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Cops Turn Off Body Cams Before Killing 50yo Homeless Man, But A Citizen Filmed It

“He’s not gonna die.”

Those were the tragically unprophetic words of the person who filmed Los Angeles cops gunning down a 50-year-old homeless man on Saturday, March 4.

The local ABC7 station reports that an altercation broke out at midday at an intersection in downtown LA, with two “gentlemen, angry and antagonizing each other down the street,” according to a nearby business owner.

The homeless man was carrying a large pipe, and someone called 911. Two LAPD cops showed up, and, according to police reports, tried to subdue the man with a Taser, although the video shows no evidence of that. Perhaps they attempted to tase him before the video started.

As the video begins, the people recording see it as a comical situation. Indeed, the homeless man appears to be physically unfit and not much of a threat to the armed officers. The two officers have weapons drawn, apparently telling him to drop the pipe.

“Ninja man with a ninja stick. He’s not gonna die,” said the person recording as a woman laughs.

The man walks a short distance away, and then turns around. He seems to view it as a game, ducking and weaving a bit as the cops stand about 15 feet away with guns pointed.

He then approaches the cops in a bumbling manner, and one cop opens fire twice, striking the man who falls to the ground. 30 seconds later, one cop approaches the man, who is unmoving on the ground, and handcuffs him.

The cops made no effort to aid the man as he lay unmoving on the ground after being struck. He was transported to a hospital, where he died.

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While the man did indeed approach cops with what could be considered a “weapon,” it’s hard to believe the cops couldn’t tackle him or keep their distance until other officers arrived. As we have seen time and time again, American cops are all too eager to resort to deadly force.

ABC7 reports that LAPD Central Division officers are equipped with bodycams, but they were not turned on at the time. Detectives will review the bystander footage and dashcam video, but it is likely the cops will be cleared of any wrongdoing.

LADP cops have a history of killing homeless or mentally ill people and not facing any consequences. In Dec. 2016, it was announced that three cops who killed an unarmed homeless man on Skid Row, sparking protests, will face no charges.

In Dec. 2015, cops shot and killed a mentally ill man in his hospital room. Just one day before, LAPD cops shot a man in the back at point blank range, killing him. In Aug. 2016, video emerged of LAPD officers laughing and smiling as a man in custody died in front of them at the Los Angeles Police Department.

  • Kyle Cardinal

    What good is a body cam in catching crooked cops if the same crooked cop has access to shutting said camera down whenever he chooses????

    • LadyDonnalands

      The body cams are no good and are worthless. They should be remotely controlled at a mutual private exchange.

  • Dan Basler

    When your payed to serve and protect but your a fucking Coward Scumbag!

    • Little_Caesar

      Read Williams V D of Cola.

  • LawrenceNeal

    And after the shooting is over, another dozen SA cars show up. What a dumb show.

  • Little_Caesar

    The cops are bad guys that protect worse guys. Therefore, nothing bad will happen to the bad guys.

    • mattp1

      The guy with the sick is more than likely mentally sick. The police need more training. Sad. The cop should have to meet his family.

      • MrDamage

        It’s not *more* training that they need, the training is the problem. They are trained to use deadly force in response to little more than disrespect and to regard any confrontation with a citizen to be potentially lethal regardless of individual circumstances. More of the kind of training that they get now will just make the problem worse.

        • mattp1

          Well yes obviously i wasn’t meaning bad training so this could happen again. I meant good training. There are a lot of police out there who don’t act like this who have the same training. Also the best thing for everybody if we really want to get down to the nitty gritty is getting rid of guns might help a little bit. I know a huge proportion of Americans think they are a right and that they need them but its just not working.

          • MrDamage

            What you’re advocating here is a position that the government can simply kill people til people realize that the government wont stop killing people until the people give up the right to keep and bear arms. But RKBA worked for decades before American police forces started taking up the notion that any confrontation between a cop and a citizen can be resolved by escalating use of force.

            The problem is not public possession of firearms, it is police being trained to escalate and intimidate in all circumstances rather than attempting to deescalate and negotiate.

  • cal444

    Police should be held accountable that their body camera’s are on their entire shift under mandatory unpaid suspension and if there is a questionable incident when the camera is off it’s an admittance of guilt.

    They need objective civilian review boards for incidents like this. The police are going to back each other no matter how guilty they are.

    Out right murder with witnesses.

  • doucyet

    A “special unit” or specially trained officer is needed for dealing with homeless folks and obvious mental cases. The regular police should call them in and let them deal with it. It could in some instances take hours to talk someone down, then the other boys could go on with their shift.

    • billdeserthills

      Now you’re talking sense

    • Cee Hep

      Only if the cared about them

    • Guy

      Good idea, only it’s not in their budget !

  • Eric Smith

    And once again…no CPR is performed, nothing to sustain the life, just handcuffs. if i just shot a man with a stick/pipe approaching me and he’s laying face down in his own blood I’m going to perform CPR until the EMS arrives. Need to put on gloves or a face mask? Fine. Need to check surface of person for anything dangerous? Fine. But then do CPR for goodness sake. Anything else is a bullshit excuse and extremely inhumane.

    • IceTrey

      Apply pressure to the wound. If you do CPR you might be pumping all their blood out. That’s how Lee Harvey Oswald died.

    • Guy

      No you are wrong, because had you, then you would have been shot and killed, or imprisoned for life, when the cops came and grabbed you !

  • Kyle McAdam

    Where’s the taser? Pussies.

  • haauwnk

    If he’s poor, they won’t make much money by imprisoning him. Therefore the fiscally sound decision is to murder him.

  • Arf x 3

    The LAPD has always had a horrible reputation. Sad to say, I can’t say this surprises me.

  • Jason G

    LAPD confirmed serial killers

  • Cee Hep

    How long was he going to stand there pointing his gun, the man walk in his direction not with the stick up to swing. Taser, rubber bullets, 2 homeless man in a week, even their not safe, yet this man get rubber bullets. http://www.complex.com/life/2016/08/white-man-california-shoots-at-cops-gets-shot-beanbags-arrested

  • Sattar Solomon

    Heh heh , nobody is applying to become Police officers, so natural consequence they go employ Pedophiles and killers, just like Israhell…

    • Sattar Solomon

      They did it with Politicians, FFS

    • Guy

      Sal, please take a short hike off a short pier and drown yourself, your stupid ass attempt at humor and political statements is just that ! Fucking Ass Stupid !

      • Sattar Solomon

        Sawrry I offended you , but it was meant to offend pedophies, dont know if you fall under this category….. ha ha you make me LMAO ….. I’m Rolling even .

        • Guy

          Well obviously you are not from here. So. I just hope you stay where you are at, and maybe you can breed more of the same as you ! So you can have a group of *Little Munchkins,* that will all nod their heads in agreement when Daddy speaks ! 10 or 12 would be nice, then you can call yourself a *Collective* and apply for farm aid !

          Oh by the way ! How dose that Poisoned Kool-Aid taste ? You have sure been sucking down a lot of it

          • Steve Salman

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          • Guy

            When you have something to say, other than gibberish and quoted dogma, I will listen. Until that, or until you have an original thought in your head, that you can speak from, you can continue to bow down to the gilded demi god you worship, no matter if it’s, Animal, Mineral or Vegetable ! Enjoy yourself !

          • Steve Salman

            Fuck yourself jacka$$

          • Guy

            Boy o boy, that shur is a good one there sparky, a real zinger !

  • nurselee

    These men should be held accountable. The victim was not using deadly force, why did they. These guys will have to live with the the memory of killing a helpless ill man for the rest of their lives. They will also have to meet their maker when they pass on. May God forgive them.

    • Ed

      God: I forgive you! Go to HELL!

  • papabear101

    If a cop turns off his or her body cam during any interaction with the public they should be fired and lose the POST cert to be a LEO in any state.
    If a death or injury happens when the cam is off they need to be charged with a crime dealing with covering up a crime and with something dealing with what happened to the person hurt.
    Also after the first report is turned in and something comes up about how things don’t add up. The cop should not be allowed to rewrite the report and destroy his first one.

  • Ibcamn

    careful people,if you have crutches….your dead.
    cops are afraid of puppy’s and kittens and your 9 month old child too…..

  • Ed

    To bad the LAPD don’t read these stories!