressed the seriousness of the decision whether or not he gets deported. “This is the same as somebody fighting a life sentence,” Perez told Judge Rosche. “The outcome of this determines the rest of my life spent away from my society, my way of life, my loved ones and not to mention, my country. … This is my country regardless of what happens here.”

The final hearing took place in February. Judge Rosche has yet to make a ruling with is expected any day now. Perez’ immigration case began mid-way through President Obama’s second term in office. But with a renewed push to deport undocumented immigrants by the Trump administration, more cases like Perez’ will likely arise.

The Army veteran’s participation in the illegal drug trade also serves to illustrate just how failed the American war on drugs really is. We’ve devolved so far as a society that a green-card-holding Army veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from blast-related injuries, can potentially be deported for getting caught up in the failed drug war’s dragnet.

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Whether or not the Trump administration chooses to show compassion towards Perez’ case, and intervene, is yet to be seen. All the family can do now is wait, and hope that their father, husband, and son doesn’t get kicked out of the country he once loved enough to fight for.

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    There will be unsympathetic asshattery in these comments… it’s just a question of how long it takes and how bad it’s gonna be!

    • Guy

      I agree ! But I can’t figure out why he did not ever apply for U.S. Citizenship ? Considering he sacrificed so much for his adopted Country and could have easily died for it too. The old excuse of *Anchor Babies* is just that *Old*, but true nevertheless as it is a fact, but I just don’t see it here, due to the man being here for 30 plus years, almost his entire life !

      I hope he can untangle himself from this mess, because if ever one deserved it, this seems like the guy that dose !

      • Ed

        He forgot he was not a legal citizen, even though he kept his green card in his wallet. After 30 years who remembers!

      • Anonymous

        He had the mistaken belief that when he signed up for the military, he was signing up to become a citizen.

        • Guy

          Oh Really !?

          • Anonymous

            Yes, it said it right there in the story.

    • tz1

      Feel free to sponsor – WITH YOUR OWN MONEY, not my taxpayer dollars as many immigrants as you want, and be responsible for any damage they do or crime they commit as an accessory.

      My problem with immigration is I have to pay when your virtue signalling goes wrong because the same Federal Government who you are all in a tizzy about with this man will do far worse to me if I make an error on my 1040 form, or if my license expires, or anything else. I have to pay my own way and also pay for lots of aliens so you can pat yourself on the back on how good a person you are.

      You want the government to rob me to pay for Immigrants, many here illegally because you can’t or won’t pay for your virtue signalling yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Normally we would say “deport him.” But, he served our country. Of course, if we had our way, this would not even be an issue. The war on drugs has failed. Set up a system so that people can get their fix legally. By having the drugs regulated it would be easier to avoid the problems we have now with OD’s and take the profit away from the drug dealers.

    • DonRice

      Not to mention all the taxes the government would collect.

  • Timothy Belvin

    Well….. he could have applied for expedited Naturalization while in the Army, but apparently didn’t, or got in some trouble in the Army that is not mentioned. He could have applied at any time up to the point he was arrested for Cocaine, but didn’t. While I appreciate that he served, it is also hard to have sympathy for someone that refuses the opportunities that were offered. Tough situation. Not sure we are getting the complete picture here.

    • JC

      Agreed. It’s an unfortunate story all around, but I also think we’re only hearing part of it.

    • Kountry Bumpkin

      The complete picture is that all these liberal web sites are down playing just how much cocaine he was caught with, in short he got out of the military and became a drug dealer, the very thing he claims to be in fear of his life from in Mexico, I can’t help but wonder if he stiffed one or more of the cartels for payment of his drug deliveries, anyway here’s the real truth.

      A spokeswoman for the office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement released a statement in response saying, “Miguel Angel Perez-Montes, 38, from Mexico, was convicted in February 2010 in Cook County, Illinois, for manufacture/delivery of more than two pounds of cocaine and sentenced to serve 15 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. He was encountered by ICE while serving his prison sentence and placed into removal proceedings in 2012. On Sept. 23, 2016 Perez-Montes was turned over to ICE custody from the Hill Correctional Center in Galesburg, Illinois. He will remain in ICE custody while his removal proceedings are pending in federal immigration court.

      ICE respects the service and sacrifice of those in military service, and is very deliberate in its review of cases involving U.S. military veterans. Any action taken by ICE that may result in the removal of an alien with military service must be authorized by the senior leadership in a field office, following an evaluation by local counsel. ICE exercises prosecutorial discretion, when appropriate, on a case-by-case basis for members of the armed forces who have honorably served our country. ICE specifically identifies service in the U.S. military as a positive factor that should be considered when deciding whether or not prosecutorial discretion should be exercised. Still, applicable law requires ICE to mandatorily detain and process for removal individuals who have been convicted of aggravated felonies as defined under the Immigration and Nationality Act.”

      • Timothy Belvin

        This sounds about right. I couldn’t help but feel the original story was a play at the public’s heartstrings. Like I said, he had opportunities. It appears he frittered them away, and turned to a life of crime. Too Bad.

      • MostOfYouRBrainwashed HAHA

        Thanks for the extra information TFTP “forgot” to include.

    • Domina Elle

      Clearly we aren’t getting the full picture here. This site is losing it lately. Likely because the narratives are changing. Some of the cop hating narratives are backfiring and this site has pretty much relied on that narrative. I’m no fan of cops (not the same as hating cops) but the cop hating narratives and the racism focused narratives are starting to backfire. People who are generally level headed (they do exist thankfully) are starting to see through the emotional agenda driven tirades. What something presents itself to be on the front side is often not what it pretended to be and gets exposed on the backside. There’s been a lot of that going on.

      I just love how mom says ‘he got caught up in the wrong crowd’ as if her son wasn’t an adult making adult choices. He’s not responsible mom?? This wasn’t a grade school situation.

      It’s always someone else’s or something else’s fault these days. This guy was hanging out with the wrong crowd. Poverty must have FORCED him to deal cocaine. That excuse doesn’t fly with me because of the very real harm resulting from addiction. While he made bank he was destroying who knows how many lives. I don’t care about his ‘service’ to the military industrial complex which itself is nasty business. There hasn’t been a war that was about securing human rights as is the usual mantra used to justify war- it’s about securing power for the banking elite’s interests is more like it.

      Turning perps into ‘victims’ has been the latest trend.

      Poverty and racism caused so and so to rob rape and murder is a common excuse I’m seeing. I’ve only seen one case where wealth ‘affluenza’ was used as a defense for a DUI that resulted in deaths, which is also BUNK, but damn, it seems that every poor perp gets to use the ‘poor me I am poor and poverty made me do it’ defense. But the ‘I am black and racism and white supremacy made me do it’ takes the prize over them all for pathetic excuses for violent crimes.

      I just spoke to a Syrian man, a Muslim who came to the USA in 2012 with only $2000. He now runs his own limo service. He’s dealing with a measure of bigotry but that hasnt caused him to go rob people.

      With effort and dedication anyone can figure out a way to make it in this life without hurting other people in the process. too many just want an easy fast ticket. Too many are greedy. Too many are full of shit. There is no such thing as an easy fast ticket. You get out of life what you put into it. You play stupid games you get stupid prizes.

    • Desmond Smith

      The rhetoric of white privilege never ceases to amaze me. I will not attempt to educate any of you because I can tell by these writings, specially of Kountry Bumpkin and Domina Ella, that only educating you desire is the kind that legitimatizes what you already believe. None of that is directed towards you Mr. Belvin. Perez like many immigrants probably did not think to worry about that in 2012 because Obama campaigned and promised immigration reform. That was dead in the water by mid 2016. Just postulating.

      First Bumpkin, the real truth you speak of is a well oiled tactic used to dehumanize a person, a community, and even a nation (Islamic). This story has nothing to do with your googled article. It’s about a man who served this country he was willing to die for and the children that he raised that are in this country. Remaining in this country not only for his sake but also for theirs. All the rhetoric I’ve read here reminds me of all the Africa-Americas that served and died in every war this country has ever had in hopes to gain freedom and equality just to get crapped on time and time again. Instead of hero’s welcome they were greeted with a noose, Pig Law, infected with syphilis, segregate, Jim Crow, Red Lining, and the second highest unemployment rate (Native Americans 1st) that has remained the same for the last 150 years. Almost every monumental deed, invention, or break threw white washed from history…America, what a country ( in Yakov Smirnoff voice). Second, I encourage you to visit a VA, maybe volunteer your time, sit in on group activity therapy. You see, many of our vets suffer from co-occurring diagnoses like PTSD and other mental illnesses, drug addiction, and all different levels of physical impairment simultaneously. It is a hard road back for a true combat vet. Thirdly, you really believe this drug war don’t you. Do you know what the highest grossing industry is? DRUGS. Do you know who uses the most drugs in the world? Americans. Do you know what country buys the most drugs? America. So how is it a war? The War on Drugs has enabled this government to carry out oppression and a new socially excepted form of Jim Crow on Africa-American communities, funding secret wars, eroding our 4th amendment rights, draining the tax payer dry in a hundred different ways, but very profitable for the government agencies, the military, and criminal justice system.

      Domina Ella, That “backfiring” you speak of is by design. By repeatedly showing these event on a national stage the media both print and TV are ensuring the wedge between black and white is always there. You view it as a negative, but in reality it’s a positive for of structure of systemic racism. Whites are tuning out because they has no vested interest in equality for Blacks. Media creates a us against them mentality. By the way just as many unarmed White men are killed by police, but that will never make the national news rotation.
      Your tale of the Syrian refugee is great. But, this government has gone out of its way since the 1900 to make sure immigrants received effective community and financial support to promote prosperity. These practices are likely the reason you can barely understand the person behind the counter at DD, 7-11, and every gas station in America. Those 1900 initiatives were a luxury not afforded to Native and African Americans, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why.That is just a part of why those communities continue to struggle. Where there is poverty there is usually crime, but in some white communities it’s racism. One thing is curtain, marginalized communities will always live in poverty….it’s make for a very profitable criminal justice system. One of the beliefs of “white privilege” is the unconscious belief that what is accessible and afforded to me is afforded to all. Wear my skin for a day and you will quickly find out that that is a fairy tale notion. So, until you know the cultural effects of 400 years of slavery, 100 years of Black Codes, Pig Law, Jim Crow (1866-1954) and next 60 years of “Preservation Through Transformation” (1954- ?) been a Jew in Nazi Germany carted off by the train load for extermination, A Native American hunted down and killed almost to the point of extinction for manifest destiny and/or formerly or currently live on the Rez, or of Aboriginal decent please do not speak as if you know about the lasting effects racism and oppression.
      Completely agree with your last statement, and I think some of these Pharma Co. should take some blame currant opioid epidemic

  • tz1

    When was the last time the Bundy’s children and grandchildren saw their fathers?
    Why is some immigrant that BROKE THE LAW, did cocaine, far more important?
    Playing “slap the monkey” with the government is a bad idea, especially when you aren’t a citizen.
    His wife and children can go back with him.
    I’m really tired of having TWO sets of laws. If I violated the same laws as a citizen, I’d be in prison. I have to buy auto insurance. I have to pay for health care, and can’t just shrug off an ER bill.
    He was caught with cocaine? Who paid for his wife (who is also apparently illegal) an dhis “anchor babies”? Me as in “taxpayers”?
    All the taxpayers and citizens get is ingratitude and abuse, like the IRS targeting Tea-Party groups. When WE are in trouble and need help we get no breaks, no sympathy. That is reserved for people who break laws or who aren’t citizens.

    • Guy

      So if someone in Authority told you to walk in a straight line off a bridge. You would do
      it !

      • tz1

        If they were going to shoot me dead, yes. Have you forgotten the government is force, and not sensible?

        If I was armed and had any expectation you would nullify (e.g. Scott Roder) I would act differently.

  • jackbenimble333

    If it was enough cocaine to send him to prison, then deportation is absolutely what should happen.

  • Eron Lindsey

    Fake story. Dude is 38 & served in the Gulf War? Not unless we were enlisting 12 year olds.

    • Anonymous

      We don’t know why it says he served in the Gulf War. He served 2 terms in Afghanistan.

  • doucyet

    Liberals and “illegals” don’t have to follow the law, they make it up as they go. Laws are for conservatives.

    • Guy

      Oh come on ! You know that ain’t true ! Laws are for everyone who follows them, immigrant, illegal or not, or you or me ! Anarchie is for the rest, who think they are above all of us. With the Criminal who is insane or not, that choses to break them, and thinks they can get away with it !

    • Anonymous

      He is not here illegally.

      • doucyet

        He is if his card is not valid or current, kinda like a drivers license.

        • Anonymous

          His card IS valid. Please, point out to us where it says he is here illegally. Point out where it says that his card is “not valid or current”….in ANY of the stories about him.

          • doucyet

            Cocaine + drug trade + felon = invalid Green-Card. Hey, I don’t make the laws. If you have a gripe with them (the laws) write your congressman instead of wasting time arguing on some stupid comment page.