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Horrifying Video Shows Cops Sic K-9 on Infant Daughter of a Man they Mistook for a Suspect

Henderson, NV — On January 30, 2015, a health food store in Henderson called the police after a disgruntled customer, attempting to return some protein powder, allegedly threatened to rob them. The store described the suspect to police as a black male wearing a black and tan t-shirt who left in an SUV.

As police responded to the call, they quickly stopped the first person they saw, who happened to be Arturo Arenas-Alvarez. Arenas-Alvarez had just pulled up in the shopping center to do some shopping when police drew their weapons and demanded he put his hands in the air and step toward them.

Arenas-Alvarez did not appear to understand why multiple armed men were pointing their guns at him, so one officer asked him in Spanish to approach the vehicle.

Before Arenas-Alvarez makes it all the way to the vehicle, officers realized they had the wrong guy.

“That’s not him, dude. That’s not a black man in a black shirt,” one officer said to another.

However, they continued the detainment.

Officers begin to assure Arenas-Alvarez that he will be fine. “They thought that you were involved in a robbery. You don’t look like the person, so it’s OK now, OK?” one officer said. However, nothing could have been further from the truth.

As officers were telling Arenas-Alvarez that he’ll be okay, Sgt. James Mitchell can be heard on the radio telling the officers, “Stand by a couple of minutes. K9-1 is about two minutes out.”

During the display of gross incompetence of mistaking Arenas-Alvarez for a black man in a black shirt, Arenas-Alvarez’s 17-month-old daughter, Ayleen was strapped into her car seat in the SUV.

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Before Arenas-Alvarez could communicate to the officers that his infant daughter was in the car, the “two minutes” had passed and Sgt. Mitchell arrived with his Belgian Malinois. Almost as soon as he exited the vehicle, Mithcell released the K-9 into the SUV of an entirely innocent man and his daughter.

“My baby,” Arturo Arenas-Alvarez can be heard pleading with officers in broken English. “I’ve got my baby.”

An officer then yelled out, “There’s an infant in that car! There’s an infant in that car!”

But it was too late. By the time the cops realized that their immediate escalation to violence was unnecessary – the damage had been done.

Ayleen’s blood curdling and heart-wrenching screams of agony can be heard on the dashcam. The 4-year-old dog, Doerak, was ripping into the baby’s flesh. By the time the dog let go of the infant, her right arm had been mauled. She was left with nine puncture wounds and abrasions.

After the incident was over, Mitchell can be heard blaming his fellow officers for releasing the dog.

“God damn, guys, you gotta f**king tell me!” he yelled. But Mitchell didn’t give the other officers any time to tell him before letting loose the dog.

“The last forearm, the guy didn’t have anything left but bone,” Mitchell can be heard telling other officers in an apparent attempt to downplay the severity of what he just did.

On the dashcam one officer can be heard saying that their response to this incident of mistaking a man and his daughter for a completely different looking man was “solid” and it could’ve been much worse.

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“All that happened was totally solid. Just a sh*tty set of circumstances that all rolled into — what could’ve been much worse. So just get that whole timeline out there,” the officer said.

After the incident, Mitchell and Doerak were taken off the street as a routine practice, similar to that of officer-involved shootings. However, since then, Doerak and Mitchell have been released back to regular duty.

For the purposeful mauling of their infant daughter, the city of Henderson agreed to pay the family a whopping $13,000 to settle their claim. But the family is unable to get the $8,537.69 (amount after legal fees) without a court order.

Below is the horrifying video of the incident which illustrates the sheer violent and unaccountable nature of police in the US.

WARNING: Video is disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

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    • The Free Thought Project.com I lke what you are doing by raising awarness. SInce you FB site is a good platform, perhaps we could take this a step further and post the police department phone numbers, as well as the names of the officers involved. That way we can all call and let them know we do not approve of what they are doing. Another step in holing them accountable.

    • Here is the sgts home address
      1473 Evening Song Ave
      Henderson, NV 89012-4467

    • Bahahaha. Thank you Eric!!!

  • And if one of their dogs is killed, the killer is charged with capital murder because the dog counts as a police officer.
    Unless, of course, the killer is the dog’s handler. Then? Crickets….
    Killing doesn’t count as killing if a cop is the killer. Then it becomes merely an object lesson.
    “Whatever a cop does is legal and right. Cower before us.”

    • Where is that true?

    • Ryan Davis Seriously?
      google “cops who have killed their canines.
      Google “people charged with murder for killing police k-9s.
      Get back to me.

  • This is horrible, I’m so sick of this. People need to stand up and make a change. Police are just turning into another form of SS soldiers.
    I don’t care what would have happen, but if that was me. That dog and monster… I would have killed them.

  • Well the K-9 shouldn’t be held accountable for obeying the commands of its handler. The cop should definitely be held responsible!

    • Not the same thing. The dog doesn’t know the difference of right and wrong in the general public’s eyes. It only knows right or wrong on how it was trained. For example, a K-9 (hypothetically) could be trained to shit in the living room in front of the TV. That’s where it was trained to go. Do i think that it’s right? No…but that’s where that shock collar trained him from puppy stage that that is where he has to go, or suffer consequences.

    • He should be fired for not first accessing the situation.

    • I agree with Donna!…

    • A k-9 doesn’t just attack a random person without the command…do your research Donna & Cary. It is very rare. So, using that thought process should we apply that to everything else in life? Think before you answer. And i know several K-9 breeders that also train their dogs for the police and military. KILL ALL THE DOGS!!!! BECAUSE THEY ACT ON THEIR OWN ACCORD DESPITE THEIR EXTENSIVE TRAINING FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS! Talk to me when you’ve done proper research, and not what the media wants you to believe.

    • You’re are speaking about an animal vs a human. And who knows more of the difference of right and wrong. Animals don’t have the reasoning skills that humans do. They want to please their “masters” whereas humans will act of their own selfish accord.

    • for the record i don’t think the dog should be put down. the cop should be

    • Todd Patterson – as i stated before…i agree. Everyone is so quick to say “Kill the dog!” The dog didn’t do anything wrong. So…kill the dog, and another one will do it if it’s told to do so by its handler. It’s the handler, or in this case, the officer who needs to be held accountable. 🙂

    • Jessica Andrews-Nowling While it’s not the dog’s fault, if you train a dog to attack a non-threatening person on command you are, in my book, committing animal abuse.

  • Cops are out of control in this country,prosucuters and courts are in bed,the police unions are corrupt and until we start to take matters into our own hands we will never be free.

  • :X

  • Disgusting pigs .
    Why ?

  • Welp, I’m going to go throw up.

  • The pigs are lucky blacklivesmatter hijacked the anti police brutality movement because if it wasn’t made into a black thing there would be a thousand times more people hitting the streets.

    • I wish you weren’t 100% correct

    • Can you explain this please?

    • Well. Just like when the occupy homes movement got started it had alot of momentum, then thy went overboard on playing the race card and lost most of thier support and potential to grow. I know this for a fact because my wife and I were at the planning meeting when they were advised not to go down that road. 6 months after that the moment was pretty much finished. The white homeowners who were having THIER homes stolen by the banks felt brushed aside and sick and tired of only hearing about how banks targeted minorities. The majority of the moment was through donations and service work of mostly whites. The banks don’t care what color you are and the cops don’t either.. There are more white peolpe killed by cops then blacks. Just saying if people could just be people, then we couldn’t be devided and conquered. Right or wrong, that’s just the facts…..

    • Where did you get that figure?


    • Frank Clark isn’t lying, in a country that is majority white, although black deaths are disproportionate to their representation in our society, there are more white people and more white deaths at the hands of cops. Race sells so its prominent, the spin cycle, the nonsense you hear on tv, hear on the radio etc… is mostly lies and used to either put you to sleep or make you afraid. Those stats are dead on.

    • Isn’t that the point of these hijacked movements? Discredit the real issues of the ever growing police state and replace it with goofy mantras & demands to create more divided and easily conquered subjects that will beg for big brother’s help.

    • Frank Clark I totally thought you were going to be an ass when you replied, I appreciate the explanation. I know very little about the occupy homes movement so I can’t comment. I will research it though. I get what you are saying however I can say for absolute certain that BLM does protest white deaths at the hands of police. They are just as active on twitter Facebook etc when a white, hispanic, native, Trans etc person dies at the hands of the police. Manish R. Patel is also correct in the disproportionate numbers of black lives lost compared to their population. I wish people didn’t feel disenfranchised from the movement.

    • Name a few please. Better yet, show me. But I have noticed if anybody tries to say alllivesmatter they get called racist and white privelages and other names…

    • His address1473 Evening Song Ave
      Henderson, NV 89012-4467

    • Blacklivesmatter is a pile of steaming shit !!!
      Every morning i turn on the news and see blacks killing blacks but these punks don’t care unless there’s a racist angle they can exploit.

  • Fucking Nazis! The cops admit he’s not the person they’re looking for, but they send the dog regardless.

  • Scum of the earth gravitate to positions of power

  • Melissa Opsahl

  • OMG This is horrible. They are the most incompetent cops I’ve ever seen in my life. Errors after Errors. They shall go in jail. They will take care of them over there.

    • unfortunately, they won’t go to jail, Genevieve. They’ll be released to go back out on the streets and maim and maul other people for the aggrandizement of their power.

    • It’s so sick

    • It’s so sick

    • Am from Canada so our cops are a little bit more under control… Well I hope

  • I would have killed the dog simple as that

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  • incompotent assholes

  • Horrible–beginning to end.

  • Yet another falsely advertised “shocking”: video. Tata, TFTP.

    • You aren’t shocked by what happened, or you wanted to see the blood of an infant?

    • If the screams of a baby are not shocking enough you are a sick bastard!!!!

    • I just didn’t see it. I am not upset that I didn’t; by no means. My feed was loaded with adverts and warnings followed followed by a 25 second fuzzed out silent blurb.

    • we all clicked on it to watch it…

    • you fellow sick bastard, Angel Williams.

  • Dont blame the dogs! The ignorant police men are the guilty part!

    • It still attacked a toddler. Without even being told to. Does your dog attack toodlers? None of the dogs my kids and I have been around do.

    • I agree with Sarah,.. Those dogs can be trained NOT to do that shit!…

  • This brought tears to my eyes. So sad and uncalled for.

  • Travis Rager

  • Dumbasses

  • This is not unfortunate circumstances. This is pure negligence and incompetence. Cop gets a paid vacation .Then they buy their way out with a thirteen k settlement.? Scum sucking lawyers skim a third off the top. No discipline of the police then they are returned to duty. It wasn’t the dogs fault , it was the P I G S fault.

    • The child is probably traumatized and they should sue the shit out of them.

    • Unfortunately I believe if they take the original settlement it’s probably a done deal.

    • Harry’s right!…

  • They should have sued for millions. This stuff will never end until it becomes punitively costly for all involved. Until then, it will continue to get worse.

    • Cops don’t care they are sued because it’s the taxpayer that pays until people can sue them directly nothing will change

    • Acting ultra vires *could* make them personally liable. Once they realized they had the wrong person, they had no right to enter his car without permission.

  • Don’t blame the dog, its conditioned to respond in a manner suitable to its pack leader. Policing in America is the army of the elite, the sooner people start to see that, the sooner people will stand up and say, NO. The rich control most of what we see as America and its economy, the flow of money. The rich control corporations who lobby in Washington DC and ensure politicians get campaign funds and other legal bribes which they then shape their agenda to and use as their framework for what bills they participate and vote in. That same agenda ends up helping enact laws but also helps set precedence at the systematic level with judges who are defacto politicians anyway and then makes its way down to the street. ‘The judge will never go for that’, or, ‘I know a judge who hates this, he’ll help us’. If you still think America is the flag they fly, you’re lost to the spin cycle.

    • Those dogs can be trained NOT to do that shit!…

    • Not effectively unfortunately as they’re not as complex thinkers as we are, therefore they require conditioning more than mental nourishment.

    • I agree, but since it hasn’t been done it should be put down. If one of our dogs did that to a child it would be. It is very sad

    • Oh i agree, but the police protect their own in more ways than just on the job, all these grand jury’s etc… are made up of cops, so nothing ever happens. If people don’t stand up and do something about it, its a system built to protect itself, its never gonna change!

  • If that were my baby that cop would never be able to sic another dog on anybody else EVER AGAIN! Omg

  • Western civilization and their cohorts are completely run by Luciferians who worship dark energy and are explicitly involved in the encouragement of summoning dark energy through the Ritualistic abuse of people. This includes gang raping children, sacrificing babies, small children and adults etc, all of these activities are their way of feeling an exhilaration on a spiritual level. They experience a feeling of exhilaration by conducting very evil acts upon innocence. These were ancient practices that have been kept hidden as the average human would automatically reject it as most of us are naturally inclined to be good.

    This behavior has to be indoctrinated into the human, it is entirely unnatural. This goes all the way back to the philosophies of Lucifer or Satan who is the negative dark energy that creates lifeless zones in the creation, this energy directly challenges God by deliberately bringing suffering into his creation. The Leaders of western civilization embrace this as their religious spirituality that at this point in time is a requirement to join the ranks of the upper upper class. ALL people of political influence in the west are members of these secret societies and only when they threaten to leave do they then get threatened to be exposed as a pedophile etc. They ALL are in on it. The ENTIRE HEAD of western civilization is SICK AS SICK can be…

    This was why the prophets warned us that when Jesus is revealed the Devil will know he is caught out and it is at the height of his power so he is FURIOUS and it is a very scary moment in human history due to the strength of his system that is starting to fall apart right in front of him. In fact we are informed that under this situation with the Devil so powerful and the fact that his system is now in a state of total collapse because of the Revelation of Jesus Christ and the truth, which the Devil is desperately trying to hide.. many people are getting captured and killed as they scramble to survive the second coming of Jesus Christ…BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO ENDURE UNTIL THE END!

    William Malcolm Poth

  • it seems that they are our masters and we are merely subjects…they can kill the living shit out of us…but if one of us kills one the them then we are very likely to get the death penalty…..

  • There is no limit. Bullies rule the schoolyard. Do something, America.

  • Why are you hiding the identity of that pig. He needs to be made infamous.

  • you have got to be fxxing kidding me!

  • The situation was completely under control of the cops on the scene, as incompetent as they were, when this ultraviolent thug, hired by NVPD for exactly that trait, arrived and without warning or cause escalated it in an attempt to murder a toddler using a vicious deadly animal as his weapon of choice.
    Any person that disagrees that this is what happened needs to be fed to that dog.

    • That was an infant, not a toddler!.. Making it even more appalling!…

    • I don’t see how it could be more appalling. it was a child in a car seat.
      But, toddlers are usually learning to walk. At 17 months I’d expect that child to qualify.

    • The dog doesn’t know. It does its job. I get the accountability of cops but let’s not go so far that we end up calling dogs racists and shit. Geez. That’s a good dog any way you slice it. Sorry but true.

    • Then feed that cop to the dog.

    • Jeremiah Chrome good dogs don’t attack children… Should be put down…

    • Im sure the dog would mau down and then sit and wagg its tail.

    • Jeremiah Chrome That is an animal that has been trained to attack and maul humans. If you think it can be trusted around people you’re a perfect tool for the authoritarians..
      Why do you think dogs that attack people are destroyed in almost every instance, with the exception of the vicious animals approved by the police state?
      it’s because it’s well known they cannot be trusted to not repeat the same actions.

  • The Best Documentary on Police Brutality out! https://vimeo.com/ondemand/36600

  • This pisses me off!.. I shared it as well!…

  • All these MF should be fired now!

  • The K9, and the other officer assumed the guy was hiding another person in the car. They did not get a Spanish speaking office to the scene to COMMUNICATE with the guy before releasing the dog and doing a take down on the suv. Hey fuckheads, you want follow protocol FOR ONCE?!?!?!?!…. do they even teach these guy common cents anymore, or just enforce, detain, escalate, and harm??? Good fucking god.

    • I agree with you, except the stupid fkn cops didn’t even listen. The guy says in English “my baby is in the car” at least twice, and then they let the dog go!! What the actual fuck? Sick sick sick…

  • Soniia Rodriguez look at this shit. So fucked up

  • Shoot the Dog, Fire every office on scene involved and sue the hell out of the municipality.

  • The Dog should be put down and the trainer be RETRAINED.

  • Idiots!!!!! Government is inept at all levels.

  • How would the dog be responsible??????

  • Animals should NEVER be trained to attack people.

  • Payback has always been at LEAST x 10

  • The cops are digging their own graves; when the shit hits the fan they are going to be the first to be screwed.

  • It’s not the dogs fault, they were trained to attack when commanded. That’s like blaming the gun when a cop shoots an innocent.

    • Sorry but the dog needs put down for attacking a child. It may be they were poorly trained but they can’t be attacking kids that aren’t suspects

  • What’s sad is people will ignore this because they support police blindly. They don’t understand the new policy’s there given and the force they are ok to use. Which is not right. I John tax payer. Want justice and police accountability. That’s not too much to ask for right. I do pay their pay checks

  • That poor child!!!

  • Did anyone else hear someone saying, “Yeah, good, I’m glad he didn’t hurt her”? I call bullshit on this article.

  • Cops always make mistakes, they always jump the gun. The situation looks like it’s under control I don’t understand why the cop let go of the dog I don’t even see no guns drawn, really!!!


  • Police do two things, enforcement of revenue enhancing laws and report your death.

  • “Not even the dog” ..? C’mon man. It’s a fucking working dog. It goes on command. If I hit someone driving drunk, my car doesn’t catch charges too.

  • No human rights in the USA. Especially for babies. Chop up their genitals and maul them with dogs.

  • They need a better lawyer! 13K is ridiculous! Wrongfully detained and attacked. That dog should be put down. NO child should ever be harmed like that. They aren’t a suspect.

  • Peggy Daugherty Nina Gonzales Kandy Gomez

  • Hope they cant live with themselves,

  • This is the worst of the worse. Scumbag cops.

  • We watch this carnage unfold from here in the Netherlands utterly unable to understand why your cops have immunity from the laws that govern citizens, there is no such protection for cops here.

    • Well ever since 9/11 and the “patriot” act we have been fear mongers preaching that giving up rights will make us safe. This has grown rise to a gestapo like regiem aiming for total relinquishment of common sense, which has allowed for these police to literally get away with murder. Hopefully the proliferation of cell phone cameras will divert this terrible direction America has taken.

    • I wish American policing would take a clue from countries such as yours. Consider yourself lucky.

    • Jascha Lindesmith oh I think americans have been the victims of fear mongering since first setting foot on that continent. fear of the native, fear of the Chinamen who did so much to build your railroads, fear of the Irish, fear of the Italian, the Nazi, the Jap, the commy, the atheist and now muslims. Fear is part of your nations DNA. As to cell phone cameras I am expecting to see the next right wing-nut US government “protect police officers” by making it a felony to record cops under any circumstances, a typical US length prison term of thirty years to back it up.

    • The issue of filming police and any other public officials has been heard in our state supreme courts. We have the right to film even if the police lie and say we cant. If you check out copblock.org you can see this demonstrated.

      And I agree with your earlir statement that is practically in our dna. Its en grained in us starting in kindergarten. Our history books have been edited and revised in favour of the elites that really control our government. Its a sad situation and will require the uprising of the youth in total rebellion.

  • Poor baby the screams are horrible =[

  • Understand their stress.

  • FTP

    they are so CARELESS!! this is why they hurt Innocents, they just Don’t give a Shit!!

  • ohmygod…this is disgusting…how can they get away with this?? BTW I’d hardly call $13,000 a ‘whopping amount’ for what happened to this baby girl, $13,000,000 would be ‘whopping’ in my opinion..


  • It’s a shame that they got these dogs so programmed to attack that they can’t even tell the difference between a real threat and a baby.

  • A BABY was just attacked as HER INNOCENT father was detained for NO REASON – and all the city of Henderson offered was $13k?!!! And the stupid fucks get to go back to work?!!!! After admitting they made a mistake. I am so sick of these fucks – killing mauling and violating the rights of so many Americans. They are NOT judge and jury – their job is to detain suspects and bring them in to be tried in a court and by a jury of their peers. Its SO fucking simple and yet these kind of pigs feel they should deliver death sentences as they wish. #heartbreaking

  • are all american cops on crack or just totally fucked up. Seems that all we hear ever day now is some cop hurting someone they shouldn’t have. They need to be retrained on how to control their anger.

  • This is so wrong!

  • What exactly is the purpose of that dog? To rip to shreds anything not in a uniform? It attacked a baby in a flippin’ car seat that poses zero threat to anyone. There can be no reason for such an animal to be in the employ of a PD.

  • What is happening with the police in this country?

  • We need to assemble in the masses and fight back bearing arms. Time to take back our country from tyranny

  • Have watched this once nice nation turn into a wild savage animal.. Not that it was ever nice, but all this is terrible .You and we ,,not all, will know how the poor indian felt long ago.. Karma is hard on exscape.

  • That stupid K9 cop should be drawn and quartered.

  • Scummiest of the scum… I can’t believe this is okay with them…. I hope their rotten souls never find peace

  • Does anyone think that the UN world police that will be replacing these paid off cops to create chaos will be any less violent & understanding?

  • Well the DOG isn’t RESPONSIBLE. you damn fool. It’s the handler who’s responsible.

  • If i see these cops imma tie them.up and let my dog get at them. Fuckin pussy pigs. You deserve to be locked up without pc. So the inmates can have a field day with your ass. Two things they hate cops. And people who hurt children. Fuck you.

  • Cops are just out of control and it’s about time people make them stop

  • Stupid imbecilic apes.

  • Christi Thompson

  • These so called police officers are sub humans with no code and certainly no honor.
    May all those cretins involved in this travesty, Burn in Hell

  • The beginning of the story, “Henderson, NV — On January 30, 2015” Tomorrow? Really?

  • Also have them pay the little girls medical bills it is only right.

  • This can no longer be tolerated…it needs to stop..
    Cops out of control….
    Get someone to make a TV series out of this nonsense. ..
    Then maybe the problem will be corrected…

  • abolition

  • “For the purposeful mauling of their infant daughter, the city of Henderson agreed to pay the family a whopping $13,000 to settle their claim. But the family is unable to get the $8,537.69 (amount after legal fees) without a court order.”

    Straight Up BULLSHIT, the family still lose on their case.

  • Fucking idiots

  • What a bunch of incompetent idiots!

  • There’s a name for what those douchebag cops did to that innocent infant. Its called TERRORISM.

  • Disturbing.

  • Sick world

  • I found the concept too much to even watch. What is wrong with these cops.

  • Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! You fuckers would have ended up shooting me if that was my daughter! Your procedures are pathetic! You guys keep making the American Police force look like the Gestapo. Time to rewrite your procedure manual because you’re starting to piss off people like me. People who respect the law and law enforcement. You’re cutting your own necks.

  • Tastes like chicken ?

  • MK Ultra at its finest

  • Fucking Idiots with badges. I will Never step foot in the U.S.A as long as the cops are this stupid.

  • they knew he wasn’t the suspect from the get go, as you heard em say the suspect was black, so why did he let the dog go? if they only follow orders when was the order given? this was discriminately on purpose. their ignorance will backfire one day. until then lets exploit the S*&^ out of this injustice system. prayers for the child.

  • This is disgraceful incompetence in so many ways. That poor family.

  • $8,537.69 LOUSY DOLLARS for the child’s injuries, trauma, horror, pain and suffering she might have to endure the rest of her life! Where are the so-called HISPANIC organizations, since this man obviously cannot defend himself due to his lack of English, perhaps? I WOULD BE IN PRISON FOR KILLING THESE ANIMALS, if it was my child! Must we now start a BROWN LIVES MATTER movement? I am sorry, but this angers me to no end. To hear the child’s agonizing screams has me in agony!!

  • Maybe the feds should look into this one.

  • Why did they even release the dog.

  • Dog needs to be taken out of duty. Any police officer or service dog that attacks an infant should not be in the field EVER again.

  • Heres his address since hes taken his picture off of all socual media1473 Evening Song Ave
    Henderson, NV 89012-4467

  • I know revenge is not always the best thing but it would take everything those faggot pig had to hold me back

  • James S Mitchell 1473 Evening Song Ave
    Henderson, NV 89012-4467

  • Sooooo police dogs are not trained to not eat children? So much wrong with this.

  • this makes me want to break things.

  • shoot to kill

  • So… What the Fuck are you waiting for? Eye for an eye. Do something.

  • Dogs arent the bad guys here

  • Shit happens

  • sounds to me like manslaughter – or baby, I should say.

  • Wow, first off when does a disgruntled customer warrant a felony stop? Why did this just come out it happens in January and why was the settlement so small. Hispanic lives matter too.

  • This is the tyranny we face everyday. My prayers go out to that family. And 13,000$ really. That should be a million dollar “mistake”. Those pigs are lucky this guy didn’t go ballistic. Ill be sure to cross Henderson NV off my bucket list.

  • holly fuck , this fucking ridiculous , thanks to the internet for showing the world what’s become normal in the ” LAND OF THE FREE “

  • A police dog can attack a innocent child and get no punishment or the officer who turned him loose but if you attack a police dog you will be arrested and sentenced then punished where in that is justice once again the police have no accountability nothing they say can prove otherwise

  • Why did they let the Dog loose after they knew he wasn’t the suspect they were looking for

  • I don’t get it… Do these people even have brains… I swear it seems like they act like robots sometimes… I just want to know what made the cops who approached the vehicle start backing up and then send in a dog… Did the infant have a gun or something….

  • Honest mistake

  • Holy fuck how can people defend this type of shit and still claim with a straight face that police protect us. I protect myself while police do shit like this. Lucky the baby wasn’t mauled to death

  • And of course zero fucking accountability, disgusting

  • Why do they still use animals, and put them in dangerous situations. With all the technology these days you’d think they’d be able to do their job with some device and their own balls rather than letting nature do their job for them.

  • SIC!

  • Wth!! Every time I go to play a video from this page it doesn’t play right or just closes my browser completely! So frustrating!!!

  • The officer should be sent to jail for being a irresponsible dog trainer, and the police station or were ever them officers came from , should be made to pay a great big massive sum of money for being irresponsible, it’s a public car park, has the officer got no brains or what, common bloody sense would tell you there could be children about, as it’s broad daylight, the dog should be put to sleep as well, what was the fool letting the dog off the lead for in the first place, idiot man

  • This was done to me in evansville Indiana in the middle of the hospital .while my wife was in bad shape in icu .it was a big seen and the sorry some itches never even apologize! !!!

  • Pigs.

  • I’d rip that dog’s fucking head off with my bare hands and beat the handler with the bloodied end of the body if that were my child!

  • If I’m not mistaken American’s have a constitutional right to travel unmolested, also there was a law passed stating that an officer cannot detain someone longer than it takes to to dissolve the issue for being pulled over. They illegally detained, violated his constitinal right. Each and every one of them is a domestic enemy of the constitution.

  • Goddamn fucking pieces of shit, hope they get struck by lightning and burn in hell

  • So I’m quite sure there are cops watching this thread.
    I have a question for you.

    Given that America has been described as the most heavily armed civilian population in any industrialized country in the world.
    What do you think is going to happen if or when this same heavily armed population stops trusting the police and government?
    I don’t mean the occasional bitching about taxes or party politics, I mean when they no longer trust the police at all.
    Just what do you geniuses think will happen?
    I’ll answer this question for you. You’ll see 10,000 heavily armed citizens or more descend on your police precincts, rip you out of them and kill you in the streets.

    If you don’t agree let me know why 2 percent of the population will be able hold the other 98 percent at bay. And I don’t care how well trained and armed you are. The police are playing with fire.
    Keep up this kind of overt brutality and I guarantee this is how it will end.

  • Nothing a law suit can’t fix! Just get a out of town liar lawyer!!! 🙂

  • That is what happened when the system hires low IQ criminals , i wonder if they have families and what do they think of their ,fucking PIGS.

  • Sick fucks

  • So wrong.. Poor dog having such bad people to train him like this.

  • Courtney

  • these cannot be shared enough:

    #Order Followers (Mark #Passio)

    Heroes … Not (a moral examination of the people who become policeman (or soldiers) in a statist society)

    Leaders and Enforcers: Where does the blame belong?

    Message to Police

    When Should You Shoot a Cop?

    Shooting Cops


  • Rob Garlitz

    • Alex there’s no a single citation on that video.

      You’re telling me a k9 unit mauled a BABY and not one other credible news source, not the BBC, not NPR, not FOX or CNN (I understand why these 2 would not, butthere are many other…) not a single major, (qasi)credible news-source decided to report on it?

      In a world where where tragedies get the highest ratings and news broadcasters are talking about the top hits on facebook to fill in the blanks.. you expect me to believe no one else repoted this?

      Oh the only link contained within the article is another link to the same article on another site by an even lesser known name.

      Sorry Alex but it appears to me as clickbait for profit. They write these articles they know will grab peoples attention and go viral and make money from advertisers because of their traffic. It’s a pretty common thing, i’d say probably 7/10 news articles on FB are clickbait

  • William Gonzalez

    Lousy Stinking PIGS !! No reason to stop this guy and further harrass him If I were him I would sue for MILLIONS and demand these assholes were fired !!

  • out your ass bitch

    you some dirty mutherfuckers

  • UserOne


  • David

    An assault with any weapon…even a dog is a crime! File charges with FBI.

  • Anna Allen

    GET THOSE EVIL COPS AWAY FROM THAT BABY BEFORE THEY DO MORE HARM!!!!!!!!!! someone should have called 911!

  • Anna Allen

    with what $$$$??

  • Anna Allen

    not the dogs fault. its the COPS. we are not safe in our own country because of cops. dogs are innocent. they dont know that they are destroying lives at the command of monsters

  • Anna Allen

    baby probably lost that arm tho

  • Anna Allen

    there are a lot of rights that we seem to nolonger have

  • Anna Allen


  • David Burgess


  • Joey Martinez

    AAAAGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Murder death kill!!!!!!!!fuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    I would tell them to shove the 13k and add about three more zeros!!!

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    cop: I’m glad he didn’t hurt her… WHAT THE FUCK!!! A dog bigger than the kid tore her arm open… and she ‘wasn’t hurt’? Nice try shit for brains, play to the camera! BUt it ain’t buying any lies today! Holy shit! You are so scared you can’t just LOOK inside the car before telling the dog to attack whatever or whoever is in it? Yeah, this is what you get when the courts uphold IQ limits on hiring thug gunslingers.

    • trickman1024

      In Tennessee if your an x hog farmer or worked in a slaughterhouse or a bouncer in a beer-joint or threw one pass in high-school than you can be a high ranking Tennessee police thug,But if your just a mental case ,thug coward or to lazy to work anywhere else than your a patrol officer and you can sit in the air conditioned cruiser farting and scratching your lazy ass all-night,

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    they stopped the first person of color they saw…

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    how long before we have to hire criminals to protect us from police? He wasn’t black, but he wasn’t WHITE either… honest mistake. Especially for a really low IQ…

  • Bad Karma

    Interesting. How many Spanish names are on this list!
    Could it have been profiling? Maybe the robbery was a cover
    story! Seeing how it truly never happened to begin with!

  • 58 Squarebird

    And these cops are still on the street. WTF is wrong with people?

  • There are contingency lawyers that would take that on. He has to get one from out of town but should file complaint with State & Fed AG to get ball rolling.

  • Dennis

    How about you tell the truth about what happened. “The 4-year-old dog, Doerak, was ripping into the baby’s flesh. By the time the dog let go of the infant, her right arm had been mauled.”
    This is absolute sensationalism and propaganda.
    The cops should be held accountable for their wrong doings but when it is the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!

    • You_know_me

      Are you a moron? Firstly your quote from the piece doesn’t relate to your article posted. Second, who cares when idiot cop #1 informed #2. Why doesn’t anyone check to ensure the vehicle is clear? And if it was a mistake…which they admitted then why would you have a K-9 search the car.
      You’re as stupid as these numbskulls.

  • Patty Parfait

    Incompetent, ignorant, armed thugs scar a child for life. This should have been a million dollar lawsuit with ongoing age appropriate medical care. Seems almost all interactions with thugs escalate to violence and caging all the while they be singing “relax, relax, put your hands behind your back,” followed by a chorus of “stop resisting, stop resisting” punctuated with kicks to the head and blows to the ribs. So very sad for toddler.

  • 1agd

    This is why they use canines? WTF – you use a dog to maul and mangle a toddler? What is worse is the man was totally compliant and these arrogant dick fucks turn that GD dog on the man and his child. I hope he runs to the nearest high profile litigator he can find and sue the beejesus out of all of them. I just read where a man was sentenced to 43 years for killing a police dog. Good for him! Now that dog can’t maim another person.

  • JW Mack

    Have We had enough of this shit yet?

  • Terilyn Burns


  • FreemanAmerica

    I guess I be in Jail…Cause I’d come unglued…some one would pay

  • william l. morris

    Kill That Dam Dog !

    • Christopher Grieb

      Not the fault of the dog, Shitforbrains, he was simply doing what he was commanded to do.

      • Not pro Israel

        so you’re saying the dog is a Nazi as well?

    • ColoradoVet

      Not the dogs fault, it is the COPS fault, and the dog was trained to do what it did! Your not just stupid, your an a**hole!

      • BrianLGeary

        No, you are the asshole; if a dog’s first instinct is to tear into someone (esp. a baby), then the dog needs to be put down. But you know what? I hope one of your family members meets up with this very dog.

        • The dog’s first instinct isn’t to tear into flesh. However, when it is put into work mode and released, it is trained to attack first. Had this dog been told by his handler to stand down, he’s likely one of the most calm and obedient dogs you’ll ever see. This is man’s fault.

          This wasn’t a drug dog, they didn’t bring it around to sniff. They sent it in there to clear the vehicle, as if there was anotuer suspect in the car.

  • James Williams

    WE HAVE TO STOP THE AMERICAN NAZIS, CALLED POLICE…….. “First they came for my neighbor, and I said nothing. Then
    they came for me and there was no one left to stand with me.”

    When the Nazis came for the Hispanics,

    I remained silent;

    I was not a Hispanic..

    When they locked up the Blacks,

    I remained silent;

    I was not a Black.

    When they came for the Indians,

    I did not speak out;

    I was not a Indian.

    When they came for the Water Protectors,

    I didn’t speak up,

    because I wasn’t a Water Protector.

    When they came for me,

    there was no-one left

    to speak out.

    [When the Nazis Came for Me

    by James A. Williams]

  • Mike

    Cops should be BANNED from using dogs!!! I hope and pray that all these cops involved end up dead, they deserve it!

  • E.B. Wilkes

    These cops should be fired and put into jail.

  • Rick Drew

    “shows cops sick…” bullshit. They sent the dog after the suspect because he did not comply. The baby was not the target, and to imply that is utterly fucked up. But that’s the typical crap from the idiots at this site.

  • ItoldyouIwontsilenced

    Oh my god. I would be going on a rampage if that happened to my baby

  • dilbert

    A bullet to the head would be appropriate punishment in this case.

  • Covey WhiteGold

    Oh my God, I’m glad I wasn’t thier becasue I’m sure I could ot be held responsible for such horror of tragedy.
    My anger floods me, despair, disgust and horror. That poor sweet child will be maimed for life and it is completely and utterably thier fault. I hope this man gets a lawayer and sues the fu-ck out of these comp[lete IDIOTS WITH BADGES,


  • Maud Kennedy

    I hope the baby was at least spared the rabies shots!