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Group Promoting Peace and Love Labeled As Terrorists, Surveilled by DHS and Police

800px-Rainbow_Gathering_Bosnia_2007Missoula, Montana – According to the Missoula Police Department, peace and love are extremist views, and promoting these ideas could be a possible sign of terrorist activity.

The police department received a Department of Homeland Security grant of $254,930 last week, to assist them in fighting the terrorist threat. That threat was apparently posed by “the Rainbow Family,” a large hippy gathering that promotes peace and love.

In the application documents where the agency requested the grant, the Rainbow Family was listed as an “extremist organization” that requires constant surveillance.

Police Chief Scott Hoffman said that the department needed a “mobile command unit” to deal with the Rainbow Family threat.

“It’s a mobile command unit. It’s just like a motor home with communications and computers and radios and things like that. I don’t know what the hazards of the Rainbow people are,Hoffman said.

After the story went public, representatives from the police department have played damage control with the media, claiming that the operation is only to help with cleaning up and keeping the area safe.

When reporters with the Missoulian called the police department for a comment, they were told by Missoula Police Lt. Scott Brodie that the mobile command unit would be primarily for the clean up effort.

“When they have their gatherings, they historically have created a mess that needs to be cleaned up. The command center could just coordinate and speed things up, get it done faster. It’s a coordination tool is what it is,” Brodie said.

It becomes apparent how ridiculous the accusations of “extremism” are when doing some research into what the Rainbow Family stands for. They are a decentralized, loose-knit group of people who want to promote ideas of peace, freedom, equality, and love.

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The group takes their name from the ancient Native American proverb that says “When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the rainbow.

Back in 2013, the U.S. Forest Service spent over $500,000 in efforts to police the event and only made two arrests. Otherwise, there were no issues or problems at the event.

John Vibes is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war. In addition to his writing and activist work he is also the owner of a successful music promotion company. In 2013, he became one of the organizers of the Free Your Mind Conference, which features top caliber speakers and whistle-blowers from all over the world. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can find his 65 chapter Book entitled “Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance” at bookpatch.com.

  • You get on that list for feeding the homeless or handing out blankets these days. At this point if you’re not on a watch list….

  • Crazy police state! Peace and Grace to you at the The Free Thought Project.com for all you do in keeping people informed. We need truth now more than ever.

  • Not much has changed since the 60’s…

  • yes Crazy fasist cops…. would never attend to visit such a country….

  • fuck the DHS, NSA and Police

  • You are a threat to the government’s chaos factor.

  • Jason Richter Sr.

  • @Goat for peace

  • Peace and love are bad for the business of military industrial complex.

  • Who are the terrorists?

    • Depends on who you ask. If you ask me I say gov. If you ask gov. they say me.

  • The result of over two hundred years of Montana inbreeding.

    • Do you have statistics to back this up, or is this just an ignorant and uneducated insult?

    • Take it any way you want it…dish it out can’t you but it hurts your little feelings.

    • Darrell G. Ragland that would be because they have a heart. Unlike…..

  • Hippies are dangerous. You ever meet one? I did once. The whole group came running at me and was hugging me. I thought the smell of body odor and patchouli oil were going to kill me. It was defiantly a chemical attack.

    • Wow you must have been traumatized.

    • That’s the smell of my people. I did however make a switch from patchouli to vanilla. I hope that helps. Plus, I use 48hr pit stick that seems to last a week. My body is now absorbing harmful chemicals but I don’t stink.

    • Try a salt stick, Modnar! I stopped using ant-perspirant after reading a clinical report linking aluminum chlorohydrate to breast cancer. I still sweat sometimes but it doesn’t stink, thanks to the salt stick. 🙂 fyi: i prefer smelling like nag champa instead of patchoulli.

    • Dana nag champa smells really good but I can only find the incense around here unless I order online. Every thing made has tons of toxic chemicals unless you make your own. I don’t even use makeup.

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    • everyone is sooo scared of smelling what human beings smell like…we’re all doomed. :O

    • I’m not scared. My people don’t care if I conserve water all week. But the public at large man…

    • I’m NOT sayin we have to stop bathing! 🙂

  • Nipples of mass distraction will be found on site..

  • We’ve come to this – ‘peace and love’ is terrorist activity?

  • Because dhs has nothing to do other than make up stories.

  • If you aren’t desensitized to government spying, please help us reach more people by clicking ‘like’ + commenting (even 1 word) + sharing. Thank you! (y)

  • War pigs

  • I don’t care who you are, anyone who hates peace IS the problem.

  • Your headlines a lot of scare mongering shite they have been classed as terrorist by your journalism not by the state any excuse to stir up trouble there’s your love and peace there ✊

    • Did you read the article? If so, did you comprehend it?

    • Yes I did and yes I did they are watching a group who even though they have a lovely name might have a hidden agenda and if you don’t think this
      When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the rainbow.“
      Doesn’t sound like an extreme view then ok then

    • Those threats of rebuilding from ruins & making the land green again…. Scary

    • Who said it was scary only said it was extreme or better still brainwashed cultish bull shit

    • That quote is from a book.

    • 16The LORD said to him, “I will be with you. And you will destroy the Midianites as if you were fighting against one man
      So is this what’s your point it was still used

    • Gerard Agnew give me a break with your proseltyyzing ha ha

  • We clearly have a dictatorship problem growing in our mists! First healthcare was targeted, then schools, a whole bunch of other stuff, and now this. That there is a classic pattern of dictatorship tactics throughout history.

    • How we don’t learn from tyrannical regimes throughout history boggles the mind.

    • I believe many people just do not share interests until problems hit home. There are too many other commodities to keep them busy and entertained, such as soap operas and video games.

    • The government DID learn and is emulating the successful tactics…

    • It’s such a slow process it easily becomes the norm.

    • We are one election away from a Totalitarian Government. There will likely be no way back from there. They will strip away our rights so fast it will make our heads spin.

    • Midst

    • The Free Thought Project.com I believe Mr Moreno is talking about Obama.

    • I wasn’t really thinking about Obama but circumstances in general. They’re kind of oppressive.

    • No shit! Wait until next year. When OBUMMER refuses to leave office.

  • Col. Flagg still lives.

  • Again, every organization in the USA from the PETA to the BLM is infiltrated by the FBI and the DHS. NO FOKING Joke!

  • Someone should tell these people that you need to bring guns and take over some federal building in order to spread peace and love and not be labeled as a terrorist.

    • If you’re referring to the Oregon standoff, they have been labeled terrorists all over social media and by numerous news outlets.

    • …but they haven’t been labeled as terrorists by the FBI, DHS, NSA or even the local police…see the difference???

    • …Bundy is being held for federal obstruction

    • The government wants to destroy anyone who would dare to live sovereign from the state, for this is dangerous for the states survival. When the government fears the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny.

  • good one i lmao on this one

  • i had better get some bullet proof kit then. already having facebook spying and blocking anything it does not approve of.

  • hahaha!!!

  • I put this link on my page with the header: Another example of your tax dollars at work fighting terrorism in America!.. Check this shit!..
    “The police department received a Department of Homeland Security grant of $254,930 last week, to assist them in fighting the terrorist threat”.

  • Rainbow terrorists dropping love bombs

  • They are threatened by individualism and being unique , its dangerous when your not a brainwashed consumer.

  • WTF has out country come to ? So if our government fears us then they should NOT in office. KNOW thy ENEMY….

  • It ain’t over. The way this followup article from a year ago (2015) is written, you’d think this would have been settled. Well, there’s more to the story after it was posted, and the city actually voted to approve it, and then nothing? I wonder what happened?

  • Not a lot of profit in Peace!!!

  • Rainbow Family? These People need to consider cutting down on their consumption of marijuana

  • Because govt equals force, period. It has never been about volutaryism, or then it would have to earn the citizens respect beyond the barrel of a gun.

  • I wonder why…..because a world with just peace and love isn’t realistic. Emotions make you blind and irrational.
    “The heart will make you blind
    The mind keeps you in line.”
    The government is just controlling the balance the best they can.
    Does anyone remember the Vietnam war?..remember the protest at the college in America where irrational students got shot. For there “peaceful protest.”
    Hippies need less trees and more books with rational and logical views.

  • Zak Knox if its that much of a problem, call the heroes of south park

  • The worst thing about rainbow events are that they draw quite a few bad apples that’s just there for the party atmosphere and free food. They are sometimes criminals, ex-cons, etc. that steal or want to fight over girls and stupid stuff.

  • Wow

  • The government is now very familiar with this group “The Rainbow Family of Living light”. Obviously none of them take the “terrorist” moniker seriously but it’s a great excuse to squander federal funds on an easy training exercise every July.

  • Because THAT’S what facists do.

  • Peace is was the government really fears

  • The Key to the Quality of life is by livable wages,low cost,and real equal learning,all made and built to last..That is not Illinois or any nation..So where is that Quality of life at?That takes Freedom and Equality..There is no Freedom without real ownership and limit on amount owned.Without real ownership there is no equality..They say that by better learning and degrees we work and do business for a better Quality of life is a fantasy without real ownership..By taxation,Laws,Economics,Policies,and more forcing the lose of business,jobs,and homes so those doing it use asset allocation,imminent domain,tax seizures,set ups,search and seizure,foreclosures,forfeiture,confiscation,unfit for human habitation,and more by Taxes paying for outsourcing,immigration,cages,inmates,wars,police state,spy state all sucking the money to the wealthy and rich only as it only profits the wealthy and rich.That forces inflation forcing debt,forcing crimes,forcing wars,forcing outsourcing,downsizing,closures,automation,robotics,as they pour in millions of immigrants,millions of refugees,millions of foreigners with lifetime work visas,and illegals all giving more wealth and riches plus profits to the Wealthy and Rich only.by the no ownership business and workers are forced to profits and make wages by mass producing and building t all not to last making things worse for all citizens as the infrastructure collapses,as the economy goes into failure,as businesses close,and citizens go into ruined education,poverty,addiction,and homelessness by this Genocide by no real ownership,no limit on amount owned,no limit on family sizes,by not ending immigration,refugees,foreigners on work visas,and illegals..We cannot make or build it all to last,we cannot get real thinking and learning equal educations,but the Wealthy and Rich got it all and have ruined and sabotaged ours..They even make wealth and riches by winning wars,by illegal drugs sold,by caging us in free labor as inmates while keeping us there by felonies as they our in foreigners by mass millions yearly as we are murdered of by the above and abortions,pollution,toxins,chemicals,mind war,economic war,law war,psychiatric pharmaceuticals,processed foods,and more they get more wealth and riches from,by,with etc.. Politicians are Necropoliticians of the Elite,Wealthy,and Rich uppers lives and freedom by our by Murders from all the above..So go to hell Death Cult Government,and Go to Hell Neropolitics…without ownership,freedom,and equality let it all crash into hell flames to kill the value of wealth by ending desires for it,kill riches by ending profits..IT IS FREEDOM OR DEATH,OR IT IS SLAVERY AND THEY MURDER US!!!!!!

  • Anything which goes against a government’s ability to divide and conquer is terrorism apparently.

  • when the young generation understands peace they won’t fight the wars AMERICA MUST WAKE UP

  • freedom is a scary word to this government. especially when you consider they are trying to take all our freedoms, rights away

  • lunacy. but this could be the same mindset that had Jesus crucified. oo oo oo terrorists!

  • the government hired a bunch of paranoid psycho cowards who r afraid of their own shadow the only time they r brave is when they have overwhelming force and they know for a fact ur unarmed


  • i would like to say that i am leaving you page. though your information and questions are well put. i clicked on a link to read a article about the rainbow gathering being terriost activity. shortly after reading a few lines a pop up blocked the page, and demanded that i do what i already have. click “like” & subscribe. Demanding that people do something for information is not “free thought” good by.

  • ANYONE who stands up to this government will be labeled a terrorist. And no one sees this as a problem?! Fuck this country is so fucked, filled with idiots who still cling to the bullshit they’ve been force fed their whole lives… Fuck America, cannot wait til it all falls apart, then maybe you fucktarded shitbags will wake the fuck up.

  • No profit in peace…

  • because war is what invests them with power. There are 30 million covert informants working domestically, in all walks of life, unemployed and employed, infamous and obscure. This is an addition to the numbers of LEO’s and private contractors who are in their fields earnestly.

    This whole country is a data mine, and the stewards are all spies. Information is ammunition, war is peace, freedom is slavery, etc. etc.etc.

    The best thing you can do is read, when you start seeing the blackshirts(already too late lol) or the book bonfires move to the mountains. Just don’t get on any trains.

  • ignorantly very sad

  • Haha dont you just love those stupid agencies – guess what you are paying their salaries while they slime you.

  • training ARMED Uniformed persons that peaceful protesters are terrorists is an act of terrorism

  • They look pretty dangerous to me – dancing and drumming!

  • Ignoramuses.

  • This government has an agenda that is evil & secret and they are up to no good.It’s just a matter of time before the shit hits the fan in the US . There is a huge storm coming and it will bring death and destruction before rebirth .Lets hope the side of good prevails so what is reborn is something we all can be happy living in because this place and it’s government really sucks

  • im an israeli t.i for the 14th year now-israel is hell

  • There’s an old book with only four numbers as a title… and this is a story of nowaday US, apparently

  • On the other hand, it is good to see that the Missoula PD, DHS, NSA and the like are spreading their “love”!

  • yea.. because its un-american, dirty commies

  • 555… It is the sad ( police ) state of affairs

  • Anyone promoting peace, freedom, and prosperity are suspect. For government to work, people must depend upon it. Anyone who won’t subjugate themselves to the benevolent state must be co-opted and brought to their knees for their insolence.

  • Can you believe that ?

  • USA CANNOT survive with out war…

  • hahaha peace is labeled terrorists??? wtf … so does that mean they are going to arrest all those religion of peace nuts… I mean Muslim’s to lol

  • Maybe they should poison people instead

  • I am an aged hippie living on borrowed time and proud of it. I started to be involved with Rainbow in 1966 and as far as I can remember we were threat to the establishment. Establishment usually had no respect for land, animals or anyone. Rainbow people cleaned up after themselves.. I am to bitter to continue. We live in a fascist state. Hopefully Donald will be our next president and he will straighten things up. We need someone who can finaly use common sence and throw the trough away. Manager and business person is all America needs. Surrounded by experts in their fields, not the swine lobbyists at the trough.

  • …thought Nixon was dead?

  • First the gun owners then the rest

  • Okay so Muslims claim to be a religion of peace and love so since they say it that means it is so and all the people who have been killed by them are just our imagination. Right.

    • You mean the muslium extremist im assuming. Because all the musliums I know don’t go around killing people.

    • Colleen I am sure that will be a great comfort to all the people who have been killed world wide by Muslims.

  • Lmao

  • No one feels threatened by leftover burnout hippie types.

    No one.

  • PLUR

  • I find it interesting that the only states that passed legislation due to public outcry that bans jade helm are also allot of the same states with legal cannabis; maybe their populace is doing a little thinking for its self after a doob

  • I like it when chicks don’t ware bras.

  • Rob O Brien Quarter of a million in funds to fight this organisation..

  • It looks like these kinds of protests lead to bralessness.

  • Can’t be serious…

  • They learned how to to that during Viet Nam.

  • supplying TRUTH, immaterial information, is now considered as “supplying material” to the false-terrorists that are created by the false-Jews who run and own the USA ! VOTE for anybody and you will get a false-Jew for president !

  • SMH that’s some serious bs
    File a suit & wait

  • Pure insanity!!

  • Nothing new here. It’s been the same with anti-war movements going back at least as far as WWI. The government fears people who think for themselves.

  • 1984

  • That is just how stupid we let cops become!

  • wtf

  • Absolutely! Their biggest fear is that we, The People, will unite and rise-up. Smh


  • America is gone! Forget it!!! The people there allowed it to happen.
    One eye on the bright candy the other eye on cheeseburgers and fructose syrup.
    One by one they fell or are falling.
    And that is the truth.

  • daysend

    No less terrorists than the militia members in Oregon. Rainbow people move into an area and cause extensive and expensive damage before moving on to do at the next spot.

    • Buttons

      bullshit. cite your source.

  • Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah

    I have knowledge for you my friends

    • Lisa C Shears Kendall