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Europe’s Forgotten ‘Hitler’ Killed Over 10 Million Africans — But the West Erased it From History

Most people have no idea of who is pictured above, but you should. The sight of this man should cause a similar revulsion to that of seeing Mussolini, Mao, Stalin or Hitler, as he committed an African genocide that resulted in the killing of over 10 million people in the Congo.

His name is King Leopold II of Belgium.

Most of people never learned about him in school, and have also most likely never heard about him in the media either. This is because he’s not included in the popular narrative of oppression (which includes things like U.S. slavery and the Holocaust).

King Leopold II is part of an ongoing history of colonialism, imperialism, slavery, and genocide in Africa that would clash with the popular social narratives taught in our school system today. It doesn’t fit neatly into school curriculums where, paradoxically, it is looked down upon to make overtly racist statements. However, it’s quite fine not to talk about a genocide perpetrated by European capitalist monarchs that killed over 10 million Congolese.

Belgium’s King Leopold II ran a personal empire so vast and cruel, it rivaled – and even exceeded – the crimes of even some of the worst dictators of the 20th century.

When Leopold II ascended to the throne in 1865, he ruled with the kind of gentle hand that Belgians wanted from their king after the democratization of the country in the wake of the multiple revolutions and reforms. He had great ambitions of building an overseas empire, and was convinced, like most statesmen of his time, that a nation’s greatness was directly proportional to the resources it could extract from those colonies.

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He disguised his business transactions as “philanthropic” and “scientific” efforts under the banner of the International African Society and used slave labor to extract Congolese resources and services. His reign was enforced through work camps, body mutilations, torture, executions, and his own private army.

The empire was known as the Congo Free State, and Leopold II stood as its undisputed slave master. For almost 30 years, rather than being a regular colony of a European government, Congo was administered as the property of Leopold II for his personal enrichment.

The world’s largest plantation, registering at 76 times the size of Belgium, possessed rich mineral and agricultural resources and lost nearly half of its population by the time the first census counted only 10 million people living there in 1924.

Interestingly, when we learn about Africa in the U.S., we learn about a caricatured Egypt, the HIV epidemic, the surface level effects of the slave trade, and if you went to a good school perhaps something about South African Apartheid. We also see lots of pictures of starving children on commercials, safaris on animal shows and we see pictures of vast savannahs and deserts in films and movies.

What we don’t learn about is the Great African War or Leopold’s Reign of Terror during the Congolese Genocide. Leopold II essentially turned Congo into his own personal part-plantation, part-concentration camp, part-Christian ministry, and yet history fails to retell the lessons of his tyrannical endeavor.

It seems that when you kill ten million Africans — you aren’t called ‘Hitler’, your name never comes to symbolize the living incarnation of evil, and your picture doesn’t produce fear, hatred, and sorrow — rather your crimes are simply swept under the historical rug and the victims of colonialism/imperialism remain forever voiceless.

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h/t walkingbutterfly

  • raz-0

    1) “For almost 30 years, rather than being a regular colony of a European government, Congo was administered as the private >

    The world’s largest plantation, registering at 76 times the size of Belgium, possessed rich ”

    Is part of the article missing? It gets a bit disjoint there.

    2) He probably doesn’t get the air time or recognition that Hitler does because he wasn’t trying to take over the whole planet and didn’t initiate an offensive that came the closest to landing on US soil since 1812. Heck, Mao and Stalin barely got any coverage during the cold war, and they were the two faces of the iron curtain.

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      Winston Churchill didn’t get air time or recognition, when he murdered 4 million Bengali in 1943 by starvation, because he stole their food.

      Consider the howl that would have gone up, if the Bengali had converted to Judaism like the Khazars did!

      • Andrew Reinbach

        What on earth are you saying here, aside from implying, like a good Jew-hater, that Jews get special, preferential treatment?

        You may now deny you meant anything of the sort, have Jewish relatives (or even, that you’re Jewish yourself), suggest that the observation was sheer paranoia from an over-sensitive mind, or in some other way try to weasel out of your own mess.

        If you had any, you wouldn’t be posting anonymously. Since you do, no one would say you’re anything but a coward.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Don’t talk silly! How do we know that putative name of yours isn’t fake. You wouldn’t be making a fuss about this, if you weren’t a fraud and a stalker. Go play chicken with your fellow hasbara deceivers.

          • Andrew Reinbach

            Thank you so much! I couldn’t have proven what a white supremacist Nazi you are done better than you have yourself. Why don’t you crawl back under your rock?

            Ps: So, I notice you’ve made 37,000+ comments on Discus. That makes you a professional troll.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Hey look! The smear baby is apoplectic with hate. He even helplessly yammers, ‘Nazi!’ and a bunch of other cliches.

            Go squawk on the Times of Israel!

          • Andrew Reinbach

            Thanks for proving me right. I’m sure you live under a very comfy rock and I’m sure you’re happy there.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Hi, Sweetie! Say hello for me to your hellmates, King Leopold and David Ben-Gurion.

          • Devildog

            I can’t tell if these clowns are extreme leftists or trump guys…whatever…they are a-holes

        • goober

          Hey Reinbach — you have no clue what the fuck you’re talking about –he’s spot-on Churchill was nothing but a pawn for the Global-Zionist-Bankers, who at the time, and all times, wanted nothing but War World War 1 and World War 2 — go back and really study history and take your stupid blinders off the truth does not always mean one is a jew-hater you twat

          • NigelFoster

            You need to understand that not everything you read on the Internet is true. . . especially conspiracy theories paraded as fact without any real evidence.

          • Andrew Reinbach

            Not satisfied with posting anonymously to prove what cowards you are, you boys are also major league fools.

            Let’s say for a second that there is an actual Jewish Conspiracy. How do you know I’m not employed by it to flag people like you and Tecumseh? For all you know, Jewish agents are on their way right now to pay you a visit….And I must say these Nazi comments of your and Tecumseh’s make you easy to spot. Just keep in mind that you boys lost before, and you’ll lose again.

          • goober

            Conspiracy — you said that, not me — I read and collate intel, obviously — you don’t. I have a 7.62×39 mm present for you, and don’t worry — it’ll be over before you know it “Portia”

        • David sharon

          Initate the slow clap
          ?? ?? ??

    • Rufus McBoofus

      Actually, the story of how Leopold was unmasked by one persevering British journalist is kind of amazing — Leopold kept an extremely tight reign on the international image of the Congo Free State and went to great lengths to fool the rest of the world into thinking his vast slave plantation was actually a “civilizing mission”, until a guy named Edmund Morel started taking the scattered reports of dissenting voices from the Congo Free State seriously… fascinating stuff — check out the book King Leopold’s Ghost for the whole story, my summation hardly does it justice…

  • Debra Campbell

    I remember reading about this in a few books written regarding the last World War…but it wasn’t much stated in great detail… Thanks for mentioning it…

  • سليمان أحمد

    i for one hope that vile, evil sorry excuse for a human being burns in hell for eternity. ?

    • You’re this easily influenced but something written on the internet?

      • Lostchild65

        If you were at all educated you would have known that this was well documented before the Internet. If you had even the slightest bit of morality in you, you would also be disturbed with what was reported here, rather than simply trying to humilate others who display their disgust for what occurred.

        • Amor Terra

          We should be outraged by what he did. And what our ancestors did to the Native Americans (also a genocide, that we celebrate on Columbus Day). And what they did to the African slaves. And what we did in SE Asia. And what we’re still doing today to middle eastern people.

          • Realist

            “Native” Americans…? Like they emerged from the ground rather that being the first IMMIGRANT settlers who ARRIVED over several divided epochs and across widely separate routes ? The peaceful arboreal story is a MYTH ! They were brutal in their intervene wars as any group you could discuss !!!

          • Amor Terra

            Assuming that’s true (and it’s only a theory): So what? And if brutality in war justified genocide, we’d have been taken out long ago.

          • Realist

            Show me where it’s a “theory”…..where did you read that…? You can’t admit you typed it vacuously….it’s plain fact.

          • Amor Terra

            E.g., http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/tech/science/story/2012-07-11/native-american-origins/56148248/1 where it says that Native American peoples’ DNA indicates they came in 3 waves of migration beginning about 15000 years ago, and repeatedly says that further study is required to fully understand the timing/directions of migrations. and https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/01/090108121618.htm where another DNA study indicates that the came in “at least” two separate migration “15000 to 17000 years ago, and says, quoting one of the study’s authors, “‘The origin of the first Americans is very controversial to
            archaeologists and even more so to linguists,’ said study corresponding
            author Professor Antonio Torroni, heading the University of Pavia group. ‘Our genetic study reveals a scenario in which more than one language
            family could have arrived in the Americas with the earliest

            And, http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/12/science/earliest-americans-arrived-in-3-waves-not-1-dna-study-finds.html?_r=0
            in which it states, “Archaeologists who study Native American history are glad to have the
            genetic data but also have reservations, given that several of the
            geneticists’ conclusions have changed over time. ‘this is a really
            important step forward but not the last word.'”

            Notice how they don’t agree in all details. Notice how they say further study is needed to pin down how people wound up here. Notice how the author says the study reveals “a scenario” in which they “could have” arrived with different languages. In other words, it’s not proven exactly how or when it happened. That’s called a theory.

            Not to mention that the term “Native American” is today a widely accepted way to refer to a group of people of similar ethnic origin, not a scientific term, and so your comment was somewhat ridiculous anyway.

            And again, what does that have to do with the European/American genocide of those peoples?

            So, please, take your indignance and your rudeness and shove it up your ass next to your head.

  • Dark_Space

    Ironically one of his two sons was born with a deformed hand and at the time everyone pointed out that it was karma for all the Congolese who lost their hands under his vicious mandates. All of his male children died without male heirs too.

    • Leopold only had one son, also called Leopold, who died when he was 9 from pneumonia. his other three children, Louise, Stephanie (wife of the infamous Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria) and Clementine, were daughters. As far as I know, none of them were born with deformed hands.

    • Rufus McBoofus

      You might be thinking of Kaiser Willhelm, who was famously born with a deformed hand…

  • Jason R

    I had a professor in college who extensively studied the Congo. He is a great man who covers Leopold II in detail and the damage he did to the peoples of Africa.


    Check out the publications and articles section if you want references to his publications for further reading

  • rjvencken

    No idea what capitalism means but that didnt stop you from putting it in there.

  • BalticSea

    My mother who is deep into her 80’s was discussing this forgotten history with me two weeks ago. She spent years on the border of the Congo and knows this to be true. The Belgians have some answering to do. They pretend respectability.

    • Sam Taylor, Jr.

      Well into her 80s still misses the time period by more than 30 years…

      • isome

        What are you talking about? A person in their 80s was definitely around prior to 1960 when the Congo gained their independence from Belgium.

        • BalticSea

          Let me ask my mother and will get back with you. From what I remember of the conversation, she said it was common knowledge in that area.

          • Andrew Reinbach

            Conrad’s HEART OF DARKNESS is an excellent glimpse into the Congo in those days–roughly the late 1800s. But there’s also tons of documentary evidence supporting this article.

        • Sam Taylor, Jr.

          Right, but we were not so much talking about Congolese colonial period as we were the ruthlessness of Leopold, who died in 1909.

      • isome

        The Congo didn’t gain independence until 1960. A person in their 80s who lived on the continent, close to the country, would most certainly know of what happened and how it affected/still affects the region.

        • Sam Taylor, Jr.

          Leopold died in 1909. Would someone born in the 30’s really know a ton about him? I mean, it’s not like the oppression died out with him. They almost certainly would have much more knowledge about whoever was oppressing the Congo after Leopold…

      • Rufus McBoofus

        But that’s well within the timeframe of historic and cultural memory, no? I was born about 30 years after WWII, but I still heard lots of firsthand stories about the war in Europe from my father, who was a WWII vet…

        • Sam Taylor, Jr.

          Rufus, really? Typically, people born 30 years after WWII were born to fathers who talked about their experiences in the Vietnam War…

          • Rufus McBoofus

            Really. I’m the youngest of six in a big Irish Catholic family… with twenty years between myself and my oldest sibling… It happens… (but I just did the math and it was actually 25 years, so…)

    • sl

      No belgian today did anything to blacks in the congo.

      • mike derrick

        And how would you kno this

      • isome

        They certainly benefit from the atrocities committed that built their country’s economy.

        • sl

          All the money from that is long gone.

          • Tremoloking

            No, it’s not. Money doesn’t just vanish, it is used to build up economic empires. Belgium is still one of the richest countries in the world today thanks to Leopold’s rape and genocide in the Congo. And btw I grew up in Belgium, and there are statues of Leopold II all over the country. Belgium has never officially admitted to the crimes they committed in Congo.

          • Andrew Reinbach

            I notice you’re not denying the crime–just trying to weasel out of the Belgians’ responsibilities for them–unasked. I’m sure the Belgian Foreign Minister will reach out to you with thanks and a nice present.

          • sl

            Belgians today don’t owe them anything.

          • Rufus McBoofus

            Actually, they owe them the foundation of their banking economy. But don’t let facts get in the way of your historical illiteracy. LOL

          • sl

            They owe them nothing. 

          • Rufus McBoofus

            So you don’t understand how history OR economics work? Stop making dumb comments.

          • sl

            Stop being a retard. They owe them nothing.

          • Andrew Reinbach

            Repeating something doesn’t make it true, if it’s not. What it does do, is prove that the repeater doesn’t have the resources–factual or otherwise–to respond intelligently. So it undermines them and their credibility..

          • sl

            But, calling someone stupid shows how credible they are. You’re a fucking idiot. They don’t owe them anything.

      • Andrew Reinbach

        That is the sort of response US racists use when confronted by the facts of race–they didn’t own any slaves, personally, so their accusers are being unreasonable. I see no reason to respect that sort of thinking.

        • sl

          Give me reparations for my hurt feelings.

          • Andrew Reinbach

            Another Nazi/Klan member heard from.

          • sl

            Only a nazi klansman would say something like that. “Reinbach”? Nazi confirmed.

          • Rufus McBoofus

            Your comments are idiotic.

          • sl

            I’m mocking you.

          • Rufus McBoofus

            You’re doing a crap job of it, too. Stick to 4Chan and don’t interrupt the grownups when we’re talking.

          • sl

            Asking for segregation. I’m not surprised.

      • Rufus McBoofus

        Really? Because there are still plenty of Belgians alive today who were part of the colonial apparatus before 1960. I think you’re either confused or in deep denial.

    • Eugene Collins

      You’re just being a filthy little liar. Stop it.

  • Super Serious

    Leopold was, in effect, the central authority. He was the head of state and controlled the entirety of the Congo Free State. The government controlled the means of production. How is this anything but Socialism?

    • Steve Haden

      Because they need to drag “capitalism” out as a boogeyman.

      • Amor Terra

        So, what “ism” was the boogeyman when the U.S. government genocided the Native Americans, or when we attempted genocide in SE Asia in the 1950-70s, or now, when we’re trying in the Middle East?

    • Naten Vos

      To call Congo Free State Socialism seems very strange to me, and also anachronistic since Congo Freestate was founded and stopped being before WOI began.

      How about we call it a complete dictatorship that was based purely on military power? And yes this power was only used to steal everything that had any value from the country without any concern for people, culture, humanity,…

  • Sara Ross

    Right now there is great unrest, repression and resource robbery still going on in the D.R.C., and again it is seldom if ever mentioned in the media.

    • Carolyn Pearl

      Because corporate interests own mainstream media and they sure as hell don’t want us to know the depravity they’re responsible for.

    • gragor11a

      Perhaps you should change media then. I see it mentioned all the time.

  • Johann Hollar

    The fact that it is not discussed as much as the Holocaust and the Gulags shows how pathetic we are as a species.

    • junktex

      Illegal to even question the holocaust in some countries.

  • Bob Btme

    and don’t forget the Congo is still screwed-up today because the legacy of European exploitation.

    In fact a lot of the world is de-stabilized and bloody today because of the US/Euro elite families. Our own country the USA included. What is the purpose of the “War on Drugs”. To de-stabilize our families and cities with violence and crime. So that the lower classes can be more effectively exploited.

    We tear it apart and then stoke the wars in Arabia and despots keep the oil flowing our way. We tear our own country apart, as wages are held flat for 40 years.

    Seriously, the Ottomans held Arabia together for hundreds and hundreds of years before we got involved. People peacefullly smoked opium and hash in hundreds of establishments in New York City for 300 years before Prohibition.

    • Rod

      Though these countries shook off colonyism from the westedn poweds like Great Britain, France, etc. They were brought back by the IMF, and tge World Bank by accepting loans and when they couldnt/cant pay, their resources are stolen.

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        We need a new documentary about Bretton Woods called, “A Gathering of the Vampire Lords of capialism”.

        • Rufus McBoofus

          There was an excellent documentary about how the IMF re-colonializes the developing world called “Life and Debt”, about debt and “structural adjustment” in Jamaica.

          • Rod

            Im not the only one who knows this apparently.

    • Realist

      Bullfeathers and deflection !!…Africa is a basket case because they are not capable of self governing or eradicating graft and corruption. It’s been over sixty years !! Explain why China, colonized by Britain, occupied and raped by Japan and suffering the genocide of 33 million (!!) under Mao is where it is today ? After that it was leaf BARELY FIFTY YEARS AGO a land of subsistence agriculture. Today ? Six year olds supported by two parent families are at their school desks learning algebra and the rudiments of a foreign language. A woman recently docked a domestically designed and produced space vehicle, and GM sold more product last year in China than the last three here…..

      • Xia Tianhun

        Because the Chinese don’t chain themselves to the Past like they are still oppressed!

        • Realist

          Yes indeed !!!

        • disqus_5xxAsSkFVV

          China didn’t undergo centuries of genocide, slave labor and resource pillaging by foreigners that continues to this day since Africa is the world’s largest resource of gold, diamonds, chocolate, coltane necessary for all laptops and cell phones and etc.

          Someone else already mentioned the mistake of African colonies accepting loans and pacts from former colonizers to their detriment.

          China is also a morass of human and animal rights abuses, pollution, shifty products, etc.

          It also exploits different parts of Africa, Tibet and its own people.

        • amanzi

          That is for sure, china is moving forward at great speed and not looking in the rear view mirror.

          • Rufus McBoofus

            Sure they aren’t. LOL Ever talked to a Chinese person about the Japanese?

        • Tmoe

          Or try to erase it, which is what the article is about. Just because we want to keep our history alive while you so desperately want to erase your evil deeds, you accuse us of hiding behind your sick oppression! Sorry, we are never going to forget, if that makes you uncomfortable, SO F-ING WHAT!

        • Rufus McBoofus

          Really? So I guess China has forgotten all about The Opium War and the Japanese invasion?

      • disqus_5xxAsSkFVV

        China didn’t undergo centuries of genocide, slave labor and resource pillaging by foreigners that continues to this day since Africa is the world’s largest resource of gold, diamonds, chocolate, coltane necessary for all laptops and cell phones and etc.

        Someone else already mentioned the mistake of African colonies making the mistake of accepting loans and pacts from former colonizers to their detriment.

        China is also a morass of human and animal rights abuses, pollution, shifty products, etc.

        It also exploits different parts of Africa, Tibet and its own people.

        • Realist

          Africans are devastating their wildlife at 1000 % the rate any Chinese, colonials or “white hunters” ever did….or have…..Further, you can’t admit or conceive that perhaps africans don’t qualify for any authentic ownership of their predicament…….it’s totally and completely due to colonization….and that’s why any progress or improvement is impossible. The Chinese are a recent presence…the pollution and eco death throes are due to africans themselves. Nigerian pipelines (owned and managed by THEIR government) are tapped into without a thought of destroying the villages of the perpetrators. Aid materials, medicines, construction materials donated in the millions of dollars disappear through theft. Blame falls on every shoulder rather than your delusional idea of abject helplessness and victimization.

          • disqus_5xxAsSkFVV

            You clearly lack ability in READING COMPREHENSION.

            1. No one ever said anyone is 100% not responsible for their own predicament, fool. In fact, my statement about former colonies erroneously accepting bogus debt and loans from former colonizers CLEARLY proves this point.

            I merely presented facts destroying your attempt at a false equivalency between China and Africa (which is a CONTINENT with many countries in varying predicaments.

            2. I was referring to China’s exploitation and/or destruction of ITS OWN people, animals and environment though it does exploit parts of Africa and ALL of Tibet as well AND sells a variety of subpar products to the Americas.

            Try reading my previous comment again when you’ve developed your reading comprehension ability beyond an elementary level.

          • Realist

            Oooohhh name calling……more damage is being done by themselves to themselves….PS : You left your Birkenstocks in the Prius…

          • disqus_5xxAsSkFVV

            Yes, because using the term “fool” in response to foolishness is such an awful example of name calling. I think another poster here was much more accurate. However, all of the posters here, who have called out your foolery, were far too nice. Cry me a river.

            AGAIN, try an *actual* retort when you actually comprehend my initial statement and when you have a verifiable point as opposed to a false equivalency.

          • Realist

            The Height Challenged Mayan Universalist LGBT Vegan Community offers you a “safe space” and a wet wipe to help you recover from my micro aggressive onslaught…I’d rather see you walk west ’till your hat floats………the world will have one less VAPID persnickety Starbucks ivory tower keyboard wimp.

          • disqus_5xxAsSkFVV

            Well, look at you resorting to a much more nasty example of the very thing you condemned just ONE post ago.

            Your desperation is laughable but unsurprising.

            You’re STILL UNABLE to refute anything from my original post (or even comprehend its basic meaning in one reading.)

            Well, I’m signing off since I’ve wasted enough time entertaining your pitiful debate skills.

            Please tell us more about vegan Starbucks or whatever.

          • Rufus McBoofus

            LOL Your attempts to save face after getting owned are pretty lame, dude.

          • Endeley Konboye

            can you tell me why the france gov is still collecting half a billion euro from 14 African countries and a colonial tax? explain plz if not shut the fuck up, france just forcefully remove the congo president that stood up against this taxing and he is in ICC So tell me

          • Rufus McBoofus

            Sorry, friend, but you earned the name calling. And it’s telling that you could only answer his arguments with some dumb stereotypical bullshit about Birkenstocks and Priuses… you got owned. LOL

          • Rufus McBoofus

            LOL More bullshit. 1.) Who do you think creates the market incentives for Africans to devastate their wildlife? Here’s a hint: when it comes to Ivory and the extraction of other animal parts for “traditional medicines”, it’s China, Korea, Vietnam, etc. And when it comes to habitat loss due to deforestation, there’s a huge international market for exotic African hardwoods. Face facts: Africans have lived side-by-side with their indigenous wildlife for millennia — what changed that equation was the introduction of globalization and market forces introduced from the outside. 2.) As for pollution, you do know that Europe has been contracting out its garbage and toxic electronic waste to some of the poorer African countries — Ghana, Chad and Mali in particular — for years, now, right? (Kinda like how Florida and New York have contracted out their garbage to Haiti…). 3.) You do realize that those “Nigerian” pipelines all flow into terminals owned by Shell and BP and other multinational oil companies, who ought to bear some responsibility for the upkeep of those pipelines as well, instead of ignoring the environmental damage to the Niger Delta and foisting the problem off on the Nigerian federal government who is unequipped and underfunded as it is? 4.) Your mischaracterization of recognizing how global market forces disproportionately impact African resource extraction as some kind of narrative of “helplessness and victimization” is bullshit. Obviously there are plenty of Africans who are complicit — but ignoring the unequal global market forces in order to shift the blame solely on them is just as ridiculous as claiming that Africans are blameless. Your posts are seriously one-sided, and kind of stupid, too.

          • Rod

            You dont understand the reason for these attrocities!! The western powers using the th IMF and World bank only seek to barter with the few puppets in africa to steal the resources, so yes you can blame an entire continent for the graft of the tge few African “Elite”, just as the world blames americans for the elite who steal from them.

        • Rod

          You are right. The dingle berry “the rea!ist” has little knowledge of history. Im betting he doesent understand the true reasonsons for ww2, or wor!d bank or imf

          • amanzi

            Why dont you set the record right and tell him that the british and Japanese were never in china?

          • Janice Amrani

            Oh really? The Rape of Nanjing (or Nanking as it was called then) was just somebody’s evil propaganda fantasy back in 1937? The Japanese indeed occupied China. Starting on the first day the Japanese Army went on a major raping and pillaging spree and also killed, by Chinese estimates, 300,000 people. Western historians have debated the exact figure, but even the most conservative says over 40,000.

          • Rufus McBoofus

            The Japanese occupation of China was brief and never a true colonization — they never managed to pacify the country and always faced serious armed guerrilla resistance from both the communists and the Koumintang — and even their ersatz Manchukou puppet state in Manchuria only lasted twelve years. So, no, the Rape of Nanking, while an act of war, was not the same as the European colonization of Africa (or India, or Indochina, or South America or the Caribbean, or North America, for that matter).

          • Rufus McBoofus

            You do understand the difference between the British opening of China and Japan’s short-lived invasion and actual colonization, right? There’s a very real and significant difference between the two.

          • Rod

            Because you would be wrong. Where do you think Hong Kong came from? What about the Nanking region? Read up on the Dali Lama history.

        • Elizabeth Putnam

          China was occupied by several Western countries although I’m not sure when that started. The Opium War, Open door policy, France controlling part of the country, etc are all examples of Western colonization in China.

          • disqus_5xxAsSkFVV

            No one denied this. That still doesn’t negate my original comment in reply to the false equivalency.

        • Scooter McHeadshot

          Right, because for centuries it was the Chinese that were responsible for the genocide, slave labor and resource pillaging. Don’t believe me? go ask the Koreans why they hate the Chinese so much.

        • Shoumo Mukherjee

          China did get humiliated by the British in the 18th century .They made genocide of their own — the long march

      • Two Americas

        I invite anyone who is tempted to give this poster any credibility whatsoever to review its posting history.

      • Diaspora Hebrew

        Bullshit! The onslaught on Africa has been relentless! Emotional scars alone are enough to render her helpless, hopeless..a basket case, moron!!

      • Rufus McBoofus

        LOL China was never actually “colonized” by Britain in the same manner that Africa or India was… Your ignorant comment indicates that you a.) Don’t know history very well b.) Don’t understand the difference between true colonization and what happened when the European powers “opened” China in the 19th century, c.) Don’t understand that China was not actually “a land of subsistence agriculture” fifty years ago, but rather a once extremely advanced society, that had a 2,000 year jump on Western civilization, recovering from three generations of Imperialism, Japanese invasion and outright civil war. In contrast, much of Sub-Saharan Africa was essentially an iron-age culture recovering from 500 years of European (and Arab) colonization and genocide — they simply didn’t have the same store of cultural memory and technological resources to draw on as China, so that comparison is beyond ridiculous., d.) And if you think China isn’t as rife with graft and corruption as Africa — or Washington for that matter — then you haven’t tried doing business there. Face it, graft and corruption are universal human attributes, and not really the reason for Africa’s development lag. and e.) You do realize that much of China’s economic miracle is fueled by African resources: China has invested heavily in resource extraction all over Africa — they’re even leasing land to grow food in Zimbabwe and elsewhere. Their continued growth couldn’t happen without the exploitation of Africa and Africans — much like our own growth in the 18th and 19th century.

        Try again, and this time, get a clue before you embarrass yourself with this historically ignorant nonsense.

        • Realist

          Sub saharan Africa before the “age of discovery”..? No roads, no structures beyond one story, no written language, no bridges, the wheel was even nonexistant…

          • Rufus McBoofus

            LOL Where did you get that load of bullshit from? Never heard of the Kingdoms of Meroe, Great Zimbabwe, Songhai or Ethiopia? Plenty of two story buildings, bridges, and roads. And the Coptic language has been written down in Ethiopia longer than English has even existed, you nitwit. As for the wheel, Africans, like South Americans, were aware of the concept, since they had wheeled wooden toys, but what they lacked was horses or oxen or other large, tame beasts of burden to make the wheel useful for transportation. See, the horse is not native to Africa, and horses — and donkeys — tend to die pretty quickly in malarial zones… Any other absurd “dark continent” horseshit you’d like debunked?

      • JustGreat

        I’ve had a long day. Fuck you.

        • Realist

          Thank you….Always a pleasure to ruffle your tutu….

      • creative_dude

        Where humans are taught what they need for self government there are individuals of great worth. Where people are owned or used for others it is much less so. Skin color is not an effective indication of the value of a person (despite the desperate desires of a lot of people to believe otherwise). Without enough wealth to feed and house people education will not do much. After meeting the physical needs of people education is not an additive force but a multiplier. People with education increase the value of their societys no matter where they are.

    • NigelFoster

      You really should study the Ottoman Empire before praising it. Cruel, despotic and corrupt. Nor is frequent opium smoking en masse a good idea. People tend to do nothing else.

      • Bob Btme

        I didn’t praise it, I just said they held shit together. Westerners including myself don’t understand the Arab world. I know clan, family, and church loyalty is way more important than nationalism, it’s a different world than our silly flag-waving bullshit. yes I’m sure I could learn a lot more.

        • Attila

          Slavery in the Ottoman Empire was legal. Millions of Eastern European whites were slaved during their ISIS like terror. As a Hungarian who’s people were killed and slaved in the name of Islam find it hypocritical how the world give Islamic colonialism and imperialism a pass. Western European whites don’t give a rats ass about their Easter European brothers who suffered slavery genocide by the millions from Muslims and non-whites such as the Mongols and other Asian hordes.

          • Yes

            Attila, you seem to be quite the racist. Every other word is focused on being White, Christian etc. What are you doing commenting on an article about the brutal colonialism of Africa? You should find yourself a racist site to spew more hatred. It doesn’t fit here.

          • Attila

            Of course it doesn’t fit here. Since generalizing whites fits and generalizing Europe also fits for you and some of the commentators I speak up because It doesn’t fit with us the anti-white hate narrative of progressive liberals like you.

          • Yes

            Had never been called a progressive liberal before. Sounds like a good term, I’ll take it.

            As for you my friend, only an extremely self centered person would find it his right and place to comment (may I say whine?) under all kinds of unrelated topics about whatever injustices he feels he himself has endured in some way or another. This is not about you. Let others have their moment as you must have learned in kindergarten if you’ve ever been to one. Start your own discussion if you are so inclined.

          • Attila

            It seems that you are a sociopath who forgot to take his antidepressant medication. You may not be completely lost. At least you were able to identify as a progressive liberal. Anyone who gives him/herself permission to be the opinion authority and thought police on a discussion board has serious mental issues. Please do us and yourself a favor and don’t skip taking it again.

          • Yes

            You say the sweetest things! Have you noticed what % of America, heck the world, you offend by using antidepressants as a cuss word… Mature a bit, eh?

    • sabelmouse

      so very true.

    • Jackson Mallick

      Black Emanuelle fixed all that in 1976.

    • Attila

      Speaking of Europeans Colonialism/exploitation and the Ottomans. Your Europe is only Western Europe. Eastern European countries were not colonizers. They never adventured outside of the continent either and never been in the slavery business. They were colonized, brutalized and saved by Asians inducing the Mongol Empire and the Muslim Ottoman Empire. So please refer to Western Europe only when you speak of Europe. Eastern Europeans were often the victims of none-whites and Islamic imperialism. Ever wondered why Hungary is not accepting any Muslim migrants?

      • Attren

        Atilla, will you please be so kind as to reference some quality literature on this subject? I am most interested and want to learn more (eastern european). Thank you, brother.

        • Attila

          Google the Mongol invasion of Hungary and Eastern Europe also the Ottoman period in Eastern Europe.

          • Bob Btme

            I’m familiar with the story of the guy playing the trumpet in Poland who got the arrow in the neck. The history of the ancient cannabis- using Scythian marauders is also interesting,

      • Bob Btme

        thanks Attila for educating us on that, I love history and barely received any during my 17 years spent in the USA public school system

        • Rod

          The reason your not taught accurate history in school is that the book writers are formerly propaganda and car salesmen teachers. All one has to do is research the history of said companies like McGraw Hill and such.

        • Sloane

          Attila is half telling the truth and half over-simplifying/lying

        • Sloane

          Attila is clearly deranged. You shouldn’t believe much of what he writes.

          • Dave LeVack

            Are you from Eastern Europe?

      • Daniel Sandman

        hmm.. wouldn’t the Visigoths count as eastern Europeans? They brought
        down the west roman empire and colonized it. And what about those

        • Attila

          There were many ethnic groups living in the Carpathian base or what is now Eastern Europe before Christian Europe was born. There were the Avars, Cumans, Gepids and many others who were pagans and did not have a state. They came and left. When Hungary and other Eastern European accepted Christianity and formed their own country that’s the time they joined Europe and stayed and had their kingdoms. That’s when countries become accountable. I’m concerned about Christian Europe because that’s what Europe is today. That’s what we protected and sacrificed so much for.

          • Alejandra

            What do you think about your christian europe and the genocide at america?

          • Attila

            You mean Western European colonial powers? As an Eastern European who’s people suffered genocide from Asians ans Muslims and were left alone to defend Europe and betrayed by Western Europe I say some of those countries owe us a apology. France formed the Franco-Ottoman alliance basically legalizing our enslavement by the Muslim Ottomans. They betrayed Christian Europe and us Hungarians and the Serbians, Bulgarians, Romanians and Poles. France and some of the Western European colonial countries were not true Christians. If they were they would not let us to be enslaved by the Islamic Ottoman Empire. Funny how France was the first congratulating Suleiman the Magnificent after he defeated the Hungarians at Mohacs in 1526. Yes slavery was legal in the Ottoman Empire and France had no problem teaming up with our slave master and have our country turn in to a wasteland. Eastern Europeans don’t think highly of Western Europeans. Eastern Europeans whites are proud people.

          • niels groenbaek

            This old Europe was bad.
            France, Belgium did leave every country/territory in a mess

          • Attila

            Just imagine. Europe was under threat of being conquered by the Ottomans. The sultans openly expressed their desire to conquer Europe and convert i it to Islam. They dreamed of converting the Vatican in to a mosque. Then you have France who formed and alliance with them. They truly betrayed not only the Eastern European countries who came under Islamic terror but Europe and Christianity as well.

          • chris VN

            They’ve stopped dreaming about it and have been doing it by stealth for the last 50 or so years.

          • Gurpreet

            And now they are trying to teach world liberty and equality. French and Belgian bastards!
            East Europe, you will rise.. God is with you. Asia is rising big time. Africa’s time will come soon too. Karma is a bitch. The cycle of karma will catch these French, Belgians and west Europeans one day.
            But I have very little sympathy for Islamic nations. They are getting punishment for their misadventures of past. Plus their view of religion is plague to humanity.
            I think all sufferers of past should get together irrespective of religion, region, colour.

          • Ebatbuok Rafael

            Your mouth is so full of shit, you must have lost the sense of taste. Bad things have been done, but as a french, now, I don’t feel like a bastard. I do feel that we have done a lot of bad things in the past, but I’m not my country’s past, neither nowadays americans are native american’s killers.

          • Attila

            Ebatbuok Rafael
            You know the old saying: Chickens have come home to roost.

          • Richard Fanning

            Or to “ROAST”, maybe?

          • Gurpreet

            Well brother,there are good people in every country and in general masses are good people.It is ruling Elite which is full of true bastards.My mouth is not full of shit,i try to scratch good masses by hurting their souls because they sit silent
            and in a way are kind of accepting of what rulers do.Your rulers represent your country.
            Also I hate developed countries when they ridicule or act as racists against people from third world countries because they are rich by looting resources of these countries.They are morally indebted to them.Unless or until they are behaving criminal,they should be treated as fellows and not looked down upon.

          • Carl Hatcher

            Actually they are native americans killer still they do it slowly and systematically but they still wield the power to steal and rape and pillage the lands that natives occupy they dont honor treaties and poison them so pick another example my friend you are totally out of your element trying to speak of america and her native inhabitants.

          • Gaynor O Brien


          • Richard Fanning

            Karma does not apply to one’s descendants. The perpetrators will be long gone by then.

          • Gaynor O Brien

            “Sins of the father passed down to the children unto the 3rd or 4th generation.”

          • gury

            You think they have been able to dodge nature?
            You are ignorant!
            Nothing beats nature.
            You cant always explain things intellectually/

          • Richard Coeur

            Stop Blaming Entire Groups of people over the actions of a few elites that oppressed their own people as well!

          • Gurpreet

            And now they are trying to teach world liberty and equality. French and Belgian bastards!
            East Europe, you will rise.. God is with you. Asia is rising big time. Africa’s time will come soon too. Karma is a bitch. The cycle of karma will catch these French, Belgians and west Europeans one day.
            But I have very little sympathy for Islamic nations. They are getting punishment for their misadventures of past. Plus their view of religion is plague to humanity.

          • rudy

            Gurpreet, don’t blame the normal populations from these country’s they had nothing to say or to do with it, for Belgium it whas the privat army from King Leopold II, the colonial guard that commited these attrocity’s, they were the direct mercenary’s from the king and came direct out of the Belgian army some of these officers have in the Brussels region still streets named after them !

          • Leclem

            You have a very fool mouth and a hateful speech for somebody who claims to be concerned with karma…

          • rudy

            But also the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany,, Spain, Portugal, Italy and before the Vikings the Kimber and the Alemanen

          • rudy

            France is still taking profit from African country’s via payment the claim for so called left infrastructur !

          • Leclem

            That is a lie regularly purported in Africa that has no basis at all.

          • rudy

            NOT AT ALL ! AFRICAN COUNTRY’S HAVE STILL to pay france where in fact France should pay these country for the robbery they commited to them ! And ofcourse the other former mentioned European country’s aswell ! But France still continous in the DOM TOM’s the socalled oversea territory’s even as far as New Calkedonia !

          • rudy

            france par an ?

            Le saviez-vous ? 14 pays africains contraints par la France à payer l …
            Vertaal deze pagina
            20 feb. 2014 – Comme ces chiffres le démontrent, la France est tout à fait désespérée, mais … Les pays africains doivent déposer leurs réserves monétaires …
            [Vidéo] La France ne peut tenir son rang que par l’exploitation de ses …
            Vertaal deze pagina
            5 nov. 2016 – Dans les années 1950-60 les colonies africaines de la France ont décidé de … le système militaire et le système français comme langue officielle. … En outre, ces pays doivent payer et transmettre chaque année à Paris leurs …
            Africa Media – 440 milliards d’Euros de taxes !!! LA… | Facebook
            Vertaal deze pagina
            En vertu de cette loi, 14 pays africains sont encore obligés de stocker environ 85 … En outre, ces pays doivent chaque année transférer leur «dette coloniale» pour l’infrastructure construite de France à Paris, comme le blog français Mediapart a rapporté. … Mais la France a insisté pour que la rémunération Togo payé pour …
            Voici expliqué le système dont se sert la France afin de preter aux …
            Vertaal deze pagina
            13 jun. 2013 – La France applique actuellement aux Africains les cruautés financières …. pour payer les pays étrangers comme les Etats-Unis d’Amérique ou l’Inde envers ….. Leurs budgets doivent bénéficier au préalable de l’approbation …
            14 pays africains forcés par la France à payer l’impôt Colonial …
            Vertaal deze pagina
            Saviez-vous beaucoup de pays africains continuent de payer de l’impôt … En 19 Novembre 1968, comme , Olympio , Keita sera la victime d’un coup de force … 13 autres pays africains doivent encore payer la dette coloniale en France

          • Leclem

            Yes, I have seen those links before. The titles are very impressive, but nothing in the text demonstrates what they claim….

          • rudy


          • Leclem

            Read the articles you post instead of being impressed by the titles…

          • Leclem

            DOM-TOM? What is wrong with that? The people in the DOM-TOM are french citizens, with the same rights, passeports and advantages as any french citizen (actually they have more, because they have many tax exemptions and privileges that are not enjoyed on the mainland). I am actually for the independance of the DOM-TOM, they cost too much to the mainland.

          • oscardgrouch

            No it’s not. Haiti is still paying France for defeating them and winning their independence.

          • Leclem

            When making up such a false statement, you should back it up with sources or official info (and your neighbours”s nephews you met at a bbq does – not – count as a “source”).
            The only flow of resources between France and Haiti is from France, through handouts and humanitarian assistance…

          • Leclem

            Because it was paradise before colonization???

          • John L. Wildman

            You need to shut the fuck up till you know what you’re talking about.

          • Sunday Gardénia

            Tsk, tsk, you haven’ taken your meds, lately.

          • Randy Bridgeman

            You need to close your filthy mouth and use adult language.
            Is your vocabulary so poor that you can’t express yourself without using
            profanity? Surely you can do better than that.

          • John Laurie

            Stupid African Booty Kisser.

          • Owen May-Jones

            That second last sentence was a cheap shot, now nobody here thinks highly of you

          • Attila

            Owen May-Jones
            Funny how you appointed yourself the authority to decide who is popular and who is not on this forum. Like it really matters. Typical libtard arrogance.
            I don’t comment on discussion boards for the sake of popularity.

          • Char Major

            I was admiring your tremendous wisdom until you began judging others under a “libtard” umbrella. You’re brilliant in many ways yet that appears to be a sense of self-righteousness for you to be rigid and actually arrogant yourself. This is a big let-down when, with a humble approach, you’d be the complete package. BTW what the Muslims did in the past, or anyone else for that matter, is just that.

          • Attila

            Char Major
            Brilliant? Wisdom? Maybe for you but It’s just history and common sense that many on the West are completely lacking. Am I giving you the impression of someone who is rigid and arrogant? Laughable. I’m just giving back liberals and brain dead zombies their own medicine. The West is now made up by half educated righteous snobbish fools with their retarded liberal hate agenda and they can’t even debate without throwing insults at those who challenges their views. Look, we on the East have been called all kind of shaming names by Westerners and Muslims during our sad history. We were called “Infidel Christian dogs” by our Muslim conquerors for centuries. Communist terrorist called us fascist, kulaks etc. the west calls us bigots, racist and throws insults at us on a daily bases just because we dare to reject their liberal hate agenda. Look those generalize and trash Europe and want to drag down Eastern Europeans to their sorry ass wallowing will not get any special treatment from me. It’s time to give them back their own medicine and rube their nose in to their own shit that they created. Chickens come home to roost! just keep your chickens on your side of Europe.

          • Owen May-Jones

            Boo hoo faggot

          • Attila

            Faggot? Really? What makes you think I’m homosexual. Maybe because Islam hates homosexuals or because some libtards just can’t debate wit a common sense so they just throw insults?

          • Owen May-Jones

            Learn proper English. How do you expect to get anywhere in your sad little online debates if you speak English like a peasant? :p

          • Joe Mrnka

            Owen May-Jones. You should actually go and learn a little history. Without the defeat of Islam at Vienna and Paris there wouldn’t have been the liberalism of today. On one hand that would not be such a bad thing, because modern liberalism is obviously suicidal. On the other hand Europe would look like western Iraq. A dry dreary desert devoid of ideas or freedom.
            My East European ancestors had to fight tooth and nail to survive while the West enjoyed the wealth of living far from the front lines, while occasionally fighting among themselves over the riches of trade with the enemy.

            Going back to the original article, good king leo was a mere amateur when compared to Tamerlane. A man responsible for Islamic expansion into India with the blood of nearly 17 million in the 14th century from the area of Eastern Turkey and Caucasus all the way down to Central India, or about 5% of world’s population. In today’s numbers that would make about 350 million dead. That would put him ahead of Mao in 1948. Mao was responsible for about 80 million dead and in 1948 5% of world population was 120 million.

          • Owen May-Jones

            fuck you and your eastern european ancestors, and your generalisations

          • dj1971

            Anyone who uses the term ‘libtard’ is clearly a moron. Racist idiot.

          • Attila

            Why? Because you sad so? Just based on your snobbish comment and how West Europe is self distracting under liberal governments
            I double down on my views on Liberals: Yes they are retarded and it seems that you are also included.
            The name Libtard is really well earned, congratulation again!

          • Luka Luka

            Hungary also colonised Croatia for so many years and for sure it wasn’t to provide them better life.
            It’s quite sad but who ever have bigger power dictates the rules.
            Big fish eats smaller fish since day one…

          • Attila

            Wishful thinking by some half educated libtard. I guess it would fit nicely with the narrative but it doesn’t. Croatia as a small country was vulnerable and had a strong ally to protect against invaders including the Muslims. It was a union based on mutual need and respect and Croatia remained largely independent without the colonial nonsense. Relations between Croatians and Hungarians remained very friendly even today. I encourage libtards to go out and ask as many Croatians as they can and ask them about this part of history so they will get a sobering wake up call.

          • niels groenbaek

            We have to remove islam from Europe.
            That will be leave us the most safest way in the future.
            Hungary is the only nation in europe that have the nuts to say so. We have to follow this exsample.

          • rudy

            The problem is not islam, the problem are the Salafi’s and Moslim Brotherhood , so haveyly supported by US, ISraeHELL NATO and GCC

          • Leclem

            The problem is not Islam??? Read the quran, then think again.

          • rudy

            Leclem, why are you denying the truth, are you a troll, while all this things every honest french guy would recognize !

          • Leclem

            I recognize the truth, and I did my research. African countries do not still pay France, all those article do not give a single factual element if you actually try to read them (yes – read the full articles – not the titles only)…. On the other hand every year France cancels debts in Africa, by the billions. I’ll grant you one thing though, some “french companies” do business in Africa – but that brings nothing to France and french people (appart from expenses, a cost in diplomatic and military expenses). A good exemple is the Total, the oil company. Although the exploit oil in the world (and the french government is helping them mightily), Total does not even pay taxes in France and it brings us no advantages at all, the gas tyeu sell in France is even more expensive than foreign gas competitors. France gains NOTHING from Africa, countries who have no ties to the continent like we do (example Germany) are much better off. This old story about the “African debt” has no factual basis at all. You gave me some links, my answer is “read them fully”. No facts, no laws (appart from ancient ones that are no longer in effect) etc…

          • Richard Fanning

            No, Rudy, the problem is Islam… as it has been for 1400 years. An evil ideology invented by a demented desert rat who was a liar, thief, murderer and pedophile.

          • rudy

            See a shrink richard, that’s my best advise !

          • dj1971

            Racist fucking idiot.

          • LZT1

            Hungarians are partly Tatar themselves, being descended from the Ugrians nomadic tribes…

        • LZT1

          The Goths, Visigoths etc were Germanic peoples

      • Simona Mamo

        The Raiders of the Ottoman empire also regularly raided Malta. We are a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea and stole the locals for slaves. Besides butchering and pillaging.

        • Rod

          Much like columbus did to us native american “indians” I suppose.

          • Simona Mamo

            Lol. Well previous to the Spanish invasion for lack of a better word, they themselves had just liberated the Iberian peninsula(Spain) from the Moorish empire. Sad how people who have themselves had to fight for so long to free themselves from a conqurer yoke so easily become conquers themselves. In fact I believe I read somewhere that Isabella sent Colombus off in the hope of new trade routes to India as she needed money for her continuing war against the Ottoman empire.Trouble in one region always seems to spread.

          • War against the Ottoman Empire took a back seat to getting rid of Jews. Much of the Spanish Jews expelled in 1492 migrated to the Ottoman lands, so much so that the Ottoman sultan said in substance: Ferdinand calls himself a clever king but he enriches my kingdom even as he impoverishes his own. Of course all that changed when the Spanish conquered most of the Americas, plundered its resources and enslaved or killed the indigenous population (no worse than any other conquering empire throughout history).

          • Simona Mamo

            Lol. Colombus actually took a Jew with him on his voyage of exploration.

          • Richard Fanning

            What did Columbus do to you, Rod? Amazing, since he’s been dead for a long time!

      • Sloane

        Well wouldn’t geography play a big part in colonization? From what port could Hungary go and control a colony in Africa? Do you count Russians as Eastern Europeans? If so, then you can’t say Eastern European countries were not colonizers.

        • Attila

          Most of Russia is in Asia just like Turkey. Russia didn’t slave or colonized African countries and was not in the slave trade at all. They didn’t commit genocide against non Russians either as a colonizer. They didn’t go further then some of their neighboring countries. The Soviet Union was bad but a different animal all together. Russia is not on the radar of progressive liberals and black activist who are the most vocal about the crimes of Colonialism. If you insist maybe I could say countries that are in Eastern Europe only or entirely Eastern European or central-East European countries.

          • Sloane

            Russia didn’t slave or colonize African countries but part of that is that they couldn’t because of the Western Europeans already there (Russians DID attempt to try to expand into/colonize parts of Africa – https://www.reddit.com/r/AskHistorians/comments/1rpfwp/russian_colonialism_in_africa/). My point is that you’re oversimplifying history and victimizing Eastern Europeans in a thread about the Congo? Why? Have some respect and take your tirade elsewhere. Your post started with “Speaking of Europeans Colonialism/exploitation and the Ottomans.” This article wasn’t speaking about colonialism or the ottomans in general. You brought it in. “Hungary had ports on the Adriatic see for hundreds of years.” And you just proved how expansionist the Hungarians were! And people are supposed to have sympathy for poor E. Europeans because they didn’t get the chance to commit atrocities like their Western European counterparts? Give me a break!

          • Attila

            You are one of those “useful idiots” aren’t you? Here is my solution for the idiots that includes many of the commentators also: Two words should not be used and those are WHITES and EUROPEANS. Instead
            use words like Western Europeans, Western European Colonial powers, Colonial Americans, Colonial Spain, England or what ever countries were the culprits. In the USA they should use words like European Americans, Western European Immigrants or Colonial Americans. Understand that your history is not our history and your crimes are not our crimes.
            Generalizing white Caucasians puts Eastern Europeans into the same category as a white slave keeper in colonial America hundreds of years ago or a Belgian murderer in Africa. It seems you have a sick need to drag down all white people and
            equal them to those who violated non-Whites. We are from the other half of Europe, from other countries with a totally different historical background and we have absolutely nothing to do with colonization and slavery. Do you understand the difference between Eastern Europe and Western Europe? To put it simple: West was the colonizer vs. East which
            was colonized. I’m asking you to be considerate of us and stop the anti-white bigotry. If progressives keep using terms such as legacy of European exploitation, white racism and many other insults I encourage that you talk to Eastern Europeans such as Poles, Czechs, Croats, Slovaks and Hungarians and ask them what they think about the practice of generalizing whites and Europeans. They will tell you that you are embarrassing and you don’t talk on their behalf. Don’t be surprised if they express their disgust if you try to patronize them like you are trying me. Believe me the the West have no idea just how low opinion Eastern Europeans have for the West because the anti-white narrative and views the West holds. The more Eastern European EU countries become mainstream the more we are going to oppose you and will not going to put up with racism that we don’t deserve. You can bet on it. You attempt to get sympathy for the victims of Congo while you trash Europe will not get any respect from us. As per your comment about having a port on the Adriatic sea at the expense of other nations just shows how little you know. Hungarians never treated Croatia as colony and certainly didn’t oppress or violated Croatians. It was a union that benefited both countries especially protecting the borders against the Islamic Imperialist. Why don’t you ask Croatians about what they think about it, you useful idiot.

          • Sloane

            Uhh I am half-Croatian,half-Bosnian, born in Dubrovnik, you fascist waste of air. I never generalized white Caucasians or “trshed” Eastern Europeans. Look at my comments again and you’ll see who was the idiot. I’ll save you the trouble – it’s you 🙂 I entered into a conversation with you to see just how bad your historical knowledge is – and that is VERY bad. Your original comments hinted at your xenophobia and racism and your further comments proved it. I wish you the best, I wish you would read decent history books from ALL OVER eastern Europe, not just Hungary. You may learn something, you may learn to be less fearful of change. Fear is the worst thing and your comments are brimming with fear – fear of migrants, muslims, etc. Bye

          • Attila

            Bosnian? That explains it: you are a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer. That explains why are in denial and trying to push your agenda. You are just another progressive liberal who protects islamo fascist agenda because that’s your heritage. Islam is the ideology of our former slave master and pure evil ideology. You know we were called infidel dogs by your kind for 150 years. Even now all you can do is just freak out and bark like we were still dogs. Why not put yourself together and give an honest argument and a fact based debate. But I don’t think you can.

          • Sloane

            You lack basic reading comprehension. I am half Croatian, half-Bosnian. I am Catholic, not Muslim LOL. You have mental issues.

          • Attila

            Muslim sympathizer on your Bosnian Muslim side is enough for me. That explains why you are in the same hate camp with the libshits. Good combo! Since you are talking about mental issues please take your medication and do yourself a favor and don’t skip again!

          • Sloane

            What Bosnian Muslim side and hate camp? Do you even understand English? Do you know ANYTHING? Read my comments again. I am 100% Catholic. I told you to read up on history books, you are trying to defend Eastern European history when you don’t even know it. Croatia is 90% Catholic, Bosnia is Muslim, Orthodox and Catholic. I am half Bosnian Croat half Croat Catholic, so 100% Catholic. You retard. We in Dubrovnik remained independent and will continue to remain independent so we don’t have to fear the muslims like you do. The ones that are the most foreign, like you Asiatic Hungarians, are the ones most afraid of immigrants and are full of complexes as your messages have show. Goodbye now bozgor.

          • Attila

            Still trying the fool me. Christian Croats live in Herzegovina and not the Bosnian side. Nice but a stupid try. It may have worked with someone else. I like your way of using the word Bozgor because it fits you. Really expresses your true intention and bigotry. I guess I should thank you for that. You know it’s not a bad thing to fear Muslims when they slaved and killed us and turned the country in to a wasteland just because we were Christians. I guess it does something to the psyche. Say hello to you Muslims neighbors and friends in Bosnia aIm sure you enjoy your time with them.

          • Gabriela Pl

            She is in some community called Muslim Girl 😀 look at her profile, what a lying bitch

          • Shoumo Mukherjee

            Well spoken madam. You have a beautiful country .Sensational food and wine —–and not as expensive a say Tuscany

          • Shoumo Mukherjee

            How does it matter if she is a Muslim or a Jew or a Buddhist or a Hindu or a heathen for all I care !!

          • Attila

            Shoumo Mukherjee
            How does it matter? I don’t know about you but I would not respect a religion who’s prophet Muhammad (messenger of God and the perfect Muslim and role model) married a 6 yrs old girl Aisha, raped her at the age of 9 and kept raping her for another 9 years until he died. He had 9 wife at one time and also sex slaves. You are either wearing your rose colored glasses or you are not a decent person. As for me I don’t think this is cool. In case you want to learn a little more then you may want to watch this video as a good starter. https://youtu.be/W5O_ZAtcbmM

          • John L. Wildman

            I agree. The more Atilla talks, the more stupid he sounds.

          • prenestino

            you are correct

          • Gurpreet

            I wish people were more hurt by what their ancestors did to the humanity than someone calling them bad now for the sins of their ancestors.Bcz in that case they will be actually doing things to heal the wounds of the people their ancestors hurt rather than wasting time here arguing foul mouth of some hurt guy.
            And the best thing they can do is treating them as their fellow human beings rather than being racist and condescending towards them atleast.
            And if they have even greater zeal than this then they should be helping them someway out in having a better life on this planet.

            This comment is strictly impersonal

      • Matthew Murphy

        I’m sure that if Eastern European nations at the time of exploration had a navy and some spare soldiers they would have participated in colonialism as well. Fortunate for your legacy they did not.

        • Attila

          Matthew Murphy
          I get it now. What you are saying is that Eastern Europeans are born colonizers but since they didn’t have power they ended up being colonized by Muslim Ottomans and Mongols a few hundred years earlier. Absolutely brilliant!


        guess you never learned that widespread opium smoking nearly destroyed China in the 19th century.

      • Salarjoti

        I am albanian and i totally agree and the most important thing thet the europian dont get is that if it was not for our glourious heros europa today will be a mislim country.

      • CrazyAuntJane

        Not accepting migrants because they are violent and bring a crime wave? Seems to me this condemnation is rather racist. You are trying to put everyone in some kind of box! This guy was just plain evil and there are been many more over the centuries! He just excelled at evil! I agree with most of whats been said but don’t put everyone into a box, evil seems to be universal!

    • Scooter McHeadshot

      Trying to include the US as a primary culprit shows your lack of knowledge and history. The US was at best a 3d string team when it came to colonies and military adventurism overseas. The ENTIRE problem of the middle east and africa can be lain squarely at the feet of the europeans, most notably the English and French, with honorable mention to the Germans, Dutch and Portuguese (and in the 20th century the Soviets) If you really think the Ottomans were 1.) holding arabia together and 2.) kept it peaceful, you have some reading to do. The Ottomans were barely hanging on the last 300 years of their reign, and fought against countless rebellions and foreign invasions due to the nature of their “empire”. Try reading “A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Turkish Empire and the Making of the Modern Middle East” by David Fromkin. Also read “The Arabs” by Eugene Rogan, it has a decent overview of the problems and shortcomings of the Ottomans.

    • The Ottomans lost their empire because they backed the wrong horse in World War I and because of local disgust with their corrupt misrule. Their fault. BTW, the Arabs and other Muslims they ruled over were not Turks and did not speak Turkish.

    • Who cares. Black Africans ought to be totally annihilated. This is the 21st century and we don’t need these backwards subhuman primates around any longer. I would personally enjoy being responsible for 1 billion plus deaths of those worthless savages.

    • a567and8

      Bravo for you! Colonialism is still going on and the Europeans, Americans, etc. are still profiting from it. And they will until the planet is drawn into its sun!!!

    • Leclem

      “and don’t forget the Congo is still screwed-up today because the legacy of European exploitation”, what a pathetic cliché… Of course all was fine and peachy in Africa prior to colonization right? I suggest you check the history of Zimbabwe; This country had been mostly colonized by german farmers. It was a nasty apartheid system with huge farms. This country though could feed a third of Africa. Then came Mugabe who kicked out white families who had been there for 200 years, and he redistributed farms to his croonies. Result? One of the worst historical disaster, famines, and disease ridden countries in the world. Like most people, I will denounce the ugly prior system, but most people who know the situation aknowledge that it is much worse now. So please, get your facts straights, nothing is black and white.

    • Ossian

      Really Bob? – The worlds woes are “because of the US/Euro Elite families”
      Yep – NOBODY else has done ANYTHING to destabilize the world but “the US/Euro elite families”, it’s all their fault (everyone) was living in harmony until the “US/Euro Elite families” destabilized the world and created racism, drugs and slavery and screwed everything up…
      Just another crutch using race merchant
      And just let me ask you this bob – HOW did the Ottoman hold arabia together? How about you explain the Ottomans in Armenia (how about that – I suppose) that was caused by US/Euro elite families?

  • Arutima

    10 millions? That’s cute. The British have beaten that just with the Indian Rebellion of 1857. Where they used musket balls covered with pork tallow and fat, and buried Mughal Muslim troops alive with pork carcasses.

    • Steve Haden

      Well, it worked…..

    • sabelmouse

      the british had more colonies as well. all the colonials need to answer for their deeds.

    • Rufus McBoofus

      I didn’t realize it was competition….

  • Eugene Collins
  • Alex

    The reason this is forgotten is because it happened in the 1800s, with no radio, not a lot of press even, and certainly no cinema. The Congolese that survived probably mostly stayed in Congo. They were also black, so few white people at the time cared (they should, but in the 1800s didn’t) and few other people knew (they should but in the 1800s didn’t).

    The Holocaust in Europe happened to a very educated people (not judging, just stating a fact) of the which most survivers migrated to Israel and North America which means they talked and talked about it but not just among themselves but on radio in the USA, on movies like Schindler’s List and set museums not in Congo but in New York and established a state called Israel that made it a policy to spread awareness of the Holocaust.
    The Jews are also a people that are central to world affairs and always have been – again, just stating a fact without judgement (that’s true in science, politics, and many other areas).

    Therefore it’s not just an arbitrary or a racist fact, but the differences in both tragedies, that made the Congolese genocide (and many others) be forgotten and the one perpetrated to the Jews remembered.

    Compare that to Darfour, in the 2000s and yes, a lot more people know and have heard of such a genocide. So it is not just race, it is also time and place that determined memorability.

    • Arron Frazier

      Your comment about whites calling themselves Jews being educated is attempted back hand slap at African people being unintelligent which is typical propaganda of white supremacist. First of the so-called Holocaust was plain and simple white on white crime and violence. The whites of Europe WW2 and back to the start of the Catholic Church committed alot crime violence and killing against each. It was constant warring disputes and etc. They where always trying to rule over each other or trying to rule of thew world know at that time. African people had nothing to do with that at all. Second the Congo and Africa have been the economic engine of western civilization since the 1400’s with slavery colonialism imperalism and now Neo-colonialism. Third your notion whites calling themselves Jews are and have always been central to world affairs is a lie. They are central today because of white supremacy leaving Europe in the 1400’s with slavery colonialism and imperailism. Whites calling themselves Jews where right in the middle of everything and in many cases controlling and leading things. Prior to that whites calling themselves Jews have been central to the affairs of empires civilization and peoples of the America’s Africa and Asia. They had nothing to do with the Aztec Incas Olmecs Mayans and varies tribes and nations of North America. They had nothing to do with Africa with ancient Egypt Nubia Ethopia Great Zimbabwe Congo empires Ashanti Zulus Nok and etc. They had nothing to do with Asia with the Chinese dynasties civilization empire nor the Japanese India Anka Wat and etc. What happen in Europe was nothing more than white or white crime which was common practice among whites WW2 going back over a 1000 years.

    • Naten Vos

      But this genocide was not forgotten at the time itself. English journalists documented this genocide at the time which forced Leopold II to sell his colony to Belgium. So it’s not true that there was no press and no information.
      Of course it is true that information was much more limited than now or than information of Europe during WOII.
      It is ‘forgotten’ or less known now maybe because our interest is fading. And that is a sad thing.
      Btw: David Van Reybrouck wrote a history on Congo. Interesting read, also available in english.

    • sabelmouse

      the holocaust had films, photos, super documentation. would that we had the same regarding colonial misdeeds, slave ships, and plantations.
      maybe people would pay more attention. i do often link pics from india during the late victorian holocausts, people being starved, and worked to death by the british empire.

  • junktex

    And then there’s the Holodomor.Bolsheviks illed over 10 million Ukrainians.One might research the ethnicity of most of the Bolsheviks.

  • Stefaan Van Damme
  • Pooua

    The first few paragraphs do little more than harangue the reader and our educational system for not being familiar with an obscure king of a tiny European country more than a century ago who did horrible things in one of the most remote and impoverished parts of Africa. This is despite the fact that of the hundreds of nations that have existed in this world, many have done truly horrible things, but our educational system can barely cover our own country, with little mention beyond about a half-dozen others. Just how broad and deep do you think our educational system ought to cover world and human events? Speaking of which, what was the Ottoman Empire doing at the same time as this king?

  • Irina Godunko

    You don’t have to go that far in history to see what “Caucasians” did and doing in the richest continent on Earth. Just watch “Power Principal” on Youtube.

  • Robert Ede

    what about the mohammedan slave trade of Africans for Labour and of White women for sex slaves?

  • tom

    The west didn’t erase anything from history. I and my siblings grew up in the Netherlands on the border with Belguim and some were educated in the Netherlands and others in Belgium, in both countries this subject together with other colonial subjects (Indonesia, Suriname etc.) is a big part of the history curriculum.

  • Simone Lisa

    Wonder why he is suddenly of interest, precisely Belgian.

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      Did you know that Leopold’s main man in the Congo, Emile Francqui, was a good friend of Herbert Hoover? They met in China, while taking turns looting the Chinese. Francqui also help Hoover run the the Belgian Relief con game to keep Germany fed and fighting. They both had their bankster links. Hoover was brought back to th e States to play patsy in the bankster engineered 1929 crash.

  • “European capitalist monarchs”
    Dude, capitalism is an economic system that, by its very nature, goes against slavery, oppression, and even against monarchy. Capitalism is about freedom: without freedom there’s no free-market, and without free-market there’s no capitalism.
    Do yourself a favor a identify the right enemy: the State. Leopold was no capitalist: he was an arrogant aristocratic despot in charge of a colonialist state.

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      No, capitalism is about about money getting, never about freedom.

      • Another idiot repeating nonsense: capitalism is about voluntary transactions between free people. Capitalism rewards those who serve society the best.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Heh, you call me an idiot as the big capitalists force more and more wealth to themselves, thereby gathering the power to force even more into their insatiable maws.

          • Capitalism in the last 50 years has done more against poverty than all the good-intentions did in the previous millennium.
            Oh, and those banksters you talk in some of your posts, yes they are a bunch of crooks, but their power is not derived from capitalism, but from their political connections. Blame the State for them.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Did you ever read Howard Zinn’s A People History of the United States?

          • No, I haven’t.

          • No, I haven’t.
            By the way, i apologize for calling you “idiot,” was totally uncalled for.

  • Ghaz

    Here we go again. “Evil Nazi, Hitler!!!” Keeps the clicks coming. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3a5ac9bec42298b251f86359c389e2ff8005b6d0e81a08e00c608f8c516f71be.jpg

    • sabelmouse

      did you read the article? for once it’s something about colonials and their misdeeds.

  • I graduated elementary school in 1966, and we did learn about Leopold II and his depredations on the Congo. I read about it in one of the Scholastic magazines.

  • Wendy Colby

    Unfortunately,history belongs to the victors who rewrite the truth into a web of lies to make themselves look more benevolent and less blood thirsty.

  • Ralf Schubert

    The Headline “Hitler killed 10 Million African” and then they described what Leopold of Belgium did in Congo. Leopold was neither German nor had he anything to do with Hitler who came to power 40 years later. The person who wrote the article is either stupid or deliberately tries to discredit Germans for something they haven’t even done.

    • Leopold was half German–before he was chosen as king of the Belgians, his father was Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg.

    • Umm, YOU removed the first two words of the headline and the quote marks around Hitler. That is not only sloppy but also tendentious. As a man, I expect better from another man, on the Internet or anyplace else.

  • Devon Kelly Muchmore-Mulhaney

    I’m sure that you mean well, but what you’re really trying to say is “sociology is important”, when it’s entirely irrelevant. If this were “erased from history”, then you wouldn’t be able to add it to your blog. Heart of Darkness is required reading in most schools.

  • Michael Villafana

    Well the Japanese brutally killed more Chinese than Germans killed anybody during WWII but you don’t hear them screaming to winds about it. They got over it and moved on to become a super power. Oh and the Japanese Emperor was after natural resources in China when this genocide happened. And why is it no one talks about the genocide of almost an entire continent. South America by the Spanish. Everyone loves to talk about the North American Natives but never the Central or South American Natives that were killed off by the Spanish. Dumbasses just assume, ‘oh they always spoke Spanish there.’ Nope mostly wiped out by the Spanish. Good one there for History to recognize. Yep the Spanish were genocidal madmen hell bent on world domination. Not to mention the Philippines as well. And most of the South Western United States and Florida. But let’s go ahead and blame the white people anyways. Dumbasses. Oh let’s not forget that the Spanish and Portuguese practically started the African Slave trade. Talk about getting a page torn out of history. This Belgium ruler has nothing on the Spanish. Smh.

  • That ZiNOist

    Let’s not forget about Cecil Rhodes. He also did spent a lot of time in Africa wrecking shit and killing people.

  • NigelFoster

    And yet Belgium has a statue to tis weak, vicious man.

  • Lou Ping

    hmmm i dont remember being taught about the moors(african/arab) either who enslaved millions for hundreds of years including parts of europe

  • EliyahuBenYisroel

    Some of us are quite aware of all this. There are good reasons that Leopold is known to historians as the Belgian Butcher of the Congo.

  • White colonization was better for much of Africa than self rule has been..not a popular thing to say, but facts do not care about your feelings

  • Locutus

    Edmund Dene Morel, a clerk of a Liverpool shipping line used by Leopold to ship out Congo’s wealth, discovered on his several journeys to the Belgian port of Antwerp in the 1890’s what was going on and he embarked on a massive newspaper campaign to expose Leopold and his atrocities.

  • Rufus McBoofus

    Good story, but I dunno about that headline… not sure how “The West” “erased” the history of the Congo Free State, since there’s been some amazing academic work done on the subject in the last few years — especially Adam Hochshold’s “King Leopold’s Ghost”, which I suspect a lot of this article is based on… I think it’s fairer to say that two World Wars, The Cold War and all the other exhausting messes of the second half of the 20th century kind of eclipsed this particular history in popular memory; but there was no active conspiracy to suppress it. Hell, anyone who’s ever been to the Brussels-Luxembourg station can attest: this history is inscribed in stone, and nobody is hiding it…

  • chris

    don’t forget he was victorias uncle!

  • creative_dude

    Ah, maybe I just thought more people knew about this. My maternal grandparents were missionaries to the Congo for 31 years (1924) and my mom was born there in 1927. The casual cruelties were bloodily repudiated in the fifties. Yet in the middle of the nastiness there were acknowledgements of what well meaning missionaries did in the midst of that horror by their personal efforts. Showing up someplace in person and working for the good of others works so much better than talking about something from far away. Where your treasure is there your heart will be also. Where you spend your money says much about you . . . do you spend to increase the length of other people’s abilities to do something about their world? The amount is less important than the fact that you did so. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a3f376a1b327a493157852fdc6f7b77b0e98dd6da522ede606cc458faf584a4c.jpg

  • Elizabeth Putnam

    I actually learned about this my junior year of high school because we were reading The Heart of Darkness.

  • Scooter McHeadshot

    Still nothing compared to the body count caused by the muslim slave trade. They completely removed the genitalia of african boys so they couldn’t breed, and nearly 60% of them didn’t survive the aftermath of the process, as it was done very crudely. Those that lived had a lifetime of slavery ahead of them all across the middle east and central asia. Conservative estimates put the body count at 80 million over a period of centuries. This is another “genocide” that no one talks about, they only want to talk about the 1 or 2 percent of African slaves that made it to the west.

  • vics_toew

    I wonder how many little black children were raped before they were murdered.

  • Øyvind Havn

    I agree regarding King Leopold II , but this is also history they don`t teach kids at school and the problem and occupation is still going on.

    The Untold Story of Arab Slave Trade Of Africans

    10 Facts About The Arab Enslavement Of Black People Not Taught In Schools

    Barbary Slave Trade – Millions of Europeans enslaved in North Africa

    Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, The Barbary Coast, and Italy, 1500-1800 (Early Modern History Society and Culture)

    Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner

    The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise: Muslims, Christians, and Jews under Islamic Rule in Medieval Spain

    Islam’s Eastern European slave trade by Muslim Turks (Ottoman) and Arabs

    The Truth about Islamic Crusades and Imperialism

    DELUSIONAL Black Muslim Gets Educated On The Viciousness Of The Arab Slave Trade

    TheMoslem Conquest of India

    An Extract from‘The Story of Civilization’ By Will & Ariel Durant [Volume 1, Chapter 16]

    “The Mohammedan Conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is adiscouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precarious thing, whose delicatecomplex of order and liberty, culture and peace may at any time be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within. The Hindus had allowed their strength to be wasted in internal division and war; they hadadopted religions like Buddhism and Jainism, which unnerved them for the tasks of life; they had failed to organize their forces for the protection of their frontiers and their capitals, their wealth and their freedom, from the hordes of Scythians, Huns, Afghans and Turks hovering about India’s boundaries and waiting for national weakness to let them in.For four hundred years (600-1000 A.D.) India invited conquest; and at last it came. The firstMoslem attack was a passing raid upon Multan, in the western Punjab (664 A.D.) Similarraids occurred at the convenience of the invaders during the next three centuries, with theresult that the Moslems established themselves in the Indus valley about the same time thattheir Arab co-religionists in the West were fighting the battle of Tours (732 A.D.) for themastery of Europe”


  • Omar Spence

    All images of evil men have a similar thing in common throughout history.

  • Support my call to remove his statues from the streets of Belgium. If my father would be guilty of the things King Leopold II did, I would remove his picture from my wall and never call him my father again. How strange does that work in the minds of the people when it’s about their King? https://www.facebook.com/RemoveLeopoldII

  • Nick Athinodorou

    Two questions – how did Leopold relinquish his hold over the Congo and second, why didn’t the inhabitants of the Congo defend themselves against him? Thanks.

  • Charles Spencer

    Through out history there have been many terrible rulers who have slaughtered millions of people. The truth of the matter that without God men are enheritly evil and capable of the most gross acts against our fellow human beings. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Jesus came to restore what we lost. The relationship that we had with God before sin destroyed it. Jesus became a sacrifice to redeem us from our sin nature by paying our debt. John said, But as many as received him to them he gave power to become Son’s even to them who believed upon his name (John 1:12) 1John 4:7-8; beloved let us love one another for he that Loveth not knoweth not God. Because God is love. Without God man is evil and capable of horrible things like murder but with God we learn the meaning of love and treating one another like we want to be treated.

  • Graeme Wend-Walker

    Far from erased. It was a huge scandal at the time, and it was the subject of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, which is possibly the most studied and written about text in the history of the English language. People are more familiar with Hitler mostly because his reign of terror more directly impacted their own lives.

  • Dave LeVack

    We never talk about him because he never attacked us. Simple.

  • Frank Larkin

    Have you not seen the new Tarzan movie?

  • Pepe! The Irredeemable

    Interesting subject but this article was terrible written. Four adjectives per noun? I was taught to use a few words as possible when writing. This reeks of a bush league college homework report written an hour before due.

  • Lana

    Too many evil people.

  • Achillesls

    Here is the thing, about today’s B.S. through Media! Just another example! Hitler was never even close to the worse! Russians and the Chinese both, killed more of their own people, during the first quarter century of the creation of Communism! But, the worst of all, started the second Christopher Columbus and his boys landed on the Islands in The Caribbean!! He Brought Disease, but, the worse part started on his second trip! Initialize Slavery of the Native People! Combine the Disease’s and Slavery, this would eventual lose all native throughout the Caribbean Islands, then spreads through out The America’s! So, Christopher Columbus, the Man the Never Stepped Foot Any Where In South, Central or North America, is the many that caused the death of hundreds Of Millions Of Native People Throughout the Caribbean and the America’s! All, to what he first though, totally lost, was India!

  • Bill Bradsky

    Not sure why OP feels the need to characterize this criminal as capitalist. You can’t be a monarch and be capitalist at the same time. If you have a despot controlling your economy, it’s not a free market or even close to one.

  • Achillesls

    Here is the thing, about today’s B.S. through Media! Just another example! Hitler was never even close to the worse! Russians and the Chinese both, killed more of their own people, during the first quarter century of the creation of Communism! But, the worst of all, started the second Christopher Columbus and his boys landed on the Islands in The Caribbean!! He Brought Disease, but, the worse part started on his second trip! Initialize Slavery of the Native People! Combine the Disease’s and Slavery, this would eventual lose all native throughout the Caribbean Islands, then spreads through out The America’s! So, Christopher Columbus, the Man that Never Stepped Foot Any Where In South, Central or North America, is the MAN that caused the death of hundreds Of Millions Of Native People Throughout the Caribbean and the America’s! All, to what he first thought, when totally lost, was India!

  • Gunny Thompson

    Very much in appreciation for the many responces to this report. My Question to each of them: “My Dear Brothers and Sisters, what do you propose to do about it?!! Someone once said: :Don’t be About it, Do About!!”

  • Joemomma

    No one forgot about this motherfucker though. I learned about him in High School and I’m sure most people (at least in Canada) did too. He was the most savage of all the colonial empires in Africa. The whole narrative this page is trying to spin is pretty tired.

  • Kim Kong

    Africa belong to Africans, to black…stay there and build your countrys.

  • TheLaicanarth

    The only movie that i know talks about this person its the “new” TARZAN, He fight aganist the militia the king sends to Congo

  • Kent Van Cleave

    How about some facts, instead of vague generalities? There is not enough information here for one to make an evaluation of the claims the article makes.

  • Saying he was “erased” from history is unnecessary hyperbole. For good or bad, not everything can be taught in school: most schools in the west don’t talk about the Armenian genocide either. As for what is taught vs. what isn’t: it has to do with context. A general history class in high school mainly focuses on history directly relevant to the location. US slavery really isn’t taught in Canadian schools, not like it would be in the US. However, advanced history classes in the upper levels and certainly in university would cover it. Likewise, a course in university dealing with genocide, colonialism, African history and so on certainly would include King Leopold. To say that it’s erased from history suggests no information is available, no historian addresses it (such as the suppression of information on the Armenian genocide in Turkey) — this is simply incorrect.

  • ptram

    What is missing from this short article, is who formed the private army of Leopold. Those who mutilated, enslaved, killed members of their own people.

  • Blacks are subhumans that should be totally destroyed. End of story.

  • I did learn about this in school, and there was also a best selling book on King Leopold’s genocide that made this story a media sensation in the late 90’s. But since people never read anymore, and do little research on their own at all, they are unaware of it. But you can’t blame all this on schools, or conspiracies, or your evil parents. It’s everyone’s responsibility to find out about the world themselves. It is highly unlikely the author of this piece ever read King Leopold’s Ghost, or even heard of it, instead he looked all this up on Wikipedia. Then, full of righteous indignation, he rants and raves about something that he should have known when he was a teenager had he bothered to read anything. Read, people, read.


  • roberto tassi

    The article is on Congo but comments are entirely on Eastern Europe and Islam: this is the beauty of free speech! Back to Congo, and I agre in general with the negative comments on the King’s management of the immense country, the article says that 10 millions were killed and then specifies that “the first census counted only 10 millions living there in 1924”. How do they know that there were 10 millions MORE before the first census?

  • Robin Ranney Hotmer

    i come to the comments section to actually LEARN something more about the article and get different views on it. I do NOT come here to read rude remarks and name calling if a person disagrees. it is very disheartening that we as a human race have lost the capacity to have civil discourse without resorting to childish name calling.

  • Dakota Calhoon

    Africa should be the wealthiest nation of all, living a much higher standard than all of us, but it continues to be exploited by western interests.

  • homesickabortion

    Why would he be called “Hitler”? Hitler was a name, not a title, lmfao. Yeah, dude’s a piece of shit–but acting like Americans should really care what some Belgian shitlord did almost 200 years ago? Should we also care how North Africans continuously raided, raped, murdered, and razed mainland Europe for centuries? History is there to be learned from, not self-flagellate.

  • nolickspittles

    How do we know it was 10 million

    • Laura Brennan, an alias

      The Belgians probably kept track. Like Hitler did.

  • Tor Sverre Engen

    I teach history at high school in Norway, and this is certanly a part of our curriculum. This picture is from the history book that my class uses. It’s from 1907, and these men have had their hands cut of to inspire other to work harder.

  • Glen R Janred

    This is just about the article itself. I remember hearing about Leopold, and a country known as Belgian Congo. I would love to have read less vitriol and repetitiveness and more supportive and interesting facts. This is something the world needs to know more about, along with the Turkish genocide of the Armenians etc. Too bad the article was not much more than poorly written click bait.

  • Andrew Cliff

    Referring to him as a ‘hitler’ isn’t helping you make your point. If anything it’s mildly normalising this tragedy.

  • CrazyAuntJane

    This is a fascinating article and no, I had never heard this! Sad how the text books filter history. But then the people in the comments section start turning it into proof of how evil white people are! Humanity has an evil side and it isn’t determined by race!!!

  • Rusty Gates

    This article is a waste of space. All it does is reitterate the title in different words. No details, no references, just keeps talking about killing 10 million people and how that makes him like Hitler. Story could have been covered in 1 paragraph. Waist of reading time.

  • nidget

    It’s true that he killed many africans, but he’s certainly not forgotten or erased from history. You can find many books on this subject, most of them in french or in english. As belgian citizen, I perfectly know what he did: we are teached early about him in our schools. Not just a murderer, he’s also a crook: he has used his status of belgian king at the conference of Berlin in 1885, with lies about his goals (reduce the slavery) in order to receive the colony in donation (some other countries, larger than Belgium, were debating for the territory). Then he took it in its own personal possession. At the same time, he has used money borrowed from belgians, dutch and englishmens to develop it, again mainly for its own profit (a small part has been used to pay monuments for Belgium, but that was in order to “buy” politicians and the belgian people when people started talking about it). His scam is the main reason he had to give it back to Belgium when the scandal about the african killed took place around 1908. However, many belgians still believe he made a willingful and prosperous gift to the country… consequently, like Hitler in Germany, he is still admired by a crowd of belgians: Congo is part of what made belgian a rich country in the beginning of the 20th century (and that still makes the city of Antwerpen a prosperous city, with a prosperity that started from the diamonds of the Congo). Today, Congo is actually still an extremly rich country with its mines of diamonds, gold, rare metals, radium and uranium (one of the main producers in the world). Unfortunately, the richess of the mines profits only to a very few people: congolese politicians and rich international investors. Not to the congoleses.

  • NicholB

    Strange. An article about Congo under Leopold. But it never mentions Stanley, who was the one locally responsible. I suspect the number of 10 million may be not so well known, or exaggerated. But the cruelty is very well documented. Congo was probably the worst run colony in africa, and is still in a mess.

  • Kenneth Spell

    Already knew about Leopold of Belgium….Mark Twain did one of his anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist essays on him, called King Leopold’s Confession…detailing the atrocities, the mountain of dead bodies, of severed hands piled high in the Congo…with the evidence undoubtable, ‘the damnable Kodak!’ recording his crimes…

  • Ossian

    You know – this is a bull$h!t piece.
    You infer America is somehow to blame for this (because) this isn’t taught in school, along with the claim that slavery (hello – slavery IS taught in U.S. schools) and we’re reminded of it all the time (by) crutch using race merchants. I hate to tell you (blacks/congo) don’t have the “market” on racism or bad stuff that happened to them. PLENTY of bad things have happened around the world to all kinds of people (and) all of their stories aren’t told or taught in school. So get off the race crutch and move on with your life.

  • RightTesti

    What a pathetic article by an ingorant that just openend a history book for the first time.

    Why don’t you write a long article on Julius Cesar and all the “evil imperialism” under the Roman Empire? Or about how the chinese emprors killed millions just for entertainement? Or perhaps on the Slave trade that’s been going on for centuries in the middle east and still goes on today (especially in Saudi arabia)?

    You try to pass this as something that was “hidden” (only to undereducated people) to make it look like some big manipulation by the white man.

    Bull SHIT!

    Yeah he was horrible like so many others… You want gruesome details? He used to cut off the hands of everyother slave for no other reason than reminding them what would happen in case of a rebellion…

    I don’t know what school you went to but in Europe people know about Leopold II. He was the last monarch from an old world. There were thousands like him before and on every continent… so stopping using this to recruit more people in your shitty retarded ideology. The white man did not create capitalism. It’s just the natural state of things.

  • Jcat Board

    I’m truly amazed how many bullshit comments are made………………

  • Stacey

    This is listed as pseudoscience/conspiracy theory site. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/free-thought-project/

  • Matthew O.

    A lot of things happened in the 1800s at the hands of other countries that aren’t taught in US schools. I remember learning about more things than this author mentioned, though. Perhaps the author should have spent more time paying attention at school and less time screwing around and he could work for a real news source.