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Follow the Money: Senator John McCain’s Ties to Saudis and Rothschilds EXPOSED

Charitable institutions (like The Clinton Foundation), as Judge Jeanine Pirro has stated publicly, often serve as a slush fund for those whose name the institution bears. Pirro called the Clintons’ foundation nothing more than a “money laundering operation used as a slush fund.”  Now, it seems, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and his institution are coming under fire for contributions it has been receiving from the Rothschild family, a controversial global mining company, and the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.

Accusations of financial impropriety first arose back in 2008, when The Guardian first ran the story. McCain was traveling through the UK, and made a stop at London’s Spencer House, where Judicial Watch, noted Washington watchdog organization, objected to the fundraiser luncheon hosted by the Rothschilds. “The question is whether or not the Rothschilds paid for the event, the venue, the catering, or any other related costs,” asked Judicial Watch’s president Tom Fitton. McCain wasn’t successful in defeating President Obama in the election. Yet while his campaign for president is a thing of the past, McCain’s ties to the Rothschilds and others is present day subject matter. Wikileaks has made certain the issue will not go away.

The organization committed to governmental transparency revealed just how close of a relationship McCain has with the Rothschilds. “Close Hillary Clinton friend Lynn Forester de Rothschild (Economist publisher) is a trustee of the Saudi-funded John McCain Institute,” Wikileaks’ tweet reads. And guess what. They’re right again. A quick check of the McCain Institute’s Board of Trustees finds a photo of Ms. Rothschild, as well as her bio. 

Since June 2002, Lady de Rothschild has been the Chief Executive of E.L. Rothschild LLC,a private investment company with investments in media, asset management, information technology, agriculture and real estate worldwide. Holdings include The Economist Group (UK), Bronfman/E.L.Rothschild, real estate and financial instruments. Lady de Rothschild has been a director of The Estee Lauder Companies since December 2000 and The Economist Newspaper Limited (member of the Audit Committee) since October 2002 .

Also worth noting is the list of donors who’ve given $100,000 or more to the senator from Arizona’s institute hosted by Arizona State University. A quick glance reveals at least one branch of the Rothschild family is on the list. “The Eranda Rothschild Foundation – Sir Evelyn and Lynn Forester de Rothschild,” is listed on the institute’s website as a significant donor. Also listed as a donor is the highly controversial Phoenix-based mining company Freeport-McMoRan, whose gold and copper mining operations in West Papua, Indonesia are said to have brought poverty and genocide to the indigenous population.

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“Indigenous tribes such as the Kamoro and the Amungme claim their communities have been racked with poverty, disease, oppression and environmental degradation since the mine began operations in 1973,” writes The Guardian. Since the discovery of gold, and the alleged fraudulent handover of control to the Indonesian government in 1969, the country’s Muslim transmigration plan has resettled militant Muslims who have been systematically killing the Christian Kamoro and Amungme. The resulting genocide has been going on for nearly five decades with very little international attention given to the extermination taking place, often referred to as the “silent genocide”.

Last, but certainly not least, in the list of controversial donors to The McCain Institute, is the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. Yes. That’s right. The country with one of the worst human rights abuse records on the planet is a major donor to senator’s institute. According to Amnesty International, the country where it’s a crime to play a guitar in public, is one of the worst countries to live it one wishes to engage in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The authorities severely curtailed the rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly, detaining and imprisoning critics, human rights defenders and minority rights activists on vaguely worded charges. Torture and other ill-treatment of detainees remained common, particularly during interrogation, and courts continued to accept torture-tainted “confessions” to convict defendants in unfair trials. Women faced discrimination in both law and practice and were inadequately protected against sexual and other violence. The authorities continued to arrest, detain and deport irregular migrants. Courts imposed many death sentences, including for non-violent crimes and against juvenile offenders; scores of executions were carried out. Coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia committed serious violations of international law, including war crimes, in Yemen.

An unconfirmed document, found on IMGUR, reportedly shows the foundation, in 2014, received $1,000,000 from the Saudis and $300,000 from The Eranda Rothschild foundation. And while receiving funds, from organizations one might not agree with politically, is not a crime, keeping those funds may speak volumes about where Sen. McCain’s allegiances ultimately belong.

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One only has to think back to 2001, when the World Trade Center was destroyed, allegedly by Saudi terrorist hijackers, to remember when the New York mayor chose to give back funds he received and considered to be insulting. Rudi Giuliani gave back a check for 10 million dollars to the Saudi Royal Family, a gesture which drew bipartisan praise.

Likewise, the Rothschild family reportedly controls half of the world’s banks. The elitist banking family who has made its fortunes creating paper currency, and lending money at high interest rates, crippling the U.S. economy is seen by many as an enemy of the people. Former U.S. Congressman Ron Paul once said they help control the Federal Reserve, and hand-select all appointments to government committee positions. But it’s still anyone’s guess if the Rothschilds’ man in Washington is John McCain. At any rate, he doesn’t seem to have a litmus test as to from whom he will receive money.


  • Marten

    That despicable human being should be in front of the “firing Squad”….

    • I remember back in 2008 some people on so-called “conservative websites (FR, for example) kissed Juan McCain’s rear end like you wouldn’t believe, never mind his treacherous, & possibly even treasonous, past. In their view he was a “war hero”, he was the GOP nominee, & any & all criticism was obviously an attempt to elect Hussein Obama.

      I was even ZOTTED for my daring to point out how evil Juan McCain was & for my supporting the honorable RON PAUL. Many FReepers had more vitriol for Ron Paul than they did Hussein Obama himself. A lot of them knew how evil McCain was (& still is), but they justified their voting for McCain by saying, “I didn’t vote for McCain, I voted for Sarah Palin!””.

      No you didn’t, you idiot: you just voted for a vulgar, angry CFR globalist who despises Constitutional Conservatives who added Sarah Palin to the ticket in order to make himself look good. Just like w/ Hussein Obama, it was all about HIM, not the goodness of Sarah Palin (who I admire). It’s funny how the people who zotted me & insulted me back then are talking like me now when it comes to Juan McCain. I won’t be holding my breath waiting for an apology or getting my FR posting privileges back.

  • Gordon Klock

    It was McCain, who stated that he couldn’t keep track of how many mansions he owns, & I remember wondering just how boring a person, he could possibly be, has that kind of money, & just buys a bunch of fancy houses, proving the fact that, he clearly has no real imagination, but I guess, if he did anything interesting with that kind of money, they would take it away from him.( or never let him near it)…
    Not at all surprising that he’s connected to the infamous Rothschild cartel, as likely ‘they’ all are…..

  • alexandra

    McCain from the same work camp as bush, obama, pelosi ( soros bff). No wonder they hate Trump he was never one of their picks..

    • ties

      all Globalists and not for the American people…. They should all be held for war crimes

  • Bill Manus

    Imagine that.
    A politician beholden to the Rothschilds family.
    I believe they’ve been doing it a couple of years.

    • William

      I’ve noticed that when right wingers talk about the Rothschilds it’s as code for ‘the Jews’.

      • Bill Manus

        So what’s your problem with “the Jews”?
        I stated Rothschilds,and that’s who I meant

      • junktex

        Oh please spare us the anti-Semitism “card”.There are many Jews that despise Zionism.

  • ties

    John McCain tipped off Yemen that our special forces were coming that got a American Seal killed….. All just to hurt Trump… McCain is a Globalists and commeted treason to the American people

  • gininitaly

    This is a surprise? These are the groups who own your government whether red or blue, their business is to herd us into the new world order that they’ve been working towards for a hundred+ plus years.

    The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bushs, Soros, heads of the FED, Kissinger, the royal families of Europe …through the CFR, Bilderbergs, the UN, Goldman Sachs, CIA, the EU, IMF, World Bank, European Central Bank, BIS and on and on…. and those of you who thought the Trump group would be at war with the NWO, look what he’s actually doing since elected, he’s instigating the way for civil disobedience and national chaos which will be the final chapter… creating the excuse for martial law in America, once that is done… the world is theirs.


    • billdeserthills

      And who were you gonna vote for?

      • gininitaly

        Stein was the only one who didn’t turn my stomach..

        • billdeserthills

          I might have preferred Cruz

  • Steve

    I suppose that explains why we cant get rid of him.

    • William

      The military industrial complex controls Washington.

  • katherine cassell harvey

    He is the most vile sicko creature. He was the cause of 1500 pows to loose there life because he fought tooth and nail against going back to rescue them because he was a traitor and did not want his dirty little secrets exposed. And now we find out he met with the rebels in Syria and Turkey president who had the water stopped so Syrias women and children would die

  • William

    McCain has the blood of many thousands of innocent Muslims on his hands. He also killed Vietnamese people. He should be in prison with the rest of the war criminals.