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‘I Think I Hit a Person’ – Cop Driving Twice the Limit With No Lights On Instantly Kills Pedestrian

Berrien County, MI — (RT) The prosecutor’s office in Berrien County, Michigan, has released a highly dramatic dashcam video from a police cruiser that hit a female pedestrian crossing the street. The police car was speeding, and had neither lights nor siren activated, witnesses said.

“I need an emergency unit to my location. I think I hit a person,” Benton Township patrol officer Eugene Anderson informs radio dispatchers on the video just moments after the sound of smashing glass and a loud bang is heard as his police cruiser hits a woman.

Based on a squad car video, witness reports and a physical investigation of the scene, Anderson, who was responding to a domestic violence call, was traveling at 64 mph in a 35 mph zone when his car struck the woman, the Herald Palladium reported.

Kimberly Bedford, 48, who was crossing the road at 9 p.m. Sunday, died at the scene. The incident took place in September.

Anderson’s lawyer, Martin Kirk, called witnesses, who testified that Bedford was seriously drunk and was allegedly walking in the road with no regard for traffic. The lawyer argued that there was no reliable evidence proving that the patrol officer was traveling at 60 mph.

Berrien County Prosecutor Michael Sepic ruled that while Bedford did violate pedestrian rules by stepping into traffic, Anderson was still to blame.

“We’re not here to judge his whole person,” Sepic said, according to the Herald Palladium. “If an officer chooses to speed without lights and siren, then he has to accept responsibility for his actions.”

As for the defense claim that cops, when on a call, can be distracted by their oscillating lights and siren while driving, Sepic told the jury:

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“If an officer is distracted by oscillating lights and a siren, I think he’d better find another job.”

Last week the former patrol officer was found guilty of causing the woman’s death. Anderson faces up to a year in jail, with a sentencing date yet to be set.

  • I’m sure all the cop suckers will say it’s the persons fault for J walking or somthing like that.

    • It actually is though. I’d say 50%, minimum.

    • not saying the cop wasn’t at fault but i will say that lady is a fucking retard. easily could have been avoided if she was paying attention

    • not saying the lady wasn’t at fault but i will say that cop is a fucking retard. easily could have been avoided if he was paying attention

    • ^if he had bothered obeying the laws he swore to uphold.

  • wtf

  • Thanks for info and seen.from bangladesh

  • Well he didn’t purposely shoot someone, didn’t follow proto call and had those lights running boy

  • No flashers, no sirens. Vehicular homicide. But he’ll get off.

  • idk look like this was that dumb ass ladies fault

  • The persecutor or other pigs likely had it in for him is probably the reason why they turned on him.

    • …that’s what I was thinking. Cops often rush someplace without sirens or lights when they want to get there without immediately being notice. A lot of people cross the street late at night after drinking, a sober person would have seen the headlights and been able to get out of the way. It seems to me that they are going a little hard on this guy…cop or not. And trust me, I’m not usually one to support the cops point of view.

  • It was mutual idiocy. Unfortunately one lost her life and hopefully the other does time. Because if you and I did this, we would go to prison. Trust me

  • Funny if that was a white cop it would be racist somehow!!!

  • “Did you call your union rep yet?” the other cop says at the end. This is what I hate, no concern over what happened, but concern that his buddy covers his own ass right off the bat!

  • he faces up to a year …. UP TO A YEAR ??? wtf ??

  • Christ. RIP

  • Cowboy with a badge…I’m sure he didn’t mean to and will be more careful in the future….Vehicular homicide at the very least..not to mention reckless driving, driving to endanger, exceeding the speed limit…if it were you or I, we’d be looking at a very long list of charges.

  • I mean! This is called an accident for a reason. People make mistakes. I find it offensive that the cops are willing to go after this guy but then let off the many other cases on video of actually police abuse of power killing or abusing people. What is wrong with our justice system? Did anybody even read the article, he was responding to a call driving 64 in a 35 responding to a domestic violence call. I just find it coincidental that they all of a sudden care. That lady came out of no where and from the officers vision all you can see is the glaring of the light. That woman popped out of nowhere like a ghost. Why did he not have his lights on? stupidity worked on both sides here.

    • It’s not an accident or a mistake. Cops must obey all the laws they’re supposed to enforce. If he’s speeding, and particularly by a large amount, he better have his lights and sirens running because he’s headed to an emergency. I will agree with you that it’s absurd that this instance is getting prosecuted when so many that are even worse get protected and covered up. But a crime is a crime and this cop should at the very least loose his badge and his driver’s license permanently.

    • I bet if this was your daughter, you’d be singing a different song.

    • Kyle Yadon , for him to loose his badge and DL over this incident would be absurd. Did you watch the same video as me and watch that person basically walk right into the front of his patrol car?

    • Michael Hallinan He’s doing double the speed limit without his lights and siren running. And he’s supposed to be leading by example, as a law enforcement officer. Not only should he be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but the penalty should be the harshest possible, because he should know better. And loosing the badge and DL is the least of what he should get, jail time should be involved too.

    • MORON…….

    • Micheal Hallinan going twice the speed limit is a FELONY one point Kayle Yadon did not pointed out and I agree with everything he said, they need to be held to a higher bar not lower, he did know better !!

    • What about this? “Anderson’s lawyer, Martin Kirk, called witnesses, who testified that Bedford was seriously drunk and was allegedly walking in the road with no regard for traffic. The lawyer argued that there was no reliable evidence proving that the patrol officer was traveling at 60 mph”. I don’t think that having the lights on in this case would make a difference if the person is drunk and stepping into traffic. I hate police brutality, but.. is not always them, yknow.

    • Dave García I’m a commercial driver, and if I did what this cop did I’d not only loose my job, and my CDL, I’d go to jail as well. Whether the person I hit was drunk or not. When you’re put in charge of public safety, whether it’s as a police officer or the driver of a commercial vehicle, you are trained to watch for things like this, you are held to higher standards than everyone else. If the cop wasn’t doing 60+ then he wasn’t paying attention the way he should have, if he was doing 60+ then he was committing a felony. In either case he’s demonstrating a complete and utter inability to be trusted with the authority he’s been given, and a total disregard for public safety.

    • Going twice the speed limit by itself is NOT a felony. Not sure where you guys are getting your info.

    • Adam Mitchell It is a felony, it’s referred to as criminal endangerment.

  • No concern over the person killed by the pig.

  • If only he had accidentally killed her with his gun instead, then he would still be free to terrorize society like his friends.

  • Wow, the way she was hidden behind the lights. From the cameras perspective there wasn’t a way to see her. Dude was driving too fast, but what the fuck was she doing walking like that in the middle of the street? I mean she wasn’t even looking. Lesson…don’t get drunk and wander around in traffic.

  • I’m not sure if we’re all watching the same video here or if many of you commenting even watched the video. He was not running his flashers or siren and he was speeding, didn’t appear to be driving too recklessly though. His headlights were on and some crazy person literally walked right into his lane right before he hit them, coming from the middle of the road pitch black night. NOT a crosswalk in sight. Should be called Dumbass Nightime Jwalker meets end by patrol car in natural selection

  • He hit this woman so hard she landed in the back seat. He was driving drunk. He needs more than one year in jail.

  • Shouldn’t have been j walking.

  • Run civilians over = Jail Shoot an unarmed civilian = No charges laid. So glad i dont live in the States…

  • GOOD COP BAD COP I do not know but after watching this I must say this cop had no chance to see her due to the headlights in his face he may not have seen her but she looked like she had to see oncoming traffic in this video I could hear this officer was in shock from what had happened my heart goes out to the family of the lady killed but I also feel sorry for the officer who accidentally killed her.

  • This is why we have speed limits.

  • lets see , the bosses talk, 60 suspinsion with pay, police rep saying not what it seens officier juctified and then alls honky dorry. citizens give in………in of story.

  • Cops lawyer said we can’t tell if he was going 60. I say BS a little math can tell exactly how fast he was driving from knowing the length of the lines on the road and the time for them to pass

  • No lights or siren? That’s bad news. He should have had those on. As far as this accident, it’s clearly an accident she was at fault for.. Walking randomly into traffic will make you dead. I thought this was the first thing parents taught their kids…

  • The polce in america are totally out of control…

  • Moms Against Cars

  • I could tell from the video that his headlights were activated.

  • Tim Rennick

    this is my part of the world.. so sad.. I feel for this cop.. But.. he didnt go by the rules. I’m mixed. If it were me and I was going 65, I’d be locked up. They say she was drunk..OK, but even drunk, I know when I cross a road and how fast I EXPECT oncoming traffic to be coming at me. I dont think she believed the headlights coming towards her would be going twice as fast as she is used to.. sad for both sides.. A good officer made a BAD mistake.

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