Saratoga, CA — The widow of an 86-year-old Navy veteran who was gunned down by armed intruders in his own home, has filed a lawsuit against her husband’s killers — the Santa Clara County sheriff’s department.

Eugene Craig was gunned down by police as he attempted to shield his wife from armed intruders who’d just broken into his home. The armed intruders were cops.

On Sept. 12, 2016, according to Harue Craig’s attorneys, prior to the shooting, deputies kicked down two doors before opening fire inside the Craigs’ Saratoga home on Titus Avenue.

As KTVU reports, attorneys said their client stated that both she and her late husband were “very scared” and did not know why their doors were being kicked down.

The elderly couple thought they were victims of a home invasion, so Eugene grabbed his .38 caliber revolver and bravely stood in front of his wife as they listened to the intruders come into their home.


When the intruders opened the bedroom door, they saw the elderly vet standing there with the revolver and one deputy opened fire. Although there were multiple deputies in the home, deputy Doug Ulrich was the only one who felt the need to begin shooting.

Eugene died on the scene.

According to police, they were at the home to conduct a welfare check. The sheriff’s office said that deputies clearly identified themselves, called the home phone, and tapped on windows repeatedly before entering.

in spite of their alleged efforts to identify themselves, the couple still didn’t believe them. After all, they were both entirely innocent and cops coming into their home was a far-fetched idea. Any home invader could simply claim they’re the police to easily gain entry into someone’s home.

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The tragic irony of this situation is that police claim they were there to protect the couple, noting that they had gotten word that someone inside the home was in distress. Sadly, this is what happens when militarized police are sent into an innocent couple’s home to check on their wellbeing.



After he killed the innocent elderly Navy veteran, Ulrich was placed on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure in officer-involved shootings in the county.

Naturally, after they killed the innocent man — while ‘protecting’ him — police immediately attempted to justify their actions.

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office said, “By law, officers are allowed to use deadly force when they or others are faced with imminent danger.”

However, the only ones who created the threat of imminent danger were the police. 

According to the District Attorney’s Office, they are still reviewing the incident, noting their office “investigates all fatal law enforcement encounters to determine if the lethal force was legal.”

Welfare checks, as they are known in the United States, are crap shoots that have the potential to explode into violence at any moment. The Free Thought Project has reported on numerous instances in which police have shown up to ‘protect’ someone who may be suicidal or in distress only to end up hurting or killing them.

One such instance is Benjamin Burruss, 58, who narrowly escaped with his life after police targeted him for a welfare check.

As we previously reported, Burruss had not threatened to harm anyone, was not suspected of any criminal activity, and was not mentally ill, when a police tactical team confronted him, surrounded his truck, deployed a “stinger” device behind the rear tires, launched a flash grenade, smashed the side window in order to drag him from the truck, handcuffed and searched him, and transported him to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and mental health hold.

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There is also the story of Kayden Clarke, whose video about living with Asperger’s went viral and touched millions. However, when police were conducting a welfare check on him, after reports that he may be suicidal, they barged into his home and killed him.

Nothing will bring back Harue Craig’s beloved husband. However, her lawsuit will serve as yet another reminder of the effect of police violence on situations that require no force at all. When law enforcement’s only tool is a hammer — everything begins to look like a nail.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.
  • The Cat’s Vagina

    A well-written indictment of the concept of “welfare checks.” I don’t believe for a SECOND that these guys called out their presence and even if they did, they could have waited for a response.

    It’s a tough decision, I know – what if some little old lady were dying alone in there? That’s why cops like this are expected to use common sense in these situations and not treat every scenario like a fucking Rambo movie!

    • Cecilia McKinsey

      I think common sense doesn’t exist at the IQ levels most LEO’s are hired with.

      • PJ London

        The new rule, LEO biceps must be a higher number than their IQs.

    • PJ London

      ‘what if some little old lady were dying alone in there?’ That is what EMTs are for.
      The story does not say what time of day (or night) it was. What the heck is the hurry, sit out on the porch and order some coffee, How many female police officers were there? (Not that they are any better but they sound less frightening).
      All police should be required to wear a new uniform with extra long sleeves, sewn up, and which fasten with a big buckle at the back.

    • Lonnie Hutchinson

      So many cops are out of control they do not live by the same rules we have to. I got beaten by a cop because I had a seizure and could not have intelligent conversation at that point. He lost his job only because of a witness. Oh by the way I found out after he is drunk most of the time.

      • Larry Morton

        I had a seizure, too, and couldn’t talk so the police believed I was drunk (I don’t drink at all) or on drugs (I’ve never done drugs in my life) so they arrested me, charged and convicted me for a DUI! What, they don’t train cops to recognize a seizure when they see one? There are some of us with epilepsy out there, ya’ know!

  • Gordon Klock

    This scary, ignorant, “shoot first” attitude, has become so common, I’m inclined to think it is sadistically deliberate, & once again, during another (purported) “welfare check” (didn’t this couple have a phone, that the cops could call first, before kicking in the door unannounced ? or even yell thru a window ?)….

    • Thebob

      The article says they did…But what justifies them entering the home on a welfare check with weapons drawn.

      • Gordon Klock

        They likely didn’t try very hard, given how the couple was so afraid…

        • Thebob

          I agree, just stating what the article said…My guess if there were body cams review them, they probably didn’t try very hard…But still why on a welfare check are they walking in with weapons drawn…This cop and cops regardless if he had a gun or not should NOT be allowed to be a cop any more….Clearly showed disregard for human life….I am sure he will suffer emotionally but that won’t bring the Vet back…This is why I do not call 911 ever….

          • Kevin Holmes

            a citizen gets killed because he had a lethal weapon in his hand… Don’t agree with this practice and the cops will investigate themselves and will be found not guilty of any offence… acting within policy of the dept… Back to work after investigation presents its findings….

  • Thebob

    Why are they kicking in doors and “clearing” a house with weapons drawn on a Welfare Check….This crap just pisses me off….

    • hbcark

      Welfare Checks are armed and dangerous.

  • chilegirl

    And the citizens get to foot the bill, again. And again, and again, and again.

  • Tom

    When guys are given tools, they feel they MUST use them. And so when you give cops power and guns, it shouldn’t be surprising to see them force their way into innocent elderly peoples’ homes, and blow them away. After all, what good is a loaded gun if you can’t shoot the shit out of people?

  • billwalker

    When will America ‘wake up’ & establish an agency totally separate from the police to investigate incidents where a cop has shot & killed someone who had not commited any crime 😕

  • Robert Ferguson

    they did the same thing to me and my family over some scrap metal but they had the wrong robert ferguson I held the door while my wife called the dispatch and got it straightened out. Scariest 40 minutes of my life

  • old geezer

    If this had happened to my father, I would personally blow the cops head off.

  • jonn

    Who requested the “welfare” check? Let’s hear the phone call recording.

  • Guitar Dude

    The Wild Wild West!

  • JD Juelson

    She needs to file suit against the individual police officers personally. When it comes out of the taxpayers pockets, no lessons are learned and it could happen again. Hopefully, charges will be brought.

  • John Werner

    This Doug Ulrich scumbag ought to be taken out and horse whipped then be tied to a post and shot in the gut with a 22 short & left to scream in agony til he expired. Freaks like this dirtball make every good, law abiding cop’s job a whole lot tougher and more dangerous. Perhaps they should spend some time policing themselves.

  • Kranston Nettles

    If these small-penised Rambos came into my home I would shoot them with a bazooka, then use a flame thrower to char to taste. I like extra-crispy. I dare you to break into my house. Dirt bags. Rot in hell.

  • FreeOregon

    Why not disarm the police?

  • Genevieve Hawkins

    I don’t understand. Who called for the welfare check?