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Gulf of Tonkin 2.0? US Using Unconfirmed Attack on Navy Ship to Quietly Start War With Iran & Russia

After reportedly coming under fire from missiles launched in Houthi rebel-held territory, the United States officially entered the war in Yemen today by firing back, knocking out strategic radar sites and other targets in the area believed to have fired first.

In response to the U.S. escalation, Iran deployed a fleet of military vessels to the same geostrategically-critical Gulf of Aden waters where American ships have been situated for months guarding the Bab el-Mandeb strait — the narrow passage through which much of the world’s oil is shipped through to the Suez Canal.

While that may be the crux of the narrative presented by the U.S. government and corporate media, far more ominous secondary developments must be considered, and — as has been the case in Syria and the East and South China Seas — everything points back to Russia.

And not in the vein of Russian aggression as the U.S. propaganda machine would have you believe.

Yemen’s Shi’a Houthis — who captured capital city, Sana’a, last year — have long been suspected by Washington to be receiving direct but surreptitious support from the Iranian government, which flatly denies the allegation.

Saudi Arabia has imposed a naval, air, and land blockade on the tiny country — leaving Yemenis one of the most food-insecure and impoverished nations on the planet — and leading to mass starvation. Without a guaranteed influx of supplies — including arms and other military items — haphazardly firing at a Navy ship seems a logical improbability.

Those rebels deny having fired at the Navy ship or that the missiles even emanated from territory held by the Houthis — and although the U.S. insists at least three missiles emanated from Houthi territory, the considerable lack of efficacy in such an attack certainly adds weight to their assertions.

Nonetheless, the media has been quick to pounce on the American claims as valid — before the Department of Defense even concludes the investigation it putatively initiated. As Reuters reports:

“The United States is seeing growing indications that Iran-allied Houthi rebels, despite denials, were responsible for Sunday’s attack on a Navy destroyer off the Yemen coast, U.S. officials told Reuters. The rebels appeared to use small skiffs as spotters to help direct a missile attack on the warship, said U.S. officials, who are not authorized to speak publicly because the investigation is ongoing.

“The Houthis have publicly denied any role in the strike.”

An unnamed and unverified military source further cast doubt on Pentagon claims, telling the Houthi-run Saba news agency:

“These allegations are unfounded and the army as well popular forces have nothing to do with this action,” the source reportedly said. “The US allegations just came in the context of creating false justifications to pave the way for Saudi-led coalition to escalate their… attacks against Yemen and to cover for crimes continually committed by the aggression coalition against the Yemeni people and to continue an all-out blockade.”

As mentioned, however, those pointed questions didn’t stop the U.S. from taking direct military action, prompting Iran — who views the sudden and dramatic escalation as naked, baseless aggression — to deploy its own fleet to the Gulf of Aden.

This, despite the captain of the U.S.S. Mason stating Tuesday the supposed attack only ‘seemed’ to be directed toward his vessel.

“The initial thoughts are that this [attack] was aimed at them,” DoD spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis said Tuesday shortly after the incident.

For the United States to employ direct military force against an albeit conflict-embroiled sovereign nation over an incident still under investigation and as-yet unproven indisputable fact, is reminiscent of the vehicle it undertook to embroil itself in the Vietnam War — the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

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However, in this case, the move could prove an arrogant flub of enormous proportions.

Yemen, itself, is not of imperative importance to the U.S. except outside the waters off its coast — however, as a proxy ally of Russia its regional consequence matters a great deal.

Should the United States now wage war in Yemen directly, Iran — as indicated in the naval deployment — would almost certainly opportune the chance to defend Yemen militarily, as Business Insider reports:

“By taking direct military action against the Houthi rebels, a Shia group battling the internationally recognized government of Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour al-Hadi, the US has entered into — even in a limited capacity — another war in the Middle East with no end in sight.”

And although the U.S. response has ostensibly been measured and limited, analysts are cautioning the direct military action — as opposed to previous proxy support through the notorious Saudi-led coalition — could easily set off a larger conflict across the entire region.

Any Iranian engagement with the United States could easily provide its ally Russia, if not China, with yet another field of engagement. An unnamed ‘U.S. official’ told FOX News, in fact, both a Chinese warship and Russian intelligence ship have been spotted in the same waters where the the Mason putatively came under attack.

Indeed, it could facilely be argued Russia has been playing quite the chess game with the United States throughout the Middle East, amassing a growing number of allies in the process. While Washington touts Russia as one of its many ‘enemies number one’ — officially blaming the Russian government for the damaging hacks and leaks from the DNC database, among other points — a dearth of evidence belies the Russian aggression narrative as false posturing.

Meanwhile, the U.S. alliance with human-rights criminal, coalition leader Saudi Arabia has provided ample motivation for nations to either officially align with Russia or to at least withdraw support. Even the highly-politicized United Nations has condemned the Saudis’ U.S.-backed actions in Syria and has dialed down its support for the coalition.

But the fact questions surround the U.S.’ claims concerning missiles launched from rebels ostensibly supported by Iran when it acted to destroy targets supposedly in Houthi-held territory could have destroyed the last remaining obstacle to all-out war — war, that is, with Russia and its multiple military allies.

In fact, it’s entirely feasible Putin’s weariness with the Russian aggression narrative coupled with the United States essentially striking forces aligned with Iran has set in motion an irreversible chain of events.

With Russian and Chinese vessels spotted in the same waters off the Yemeni coast, it would seem possible Russia intends simply to quash the U.S. for its arrogantly aggressive tactics. For all intents and purposes, the Pentagon employed an unfounded premise to act militarily against Iran — Russia’s ally — giving Putin every reason to come to its defense.

Whether or not the United States piled the last straw on the camel’s back will be decided in the coming days.

Although analysts partisan to American foreign policy have repeatedly claimed Russia lacks the military might necessary to wage an all-out endeavor against the U.S., they not only underestimate Russian capability, but plainly ignore the heft of military might in the alliance Putin has fomented with Iran, China, and, now, the Philippines — each with soured U.S. relations.

At this point, it’s entirely possible the U.S. has served up the ultimate ‘check’ — but whether or not Russia answers with a nuclear ‘checkmate’ it appears to be preparing for might be known sooner than had been imagined.

  • Richard.

    So tired of hearing American ship’s being fired at and no return fire..It about time ..

    • John Strubbe

      You know about the Gulf of Tonkin, right? How the US provoked the incident? Vietnam? 4 million dead? Buehler?

      • Richard.

        A joker with a bad comment and then nothing to do with the story…I would have returned fire every time i was shot at plain an simple.and still about time…We fire back..

    • IceTrey

      Simple solution to our ships being fired on, bring them home.

      • Reid Iford

        YES! But “Israel” won’t let us leave the Middle East… and so we won’t.

      • Richard.

        And you going to give up you goods you buy as import’s.Like you car you own and the other goods .Get real with you two cent answer..I tell you to move to canada but they hate me for that but rid of the penny……

        • IceTrey

          Until they get here they belong to the Chinese so let them protect them.

          • Richard.

            Should I add a L before your ice ..What no bed bugs to keep you company with your import stuff at home..

    • Rollo10

      Only Americas word they were fired on, oh look, and it missed, fell way short, according to US.

      • Richard.

        THREE times in one week but see all your blar blar you wrote about my comment .How many times dose the ship need to be fired on before it is hit . I still say Shot them if fired at ..Plain and simple…and about time TOO….

        • Ah Jaysus

          Typical uneducated American who has no idea what’s happening in the rest of the world. And anyway it was a false flag attack. Yanks have no right to be in the Gulf of Aden etc.

    • Giovanni Pincoletti

      How do you find your way around living in darkness?

      • Richard.

        I let God light my day and live it Beats import’s at night from the devil .Car oil, gas ,goods, food and in you case just a bar of soap and the river you plan on bathing in..No wonder why we got dirty water coming out of the tap like flints .Do you plan on take an other bath before you crook.. I glad your not in a harry potter film either..He was good and clean My little daughter says..YOU?????? Kids are so funny with the truth’s that come out of them..

  • Kurkus54

    The fact is, that even though Iran denies supporting the rebels, who are the first to send ships to support the rebels? IRAN… Actions speak louder than words

    And no matter how you want to question the ability to tell who and where missiles come from, the US have satellites tracking every action every minute iof every day so we can tell where where every object entering the air came from

    • IceTrey

      You think that’s a good thing?

    • Rollo10

      “who are the first to send ships to support the rebels? IRAN…”

      After America entered and started bombing them?

      “In response to the U.S. escalation, Iran deployed a fleet of military vessels to the same geostrategically-critical Gulf of Aden waters where American ships have been situated for months guarding the Bab el-Mandeb strait

      What right have the Yanks to be in these waters? Whose permission did they seek to be there? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cd99e6d1b8a2d6e53155d42ad409bb9e419ec76b5422ff0f458a5956d96f84fe.jpg

      • Reid Iford

        Well said. For many of my fellow Americans, history happens in a vacuum… fed by blissful and quite often deliberate ignorance of both internal and world affairs.

    • Rev. Walking Turtle

      …”no matter how you want to question the ability to tell who and where missiles come from, the US have satellites tracking every action every minute iof every day so we can tell where where every object entering the air came from”

      AWESOME! So please SHOW US ALL the relevant Satellite Images, my friend! *I* don’t know how to obtain such things. But YOU speak of this grave matter with SUCH confidence! So please, post your goods?

      Um… I presume you HAVE such goods to post…? Awaiting notification to that effect via Disqus! Standing by… Remembering the chain of classic and historic False Flag Ops perpetrated by a whole BUTTload of War Racketeers down thru History better and better while standing by…

      Still standing by… And that is all. 0{:-^o[

    • junktex

      We have NO business over there.

    • Giovanni Pincoletti

      The fact the US has 24 hours of satellite coverage doesn’t mean they are going to tell you the truth. Why would a puny mouse antagonize a murderous wolf? Don’t believe the propaganda for it is meant for lost souls like yourself.

  • Reid Iford

    Why in the world do they let Obama keep his Nobel Peace Prize? He did nothing to earn it, and has done nothing to justify possessing it.

    As much as I detest that moron Donald Trump, I more and more discount the claim that Kilary represents a viable alternative. Trump’s outreach to Russia, and his statements that it makes no logical sense for us to be enemies with that nation – and that we need to lessen our dependence on Chinese and other foreign manufacturing – make a lot more sense than $Hillary’s promotioon of TPP and her desire for endless war… including an insane desire for war with Iran … and ultimately Russia.

    • selma.stewart

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    • Rollo10

      TPP-TTIP-CETA are all stepping stones towards NWO, One World Government. Russia and China along with the rest of the BRICS have been excluded from these deals because they wont use the dollar, they have gold backed currencies.
      These ‘agreements’ are the nations TPP with 12 and TTIP, EU with 28 [27 now UK voted leave] CETA is just a means of hiding the fact they are all ‘linked’,EU & Canada, as one huge nation. Through ISDS the Corporations get complete control of Governments, just because it’s not in TTIP is irrelevant as it’s in the other two.
      Yes UK Government could do a similar deal, but it’s no good, as the next Government would repeal it. If we stayed in EU, they would have signed on our behalf and we’d never get out, without asking ALL the other members.

    • junktex

      My sentiments as well.

    • TangledWeb

      Amen. Are you reading my mind …?!

    • TangledWeb

      Absolutely spot on. You speak for a multitude of us.


    Rebels – “WE DINDU NUFFIN”

  • fuggly58

    Almost 27 years ago, November 9 1989, the Berlin Wall came down, the Soviet Union had been abolished and the USA stood as the lone superpower. Now the USA is being pushed around in Syria and being bullied in Yemen. A new world order is being built by Russia along with Iran, Turkey, Iraq, China and the Philippines and the former lone superpower is now an outcast.

    • Rollo10

      The NWO is being challenged by Russia, China and BRICS.
      Notice how China and Russia used their US dollars to buy cheap [Fed Res fiddled] gold, before the Yuan became part of the basket? It’s a lot harder for US to throw paper gold at the market now, in order to lower the gold price, so they must use currency and what better than the £. The British need a lesson for voting leave and it has to be crashed before the $ & € anyway.

  • mykaelp

    Good. About time. Iran and Russia would be fodder for American naval might. Russia’s POS lone carrier can’t go anywhere without its tugboat.

    • IceTrey

      More war?

    • junktex

      BS post.We haven’t won a war since we defeated Japan.Been in Afghanistan for 15 years with no end in sight.Russia has been the graveyard of Empires

    • Reid Iford

      So, you haven’t heard that Russia has nukes? You really need to get out more.

  • IceTrey

    Obviously a false flag operation.

  • lol, this is awesome! As soon as I had heard the news of a “missile” attack on a US Navy ship, I immediately thought Gulf of Tonkin II! Haha, I guess the Plutocracy is like Hollywood, when running out of ideas, just regurgitate some old one’s!

    Owned & Operated

  • Sami Shahid

    What a pathetic country ! USA is doing all this because Iran has just received S-300 SAM missiles from Russia which the US cannot tolerate at all !

  • Rev. Walking Turtle

    It’s heating UP. Kindly ref URL for MORE of the down-and-dirty news from Folks On the Ground – which Just Keeps On Flowing In – exactly because of exactly such folks and the way they give a care (and a half).

    Suggest hitting Amazon and checking out “Thieves Emporium” by Max Hernandez ASAP, too. Just LOOK inside THAT book…And that is all. 0{:-|o[

  • corbyh

    Sigh. Here we go again.

  • Hosea Mcadoo

    What a Country! What will replace us, a world wide repressive oligarchy? We have that to a large degree now. What will they call the new world order? It likely will be heavily controlled by USA elite probably using people like Obama and Clintons but the rest of the world has their proto-dictators as well. Maybe they will have a contest for the new name and maybe the prize will be to let you out of your cell for a day. One sure thing, unless you are one of the elite it won’t be good (remember the plight of the average citizen in the USSR, N. Korea, Saudi Arabia?).

  • Phil Freeman

    War is coming, like as not .

  • Timothy A Robison

    it Obama and his damn muslims trying to star world war 3 to make some damn muslim prophecy come true.