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VIDEO: Cops Ignore Dispatch Calls for REAL Crimes to Unlawfully Hold Innocent People at Gunpoint

Manchester, CT — After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012, Connecticut passed gun laws in April 2013 that made it amongst the most restrictive states in the country. However, residents can still traverse their way through the bureaucratic red tape and legally obtain a permit allowing them to open carry and conceal carry a firearm.

It is the legal right of Connecticut residents to be able to move about freely while open carrying a firearm.

In spite of this legal right and permitting process, Manchester police officers were captured on video unlawfully detaining and handcuffing three individuals. The result is nothing short of infuriating as multiple Manchester police officers are recorded ignoring actual crimes taking place, in order to harass, threaten, and detain three innocent individuals who had committed no crime.

Michael Picard and Dontrell Brown are activists who both have legal permits to open carry firearms in Connecticut. They have both been featured on the Free Thought Project before as they are adamant about flexing their rights.

On May 17, Picard, Brown, and Goodman Brown were getting ready to protest an unconstitutional checkpoint while legally open carrying. However, their legal actions were reported to the police department by an individual who apparently thinks that cops should be the only ones to have guns.

After a citizen saw something, he said something and reported the three men for their lawful actions.

In an interview with the Free Thought Project, Picard explained the incident as it unfolded.

“Dontrell and I were legally and peacefully openly carrying, as we always do, when a caller reported that they were alarmed that we were openly carrying, although, by his own admission, were not threatening, we were ‘friends hanging out’,” Picard said.

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However, instead of just engaging in conversation with the three men who had committed no crime, officers chose to assault them all with deadly weapons.

“We were held at gunpoint, forced to the ground, disarmed, handcuffed, searched, our cell phones were seized, I was knelt on and called by name, making it clear that the officers knew me,” explains Picard, noting that the officers already knew these men had permits and were not criminals.

During the middle of the unlawful detainment and harassment, dispatch comes over the radio to report an actual crime in progress, asking these officers to respond. Instead of immediately halting their detainment of innocent men, the cops ignored the call for help and opted to continue their illegal harassment.

“Dontrell’s car was searched without probable cause and towed when in actuality it was registered,” explained Picard. “We were told we were being arrested and booked for ‘breach of peace’ and put in the back of an 80-degree squad car, with no windows or doors open.”

After being detained for more than an hour, the were then released without charges only to be threatened by the cops who said they were going to sic the state attorney on them.

Police officers acting in a retaliatory manner like the ones in the video below are the reason for so much divide in America today. Instead of protecting the rights of these individuals, the officers threatened their lives and detained them for exercising the very rights they are sworn to uphold.

  • David

    Their car was towed from private property? Police can only tow from public property unless requested by an owner of private property when someone is illegally parked on property that they own.

  • Unity Nowe
    • Nishi

      It’s down.

      • Chris J Herrmann

        back up

  • Nishi

    The person disturbing the peace was Julian DeCicco.

  • Ed

    The officers training must have missed the part where open carry was discussed.

  • David Hall

    What a POS this fucking Julian DeCicco is a pussy for calling to take these mens legal rights to open carry. The POS thugs in blue are the only criminals. And these corrupt scumbags wonders why everyone hates them. All are legal and told so by the dispatch and yet these thugs still play their games and with their God complex and comtempt of cops. Wow!

    • Gordon Klock

      Some of these people are emotionally disturbed, & sadistic towards anyone who is ‘different’. Most of them are on a childish power trip, vicariously enjoying the damage they set in motion against their hapless victims, who they think “need to be taught a lesson” for not being part of their authority worshipping mindset. I’ve had paranoid neighbors call the cops on me for walking around outside my own house, so I know this is not that uncommon, but I wish this sort of cowardly, hidden cruelty was much more socially obvious…..
      ( of course, some cops are so evil, they know damn well these calls are fraudulent, they just enjoy having an excuse to mess with someone-assuming of course, there really was a “call”)….

  • rick

    i say we walk up to them and piotn guns at them and demand they lay on the ground with ther hand s out to ther sides they have no athority to make you do any think that pice of steal on there cheast does not give them that shit .

  • bigremo

    I’m supposed to respect the cowards in blue when they behave like this? We outnumber the police one hundred to one or more, so don’t be surprised when the citizens decide enough is enough and start turning the thin blue line into a thick red puddle.

  • Open carry is an implicit threat to all non-carrying individuals. These cops were, for once, RIGHT.

    • PJ London


    • Calvin Pierce Jr

      But, open carry is the law and officers are supposed to enforce the law.

      • The law is wrong, and open carry is an implicit threat to use deadly force.

        • David

          Since it’s an implicit threat and we have the right to self defense, do we have the right to defend ourselves from any armed police officer? The armed police are an implicit threat after all – your words.

          • The police shouldn’t be armed, either — I think we’ve seen more than enough evidence that they’re not capable of handling weapons responsibly.

  • PJ London

    Get lawyers, sue for millions.
    Retire on the proceeds and walk around all day with open carry, until these idiots get tired of being sued.

  • Ibcamn

    all cops are criminals,every last one of them….criminals

  • Ibcamn

    this is just all theater for the public,the corrupt cops want people,are told to do this for the people to see,the cops are criminals and commit crimes daily against the people for a propaganda moment,these corrupt cops can clearly see they are not a threat,but use this oppertunity to ”get even”with people for carrying a gun legally,the cops want to do this to the people,abd keep doing it,though they know it’s legal,they will do it as a training moment for themselves to look like they are needed in this town,even though they can have guns,these corrupt cops don’t like it,this should have come to an end right away…..these guys should sue the shit out of all involved,including dispatch who didn’t fill in the caller that it’s legal to open carry……all cops are criminals and they prove it every day,every day…