Tarpon Springs, FL – A disturbing video posted on Facebook shows the final moments of 25-year-old Nicholas Provenza as he lay dying on the ground, while the cop who shot him paces around in seeming self-pity – and not one officer renders medical aid to Provenza.

The shooting happened Saturday at a charity car show, after someone told an off-duty officer about a man on a bicycle “acting suspiciously.” The responding officer, Scott Macisaac, said Provenza gave him a fake name when questioned, and claimed Provenza then charged him with a knife.

Family and friends of Provenza say he had no violent tendencies, and they find it hard to believe he would charge a cop with a knife. According to Rebecca Schnell, Provena’s fiancée, who shared the video:

MacIsaac reported Nicholas having a knife and ran at them with it yet the witnesses report no knife was ever witnessed. Witnesses also say that while he was on the ground MacIsaac kicked his hands to only find sunglasses.

As the video begins, a man presumed to be with law enforcement runs toward the camera, shouting, “Make way! Make way!”


The camera then zooms in toward Provenza, who is lying on the ground, moving feebly as the life leaves his body. Officer Macisaac is seen pacing around Provenza in a panic, shouting “Fuck!” as other officers arrive on scene.

Shockingly, no one even attempts to help Provenza who has just been shot three times and is clearly still alive. Instead, another officer appears to console Macisaac by patting him on the back. No less than four people, presumed to be affiliated with law enforcement, are standing near Provenza, completely ignoring the mortally injured man.

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A female officer attempts to tell people, “Put your phones away!” Fortunately, no one pays her any mind and the recording continues – a recording that shows the astonishing indifference cops can have after gunning someone down in cold blood.

This is hard for me to share because this is the last moments of my beautiful fiance and best friend’s last moment on earth after he was fatally murdered by Tarpon Springs Police Department. I’m sharing because this needs publicity. This stretches beyond my comfort and sensitivities or anyone else’s. This is graphic but this is very very real and this needs to be seen by the world so they can witness what happens to innocent civilians all over our nation and other nations relentlessly.

According to local Fox13, the Tarpon Springs police chief is angry that people are “speculating” on social media about what happened. Police Chief Robert Kochen said, “the weapon used by the subject was recovered and was entered into evidence as part of the investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.”

The question remains, why would someone described as having a “peaceful, beautiful” soul, who was riding his bike around at a car show, want to charge a cop with a knife? Will witnesses give the same account to investigators, that Provenza never charged the officer and there was no knife?

According to Schnell’s posting, another officer, Michael Trill, shouted: “he had a knife” loudly at some point during the incident. If the knife story is not corroborated by any witness, the question must be asked whether one or more officers attempted to cover up the truth and perhaps even plant the knife.

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While Officer Macisaac is on paid vacation, or administrative leave, a memorial is growing by the day for Provenza, with poems, pictures, and mementos. A “Peaceful Protest for Provenza” is planned for Saturday at the place where he was gunned down.

Rebecca Schnell can’t sit by and do nothing at the injustice. Trigger-happy cops, fearing for their lives at the mere hint of danger, can’t be allowed to continue murdering innocent people with no repercussions.

Schnell writes:

Sharing this for the people that want to deny the facts. Sharing this because this is the reality you live in. Police state is here and on the rise. Sharing this because this is undeniably murder. Sharing this because I’m lifting this veil and exposing this fascist, testosterone pumped autocratic brotherhood for what they are. Portrayed as our “protectors.” Sharing this because tyrants love to slay artists, visionaries, freespirits and activists. Sharing this because I’m dispersing the ignorance. Sharing this because this is a complete and utter VIOLATION of our 5th amendment rights. Sharing this because targeted individuals ARE A REALITY.

Justin Gardner is a peaceful free-thinker with a background in the biological sciences. He is interested in bringing rationality back into the national discourse, and independent journalism as a challenge to the status quo.

    Carrying a knife or other weapon to place on the victim is one of the oldest dirty cop tricks around. Very many police keep a confiscated weapon nearby for just this purpose. ALL killings by police should be required to go before the Grand Jury.I exploded this video to hundreds of magnification resolutions, I saw no knife.

    • Guy

      Me too !

    • IceTrey

      Grand juries are a farce. If the DA wants a no bill he’ll get it no matter the facts.

      • TOPDOG1

        Prosecutors as well as all lawyers are like sharks It only takes one pin prick on one of them to bloody the water.The feeding frenzy is quite impressive, The remaining sharks will not leave a trace. They sit unscathed because no one has challenged them.

    • tufflove

      and we need to make sure that their are no plants on the jury something that the mob was known to do

      • TOPDOG1

        These police tricks were made publicly known during the gangster era.The gangster era is now long gone but the dirty tricks still remain.Ultimately the police era will be long gone as well.

        • Mod8guy

          Only now, written law as well as litigation is so convoluted, the case goes to the best story teller.

          • TOPDOG1

            Yes ! They should give out ‘Oscars’ to the prosecutors who tell the best lies.

  • Damiana

    I’m inclined to believe the guy was carrying nothing but sunglasses and whatever “weapon” the cops have in evidence was planted after the fact. Hell, I’m not 100% sure they’re not lying about someone reporting a “suspicious person” to an off-duty cop. Has this person come forward, or do they seem to be made of pure imagination?

  • Guy

    Wagons are being circled, while stories are being rehearsed and checked for accuracy. The Chief will soon give his statements to the media, while tossing in words like, Community, Trust, Justification Of Fear, Clarity Openness, Investigation And Administrative Leave. Weapons will be produced for public consumption and curiosity, to prove even more justification of fear !

    And in the end ? A Bulldogged, Dark Glasses, Skin-Headed K-9 Attack Dog Bully White Cop, (you know the type I’am talking about) Will get away with the killing of a White Man this time ! Who was on his bike, with his sunglasses in his hand, approaching a God Fearing For His Life Cop !

    Or maybe not !

  • Mor Rahl

    when is the protest?

    • Scott Tactical

      Yeah… white people are easily disposed of.

      • Guy

        Let’s face it Scott, that people are basically garbage, with plenty more coming to replace thouse that get in the way of cops doing there jobs.

        • Scott Tactical

          Cops doing their job?! Are you saying what I think you are saying. Taking out the trash?

          These are human beings, Guy. HUMAN FREAKING BEINGS. What if that was your brother laying there. because he happened to stumble upon something he shouldn’t.

          It is not just an administrative imperative “job” to murder people. This country has lost its way.

          • Guy

            Depends on your perspective dosen’t it ? If you’re a tax collector, you view folks as a means to an end. If you’re a cop, same thing, a means to the end of either compliance, arrest or fear, that is the ruler, but either way, they will be the winner and us the loosers if entrapped into their system. Not always, but most times.

            Justice is suppose to be a Blind Lady With Scales. But in actuality, it is designed to cost us Money & Time. With the penalty of Money, through fines, loss of Time through imprisonment, or our Lifes. I figured that out a long time ago, and understand it well.

            As the result. Is my remark about people being garbage, and easily replaceable. Not that, that is me ! It is the reality, and what is passed off as American Justice for us, that is the causality of it’s effects that rules us ! Dosen’t mean I have to like it, I don’t, but I do understand it, is all.

    • Guy

      Don’t hold your breath, there won’t be one !

  • Gordon Klock

    Were the cops so ‘afraid of him’ that they couldn’t even render any aid, as he lay there needlessly bleeding out, & suffering ? He was described by those who knew him, as a “peaceful, beautiful soul”, witnessneses all say they saw no knife, the only people who (loudly) claim to have seen one, are all cops, & the police chief is angry at people “speculating” about this, on social media…..
    & just walking down the street, thinking to yourself, can easily be construed as “acting suspiciously”…

  • IceTrey

    Damn that’s cold blooded not to give first aid.

    • Scott Tactical

      Even on the battlefield we are more generous. And these are citizens. We are supposed to give aid to the enemy once neutralized.


      • Mod8guy

        They were simply providing security for the officers and the man dying. It’s to protect the integrity of the crime scene.


  • Abz B Zbas

    Couple of things here: 1) The raffle continues after a man is shot and laying in the street. 2) The cop yells “Fuck!”. Why? Did he just realize he fucked up? 3) The female cop wants people to put their phones away. Why? Does she think she is above the law?

    • billdeserthills

      All law enforcement already know they are above the law–You know that

    • Mod8guy

      All the above. However, the internal investigation will show that “Ohh fuck” is a symptom of a combat engagement and does not prove guilt. They get to clear themselves via investigating themselves.

  • Jeff Pearce Sr.

    This will not stop as long as the govt trains these thugs to be murderers. If it’s so scary out there, why aren’t all of us killing people that we imagine or not to be violent? Seems cops with guns are being charged after by violent people? No. That’s a lie the state will gladly cover their protectors. The state has a innate fear of “the people.” It must be their conscious. An individual that willingly accepts these terms for being the states enforcement arm are still just as guilty.

    • Scott Tactical

      This is something people don’t realize. The city mandates these guys to take this kind of action. I know city counsel officers. Pretty much every single one of them has small town power-trip mentality. They want to crush anything that might drive down the property value and they will squeeze it until blood runs. The cops are selected for their ability to follow this line.

      • Guy

        You are very close to the actual truth. Just that you don’t realize it maybe yet, is the problem.
        Crushing* Is not exactly true, if they did that,where would be the merchants and who would live in all thouse house they have allowed and encouraged to be built, and so the merchants are supported, that brings in the tax revenue, that builds and perpetuates the entire system ? Giving them justification to their existence !

        Getting warmer Scott !

        • Scott Tactical

          I grew up with the son of a counsel member (who is probably going to be mayor soon). I get all the politics. I’m not friends with that son anymore because he turned into a monster. And guess what. He’s a sheriff deputy – to be main dog soon. It is one of those ultra clean kind of towns that are home to the great white flight.

          I get all this stuff already. These guys reflect the types of citizens who elect them. Which is why those citizens just hang around watching people die. It’s systemic.

          • Guy

            Exactly ! Scary shit, isn’t it ! With the problem being that the ones who end up replacing them, usually ending up as exactly as the ones they replaced in the first place ! It’s enough to make you talk to yourself. Or you can be like my son and move to Alaska, saying fuck it ! If it was 30 years ago, I would be gone too, but to late now, not seeing it for what it was then, as I was part of it, and in knee deep to not care or realize it then, enough to even do so. So what’s you doing about it ?

  • Robyn Ryan

    Cut off Homeland Security ties to local cops. DHS is the gestapo.

  • Starr Quirt

    When I view the video I see a cop who is thinking “what did I just do?” Thus his cursing. It’s probably the first time he took a life and the reality was overwhelming. The poor victim is so pale from bleeding inside he probably could not have been saved. But the time it takes a person to die like this seems like an eternity in person. I’d like to see the truth of this man’s death exposed in mainstream media but doubt that will ever happen.

    • Guy

      So far not a word said or mentioned of, on any Alphabet News Station, except for maybe local.

      • Starr Quirt

        Pathetic. I’m sharing this around. Sick of lives being disposable.

  • Scott Tactical

    WTF is wrong with Florida.
    My roommate was working at a farm and one of the coworkers were shot by the cops. They waiting 45 minutes before they would let the medics treat him so that he would bleed out and die. His brother was held back and had to watch the whole thing.

    murder IMO. Plain and simple.
    but… thin blue line… keeps them out of jail.

  • Logan James Miller

    Well, to shed some light on this, I was there. My friend and I had headed up to Tarpon Springs for the afternoon to check out the yearly car show that raises funds for breast cancer. We started at the west end and were working our way east when we saw the “victim” sloppily riding his bike through a crowd yelling at people. We also saw the cop walking the opposite direction on the sidewalk. As we approached the main intersection, we saw the guy on the bike stopped by an event organizer.  By the time we made it through the intersection the cop had walked over to see what was going on. Now my main regret here is we were walking away from the intersection when I heard the 3 shots. I turned around, the cop was about 15 steps back from where he had been with the man in front of him. While I didn’t see it, I can tell the man definitely took steps towards the direction of the cop for what thats worth. I saw the man fall to the ground, and writhe there while he died. We opened the barricades on the east end to let law enforcement and paramedics in. The man had 3 bullets put into him at close range. The rapid nature of his death is enough evidence that nothing could be done.

    Now my issues with the article (all journalism is ultimately biased but I find this particularly ironic from someone who claims to “think freely”) is that you neglected to mention the man had some serious mental health issues. He had been bakeracted over 20 times. He had an arrest history. The consensus of people that were actually there was that it was suicide by cop and I haven’t seen any hard evidence to the contrary. This country has major problems with victim blaming and police violence/brutality but this particular occasion is not part of it.

    • billdeserthills

      Still isn’t ok by me for anyone to be killed without even a weapon in his hand. Why did We buy cops all these tasers? Was it really so they could use them to torture us? Other countries find a way for their police to keep order without butchering the citizenry and the US should also

      • Logan James Miller

        Thats where I’m not sure what I believe about the weapon thing because that day I talked to multiple bystanders that claimed to have seen it said and he did have a knife.

        • billdeserthills

          Last I heard, a taser works fine even if it is used on a knife wielding attacker–America’s largest gang needs to be retired, it’s cheaper in lives saved and the amount of money spent, for us to simply deal with the criminals ourselves

        • Angela

          You’re the 1st and only witness stating anything at all. No witnesses have come forward stating they seen a knife, or even they thought his sunglasses may have been a weapon. If he did have an arrest history or if he did have any mental issues, it doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean he “may have” charged the officer. ?The officer could have told him to “come here”, that being the reason you say he was closer than where you last seen him & the officer could have “assumed” the sunglasses was a weapon.? It doesn’t prove the cop had any right to shoot him, then let him lay there and twitch for minutes as he’s dying, with no help at all. Those minutes could have saved his life. Where is the witness that caused the victim to become a subject? Where are all these witnesses you speak of that say they “saw a knife”?? Why aren’t any of these so called witnesses coming forward? This was at an event and the only thing witnesses are stating is there was no knife. Ponder on that for a while.

  • crazytrain2

    It is crazy land in here. Yep, all cops carry around drop weapons at all times, just so they can plant a knife on a guy in front of hundreds of witnesses. Do you even believe the garbage you are spewing?

    As for not rendering aid, that is unacceptable to me. There is no way I could shoot someone and then not render any aid. It’s unconscionable to me. I have limited medical training, but Damn if I don’t try and plug some wounds to try and keep the guy calm and alive.

  • algorn deanza

    My heart goes out to the Officer. That is the reaction of a loving man, upset at the situation he was put it. Thank you for your service and keeping everyone safe. God bless you and the poor man that caused this.