SHOCK VIDEO: Hidden Cameras Catch Cops in Illegal Smash and Grab Raid on Legal Pot Shop


Costa Mesa, CA – The Costa Mesa Police Department (CMPD) is trying to pull a fast one after a lawsuit was filed against it for the illegal raid of a medical cannabis dispensary. Knowing they have little chance in state court to defend their actions, which were caught on hidden cameras, the CMPD is attempting to move the case to federal court because cannabis is prohibited under federal law.

In January, cops busted into the Costa Mesa Collective in militaristic fashion, pointing guns at customers and telling them to get on the ground. They immediately began removing surveillance equipment, but didn’t know about the four hidden cameras which caught them damaging store property, interrogating customers and seizing cannabis, money, confidential patient records and other property.

These seizures were done with no legal justification, as police Chief Robert Sharpnack said they had obtained an inspection warrant, “which is used to enter a premises to investigate whether it is complying with building, fire, zoning and civil codes.”

According to the Orange County Register:

“If a business refuses access, a city can obtain an inspection warrant and seek a judge’s permission to make forcible entry, but investigators can’t seize evidence for a criminal case, said Jen McGrath, another attorney representing Costa Mesa Collective.”

But there’s more. The OC Register has not been able to find any type of warrant for the operation, and Chief Sharpnack has refused to provide a copy of the supposed warrant used to carry out the raid.

Even if such an inspection warrant exists, it does not allow for the seizure of cash, assets and medical records that was recorded by the hidden cameras.

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Cops involved in the raid, believing they had removed all video recorders in the store, proceeded to violate the law and the constitutional rights of people inside the store.

Video shows one officer interrogating a female in a separate room, attempting to get her to admit to a crime as she repeatedly says she wants an attorney.

Were you being a lookout outside? Were you a lookout? Were you asked to look out for people?” said the unidentified officer. As she hesitates, he says, “…you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to…

The subject then says, “Oh, ok, that means you can just speak to my lawyer then.

But the cop continues prodding her, saying, “If you’re the lookout, then that means you’re an employee here. You’re helping these people out. Unless you care to tell me what your involvement is.

Five people were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and they spent four days in the county jail before being released with no charges.

Two hours of hidden camera footage was provided to the OC Register by the attorney representing Costa Mesa Collective, Mathew Pappas. Footage shows a cop breaking the ceiling open in the room and other cops looting the place for cash, including the tip jar.

The same cop who interrogated the female subject is heard telling another subject, “The reason why we’re here is because we’re conducting an inspection.

But the hidden cameras clearly show this is not just an inspection.

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In the main room of the dispensary, other cops are taunting a customer laying on the floor.

Don’t be dumb, dude. Don’t tell me, dah, dah.

Patient: “You asked if I ever got arrested.

Officer: “I’m just asking a simple question. You ever been arrested before for anything? It’s a yes or no question. It’s not hard. I’m not interrogating you. Just asking if you had a…

Patient: “Then let me talk to my lawyer.

Officer: “That’s a pretty libertarian thing to say.

Officer 2: “Who’s your lawyer? Call him right now. Phone is right here.” (Tries to hand a phone to the customer) “You don’t have a lawyer dude. I love when people say that. Who’s your lawyer? We’ll call him up.

They can later be heard making jokes about the fact that cannabis is used as medicine, with one cop pretending to be the salesperson and another cop the customer.

Looks like you’re gonna be busy counting money,” one cop says as he hands the loot to another cop.

It’s no wonder that attorneys for the CMPD filed a motion to move the case from state to federal court, which is an attempt to dodge the fact that their actions – unknowingly recorded by hidden cameras – violated the law and constitutional rights.

“Costa Mesa’s effort to move the case to federal court is meant to prevent any recovery for their illegal actions because marijuana is prohibited under federal law,” Pappas said. “However, the lawsuit filed is based on state law in an area that should be decided by state courts.”

…The lawsuit filed last month in Orange County Superior Court seeks unspecified damages and the return of marijuana, money, confidential patient records and other property seized Jan. 27 at the now-closed Costa Mesa Collective on Harbor Boulevard.”

The footage provides a rare glimpse into the modus operandi of law enforcement who feel they can get away with anything in their vendetta against peaceful people providing medical products. The Costa Mesa Collective was clearly a target for these cops, but the raid may turn out to be one of their biggest mistakes.

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  • Nishi

    That is quite the peek into what these cops are really all about. Incredibly depressing that even with this video, that department hasn’t been shut down.

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    Criminal scum. The cops I mean.

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    shocking, but not shocking at the same time.

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    Does anyone else, here, see the resemblance to the Nazi SS officers of the Third Reich?

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      Makes me want to vomit seeing these stupid, sleazy, humanoids with no brains and all brawn, come into someones life and ruin it for nothing. These mutants should be melted!!!

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    an “off the books” operation?

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      That sounds plausible.

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    now, why are cops getting shot again?

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      Because somewhere, there’s an asshole with a gun just itching to murder somebody and it’s getting easier and easier to take out that murderous rage on police officers.

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        or maybe someone with an untreatable cancer diagnosis… live those last days making the world a better place

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        Or a father getting a little payback for a murdered child.

  • JennaTrull

    Why are these cops not being brought up on charges of destroying evidence? The fact that they went straight for the surveillance cameras before doing anything else proves that they were up to no good. Why wouldn’t they WANT a record of the arrest, which would STRONGLY bolster their case… unless they knew they were acting illegally?

  • FiuToYou

    Seems like it’s time to revolt hard!!!!

  • Guy

    So I guess, if and when marijuana becomes legal in this State this fall, thes cops will have to find something else to do with themselves ?

    Like shooting blind people or kids with BB guns and gassing 84 yr grandmothers to have any more fun. What a waste of taxpayers money !

    • Abz B Zbas

      It will still be illegal on the federal level, so I’m sure they’ll find some justification for more raids.

    • Mike Sandner

      You must not of read the AUMA that will be voted on in November. It recriminalizes possession over an oz. Now instead of a ticket, you get handcuffed. Thank big money for that

      • Guy

        Then that’s it ! I am out of here ! Gov Moonbeam and the rest of his democratic idiots can have it all, or should I say what’s left of it. His Dad took the first half when he and his buddys carved the state into special districts. Like dad, like son ! What a crock of shit ! Soon there will be tax and regulations for standing up an breathing, unless your last name is Perez, Rodriguez, Mohammed, or Wong! Then you get a pass to free education, housing, welfare, government services and berth rights ! Don’t call me a racist I am not but, you can call me a realest, that is a 7th generation Californian, whose family has been in farming in the State for 150 years, that’s had enough with the, give it all away to the huddled masses sypony card carriers and tax and regulate government !

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    every single cop is a crook…a criminal,cops are badge wielding criminals,working for a corrupt system,knowingly working for a corrupt system….and these cops will ”forget” to put almost all the pot into evidence lockers,this always happens,or they have the commander come by to”dispose” of it properly[hahahahahaha]cops are junkies and dealers thieves rapists and murderers,nothing more.

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    In my opinion, it is just a matter of time before a civil war breaks out in the USA.

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      Search: US Court Says it’s Okay for Police Departments to Refuse to Hire Someone who is Too Smart

  • Christan

    Hidden cameras seem like a really good idea everywhere. The truth will be told.

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    It’s interesting that these cops are NOT federal agents, but want their case moved to federal court, because they know hey don’t have a case. They should be brought up on charges and sent to prison, every cop involved here.

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    Weird because Medical marijuana is now legal under federal law. As long as they comply to state laws.

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    I would be delighted if I read that some patriot has dealt properly with these asshole cops!