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Innocent Man Raided, Tased, Beaten, & Shot By a Corrupt SWAT Team who Lied to Get the Raid

Houston, TX — A completely innocent man was shot, tasered, brutally beaten, and had stun grenades thrown at him by vicious and incompetent SWAT officers. Then, those same officers tried to cover up their mistake by charging the victim, Chad Chadwick, with six criminal offenses including felony assault on a police officer.

This incident happened in 2011, but it has taken Chadwick three years and his entire life savings, to finally beat the charges that he was falsely accused of. Last month, a jury found Chad Chadwick not guilty of interfering with police. With tears in their eyes members of the jury offered the exonerated defendant comforting hugs, according to My Fox Houston.

“They tried to make me a convict. It broke me financially, bankrupted me. I used my life savings, not to mention, I lost my kids,” said Chadwick.

Chadwick had been drinking and went to sleep in his bathtub on the night of September 27, 2011, when police were given a tip from a friend of Chadwick’s who said they were concerned with his emotional well-being. So naturally the police responded by mobilizing a heavily militarized SWAT team.

“They came in did what they did, figured out that they messed up and now they are doing everything they can to cover it up. They treated a normal American citizen like an animal. It’s not right,” Chadwick said in an interview with FOX 26. 

The SWAT team lied to the judge to get the warrant by telling the judge that Chadwick had hostages.

They told a judge I had hostages. They lied to a judge and told him I had hostages in my apartment and they needed to enter,” said Chadwick.

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When SWAT broke down his door without identifying themselves, they launched a stun grenade into his bathroom, according to Chadwick.

“While I had my hands up naked in the shower they shot me with a 40 millimeter non-lethal round,” said Chadwick.

Another stun grenade was fired.

“I turned away, the explosion went off, I opened my eyes the lights are out and here comes a shield with four or five guys behind it. They pinned me against the wall and proceeded to beat the crap out of me,” said Chadwick.

That’s when SWAT officers shot Chadwick at point blank range with a taser in the back of his head.

“They claimed I drew down with a shampoo bottle and a body wash bottle,” said Chadwick.

Tased, shot and with multiple SWAT officers smashing him into a corner with a shield, a brutal beating ensued.

“They grabbed me by my one hand that was out of the shower and grabbed me by my testicles slammed me on my face on the floor and proceeded to beat me more,” said Chadwick.

Chadwick was then hauled off to Ft. Bend County Jail with a fractured nose, bruised ribs and what’s proven to be permanent hearing loss. He was kept in an isolation cell for two full days. Remember, Chadwick has never broken a law; he had committed no crime.

“Instead of apologizing to this man and asking let us see what we can do to help you to make you whole again, they concocted criminal charges against this man, one after another, after another,” said activist Quanell X, who believes the prosecution of Chadwick was designed to fend off civil liability.

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The SWAT team that took Chadwick into custody and testified against him was comprised of officers from Missouri City, Sugar Land, Stafford and the Ft. Bend County Sheriff’s Department. To this date, none of them have faced any disciplinary action.

According to FOX 26, Ft. Bend County District Attorney John Healy declined to comment on camera, but did say he stands by his decision to prosecute Chadwick, despite the multiple no-bills and not guilty verdict. Asked how much the case cost taxpayers, Healy said “I wasn’t keeping a tally.”

Chadwick is now pursuing a civil suit against the police agencies involved and they will most assuredly know how much money that will cost the taxpayers.

  • Mike

    Everyone of those cops, the judge and the prosecutors should be publicly hanged in the town square, but the sad fact is they will all keep their jobs and the taxpayers will pay the civil suit. Another example of police and judicial misconduct, swept under the rug, but ultimately paid for by the taxpayers.

  • Kimber Jones

    We must always remember that the police are recruited from the criminal classes – Gore Vidal

    Quoted for TRUTH.

  • KRJ

    I hope he wins a boatload of money.

    • Marisol

      He lost his life? REALLY? Well black people in his situation physically lose their lives. He just experienced a faction of what blacks face everyday.

      • Dan MacRae

        More whites are killed by cops than blacks. Enough with the lies. If you consider that blacks account for less than 13% of the population, yet commit more than 40% of the murders, your opinion is laughable.

        • Marisol

          75% of the charges against blacks who are serving time in the US prison system are drug charges. If they charged whites at the same rate, there wouldn’t be enough room in prisons for blacks. 90% of all the heroin addicts in the US are white. But when they are busted with needles hanging out of their veins they are sent to treatment, not jail like black drug addicts. Privileges privileges

          • Yo2mas

            That’s not true. It’s propaganda. Only 46% of federal inmates are there on drug charges. The majority of those are violent duh dealers, not people buying a dime bag of anything!

            When all else fails, education.


          • Marisol

            When did I mention Federal? I said “serving time in prison”. There is such a thing as State Prison and County Pens. Serving time doesn’t always mean Federal, duuuuuuuh

          • Yo2mas

            You’re still wrong.

            And, if you were right, you’d be able to produce citations for your claims, just as I did.

          • Marisol

            I don’t have to prove anything to an a racist asswipe. Go grow some ass and lips. And if you are male, grow a four more inches of penis to go with the three that you already have

          • Yo2mas

            Marisol, does your mother know you talk like this? LOL

            By the way, for future reference, when you are left with nothing to substantive to say, don’t bother with the potty mouth. It only helps show your opponent they won the debate.

          • Marisol

            Lol don’t fool yourself. You know when you’ve been DID….

          • Yo2mas

            Congratulations! Clearly, you are a public school dropout who can put two sentences together to save her own life. That is, if you really are a female because I get the feeling our a pathological dissembler.

          • Marisol

            If you are stupid enough to believe that I can’t write a proper sentence, then you are the the public school drop-out, as only an idiot can’t see that DID was written if the form of Ebonics. I get the feeling that you’re the hole of an ass. And I am going with my feelings

          • Yo2mas

            When normal politicians change their minds we label it flip-flopping or – more kindly – “evolving” in their thinking. When a Master Persuader does it, you are seeing pacing and leading, which is a major tool of persuasion. Pacing involves matching people – in this case emotionally – and later using that bond to lead them. We see Trump doing this often.

            a. Trump paced his base by saying he would deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. Once he had his base on his side emotionally, he led to them to his current policy of deporting only the people who committed crimes while here. Have you heard any Trump supporters complain about it lately?

            b. Trump paced his base by saying he would ban all Muslim immigration to stop terrorist infiltration. Once he had them on his side emotionally, he led them first to a ban on specific problem countries, and then again to “extreme vetting,” which is a lot like Clinton’s plan. Trump supporters followed, and you don’t hear them complaining.

            c. Early in the primaries, Trump paced the racists in the Republican party by not disavowing them as clearly and as loudly as even the racists thought he would. Since then he has led Republicans to think that some form of a “New Deal” for African-Americans might be worth a look.

            d. At the Republican National Convention, Trump used his emotional connection to his supporters to declare he was the strongest voice to protect the LGBTQ community. Republicans stood and cheered.

            I predicted that Trump would soften his immigration proposals. That’s because I saw him from the start as a Master Persuader, not a crazy person, and not a common flip-flopper.

            In my opinion, Trump might be the safest president we have ever had. He can lead the dark parts of his base toward the light (as Nixon went to China) and he has no incentive for war. Claims about his “temperament” are mostly about his penchant for insults, and that isn’t a mortal danger to anyone.

          • Anne Marie Healy
          • Yo2mas

            Moreover, if blacks committed crimes at the same rate as Latinos, Whites, or Asians, the murder and aggravated assault rates in all major U.S. cities world fall from between 50 and 90%!

            The FBI Unified Crime Report looks at those charged, but the DoJ’s Bureau if Statistics National Crime Victimization Survey, looks at victims.

            Now, if you’re going to argue that black victims are lying about their black assailants, that’s another matter.

          • Marisol

            Funny that you would mention people lying about black assailants. Only a white person would think of that. Perhaps that’s because it happens far too often

          • Yo2mas

            Really? Black victims lie to police about their assailants being black? Why would they do that, because they want to paint members of their race in the most unfavorable light possible?

            And while you need to reference the race you imagine I being to – racist – I only have to imagine you as a political shill who would put reason second to grinding her ax!

          • Marisol

            Yes, white people do it all the time. Any time there are no witnesses, white people say that the perp was black. Don’t act like you didn’t know that…

          • Yo2mas

            This has nothing to do with your racial stereotype of what white people do, or don’t do. The policeman who shot a black man was BLACK himself! Why would BLACK witnesses lie about what BLACK cop did to a BLACK suspect?

            Go pound pound sand, idiot.

          • Marisol

            Go and do what you do best….phuck your sister

          • Yo2mas

            Sweetheart, all you’re doing with your foul mouth is telling me you don’t have a leg to stand on.

          • Yo2mas

            Geez, Marisol, I’m beginning to think you mean something personal by that.

          • Marisol

            Well for once you are right. Because I personally think that you’re an asshole….

          • quest2quest

            Your the reason why blacks never win.

          • Marisol

            Who said that blacks never wins? Not being white alone is a winner. You are nothing but a melaninless group of inferior devils. I am proud to say that there are no white people in my family. Very proud..

      • Jen Adamo

        This is no time to play “your blues ain’t like mine”.
        As Dr. King told us, and injustice to one of us is and injustice to all…”>
        Just because he wasn’t killed, doesn’t diminish the horrific misconduct of police and prosecutors. I want it to STOP… PERIOD.
        I want these cops punished severely. I want the entire law enforcement system in America turned over and started from scratch. Recruitment, psych evaluations, proper training, and surveillance of officers via dash and body cams is a starting point. We need to police the police, since they won’t do it themselves.

        • Marisol

          Just because I have a different view does not diminish nor negate the fact that what I said was true. So please FO

  • Jen Adamo

    But Kapernick is wrong….. *smdh*

    • Marisol

      Why is he wrong? I see in your photo that you have two children that looks nothing like you. Perhaps that’s what makes you forget that you are a black woman. Personally, I never wanted a child that didn’t represent me. I am too beautiful to allow anything less. And it reflects in my children. You can shake your head until your hair straightens out, but you’re still BLACK

      • Jen Adamo

        Um…. my comment was made sarcastically….

      • Jen Adamo

        Also, i know and revel in my Blackness.
        My children are bi-racial Black/Caucasian, but are free to identify however they want to, but they are of me so they represent me AND my husband. We are ALL beautiful!!!

  • Alexander

    Here’s my opinion of the current state of affairs. It’s a complex issue, I’m open to more opinions. (Although I probably won’t be back here to check… meh.)

    There is a very serious problem with a lack of police accountability in the USA. Cops literately do whatever the hell they want, with no penalty. Assault, rape, rob, drugs, deal drugs, you name it. You can’t do a damn thing to get justice, it takes millions of voices demanding justice to ever put a cop in jail. And even then he’s more likely to get let off with a slap on the wrist. Occasionally the justice system slaps the cops with a fine… but this is nearly always in vain. This has shown to have no effect what-so-ever at ending police abuse, and the taxpayer ultimately picks up the bill.

    Are blacks more effected by this? Yes. But not because they’re black. Because they are poor, and less prepared and/or capable to fight back in the court of law. Police are more likely to bully the weak, or anyone that pushes back against their “authoriteh”. On that note, a history of racism HAS left many blacks with the instinct to push back at any sign of racism, for better or worse. (At the time, probably for the better. Today, it’s kinda melted into “race carding”.) So yes, blacks are effected more by this than whites. But it’s not because they’re being targeted due to skin color. In fact, I believe a black cop is more likely to beat a black man than a white cop. The black cop is more likely to get away with it. The problem is that nobody has a shred of their constitutional rights remaining, white or black. And BLM profiteers off of this, turning a difficult issue into a nearly-impossible one.

    The answer to this problem is simple. Police need to go to jail, have their paychecks taken from them, and be fired. Legal protections that protect police from accountability need to be removed. You’ll see most of these exist, supposedly, to protect police from frivolous lawsuits… but I’m seeing a whole lot of legit lawsuits being shut down. I imagine after a few policemen work a week or two for free, and start going to jail for filing false, malicious charges, we’ll see an improvement. Until this happens, expect the abuse to continue.