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It’s Happening — D.A.R.E. Ends Anti-Weed Campaign, Quietly Removes Pot from Gateway Drug List


Cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells, save the lives of countless epileptic children, treat PTSD, heal bones, treat brain trauma, and a slew of other uses science is only beginning to understand. And yet, the only thing dangerous about this seemingly miraculous plant is that police will kidnap, cage, or kill you for possessing it.

In spite of some form of cannabis being legal in some fashion in 23 states, the government still violently and with extreme prejudice continues to seek out those who dare possess it.

If the CDC calculated the number of deaths inflicted by police while enforcing marijuana laws, that number would certainly be shocking and could even be deemed a risk to public health. Marijuana is, indeed, dangerous, but only because of what can happen to you if the police catch you with it.

Nothing highlights the hypocrisy, immorality, and sheer lunacy of the drug war quite like marijuana prohibition and the only ones who continue to enforce the immoral and tyrannical act of marijuana prohibition are those who profit from it.

Below is a list of the top five industries who need you locked in a cage for possessing a plant in order to ensure their job security.

  1. Police Unions: Coming in as the number one contributor to politicians for their votes to lock you in a cage for a plant are the police themselves. They risk taking massive pay cuts and losing all their expensive militarized toys without the war on drugs.
  2. Private Prison Corporations: No surprise here. The corporatist prison lobby is constantly pushing for stricter laws to keep their stream of tax dollars flowing.
  3. Alcohol and Beer Companies: These giant corporations hate competition, so why not pay millions to keep a cheaper and far safer alcohol alternative off the market?
  4. Pharmaceutical Corporations: The hypocrisy of marijuana remaining a Schedule 1 drug, “No Medical Use Whatsoever,” seems criminal when considering that pharmaceutical companies reproduce a chemical version of THC and can market and sell it as such. Ever hear of Marinol? Big pharma simply uses the force of the state to legislate out their competition; that happens to be nature.
  5. Prison Guard Unions: The prison guard unions are another group, so scared of losing their jobs, that they would rather see thousands of non-violent and morally innocent people thrown into cages than look for another job.
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The good news, however, is that people are rapidly waking up to the war on weed. Even idiot politicians who still think it’s dangerous are being enticed by the lure of tax revenue generated by ending prohibition to dig them out of budget shortfalls.

Perhaps one of the most telling signs of change is the fact that the anti-drug propaganda group known as D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) has not only removed cannabis from its list of gateway drugs but they have stopped lying to children about its dangers.

For more three decades, cops would fear monger about the dangers of marijuana to children who had never even heard of it before. “One hit and your life is over,” they would say, instilling this false fear in America’s youth — luckily, most kids never bought it.

However, DARE no longer mentions marijuana in their fear propaganda, and kids are better for it.

Studies on drug use show that almost every single person, 99% of all illicit drug users have tried marijuana before they did any other drugs. This insubstantial fact is still used by reefer madness folks across the globe to bolster their claims that “marijuana is a gateway drug.”

But when one looks past the surface of this claim, it becomes downright silly. It just so happens that 99% of these so-called illicit drug users could have also tried coffee, soft drinks, candy, or milk before moving on to harsher substances.

DARE has conceded their loss and moved on. Of course, they didn’t make a press release saying so, but they only quietly removed marijuana from their list of gateway drugs. This is a victory for freedom and another step forward in the fight to end the failed and violent drug war.

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The propaganda wall is crumbling in the war on drugs, and this cannot happen fast enough. Depriving tens of thousands of people of their freedom is not only poor judgement but it’s a crime against humanity — and should be treated as such.

UPDATE: At the time this article was written, DARE had removed marijuana from the list. However, it was placed back on and DARE issued an update. It appears that a disgruntled DARE employee had made the changes and DARE quickly moved to cover it up.

As we previously reported, this has happened before within the propaganda outlet known as DARE.

So, no, the Free Thought Project is not ‘fake news’. Just like everything else on the internet, DARE was able to change it back.


  • Chris Mullet


  • They’d have to if big-pharma were about to make a bundle by licensing cannabis-based medication . . .

  • This phony war on drugs is corrupt & shameful . Remember when Wachovia bank laundered $ 360 billion of Mexican drug cartel money & nobody went to jail ? They were fined just 2 % of one years profits , 600 million . HSBC was fined $ 1.9 Billion for the same thing . I just wonder how many didn’t get caught ..Then seeing some inner city kid get 20 years in a private for profit prison . That’s what criminal . They’re making money on both ends ..>>>>>>>>>>> http://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/apr/03/us-bank-mexico-drug-gangs

    • Don’t worry, the CIA is redirecting those funds to the War on Terrorism with the US Borders; Against us (you and me and other citizens) …

    • Good post

    • Raiden De Jesus Please share it , its our only hope of waking America up , our media is in the tank too . Notice , that article is from the UK’s Guardian . The CIA are the hencemen , for our banks , corporations , drug cartels , they’ve funded and overthrown governments for their profiteers since the 50’s .

    • The link is saved buddy. 😀

    • You talk of waking America up. Unfortunately they slept through their chance of change. It looks like that boat has already set sail. So sad.

  • Glad to hear it!

  • Nope. 3rd paragraph still mentions marijuana… http://www.dare.org/keeping-kids-drug-free/

  • I personally worry this to be false… At least where I was an educator… Weed was the main focus. At least 85% of it was talking about how awful and addictive it is. And only one paragraph on inhalants.

  • Christina Hawthorne Jarred Hawthorne

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    Tks for this post: After all the years of lies, they finally are admitting they were wrong! This is a huge blow to drug war propaganda.

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  • So DARE is still relevant?

  • why am i not surprised about this???

  • This is not true. From their website:

    “D.A.R.E. America joins every major public health association, including the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Society of Addiction Medicine, and other groups in opposing the legalization of marijuana. Simply put, legalization would drastically increase marijuana use and use disorder rates, as well as hamper public safety and health at a cost of billions to society in lost productivity, impaired driving, health care, and other cost.”

    • Thanks for clearing that up. This page is beginning to have more disinformation than it should.

    • d.a.,r.e did put out a letter…then removed it. and put it’s another rant on marijuana usage.

    • Proven that Dare is wrong with the states that have legalised it and are reaping the benefits off it, Extra tax and the crime rate down,

    • Isn’t it prohibition that hampers public safety??? Excessive alcohol that leads to loss of productivity, impaired driving,increased health care costs massively more than marijuana legalization which in fact has had quite the opposite effect in places where it is legal? !!!!

    • Seriously?!?! What are the use disorders? Lol the only one losing by weed being legal is people who are truly allergic and any ziploc distributors! I will take my chances .

    • I study psychology and hope to someday be qualified to make legally sound statements about this stuff. For now i can tell you that i have yet to read any damn study that wasn’t conducted by police, state, and corporate ties thats says it’s a gateway drug. So please show me an independent study that’s sound in practice that shows it being a gateway drug.

  • The war on drugs is a war against the constitutional rights of the citizens of the United States of America. It’s blatantly unconstitutional and obviously immoral and highly profitable.

  • Go to the DARE website. It states marijuana as a gateway drug in the first paragraph of the page ffs! -_- *smfh*

  • It’s ironic that in the name of protecting the kids we send them to 1800’s style Prussian military, anti-democratic ,dehumanizing institution. This is how you control the nation. Control the minds of the children. Replace the parents and the family with an agent of the state.

  • Ariana Blakney

  • Gateway to the KITCHEN, maybe.

    • That mother fucker might look dead. He ain’t dead! In an hour he’ll wake up and eat everything in the house! Haha

  • Dropping lies is a good sign.

  • David Román Gaxiola


  • LOL, BS

  • They removed the op-ed and retracted. They commented to NYmag:

    The article you wrote about was mistakenly posted on our website by a service we use. We have not changed our stance of being opposed to the legalization of marijuana.

    Bummer 🙁

  • Only a matter of time till the politicians see how much $$$ they can bring in to fix their deficits, or find a way to line their pockets with it when it gets legalized…….

  • Andrew Finocchiaro

  • Rebekah Hanni

  • Hack warning from my web browser,

  • That’s OK all DARE ever really did was teach wear to get, how to get, and how to properly use drugs
    Clever cover up for fueling the phony war on drugs

  • Join and donate to L.E.A.P.
    Then find out how quick your red flagged and accused of using marijuana simply for wanting it off of prohibition .
    They ( law) ordered drug testing in which my doctor couldn’t inform me as well as notification to other state agencies. I had clean tests. I was upset my doctor asked why. I replied I was tested without my knowledge. My doctor stated he was unable to tell me as it was ordered by law , he would’ve faced criminal charges if he informed me. Why be upset He asked. I stated “FREE? ” of what? I feel like this country is NAZI Germany. He smiled and nodded yes, I understand

  • About fucking time. Now legalize hemp and get rid of Timber, Oil, and Big Pharma, that is robbing us blind and poisoning us.

    • & make nicotine illegal in all its forms

    • I totally agree. I smoke and need to quit. If for my sons sake, more than anything.

    • Csaba Domos it would sure be easier if every convenience store didn’t sell them ? Not trying to be holier than thou I smoked for 15 years & know how lucky I was to quit 10 years ago. You can, too!

    • Neil Marsh i know what you mean. i actually quit once for 6 months but started back up like an ass. i’ve been smoking for 27 years now. I’m 41 now. My brother was able to get my dad to quit, 5 years ago….I need to quit now and stop feeding the corporate giants.

  • David Courtemanche

  • This is a crock of crap

  • it seems to me that d.a.r.e. keeps flip flopping. so…in case you want some back up of OP, http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2015/07/dare-calls-for-marijuana-legalization.html#

  • I have my diploma from dare. I did not use my education very wisely…

  • smart people know all drug’s destroy the mind and body including pot

    • THC and CBC have been found to have neuroprotective properties and help oxidize the brain in animal models. Researcher have reversed a stroke by injecting an animal with THC.. Marijuana has be found to affect memory because many of the CB1 & CB2 receptors are more concentrated in that area of the brain.. But also has been found to offer neuroprotection (& relief) for people with neurological disorders. Smoking weed is the worst way to use but there are ways that in my mind don’t ruin your organs like say alcohol or prescription pills!!

    • Rob Warren
      Thank you….I’ll let my neurologist at UCSF know how you feel, now that I am down to only one a month verses 18 GandMals a day…after two brain surgeries too….and I’m on three extremely strong pills the last one they put me on was the last one to be legalized in the USA but until Medical Marijuana I didn’t stop having my seizures to once a month I even went 6 months seizure free last year…so before you judge some one the way you did you should know the reasons behind why a person medicates….I use no pain medications from my neurologist but I could…I was on Dillaudid for 15 years before I decided to put my guard down and try using a different method and further more I don’t abuse anything I use…and I graduated at the top 4% of my class…and I’m not any less intelligent now than I was then!!! I am appalled at people who feel entitled to judge the way you did. Also it’s not a drug in my state its legal, maybe not Federally yet but by state law it is legal in NV!!!

    • Miranda Lynn it’s helped my seizures more than any pills or the two brain surgeries!!! I have gone from 18 granmals a day to maybe one or two a month!!! I even went 6 months last year without one at all!!! ☝?️?????? my neurologist at UCSF has been amazed at the help it has been for me…the CBC works for kids and babies having seizures but for seizing adults they are finding out THC works for ours better depending on what type of seizures you have!!! Since my stems from my front left temporal lobe because mine didn’t connect in the middle of my brain in the front where the left and right front temporal lobes connect TCH works for my but only if it is hybrid if I use just one or the other I will still seize…also it’s weird people tell how it makes them feel funny but for me it doesn’t do that to me but then again I only use it like medicine so I use it to stop a seizure feeling, or to eat on seizure days, or for the pain after a seizure!!! Thanks for supporting Medicine not a drug!!!

    • Ashley LeGrand thanks for sharing Ashley!! I hope to help raise awareness so we can change people perceptions that don’t help!! I’m thinking about writing some blogs with the help of some people who are using medically. If you’d like to be apart of it let me know!!

    • Ashley is just another loser that wants to get high (irony/sarcasm, no offense and may your health continue to improve)

  • I just wish i was offered as much drugs as they told me growing up.

  • About fucking time

  • BULLSHIT ! D.A.R.E. will quit before it changes it’s stance on drugs ! The use of all drugs should be decriminalized except phama ! Weed mushrooms ,cocaine opium , mezcal , peyote ayahausca , natural drugs should be allowed as long as they are not abused only used ! Abstinence is the best policy but getting high as fk for a night has it’s advantages !

  • Crohn’s Disease Survivor Shona Banda lost her son, because he stood up to the propaganda, told them how he witnessed his mom save her life with the help of Rick Simpson’s Oil, they’re working on the documentary now

  • No Way! Lol

  • The DARE program was canned because studies proved more kids were using drugs after DARE, creating curiosity about drugs in young children.

  • This is from the D.A.R.E website. They claim they never said that.http://www.dare.org/incorrect-posting-on-pro-drug-websites-re-d-a-r-e-s-position-on-marijuana/

  • The problem is not the cannabis, it’s a drug like all drugs. Like alcool (a glass of red wine a day is good for you… bla bla..), it has it’s down side like it’s up. The problem is the human slavery happening in the cannabis fields. Legalisation permits a better control !!!!!

  • When we’ve had enough and give THEM a ‘war’ on drugs is when it’ll change. When the cops have to wonder if their next raid will in fact be an ambush, when the judges that have ruined countless lives worry about being gunned down in their driveway, I say give them their war.

  • Owexgsdads

    This is unfortunately not true…

  • Glenn Stonehouse how about meth??

  • I’m glad they did it quietly, kids have no business smoking pot. As harmless as it is to adults, children and teenagers can have a slower rate of brain growth if they smoke it. We need larger brains, i dont care how we get em, but for the sake of defeating trump like success in politics we need bigger brains.

  • Disappointed

    This article is entirely false – as far back as 2013, marijuana wasn’t listed on the page cited. I hope this kind of deceit isn’t representative of “The Free Thought Project” as a whole…

  • Luke Etyrnal

    Do they definitely have alcohol as number one on the gateway drugs list?

  • Ed Bland

    WAKE-UP PEOPLE ~ I keep being asked WHY I have posted about my wreck / healing so much.

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    • Verbal Assassin

      Just calm down buddy. You have an actual message to tell but you come off like some kind of lunatic, rambling on like some weirdo on Skid Row in downtown LA. Your crusade is almost complete. Take this into mind though, today’s national average age of a male MMJ user is 55. Do you know old the average politician is? I’ll guess somewhere just around that age or just below it. Before that though, a lot of things need to happen so that the integrity of what you’ve always known to be true remains intact. Phillip Morris has just been waiting years for this to happen. Think about how dirty that’s going to end up being? Big Pharma pays a butt loads of money lobbying so they can continue to poison people. I’d assume they are close to entering panic mode as we are obviously heading towards the end (come on Texas, stop being a d-bag and do something brave instead of the violence, racism and two garbage basketball teams that we all hear about- I’m not even from there). I’m willing to bet there are some shady conversations taking place with Big Business trying to get their greedy little fingers on a piece of the pie. All scumbags. Most are rotten human beings. Liars, cheaters, extortionist, people with no sense of accountability. Whoever follows that she-mutant puppet master Hilary will eventually be the the right one. The one who listens and understands. It will take courage and that’s something Hilary and Trump clearly lack. Sorry to ramble. I appreciate what you do. Thank you

      • Terri DeBruler

        Trump is PRO MEDICAL Marijuana…… As are several GOP Senators…. CLEARLY you know not about Trumps views….

        • Verbal Assassin

          Trump said a lot of things that he seems to be changing on. You’re also 7 months late to the conversation

  • Robert Gehrman

    FALSE— DARE still HAS BS ANTI-POT PROPAGANDA UP !!! Search their page for “CANNABIS”. It’s all there, dude.

    • Gene

      HE said they ended the campaign, they didn’t erase the internet. You’re a bit fruity, take the tinfoil hat off and relax, this is a good thing.

  • b4integrity

    Last year, on 2015Nov04, Senator Bernard Sanders introduced Senate Bill 2237,
    the “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2015”, to remove cannabis from the federal CSA,
    (federal DE-scheduling of cannabis, to let each state decide for itself).

    However, SB 2237 has yet to receive Senate support or Co-Sponsors…
    Please contact your own state’s two Senators and ask both of them to support / co-sponsor SB 2237:


    ^^^ Above link is to NORML’s Take Action page for SB 2237 ^^^
    ~ ~ ~ Bernie Sanders says “ReLegalize IT!” ~ ~ ~
    I’ve stopped using the government’s M-word, which was created to criminalize cannabis without people knowing that in 1937.
    Re-legalize CANNABIS Nationwide!

  • Zack

    Unfortunately, DARE hasn’t actually changed its tune on this issue. They issued a response to the claim they they no longer consider marijuana to be a gateway drug: http://www.dare.org/incorrect-posting-on-pro-drug-websites-re-d-a-r-e-s-position-on-marijuana/

    When will they learn??

  • Harlan Peaslee

    I faced with the nice opportunity to get the Medical Marijuana Program in CA. Get the consultation at 420evaluationsonline.com

  • Trevor Lee Watson

    The claims of this group is BULL SHIT!!!!!!

  • fake news, kill it so it quits popping up every couple months, fake news does not help anything with this news outlet, especially since you have already been targeted as fake news. http://www.forbes.com/sites/jacobsullum/2016/03/03/no-dare-has-not-gone-soft-on-pot/#1f5701766dba

  • Jeff Brown
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  • Bitcoin Tank Mathenia

    I really wanted this to be true, but a thorough search of the dare website linked in the article verified the exact opposite of the article’s main claim. “Free thought” doesn’t mean you get to lie arbitrarily. This is the first and last time I ever click on your bait.

  • Fievel Mousekewitz

    Wishful thinking, but I don’t believe that group will change, even if the laws do. Which is coming.

  • Tha Amish One

    Took’em long enough

  • so you bring back this fake post? maybe you guys are fake news?