Staten Island, NY — A dramatic video was uploaded to Facebook this week showing an NYPD cop walking toward a man as he points his gun at his face. The man refused to obey the officer, noting he’d done nothing wrong — and, remarkably enough, the cop stood down.

According to the man who posted the video online, Maleek Simmons, he, his cousin, and a friend were finishing up a game of baseball at the park and were walking home. In the beginning of the video, we can see another officer in uniform grabbing one of the men, shoving him to the ground, and removing a bat from his hands.

Simmons claims the officers approached the men and accused them of being in possession of firearms. However, no firearms were found.

As the camera pans right, the officer in plainclothes is seen pointing his pistol at the man filming, repeatedly ordering him to “get on the ground.”

Claiming he had done nothing wrong, the man filming refuses to comply.


“Don’t point your gun at me,” the man tells the officer. “I’m not doing anything wrong… I ain’t getting on the ground.”

After an intense moment, in which we don’t know if the officer is about to shoot or not, he holsters his weapon and walks away. Cleary illustrating that they had nothing on which to detain these young men.

According to police, they were responding to the area because of alleged reports of a large fight and men armed with baseball bats.

The department confirmed that the man in a button-down shirt who pulled the gun on the man filming is indeed with the NYPD. However, no further information about the officers involved has been released.

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A written statement from the NYPD’s office of the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information said officers responded to “911 calls reporting a large fight involving several males armed with baseball bats.”

Staten Island Live reports:

A local law enforcement source with knowledge of the incident told the Advance that the NYPD received a call from a concerned resident who saw about a dozen males walking around the neighborhood with baseball bats.

When police responded, all of the individuals fled the scene with the exception of three males, the source said.

Police drew their guns because at least one of the males put his hand in his pocket, and police were uncertain if he was reaching for a weapon, the source said.

Police ascertained that the males didn’t have weapons, and they were allowed to leave, the source said.

No arrests were made.

According to the police statement, “The officers encountered males in possession of baseball bats. The group was dispersed.”

There was no mention in the police department’s account, however, of any officer pulling any gun.

Naturally, there are people claiming that the men being in possession of a bat somehow makes them guilty of a crime. Indeed, it is entirely possible that these men were up to no good. However, to respond to them with the potential for deadly force, to an incident in which there may or may not have been a crime, is most assuredly against police protocol.

As the Gothamist points out, the department’s patrol guide gives the following guidance to officers about when to draw their weapons:

Drawing a firearm prematurely or unnecessarily limits a uniformed member’s options in controlling a situation and may result in an unwarranted or accidental discharge of the firearm. The decision to display or draw a firearm should be based on an articulable belief that the potential for serious physical injury is present. When a uniformed member of the service determines that the potential for serious physical injury is no longer present, the uniformed member of the service will holster the firearm as soon as practicable.

While many people on Simmons’ Facebook post called out the officer for pulling a gun on an unarmed man who had yet to be accused of a crime, others took the side of the cops.

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“Walking to him while aiming his gun at him was uncalled for,” said one Facebook user.

“When a cop tells u to do something, u f**king do it,” wrote another person.

“Crazy part about the whole thing is the officer was waving his gun around the entire time and once he realized dude was recording he put it away and tried to talk to him … smh. Glad he started recording because he probably would’ve gotten shot foreal …” said another user, highlighting the importance of filming the police.

Fortunately, this situation was resolved with no loss of freedom and no loss of life — the best possible outcome. Now, however, it will be up to the department to hold this officer accountable for his actions — a difficult task at best.

  • James Latham

    Lucky to be alive.

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    The universe consists of 5% protons, 5% neutrons, 5% electrons and 85% morons.

    • Sillywilly

      and the full 85% all wind up on the po po’s payroll? Holy crap, whats the odds on that…must be astronomical.

  • Damiana

    A written statement from the NYPD’s office of the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information said officers responded to “911 calls reporting a large fight involving several males armed with baseball bats.”

    Yeah, I’m calling bullshit on this claim. Every single time a cop is caught just randomly fucking with people for sport, the story is ALWAYS the same. “We’ve had reports of…” yet none of these people ever come forward. Someone should demand to hear those 911 calls and pretend to be surprised to learn they’ve been “erased.”

    • Sillywilly

      they’ll probably state that their retention policy forces them to delete after so many hours or some such crap.

      • Gordon Klock

        They always have some ‘excuse’….

      • Damiana

        …which would seem to defeat the purpose of recording them at all.

        • Sillywilly


    • crazytrain2

      So, you are claiming that there was no report of a fight? I call bullshit on that. Foia request for the call log should clear that up. I am betting there was a call about subjects with Bats fighting. Not saying the over aggressive reaction is warranted, but if multiple subjects ran away when police arrived, I am betting something happened. With that said, You don’t punish the people that didn’t run. I hate that shit. Talk to them, Damn’t! Also locate the caller. No need for guns to be drawn. But with what I am betting was an actual call, the officers can detain any and everyone on scene until it is determined that either crime was committed, or not. That can be done without aggression.

      • WilyArmadilla

        actually, according to the article the report was that someone “saw about a dozen males walking around the neighborhood with baseball bats” not that there was any sort of fight happening. And since they’d just finished playing baseball, it’s perfectly reasonable that they and their friends *were* walking through the neighborhood with baseball bats in hand. Last time I checked though, it was still legal to carry your sports equipment on the street. So I’m not sure why the cops even bothered. As for people running when the cops show up…in this day and age, running may be your only chance to survive an encounter with the cops, especially if you’re a minority.

        • crazytrain2

          The running thing did not work out for Walter Scott. And I know I read about there being a fight. Nothing illegal about carrying a bat, but people fighting with bats is an issue

        • crazytrain2

          Read the article again. There are at least two mentions about “a large group of males fighting with baseball bats.” It is mentioned once in the article and once in the police news release.

      • EMMA


        • crazytrain2

          All caps seems like you are yelling

  • 911 transcripts should be easy enough to get a hold of if they wish to push this.

  • Gordon Klock

    People used to be able to walk around with shovels, bats, rakes, hockey sticks, etc, without getting much, if any, attention from the police, but nowadays, a blind person is liable to get shot, over their seeing eye cane…..

  • psphilip

    demand some on thegroud w/o cause or anything is bullying also drawing you gun and facing into a civilian is violation of procedure.. the big fight was bullshit assuppsoedly everyone ran excpet three men guess innocent men do not flee cops …cops should have a better idea of trouble and being assholes

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    how does a fat retarded piece of shit like that become a cop… the fuck…..cops are terrorists and again,this just proves cops are in fact the bad guys,they want us dead,all cops do……………..

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    only cus he was on camera