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In the Land of the Free, A Cop Can Kill 2 Girls, Face No Charges, then Be Elected to Office

Carroll County, GA — In September, on a rainy Saturday night, Georgia state trooper Anthony Scott was flexing his above the law privilege and driving at dangerously high speeds for no reason.

Scott was not on his way to a call, nor did he have any official reason for driving fast, when he slammed into a Nissan Sentra carrying four kids. Kylie Hope Lindsey, 17, and Isabella Alise Chinchilla, 16, who were in the back seat of the Nissan, were killed.

Dillon Lewis Wall, 18, who was driving, and front-seat passenger Benjamin Alan Finken, 17, were critically injured and taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Five months later, and Dillon is still recovering from a brain injury, paralysis, hearing loss and multiple broken teeth from the crash. However, according to Dillon, it’s his heart that hurts the most as this young man was crazy about Kylie.

After the crash, Capt. Mark Perry of the Georgia Department of Public Safety released a statement noting that Scott had no reason to be travelling that fast.

“Turns out he was running at a high rate of speed through this intersection in a territory that’s he’s familiar with and should have known the dangers that potentially exist,” Perry said speaking about the 10 crashes that had occurred at this intersection in the last 3 years.

An internal ‘investigation’ said that Scott’s speed only ‘contributed to the crash,’ but that Dillon’s failure to yield was to blame. However, according to Dillon’s aunt, he could not see the trooper.

Recently released dashcam video of the crash backs up Dillon’s claim of not being able to see Scott approaching. As Scott sped up the hill on that dark highway, Dillon had no way of seeing or reacting fast enough to the trooper’s car travelling at such a high speed.

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After watching the dashcam footage, you can clearly see who was at fault in this scenario. However, Anthony Scott is a privileged member of law enforcement, and, therefore, he is entitled to a privileged form of justice — or injustice rather.

According to the Atlanta-Journal-Constitution,

This week, that former trooper went before a grand jury, which was investigating why he was driving 91 mph on a dark highway in Carroll County seconds before his car collided with that of the teenagers. Anthony Scott made use of a privilege that Georgia extends to law enforcement officers: the officer may choose to make a statement to a grand jury that is deciding whether to indict him for a crime. The statement comes at the end of the proceeding, and no one may challenge it or cross-examine the officer.

Scott took advantage of that privilege and was the concluding witness before the grand jury, District Attorney Pete Skandalakis said.

The grand jury chose not to indict Scott.

“There are no winners here,” Scott’s attorney, Max Pilgrim, said. “This has been harder on him than anything he ever did in the Marine Corps.” Scott saw combat during four years in the Marines.

Scott’s attorney is wrong. There is a clear “winner” here, and it’s the man who is alive and who gets to go home to his family in spite of his criminal negligence.

Because Scott was a cop — he will not face any consequences for killing two kids and paralyzing another — and we call this the ‘justice system.’

“The officer chose to speed. The officer chose to do this,” Lena Wall, Dillon’s aunt, said Thursday. “And his choice killed two people.”

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Imagine for a moment that this was your nephew or son, or these two beautiful girls were your daughters. The emptiness and hopeless feeling from watching the man responsible for killing your child get off scot-free would be overwhelming.

To add insult to death, Scott was elected to city council three months after killing young Kylie and Isabella. Now, after the lack of charges, he can even return to law enforcement.

His attorney said that Scott is eager to move on, but will never be able to fully get over his remorse.

“When his daughter starts driving, he’s going to remember it, and he’s going to have to live with it,” Pilgrim said.

Well, he should have to live with it. Had he not been negligently driving nearly 40 mph over the speed limit, on a rainy night, those kids would be alive today.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

  • Tom

    Did I really just sit through that whole video just to find out you’ve edited the crash out? Stupid.

    • Brittany Ekhart

      it’s at the very, very end. You see the car crossing in front from left to right, and we see the patrol car veer. It stops at the moment of impact. Quite frankly if he had veered left instead of right the accident may have been avoided. If the officer hadn’t been driving so quickly the accident clearly wouldn’t have happened. The kids’ car was clearly in the intersection before the cop car would have been visible to him. If the cop had been going the speed limit the kid would have been able to see the cop, and the cop would have been able to see him, and this wouldn’t have happened.

      • Edward Irvin

        Scott is a murderer he killed 2 innocent people and ruined the lives of many. I wish him the worst and that Karma will dish him an agonizing death!

  • Mark S Windom

    It appears that by veering right instead of left,he rammed them on purpose.

  • Robin W. Tong

    speaking to Matt Agorist: When watching the video, did you also notice that when the officer cam flying up behind other traffic, he used his high beams to blind other drivers to force the vehicles in front of him to move over and get out of his way.

    Any self respecting district attorney should have charged him and forced him to stand trial for the deaths and injuries he caused.

  • [email protected]

    Coma is a bitch and what he did was a very selfish act and in the end he will meet his end in a ball of fire. So if those were my kids believe me I would have a law suit that would take away every thing that he cherish his money, his house I would sue the state for wrongful death. I know this will not bring them back but I would make his life a living hell. I would make it my mission in life to make his a living hell. I would not stop until I got justice.

  • Guy Kelley

    Had I been the father of any of these children killed as the result of this man recklessness. Cop or not, sooner or later, his life would be over. To make matters worse, he evades his punishment by evoking I am above the law privilege card, through the results of a smart D.A. Now he is in public office, were are these people’s minds, obviously in the gutter or payroll of this lunatick.
    Karma is a bitch and one day he will get his.

  • Paulding resident

    It’s funny how you fail to mention the alcohol in the car with the teens and the fact they failed to yield. Damn that murderous cop though!

    • Haralson

      Were they drunk?

  • Dena

    Not only was he driving at a high rate of speed, he changed lanes in the intersection – right before he crashed into the teenagers. If he had stayed in his lane, the kids may have lived. In the video, it also looks like he flashed his lights to get at least one car to pull to the right. He was obviously driving aggressive with no reason to do so. HB 795 is going to give driver’s education programs over to the likes of A.J. Scott if you disagree call the Georgia Governor and your local State Senator to ask them to stop this move. Driving instruction should be left with certified driving instructors and not with aggressive law enforcement officers.