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Horrifying Video Shows Troops from NATO Country Gun Down Civilians Carrying a White Flag


(RT) — An incident in which several civilians with a white flag came under fire has been caught on camera. The victims are reported to be Kurds in the town of Cizre, where they were allegedly shot at by Turkish troops.

The series of short video clips published on social media shows a procession of people going along a street, pushing a cart with what appears to be two covered bodies. The walls of the buildings are dotted with holes, possibly from bullets. A tank is shown in the distance.

Then, gunfire can be heard as the people hunker down and run for cover.

Other footage shows several people lying motionless on the ground with blood spilling from them, as gasps and screams of horror come from the background.

The stated location is the Kurdish city of Cizre, which appears consistent with the Turkish-language graffiti shown in the video and the ice cream shop of the ‘Algida’ brand – which is only sold in Italy, Eastern Europe and Turkey.

RT could not immediately verify the circumstances of the shooting. One version claims that the Kurdish civilians were shot at by Turkish troops involved in a crackdown that Ankara is currently conducting in the south and south-east of the country.

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Another version suggests that Kurdish militants were among the ranks of the civilians and opened fire at the Turks, provoking a response. The footage doesn’t appear to show any armed people in the crowd.

The Turkish government in August launched a military operation in Kurd-majority areas, imposing curfews and clashing with fighters of the militant Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is considered a terrorist organization in Turkey. At least 150 civilians and hundreds of fighters on both sides are thought to have died in the conflict.

The crackdown was criticized by international human rights organizations as disproportionate and a form of collective punishment against the Kurds. This week Amnesty International said Ankara is imperiling 200,000 people living in the areas affected by disrupting basic services, blocking their freedom of movement, and conducting firefights in residential areas.

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  • If there were no pawns there would be no game.

  • Video shows no one being gunned down.

  • Its not the United States! We have bigger problems here in our own country! We cannot police the world any longer

    • Not only that, all our efforts are only making it worse. This is true of Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama.

    • To be fair I think the US has done enough.

    • Police the world? You fucking moron. USA doesn’t police the world, it attacks countries that don’t want to trade oil in US dollars and calls it ‘policing’ . Ignorance and arrogance is astounding!

    • Simon Darvill,heres your sign???

    • Rob Phillips it doesn’t surprise me that this is the most intelligent repost you can manage, well done for confirming your stupidity.

  • I’m afraid to watch this.

    • Don’t be, it’s a fake headline. This site pulls this shit all the time. It does show one dead body, but it’s not graphic.

  • Erdogan is a fucking war criminal. He’s a right wing nationalist zealot nutjob, he’s been killing journalists that expose his connections to ISIS etc.

  • Didn’t let that stay up long did they!?

  • Um, isn’t that a “war crime?”

  • Turkey is NATO’s bitch, doing whatever they are told and even more, witout giving a shit about the lives of people. What Turkey is doing though is building up enemies all around herself and when the time comes, not even NATO will want to help the Turks.

  • fake

  • still say “support the troops”, I don’t. I haven’t since I heard about the kids being shot and women being raped by our soldiers. I say fuck you and this bullshit war. and all the fools who say they fight for our freedom are just feeding the fuel for the fire. You are as free as you want to be. If they pulled all the US soldiers out the the middle east today, do you think you would lose any freedom over it. Can you honestly believe they would try and to take over our country? And so what if they did, would they succeed? Probably not. They would have a hard time just trying to take over the little town I live in because everyone (all 70 of us) is armed and ready

    • It’s sad out troops have been brain washed into completely following orders without any moral compass. This whole world is loosing it’s moral compass. I’m not taking about religion. But that moral compass that all living beings have.

    • It’s kinda like with the police on America, the media only shows you the bad ones, most of them are more concerned with their life and the lives of the guys with them. I mean you’re free to feel and think how you want, even if it’s misguided and wrong.

    • yeah you might be right about the media but my thoughts aren’t based solely from them or a specific source. You see, I’m not afraid to talk to people who’ve actually experienced this trauma. there are good and there are bad in everything everywhere. It’s just an opinion, man

  • Freefall
    If you got nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all, once & for all…
    Another recruiting office opens up in the hood.
    Kids in the suburbs must already be doin’ their greater good.
    Army of one and other propaganda hashtags.
    Their promise of a future fits these boys for bodybags.
    Excuse me while I take this moment to interrupt.
    Uncle Sam’s got Hollywood to tell us he’s not corrupt.
    So concerned with human rights until you fit the description.
    Then it’s bombs over Baghdad and heavy ammunition.
    Enemies the world over claim we’re guilty of tyranny.
    Media cheerleaders call us the only hope for humanity.
    Posters scream from every wall in our high schools.
    Get in line, do your time, enlist now, enforce the rules.
    No exit strategy, no battle plan exists at all.
    Just strap on them boots & get ready for the free fall.
    Give up a life cause you might get repaid.
    Don’t worry there’s meds to make the horror fade.
    Games teach the glory of toting the biggest gun.
    Action movie heroes make death for politics look fun.
    All reports claim violence is learned on the street.
    Anyone ever take a look at America’s rap sheet?
    I’d like to welcome you all to this home of bravery.
    Freedom at the low cost of unending mental slavery.
    Do what you will but you better wave that god damned flag.
    Another mother’s tears drench her young soldier’s duffle-bag.
    Say when they volunteer that they know the real cost.
    Who’ve you ever known at eighteen that wasn’t lost?
    Even the counselors have rehearsed the intake speech.
    Especially when a fresh inner city teen is within reach.
    No exit strategy, no battle plan exists at all.
    Just strap on them boots & get ready for the free fall.
    Give up a life cause you might get repaid.
    Don’t worry there’s meds to make the horror fade.
    Be proud of a nation that’s always taken what it wanted!
    Never mind ‘bout that twenty something vet who came back haunted!
    Twisted belief systems feed the war machine with endless cash!
    Get close to peace & they’ll engineer another plane crash!
    Gotta stand for something or you’ll fall for anything, fall for everything, just fall…

  • They obviously thought they were Frenchmen.

  • It’s all coming to an end people. Soon we’ll have microchips in our hands or dead.

  • By NATO… I take it you really mean American troops in NATO uniforms.

  • nothing to do with nato or foreign policies. turks hate kurds, it’s that simple.

  • To say that the state kills people is the same as saying that guns kill people.

    People kill people. Not states nor guns.

  • Not really that graphic or surprising.

  • It is not true.Turk soldiers didnt kill any civilian in their history.if you are free page post the old civilians which are saved by soldiers from the terrorists in southeastern Turkey.dont mess it with your troops in iraq who killed hundred thousand civilians…

    • shut the fukk up retard liar, your state is as genocidal as israel is

    • Do u mean the greek soldiers who killed innocent babies in anatolia in the 20th century and sack villages or do you mean the massacres in cyprus.go read your history

  • And what about the drone which terrorists used in southeastern turkey? It is a drone of U.S…and turkish soldiers found it a few days ago in a house that terrorists are using.explain it please…how it is retrieved by the terrorists who are the reason of deaths of over 30.000 people in 30 years in Turkey.explain it

  • another genocide perpetrated by the West with protesters listed as terrorist to justify… Kurd’s deserve to be… Israelis deserve to be… Muslim’s deserve to be…

  • #theykeepmurderingus #humangenocide

  • NATO = New Associated Terrorist Organisation!!!

  • why dont you name that country as TURKEY?

  • turks, the most genocidal swine on the planet alongwith israelis

  • it is a tactic to feign surrender, even under the guise of civilians, what was the item they are bringing, we’re they told to stop? People can be bad, when given authority they can misuse it, I’m not condoning that, but situation of heighten stress, and extenuating circumstance, questions must be asked from both sides of every incident, case by case.

    if I’m surrendering, hands up and visible, no items being brought, everybodys hands up, etc etc.

  • Let’s talk about the schools burned down by terrorists in Turkey or about the students wounded by terrorists who threw bombs to the schools in southeastern Turkey.or the children telling to soldiers not to go because when soldiers go the terrorists will come and they are afraid.oh wait a minute they are just innocents with white flags sorry…