Las Vegas, NV — Just this week, KTNV’s 13 Action News televised the GoPro footage from Solomon Silk Galloway’s violent arrest by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. Galloway was recording when officers pulled over his car for allegedly speeding. Even though he wasn’t driving the car, he quickly became targeted by Vegas police.

Galloway told officers he did not consent to a search of his vehicle and, as a passenger in the car, he was not legally bound to identify himself when cops demanded his ID. However, Vegas cops did not care about his rights, so they jerked him out of his car, kidnapped him and caged him.

“Do what you got to do, because we gotta find something,” the officers can be overheard saying to each other while unlawfully searching the innocent man’s car. And, do something they did.

When he was taken back to the police department for legally refusing to ID as a passenger of a vehicle, he was strip-searched and forced to undergo an anal cavity search. Still, they found nothing.

Rape in the United States is defined by the Department of Justice as “Penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”

Galloway, according to the legal definition, was raped by police. He had harmed no one, had committed no crime, yet his rights were stripped from him and he was violated in the most profane way — all because cops had to ‘find something.’

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Did police admit they were wrong and let the innocent man go? No, they doubled down.

After police raped him, Galloway was charged with “Obstruction of Justice” even though the law states as a passenger he is not compelled to identify himself. His attorney, Stephen Stubbs, is now asking for those charges be dismissed.

If the judge has any semblance of humanity, the charges will be dropped and an investigation into the LVMPD will be demanded. However, given the lackluster history of police accountability in the United States, that is not very likely.

So what do victims of police brutality, retaliation, and families of those murdered by cops do to seek justice? They make a documentary!

For weeks now, we’ve known about “What Happened in Vegas: The Movie Police Couldn’t Erase.” We’ve conducted interviews with families, and victims alike. And while the movie might not make it to a theater in your city, you’ll certainly be able to view it in the coming months on streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu.

The movie, directed by Ramsey Denison, is aimed squarely at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, a department which has been rife with so-called “justifiable homicides” and, as Galloway’s case illustrates, rape. As The Free Thought Project has faithfully reported, getting arrested in Vegas might be a life-ending event.

In May, Las Vegas police chased a man through the Vegas strip, tackled him, tased him, and then choked him to death. Forty-year-old Tashi Farmer died when Officer Kenneth Lopera applied a rear naked choke.

But it’s also how the Las Vegas Police Department responds when they’ve killed or attacked someone that’s also in Denison’s sights with the release of the new film. According to Denison, LVMPD officials have a habit of “victimizing the victim” by running a smear campaign of the deceased after the fact.

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Denison is calling them out. He has his own personal history with LVMPD. He once called 911 to report an out-of-control Vegas cop, only to find himself in trouble with the law. After his phone call, Denison says he was beaten and charged with “Resisting Arrest.”

Also featured in the film is the case of Erik Scott. Scott was killed in 2010 by Vegas police after an employee in a Summerlin Costco called 911 to report an unruly patron who was carrying a gun. Scott was reportedly unaware that he was the person Costco called police about.

But things took a turn toward tragedy as he was leaving the retail establishment. The West Point and Duke graduate was gunned down at the wholesale club’s entrance as nervous, trigger happy police opened fire, killing the young man. Police gave Scott three conflicting commands, with no time to respond, before opening fire, according to his father William Scott.

The elder Scott is also featured in the film. We had a chance to speak with Scott at length. He says the LVMPD following the shooting, vilified his son. Seven years later he still considers it murder, a killing which no one has answered for.

Scott told TFTP the police have successfully covered up his son’s killing. Not only did LVMPD officers destroy the Costco’s video recording of the shooting, but they then began a smear campaign of his highly decorated son.

LVMPD should be bracing for the explosive true-to-life documentary because they’re in the crosshairs. Their killings, their abuses, and their violations of civil rights will be subjected to scrutiny and will be shown on the silver screen in Vegas theaters.

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Make no mistake, Denison’s new documentary will bring some much-needed attention to the alleged human rights violations the LVMPD stands accused of committing. For Scott, Galloway, the Farmer family, and others, it’s long overdue. The secrets and lies coming out of Vegas are getting ready to be exposed.

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • Damiana

    I think they use those “cavity searches” as a means to torture people out of spite for not providing them with a good enough excuse for their oppressive shenanigans. This absolutely needs to STOP! You’re right to use the word “rape.” They raped this man, probably just for shits and giggles once it became obvious they weren’t going to find anything.

    • Gordon Klock

      It’s all about humiliation…

      • Guy

        Absolutly correct Gordon. I was once degraded and humiliated in a similar fashion by the Berkeley Police, a long time ago as a 19 yr old student while attending U.C., for simply standing in the wrong place at the wrong time on Telegraph Ave, when the Pd decided to do a drug sweep of the street people. We were herded up like cattle, thrown into a paddy wagon and taken to the Police Station. The girls were lined up on one side and boys on the other side of the room, then put into individual interrogation rooms, where we were grilled by the good cop, bad cop types, for a half hour, then strip searched and told to bend over and spread em, while the cop did his thing. No women cops involved, only men, and the girls were treated the same way as us boys. No miranda rights read because we were not arrested, just searched for drugs, paraphernalia, and weapons, then questioned about what we were doing there, I.D’ed, fingerprinted and released if nothing found. The ones who had stuff, like drugs or a knife, were held and arrested for possession or weapons. A couple of kids resisted, and were beat by the cops with their clubs, untill they stopped resisting, because they were knocked out and hauled off to another room. I had to walk home at 3 AM because they took my car keys, and would not give them back, said they lost em in the shuffle. They told me to stay off the ave, because only hippies hung out there and they were bad people.

        This was a different time in history, worse then than now, but I understand they still do it from time to time in Berkeley, in the name of public safety !

        • uKatamitt

          Where men come and go like pigs in the pen, boys are to be told who, what, where and when!

          • No excuse for Gatheroos.
            Obey the Law !

          • uKatamitt

            Mules, OK, but not donkeys? Donkeys are not that stubborn, just lazy.

        • END OF story – The ones who had stuff, like drugs or a knife, were held and arrested for possession or weapons.
          You were all caught and some of you had weapons and drugs.
          Police were right !

          • Guy

            I like to believe that all things have a place and purpose on this earth, no matter who or what. Even you.
            But only you in your case, can tell if that is true or not.

          • Guy

            Do you just pretend at in being stupid, just to draw attention to yourself enough to get noticed, or are you just as dumb in your asshat replies as you apparently seem to be in reality !?

        • The Law is The Law !
          …….. and you all were messing it up.
          Don’t think that LAW DOSEN’T CATCH UP! Do not mouth yourselves with Blah Blah and then expect to be treated as though that you are above Law !
          Face the fact !

  • Gordon Klock

    Hope Denison’s film gets at least some of the exposure it deserves, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some corrupt legal team, &/or some sort of professional ‘black ops’-type ‘dirty tricks’ squad, finds some way to sabotage it, before it’s release…(if they pull all this crap with such impunity, it might be wise to surmise that they may well have access to all kinds of unseen, scary resources)…


      This is the reason our founding fathers gave us the right to use violence against the government.

      • Don Duncan

        Rights are not “given”. They are recognized. They come with being human. “The right to life” entails self defense, which entails resisting violence with violence.
        Who will protect us when our protectors turn against us? We must protect ourselves from them, by any means necessary, but the best defense is not to empower them in the first place. Stop supporting govt. Stop voting. Stop accepting the myth that badges grant moral authority over others.

        • BRANDONtheSNITCH

          I Stopped voting in 2012. Not one of the people running had my values.


    This is not a threat but a 100% promise rape me and die

    • Damiana

      Oh, for fuck’s sake, Zack – you can go ahead and use your other account again. Just know that you never had me fooled for a second and if you do what you did again, you’re going to have to get a LOT better at disguising yourself because it’ll be YOU that won’t be welcome here… not just the offending “account.”


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        I made sure of it.

        • Damiana

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          Next, you wanna see how close I’ll let you you stick your finger to my face while chanting “I’m not touching you”?


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  • papabear101

    The reason for the cavity search to see if anyone has placed drugs, guns or other things up their bum.
    Yes people do do that in order to hopefully get things to sale in jail.
    Sometimes it is also to hide things they can be charged with having.
    So yes the cavity search does have a reason. It protects the officer and others from illegal objects that someone might be carrying.

    • Damiana

      Spoken like someone who’s never been violated for no reason but to satisfy the sadistic spite of sick perverts with a badge. Fuck off with that badge-licking bullshit!

      • Sillywilly

        methinks he might like it

    • psphilip

      BULLSHIT they NEED proable cause they had none

      • papabear101

        The courts have ruled that when a person is under arrest or otherwise being placed in a cell can be cavity searched if they are going to be with others being held. If you were to read more about what the police are allowed to to to protect themselves and others under their control and not follow the junk some of those who have been protesting claim you might come out ahead

    • Christine F.

      Get your tongue out of the Blue Line ass already, you’re embrassing yourself. Moron.

    • Damiana

      You can flag people all you want, but VERY little gets deleted around here… just spam and bigoted epithets.

  • DaveBeaulieu

    The cop didn’t say “find” something, he said “plant” something!!

  • uKatamitt
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  • Ibcamn

    told you people…cops are terrorists,,rapists robbers and murderers…..nothing more

  • Daryl Kwas

    Anyone know what happened at Wednesday’s hearing? I heard an evidentiary hearing was scheduled before but is that the most updated info (from Wednesday)? This seems pretty straight forward with the video telling a lot but I didn’t hear anything else about the case in the news.


    • uKatamitt

      What is? To open your bunghole on suspicion of having fun in the passenger seat? You’re out of control, dude!

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        Today is the day that the world is laughing.

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