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‘Highly Dangerous’ Radioactive Material Stolen from US Company – Official Warns of ISIS ‘Dirty Bomb’

Thanks to the tyrannical and murderous foreign policy of the United States, and their perpetual funding and arming of extremist groups in the Middle East, a terrorist organization known as the Islamic State has burst on to the scene and shown to be a substantial threat.

ISIS, unlike previous government-created boogeymen, has demonstrated that they are capable of inflicting great harm in both the East and the West, which makes the news of ‘highly dangerous’ radioactive material being stolen, quite worrisome.

On Wednesday, Reuters reported that the material had been stolen from a US-owned storage facility, in Basra, Iraq.

An unnamed senior security official with knowledge of the theft said, “We are afraid the radioactive element will fall into the hands of Daesh (Isis). They could simply attach it to explosives to make a dirty bomb.”

The material, a radioactive isotope of iridium Ir-192, was stolen last year but kept secret until this week when it was exposed through leaked environmental ministry documents.

The material is classified as a Category 2 radioactive by the International Atomic Energy Agency. According to the IAEA, the element can be fatal to anyone exposed to it in only hours.

According to Reuters, the material, stored in a protective case the size of a laptop computer, went missing in November from a storage facility near the southern city of Basra belonging to U.S. oilfield services company Weatherford (WFT.N), the document obtained by Reuters showed and officials confirmed.

The document was dated November 30, and addressed to the ministry’s Centre for Prevention of Radiation. It describes “the theft of a highly dangerous radioactive source of Ir-192 with highly radioactive activity from a depot…in the Rafidhia area of Basra province.”

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Weatherford, based out of Houston, Texas, has not responded to a request for comment.

Ir-192 is used by oilfield companies to test for flaws in pipelines in a process known as industrial gamma radiography, and it was the property of Istanbul-based SGS Turkey, according to the document and officials.

While there is no indication the material has come into the possession of Islamic State, thanks to the US arming the ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria, the idea of a dirty bomb is now a credible threat.

There are no immediate suspects in the case. However, according to Reuters, a security official said the initial investigation suggested the perpetrators had specific knowledge of the material and the facility: “No broken locks, no smashed doors and no evidence of forced entry,” he said.

A spokesman for Basra operations command, responsible for security in Basra province, said army, police and intelligence forces were working “day and night” to locate the material.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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    • Why does the post say it was posted a minute ago, but this comment, one hour ago?

    • Doesn’t sound like it’ll end humanity. Just a couple countries in the middle east..

  • Translation on that flag please.

  • Setting the stage for the next false flag

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  • ISIS is the US/Saudi/Israel. Turkey is the designated fall guy. No telling who gets hit with the false flag attack this time. Probably Turkey.

    • Flint

    • Israel has been setting off nuclear blast tests in 2015. I think they will blame Iran. You’re on the right track as information comes out tracing the money to Saudi Arabia, training and weapons from US, UK and France… 🙂

  • Coincidentally, this past summer, the military were re-enacting dirty bomb scenarios in various cities under the guise of jade helm. They ran an urban war drill in #flint. And did the drill for a dirty bomb in #grandrapids … So yeah, Michigan probably has a bullseye on it.

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    • I’m not running away. There is no where to run. There is no place that will go untouched by the direction this world is headed. If I am free’d from this shithole existence I’m currently living in, it will be a welcomed departure. https://youtu.be/phJo1E94Yk8

    • Detroit, but if free thought thinks Isis will do this, they’ve really lost it.

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  • Because the government handing over deadly weapons to a terrorist organization is so “stolen”

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  • ISIS is stupidity…
    Enough already with fairytales of the boogeyman. Who’s pulling the strings… cut out the middle insignificant bullshit already…done with seeing stupid human shit all over my pages

  • “Stolen”. Ok then.

  • Wow, so they have access to these places? How nice of our gov to allow them to even be in the same ZIP CODE with any kind of dangerous materials… DUMBASSES

  • All nuclear facilities have to have radioactive detectors at all entrances and exits, camera’s, and high tech security equipment. It should be impossible for even a ghost to steal this crap. How is it someone just took it without alarms going off all over the facility? I have an idea, but law agencies won’t like it.

    • Ummm Tom Cruz mission impossible.

    • Even if it grew legs and three eye’s, and walked away it would have sounded the alarms.

  • America makes a habit of losing weapons and dangerous shit all too often we know that somewhere along the lines it will be used on innocent people as per usual

  • No way and it magically ends up into the enemy’s hands Wow guess it’s time for war

  • It was doc and marty guys quit trippin

  • very poorly written article , no details…

  • ISIS is evil, no question. Make no mistake though: the US and it’s middle east “allies” (and I use that term loosely) are the real enemy to freedom.

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  • How do you steal from the governments military, cia, and fbi that shit would of been locked down. very poor show from the Americans they bumble along trying their best to look like a superpower when all their do is create more problems including the lives of innocent men, women and childern. only us as a world United can stop this nonsense

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  • i have nothing too say… noone wants to do anything about it..

  • Or that’s what they want us to think they didn’t “lose” anything and I’m sure the money for it accidently fell in someone’s pocket or bank account.

  • Stephanie Bennett

  • As if you did not know this two years ago!


  • I have to wonder just how true this is or is this another misinformation scam that the government wants out to distract us again

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  • “stolen”.

  • I know how this material works. It’s been too long. The half life is 75 days. Not a big deal, by now. Everyone calm down…..lol.

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  • Leslie

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  • Funny thing is, they won’t ever catch who did it, with today’s sophisticated technology. Oddly enough it will happen on home soil too. If it smells like a skunk , it usually is! I call a soon to be false flag in our near future!

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  • iridium is a very rare platinum group metal that has more value per ounce than gold so more than likely the metal was sold without the thief even knowing it was radioactive. I did not know there was a radioactive isotope of iridium.


  • America is the only country that would bomb its own country then blame ISIS or the Russians.

    Wait for it….

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  • Nico Mijinke

  • U.S had supplied ISIS dirty bomb. now they want us to believe that ISIS had procured it .

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  • Craig Golding

  • Ich weiß ich habe es gestern schon gepostet und Fakt ist dass dies die Realität ist es gibt die
    Federal Emergency Management Agency … kurz #Fema und es gibt auch die
    European Gendarmerie Force … kurz #EGF oder #Eurogendfor

    -Fema Link

    -European Gendarmerie Force Link

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    und wenn wir alle nicht aufpassen und uns wehren dann muss ich leider sagen dass wir in bestimmt 5-10 Jahren nicht mehr so leben wie wir es jetzt tun ! Dieser #Trailer ist wirklich sehenswert !
    -Gray State

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    My best guess is it will be found in the stuff you buy like shoes or food that you eat drink or wear . We need Trump now not next January .

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      How would Trump have prevented this. Private company loses material in foreign country. Please, please explain how he could have done a damn thing about this.

  • They will sell their Mother for $$$$$$$

  • Stolen HELL. it was given to them by the US government.

  • BigoBoy

    Sadly for the camel humping wannabe martyrs is the scientific fact that Iridium 192 has a half life of 72 hours. By the time they build their homemade WMD the material will be totally inert.

    • BigoBoy

      Sorry for the typo I meant to say a half life of about 72-74 days.

  • another false flag coming this time they’ll step up the threat and call it dirty bomb

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