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KARMA? Cop Who Filmed Himself Raping Women & Children On Duty, Found Killed in His Cell

Ste. Genevieve County, MO — On Saturday morning, Ste. Genevieve County Sheriff’s Major Jason Schott announced Marty L. Rainey, a former Gasconade County law enforcement officer facing state and federal charges involving a series of assaults on women and children, was found dead in his cell.

The sheriff’s office is remaining tight-lipped on the details for now, only saying that “At this point, it appears to be a suicide, but the investigation is ongoing.”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports:

Asked if Rainey had been on suicide watch, Schott declined to answer, citing the ongoing investigation and saying he would not answer any specific questions. He said that video from jail cameras was being downloaded and staff was being interviewed.

For years, this predator used his badge and gun to inflict his sick desires on countless victims.

In August 2014, a co-worker discovered a thumb drive belonging to Rainey that contained photos and videos of his victims. Police then raided his home seizing multiple computers, cameras, flash drives, and other storage devices.

According to the court records, Rainey used his authority to sexually abuse women and children. He was indicted on multiple counts of felony deprivation of rights on the color of law for crimes involving “acts of aggravated sexual abuse” against four women and the enticement of a minor to engage in prostitution.

This ‘hero cop’ was also charged with multiple sexual assault counts and acceding to corruption by a public servant as well as statutory rape and use of a child in a sexual performance.

As if the horrific abuse of authority on women and children wasn’t bad enough, Rainey also went after the mentally ill. In promising to help a mentally ill woman who’d been the victim of a crime, Rainey began to stalk her and send her sexual pictures. He then told the mother if she wanted help solving her crime, she’d have to force her young daughter to strip for nude photos.

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According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Rainey wasn’t alone in his abusive endeavors.

Rainey’s friend, Jonathan Pohlmann, 47, pleaded guilty Monday to a federal charge of conspiracy to violate civil rights. Although his plea agreement was sealed, he was accused of conspiring with Rainey to “injure, oppress, threaten, and intimidate” women with whom Rainey came in contact while on duty. The acts “resulted in bodily injury,” charging documents say.

One need only perform a simple Google search to see the atrocities carried out by this nation’s public servants. On a daily basis, police officers make the digital blotter with stories of sexual assault, molestation, child porn, and worse.

Not only are police involved in the illegal version of rape, but they are not afraid to legally rape individuals in search of a plant. Last year, the Free Thought Project reported on the horrific case of Charnesia Corley, who had her vagina penetrated by police in a public parking lot because they smelled weed.

It is no wonder that if this group of people can consciously carry out forced vaginal rape in search of a plant, that they are far more likely to commit sexual assault than the average American.

The rates of sexual assault and domestic battery within the ranks of police officers are almost double that of the average citizen, according to a study conducted by Bowling Green State University.

The Free Thought Project covered 40 cops involved in different incidents from child rape to sexual abuse in just a 30-day period.

Oklahoma cop, Courtney Schlinke, racked up dozens of rape and sodomy charges after being caught sexually assaulting children.

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Sgt. Martin F. Zaloga Jr., an 18-year veteran of the Albany County Sheriff’s department resigned after he was connected to another officer in his department who sexually assaulted a child while working as a school resource officer. Zaloga, who was somehow put in contact with these young girls and began sending them sexually explicit messages.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer, Clarence Thomas Jr., was arrested after it was found that he was having sex with students at the high school where he was also the football coach.

Cody C. Smith, a former deputy with the Cache County Sheriff’s Office pleaded no contest to forcing children to have sex with him.

A Colorado deputy, whose name is being withheld to protect the victim, is facing charges of aggravated incest. The reason the court will not release his name is because the victim is his young daughter.

Dallas police officer, Oscar Araiza, 41, pleaded guilty to raping a sleeping woman. But thanks to a plea deal, likely stemming from his cop status, Araiza never served one day in jail, nor will he be required to register as a sex offender.

31-year-old Jeffrey Adgers Jr., of the Connecticut Department of Corrections, was arrested and charged with second-degree illegal possession of child pornography.

Last year, the Mount Pleasant Police Chief, Brian Fanelli, pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography.

Mark David Wallevand, 42, of the Fargo Police Department was charged within days of Fanelli with a felony count of promoting a sexual performance by a minor and five felony counts of possession of certain materials prohibited.

And the list goes on.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.
  • Phillip Marsh

    Fucking pig got what he deserved.

  • paschnn1

    Think about it; If we were able to mete out justice to all treasonous cops/military this quickly, cleaning out the Central Banks, Wall Street and .C. could be done almost entirely blood-free. This is the filth we have allowed to run our country/lives. Damn shame.

  • Willie Gordon

    These fukn scum are meant to uphold the law, and because of this must be held to a higher standard than others, and because of this, their punishments should be much much more severe than others. as a warning to the rest.

  • Cam Alft

    no justice here…wonder if it was the union reps or the cops who but the hit out on him to keep him quiet or from him spilling the beans on something bigger going on…hmm…only way for this cop to be dead in his cell would indeed be from another cop or the failure to watch him being murdered in that cell,either way the cops are involved in it,just wonder who but them up to it…..still think your friendly cops walk on water people……….not even close…….

  • Ed Martin

    “The whole Good Cop / Bad Cop question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or listen to someone’s anecdote about his uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop.

    We need only consider the following:

    (1) A cop’s job is to enforce the laws, all of them;
    (2) Many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked;
    (3) Therefore every cop has to agree to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked.

    There are no good cops.”

    — Robert Higgs

  • Austin Morris

    I don’t want to hear about how innocent cops are anymore. None of them are innocent. Even the ones that are innocent are not innocent. Guilty by association.

  • Doug

    Great list toward the end. I appreciate your hard work. I read a lot of articles on topics like this and a large number of writers seem to have only made it through middle school but I know it’s going to be a good article when I see Matt Agorist.

  • AnnaBella Thompson

    sick fuckers

  • Paul Larkin

    dont paint them all with the same brush ,it was a cop that turned him in usmc vet

  • NY

    Good article, but by saying “40 cops involved… just a 30 day period” shows bias. 40 cops out of how many in the areas you covered? Then your list shows a lot of incidents, but how many were under the cover of the badge?

  • shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend

    Most Police Officers are Good . Please don’t assume that when some do wrong ,that all are the same .