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Hollywood’s Stacey Dash Said We Should Stop Dwelling on Race – So the Mainstream Media Crucified Her


In a December 2005 interview with Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes, Morgan Freeman dropped a bombshell that sent ripples through the race-focused crowd everywhere.

As Wallace attempted to paint him as a radical for his views, in only a few brief moments, Morgan Freeman laid waste to stereotypes, and worked wonders for bridging the racial divide in America. This compelling part of the interview began as Wallace asked Freeman,

“Black History Month, you find?”

Freeman said, “Ridiculous.”

When Wallace asked, “Why?” Freeman said, “You’re going to relegate my history to a month?” The exchange continued:

Wallace: “Oh, come on.”

Freeman: What do you do with yours? Which month is white history month? No, Come on, tell me.”

Wallace: “Well, I’m Jewish.”

Freeman: “Okay. Which month is Jewish history month?”

Wallace:  “There isn’t one.”

Freeman: “ Oh. Oh, why not? Do you want one?”

Wallace:  “No. No.”

Freeman:  “I don’t either. I don’t want a Black History Month. Black history is American history.”

Wallace:  “How are we going to get rid of racism and ….”

Freeman:  “Stop talking about it. I’m going to stop calling you a white man, and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man. I know you as Mike Wallace. You know me as Morgan Freeman. You want to say, `Well, I know this white guy named Mike Wallace.’ You know what I’m saying?”

“Mm-hmm,” uttered Mike Wallace after having the divisive talking point blown out of the water.

The profound point made by Morgan Freeman is something that is not allowed on mainstream media as the mainstream and many in the alternative media use tactics, whether intentional or not, to divide society. To garner support for one’s cause, many people resort to the US vs. Them tactics; anyone not on board with ‘Us’ is with ‘Them’ and therefore, their entire position is deemed irrelevant.

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Actually talking to other human beings, who you may disagree with, often leads to an understanding of perceived opposite perspectives. Cordiality and mutual kindness are what end wars — not infighting and obstinance.

Although many people feel this drive to unity, unfortunately, in today’s society, those who attempt to bridge the divide are often chastised and cast out by the ‘Us’ crowd, who wishes to remain in control by keeping the masses at each other’s throats.

The most recent example of this chastisement for attempting to bridge the divide is the case of Hollywood’s Stacey Dash.

If we apply the approach of cordiality and mutual kindness to Dash, and look past the fact that she works for Fox News, we can find value in her most recent, and highly controversial statements.

This week, Dash made headlines when she called for the abolishment of Black History Month and BET. Not only did she make headlines, she was cast into the pit of ridicule and hate by BET, their supporters, and many others in the mainstream media.

Of course, anyone should be able to start a television channel or show about anything they wish; it’s called free speech — and it shall not be infringed.

However, Dash’s sentiment toward BET is not some radical rightwing view. In fact, scholars within the black community maintain that BET perpetuates and justifies racism affecting the interpersonal beliefs others may generalize about blacks, and also by affecting the psyche of its young viewers through its bombardment of negative images of blacks.

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The New York Times also reported on Reverend Delman L. Coates and how his organization Enough is Enough led protests every weekend outside the residences of BET executives chanting “BET does not reflect me, MTV does not reflect me,” against what they claim are negative stereotypes of black people perpetuated by BET music videos.

Furthermore, as noted above by Morgan Freeman, Black History Month perpetuates the divide by justifying the racist notion of segregation. If people believe history needs to be segregated, what do they think about people? Black history is American history; forcefully segregating it only perpetuates racism.

Instead of issuing an apology for her remarks, on Thursday, Dash wrote a blog explaining that she looks forward to the day “when people don’t self-segregate based on skin color, while loudly complaining about a segregated society.”

“My problem goes back to the notion that every area of life needs to break down exactly according to demographic ratios except in those areas in which black people have decided they want to have their own space,” Dash said in her blog. “I don’t have a problem with black people having their own space. I have a problem with the folks at BET absolutely freaking out when other institutions don’t match up to what they think is best.”

It is no question that racism is alive and well in America. But the solution does not lie in blaming entire demographics. The solution is simple, and it’s been around for a long time. Martin Luther King Jr. summed up this solution in his famous “I have a dream…” speech in 1963.

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.” I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave-owners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood.I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a desert state, sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream ….”


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  • OH FUCKING PLEASE Stacey Dash the Clueless Queen of Fox News did not agree with MLK, she is a fucking aunt Jemima conservative idiot.

    • You sir are a doubly hypocritical bigot. You are a political hate monger and a racist.

    • None of the above actually. You must enjoy Fox News greatly to so vehemently defend their talking points.

    • This is what I love about libtards. All you guys do is run about operating on assumptions. The primary being that you know every damn thing. I don’t even have cable bro. I have internet, netflix, and hulu, but leave it to a libtard to think they know everything about you. Maybe thats your problem there guy. You reduce everyone to caricatures and cartoons that fit your preconceived notions.

  • Please (Y) + Comment + Share this story. Thank you free thinkers!

  • LOL! Thank you Jason! LOL

  • no .. you and she seem to have missed the point…. totally

    • Can you elaborate?

    • if america was not racist and suffered through the years of lynching and segregation there would surely be no need for a BET , Jet magazine.. have you been living under a rock or an alternative universe?

    • So you are saying that because of the past we forever have to give African Americans special treatment and there own stuff like BET, Jet, and Black history month yet include them in all of our stuff or be called racist?

      Great sense of equality bud.

    • So explain how my Irish relatives who came here in the late 1800s and were spit on, stoned and were forced to enlist in the Union army and never had slaves owe anyone an apology for what the early American colonists did ?
      Just curious why all white people are held responsible for the actions of other white people …sounds hypocritical … I don’t blame you for what other people do ???
      I’ll never understand it ..

    • Does anyone realize that there are hundreds of nationalities where people have white skin ?
      And yet we are all considered early English colonists …hypocrisy and racism in it highest form

  • I like how you directly quoted Freeman’s conversation but just mentioned Dash’s conveniently leaving out the part where she said there’s no white history month, MLK wouldn’t agree with that twit’s line of reasoning in the slightest.

    • So it makes you a twit to point out the racial hypocrisy to have a month of history SOLEY devoted to African Americans which if the other way around would he called racism

    • Without black history month, american students would probably still be learning how slavery and segregation were good for african american people and how they wanted to pick cotton because life was good here in america. There are 11 other months of the year devoted to cultivating history from a white piont of view.

    • I don’t believe I advocated at all to keep Black history month asshole, take your rhetoric write it down, fold it up and shove it up your ass 🙂 and learn to read.

    • Hey Shane, your ignorance is sad, but not surprising!!! EVERY MONTH IS WHITE HISTORY MONTH!!! The reason for Black History Month is because “American History” taught in our schools and that you learned is incomplete and in many cases whitewashed (for example… The LIE that Columbus “discovered” America)!!! If the history and contributions of Blacks, Asians and Latinos were respected and included in the K-12 history books we wouldn’t need specific months to celebrate and acknowledge what these AMERICANS have contributed to our nation!!! Other than the most prominent black people (MLK, Rosa Parks & Jackie Robinson) most white Americans can’t name 10 people or influential acts in black history… AMERICAN HISTORY!!! If I asked 100 white people about Juneteenth, COINTELPRO, the Scottsboro Boys, Black Wall Street, Grandfather Clauses, the 369th Hellfighters, Port Chicago Disaster, Buffalo Soldiers, the Tuskegee Experiment, SNCC, the Niagara Movement, the Harlem Rens, Bass Reeves (the REAL Lone Ranger), Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Nat Turner, Zora Neale Hurston, Madame CJ Walker, Jack Johnson, Hiram Rhodes Revels and Marcus Garvey (to name a FEW), they would all FAIL that test MISERABLY!!! So yeah… YOU ARE A TWIT!!!

  • No-talent, has-been, 2nd-rate actress whose naked body has been photographed more times than Fox News has mentioned Benghazi…she’s “clueless.”

  • I agree though. The very mention of race continues to keep us divided, resentful & astray of the actual issues that violate humanity- across all races. Does nobody realize how they’re spreading the problem this way? For instance, I support BLM, but it in itself creates an entire off-topic debate because of the word black. Of course ALM, but until we can get over otherness and latch onto togetherness, using race in my opinion, is fueling the flames even further on either side. So long as we keep using differences as leverage, we’ll continue to further ourselves from peace- it’s not working.

  • Thank you. You just gave me cause to opt-out of your group. Bye…

  • She’s not an idiot . She took a stand point and perspective that we all could use more often . She’s attacked if she’s a free thinker ???? Very ironic that free thinking is frowned on on this page …laughable

  • You and Stacey Dash can be happy together with your ignorance. *Leaving this page*

  • Not really. It doesn’t work that well when you pretend it’s happened already when it hasn’t.

  • The races are different. You can see that in Germany with all the BLACK people raping the white people. If we are all the same why are black immigrants in Europe raping white people? It turns itself into a whole race issue because IT’S ALL BLACK people that are doing it and so white people don’t know who to trust and it becomes a race issue….so SOME white people start thinking if they KILL all the black people their WHITE women wouldn’t get raped….people generally try to come to terms with the problem they think they are facing.

    • are you referring to the NYE attacks?

      cause those were Arab and North African perpetrators.

      but go ahead and tell me im an islamophobe for pointing out the actual rape culture of Islam.

    • Ok Cris I agree, I don’t know who the people are that did it, but the pictures they show the people that are doing it look black to me. Islam doesn’t respect women having rights, I don’t think, but it doesn’t matter. People want the sexual assaults to stop and they are going to start killing blacks, or Muslims or whoever they feel is doing the attacking. YOU BLACKS HAVE BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELVES

    • Brent Waller woah, dude. Go back to 1950 where you belong

    • because I’m blind? because I’m not looking at the problem? Or you’d rather I keep my blinders on like you so nothing can be resolved or taken care of? WHY DON”T YOU OPEN YOUR EYES? This is the situation, this is what people are thinking and they are getting to the point of taking care of the problem themselves because the government doesn’t seem to give a shit about them….do you recommend keeping our heads in the sand and letting the problem work itself out? What solution are you offering to anyone by your mindless comments?

    • Hope Savage I hope 7 immigrants come and visit you Hope and maybe your mind will change after you get trained.

    • > Hope Savage I hope 7 immigrants come and visit you Hope and maybe your mind will change after you get trained.

      holy shit, did you just advocate/wish for/hope for a woman getting gangraped?

    • I just hoped a womans eyes would get opened…and since she seems not to understand the problem…I’m trying to enlighten her.

    • before you get the idea to delete your comment and claim you didnt do any such thing, ive got this.

      cheers, ya cunt.

    • I don’t need to delete anything. What is wrong with you people? Can you NOT SEE what I see? Are we listening to the same thing but pulling out different facts to pay attention to? What part of IMMIGRANTS RAPING GERMAN WOMEN are you missing? None of you people sleep in the beds that you make do you? “DOESN’T Matter much to me as long as she’s spread”….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAiGr9A15Tk

    • Gardito Edgardo Torres III why do you keep bringing up retarded people…are you hiding something? gerdito? or are you an immigrant planning on raping women and you’re scared someone will actually defend themselves against you? Look at what has happened—this doesn’t take a college degree…ALTHOUGH I ACTUALLY HAVE ONE…do you? LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING…that is what is causing people to react the way they are—-LOOK AT WTF IS HAPPENING….can you please just look at what is happening? That is what is causing people to become racist…there’s a problem and people are reacting to it…why does it make me stupid to LOOK, while you idiots walk around stupid and blind?

    • > That is what is causing people to become racist…

      – advocate for gang rape to ‘teach a lesson”
      – use racist remarks about people who dont agree with you
      – rely on your educational certificate to lend legitimacy (appeal to authority)

      …yet want people to ‘look at whats happening’ and claim others are ‘too blind’ to see what is causing racism?

      m8, i hate to say this, you were racist and ignorant before the NYE attacks came along.

    • Ok…the fact I’ve been to college doesn’t replace the fact I have eyes in my head and can watch what is happening. Whatever you think of me personally is all for you and whether you listen to reason or stay stupid as shit is on you. I can see WHERE the problem is coming from-if you need to make ALL the excuses in the world to stop from looking at the actual facts—YOU are the problem and I would advocate for ALL people as stupid as you to be killed.

    • I advocated her being “trained” you can take that as you will

    • so tell me, oh wise and mighty Brent..

      …what and/or who are the source of all of the problems facing the country, and how do we solve them?



    • what do you propose we replace it with?

    • corollary: why do you oppose the government?

    • You sound obsessed with RAPE for some bizarre reason.

    • Nothing…but we need to beef up the state governments before we allow them to take over…because I know the representatives in Washington State are panty waste puppets…the federal government is full of rapists and crooks…nothing the feds do anymore is worth a damn and everything the government intends turns to shit. They steal from everyone and strip the country of it’s value, while poisoning the water supply and taking away homeless peoples blankets. This GOVERNMENT needs overthrown—THEY are responsible for EVERY crime against the people-they did 9-11, they took down the Murrah Building, they killed the people in Waco, Ruby Ridge they slaughtered innocent people, they poisoned the water in Flint… the government needs OVERTHROWN

    • Yet my 6 year old said it best… ‘nobody’s black or white, we’re all just different shades of brown’. So as you point out whatever occurrence you speak of, I hope you also do not forget that no matter how you identify, we’re all still the same human race, often reflecting the way society treats us, because it is so loudly emphasized in the media against anyone non-‘white’, while most ‘whites’ are simply deemed mentally ill. It’s not fair, it’s demonisation to keep people scared, confused & divided. So if you can so easily fall into bigotry and xenophobia, you should seek to ask why exactly you feel that way… I can guarantee you that changing your approach will open you up to a much happier life. Fear is the only enemy.

    • Brent- you cannot have state governments, they are a form of government, which you have advocated to be abolished.

      ill ask again, what do we replace government with, and why do you oppose any form of it?

      if youre going to advocate for a new system of governance, you should have an idea of what you want to replace it with.

      what do you suggest we replace government with?

    • sounds like BLACKS to me—-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s18gAn8dQUA

    • I advocate getting rid of the FEDERAL government—the ones taking all the money and wasting it AND making people flee their home countries. The problem with government is their propensity to take total advantage of the people they are governing…which this government and ALL the politicians have done. The people need to stand up to their government and we need to get OUT of the Middle East, because we are NOT accomplishing anything, except to make more immigrants..that we don’t want.

    • ok, what should we replace it with?

    • Replace what with?

    • We have state governments…what do the feds do for us?

    • so far, youre advocating for the US to no longer be a unified body, but rather each state to be a self-governing body, and a country unto itself.

      this means that each state government becomes a federal government, which you are advocating against.

    • there’s too many hands in this pot and the feds aren’t advocating any kind of unity by going to war with whoever they want, threatening whoever they want, and acting like the U.S.A. is the worlds top dog, when this nation is probably the most in debt in the world. The feds take money but having them only costs us, they don’t do anything, except pass laws to restrict the people’s freedom, beyond what the state already does. What did Obama do his whole presidency? Obamacare-how does everyone like that? he’s pushing the TPP which will end up screwing the people in this nation, just like all the trade deals with Japan did…we end up taking all their products and they take NONE of ours, what good is the federal government? What have they done? What has Obama done that is good for the people in the last 7+ years? Of what value are him or the Supreme court or Congress? What have they done for the American people in the last 20 years? ….ok so what good are they? Why do we need them if they have just cost us trillions of dollars but America hasn’t gotten bigger or better and the taxpayers put out TRILLIONS of dollars to watch people die for no reason and force countries to take on rapists and criminals…Please tell me what the federal government does for us?

    • youre no longer participating in this conversation. youre just repeating things and hoping ill catch myself up in something.

      respond to the question.

      if the federal government is corrupt and be abolished, and state governments are ALSO corrupt and should be abolished…

      by what rule should we abide and by what rule should our country be run?

    • ok your right…bring in all the rapists you want…we don’t care. Let the blacks from Africa and the Muslims from the Middle East come here and rape all the women—maybe that’ll teach em to shut the fuck up….lets not do anything…lets just sit and watch it happen how bout…this might be funner-great idea Cris-your solution seems so much better.

    • i havent advocated for a solution.

      what should we replace the government with, since government is corrupt and should be abolished?

    • I’m already on your bandwagon Cris…bring all the immigrants you want to America and maybe the women’s pussies will all get calloused from being raped so much…I see the light you were giving and now I’m behind you 100%. Let’s NOT DO ANYTHING and just let it happen. We’ll see how much women like Stacey Dash stand up for immigrants when she gets a real taste of them. The girls in Germany said 100’s of hands were all over her body walking through a crowd of migrants…one girl lost her skirt and panties—but our government is all for bringing that here…now I see how much easier it is to be a puppet…it doesn’t take any brain at all.

    • youre completely avoiding the question now.

      do i really need to repeat the question, or can you just fuckin answer it?

    • I said…don’t get angry…I’m all for being a stupid follower now….it’s obvious all you want to do is fight—why don’t we nuke the nation? Fukushima is probably gonna kill us all in the next couple years anyway—lets nuke the nation and make things more like they were on Madmax…let people take care of themselves. Then the women advocating for immigrants can’t complain when things turn out bad. Let’s force the people to become strong, while killing them with radiation.

    • i made no advocation of an answer.

      what should we replace the government with? by what rule should we abide and by what rule should our country be run?

    • What rules do you live by now? Do the feds run the country now? or is that a company and state job? What do the feds do to run our country? What rules are you abiding by right now that you need the federal government to enforce?

    • what should we replace the government with? by what rule should we abide and by what rule should our country be run?

    • What federal laws are helping you…that aren’t state laws? Does it take the feds for our companies to trade internationally? The feds were enforcing the embargo against the countries in the Middle East…was that helping the United States or hurting the United States? When Obama puts the trade embargo against Russia is that HELPING THE U.S. or hurting the U.S.? Are the feds HELPING US or HURTING US?

    • Lol

    • its a simple question, really. just answer it directly.

      what should we replace the government with? by what rule should we abide and by what rule should our country be run?

    • I’ve answered your question…NExT!

    • no, you have not.

      you have:

      – advocated the abolition of all forms of government

      you have not:

      -proposed a replacement to fill the power vacuumm

    • so, once we have abolished federal government, allowed each state to become a country to itself, then abolished /that/ government because it would then be a federal government…

      what should we replace the government with? by what rule should we abide and by what rule should our country be run?

    • This government doesn’t work. Maybe it’s just the people we have in government that doesn’t work, but nobody gives a shit about the people actually causing the problems, but things aren’t working anymore and the people’s needs for protection aren’t being listened to because Obama doesn’t give a shit about this country. He wants to make himself a little nestegg for him and his man friend…but things seem to be working against the people now. In reality, this government used to work until money became the focal point of every action that every politician has made the last 20 years. Somehow money and lobbyists need taken out of government, because the fools in government cannot maintain the objective of serving the people when money becomes an issue on everything they are deciding.

    • yes, and how will abolishing government solve those problems?

      btw, you still havent answered my question. note that im not asking what kind of government we should have, im asking WHAT would replace government, and what code YOU think we should live by.

    • I’m an anarchist…I advocate anarchy. End of story.

    • THANK YOU for answering my question.

      now i pose another.

      why are you an anarchist?

    • people work together better without a force over them dictating an unnecessary control over the interaction. Most of the companies like the FDA and companies in charge of maintaining certain standards actually did work, before they got their hands in the pie.

    • so youre really advocating against the use of force to ensure order.

      thats not anarchy, thats communism.

    • weakness is pitiful to me and since the U.S.A. is attacking countries that we know can’t defend themselves—I think America is revealing it’s weakness and it makes me sick to live in a place that is taking advantage of it’s military dominance at the cost of it’s soldiers and armaments. It’s not making America better to steal resources from smaller countries. What goes around DEFINITELY will come back around.

    • The use of force is unnecessary. Even the threat of force should be unnecessary for people to live in peace. We cannot expect to produce peace through force…they are polar opposites. We can’t stop killing people by killing people….America is confused.

    • > it makes me sick to live in a place that is taking advantage of it’s military dominance at the cost of it’s soldiers and armaments.

      youve got two choices then.

      1- work to make it better
      2- leave

      but you cant do #1, because that means working within the current system (government) which you despise.

      that leaves you with #2, which means youll have to once again work through the government you despise.

      maybe you should think about changing your ideology? it seems….flawed.

    • No…I’ll stay anti conformist and wait….with Oregon and Michigan now….I think the actual fighting will begin soon. Maybe I’ll find some peace when things get back to how they used to be…maybe not, but accepting things like they are is a weak cop out…roll over-weak people that go along to get along should be on the front line.

    • > No…I’ll stay anti conformist and wait…

      > accepting things like they are is a weak cop out…roll over-weak people that go along to get along should be on the front line

      pick one, you cant have it both ways.

      unless you think you yourself should be on the front lines, because “ill stay anti conformist and wait” is, in fact, “going along to get along”

    • just because you repeat what I say you can’t be me—I’d volunteer for the front lines because I’m not a scared little bitch and I will fight for what I believe. I’ve leveled with myself Cris and I know someday I might die…nothing I said goes against anything else I said …I think you should keep your thesaurus handy.

    • Omfg, Chris is so good damn fucking stupid it makes my brain hurt. Google voluntaryism, ancap, non aggression principle, etc.. then shove your hammer and sickle up your ass along with your misunderstandings of anarchy.

    • There may be forces at work that we are unaware of, with goals that we haven’t figured out yet. I am living in a world that is making me more cognizant of criminal acts being committed by the highest ranking officials and so it makes me uneasy to let them just do whatever they want. And I don’t think that if we keep ignoring the facts like we have always done that it will be good for us. I think that every thing the government does should be broadcast and judged. I think that coverups like 9-11 and the Franklin coverup, including George HW Bush should be investigated and the people should demand the heads of the guilty parties. I like peace, but EVERYTHING EVERY POLITICIAN in this country has done demands retribution.

    • We are all being programmed…I can see outside the programming. What they show us on TV is how we act, what the news is programming us with..the television is designed to program our thoughts…the war we are fighting isn’t with each other^^^^^^^^it’s them against us, not us against us….we are fighting a losing battle I think fighting against a force they are creating…civilized people don’t rape anyone—but governments that want to create social upheaval and internal hatred do. The forces we are dealing with are purposely misdirecting our hatred toward one another, I think……https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5Wy66GSuGs

    • youre a mental gymnast Gold Medalist.

    • I hope I appeal to your sense of reasoning.

    • absolutely disagree with nearly everything you said.

      however, thats your opinion, and as such, your right to hold.

    • though i would like to point out that your view that “violence shouldnt be used to enforce anything” directly violates your idea that “roll over-weak people that go along to get along should be on the front line”

      cause, ya know, forcing people to do things against their will is inherently violent.

    • you can’t fight violence with violence, ever. The only way to get into someones head is to break thru the mental conditioning.

    • No wonder the world hates you Amerikkkans. Just because you refer to them as sand n***ers doesn’t mean they are black. Ask any so called “Arab” or better yet take a genetic sample and you will see that they are 80-85% Caucasian. Wow no wonder your government continues to manipulate & use you lot as cannon fodder are all Amerikkans this stupid. This is what the world should emulate?

    • Brent Waller: the face of willful ignorance

    • Brent Waller you seem unable to comprehend that people look at the same evidence and reach varying conclusions. Among those who actually look at evidence, of course…

    • Brent Waller and, by the way, thank you so much for hoping I am raped by 7 (count ’em, 7) immigrants to “open my eyes”. Gosh, that should work. I can’t wait until they get here so I can be enlightened by gang rape. I wonder why I didn’t see the light when it was revealed that 1 in 4 women in the US military have been sexually assaulted? I must be BLIND!

    • Cris Levandoski yes, he actually did

    • Hope- willful ignorance and a very healthy dose of projection. like. so much projection. ALL of the projection.

    • You all speak the same, you all might as well be the same person-you have no original thought…and Hope I was just wishing that an experience as life shattering as that would open your eyes and leave your mind like a blubbering mass of jello. I guess you probably shouldn’t wonder how much I care about your opinion…cause I just told you.

    • Robert Ruiz Sr. that’s ok, you started out pretty stupid.


      kk, we get it, we’ll stay off your lawn.

    • Hahahahahahahahaha

    • Ol’ Brent quotes Nietzsche on his FB header. Remember when, in A Fish Called Wanda, Wanda calls Otto a stupid ape? Otto says, “Apes don’t read Nietzsche” and Wanda says “Yes, they do. They just don’t understand it”

    • C’mon, give us another laugh Brent and tell us who you’re backing for President?

    • No matter how much you study my greatness little one—I think you’ll remain in the dark. Your life is one big Monty Python movie~I think everything that you feel is a joke.

    • It’s tough for people who have never experienced anything in their lives to relate to me, because you basically have no heart-you’ve never earned it, but you lash out at people that speak the truth, because you’re looking for someone to save you from looking stupid. Why don’t you tell me who YOU are voting for president, so I can realize what grade in school you quit…?

    • I would rather live a Monty Python movie than be actively hoping Orwell was right.

      At least Python allows for humor.

    • I just looked over your profile.

      > born in 1973 (43 years old)
      > supports Rand Paul (Republican)
      > is decently well read
      > advocates anarchy
      > advocates nonviolence
      > advocates mandatory military enrollment
      > is racist
      > supports gangrape to ‘teach a lesson’

      You’re dismissive, arrogant, ironically both well- and mis-informed, you hold dogmatic beliefs that are unassailable by virtue (or vice) of logical fallacy…

      …Yet still has the audacity to tell us we don’t have a heart because we haven’t ‘earned it’.

      You’re most likely a “sovereign citizen”, yet exhibit none of the qualities of character expected to be found in a sovereign.

      I used to think anarchy was the way too.

      Then I turned 19.

      You have some backwards views of what this country should be, and I am sad you’re wasting your vote on Rand.

      But none of these things are meant to be injurious. I hope you sit down and reflect on this conversation. Go back, reread what you’ve written.

      Seriously, go reread it with an objective mind, asking yourself how you would feel if someone else spoke to you the way you spoke to us.

    • But, of everything you’ve said this entire time, this is the thing I find most disturbing, and telling, about you as a person

      > I think everything that you feel is a joke

      Yet we are the ones with no heart.

      “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.” -Evelyn Beatrice Hall

    • Wait! MY HEART!? Where’s my heart???!! I don’t seem to have one!!! WTH?!! How will I ever comprehend why I should be gang-raped by seven (7) BLACK TERRORISTS if I don’t have my heart? Oh, woah is me, woah is me.

    • Brent Waller , lol. Started out? My only.comment to you was a single meme.

    • youre a sad man, brent. and you dont even know how sad you are.

    • I’m sad enough not to care how sad I really am but all I want is the world to cry :'(

    • Clearly you are enough of a misery that the world should cry

    • Why don’t you cry for the whole world Hope. I’ve only given what I got from the world-if it’s misery, then the world should deal with it. I love you Hope, can’t yous see that?

  • You should try out for naked news station.

  • Can’t we just stop talking about the minutiae of race relations and start talking about things that matter?

  • no she gets crucified for saying we should stop dwelling on racism … its not about race, its about racism .. and to stop talking about it and pertend it isnt there is pathetic!!!

    • Well if you are intellectually honest and consistent then you have to call Morgan Freeman pathetic as well.

    • yes, because forcing people to focus on something they cant change is the easiest way to make sure no one focuses on something we cant change.

    • Erik Waring love his movies, but his pathetic thinking ass can join stacey and raven too … smdh

    • Don’t forget about Whoopi as well. Like the idea is great you know and that can come at a later date but that’s when both party’s have been made equal unlike they are now. If we try that now, they will get away with murder. But in 10-15 years when no more baby boomers are in power then we can turn to this tactic

    • Non-bigoted People who think racial minorities dwell on race when they mention racism and want to discuss it are only serving their bias for loss aversion.

    • Guess I’m clueless. I have no idea who Raven is. I watch so little t.v. or movies but you be comfortable in your assumptions over there. I knew you couldn’t be intellectual honest.

    • 12-1 black on white violence 30-1 back on white rape … we should talk about race …… but i guess only when it demonizes whites and makes everyone else the victims

    • Erik Waring Agree with him but it starts with the media who needs to drop the color coded term “white” as well as “black”.

    • Affect Reasoning…. Google it. You’ve contracted it.

    • Self hating white libtards are the worst.

    • Corey Ronson says the man that gets facts from Fox News xD

    • Erik Waring intellectually* … and i completed the required action in your statement to be considered “intellectually honest” yet you still somehow say “i knew you couldnt be” hmmm … pre-determined assumtion, or perhaps “intellectually” means different things to you than me, let me guess, your clueless about “white privilege: as well?

    • i love how the people with views conflicting mine, cant seem to communicate properly

    • i love myself, and am a gun toting moderate liberal .. i go with whats right not whats stupid

    • Can’t assail the point so attack the obvious grammatical typo. I gave you the opportunity to prove you could be intellectually honest . My assumption proved to be spot on and so I am very comfortable in it. You saw to that. Now “White Privilege” look out folks we got an SJW over here. Seriously that angsty self loathing psychobabble is laughable to anyone capable of thinking for themselves.

    • Are you now going to tell me about the “patriarchy”? Please, please use the word patriarchy next. I’ll die laughing.

    • its not me i loathe, its whites like you, who make us all look like inbred idiots. and i dont believe you can think for yourself at all, you are a part of the problem, and no longer worth my time, i made the mistake of attempting to reason with those who have no reason.

    • > its not me i loathe, its whites like you

      but continue about how racism is bad, SJW/Feminism good

    • Cris Levandoski im using “whites” to describe a group of people, thats not racism, racism is feeling a negitive way about a group due to their race, and CONTEXT is circumstance that is relevant. =) have a nice day sweetie

    • Just Look Whom the Kids have to Inspire to
      as Leaders Lawless Liars,Thieves and Murderers. and All
      under the Color of Law by the BAR Association with Impunity
      regardless of what is Good,Right,Just or Lawful. If Under
      the Color of Law had been Enforced as it Should
      have been from the Beginning We would not be in the Mess we
      are in today…………………..To save this Nation is
      to Enforce Justice Against those that Put themselves Above
      God,Law and Man that want to Take those Blessings From God
      away from the People and Make it Punishable By Imprisonment
      or Death those that Desire those
      Blessings of Life with a Value Above what Man would put
      upon it, Liberty to Our Own Volition and not to be
      controlled and dictated to. Freedom from Tyranny, Justice
      Over Lawlessness, and Salvation for Our Own Sins and the
      Sins of Wicked Man that put’s Wicked Thought into Action to
      Bring about the End of Our Day’s The Slaughter of the
      Innocent is a Feast fit for the Devil Himself. If a Man
      should Kill Another,Or a Group Kill’s Many with
      Selfish,Unjust and Unlawful Intentions it is still Murder.

      Do not separate text from historical background. If you do,
      you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution,
      which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of
      illegitimate government. – James Madison

      Resistance to tyranny is service to God. – James Madison

      Experience [has] shown that, even under the best forms [of
      government], those entrusted with power have, in time and
      by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny. – Thomas
      Jefferson 1779

    • I stop watering things that i dont want to grow.

  • Let’s put it like this: the Fact that all these years after the mans murder, he’s the only Black leader people compare in discussions of race and civil rights – PROVES we need more integration into HISTORY which hasn’t happened – hence why we still NEED Black History Month – (where all we do is discuss George Washington Carver (sugar coated version), Rosa Parks (parts omitted) and MLK Jr. “The peacekeeper” version.) But you want us to give up everything we built for ourselves after being left out in the cold – to do what? Wait for crumbs? Continue being left out?

    The “race” problem in America just like the sexist problem, both lay in the same arms. Stop trying to protect them! Let them carry that weight. Steady #stayingdumb Enough is enough!

  • What a luxury position. Pretty sure Tamir Rice would say we should dwell on race

  • Agreed

  • So what I gather from the comments sections is that many if not most of the followers of this page are not interested in truth, justice, nor unity. In fact these people are only interested in the politics of grievance and division. How sad.

  • I like that she points out a double standard that most won’t admit exists.

  • You are sick people comparing her to Dr. King. It is not the color of her skin but the content of your souls, of your character, that I am referring to. Also speaking for hers as well, understanding the simple Acton my seem great to you. But it does not amount to greatness. Not even a tiny bit.

  • Lets remove the emotion from the discussion. In the bigger picture she’s correct. How do we build the smaller pictures that create the bigger one is the question. But not the point of why I’m posting. Does it surprise that the media crucified her? What purpose would that serve? Political correctness? No, no, no. It pounds the wedge deeper between the races by churning emotion. It was intentionally done to keep the very thing that must occur. Unity. There are more similarities than differences. Now for the shallow end. She’s still on my tap if I could list.

  • I guess we should forget centuries of racial oppression but never forget 9-11 and our hatred of islam

  • She makes a great point, also, I think she is really good lookin.

  • And to caveat: I’m sick of this bs race riot talk! The fact is, even the LA riots couldn’t hold a CANDLE to the race riots of the late 18 early to mid-1900’s. You want to always say “it’s in the past.” But hello! That’s exactly what history is!! But do we learn about that? No, no we don’t. We get it in documentaries or “specials” or at “specific colleges.”

    So when some butt kisser in the media suggests riots, they should always be quick to tell the truth. They’re happy Black people DONT turn on White people the way they destroyed entire Black TOWNS and CITIES, businesses and homes. Get – off – of – my – newsfeed – with – this – garbage!

    No ones asking for a handout – they’re telling you to get-out-of-the-way and stop tripping them up!

    And PS – a handup after a trip or smack-down is NOT a hand-out. Ok pumpkin!?

  • MLK also said he believed he had integrated his people into a burning house.

  • As soon as there is no racism in America we will defiantly stop talking about race and racial issues. Till then I’m tired of whites getting roles that Native Americans, Blacks, and others can play just as well. The best way to fight it is for minorities to stop buying tickets and video’s of all white or mostly white movies. Money talks.

    • Then get more minorities to have acting skills worthy of being called back for castings.

  • Stop calling her Hollywood. Her 15 minutes of fame was up on 1998

  • I don’t disagree with what she said, i just think she’s pandering. It would be much easier to believe her if she: hadn’t starred on a show on a black network, graced the covers of all-black magazines like Jet and others or hosted a show on these same networks. Seems pretty hypocritical to say what she is saying now after working for money on what she says shouldn’t exist. Just my view.

  • Ignorant woman

  • “I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Council-er or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate who is more devoted to “order” than to justice” -MLK

    • Ahhh yes… The mysterious MLK quote that never seems to be brought up in these convos.. ??

    • As a white person it’s the only MLK quote I’m comfortable posting, I wish all my fellow white folks would stop pretending to know what his thoughts were without actually reading anything he wrote.

    • So what was it called in 1680 when they officially adopted “black” and “white” as races? See, you can’t just plop something onto a comment string and hope that it sticks. Start at the beginning and finish by saying something provocative that will get people thinking. To suggest “racist” didn’t exist in 1918 when they were burning down entire cities in the south and mid-west is a slap in the face of all who died because of racist, scared, evil men and women. At this point, it’s not ignorance, it’s lying to continue the cover-up.

    • A society is defined by the capacity of its members to distinguish one another from outsiders, race and culture has always been factors in this. Words are tools to capture meaning. What I am saying is the modern term ‘racist’ is nothing more than ad hominem. I’m not going to say one race is better than another but they are different This is the key to true diversity. If one race is purposefully bred out of existence it is genocide all the same. This is the goal if the elite, the Rothschild’s, and the globalist NWO. Total control of the human domain including eugenics. The history of humanity is one of constant conflict and competition for resources like land, food, water, and women. Every race has been subjugated but people like you, who can only see in terms of ‘black’ and ‘white’ because of cultural Marxist psychological conditioning, are being played by the NWO. They will manufacture a depression and by the end you will beg for Orwellian police state to save you. This is what they want. See, it’s not black vs. white its the elite vs the world. Always has been. There were many Irish slaves in the US that the socialist public schools wont tell you about. The first American slave revolt had Irish and Africans fighting side by side. After that they treated the Irish slaves slightly better and started telling them they were better than the blacks. Divide and Conquer.

  • “It is amazing that people can be chastised for echoing the same sentiments as Martin Luther King is so widely respected for”

    fucking clueless. do you even know who Martin Luther King is?

  • No she preaches internalized racism as a FOX contributor. Don’t you DARE compare her to Dr. King, who was assassinated by our racist government.

  • Can you imagine if whites or mexicans or asians complained about not being nominated for the image awards or BET awards

  • Divide and conquer is the objective. Mission accomplished because we are divided.

  • Yes, she’s right. I got her back.

  • I agree with stacey Dash

  • Stacy is a confused hypocritical liar. She clearly forgot from whence she came, who helped her get there and how handsomely she was paid. From the exclusion of blacks in media, magazines, award shows, and history books to her role on the Game, black magazine covers and being a NAACP presenter. Definitely clueless. And to blatantly lie knowing all to well the Image and BET awards have been given to other ethnicities is truly shameful.

  • The breaking down of humans into false categories of race was the establishment of racism…

  • Tell her to stop sounding like an idiot then.

  • I don’t care what race she is. She’s beautiful.

  • You know what folks, it’s not about your race. I know great people of all races (And bad ones too).. What it really boils down to is are you a person of good or are a person of bad? We are not going to change anything by only living in the past. Time to move forward and yes, learn from the mistakes so they are not repeated and don’t get caught up in the hype.

  • The first mistake you made was believing that MLK’s ideology was right. Just because it was widely accepted didn’t mean he got it right.

  • She’s hawt!

  • I knew Martin Luther King. Stacy Dash is no Martin Luther King no matter how you slice it.

  • LOL do you really think MLK would pretend that race isn’t a factor that affects black and brown people? White folks need to stop using MLK to silence black folks.

  • White guilt oozing in the comments section…the know it all social justice warriors are a dime a dozen tonight.

  • All the race baiting does is keep us divided. Good for her for speaking out

  • You wanna know why she got the backlash she did? She made those comments in response to Black actors boycotting the Oscars for completely disregarding them and their work. Then she has the nerve to say we should get rid of BET and all awards dedicated to people of color….so that we can be more inclusive? How about Hollywood and our school systems start first by not ignoring people of color, then I’d be happy to have that discussion. How about she pays back every dime she made from BET and then she can make that comment. How about she pays back the check they gave her to make those comments and then I won’t believe she’s completely disingenuous. Until those things happen the only people willing to celebrate us, will be us

  • She has a right to say what she thinks. A discussion should ensue, but these days it’s a little tense. There are good reasons for the tension and the anger—lots of horrible stuff is happening. But I like it when everybody gets to talk about stuff freely.

  • Really? She’s Martin Luther King’s Advocate…Voice & all the black people on the front lines crucifying her don’t know what they’re talking about? Oh, I see now.

  • I actually had someone call me a racist for actually quoting MLK.

  • shes right, and in the future we will see, majority isnt always right sometimes you have to stand alone and wait for’em to catch up..

  • poor naive stacey. doesn’t she know that hollywood is the capital of the liberal establishment? doesn’t she know that liberals are tolerant? doesn’t she know that liberals’ tolerance extends only to those who agree with them and sing from the playbook that has their imprimatur? well, like kaitlin jenner, she’ll learn.

  • She is just a dumb cunt

  • hmm…

  • I’v got to agree with this

  • I think she bleached her skin.

  • Stfu

  • When I see a caucasian use the term ‘colored’ it tells me that they’re either red necks who live in the woods out of touch from the world, or they’re klan affiliated. The topic at hand: Stacey doesn’t echo the same sentiments as MLK Jr. End of discussion.

  • We have to!
    To truly understand were it is we came from means everything that the truth represents!
    What has history marked us with!
    If not to follow along!
    We as mankind have advanced from bad to worse through our love of understanding the depths of what is good & bad!
    & we sure as hell didn’t come from apes!
    & there is a true God Almighty!
    Look at us! Look at them!
    Look at the!

  • i’m a racist.
    i like to be around my own race and believe my race is superior to others.
    what race u ask ?
    the human race off course …

  • God bless Stacey Dash O:)

  • It’s a shame the govt is so hell bent on dividing us all and making us enemies of ourselves and when we speak up against this, we are punished. I’d say thats working against what God would have wanted, don’t you agree?

  • She’s a sellout

  • We are already repeating history, with regards to racism and equality in what seems like an unfair system that works in favor for the privilege. The whole point is to learn from history and fight for the sake of change. She maybe tired of hearing it , but that just shows her ignorance and willingness to stay quiet and live life. It will only be a problem for her, when these problems start effecting her daily life. But to be fair she never really seemed to intellectual with the statement she made on fox , she was really just a pretty face and nothing more.

  • If you can’t see the problem with Stacey Dash’s comments, then you are a part of the problem. Period.

  • Why is it that statistics don’t mean a thing to morons on a mission?

  • I agree with her whole heartedly. I agree with Morgan Freeman and Ice Cube who says he makes movies for the fans not for academy. The only way to rid of us racial issues is to stop talking about all the time. Stacey Dash is correct in her assessment on BET or Black people meet. It does exclude any other race from being a part of it. She is correct when she stated that if there was a whites only channel or white people meet there would be a huge outcry of racism. To constantly bring up these issues certain people seem to like to bring themselves to forefront of race issues and bring focus onto themselves as front runners and spokes people for the rest of the world. How about we do try to move past these racially charged issues and try to live together as one race the Human Race

  • Was she speaking to the individuals that have the power to change this 600 yr. situation?

  • Face if everyone thought the way Morgan freeman did there wouldn’t be so called race issue

  • Have NEVER seen MORE BIRACIAL kids in my LIFE…

  • We have on average 75 years on this planet. Much less for many of us. Worrying about what other people think, say, or do is such a waste of valuable time. This issue will probably never be solved. Just live.

  • That is not what she said! Tell the truth The “RACIST” Free Thought Project!

    She basically sold herself out to white supremacy by basically stating we people of African descent should not even have our own awards, and a whole lot more coon BS.

  • Thats cause we are in a time where people want racism as an excuse for their shortcomings and want free shit wherever n however they can get it.
    We dont racism! Well tv and awards specifically for my color is ok for these excuses. I want reperations for my ancestors being slaves (nevermind everyones ancestors have been slaves and mine enslaved and sold each other!!)