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First of Its Kind Study Shows No Impairment While Cycling — on Weed

As more and more states legalize the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis, it will inevitably bring challenges to the criminal justice system. As of now, it seems that operating a vehicle under the influence of cannabis is treated the same as operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

However, this is a faulty assumption for the state. As we reported earlier, a pioneering study found virtually no driving impairment under the influence of cannabis. This does not mean that we recommend getting behind the wheel after getting high.

This area of the law is being tested in places like Colorado, where a medical cannabis user was forced to submit to a blood test after a cop pulled her over and suspected she was high. She had indeed medicated earlier, but insisted in court that she drives better when high and was not impaired. The jury believed her and let her go.

For those who prefer to ride a bicycle, there is a new study that should provide them ammunition in the event that a cop feels the need to bring the law down on their head. It is illegal to bicycle while high even in states that have ended cannabis prohibition.

German and Austrian researchers conducted an experiment to test the effect of cannabis on bicycle riding, and they found essentially no impairment.

“Hardly any driving faults occurred under the influence of cannabis. Only a few driving faults were observed even under the influence of very high THC concentrations… On average, there is no increase in the number of demerits after the cannabis consumption.

A defined THC concentration that leads to an inability to ride a bicycle cannot be presented. The test subjects showed only slight distinctive features that can be documented using a medical test routinely run for persons under suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.”

A maximum of three cannabis cigarettes containing 300 μg THC per kg body weight were given to test subjects who regularly consumed cannabis.

“While cycling the obstacle course, the fourteen participants in the study were given demerits for errors like leaving the track, knocking over barrels, swerving, running a red light and failing to go at a green light. Along the way, they had to slalom between poles and were presented with distractions like balls rolling in their path, verbal interruptions and being subjected to the glare of torch lights. — Marijuana.com

The results of this experiment further call into question government’s assumption that operating a vehicle on cannabis is the same as operating on alcohol.

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    • Harry Anslinger

    • How ridiculous! Who was dumb enough to believe that?

    • Hey…that would scare anyone with a tiny penis!

    • …i love white women

    • The same applies with cocane, it was made illegal for the same reason

    • It was made illegal because the owners of the cotton and paper industries, who had controlling stakes in the press couldn’t afford to compete with hemp

    • Hamish Andrew Clark

    • Abby Akthar and wanted hemp out the picture to expand their share of the market.

  • We’ll realize it when we accept that everything the government has told us is a lie.

  • With the common knowledge of the indoctrinated FREE MASON ILLUMINATI belief structures and philosophies now readily available to the public (thanks to our new era of rapidly shared information), we are able to see through their walls of deception and deceit. What people of the world have discovered is ABSOLUTELY DISTURBING! These men are convinced that life on earth (on this majestic creation) is just a “rock with bacteria on it”. They want to REDUCE WORLD POPULATION by 80 to 90% leaving the earth to be enjoyed by only the elite of the Illuminati families.

    Their philosophies have marred the concept of this earth entirely! With the complete absence of the divine, miraculous and abundant complex pool of diversity required for our world to exsist. Instead they have totally removed the aspects that conventional philosophies have taught us. That being that life in the cosmos is rare and divine and is to be cherished. These men tell us through their actions that they believe life to be cheap! Their unholy policies have brought about the entire incineration of tribes and societies some of which have lived in complete balance with the earth for tens of thousands of years.

    These men are under the Satanic inclination to believe that whoever is the most ruthless and cunning, that whoever is the most capable of deception and destruction and whom ever is the most blood thirsty and murderous; that these CRIMINAL traits are to determine who gets to rule the societies. This they believe! This is the ONLY LANGUAGE that they seem to understand! Now these barbaric minds are at the point where they wish to pour out their doctrines of Brutal Tyranny upon ALL flesh, as their motives become clearer and clearer and their tactics are becoming more trickier and trickier with the arrival of mass terrorism and mercenary groups like Isis whom they create in their efforts to conduct illegal warfare without the “burden” of accountability.

    We together as the Human race can not survive long with an enemy such as this. We have watched these men of unnatural indoctrinated Free Mason and Illuminati mind sets shape the 20 century. The most destructive and devastating century the world has ever seen. With the entire continent of Africa kept on its knees due to the “Policies” of these western Illuminati controlled governments exhibit etc, etc. Also we have watched these men manufacture war after war in just about every part of the world as again their unholy policies have brought about the abundant spattering of blood and tears from the innocent; from cultures and societies on every continent and in just about every province that they could engage. We have to face the truth! They have been in a non stop ride of MURDER AND THEFT for hundreds of years now. What is going to STOP these men from destroying the entire world? Then when you call them out like I’am here today they no doubt threaten to destroy the entire world. Typical of such Tyranny.

    It is the Free Mason Illuminati secret societies and their Satanic desires to steal “Tomorrow” that have brought mankind to the brink of total destruction. We are now living in a time where if there are no more Righteous men and women who are willing to fight these men and SPEAK BACK TO THEM the only language that they seem to know; if our Human race is absent of such dignitaries then we as a human race and as an entire world of such miracualous life can expect our walk of life here to be over very quickly. It is obvious that these men of the Illuminati cohorts if left unchecked, will be the end of our walk of life on earth. Dose the world have any Righteousness left in it? Or is this all there is, a demonic grip on the throats of all men women and children?

    Faithfully and Truly yours,
    William Malcolm Poth

    • That’s what I call hitting the nail on the head.

    • Peace and Blessings from my besieged stronghold! The Plight there on that continent of “BABYLON”, the most fragile continent on earth, is useless as now we enter the time of all fulfillment as forewarned from various Prophets, Seers and Shamans throughout the Ages. Woe to those who know nothing of the coming of “Pahana” or the “True White Brother” from the east as was described by the Hopi Indians of North America. Woe to those whom know nothing of his “public Dance” before all the world where he reveals his Face in the days leading up to the “Gorge of Ashes” and the “Purification of mankind.” Woe to those whom have never been submerged in the “waters of Life” and been born again to the truth of this world! Woe to those who live in “Babylon” that great whore of a nation! “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!”

      My words are as polished Arrows which are sharp in the hearts of Gods enemies as they flash under all parts of the Heavens…Oh my Lovers, Submerge yourselves in the “waters of Life” and be “born again” unto the Truth of this world and the battle that is being fought for control of “Tomorrow” for the earth and for your souls. Understand and comprehend that the Leaders of Western civilization; the FREE MASON ILLUMINATI and their cohorts hidden around the world in various Governments and Churches etc. are completely run by Luciferians who worship dark energy and are explicitly involved in the encouragement of summoning dark energy through the Ritualistic abuse of people. This includes gang raping children, sacrificing babies and small children also adults and other various forms of explicit evil.

      All of these activities are their way of feeling an exhilaration on a spiritual level. They experience a feeling of exhilaration by conducting very evil acts upon innocence. These were ancient practices that have been kept hidden as the average human would automatically reject it as most of us are naturally inclined to be good. What makes this a total atrocity is they believe themselves to be the ancient Hebrews whom built the Pyramids of Egypt but these people are in fact the Synagogue of Satan and had nothing to do with the Exodus led by the Great Prophet Moses. Their behavior is as far away from Moses’s law as one could get as they soak the earth in the blood and tears of the innocent while deceiving the masses. Truly they are the LAWLESS ones warned about in ALL the ancient Prophecies. The “One Eyed Dajjal Antichrist society.”

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      Faithfully and Truly yours,
      William Malcolm Poth

    • I think you should smoke a joint and find a bike to ride

    • All I can say is, let the games begin.

    • were 7,000 years into the “games” but anyways….here is a song for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByuyP1PNqKQ

  • Never did me no harm…ijs.

  • Marcellous C Stewart

    • yeah, I always ride high, even smoke on rides, it’s the only way to handle a 20+ mile ride tbh, lol.

    • I waiting on the delivery guy right now

  • there is no harm because if you get hit by a car , you and the bicycle get destroyed , its like saying if i drink a 40 pounder of rye whisky and go rollerblading there is no harm , seriously a bicycle , if the study was done with cars than it makes sense .

  • There are so many patients who have been helped that they won’t be able to deny the benefits for much longer

  • but as soon as you mention smoking a line or two of heroin people go apeshit.

    • Until places like Colorado makes it legal and makes money off it. Then you’ll have all sorts of people coming out with studies saying a bit of smack and crack doesn’t impair people

    • It does. But people need to be able to do what they want.

  • i have certain rules i live by. my first rule, i don’t believe anything the government tells me. George Carlin

  • Uh huh, suuuure.

  • I don’t care what they say- time moving really really slow is an impairment.

  • The only people who believe otherwise are people who’ve never tried it, law enforcement, or people with a stake in the tobacco, alcohol and/or pharmaceutical industries

    • Are you talking about smoking marijuana or ingesting cannabis oil?

  • Sorry! Stoned but not impaired?

  • There’s a whole group of bmxers in Atlanta that could have told you this…

  • Nice banana pipe haha

  • Ha!

  • All I can say is you don’t want me on a bike if I’m high.

  • I have difficulty driving if I’m high…..

  • One does not smoke out of a banana lol

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  • two words

  • Duh

  • F***ing stoners

  • When will people finally realize that everything they thought they knew about cannabis is a lie?
    What happens when people realize that the people lying to you about Cannabis are the same ones lying to you about the most villianized man of the 20th Century?
    I know the correlation might be difficult to see at first but think about the way they are both lied about. The lies about Cannabis are more true for alcohol, the lies about Hitler are more true for Stalin.

  • Life is too much for most people, if they are not high. Not good.

  • there are lies about cannabis from both sides of the debate. i will reserve judgement untill the definitive reports are in the public domain.

  • Interesting.

  • Everyone in the world needs mailed a letter about how good cannabis really is. Reefer madness pissed me off it was worse than a horror movie yelling run. I was yelling gtfo here every 5 minutes.

  • The banana thing is way cool

  • The First time I ever got high I rode a bike. It was awesome!

  • Been smokin’ ‘n’ cyclin’ for years. Only time I had an accident on a bike was with alcohol in the system.

  • if there,s no impairment riding a bike then there should be the same for driving a vehicle?

  • Hey, Isn’t That a BANANNA? DAMMIT it’s Time to start Arresting these Bananna Mary-Jane Smoking Bike Riding Weirdos and Get Them Off the Streets for their Heinous CRIES. 20 years to Life….and with NO BANANNAS…

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  • fuck legalisation, go straight for mandatory 😀

  • When people stop believing the first thing the media tells them and actually research instead of looking for a label.

  • Cannabis destroys the memory and makes airheads when you smoke it. Medical use should be the oil consumed.. The only purpose to smoke is to Zone out,,,,,memory gone……………Just look to the fact that people that smoke it are easier to control . It slows down your reactions also………Your article is rubbish…half truths.. The jury I am sure all smoked pot?Please include All of the scientific DATA!

    • Lol.

    • Don’t be confused as I believe that Hemp should be very legal, and I think that everyone should do what they want as long as it does not hurt someone else.

    • However half truths are manipulative and deceitful.

    • LOL fuck off, my grandfather has been smoking the last 50 years every day, still the best chess player in town, grew 3 successful businesses. I grew up around it and you’re full of it. Maybe the airheads you hang out with lady! And nobody has the right to tell another adult what they can put in their own bodies, do you hate freedom or something?

    • It doesn’t impair jack shit lady, nobody will take you seriously spewing nonsense like that LMAO!

    • it’ll never be fully legal with idiots spewing garbage about shit they don’t know a thing about haha this comment made my night

    • Comments spewing with hate have nothing to do with Cannabis,it has to do with what is inside of each one of you.Love heals all!

  • Pot puts you in the here and now, alcohol puts you to sleep at the wheel.

  • Is she smoking out of a banana?? Wtf

  • The Government, Big Pharma and the Church will say anything to keep Marijuana illegal, especially with Big Pharma and the Church.

  • Lets take a car at 65 and a human jumps out….reaction time may impair your ability…………If you say yes you are telling whats called a Fact in fact whats called the real TRUTH..

  • Yes I would agree that you are safe on a cycle as long as nothing exciting and fast happens.