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Minnesota Man Arrested, Sentenced to 6-Months in Jail for Having a Windmill On His Property

Orono, MN – For more than a year, we have been following the story of a Minnesota man, Jay Nygard, who is routinely risking jail time because he refuses to remove a wind turbine from his property. Nygard has been in and out of court over the years, and despite a short-lived victory in October, he was recently back in front of a judge facing a contempt of court charge for refusing a court order to remove the turbines from his property.

He did eventually remove the turbines, leaving only the cement bases because removing them would cause structural damage to their house. This was not good enough for the local government, who ignored the advice of three different engineers and demanded that they remove the bases, despite the risk of damaging the home.

This is all that remains of the windmill on Nygard’s property, a concrete footing, in the ground.

On Friday, Nygard was arrested and, according to his son, has been given six months in prison for refusing to remove the base.

According to Kahler Nygard, Jay’s son, his father even attempted to make peace with the county and compromise on a number of different issues, but they ignored his appeals.

“The choices for my dad were to potentially destroy our foundation in the house or go to jail, he even offered an olive branch saying he would add an easement to the deed saying when the house is demolished the pad must be removed, but that was ignored also,” Kahler said in an exclusive interview with The Free Thought Project.

“The base was level with the ground and 4 feet cubed. We removed the top half of the concrete and used a metal cutting tool to remove the top half of the bolt assembly, rendering the structure unusable,” Kahler explained.

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“They say that we have to remove to footing 100% and have it inspected by the city, which we have three different engineers all saying we should just leave it, one of them even does contract work for the city,” he added.

Kahler said that although there are no ordinances against windmills, the county has a personal vendetta against his family.

Nygard has the right to do whatever he wants with his own property, but unfortunately in a democracy such as the United States, the property rights of an individual can be overridden according to the whims of politicians and the demands of uninvolved third parties.

Please share this story with your friends and family in hopes of keeping a good man, whose only “crime” was self-sustainability, out of jail.

John Vibes is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter-culture and the drug war. In addition to his writing and activist work, he organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference, which features top caliber speakers and whistle-blowers from all over the world. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can find his 65 chapter Book entitled “Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance” at bookpatch.com.

  • Remember the ones really in charge are never elected! It is the 1.9 million bureaucrats who have manged to embed themselves in permanent positions of parasitism that ACTUALLY effect peoples lives, (like the man in this article) Agree? ‘Like’ + Share + Comment (even 2 words) Thank you! (y)

    • Being a veteran I can tell you that those civilians have zero knowledge of what they even do on a day to day basis. They have no power.

      I remember an incident dealing with severe inadequate medical care to a group of soldiers that a nurse practitioner found out. She came to me with clear evidence of inadequate procedures in 11 cases fully documented and as we went up the chain of command no one even understood the issue until we got high enough to be told to stfu or lose our jobs. We took it to IG and all they did was move the doctor in question and continue buisiness as usual as well as order us to be silent hence the lack of names. These people are the worst kind of sheep, because they believe that they’re doing good

    • Devin Scott They have all the power because of stupid fucks that give their rights away through fear.

    • Lol no they don’t. They have no idea what they’re doing. Over 150,000 worked on the Manhattan Project. The secret didn’t get out because only a select few were aware of the purpose of the project. A vast majority of bureaucrats simply are there for a 9 to 5 job which they believe is essential and worthy, but they really have no idea what’s going on even one level higher

    • Devin Scott “Need-To-Know” basis.

    • “Need to know” is a little simplistic for the whole of bureaucracy. Most of it is willful ignorance.

    • If the majority doesnt say a shit, why blame the ppl working for the elite, they doing their jobs as they believe they should keep doing. Same goes to any military brach, they believe their saving their people, by killing other people….

  • Truth be told!

    • This should be a society where people can pursue happiness, no matter where they come from.

    • As long as they are HERE legally..

    • Sure, we should write laws that make it legal. That’s how this country was created with immigrants.

    • Laws are ALREADY on the books, they are NOT being enforced. Also this COUNTRY WAS created with immigrants who came HERE legally like my grandparents who came through Ellis island and contributed to this NATION and made THEIR lives and the next generations lives better. Today’s ILLEGALS are looking for hand outs.

  • this is most annoying,i find it repulsive

  • So basically he has the right to do what he wants with his property, but if, and only if, what he wants to do is what the government tells him to do. Thereby making it, not what he wants to do. Seems like a wonderful way to make people believe that they are free, up until the moment they try to exercise that freedom, when it is then quickly revoked and replaced with oppression. Yep, sounds like the land of the “free” and home of the “brave” to me.

    • Nothings changed since the beginning of times. People still allow a central network to influence how they are going to start wars and who will profit from it, The world is so full of hate and sellouts.

    • The countdown to WW3 has already started, but those rat bastards in the fancy fucking suits didn’t tell us when they started

  • This is why Thomas Jefferson fucked up by paraphrasing John Locke “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” he should have kept the original “life, liberty, and property”

  • The crime was no one was making money off of him. Disgusting

  • stoooopid

  • And I sing” I am proud to be an Ameirican,where atleast I know I am free!!!!!

  • No Victim, No Crime!

  • If everyone started building windmills they would have no choice but to accept it. Thats the thing though, there’s safety in numbers. Of course they’d probably implement some type of windmill tax anyway.

    • But unfortunately most of the populations are just careless slaves that want to work to live with what little free time they have. What’s that telling of? That the system feeds on the blind because they are more vulnerable to not question a mainstream view under a monopolized setting. It’s all about knowing who you are a slave to and I’m not sure most understand that we are still just that even with how many rights you think you have.

  • Wow

  • We have major issues with the number of murders across the country, but this town arrested him for a windmill? This is terrible, a shame, and an embarrassment. Shame on them. Take a good man down over a windmill. The logic escapes me Germany is way ahead of us. Windmills are everywhere.

  • Land of the free my ass

  • This has to be over ruled.The judge is insane

  • What an outrage.

  • No stealing the wind!! SMH

  • What was their reasoning behind wanting it removed in the first place was he hurting someone ? Did a jerk neighbor get jealous and complain ? Or omg did the windmill kill anyone? Did the government get pissed they didn’t make any money off this guy BINGO!!!

  • Find the jail he’s at and arrest all involved. Oh, wait what’s that? The military stands by corporations over the constitution that they peach? You do not have to follow the systems terms if you would stop throwing your every move away to a monopolized system that is going to lie to you any way they can. That is the way it works! Con men now control the government. The criminal element is socially transforming our society to not give a fuck. They are pretty much saying even with the information out there we are still going to break the laws and stand by enslavement. Not surprising when all governments have been focused on creating class warfare since the beginnings of times and war building to keep people down to a level that they can not break free of.

  • WTF law is he breaking???

  • Wait until someone in the private sector starts selling these same windmills and then people are going to see what they are giving their rights over to. The dark ages are here!

  • Pay the gov or else !!!!

  • Whether someone complained because they called it an eyesore or if he does not a permit does nit matter. Free do do what you want on your property unless you psyically hurt someone

  • When i read the head line, I was like WHAT THE FUCK…. Isnt USA about freedom and property rights…. ITs all about fcking money, if he doesnt pay for electicity fuck him where it hurts… They want him to demolish his house for more than 1K a month $… Fuck this shit…American citizens needs to wake up and take action, soon they will required to clock in every hour of the day… Its coming….

  • The power Co is the victim …. sheesh

  • Beat the shit out of them Nazi jack booted thugs fucking scum!!

  • Tell me again what country we are in ?

  • Dislike.

  • Matt Felix

  • Those responsible need to be hunted and strung up in the town square like the old days. Otherwise things will only get worse

  • Instead of making knee jerk statements – read more about Jay Nyland. His difficulty with different city ordinances, his neighbors, and local police, go way back. It’s not about living off the grid. Do the research.

  • not right

  • we have very few rights anymore. i see these same issues here in my small town. even down to how you can store bthe bgas for your lawn mower

  • needs to change…

  • So if powered my house with a generator and paid for gas to power my generator would I be braking the law

  • And I thought strata was bad

  • yea this def doesnt seem right…smh

  • This is total BS Gov needs to leave people alone.

  • In many communities across this country one is not allowed rain catchers. The water that falls out of the sky, unto ones on property belongs to the “state” and not the individuals whose property it falls upon. That is state laws and not federal.

  • I thought these things happen only n India.

  • We need a common sense law.

  • Energy nazis….this man should be free. He did nothing wrong.

  • They have a special kind of stupid going on up there, eh.

  • So how does this apply to the Amish, they live off the grid I don’t see them being arrested and jailed in droves, does the law only apply to whoever the government feels like enforcing it upon. Biggest crock ever!

  • And there are assholes that want more government

  • The corporate state is the assumed victim…

  • Well THAT blows‼️

  • Can we arrest ppl for REAL crimes this is BS

  • (Y) + Comment or Share if you have come to the realization that we are only free to do what the government allows us.

    • Hahaha Ron Paul! ?

    • I would NOT use Ron Paul , he is not a good example of Real Freedom

    • i am aware…and i am helpless…please…save me, for the betterment of my ”hood” south c and kenya and the world at large! :/ im just too tired! ;/

    • He represents the INTERESTS of the Ancestors of SLAVE OWNING WHITE MEN .



    • Even Freedom Isn’t Free !! PEACE

    • $$$$$$

    • that’s why I became Vegan no longer part of the problem now

  • Collect rain water. Fish without a license. Yes, freedom is grand.

  • #BernteShares

  • But you can have all the guns you want!

    • No, no you can’t -I can “want” a fully automatic – but , I can’t have one.

    • If you have a clean record, the money, and can pass thru all the hoops you can.

    • The only Autos in the U.S. are ones that were here prior to may 86′ – there are very few, and they are not available “for sale” very often , it’s Rare , when they do come up for sale they start at about $20,000 – caused only by their “rareness”

    • Oh you can’t have a fully auto firearm? You poor baby!

    • All it takes is 15 minutes to go from semi to full auto……https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yBmiWUyTdI

  • OMG.

  • Water basement to be save from flood, all kind of water should also have there freedom, may we not see a heavy rain fall

  • Water basement to be save from flood, all kind of water should also have there freedom, may we not see a heavy rain fall

  • Or go to school without getting shot…

    • I hate this comparison. Like I’m just supposed to roll over and let my rights and freedoms slowly be taken away. All because people in other countries may have it worse.

    • I beg to differ. Columbine. LOL

    • Anyway, a tax supported, compulsory educational system is a symptom of totalitarianism.

  • That meme is almost correct.. I live in Oregon.

  • Unless you want free education health care and insurance.

  • Collect rainwater for you own use. Own a home where a WalMart or a strip mall wants to build. Or own land where a highway wants to go through.

  • Right?

  • Being able to feed the homeless without fear of being mistakenly or intentionally branded as a master mind criminal by the uniformed minions; or being beat, strangled, tazered, shot or murdered by one.

  • The outer limits , remember , we now have control

  • Open a lemonade stand

  • I’m going to. Blow me!

  • Coming soon to country near you!

  • The oppressors must be removed. By. Any. Means. Necessary.


  • Collect rainwater in certain states, have a garden in certain states, raise your own food organically in certain states.

  • Real milk? I believe you mean raw milk. Pasteurization exists for a reason. Not all regulations are bad, some like that one are actually for the benefit of the people, & most first world countries have those. Also why is it people here only defend weed? Coca is illegal for all the same reasons & racist bullshit, & noone defends that plant…. which literally does make people happy. We have yet to find a better anti depressant with fewer side effects than cocaine. Are you going to start defending anti vaxxers next?

    • By “Anti-Vaxxer” I take it you mean “Pro-Freedom of Medical Choicers” ?

    • I mean the scumbags who are bringing back dangerous, lethal, preventable diseases & are directly responsible for thousands of dead children.

    • Looks like they were defending raw milk among other things. I think the point was freedom to make your own decisions. I agree with you on cocain too.

      Basically, I’m all about as little regulation as humanly possible.

    • if it wasnt making people sick, especially children i wouldnt shit a fuck. is all regulation necessary? no. is it all reasonable? of course not. but that doesn’t mean that none of it is. food should have the strictest regulations. sadly to say most people are fucking morons. and until government stepped in and started fining people and making people post signs, things like handwashing were often ignored. and the purpose of a government is to protect the people. i mean if you say raw milk is ok then what about “traditional” sausages, or poultry that you think is fine but has been dead a day or two too long…. the lines have to be somewhere. as fopr the vaccines that is flat out child endagerment,abuse, and a public health risk. no different than someone with hiv donating blood if they disagree with mainstream doctors. these people pick and choose things to suit their cause of the day. vaccines are unnatural but drive a car, i wont get a life saving surgery because its not gods will but they wear glasses, natural immunity is best… lets take immune boosters…..if it wouldnt be so detrimental to society i would say let them be unvaccinated and die of all their beloved diseases…. but sadly those cunts would just spread them around and countless more children, elderly and immune comprimised people would pay.

  • like Woody Guthrie said – “America, where everybody’s so free they have to keep nailing their feet to the ground to keep from flying up in the air…”

  • 5) Make medical decisions for your family

  • Forgot collecting water

  • Cow milk isn’t ours for the taking. It is baby calf growth fluid meant to turn a small calf into a huge cow as rapidly as possible. Dairy, no matter how you eat it, is breast milk from a large bovine animal. And it ALWAYS involves cruelty.

    • People like you are real?

    • In case you didn’t know, cows and goats love being milked. It’s the reason dairy cows are gentler and tamer than beef cows, and why cows are so much tamer than bulls. They get very perturbed if their milking is late.

    • Have you ever had a baby? Do you know what it’s like to have your breasts filled with milk? Dairy calves have their babies stolen from them soon after birth. The mother will cry out for her baby for days and even weeks. Then they milk the shit out of the mother until she dries up and then they hook her back up to the “rape rack” and artificially impregnate her again and so on and so on until her body can’t handle it anymore and then she is sent to slaughter. And it’s all they know in their short, sad lives. Check out the free documentary called Earthlings at http://www.earthlings.com for more information.

    • This happens in the same sort of mass production where laying hens live in 2 cu.ft cages and pigs are raised in total confinement barns.

    • I don’t agree with that either.

    • Not going to stop drinking milk or eating meat but what you said does make sense Megan.

    • From someone whose likely never been within 50 feet of a cow lmfao

    • Robert, I have spent time at farm animal sanctuaries, and I’ve also seen enough undercover videos of factory farms and slaughter houses to last me a lifetime. I think I have a pretty good understanding.

  • Yeah but theres a reason we paaturize. Because drinking raw milk will probably kill you.

    Stop being retarded

    • You realize that in the old days they didn’t have anything but raw milk. It was extremely rare to actually get sick from it. Raw milk is perfectly safe as long as the cow isn’t sick.

    • I work in the food industry and understand how foodborne illnesses work.

      You realize “in the old days,” most children didnt live long enough to reach adulthood, and most people barely made it to 30. If they were lucky.

    • When the milk of thousands of cows is mixed at a dairy, the odds are that some of the cows who contributed were sick. Pasteurization is a good idea for commercial operations. If you have your own goat or cow and she’s healthy, then raw milk is of low risk.

    • So now you’re an expert and that makes you qualified to call people retards? I agree when it’s commercialized in those nasty over crowded farms with thousands of cows being pumped full of antibiotics and hormones that you NEED it. But like Curtis said in the small scale operations that raw milk typically comes from its perfectly safe. My sister ONLY buys that kind and has for YEARS. No issues at all and tastes WAY better.

    • I didnt call anyone any names, i was replying to the original meme posted.

      And again, you have no idea how pasturization works if you think that we need it simply because of commercialization or hormones.

      And lets not forget… Every cow has hormones. Every person has hormones. We have regulatory oversight for a reason. Not to mention that companies dont want to hurt their consumers. Its bad for business.

      Stop falling for scare tactics.

    • Regulatory oversight. LOL

    • Again. I work in the food industry. I know exactly what standards everyone is held to

    • Tarin Indell I didn’t fall for anything. I just think it’s funny how they act like we will all die without the milk being treated but I have yet to hear anyone from my sister’s co-op becoming sick from the milk they buy that has to be labeled raw not for human consumption.

    • We drank unpasteurized milk all my life, until I left the farm at 19 years of age. None of us died or was sick. The cream and butter was fantabulous!!!

    • The plural of anecdote does not equal data

    • Only if there’s shit in it.


  • Collecting rainwater as we speak.

  • The pussies want safety, the real people freedom. It is time for a secession amendment to the US Constitution.

  • Fuck all the Lobbyist, we should make THEM illegal!

  • Savaage Laylaa

  • If you live in the USA, and as long as you don’t hurt any people, then DO ANYTHING YOU WANT !!! Fuck the authorities who imprison everyone for weed and windmills yet let the gun-owning white men shoot at everyone else!

  • Just a thought…raw milk prohibition was driven by the fear of TB which cows could carry and pass to humans.

  • You missed one, collecting rainwater.

  • The only thing free is the air, and much of that is polluted.

  • he challenged their authority, they cant allow that.

  • We do not fight for freedom… $!!!!

  • Only in America :’)

  • Infinity and beyond lol****

  • Matthew!

  • I miss getting that good unpasteurized milk from Young’s Dairy, still head the thick heavy cream on top. Make Butter, Cheese and Butter Milk out of it.

  • collect rain water drive fish hunt

  • Maleah Huskey

  • videogames, maybe some sporting facilities, a punching bag filled with sand, idk….a very sexy hot water shower with like….65 nozzles… a bunch of A LOTOFFOODD!! 🙂
    a bicycle, or 2 bicycles to ride with that special one during the day….and a lot of WIFI!!!!!!!

  • Don’t forget the forced vaccinations, the TSA, the checkpoints

  • live on your own land without first paying the government every year

  • I agree with three of the four examples in this picture! There is no reason, what so ever, to drink cows milk! It’s just another example of the dairy lobbyists trying to convince you that’s it good for you. The only milk a human needs to consume is the milk from its mother, after that’s done there is no other need!

    • Except that it tastes so good.

    • I agree, i know it’s not natural, i nursed both of my kids but they wean. But damn i love a glass of whole milk, whipped cream, eau claires!!

    • Never eat oreos? Wtf

  • Water,food that is thrown out buy stores and restaurants that could go to the people in need.

  • Grow your own garden and raise your own food, drill your own water well or collect your own water, use firewood to cook your own meals! That’s how we started, that’s how well end, for those who are left!!

  • being ticketed for driving without your seatbelt because it’s a “safety issue” but motorcycle riders do nOT get ticketed, because they have the option to ride without a helmet because that’s NOT a safety issue.

  • Travel to Cuba

  • Hanna Joy Mabalay

  • There is something very fishy about this story : The meme is misleading because according to the text, there are no ordinances prohibiting windmills in that county. Something else is at play here and it involves, according to the guy who got arrested, “a personal vendetta.” There is no mention of just exactly what that vendetta is all about. The Free Thought Project.com is, again, publishing BS.

  • Build an affordable and alternative homestead without being subject to backward big brother building codes.

  • and a big list of other things.

  • Freedom in the USA?! Pppfff!!
    That word is not even real in the US! You cant do shit because you get fined or arrested! The only thing u can do is work work and work so that those motherfuckes in the government get rich

  • Suggest homeopathic medication to patients! Just the suggestion itself is illegal!

  • Guess they never heard of a cistern

  • Pretty soon that list is gonna go up and eventually I will comeback in another 5 years to see more on that thumbnail like maybe 4 more squares of more shit that will be ridiculous 20 years ago to ever fear of seeing this horrific nightmare come true -,-

  • Just shoot the fucking politcians to make the jail time worth it.

  • Oh for fucks sake! Can’t collect rain water, can’t camp on your own property, can’t live off the grid. Thank god we live in the USA land of the free!!!!

  • Free to sing ones’ own songs onstage if the venues owner hasn’t paid the fricking royalty mafia.

  • Travel with being stopped and harassed by people with guns

  • Annnnnd unsub

  • ….. have free speech and the right to assemble in a public place.

  • Why can’t you drink real milk?

  • Free to obey. Just say yes, by law government says what’s best, no matter whst you know or believe. Now for all, unlike just say no, that was just for the few.

  • Can’t grow or use psychedelics.

  • And it’s all about the money.

  • Right!

  • we gotta kill lawyers

  • Ride without a helmet or drive without a seatbelt.

  • “Land of the free, whoever told you that is your enemy” RAGE AGAINST THEE MACHINE

  • Tobaccos A plant that used to make me happy, fuckers!

  • Its getting ridiculous now…

  • Operate a motor vehicle for your personal right to travel not a commercially regulated activity!

  • land of the free ?? lol we kiilt like 12.000.000 people and now we call it the land of the free and home of the brave

  • Amen.

  • splais

    this is a really lousy article. How about a little BACKGROUND info Mr. Vibes

    • _neo

      I have to agree with this. It is very much believable, given the history of things, but a few sources would be nice…?

    • Whitt2k1

      Well go read the other articles they’ve posted about it if you want more background.

  • Johnushka

    Eh…(scratches balls)…..No one gets arrested and sentenced in one day. Pure crap.

    • Sister Charlotte

      Do your homework!

    • Benjamin Durka

      Contempt of court is not the same as arresting someone for violating a statute.

  • Travis Juchter

    Even if this is true, it’s super bullshit that tax payer money (albeit very VERY little would go specifically to this guy) for taking care of him IN prison because of some concrete that is in the ground, concrete that is made of rock… IN THE GROUND. Where the fuck has logic gone in this country??

    • Benjamin Durka

      He defied the tyrants. They do not tolerate any defiance.

  • since when is a block of concrete a wind turbine?

    BTW it seems that petty oppression runs amuck where bureaucrats like the letter of the law more than the spirit of the law.

  • Roderick Moore

    Buckets of poop on to the author – your baited article is shit.

    • beancrisp

      FACT: The article is not baited and only people who are not capable of logical thinking think that it is.

  • Alberto Muñoz

    We’ve come to a ridiculous stage in our history. It’s like an enslavement of some sort.

  • Carolyn Pearl

    We haven’t lived in a democracy since Obama signed NDAA and removed out right to habeas corpus and enabled indefinite detention without charge for US citizens. Now that the deck is stacked against people who value their liberty and lifestyle, sad to say, welcome to an Authoritarian America.

    • Benjamin Durka

      Try the Coup of 1963 when the CIA and Johnson assassinated JFK.

    • Dead_Mariner

      Stupid people blame Obama.

  • Brian Berka

    I am all for us having freedoms, and sustainable energy, but I doubt that his “only “crime” was self-sustainability”. This is not the whole story. I suspect that there were either visual or sound related codes that were broken by the installation of his device. Our building codes are in place to protect the rights of all. I hope the codes will continue to evolve, but this story and it’s title are sensationalized and misleading.

    • Rescue Me

      Why are people so willing to immediately doubt this could happen? Usually unfortunate things too, it’s like you guys trust the system to the point of thinking nothing bad could ever happen. Kind of like the Just-World Hypothesis.

      It just makes no sense for a great number of you to be reading this article, a story they’ve been reporting a year before this article’s date, and doubt the author, the events, and the website itself… Why are y’all even here then?

    • GrimR

      Building “codes” are only in place to create revenue for the agency that provides the “permit” via direct fees for the “plan check”, “permit”, and “inspection”, and
      indirect fees through property taxation for “improvement” of the
      property, or via fines and/or citations for not going through their “permitting” process.

      I’ve been involved in obtaining said “permits” for construction for decades, from writing report and plans, to litigation. The ploy about safety of the public or protecting the rights of others is just a ruse, and many fall for it. Make no mistake.. it is ALL about revenue.

    • TheRuleOfLaw

      Did you hear about the guy in Colorado who served a year in jail…for collecting rainwater on his own property?

  • Benjamin Durka

    Welcome to the Fascist States of America.

  • He should have told the judge, “You want my windmill? Come and get it, if you can because you’ll be trying to get it while trying to dodge a hail fo bullets the whole time.

  • Jimi Zubkowski

    I call total bullshit

  • Discus

    what the hell? Why ? Why must he uninstall the turbine?
    what nonsense !
    on what basis are they denied using wind turbines?? utter stupidity !!

  • Linda Tepley-Kean

    It’s not a democracy! It’s a republic! Minn should be sued!

  • Alteriadebris

    really stupid, is weird coming from U.S

    • TheRuleOfLaw

      Why? America is not the land of the free as everyone is told. The American government is the most corrupt on the planet and they have stolen rights that are the American people’s by deceiving them for a long, long time now. The only thing that will fix it is the same thing that fixed it back in 1776.

  • Michael Morris

    Minnesota sounds like a communist state. I would fight them to the death as they are violating their rights.

  • dear freethoughtproject
    the ads you accept and show on this website are appalling and damage any potential credibility you are trying to establish. I know we all need the money to keep the lights on, but this sexist, bigoted bullshit you insist on putting right in the line of sight reflects poorly on you.

  • Rixar13

    Isn’t Extortion against the Law?

  • SeRiOuSLy!!??

    so much for pushing green energy or is it as long as the govt or govt subsidised companies with hundreds of billions being spent is ok. you just can’t do it privately on your own property….let’s get real, we don’t own property anymore, we basically lease it from the govt.

  • Logan5

    He should get a HAM radio license, then the pad could re-designated as part of an antenna support structure and exempt from local law.

  • Rixar13

    Isn’t Extortion against the Law?
    ↑ ↑ ↑
    Orono, MN ← 3:)

  • Kevin Boyle

    Are there any factual links to show he went to jail or that any of this is true? Sorry but 2016 has been the year of fake news stories and I just don’t believe anything anymore without cold hard facts.