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Judge Dismisses Charges Against Cop for Molesting 3-yo – Jails Victim’s Dad for Being Angry About It

McAlester, OK – Oklahoma judge Matthew Sheets dismissed three felony child sexual abuse charges against a retired police officer accused of molesting a 3-year-old girl, seemingly ignoring forensic evidence showing that a sexual assault had occurred, as well as evidence of the cop burning the child’s clothing after the alleged attack.

When the girl’s father objected to the manner in which his child was being treated while being questioned by the court, Judge Sheets threw him in jail for a year.

According to a report by Photography is Not A Crime:

Pittsburg County Special District Judge Matthew Sheets dismissed the felony child sex charges against Martin Stites because the girl, now four, was unable to describe in detail how she was molested.

Stites, 57, spent 22 years with the McAlester Police Department before he retired as a lieutenant in 2011. In 2015, he was watching the girl on behalf of the mother.

Because a 4-year-old child was uncomfortable and timid in answering questions about her sexual molestation in open court, with the person accused of sexually assaulting her sitting right in front of her, the judge took it upon himself to dispense with the possibility of allowing the victim to find justice through the legal system.

According to the McAlester News-Capital:

Authorities at the time said a forensic analysis of the child indicated she’d been sexually assaulted. Authorities also said there was evidence to indicate the victim’s clothing was burned after the fact.

It was during the victim’s testimony when things quickly turned ugly. Burns asked the victim if she could identify her assailant in the courtroom. The victim gave an answer, but the answer was not completely audible. Burns said she thought the victim said something along the lines of “I don’t know,” but the victim’s father wanted to point out she had said “I don’t want to look at him.”

When the victim’s father attempted to correct the judge’s misinterpretation of what the child had said, he was removed from the courtroom. While exiting the courtroom the dad allegedly pushed the door open loudly and used profanity, prompting Judge Sheets to have him arrested.

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The McAlester News-Capital went on to report:

After a short break, the father reappeared in the courtroom with handcuffs on as he was escorted by a deputy. Sheets asked him what he said while exiting the courtroom and the father confirmed he used foul language. Sheets sentenced the man to six months in the Pittsburg County Justice Center.

The father then tuned to Stites and used several cuss words to voice his displeasure with him. Sheets then used his gavel to restore order and sentenced the man to an additional six months in the county jail, citing a second violation.

After the father was taken away from the courtroom, the preliminary hearing started again. The child offered testimony, using a nickname for Stites, indicating the individual had touched her with his hand on her private areas. However, many of the questions asked by Burns to the 4-year-old were met with a “I don’t know” response and her telling officials she did not want to answer some of the questions.

After dismissing the three felony sexual assault charges against Stites, Judge Sheets ordered him to stand trial on a new charge of lewd molestation, apparently based on information given in her testimony that was not previously known.

However convoluted Sheets’ rulings may have been, it’s clear is that in May 2015 the girl was taken to a local hospital by a Pittsburgh County Sheriff’s investigator, where it was determined by a nurse that the 3-year-old had been sexually assaulted. When another deputy went to Stites’ residence to collect the child’s clothing, they discovered that the accused had burned the diapers the girl had been wearing.

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It seems extremely odd, or intentional, that neither of the Pittsburgh County Sheriff’s investigators nor the nurse from the hospital were called to testify, in essence leaving a 4-year-old abuse victim’s testimony on the stand as the sole source on which the judge ultimately base his decision.

Who made the decision not to call the nurse or the investigator; and for what reason?

The forcing of a small child of 4-years-old to testify in open court about a traumatic incident that happened when she was 3 is morally reprehensible. To dismiss the three felony charges, due to the child’s lack of ability to testify is a complete injustice and degrades the remaining fabric of legitimacy the justice system claims to hold.

Judge Sheets’ actions show more interest in asserting control and power over those in his court, than for actually providing a modicum of justice for a small child allegedly abused at the hands of a former police officer.

Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

  • Disgusting! Take matters into your own hands, fuck the justice system.

    • Exactly, I’d have a cop and a judge to murder, possibly the mother as well.

    • And the piece of shit’s lawyer too!

    • If this continues, it will only be a matter of time before vigilante justice takes place

  • Someone should sack the judge and take to the streets and protest

  • Another case of “Blue privilege”. Sick!

  • There is no justice here.

  • FTP!!!

  • This was a WHITE AMERICAN, A COP!!! KKK sounds familiar to me reading this “KKK-judges” verdict!!!! SAD AMERICA!!!!

  • That’s not a judge…………that’s a loony!

  • pricks

  • Correcting a judge based on misinterpretation is not grounds for being thrown out of a court room. correcting a judge is the most appropriate course of action.

  • Fuck these fucking pigs and their Judge ring leaders

  • No such thing as justice. I would expect nothing less from our”legal” system

  • So wrong. May he repent and beg for forgiveness there will be justice in the end

  • “Because a 4-year-old child was uncomfortable and timid in answering questions about her sexual molestation in open court, with the person accused of sexually assaulting her sitting right in front of her” A 4 year old child should NEVER have to sit in a courtroom with a person accused of assaulting them. That is OUTRAGEOUS and UNJUST. That judge should be terminated. Immediately.

    • Wrong. this is not the issue. everyone has the right to face their accuser. Age and crime should have zero impact.

    • its law where i live for a child to not be physically present at such cases, video linking works just as well and btw aaron your talking through a hole in your arse

    • Respect.

    • Barry Leaper and never let him unattended with children either… just saying…law or no law -> wrong is WRONG!!!

    • Aaron Stephenson BULLSHIT. One of the reasons children become victims is because they are easily intimidated. The justice system should NEVER aim to further victimize and requiring children to testify in open court, face-to-face against a perpetrator is injurious. You are totally off base here.

    • Barry Leaper Aaron is either a troll or a pedophile.

    • Aaron Stephenson… You don’t have to have a kid to know that what you just said was horrendous. For being a conspiracy nut, you should know that.

      Poor kid 🙁

    • Should be looking at the judges recreational habits. Got to wonder what kind of animal thinks that is okay

    • This breaks my heart. The system is beyond fucked up. That judge is just as guilty!!! My heart goes out for the little girl and her family. P #destroyeroflives

    • here is onefor you, if you take say your electric company to court, who the fuck do you face, apart from the fact your comment is really wrong, you know looking from the outside america is really fucked up, ive read so many things that indicate that children have very little rights over there, in fact it seems that none of you have all this freedom you keep hearing so many loud mouths on social media bang on about

    • They did the same shit to my daughter. They indicted my x. Who also admitted raping his own 2 daughters and making them watch porn. They dragged my daughter through the mud. Made her testify to the grand jury in front of him and wudnt let me be in the court room. He is a huge, intimidating male whom my daughter saw choke me out and power slam me on the hood of the car by my neck. She cudnt do it without my support in the room. The son of a bitch got off scott free. Im so fucking disgusted!

    • I watched a guy who had been raping his 4 yr old daughter since she was 8 months old straight tell the judge it was her fault. He got time served for 60 days in jail and 2 yrs probation. The stoner with an 8th after him got a year in prison and 5 yrs probation.

    • US has Gone Crazy-When God wants to Destroy some one He makes them Crazy.

    • Heidi Medel Omg….. time for change is here!

    • Aaron Stephenson mate…you follow AnonHQ and write this?….If you don’t get the point you need help.

    • Heidi Medel so messed up 🙁

    • This world is fucked. I will never go to the system again. A 10 gauge slug is going to be my reply to the next sadist hurting the ppl I love. I will go to prison before one more son of a bitch gets away with hurting people.

    • I already did 5 years for 3/4 an ounce of weed.


    • Where was the case worker and child advocate from DCS? All of this should have been in their report.

    • exterminate the judge!

    • In any civilized jurisdiction the child would have at least testified from behind a screen. What sort of third world backwater was this place?

    • I can barely stand to read the kinds of things that go on in the backwoods of our country. There are so many wrong and sick things that take place because of lack of education. That judge should never have been appointed in the first place.

    • Adas Kiezun Nah, I’m just strongly in favor of weighing heavily towards innocence, People say kids are easily intimidated, they can also be easily coached. And there is precedent for that too.

      I’m in favor of a kid being out of the court room or testifying over video, that would be the same as the accused facing their accuser.

      Also, stop throwing kids around like argumental props, it’s just as despicable as what this guy did, only it’s socially acceptable. See the problem? You bring up arguments to me, it better be devoid of emotion

    • Aaron Stephenson He isn’t “throwing kids around like argumental props” he is addressing what you wrote: “Wrong. this is not the issue. everyone has the right to face their accuser. Age and crime should have zero impact.” Now you are saying something different. Make up your mind.

    • Asha Miller good point…I would move….in fact I did….

    • Aaron Stephenson easily coached by FUCTARD PAEDO’S!!!!! Stop chatting bollocks…firstly protect the kids you moron….victims deserve better than the twisted fucks that abuse them. What the hell is wrong with you? Methonks thee doth protest too much…your comments are full of holes….

  • wtf?!?! Are you kidding me????

  • All the judges are retarded… Thats why they choose to judge……

  • follow the money on this one…

  • I would Execute that Molester Cop one day all my myself!

  • judge is a paedo

  • The American “Justice” system is a crime against humanity. Over half the time in an American courtroom it is the Judge, the DA and the cops who are the real criminals.

  • get rid of that useless judge. He is disgusting and hasn’t a clue how to run a court with a child in it

  • complete lack of justice!

  • The question is what are we going to do about it. Strength is numbers, lets get organized.

  • There is no justice in the “justice” system

    • you are spelling it wrong. it’s. ” Just us”.

  • So sad.

  • Yet more proof this country has gone insane

  • Judges, Prosecutors, cops. All on the same side with no interest in justice as a rational person would describe it. If you don’t believe me visit any courtroom in this country to witness their antics for yourself.

    • Exactly…You can have undeniable proof and they still call you guilty…

    • I have witnessed it to many times. Unless you have money for an attorney you’re screwed.

    • Look at the accused in this case. Former cop, so cops are on his side along with the prosecutor, his pal the judge and his defense lawyer. Not one of the mentioned has any interest in getting this sick bastard convicted. A four year old kid and her father against all that! Vigilante justice is coming, just don’t let them take your guns away.

  • Daria I agree they are never to be in OPEN COURT AT AGE 4

  • And this is justice

  • Is that a rhetorical question?

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  • First thing that comes in to my mind, an organised gang of pedofiles, and by the sound of it, the gang are in high places, but hey, that can’t be true, can it ???

  • HELP US get this story out. We need your help, Please ‘Like’ (y) + Comment + Share

    • Yes these children need us to be their voice

  • Outrageous!! I would have cursed the man too. Blue club rules r over the top ridiculous

  • So disgusting. The father punished for protecting his daughter.

  • Absolutely horrendous treatment of a child and her family, investigate the judge!

  • if there was evidence the sob needs to die and if the kid is can say this bad shit happen yes thay need to go to court kids lie but the evidence show he did it good the kid dont need to be there dna dont lie

  • Contact information for the Not-So Honorable Judge Matthew Sheets (Special Judge) :
    Pittsburg County Courthouse
    115 E. Carl Albert Parkway
    McAlester, OK 74501
    (918) 423-6651

  • the judge is one as well a molester

  • Sickening

  • This is absolutely appalling, that judge must be investigated!

  • He wouldn’t be alive today if it was my child.

  • There is no justice in America. The whole system is broken. 🙁

  • Eye for a eye !

  • If that were my daughter I would find that man and……..

  • Is this judge Matthew Sheets? Google him his judgements are insane. Our systems are broken. MEDICAL AND JUDICIAL… Sad

    • What a nasty fat fuck. I hope it is because best believe I will be finding someone to write this about

    • his pic look like a dick that look a little boy

    • You should see the full judge sheets. He has no right judging people…

    • How can a pimple faced kid be a judge?

    • He’s probably a child molester too. He looks like one!!!!

    • Yeah they stick together… I hear.

    • He does look like pedo him self!!!!

  • thugs

  • They are profit organizations now… They will do what makes them money.

  • First the Perv and then the judge, may justice prevail. 🙁

  • wtf is wrong with common people nowadays?

  • This kind of thing happens everyday, all over the country. This is way the all have metal detectors for the peasants to walk through before entering.

  • Bet the judge is a pedophile and s purveyor of child porn. He should be investigated for crimes against minors.

  • It is at this point, that I, as a parent, would be likely to turn to vigil anti justice.

  • Wow. Judge on a power trip.

  • I see this as abuse of power

  • protecting their own. facts don’t lie, they should hang the cop, and that judge.

  • we need more “street justice” in this country. you wont find any in the court system…

  • Try appealing to a higher court

  • W.T.F. is it with judges in Penn. Kids for sale to prisons and this judge intentionally allows the predator and rapist to intimidate a four year old child – ALREADY A RAPE SURVIVOR – IN A COURT ROOM.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What the hell is that judge doing being a judge? What if it was his daughter or granddaughter. He’s a pig!!

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  • I think that the FBI might be interested in this trial, and maybe a permanent disbarment for judge… People have to voice their complaints to the FBI!! And the department of Justice and maybe get some civil liberties lawyers involved!!

  • This judge needs remedial action.

  • Someone needs to murder that cop and judge.

  • #Bullshit #ftp

  • Sounds like the police had something on the judge!

  • What the hell is a “special judge”? Stites’ defense attorney Beaver is a partner in Sheets’ law firm. Good ole boys club in action again.
    Bastard was sworn in just last year: http://www.mcalesternews.com/…/article_1d5ece90-9b30…

  • Shameful that the system is failing

  • Who was the “judge”?

  • That’s not justice,that is saying child abuse is ok, and parents have to put up with it

  • Why does the so called “Free Thought Project” censor tor addresses? Hmm?

  • Julie Brownlee

  • This is complete injustice! The judge should be disbarred and put in jail for abusing his power and for allowing the testimony of the girl to be approached the way it was.

  • Something needs to be done about this. The world is full of killers, why dont child rapist cops make someones list?

  • Oh,..Oklahoma,…how far have you fallen,…

  • Shoot this motherfucker.

  • FUCKING bullshit

  • You need to understand the symbiotic relationship that exist between the justice system and law enforcement and the prey, I mean the people/subjects. Once you do the things that disturb you about police, judges and their protectors the politicians will all dissipate into the same black hole as do your taxes and your votes.

  • Lord God be with us

  • If this isn’t warranting of street justice, I don’t know what is.

  • Then they wonder…sickening

  • The system is broken beyond repair. Wake up America!

  • Are your children not allowed to testify via video link? This case is outrageous. Mathew Sheets needs investigating

  • The judge is probably a nasty pervert just like the accused this is sickening

  • SIGH…..WTF. Cause he is a cop.

  • Who said there was true justice in the U.S.

  • Judge must be in the cops pedo club

  • Contempt of Court. Jail etc. How can you not have contempt for a court and judge like that. Open your mouth and you are history. Kinda makes you long for the days of frontier justice.

  • So, what do people do when there is no justice.

  • What?

  • Whack the guy and don’t get caught .. Good luck

  • You guys in the us really need to stand up and shout, stand together and change this shit.

  • As usual, I feel violent, but then again I may just be another damaged vet with PTSD…

  • America is a sickening country.

  • This is a f***ing OUTRAGE!

  • Yep. In the past decade, Ive seen baby raping pieces of shit get a slap on the wrist. That’s why i hate the system. They victimized my daughters over and over. The system might as well have sexually assaulted them. Smfh

  • Why were you looking for fairness or justice in courtroom?

  • God, Please have mercy on this family. The trauma they are living will haunt them forever. Help them find justice and know resolution. Amen.

  • Publish his picture and one of the Judge and see how they get on with the public

  • the judge was obviously a paedophile aa well

  • Find him and hang him

  • Who wants to make a documentary for Netflix?

  • Are they fuckin serious? Who puts a 4 year old in the dock of a court to answer questions? What a fucked up country

  • we are headed toward the downfall of society

  • Someone had to go to jail to oil the private prison machine.

  • Of course it isn’t. Isn’t there a law against having young children testify in court?

  • I would keep my cool and start digging a hole.

  • Absolutely sickening…..any father would be ready to KILL if this was their child.

  • sickening

  • Karma.

  • probably the judge was a part of the same paedophile ring as the cop.

  • The sick fucking judge was wanting to hear it ,, to listen later,, by his-self in his chambers,, Sick FFUCKK

  • Frustrating as hell.

  • good Christian judge….

  • Sick sick sick justice system.

  • I hope to see a post about a horrible death for this piece of shit and the judge.

  • if i was the dad id kill the attacker

  • It’s difficult to like this story.

  • Horrible I’m tired of this judicial system it’s a joke


  • As long as they get money ftom somewhere. No Justice!

  • This raises some questions about the judge and a few other people concerned.

  • Every other professional can be held accountable why not judges.

  • Some one payed off that judge.

  • But this is public info. Hon. Judge Matthew Sheets (Special Judge)

    Contact Information

    Pittsburg County Courthouse
    115 E. Carl Albert Parkway
    McAlester, OK 74501
    (918) 423-6651

  • just wrong

  • the judge probably the same way likes little kids

  • The judge and cop must have been related.

  • What a POS of a judge and cop. Both sould be hung

  • wtf??

  • Only in America! Where everything’s a ratings game!

  • This judge is worthless.

  • When the law won’t work for you, show them a new kind of law. You molest children, you die. No exceptions.

  • Hell no that isn’t justice

  • Well the judge should be jailed!

  • this is how f-up the us legal system is

  • I only feel rage when I hear this.

  • Has the world gone nuts???

  • Don Daniel

  • How can the father be sentenced to serve 12 months without a trial? Gosh, I don’t know enough about courtrooms. It seems to violate natural law to me. I guess that doesn’t matter one bit.

  • just? fair? any moron should know it’s not going to be tolerated… a bit smarter maybe to do the swearing under your breath… and maybe not put so much faith in the system as to presume it’s going to be fair and just… cos often, it isn’t!

  • Dennis, you ever been in front of a judge? In that courtroom, he is god

  • I told my kids if anyone ever touched them, I would kill the pediphile, that person wouldn’t see a court date.

  • I thought that after the witch hunts if the 80’s and 90’s children were questioned in a closed circuit system??? who in their right mind questions a 4 year old anyway????? I wonder if they know the true meaning of revenge?

  • Disgusting.

  • This judge should be beaten publicly. Each citizen gets to smash him in the face with a hammer or brick.

  • The Judge should be put in prison.That poor baby and her family

  • They all need to be locked up al of them

  • Disgusting.

  • Her father was removed from the court room, no wonder she was too afraid to testify! In the courtroom with her attacker, with her protecter taken away in handcuffs! What a crock of shit!

  • Sick. Sad. Twisted.

  • KARMA will have a say in this


  • Looking for justice and found just-us. All in time.

  • Maybe if we just keep airing our grievances with our elected officials, this stuff will stop.

  • This is why people lose their shit and make their own justice. Pedos walk almost always with very little jail time. The judge must be into kids, too. Sick twisted world.

  • A Puppet judge!

  • We have a lot of judges who sell their verdicts and need to be in general population doing hard time .

  • This is why vigilante justice exists.

  • Concerned citizens should go after the asshole judge and teach the bastard a hard lesson. Make him pay for his arrogant abuse of authority.

  • Additionally, concerned citizens should be outside of the jail and courthouse protesting each day the father is incarcerated instead of just entering commentary to a posting. There has got to be an adequate amount of action to achieve desired results. Without it, the commentary is meaningless.

  • Sick corrupt scumbags

  • They punish the victims not the perpetrator when the perp works for the state. Absolutely despicable. Judge should be disbarred immediately and the sick child molester should be in prison for life. Nope..not in an American court…just the victims dad for being outraged at the corrupt judge. Sick.

  • Sally jeez, what the hell is going on with our legal system?

  • This is upsetting me so bad I had to stop reading it. I will come back & finish reading it when I have calm down.

  • So let’s hang the stupid fucking judge and gut shoot the cop!

  • That was disgusting that judge should get disbarred and the cop should get jail time they think they are above the law

  • Outrageous, the judge should be arrested for siding with a criminal and condoning rape of a baby!!!

  • How long can cops keep getting away with committing a crime? Why do they deserve any better treatment than the common folks? Makes me MAD!

  • Piece of shit both the molesting monster and the judge!!!!!

  • Another brain surgeon judge.

  • If that was my kid the ex police officer would have never made it to court!

  • Judge is probably a molester too, so he thinks nothing of it.

  • No law could ever protect a person from me if my child was ever hurt in any manner!!!!!

  • Put the F*ing Judge in Jail, for ‘not’ Doing his Duty!!!

  • This is sick. A mans need for control retraumatises a child and her family who were initially traumatised by a man in control. Morals? Where the hell are they?

  • Really? What a huge injustice!

  • toss the judge

  • The judge and the cop should have a bullet put in there head.

  • Beatrix Muircastle

    why the mother?

  • Melissa Reed

    Ok this whole story just infuriates me! So I did a little Google-ing and lo and behold! Look what I found. The contact info for this P.O.S. judge!
    Pittsburg county District Court
    Special Judge Matthew Sheets
    122 E. Carl Albert Parkway McAlester, OK 74501
    Telephone: (918) 423-4859
    Facsimile: (918) 429-0945
    You know what to do!

  • Josh Wark

    Sad how this story is not on any mainstream news site.

  • Charles Demkowski

    They both need molested with a baseball bat

  • joe

    Bastard from Hell. Pig piece of shit.

  • Sheree Honeyflower

    Oklahoma where gays are seen as vermin and pedophile cops are heros.

  • Grimm Warden

    This is some sick shit.

  • Brian Curtis

    In contempt charges the judge is to allow defendant to “cure” the contempt: to make it right and to apologize. Even if without that a few hours at mo would have helped the guy get control of himself (if that’s what a father actually needs in a cases like this) a day maybe, even a week is a long sentence for contempt. A year! This father whose daughter was molested by an officer of the court and then forced to face her abuser alone from the witness stand was justifiably outraged. The judge is clearly of the same filthy cloth as the cop: no empathy for the child or the father.

    • Michael Morris

      Uh, not direct contempt. I agree, though, this judge love pedophiles and hates fathers. What a disgusting piece of garbage is this judge.

  • Michael Morris

    This said ‘preliminary hearing’. IF that’s the case, and it’s like it is in Ohio, then this isn’t the end of the line. The prosecutor can take the case to the grand jury. Heck, in Ohio, the only reason to have a preliminary hearing in a matter like this is if you want to keep the suspecte locked-up and/or on bond controls until you have time to present the case to a grand jury.

    Shame on that poor excuse for a judge, though, setting (an alleged) child molester free while locking-up the protective parent. Maybe this judge wants to make sure the child is helpless the next time the cop wants to rape her? (yes, hyperbole, I’m just angry)

  • Joe White