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U.S. Marshals Service Sending SWAT Teams Out to Arrest People for Unpaid Student Loans

Houston, TX – In what could be a story straight out of the Onion, but sadly played out in reality, a Texas man was arrested by seven heavily armed U.S. Marshals for failing to pay an almost 30-year-old student loan debt.

The man, Paul Aker, 48, said he was caught off-guard by the heavily armed agents that showed up at his home to arrest him for failing to pay the nearly 3-decades old debt.

“They grabbed me, they threw me down,” Aker told the Daily News on Tuesday. “Local PD is just standing there.”

According to a report by the NY Daily News:

He said he noticied a suspicious truck in front of his house on Thursday morning, and when someone approached, he ran back into the house. Later that morning, a bunch of armed Marshals with combat weapons showed up at his door.

“I say, ‘What is this all about?'” Aker told The News. “They say, ‘Shut up, you know what this is all about.’ I don’t have a clue.”

When Aker continued to ask, they continued to say “you know what this is all about,” he said.

Eventually he was told it was about a 30-year-old student loan.

“You could have sent me a letter. You could have called me,” Aker said.

The U.S. Marshals said later in court that they had the firepower because Aker had a gun, but he disputes that.

“But you were already at my door,” he said. “It was because they knew I was a registered gun owner.

“It’s out of control. Out of control,” he continued. What if they had seen a gun on me? They would have shot me for 1,500 bucks.”

Aker’s arrest for a 30-year-old, $1,500 dollar debt is disturbing enough; but taken in concert with the fact that simply being an owner of a firearm, a protected right under the U.S. Constitution, was reason enough for agents to arrive in combat gear and with fully automatic weapons raises the ominous specter of the police state rising.

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After being arrested, Aker was held at the federal building in downtown Houston, before being brought to a courtroom, where a “prosecutor,” judge and county clerk were present, according to the NY Daily News. Aker said the alleged “prosecutor” was really a collection lawyer.

“Then I get a lecture (from the judge) about the United States and stealing from the government,” Aker said.

According to the NY Daily News:

Aker told The News that he was ordered to pay $5,700 for the loan, including interest. However, Aker was also ordered to pay for the cost of the morning arrest — nearly $1,300. If he didn’t pay that amount by March 1, he said, he was told he would be arrested again.

Aker was shaken by the entire ordeal and is working to secure legal representation. He claims that during the whole process he was never read his rights.

“I am still shaken,” Aker said. “I had to go to work yesterday, and it was hard to drive to work, for the fear of someone coming. I am looking out the window and I have things to do today, and I am still afraid to go outside.”

The average student loan debt for a 2015 graduate was approximately $35,000, according to the Wall Street Journal. The criminalization of those who can’t afford to repay a student loan may become a more common phenomena, with a report by Fox 26 claiming that U.S. Marshals have plans to serve up to 1,500 warrants on people who have failed to repay their student loans.

Texas Rep. Gene Green (D) sees a problem with using U.S. Marshals to act as muscle to collect these loans for debt collectors and lawyers.

“There’s bound to be a better way to collect on a student loan debt that is so old,” Green told Fox 26.

According to a report by Fox 26:

Congressman Gene Green says the federal government is now using private debt collectors to go after those who owe student loans.

Green says as a result, those attorneys and debt collectors are getting judgements in federal court and asking judges to use the US Marshals Service to arrest those who have failed to pay their federal student loans.

Our reliable source with the US Marshal in Houston say Aker isn’t the first and won’t be the last.

They have to serve anywhere from 1200 to 1500 warrants to people who have failed to pay their federal student loans.

It is extremely worrisome that armed agents of the state are being used to bully people into paying delinquent student loan debt. There has to be a more intelligent manner in which to attempt to reconcile these debts than to send heavily armed men to arrest those either unwilling or more than likely unable to pay.

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It speaks to the nature of the state itself that the default position is virtually always one of coercive force rather than to intellectually assess the means that will most likely provide the desired result – a reconciled debt.

When all you have is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.

Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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  • Seems ok to me. Get a job and pay your bills!

    • You are just too stupid to deserve a response

    • Aww, I think he’s being sarcastic for attention.

    • Kill cops!

    • Hate that page but he’s right on this one. The dude freely contracted for the cash then skated on it for 30 years. No one to blame but himself

    • Billy Brown how about we just kill you!!

    • Johnny McGowan but that is bec they did not go after it …..swat not needed….too many other ways…..violence in this day and time over a paper crime is not the answer force is most always used to induce fear in the ones watching…seriously..with credit ratings required for everything, with garnisheeing wages, with removing money even from govt welfare, same for soc sec..BLM is taking money from an 81 yr old shoshone indian for grazing fees……..no charging into a neighbor hood or business cost 10x more than the dbt….SO it is not about collecting ……think twice before agreeing with this kind of violence around our home, children, and public places…..sorry….can’t go there …..

    • Joanie, all that is well and good once the court has personal jurisdiction over someone (i.e. their physical presence in court). The problem with this numbnuts was he failed to appear in 2013 and was on the lam since then. The state needs to reestablish personal jurisdiction by arresting him before they can do all the things you mentioned

  • luckily there is the thing called the FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT and clearly the Marshals are now in violation of that…

    • They also have qualified immunity. Just following orders boss. Whats anybody going to do? Fire the bureaucrats? Impeach the President and Congress? Good luck with that.

    • As if bored armed thugs give a fuck.

    • remember to sue the marshals in their individual capacity, they have NO immunity that way

    • we cant sue if swat puts bullets in our heads

    • try to buy a helmet like they do. don’t live in fear prepare to win and do your homework

    • is defaulting on a loan jailable?

    • if you can not pay they law is clear and in forma pauper status is rather effective

    • Joe Jankowski would be a good start

    • violence in this day and time over a paper crime is not the answer force is most always used to induce fear in the ones watching…seriously..with credit ratings required for everything, with garnisheeing wages, ….with removing money even from govt welfare, ….same for soc sec..BLM is taking money from an 81 yr old shoshone indian for grazing fees……..no charging into a neighbor hood or business cost 10x more than the dbt….SO it is not about collecting ……think twice before agreeing with this kind of violence around our home, children, and public places…..sorry….can’t go there …..

    • Student loans don’t seem to be covered. http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0149-debt-collection

  • well atleast ik of I go to jail I’ll have a place place to live, food to eat, healthcare and a college education

  • Trying to squeeze blood from a turnip?

  • Meanwhile the Trumps of the world just file for bankruptcy, Wall Street gambles and gets bailed out, Corporations pay a fine and nobody is arrested or goes to jail. But regular people face different consequences…

    • Just remember Trump reorganized his business under chapter 11. That cost jobs but overall it saved other jobs. Had he gone into liquidation every employee he had would have been out of a job.

    • if the goverment is so broke they have to do this, we may need trump,lol

    • Go Trump!!

    • Don’t blame it on Trump, he is not your problem. Look to the Whitehouse!

    • Crony capitalist wealth is the problem. Not earned wealth.

    • it’s the same all over the world. If you’re poor, you get kicked in the face. If you’re wealthy, you get a pat on the back.

    • Andre Maunsell Point I’m making is Trump had that option. He didn’t get SWAT team raiding his mansion and throwing him on the floor, hauled off in cuffs. How about this guy in the article getting rushed by the storm troopers at his residence over a 1,500 debt, and now is being demanded money for that operation against him too with the threat of going back to prison if he doesn’t pay up.

    • Staggles Tony Look at my above comment. He is an example of the system which coddles the wealthy and well connected even when they screw up & break the law and accumulate huge debts, while attacking those who aren’t doing so well. A 2 tiered ‘justice’ system

    • Robert A. Crockett I wouldn’t vote for him if he gave me ‘a small loan of one million dollars’

    • Bankruptcy does not cover student debt.

    • Candise Roark EXACTLY! And the big banks lobbied our corrupt government to get it that way and keep it that way! You can’t get rid of that debt no matter what the circumstances. Unless you are Tyler Durden and blow up the databases

    • Matthew, I was homeless 15 years ago. Now, I own 2 businesses. Getting kicked in the face is what a victim would say. I know, because it’s what I used to say. I decided I wasn’t going to be a victim anymore. If it wasn’t for “who I considered rich” at that time, I wouldn’t have had the opportunities.

      However, people that get rich through preferential treatment by government (crony capitalists), they’re the problem. Not rich people in general.

    • Bobby McGee Crony Capitalism -is- Capitalism. It doesn’t magically become Crony, it’s just the last stages of Capitalism before we fuck the Oligarchy by revolution or get raped by it and turn fully into a police state.

    • Dude, I’m guessing the reason student loans aren’t able to fall set bankruptcy is bcuz there is nothing for the banks to if someone says I’m not paying.. Can’t repo an education!! ??

    • Bet if he was Black the outcome would be much different in the Foreign Dictator world we have now.

    • Michael Kittredge. Well why on Earth would he want to give you a loan? Hypothetical Fantasy…Kinda Random too.

    • We are already a police state. I hope you learn more about crony capitalism. It is not your normal capitalism system that has been the best system ever to bring people out of poverty.

    • Absurd. Meanwhile more and more laws are criminalizing homelessness in and of itself. Your view is the highest form of cognitive dissonance I’ve seen in years. Especially considering you were homeless. Guess Stockholm Syndrome will do that for you. Sucks that our country fucks with peoples heads so much into believing money is actually a positive thing for humanity. Without capitalism we would have advanced leaps and bounds further. Electric car? shut down by GE nearly a century ago because gas made them more money. Don’t even start on the lack of fucks capitalism has towards the earth itself. Fuck it. I’m done. If you can’t see it I can’t make you.

    • Bobby McGee the best? Is that why over half the worlds population is in poverty and poverty in first world countries is increasing, while the wealthiest individuals see their income increase drastically? Capitalism is profit motive devoid of humanity or ethics. It’s an excuse for a few to have everything and most to have nothing, and attempt to justify it by saying “Well we all worked hard for it, everyone else is just jealous and lazy.” which is absurd because most wealth is inherited and the children of the wealthy are groomed for success and very well connected. The poor and middle class work hard but don’t start out life on third base and don’t make much money. It’s very hard to move up from those positions, as much dependent on luck as it is on skill and effort. The system of capitalism sayss their work is worth peanuts while some CEO is worth 20+ million a year plus twice that in benefits and that the executives should get raises & bonuses and the other workers should get their jobs outsourced to Asia. That’s not a system that brings people out of poverty, that’s a system that says “I got mine, to hell with everyone else!”

  • Hahaha AMAZING how USA seems to CONSTANTLY push that ‘Fuck citizens’-line further and further…Every time I think okay I have heard the most crazy a government can do to it’s OWN citizens – then BAAAAAAAAAM!..MORE CRAZY! Amazing that Americans are the western world’s North Korea and fine with it – HOW can anyone be A PROUD AMERICAN – HOW ????!

    • Trust me.

      There’s always that one person.

      Or a group of idiots. That seems to be a lot of those.

  • ladies and gentlemen the time has come to GET THE FUCK OUT! come to NZ we only have maybe 2 police shootings a year!

    • But can we bring our guns?

    • this is our country we were born here and the true patriots need stay and fight for our rights like men not run off to NZ but thanks for the offer but i think Americans will surprise the world if we can get them awake

    • rifles yes…you have to jump through a LOT of hoops to have a hand gun and there is NO way you can carry

    • Chocky Bones I can carry it by putting it in my holster.

    • Na dawg i seen how you treated the maori

    • hand guns can only be used at a range over here but you can have as many ‘long’ guns at home as you want…the person is registered not the wepons

    • the maori have special privileges…get more on the benefit, cheaper education…if your tinted here you just hold out your hand

    • I do like New Zealand’s fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo, I must say.

    • I’m down to go there.

    • Nz is where I plan to go eventually 😀

    • Believe me when shit hits the fan its gonna be like every fucking Hollywood movie about some Apocalyptic scene of hoards of people rushing to flee the cities, except it will be just like in the Fortress where all the Borders will be heavily guarded at crosspoints our best bets is to travel in small groups through the desert but even there we risk been attacked or even killed, taking the ports will be another options but also at risk of been attacked by sea or air our best bet is to be lucky enough to reach a Foreign Battalion forces station in International waters to find sanctuary as refugees lol however if we are lucky enough to escape the menacing eyes of big brother…

    • I’d be prepared to take in 3-4 refugees, redhead,short who love bikes 😉

    • oh…female obviously

  • This is crazy!

  • If you come to my home with armed aggression, badge, no badge, makes no difference to me, I will meet deadly force with deadly force, no doubt I’ll die, but I will not comply, ever.

  • Yet another tax collection scheme. US federal marshals should be disbanded

  • Lol

  • In the Soviet Union we enjoyed the full eradication of our ‘Bushes’ families, therefor we had free education, free housing, free medicine, high pensions for officers and a lot of jobs. BTW, Russia is seeking for the Soviet Union revitalization and also for expansion.)

  • He didn’t actually get arrested for not paying the debt. He got arrested for failing to appear before court.

    • ONE person read the article…..bravo! still it costs a lot more than the debt owed to seen a swat team…violence in this day and time over a paper crime is not the answer/ force is most always used to induce fear in the ones watching…seriously..with credit ratings required for everything,.. with garnisheeing wages, ..with removing money even from govt welfare, same for soc sec..BLM is taking money from an 81 yr old shoshone indian for grazing fees……..no charging into a neighborhood or business cost 10x more than the dbt….SO it is not about collecting ……think twice before agreeing with this kind of violence around our home, children, and public places…..sorry….can’t go there …..

  • Good plan – arrest them so they will be even more unlikely to pay off debt

  • so the future intellectual generation will be all in prison if they can’t pay…? what a logic…..

  • Holy shit

  • but give more than that to illegals

  • haha, bring it

  • ever wonder if they guy received his due process hearing on ability to repay?

  • Where are all the UCCophytes on this one? This is the perfect chance for you guys to shine and publish your findings! Just don’t charge 600 bucks for the report.

  • Just all the more reason to actually pay the debts you freely contracted yourself into I guess

  • The government is a brutal loan shark and do not like their clients skimming off the top.

    • If the Majority are of the Liberal persuasion… I really don’t have an issue…Considering most higher educational university’s are. It’s just plain Carma.

  • Moses Sanchez

  • he is a member of the biggest enemy of the cops by far … a member of the public … he is a GUN OWNING member of the public .. any member of a soon to be outlawed organisation like that who owns a gun will be treated like this , what is the problem ??

  • The guy is a thief just like any other low life who takes a loan out for anything and then doesn’t pay on it. Have swat there to arrest a thief known to possess firearms is standard procedure. The lesson here is don’t take money unless to have the intention and means to pay it back.

    • I have been beat down emotionally until I was unable to state this truth in public. Thanks for the truth.

    • Gregory Cushing The objective is to state the truth and then watch the anarchists and freeloaders try to justify their positions. It’s sport – you can not educate the ignorant who choose to be idiots.

    • Tell that to our Government you Dumb Fuck!

    • Lol a letter or phone call would have sufficed. Like what he said. Who knows if this is even true.

    • Wait…people are supposed to be responsible for their actions? No way! Granted a swat team is a bit much if it’s true.

    • Comon man I know ppl who have went to college graduated and get caught in a horrible cycle.. they are hardly free loaders.. not everyone has parents that can pay for everything. Not all of them suck on the government’s tit. Iam not saying it should be free.. but a major overhaul is needed.. I mean it cost someone over 40k to go to a school like ITT tech.. and by the time the interest builds you are baiscly buying a small house. Yea you pay the money back.. but over 75% of the ppl who get caught in the cycle didn’t see it coming.. while the government is just raking up the cash.

    • Hey Tom take down that marine emblem you are not no marine our job was to protect not kiss ass. When I severed we were told were protecting Americans from this bullshit now look at our so call country. You bring shame with your lame as thinking Coward

    • Raymond Johnson Look idiot, if you have something to say, use a spell and grammar checker. You are an embarrassment to those who served. I was never told my job was to protect criminals. By the way, it’s an insignia not an emblem you uneducated puke.

    • Student loans are just the same thing as a mortgage

    • Dakota Christianson Unless you are a wining entitled millennial who believes everything should be given to you, you are not responsible for your actions or nothing is your fault because you didn’t know any better. This is the group who will one day be in charge of this country ???

    • Wow Dakota. You are a heartless monster. My only hope fornyou is one day you experience true poverty so maybe one day your heart can grow.

    • Shay Chelle Poverty has nothing to do with taking out a loan and not paying it back. Student loans are not welfare.

    • Anyone ever notice the biggest dickheads on Facebook never have pictures of themselves in their profiles.

    • Dan Asghar From the ass wipe who has no information in his profile. Kiss my ass puke.

    • I have a better idea, why dont they just hang the freeloader for his unpaid. He is a thief after all and we dont want that person in society. Id also say nuke him or her but effect on neighbours would bad.

    • Skhumbuzo Khumalo Student loans are not welfare – get a job and pay for your college or you could joint the military, peace corps or Americorps will forgive your loan. All you have to do is get off your ass and put in some time.

    • Hey Tom when does a student become a criminal know the difference they say marines are dumb you just prove that point and don’t worry about the grammar that’s your only defense. That why they send you first to get killed. Last I checked a student is a American not a criminal check yourself Fool.

    • Raymond Johnson Illiterate little bitch. You must have been Army, Marines aren’t that stupid. A criminal is a criminal, now STFU.

    • Wow I’m just now getting back to this thread ,no I’ve bankrupted myself a couple of times with relationships and business dealings I have no student loans (am I still a heartless monster!?,Wyd a hole) but I think the original argument of the original person posting this was the fact that the banks can get away with the folding why are they going after students?

    • Dakota Christianson Do you realize that isn’t anywhere close to being a sentence ?

    • By the way Shay I’ve made it two years homeless in Manhattan so far ha!
      I’m all good now though.

    • Since you want to call people out there names tells me alot about you. In your eyes animals have more rights then you and me. What about the bank bailout them criminal were never arrested or even called criminal they should be arrested also right stealing from the country your just a self righteous ignorant follow orders can’t think for yourself at all marine. Hey for the record I didn’t have to cuss you out like you did me shows your ignorance. And yes I’m Army Ranger 2/ 75th Battalion Rangers Lead the Way not be a follower like you. You have no Honor towards your fellow service member find some honor about yourself.

    • Gregory Cushing violence in this day and time over a paper crime is not the answer force is most always used to induce fear in the ones watching…seriously..with credit ratings required for everything, with garnisheeing wages, with removing money even from govt welfare, same for soc sec..BLM is taking money from an 81 yr old shoshone indian for grazing fees……..no charging into a neighbor hood or business cost 10x more than the dbt….SO it is not about collecting ……think twice before agreeing with this kind of violence around our home, children, and public places…..sorry….can’t go there …..

    • Raymond Johnson You’re a ignorant idiot without knowledge of the English language. You are so far off topic you couldn’t hit the original subject with a howitzer. Give it up – you’re an idiot.

    • That’s right they call yall Devil Dogs and you know what that means you can’t think you have to be trained like a dog that you are. Enjoy your evening Little Marine. Hahaha I laughed at Clowns like you all the time.

    • Raymond Johnson Fool, I’m a Mensa Marine – you can’t come close.

    • Read the constitution Tom that what you promise to uphold when when you joined the military not too support arresting students this country was founded on being protected from Government. Also check your history book you my learn something but you marines aren’t good in school either. I can tell your IQ is low. But that’s right your a MARINE can’t expect nothing more.

    • Hey Tom for you to be defending so hard you must be police. And you know what they say about police officers BRAINWASHED can’t think either.

    • They borrowed fiat money, printing out of thin air since 1913 thanks to the Federal Reserve pozi scheme.

    • So I suppose you’d like to throw every Wall Street banker and various others in jail for the subsidies and loans they get but never have to pay back?

    • Hell yes – now what do you have to bitch about ?

    • Tom Cavallero wining is NOT a real word! The term would be whining. Now STFU you stupid ass moron.

    • Tom for you to be so vile and opinionated have you not thought for one second that you are merely a fucking tool? Probably trying to be just like daddy. Let this sink in. You were designed and trained to kill for American criminals whether you were told of it or not. People like you are a disgrace to human civilization I don’t care how many “ragheads” you’ve killed for the false understanding of life liberty and freedom. Look take out you military issue and do us all a favor….. Put it to your head…. Now pull the trigger……

    • And the tell peggy to hit me up. She needs a real man hahaha.

  • You have to wonder about the mentality of a US marshal that would actually approve sending a SWAT team after unpaid student loans. I mean really? “Now’s our chance to put all our training to use, go get them dangerous in debt student’s”

    • If the Majority are if the Liberal mentality….I’m all for this!!

    • I’m sure you ment “of the liberal mentality” but regardless that’s still over kill. Do you also use a sledge hammer to kill a mosquito?

    • from other reading some of these police swat guys willing to “enforce” amer citizen are foreign men trained for policing in VA and CO sites…and have no prob going after amer

  • I keep telling you texas is just like nazi germany…

  • This is crazy…

    I didn’t read the entire article but what is the general limit to how long they student hasn’t paid off the loans or is it where they just immediately try to track you down soon as you’ve accumulated the debt after finishing school ?

    I mean either way this is absolutely wrong, i mean you can’t expect any grad to just have their loans paid off even 4-5 years after graduating. I mean there are people out there where even though they have their degree they only make 3-4 dollars more than minimum wage and have bills, rent, insurance etc. How can you arrest them for simply trying to survive and make a better life for themselves ??

    This is why i question the education system to the point where if i ever have a child.. I don’t look forward to sending them to college like the American dream used to be. I’d even say it may be better to let my child take on a different path he/she prefers instead of getting thousands of dollars into debt.

  • Gulag Amerika

  • Michael Geoghegan

    and the only Presidential candidate who will put a stop to this is Bernie Sanders

    • Renee Artiste


      • Mary Hagerty

        LOL! I’m so sure. I trust a politician to follow-through with election time promises. A politician will say ANYTHING to get elected, so I’m not holding my breath. Every four years we get “promises” (lies), but this year and this politician will actually follow through! LOL. OMGosh!

    • James Hemsworth

      Are you stupid? The one candidate that wants more government control will stop this? God you’re a moron.

      • Michael Geoghegan

        No fucktard I am simply pointing out that Bernie is the one candidate who wants to end mass incarceration and make post secondary education tuition free.

        • Mary Hagerty

          So much anger and so much wrongness. You are an idiot if you believe anything a politician says. There is no such thing of free anything when it comes to government handouts. You are still paying with taxes and I am already paying WAY TOO MUCH in taxes. Socialism is expensive for everyone in a country. Research Voluntarism, it’s the only political system that doesn’t require force to get things done.

          • Michael Geoghegan

            The anger is justified by the comments I was responding to, secondly if you visit any other first world country you will see that we already have the things Bernie is advocating eg the US is the only country that does not mandate paid maternity leave despite all the family values politicians you elect.

    • Rexford Dundon

      If you look at at socialist governments, they are more oppressive than anything you’ve read in this article. Ive seen them, ive been there, ITS NOT what you want.

      • Mary Hagerty

        People don’t know history and don’t research. They base views off of feeling. When a country is failing the parties are radicalized and that is what we are seeing with this election. The only way you can enforce socialism is with a barrel of a gun. Go with Voluntarism, it’s the only political system that doesn’t require force.

  • Maybe they’ll go after Al Sharpton next?

  • Maybe they American public should file a class action for stealing SS and redistributing it to entitlement for illegal immigrants.

  • Keep us in debt, take away jobs and do what ever means to make profit Johann Franco David Jon Rienhart Dallal Yamil Saenz

  • Let them

  • Omg Bob Hammond wow!

  • Sonya Sia

    • Fake

    • Yeah, who knows, but the FISAA & NDAA act / Bill are not. Which states the US could practically do what ever they want with you and incarcerate you indefinitely. Basically taking your freedom away.

    • I’m the least of their worries! …. or am I….

    • As long as you don’t make fun / poke the government or it’s representatives through social media, text or emails and throw dildos or shit at politicians; you’re good.

  • hahahaha hahaha…. then what? wait for them to pay it off from the jail cell? see how that works out for ya

  • We should all ban together and stop paying

  • Uh oh !!!

  • How about some change over there..
    Vote for Bernie Sanders people


  • modurhead

    Im guessing they wasted more tax dollars for this raid than he owed.

    • Khadijah Haleemah Abdallah

      Naw, they will just add that to what he owes them.

    • Kobalt Staub

      Damn right, Over the last few weeks, Lt. Pruitt (of the Austin SWAT team) has been working on her budget. So far, she’s figured out that a small operation costs her about $1,040 an hour.”The average SWAT call is about three to four hours,” says Pruitt. http://kut.org/post/how-much-it-costs-austin-every-time-swat-teams-roll-out

  • It faux news….not a creditable source…they sued and won to be able to lie …google it

  • I think they should. Bernie will prevail.

  • Hello everyone! If you can, it would mean the world to me if you could share my fundraiser for tuition to help me pursue my dream. If it’s a viable option for you to donate, that would be great as well. Either way, I thank you for your support during this impediment. God bless!


  • Larry Milam

    Pay your damned bills.

    • ian carisi

      Education is a free right. Student loans should never have existed in the first place. What you do not understand / comprehend, is that student loans have artificially inflated the cost of education. Only solution is: 100% default, forgive all past and present loans, abolish all future loans, and terminate the predatory for profit educational system in the USA. It is our duty to NOT pay to right a wrong that never should have existed in the first place.

      • Eric

        Education is not a free right. Idiot.

        • ian carisi

          Is USA, Canada, and UK your statement is correct. I guess you are a slave owner.

          • Eric

            Nothing is free genius, someone has to pay for it. What you are demanding is either Professors work for free, or someone else pays your way.

          • ian carisi

            Where were you when we gave $80 Billion to Northrop Grumman for the B-3? Where were you when we wasted $400 Billion to Lockheed Martin to the Failed – 35 project? Who paid for that? Your priorities are fucked up! Oh wait, you must enjoy bombing hospitals, maternity wards, schools, and weddings. You must get off on killing innocent men, women, children, and babies because… MURICA!!! I guess you want an uneducated population that blindly kills innocent babies in foreign lands because they wont think for them selves. Also keep in mind that Student loans have artificially inflated the cost of education. If student loans never existed college would not cost as much as it does.
            Loans = Credit = Debt = Legalized Economic Slavery. Guess you are a descendant of a slave owner and probably enlisted in the Rothschild/ Rockefeller Military to kill innocent civilians in lands far away.

          • ian carisi

            “The contract represents an $80 billion to $100 billion” Whose going to pay for that…? Oh yea, I forgot, when it comes to machines that kill there is always money for that. Americans only care about where money comes from when it comes to enslaving our young adults with student loans. Education should not be free because after all, whose going to pay for that, we’re too busy giving our money to make machines to kill


          • DAMMIT

            Nah, he just gets paid to make internet posts forwarding the good old Republican agenda like an asshole.

          • james

            A lack of intelligence? Typical Democrat, name calling, cussing. Nothing intelligent.

          • frank-michael

            you people are looking at it incorrectly, first off there really was no loan because every loan starts with a promissory note. the note is the money, the bank just does an exchange of the not into liability money, fed reserve notes, the bank never lent the students anything. you gave the bank the money in the form of the PN then the bank stole it and said they gave you a loan. this is what happens on all loans, and mortgages. see if you can get anyone from any bank to swear under the penalty of perjury to say the lent you anything and you will see they will NEVER send it. there for no loan, its fraud

        • Anonymously

          it is in Europe dumbass

      • dan

        Pay your bills, deadbeat. If you borrowed it, you promised to pay it back. What are you, a liar and a cheat?

        • ian carisi

          No, just a naive 18 year old college student that did exactly what he was programmed to do. If I could do it all over again, I never would have gone to college considering that college in the USSA is only for the children of Elite, like yourself you slave owner. I hope you enjoy dropping bombs on maternity wards and killing babies.

          • james

            Your repeating yourself over and over, broken record?

      • Colin Parker

        Your dead wrong there, the inflated rates are the direct cause of an increase of administration in Higher education by over 300% in the last 40 years. Tenured professors are being replaced with adjuncts and grad students so that administrators can show performance and savings to justify 6 figure salaries at these institutions. The same increase has taken place in the medical system with more administrators making ridiculous sums just to figure out a way to take more money from you and at the same time making cuts to the real services we need. Why do we need more administrators? Think about it we had no need for them 40 years ago and with the advances in technology those jobs should be much easier.

      • Russ

        Pay your bills, or be content with a HS diploma !

      • Rexford Dundon

        Its a free right? I guess economics 101 isn’t your strong point, since NOTHING is free. If your getting free education, that means other people are having to pay higher taxes to pay for your freeloading.

        • ian carisi

          Where were you when we gave the USN $13 Billion for a new Air Craft Carrier last month?
          Where were you when we gave Northrop Grumman $80 Billion for the new B-3?
          Where were you when we gave Lockheed Martin $400 Billion for the F(ailed) – 35 project?

          Whose going to pay for that?

          Oh wait, let me guess, you like dropping bombs on maternity wards and killing innocent babies and their mothers in foreign countries. You fucking ass hole, Someone needs to beat the ever living shit out of you until you breath your last breath. Evil consumes your soul. You have no heart. Keep murdering babies Fucker! You are the reason why people in other countries hate us (Americans)

    • Khadijah Haleemah Abdallah

      That is really easy for you to say. Getting an education can be up to $100,000. Much of that is in debt. That is equivalent to buying a house in some places today. Add interest, it could be that the interest alone may be more then the debtors total income for some time. How many college grads are working at Starbucks right out of college? They aren’t getting rich there.

      • Eric

        No, an education does not cost $100,000. Some fools get degrees at expensive Universities and then complain about the cost, that doesn’t mean it does cost $100,000 to get a degree. Go to a community college, get an associates degree in something useful, go to a university that you can afford for higher degrees.

      • Stacey Cochran

        So true!!! And I would imagine that he had a lot more than $1,500 in student loans pretty sure he paid other loans back, for those saying he ditched his debt?! this is probaly one that he wasn’t aware he still had is my guess. Either way what was done to him is so wrong, complete BS!! There are murderers and rapists out there running free why don’t they worry about the real criminals!!??

    • Robert Kiefer

      Are you talking to the guy that was arrested, or the politicians who fund this police-state thuggery who’ve racked up a $19 trillion national debt?

      • modurhead

        good point, why dont they arrest obammy for running up the debt with no intention of paying it

      • Mike Hoffman

        Get facts before responding. The deadbeat needs to pay his bills and you need to get educated.

      • Kobalt Staub

        *shakes head* Some peoples would agree to the state using gas chambers, yep, it’s that bad peoples. I agree that the guy should’ve paid his bill but a letter would’ve suffice. But then again I don’t know he was a Texan gun owner. The only thing this guy did wrong is when he registered his gun

  • Because SWAT Teams are needed for unpaid loans.

    • violence in this day and time over a paper crime is not the answer force is most always used to induce fear in the ones watching…seriously..with credit ratings required for everything, with garnisheeing wages, with removing money even from govt welfare, same for soc sec..BLM is taking money from an 81 yr old shoshone indian for grazing fees……..no charging into a neighbor hood or business cost 10x more than the dbt….SO it is not about collecting ……think twice before agreeing with this kind of violence around our home, children, and public places…..sorry….can’t go there …..

    • I really didn’t need all that. I am awake. I was being a smart ass.

  • If this is true, this is bullshit! There’s no such thing as a debtors prison nor is it a crime to owe money except for child support.

  • I can’t believe how many people think this shit is true ahahah

  • Gabriel

    Criminal Minds In UNIFORMS.!!?

  • I call bill shit on this story.

  • If it’s going to cost more to recover the debt (sending a swat team sounds expensive ) then write the debt off. If the original debt was average 35000 & only 1500 left after decades? Then it was some piddly admin fee that just kept breeding, potentially office oversight gone mad, maybe he can sue?!

  • Isn’t it ironic, the federal government is in debt…

  • I guess that’s now going to make people think about voting for Bernie Sanders now.

  • Andy Cripps

    Why not have a separate tax band for those that go to uni? Basic contribution, smaller regular every graduate paying offsets income loss + the cost of student loan system!

  • stupid police ,they are so creasy so they should visit a doctor,fuck their law,let this contry go to hell its not for human only assholes

  • This is bullshit. They can’t do that lmfao

  • I’m not angry at America any more – I just have pitty on its citizens :/

  • Did he just forget to fill out his “I’m poor” paperwork or fail to stand in front of a judge for his debts?

  • Sarah Armstrong Emily Armstrong

    • Still have to make 51k a year before they even start making me pay it.

  • This would be funny if it weren’t true…or is it true?

  • He had a warrant for a failure to appear.

  • Bust swat teams up and distarm all cops.

  • Good! Fuck em for signing a shitty loan deal. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Plenty of ways to earn education benefits in this world. You have to actually get off you ass and put down your cheeseburger.

  • They may be doing it but it defies common law, if you are unaware of your legal rights then you will be incapable of exploiting it like the corporations do.

  • How about they start arresting all the politicians who have squandered trillions of dollars of our tax money for self-serving reasons.

  • Thisbisbinsane. I paid my students loans off twice over 12 years. They still claim in owe them money. In 4 years they said I owed 22k and bow it is at over 145k. They claim I haven’t paid on it since 1999. Yet I have proof I paid my loan soff twice. My credit reports reflect I paid them off. Yet they have got my tax refunds for the past 15 years totaling over 30k. I am extremely poor. I work my ass off and I take my debts seriously. I have 2 handicapped kids. I have help and I do what I can when I can. I meet alot of poor people who have paid their student loans off more than once and have same problems I do. It is horrible if swat teams are big deployed to gurt people in this way. It is despicable that I live in a neigh or hood people shoot each other weekly and they don’t go to jail bit poor people song onto hail. Thisnis police state behavior. Dangerous. If I went to jail over debt how could I ever pay the debtboff? Who would care for my special needs kids? I love America most of the men in my family have serviced the military. I myself wa sin CAP for years. This breaks my heart for our country. What can we do to change?

    • EXACTLY….guns and potential killing is NOT the answer….violence in this day and time over a paper crime is not the answer force is most always used to induce fear in the ones watching…seriously..with credit ratings required for everything, with garnisheeing wages,… with removing money even from govt welfare checks,… same for soc sec..BLM is taking money from an 81 yr old shoshone indian for grazing fees……..no charging into a neighbor hood or business cost 10x more than the dbt….SO it is not about collecting ……I agree to think twice before agreeing with this kind of violence around our home, children, and public places…..sorry….can’t go there ……

  • Tom Walsh, that’s a douchenozzle thing to say. Definitely the words of an uneducated idiot.

  • bankers who control the money make the rules and are in control of all wars including the ones against us and our children, it is this mechanism that is used to control us, that in-debts us, enslaves us, and has a death grip on all of us, in the end it will be up to us and our children for a better tomorrow… this is criminal

  • Please research and do not follow blindly. The truth is this man was summoned to court multiple times, ordered to pay the loans, and he refused to show up for any court dates. He then ducked back into his house and resisted arrest.

  • I could have sworn our constitution included protection from imprisonment for debt.

  • The only way to bring the change america needs is for the citizens to start an alternate society with alternate currency. Change in your federal reserve money for a currency created for the american public. Stop using the dollar and things would change overnight. Stop electing presidents that are illuminati/federal reserve puppets… Its the only way to make america free and awsome.

  • I have a couple unpaid student loans “COME GET SOME! you little swat team bitches! I’ll give you a free lesson.

  • Yes, they’ll be able to pay them back so much quicker in prison..

  • So if you’re in debt they’re gonna treat you like a criminal now. And if you’re a registered gun owner they’re going to treat you like a terrorist. This is getting pretty ridiculous

  • Keep spreading this information. If not a single banker went to jail this is time for some serious protests

  • US Marshals hoping to scare the electorate so that Bernie goes into office?

  • from other reading some of these police swat guys willing to “enforce” amer citizen are foreign men trained for policing in VA and CO sites…and have no prob going after amer….then look at the BLM in OR in the bunkerville incident ….those guys were seriously pointing AR-15s at rural men women and children….until they got the stand down looked to me like they were planning on executing….and alternative news show un-indentified …no badged, or visible ids men in combat gear who would not verbally link themselves with any agency…just said we are here to support the sheriff (of Burns, sheriff ward) so just saying…..the top guys doing this are as smart as we arre and they seem to be planning aghead….also the Oath of our military to protect citizen from enemies and such….not the oath used by the agencies Obama and central govt is arming agencies like the one in this post..swat, dea, blm, irs, epa, hss, and more to take….that “new” oath is apparently to the office of president….ie office of putin of america….

  • Hope they get educated. This is another bubble created by cronyism. These are kids. Back off!! Forgive me but books are more important than foreign aid, and I don’t give a rat’s ass which nation you pick. Our youth are ours!

  • Awful. Hey! Way to go reporting on the Russian bombing of children’s hospitals in Syria.

  • Debter imprisonment was outlawed. If you fight it, the government will say you escalated the situation. Shares an affinity for other government, citizen interactions.


  • Spending thousands to reclaim pennies

  • Guess they gotta get some use of all that shiny new weaponry and armor that we bought them ! Of all the weapons they have to use on me , the only one I really fear is their Badge ! Like the refuge occupiers ,they shot one man ,but have used their badge and the weapon of jail on the rest , for doing nothing really illegal . Student loans should never be more than a civil matter !

  • if that’s the case…the hell with college….i’ll work at burger king and make minimum wages…..

  • what the fuck ?

  • Instead of paying my student loans, I’m buying guns.

  • dan

    This story isn’t exactly true, or close to the truth. What’s true: A man who owed on a student loan was arrested, but not b/c he owed on a student loan. A three-year-old “failure to appear” warrant was being served when he claimed he had a gun, forcing authorities to call for more officers.

  • What will they do next, establish a debtors prison? There won’t be anyone left on the streets, because of their loose credit policies. Seems like its getting pretty close to tyranny(too close for my liking, of course this is my opinion). Don’t take my word for it, really, take responsibility for yourself and for your family. Check it out, do the research. Start with the history books, and then use this amazing information age technology(YES THE INTERNET), to see through the illusions and lies. Combine and integrate (weave together)your research knowledge, history and internet, and you will see brand new knowledge. This will show you the HONESTY of our situation in this country. You and your family are worth it! I LOVE all of my fellow human beings! Guys it’s the whole system, made to control our numbers(population control) and suppress society. They use their armed bureaucratic forces to control us through force at gun point. Now go beyond this post to find the real answers to the hard questions.

  • What does SWAT stand for ? Socialism worries America terribly .

  • This is ridiculous, these idiots are the ones that should be banged up not the students who owe a few dollars. How much does it cost to send a team in? $1000 or 5000? Send no one and knock that money off the students debt. In the UK we write it off

  • Usedtobeamerican

    Mmmurica. M a by u guys try to get your shit together. Try paying higher tax for everything and allocating it to public health and education . Stop bullying other countries around the world with your military and usee the mone for ur preps at home. Grow up and start to take in consideration your neighbours not just your closest relatives, system u have is so selfish and arrogant.

  • Has anyone done there own research to make sure this is legit??

  • I was thinking jail is more expensive than collage, government is a joke

  • Doubtful

  • Didnt Obama say they would forgive student loan debt after a certain amount of years?

  • good grief,like there’s not more important things for them to do

  • Do people even read this crap before posting ass, a, nine comments.lol

  • Yeah… don’t steal, government hates competition. I am so glad I don’t live in the “Greatest country of them all” but to be frank, entire world has lost it’s mind…Nothing to add …

  • Kathy

    Maybe it will be an example for those that don’t pay their bills. The house he was living in, I think he could have paid his student loan at some point over the 30 years! He deserved what he got. Why should be feel bad for him. Based on the article, he is not telling the truth about what really happened.

  • modurhead

    its sad when your government spends tax dollars on drones without the tax payers permission and then pays for state sanctioned terrorists to assault a guy for student loans Uhmerica land of the fee and home of the slave, why doesnt obama or trump help this guy out? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mc7ASnKOV0

  • wtf

  • Alan Robertson

    No debt should ever result in armed government agents arresting someone. We do not have debtor prisons. This is very wrong and should be investigated. This should concern everyone.

  • Claymore mines are out of the attic and dusted off.

  • Amy Gardiner

  • Bullshit your promoting a false story .

  • WTF?

  • Be careful Ben Perry!! Lol

  • Ridiculous! The empire must be running short on cash.

  • Islam land:

    women in islam:

    the key to Islam:

    about prophet muhammed pbuh:

    this is truth “scientific”:

  • Fuck college. Udacity education is a lot better.

  • Well i guess they’ll be comen 4 me as well!!! :p

  • Margie Duvall Schweizer

    This explains why they can’t round up all the ILLEGALS, The SWAT teams in Texas are too busy attacking innocent citizens for a $1500 … 30 yr old Student loan debt. Apparently they have never heard of the Post Office and Certified Mail or Summons to Appear. From reading this article it sounds like it was a “Kangaroo Court” Prosecutor was a collections officer??? I hope he does seek legal counsel and is able to bring charges against the whole group there and not only gets his money back but gets a huge award in damages.

  • Seems unlikely.

  • Yeah, i have… But in my country we dont have to pay it back unless we earn more than 54k/yr, lol

  • LMAO. Fool had 30 years to pay back some shit. they just did it to scare him.. really,we live in a police state I would expect no less until we get Bernie in office. To make school free and stop over policing

  • Oh geez! Yes, they come after you when you skip out on a court summons — and then when they come to get you, if you run into the house and say you have a gun, they send backup. This isn’t government overreach. This is you guys elevating losers to hero status.

    Here’s more of the story: http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/US-Marshals-say-man-wasn-t-arrested-because-he-6834620.php

  • Newguy

    this is why i’m afraid of going to college.

  • Tracy Lantis

    Oh know people who owe 5 x that amount smh

  • KcalbHctiw

    IDK.. as a US Marshall, I would have felt really stupid and insulted for even being ordered to go to someone’s door about a 30 yr old student loan…

    • Serita MacLellan

      but would you obey the order, that’s the problem, right or wrong “just following orders” is always the response, kinda like “the devil made me do it”

      • Sally McWoozy

        “just following orders” didn’t work at Nurembourg …

        • Steve Lives

          Only because that side lost. That’s a good thing, but still. The winners write the history, know what I mean?

  • Mark Perry
  • Majestic

    Meanwhile, massive corporations like Google, Apple, GE and others steal millions from the federal government by evading taxes and stashing their billions in offshore Caymen Island accounts or find sanctuary in Swedish banks. But the REAL criminal is a regular joe in Texas who owes $1500 in student loans.

    • BlackDeity

      hahaha or even here in the U.S. (Delaware tax loophole) odd how 285,000 corporations, Donald Trump is one of those people, all use the same address (1209 North Orange) I’m sure it’s a coincidence…

  • Ron W Ballew

    Any commercial company or credit union would cancel an uncollected debt that is 30 years old. It is called a write-off.

  • Steve Lives

    More fun with money. Isn’t the game of Monopoly that your life depends on fun? Some day, I hope people wake up and realize its all fake.

  • Elephant in the Room

    Next thing you know they’ll be busting up the notorious graffiti ring that’s terrorizing a park bench in BFE.