“He’s perfectly innocent, he knows his rights, he knows what the Constitution says.” mutters the power tripping jackboot cop as he tears apart this innocent man’s vehicle for no other reason than to flex his “authority.”

“It wasn’t a very good alert….” brags the other jackboot about the drug dog “giving them permission” to search this man’s vehicle. He was likely about to confess to just how arbitrary their decision was in violating this innocent person’s rights, when he spots the camera.

“Hey Jim……” and they realize they’ve been bamboozled.


Watching this video is incredibly grounding, we can see just how far the US has progressed into a totalitarian police state. These Stasi checkpoints are NOT for your safety, they are to condition innocent people into acquiescing to state intimidation. If you doubt that claim, research how many of these “DUI Checkpoints” actually catch people that are DUI.

Here are the numbers from the checkpoint that night: 

  •  250 vehicles passed through the checkpoint
  •  20 vehicles were detained that required further investigation
  •  Three vehicles were searched
  •  One misdemeanor arrest was made
  •  32 citations were issued: Two child restraint device citations, one DUI, 10 citations for violations of the registration law, four citations for violation of the light law, one revoked/suspended driver’s license, six financial responsibility (no insurance), six other driver’s license law violations, and two safety belt law violations.

Only one DUI arrest was made. One out of 250. 250 people were stopped, questioned, their rights violated, and faced potential and real harassment so this department could be 0.4% effective at stopping drunk driving.

The police state expanding around us is grotesque and vile, and worse yet is the fact that it is accepted by most Americans because they think it is necessary for their safety.

We must continue to expose the tyrants, we must help to lessen the ignorance in ourselves, and those around us.

Americans accept this tyranny because it has been incrementally phased into their perception. If they could step outside of their lazy-boys and football for just a minute, they’d be able to see reality. The reality is that we are being enslaved by a system of taxation and oppression.

The only way out of this system is knowledge. We, the people, have no way of defending against drones, tanks, tomahawk missiles, etc., so violence would prove futile and only convert tyrants in to martyrs.

To quote Harriet Tubman, who became famous for her resistance to slavery and rescuing other slaves from their bondage, “I freed thousands of slaves. I could have freed thousands more, if they had known they were slaves.”

  • vitario2000

    Did you file a law suit? If not shut up you did not good at all. make it cost them.

    • Allen

      It costs the taxpayers (that’s us)

  • vitario2000

    ant cop shooting any color unarmed person should face murder charges to the degree fitting the circumstance. My question to you is do you get upset when a cop shoots an unarmed white man?

    • CrazedLeper

      I might, but since it never happens, I don’t know. You know what else never happens? Black cops shooting unarmed white children. Black cops don’t shoot unarmed black children, either. It’s just panicky white cops and racists murdering their traditionally most-hated demographic. Way to turn a blind eye to hundreds of years of documented history. Your racist leaders would be pleased.

      • Jay Henderson

        cops shoot more whites than blacks you ignorant moron

    • gray444

      He is a liar and white guys get shot there was one shot at a Celtics game but he foes not care. he is a ex-con and wants you to tell him that it’s not his fault he is a loser it is because life has been hard ha ha

  • Jeff Hodgson

    Published on Jul 4, 2013, old video. “FTP” Fuck the Police – OR – Film The Police. You Choose.

  • knowa1

    Fire the cop he is a liability

  • David White

    The problem goes deeper than just the police. The judges and the whole judicial system are in on the scam as well. No one can see the problem because anyone that tries to point it out disappears into the correctional system to have God only knows what happen to them. We’re past the point of no return. It’s too late. Time for another big asteroid strike. The only thing that will survive it unfortunately will probably be judges, lawyers and policemen though but at least then they’ll have to feed on their own kind.

  • David Cafarella

    Was anything done about this ? Was the police officer repremanded or reeducated ?

  • gray444

    Nope do not give a shit these so called children are grown adults who are committing a crime and 99.9% of the time have a weapon, drugs and generally a lengthy criminal record for being the scum nobody will miss it is a fact. I have yet to look in to one of these so called victims and found a decent person being victimized. As a matter of fact at the recent blacklivesmatter rally mother’s of “real” black children were there with signs of children ages 4 thru 8 that were killed but by other black young men in gangs. More black men are killed by other black males than the police, disease, cancer, car accidents combined ! The group blacklivesmatter is a joke one of their so called leaders Ha Ha that met with Obama was arrested two months after that meeting. What for ??
    human trafficking what color were these victims BLACK !! This crap about this group is just that they do not care about the real victims they are either criminals looking to have and excuse or somebody trying to get a fake lawsuit fuck them and fuck you.

    • CrazedLeper

      You are a racist and a complete asshole. Those “crimes” are imaginary. Was Trayvon Martin an adult committing a crime? He was a boy. A minor armed with a bag of skittles. Tamir Rice was 12, armed with a toy, and playing–alone–in a park when he was gunned down by a brave white hero like yourself. Michael Brown was committing the crime of jaywalking when your klan hero gunned him down. Sandra Bland changed lanes without signaling–and was armed with a lit cigarette. You turn a blind eye to these facts because your racist leaders told you to. They want you to be guilty of murdering innocent people, but not think of it that way. You’re the worst monsters the world has ever seen, but not for much longer.

      • gray444

        Ha Ha I new you would play the race card guess what asshole I am black so fuck you and your fucking excuse’s. Michael Brown went for the cops gun watch the video dumbass every case has been gone thru and any case that was cleared was cleared for good reason and you know it. Funny how you had nothing to say about the kids kill by gang bangers and lowlives like yourself !! I bet a dollar to a doughnut you are and ex-con low life druggy or drunk do not write back I don’t listen to assholes who just want to swear and play I am the victim wah wah

        • CrazedLeper

          You are a complete asshole, officer–and a liar. You’re not black, and the only one playing a race card is you. That story that your pal, Officer Wilson told was absolutely ridiculous. Michael Brown didn’t go for anything. Wilson is a lying turd and so are you. The only difference between you and him is he an ass to save when he made up that ridiculous, obvious lie to cover over the fact that he shot an unarmed kid dead in the street.

          Also, you’re wrong. Zero convictions; zero addictions. I rarely take aspirin. Now get off the internet or you’re going to be late for your cross-burning.

          • gray444

            Bitch you do not know me don’t act like you do and I never lied Brown is dead because he went for the cop’s gum and I am glad he is dead ne last asshole like you. You have a lot of balls calling me out when you played the race card from the beginning when this video had nothing to do with race ! As a black man I am sick of loser’s using my race as and excuse for being a criminal and a loser so fuck off ! I think the only liar here is you with zero conviction and no drugs not one person reading your crazy rant believes you are anything but a ex-con with a need for someone to believe his excuse that it’s not your fault its because you are black what a cop out Ha Ha

          • CrazedLeper

            I just have two questions for you, officer. 1) How much money have you lost on penis enlargement scams? 2) What are you wearing to tRump’s impeachment?

          • gray444

            Ha Ha please take your meds and get a life and stop blaming the world for your screw ups ! This tool does not know me and has gone from being white to a cop to Trumps number one fan did anyone else watch the video above and get any of his bat shit crazy ideas out it Ha Ha Nope not one comment except his hey Crazy fuck off I will not reply again you are a waste of space and my time.

  • gray444

    Ha Ha I hope they scratched up his car real good another dumbass millennial ! Hey dumbass you were damn lucky that you don’t live in one of the 35 states that have a law that requires two party permission for taping. What you don’t know about that yup if you tape and officer without telling him you just broke the law and go to jail. Some states you can do video but no audio so do not listen to this dumbass or you will end up in jail. 21 year old dipshit is what he is, he better talk to attorney about DUI check points they do have this right. Guess what the house voted that they are constitutional for public safety the officer was right. Look it up dumbass and in every poll taken it would pass by a majority because we do not want assholes out there drinking and killing our kids except you I hope you get hit by a drunk driver then cry why didn’t they do more to stop this guy wah wah. To all the normal people out there who have passed thru one of these you had no problem right Ha Ha I went thru one and the officer was nice and I was thru in minutes no dog no problem but I am not a dipshit dumbass millennial Ha Ha