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Idiocracy is Real: City Reelects Mayor After He Spent 7-Years in Jail for Robbing them Blind

Bridgeport, CT — At 43-years-old, Joseph P. Ganim had been the mayor of Connecticut’s largest city for 12 years before stepping down to be arrested and convicted on multiple corruption charges.

On March 19, 2003, a federal court convicted Ganim of 16 counts of criminal misconduct, including racketeering, extortion, bribery, tax evasion and mail fraud.

Federal Judge, Janet Bond Arterton sentenced the former mayor to nine years in prison for “systematically using his office to enrich himself.” Since his sentence was under ten years, Ganim, who undoubtedly would have been torn to shreds in a real prison, was able to serve out his ‘punishment’ in a federal camp, where conditions are far less restrictive than an actual prison.

After serving only seven of the nine years of his sentence, Ganim was signed out of the Watkinson Halfway House in Hartford for the final time on July 19, 2010.

For the next several years, this political criminal would strive to regain his law license and even have local attorneys recommend him to be readmitted to the bar. However, for the time being, his license was not reinstated and clearer heads prevailed.

Until now.

On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, after being reelected in a landslide vote, Joe Ganim was sworn into the office of the mayor – for the second time. Only now, this pillar of society is a convicted felon.

In the Land of the Free, a 17-year-old kid can get caught with an arbitrary amount of an illegal plant and get sentenced to life in prison. If that kid is lucky enough only to spend a few years in prison, the chances of him getting a decent job are slim to none because of the felony conviction check.

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However, if you are a well-connected wealthy politician, you can get caught stealing from the people you represent, get convicted, avoid real jail, avoid serving your entire sentence, and get re-elected by the very simpletons you once stole.

The kid arrested for marijuana, who had zero victims, is banned from voting for the rest of his life, while the man who looted from hundreds of thousands of people, gets voted into office!

This case epitomizes the problem with American politics – and the blind citizens who act as fuel for this corrupt and murderous machine.

As Southpark pointed out in their classic 2004 season, Americans only have the illusion of choice when it comes to electing your rulers. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the election is between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich. 

Apparently, the citizens of Bridgeport voted for the Giant Douche over the Turd Sandwich, or vice versa.

When a convicted criminal, who’s been found guilty of betraying the people’s trust through stealing, lying, racketeering, and fraud, can be elected to the town’s highest position, twice, tyranny is not looming — it is here.

Ironically, the corrupt Mayor has promised a “transparent government, accessible and accountable to our citizens.”

What’s that saying…..Fool me once?

The American citizens have become the proverbial dependent battered spouse. They are so afraid at speaking out, or challenging the status quo, for fear of repercussions, that they would rather stay with their criminal thug government than ponder a viable and freer alternative.

Congratulations Bridgeport, you’ve either become the laughing stock of the nation or blueprint for future America.

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  • Well there are Republican voters.

    • Actually, the guy in this story, Joe Granim, is a card carrying Democrat…

    • when the best person for the job is a felon…what does that say about the other candidates.. him being A Democrat does not does not really play a roll in this……every one else simply looked even worse……what a great system…

  • maybe we was just reappointed not votes really needed.

  • a crowd is stupid

  • LOL! Duncan, OK has an ex city manager running for city councilman now and when he was city manager 8 million came up “missing”.

  • Do I feel the voting process is imperfect? Of course, but feel free to put forth an improved alternative. The ones that immediately spring to mind are all massive steps backwards.

    • The voting process is fine.

      The fact that it’s hijacked from top to bottom, to give an illusion of voting, is not.

    • Using the block chain technology could prevent voter fraud. Just saying

    • Jerry Smith, how do you propose to create the paradigm shift in human consciousness that will actually allow anarchy to work?

    • Blockchain isn’t 100% effective, Michael. It may offer an improvement, so maybe a few local governments could implement it and see what happens.

  • Sigh… well there’s either something very wrong with the people of that city or the opponent.

  • i wonder in what spot the US is at amongst the countries with lowest IQ popultion?

  • No worries Scro, Comrade Colonel Sanders is watering the crops with Brondo.. it’s got Electro-Lites ! Would you like an Extra Order of Big Ass Fries with that ? You are out of credits… your children are now the property of Carl’s Jr.

  • I think the real question here is: How bad was the person running against him? Sometimes you just don’t have a logical choice.

  • How is he different from the rest of politicians ???????

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  • How many people think he won’t do it again? Reelected is giving him permission to.

  • Im shocked he spent any time in jail? We just had a senator here get his dui conviction overturned because the person in charge at the blood testing lab wasnt there to oversee every single step of the test the staff of the lab did. They dont even try to hide the fact when these lawmakers break the law their buddies on capital hill cover it up for them Anymore. Its like telling the people “yeah and what are you going to do about it.”

  • Epic

  • Boiling frog syndrome in this country.

  • sad but true…we are doing it to ourselves!

  • Almost every aspect of life in the developed world is heading towards the Idiocracy setting… Sad

  • Liane Brabant, we were just discussing this!

  • So a felon can’t vote, but can run for office? Hahaha now that’s stupid.

  • I love it!

  • Um, let me guess, Washington, D.C.!!

  • They’re sooooo STUPID!!!!!!

  • And you wonder why democracy is sick

  • Bridgeport has long been the armpit of Connecticut. Too bad the mayor can’t vote for himself–or anyone else.

  • There are no words

  • No surprise at all

  • Merica!!!

  • And the Bridgeport Police Union were his biggest fans.


  • Did they “elect” them?

  • So you’re a Republican site. There are no corrupt Republicans, right? Actually – and this is a very old list – http://jesusnorepublican.org/+Reasonable/gopcorruption-2.html

    • Republican site? Do you even read, bro?

  • Joe Paradise yep he’s the mayor again.

  • The Vote counts, unless you go against the establishment:

  • only in Dumb US !!

  • lol

  • America at its finest ! What do you expect ?

  • I’m following this up until it went on a rant about pot. No need to tag that argument into everything you post TFTP…

  • Kyle Horton

  • Our country jails a minor politician while corporations and banks steal billions. GTFOH His crime was petty in comparison; the prosecutor probably promised him he’d get his job back.

  • Wow

  • Thay dident do shit……..the fix is in…

  • I am glad my country is not the only one. :/

  • I believe it – happened in Washington, DC with that guy Barry (the Mayor)



  • Looks like Terry Crews !

  • Bridgeport Connecticut right?
    Okay, now I’ll read it.

  • where is burrito supreeeeeme when you need him?!

  • What’s scary is I’d vote for President Camacho if he ran this year. Better than the circus or the two nursing home inductees that have the posture of cocktail shrimp….

  • Sit your monkey ass down! I know shit is bad.

  • The people wouldn’t of reelected him . The entire thing is corrupt . The votes most likely got throwin out and the vote counters were most likely paid off .
    That’s the only reason they make you vote .
    So yous run around blaming everyone else and not the corrupt people on government .

  • Idiots

  • In a county I used to live in the prosecuting attorney and the judge were arrested for cocaine in another state and they still have their jobs when they came back to our state… And they prosecuted people for the same drugs they were arrested for obviously. Hypocrisy and corruption at its best!

  • The problem is that there aren’t enough people voting.

  • I don’t get it. It’s almost not worth reading the newspapers, listening to the news or being here on line. It brings me down and I’m losing faith.

  • Why we can’t have nice things.

  • It’s really happening Suzanne Fenley Beck and Jeff Beck…

  • It is especially the intro of this movie!!!!!


  • “Bestest president in the world forever” for president next year 😉

  • Idiocracy is a fictional movie, so stop comparing Hollywood with reality.

    While opposing corruption is important, it too must be handled with great care. Otherwise you’ll corrupt yourselves with your tin-foiled stupidity. And that prevents you guys from focusing on real problems. This page is no better than the mainstream media, because it’s very biased & sensational.