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JFK’s Nephew Blows the Whistle on Syria — ISIS is a Product of US Intervention for Oil


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. delivered a searingly astute summation concerning the truth behind the U.S.’ presence in the Middle East — its subservience to the fossil fuel industry’s most precious commodity: OIL.

“As we focus on the rise of ISIS and the search for the source of the savagery that took so many lives in Paris and San Bernardino, we might want to look beyond the convenient explanations of religion and ideology and focus on the more complex rationales of history and oil, which mostly point the finger of blame for terrorism back at the champions of militarism, imperialism and petroleum here on our own shores,” Kennedy advised in an editorial for Ecowatch.

Kennedy’s critical look at the United States’ history of meddling, interventionism, and hegemony — almost exclusively to maintain the flow of oil — makes apparent its role in destabilizing the entire Middle East, particularly Syria. Indeed, more than fifty years of violent intercession — ultimately in the interest of the fossil fuel industry — has stoked enormous resentments. Essentially, American geostrategic corporatism — under the guise of militaristic peacekeeping — created the same violent Islamic Jihadism the U.S. now battles against.

Beginning during the Eisenhower Administration, Arab sovereignty and the Middle East nations’ Cold War neutrality were perceived as threats to American access to oil.

First in the order of business for Eisenhower’s Presidency was Iran’s first elected leader in 4,000 years, President Mohammed Mosaddegh. Mosaddegh’s desire to renegotiate Iran’s unfavorable oil contracts with British Petroleum led to a failed coup by British intelligence — whom he promptly expelled from the country. Despite Mosaddegh’s favorable view of the U.S. — a model of democracy he sought to employ for Iran — Eisenhower, with the aid of the notorious Allan Dulles, ousted the leader. “Operation Ajax” deposed Mosaddegh and replaced him with Shah Reza Pahlavi — a leader whose bloody reign culminated in the Islamic revolution of 1979 “that has bedeviled our foreign policy for 35 years,” Kennedy wrote.

Perhaps one of the larger threats lay in Syria’s reluctance to approve the Trans Arabian Pipeline — intended to cross Syria in order to connect Saudi oil with ports in Lebanon. When the democratically-elected, secular Syrian president balked, the CIA engineered a coup in an attempt to replace him.

“The CIA’s plan was to destabilize the Syrian government, and create a pretext for invasion by Iraq and Jordan, whose governments were already under CIA control,” explained Kennedy. It did not work. An astonishing failure, anti-American riots and violence erupted across the region. Syria barred several American attaches, and then outted and executed all officials who harbored pro-American sentiment. Indeed, the U.S. very nearly sparked all-out war with Syria over the incident.

Repercussions from that attempted coup — as well as more successful installments of puppet regimes elsewhere — still play out in foreign policy and geopolitical dealings in the present. A more ‘successful’ leader removal and replacement involved a name everyone in the U.S. is familiar with: Saddam Hussein.

After failed attempts to depose Iraq’s leader, the CIA ultimately installed Hussein and the Ba’ath Party to power. As Kennedy noted, Interior Minister Said Aburish once said of that plot, “We came to power on a CIA train.” James Critchfield, the CIA Station Chief in charge of the both the successful and failed coups, later said the CIA had essentially “created Saddam Hussein” — also supplying him weapons, intelligence, and chemical and biological weapons.

“At the same time, the CIA was illegally supplying Saddam’s enemy — Iran — with thousands of anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to fight Iraq, a crime made famous during the Iran Contra scandal … [M]ost Americans are unaware of the many ways that ‘blowback’ from previous CIA blunders has helped craft the current crisis.”

While Americans widely believe the mainstream press’ and governmental narrative that the current U.S. role in Syria amounts to humanitarian goals, beginning with the Arab Spring in 2011, “Instead, it began in 2000 when Qatar proposed to construct a $10 billion, 1,500km pipeline through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, and Turkey,” Kennedy explained.

“The proposed pipeline would have linked Qatar directly to European energy markets via distribution terminals in Turkey which would pocket rich transit fees. The Qatar/Turkey pipeline would have given the Sunni kingdoms of the Persian Gulf decisive domination of world natural gas markets and strengthen Qatar, America’s closest ally in the Arab world.”

The E.U. currently gets 30 percent of its gas from Russia, Kennedy noted, and “Turkey, Russia’s second largest gas customer, was particularly anxious to end its reliance on its ancient rival and to position itself as the lucrative transect hub for Asian fuels to E.U. markets. The Qatari pipeline would have benefited Saudi Arabia’s conservative Sunni Monarchy by giving them a foothold in Shia dominated Syria […]

“Wikileaks cables from as early as 2006 show the U.S. State Department, at the urging of the Israeli government, proposing to partner with Turkey, Qatar, and Egypt to foment the Sunni civil war in Syria to weaken Iran. The stated purpose, according to the secret cable, was to incite [Syrian President Bashar al-] Assad into a brutal crackdown of Syria’s Sunni population.

“As predicted, Assad’s overreaction to the foreign-made crisis — dropping barrel bombs onto Sunni strongholds and killing civilians — polarized Syria’s Shia/Sunni divide and allowed U.S. policymakers to sell Americans the idea that the pipeline struggle was a humanitarian war.”

Kennedy’s lengthy historical context for the current imbroglio absolutely warrants a thorough perusal. Its unmistakable message should serve as a critical reminder that the United States government and its mouthpiece in mainstream press — as convincing as they may seem — are never telling you the whole story.

  • Fayez Chergui

    Isis is an Israeli product made by its servant the US for Eretz israel

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  • Mark Meyers

    The Saudis and Qataris are big ISIS supporters, and Turkey works closely with them. Turkey has an unbelievable history and trail of support for foreign fighters and support going into Syria.

    • Khalid Kala

      You are forgetting the biggest culprit Israel

  • John Norman

    It is the constant meddling in Middle Eastern affairs that has caused terrorism to spill over into the borders of so many nations?

  • Admiral_Moorer_believed

    Another bit of BS. This article ignores the fact that the majority of the Syrian army is Sunni.

    Another crowd trying to push a split between Shia and Sunni.

  • ekofreek

    though the actors are evil people that don’t know they are evil, with power comes a lack of perspective, but the real villain here is the demand. our gasoline consumption is out of hand, destroying the world. Europe is turning to renewables much faster than we are because there is no perspective over here, no connection in our minds to these evil mideast meddlings

  • Harold Stewart

    Absolute BS which a whole lot of ignorant people will believe merely because someone named Kennedy is attached to it. There is NO more oil shortage in the world, thanks to modern technology and innovative people. Natural gas will be the energy source of the future and there is enough to last for centuries. There is not, and hasn’t been since the last century, any reason to provoke a war or topple hostile governments in order to grab an oilfield. The US has more oil and gas resources than anyone except Russia, and that includes Saudi Arabia. Stop with the Chicken Little BS.

    • alted1

      Yeah. You’re driving your car on natural gas. Move along.

      • Harold Stewart

        Well, al, it didn’t take long for you to identify with those ignorant ones I mentioned. My car runs on gasoline, and oil is plentiful, just like I said. Natural gas, which is abundant in this country, is for powering electrical generation, which even you ignorant folks should be able to understand. Some misguided communities have, indeed, tried to go the LNG rout for their bus systems, with varied success. Point is there is zero energy shortages in the US. Deal with it.

    • hitemstr8

      You forget that everything these days is all about ‘the new world order’. And, although America does possess the resources to become energy independent, that doesn’t fit into the needs or desires of most of the world who either depend on being able import oil or on exporting it. That’s why Obummer pays along with the global warming scammers and does his best to torpedo fossil fuel exploration & production here along with the fact that he’d love to bolster the Muslim World and its influence.

    • mommyber

      they are not pumping out natural gas, here in Louisiana, no one will use natural gas, and they are hardly building vehicles that use natural gas, and there are very very few natural gas stations anywhere! Also please explain to me, why our Troops ARE over there, and getting slaughtered for nothing! There has to be a reason why we are over there, and why they are pumping our money into those countries, there should be trees and grass and lakes with all the money they gave them!!

  • plumberskid

    JFK was right. His nephew, wasn’t.

  • Stacey

    Those calling this article BS are uninformed about our history of violent intervention in th mideast history and also uniformed about the more complex realities of Oil.

  • Joseph

    Listen…we, as a nation, have screwed up. Our fears in history past, are in many way directly responsible.
    After WW1 the french and the brits divided the middle east, when the congo was being enslaved by the belgium’s…we had our roaring 20s. while the world was melting away, we laid in isolation, until we were forced into WW2. When the middle east, eastern europe, africa was being decided, we thought of our best interest. Elected governments we did not like we created a coup d’etat. In came the Shaq of Iran, Idi Amin, Mobutu Sese Seko, all who killed millions
    I love this country, I am proud of the GOOD we do around the world…But we have to face our demons, we have to face and acknowledge the harm we have done
    it is too late for ISIS with al qaeda, hamas, there is no diplomacy there is only destroying these animals….there can be no rules of engagement only destroying these hate filled radical fighters .
    But we are responsible.

  • Dave Jeffers

    Get the hell out of the Arab countries and stop the CIA war machine that makes the political parties in America RICH. ISIS is poor people fed up with being poor and America sends it’s youth to fight the war for the oil profits for the RICH POLITICIANS in D.C. any & all leaders in these countries will be killed if they don’t do as the CIA & the D.C. politicians say, and all the time NO CHILD OF A POLITICIAN EVER FIGHTS A WAR !!!

  • CBunny

    Thank you for sharing tjis!

  • Jane Gundlach

    American Foreign Policy in a nutshell: Bumble into countries you do not bother to understand on behalf of some greedy ignorant corporation that could care less, and make it all much worse.

  • Cindi Heng

    Obama, Hillary, the Clinton Foundation, and their henchmen are dirty as sin. They have been been overthrowing governments in the Middle East for years. It’s about arms and oil, including oil pipelines. (Ex: Libya). The CIA and Petraeus are/were deeply involved too – 1000 emails between him and Hillary are “missing”. That is a lot in 4 years. Syria is called Timber Sycamore. For more info, watch the Youtube channel “George Webb” and get educated.