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Handcuffed Woman Who Fell Out of Moving Police Car Fending Off Rapist Cop Gets $3.5 Million

Los Angeles, CA — Taxpayers of Los Angeles will have to pay for their police department’s misconduct yet again, as a woman who fell out of a squad car in 2013 has been granted a $3.5 million settlement.

Kim Nguyen had been arrested for alleged public drunkenness, handcuffed, and put in the back of a Los Angeles Police Department patrol car. At speeds of around 30 mph, Nguyen leaned against one of the back doors — which turned out to be unlocked — in an attempt to escape a sexual assault by one of the officers, according to her lawsuit.

Reports My News LA:

“Officers David Shin and Jin Oh arrested Nguyen for public intoxication after they saw her run across the street about 3 a.m. on March 17, 2013. At the time, Nguyen was a graduate student in her last semester at Loyola Marymount University’s MBA program.

“Nguyen was handcuffed and put in the back seat of a squad car off Sixth Street between Oxford and Serrano avenues, according to her court papers, which state that she ‘was not seatbelted into the car and the manual door lock was not engaged.’

“The officers chose not to arrest a male companion who also was drunk, according to Nguyen’s lawyers, who also alleged that one of the officers got into the back seat with their client and inappropriately touched her.”

A deposition from 2013, paraphrased by CBS News, states:

“A male officer sat with her in the back of the car, where he started to open her legs and grab her inner thigh, Nguyen stated in a deposition taped in December. She alleged that the officer pulled her ears and touched her chest to make her get closer.”

Nguyen had to undergo “extensive and painful surgeries” — including having her jaw wired shut — for the injuries sustained in the fall, and was hospitalized for 17 days. Nguyen also lost all of her teeth from the impact of the pavement.

According to the lawsuit, the officers involved failed to follow several standard procedures — including seatbelting Nguyen properly and securely locking the patrol car’s doors.

“No female officer was called … to pat her down for possible dangerous weapons,” court documents cited by My News LA state. “She was not seatbelted into the car and the manual door lock was not engaged.”

Although defense attorneys claimed Nguyen had been trying to escape, the lawsuit states the handcuffed woman had merely been huddled against the door — to be as far away from the inappropriate contact of the officer in the back seat as possible — when it swung open, causing her to fall out.

CCTV captured Nguyen falling from the LAPD patrol car, with her dress ‘removed’ from the waist down, lending a great deal of credence to her claims of being groped by the cop.

Court documents also note video footage reveals the perpetrator cop “nonchalantly standing over plaintiff who lies bloodied, with her face swollen, in the middle of the street.”

Nguyen will now receive at least the semblance of justice for the ordeal she endured.

But, like nearly all settlements and judgments concerning police abuse, misconduct, excessive force, and more, the cops responsible for this gross negligence and sexual assault won’t have to pay a dime — the city’s ‘settlement’ comes straight from the taxpayers.

This isn’t some fault of Nguyen’s or of other victims, but until errant police officers and departments are forced to feel the sting of punishment where it really hurts — their wallets — cops have no tangible fear of consequence for bad behavior.

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    This was obviously a planned sexual assault, as evidenced by their letting her male companion go. If he was also intoxicated, why was he allowed to leave the scene? If not, why didn’t they release her into his care, with or without a summons?

    • David Daisy May Boldock

      Valid points lass, and he should have stayed around.

      • SD888

        Kind of hard to ‘stay around’ when your friend is being arrested. Do you think those Asian pig cops invited him to ride in the squad car with them? DUH

        • David Daisy May Boldock

          In most civilised societies you can accompany them to the station.
          Note i said ‘civilised’

          • Kevin Leonard

            Most friends would be thinking of securing the person’s car, arranging bail money, notifying appropriate family members, etc., and not “Gee, I better ride along to make sure the cop doesn’t rape her.”

            What the fuck has this shithole country come to if we are being forced to change our thinking like this?

          • David Daisy May Boldock

            Just that shit houses thinking they can do what they want.

            As for thinking that cannot be a pre-requisite for cops.

  • Dan Quixoté

    I don’t even have words for how NOT OK it is to have all these uniformed armed rapists roaming the country. I pity the fool who… No, wait, I don’t, … and I wouldn’t…

    -An alpha male who loves his Mom, his amazingly hot trophy wife of multiple decades (my first and only), and his daughters.

  • Jake

    I always questioned why public intoxication by itself should be illegal.

    • Because if an individual has drunk so much as to be intoxicated, then they have irresponsibly put themselves in a state where they are no longer capable of thinking efficiently and turned themselves into a hazard to themselves and others in more ways than can be imagined.

      Whether it is picking fights (church member lost son when UNINVOLVED sober son was clubbed in head by drunk when fight broke out in bar), chasing/handling a ‘love’ interest (I was the one chased the ONE time I went to go dancing with friends at a bar; never went back), performing ‘self induced gravity checks’ into/onto hard objects (same person when he tripped and fell into my table where I was returning to friends trying to escape him; much blood and head injury resulted), stumbling in front of moving cars (happened to acquaintance’s adult child – result, dead drunk & child’s car totaled; child injured; in hospital for week and severely traumatized because they [unavoidably] killed someone) or the drunk realizing they don’t need to be ‘public’ anymore and deciding to drive themselves home (had FRIEND traumatized by drunk motorcyclist without helmet who ran into
      their car while they were turning, launched himself over car headfirst
      onto pavement and died while they tried to assist. Friend now in civil suit with non-local family for ‘causing’ death despite fact police found friend not at fault; issued no
      tickets), just to name a few, people being intoxicated in public is a problem.

      If any of the drunks above had been caught and arrested before the events listed, the lives lost and/or physical and mental trauma of the event could have been avoided completely. Public intoxication being illegal gives the police the right to pick these people up and get them off the street before these kind of things happen.

      • Lakeshia Davis

        So if someone is publicly intoxicated, then they should be raped by the cops to teach them a lesson they will never forget?

        • Please reread my post – completely – and tell me where I even IMPLIED that.

  • OneGoodDeed

    Require cops self insure themselves. When their premiums exceed what they can afford because of liability determined by the insurer they will be forced out of the department for lack of liability coverage. Taxpayers will be off the hook for violent police actions and they will self terminate themselves due to poor underperformance.

    • Newtronic

      Good idea. I like it.

      • Eric Smith

        Just like many other professions that interact with human life. Absolutely should be implemented.

  • Ibcamn

    what have i been telling people for years,and everyone calls me an asshole for calling some cops rapists,all cops are criminals,they just have different crimes that they commit,some are junkies and drug dealers and some are rapists and murderers………..nuf said

    • FALSE: “…all cops are criminals…” – patently and categorically WRONG. MOST cops are honorable people who regularly put their lives on the line to keep order in our cities and neighborhoods.

      TRUE: “…some cops … are junkies and drug dealers and some are rapists
      and murderers…” – an accurate statement, and cops that fall into this category should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and, by law, automatically given maximum penalties. Fines should be borne by the individuals FIRST, and then any others that investigations show were aware of misconduct and did nothing (in fact, prosecute them as accomplices). Because of their positions of trust in our communities, it is not unjust to hold them to a higher standard, and for them to face sterner penalties when they break that trust. In fact, it should be expected. That it is not is the failure of the current system and needs to be corrected.

      • Ibcamn

        FACT;..”all cops willingly and knowingly go to work for a corrupted system”
        ……..they go into their job knowing they have impunity,go into their job knowing they will be committing crimes against the people of their country and walking away from them,and they know they have a different set of laws to follow,their own…they go to work knowing what they are doing is illegal and wrong…but they do it,and seem to enjoy it,sick pricks.

        some time,sit down and read their laws once…then come back and we’ll talk…….

        • I admit I haven’t read their laws, but to throw around words like “all cops” invalidates everything you have to say from the get go. Not every person who works for a corrupted system is corrupt. Not every person working under those corrupted laws seeks to take advantage of them. There are many cops, I would venture to say the majority, that are part of that system because that is where they HAVE to be if they sincerely desire to ‘protect and serve’ and they are working there in SPITE of the system. There are even some within that system, that BECAUSE they are part of it and have seen where it is corrupt, that are seeking to change it, or at least counteract it.

          I can say this with complete confidence because of the few cops I know personally. I have run into a couple questionable ones, without a doubt, but the ones I know personally are upstanding individuals who would not hesitate to give their lives to protect you, even if you were actively waving an “All Cops Are Criminals” banner at the time. These individuals have expressed their frustration with parts of the system from time to time, and in the last election asked us NOT to re-elect a particular law enforcement candidate because of certain quasi-questionable issues they were aware of that they wanted stopped by getting the person out of office. Likewise, they recommended another candidate because that person had a record for upholding ethics. These police’men’ (one is a woman) hold themselves to a high standard, and when one was teased about using their lights to get through intersections off duty, they seriously avowed they never would, although they knew others that did.

          Change “all” to “some” and I can stand with you, but your current stand is a disservice to those police who are honest, hardworking individuals who sole intent in becoming part of ‘the system’ was to serve their community and keep it safe. The system is not perfect, and I wish we could wave a magic wand and fix it, but until then we need to stand behind those cops we find that ARE honest, and do everything in our power to support those of them who are in the position to do something about it. And those who don’t have the power, but keep doing the best they can in spite of it, they are the ones that deserve our respect, not blanket condemnation.

          • Ibcamn

            you must have misread what i wrote,i wrote”cops willingly”,meaning they volunteer to join the corrupt system,on their own,no pushing or peer pressure,”they knowingly”,meaning they know the system is totally corrupted,from the very top to the very bottom,full of filth and bottomfeeder scum…..they ”work”for them,as in get paid and have hundreds of bonus options and perks and privileges and they knowingly work under”impunity”…..as in they can walk on murder charges,even when caught on video……guess you missed all that stuff eh.?
            so yes,im waving the ”all cops are criminals”banner,helping people comprehend what is going on right under their noses..[as in ”rule of law”]read their law[s]once

          • I think you also missed the part where I stated that good people might “willingly… volunteer” as you put it, to work under a corrupted (comments on that on a moment) because it is the ONLY agency where they can pursue the GOOD they desire to to, whether it simply be to “protect and to serve” or even to work under it to mitigate the harm it can cause, or – perhaps – to try and CHANGE that system. It is not like there are alternative ‘honest’ law enforcement avenues where they can hire on to stop bank robbers, intervene in domestic disputes, bring murders to justice, slow down speeders in school zones, get drunks off the roads before they kill someone, and all the innumerable GOOD things GOOD police do for us every day. The majority of the cops you run into (its the case with the ones I know personally) are likely the first sort of person on my list. They are police because they want to “protect and to serve” their community, and law enforcement is the most direct, ‘hands on’ way to do that. There are some seriously bad apples in this c

          • Ibcamn

            nope didn’t miss it or anything else,im guessing you don’t grasp the concept of the wording,because you keep bring up the same thing,so therefore i showed you,in explaination form of me writing the same thing…just different,but im explaing to you the point im making and letting you know,you don’t understand,and if now,for some odd reason,you still don’t get it,that’s on you….everything that happens in your life with corrupt cops and the corrupt courts from now on,because if you can’t see it,maybe youre too far gone to the circus………………

          • You are right, we are at an impasse, but not for the reasons
            you state. The reason you can’t change
            my mind right now is because you seek to do it with opinion, illogic and
            reasoning contrary to historical evidence.
            You state as fact, “All cops are criminals” meaning ALL (100%)
            of the individuals serving on every police force in these United States (the
            world?) have committed acts breaking the laws.
            You make this claim – which is illogical at its foundation – without
            substantiation, which is contrary to the very the principle of our law which
            says every individual accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. If you can’t back up your claim with evidence,
            then until you can, your argument must be judged invalid and is therefore
            either incorrect or opinion, neither of which will convince me.

            You claim they are ALL guilty as criminals by virtue that
            they ALL work for a CORRUPTED system, suggesting that every person who works
            for a corrupted system is corrupt. Well,
            firstly you have to prove ALL police forces have been corrupted. Twice, you mentioned “the rules”…
            asked me if I had read them… and I countered that all police are local
            agencies with their own rules and regulations.
            I asked if there was an over arching set of rules all forces were all obligated
            to follow. I was asking for your
            evidence. If you were able to provide me
            with a source, I don’t know what it would be called, National Mandate of
            Standard Police Policy or whatever, from a official, verifiable source that
            there were certain core policies (that were corrupt) that every police force
            was required to adopt and work under, then you would be able to prove the first
            part of you argument, but you did not provide that evidence, so until you
            provide that evidence, the first half of that argument must be judged invalid
            and is therefore either incorrect or opinion.

            The second part of your argument – that every person who
            works for a corrupted system is corrupt – is just patently false. It’s like saying every pit bull is vicious because
            it is a pit bull, or every priest is a pedophile because they work for the
            Catholic Church or every lawyer is on the take because they are part of the
            Bar, or every stock broker is a scam artist because they sell stocks…. It’s a false premise from the get go, and it
            doesn’t matter if they hired on knowingly or not. If I can find even one example of an
            individual working for a corrupt system that was not corrupted and did good in spite
            of working for that system, your argument falls apart, and history has many. First look up the term “whistle blower”
            – that is someone who reveals corruption from WITHIN an organization. How do you reveal corruption from WITHIN an
            organization? You must have been working
            with/for them. That’s a general argument
            – do you want a more specific example? How
            about Oskar Schindler who was a member of the NAZI PARTY and used his position to
            save Jews. So based on historical
            evidence alone, your position is proved incorrect, therefore is opinion.

            There is also another basic illogic of your “ALL” premise
            based on subjects pre-knowledge of this supposed, mandatorily corrupt system
            and their personal beliefs affecting work. For this I can only provide my own direct
            evidence to these as they are based on my personal knowledge and relationships. The first is fore knowledge – I can say if I were
            to apply for a position in my police department now, it would be ignorant of
            any known corruption in my system, therefore you could not claim me corrupt just
            because I was hired. As far as being
            indoctrinated later, I can also tell you a friend who is actually in the
            process of applying for a position in our local police force has not been
            required to sign any non-disclosure statements, and she is one who, if she became
            aware such corruption existed, would withdraw her application immediately. Lastly, I told you I was personally acquainted
            with 3 police officers. I know 2 men and
            1 woman. I know these individuals
            because they are Christian and attend my church. I can avow that these individuals are serious
            about their faith and have never been accused of breaking any law, nor would
            they actively participate in any corruption did they become aware of it. In fact, it is one of those individuals who I
            mentioned won’t even use his lights to get through an intersection off duty. The percentage of American’s claiming to be
            Christian is around 70% so it would be ludicrous to believe that my friends
            just happen to be the ONLY Christian police officers in the whole of the nation
            who take their faith seriously. In fact
            I know they aren’t, and just their existence is another evidence invalidating
            your “ALL” premise.

            Now, hopefully, you understand why your ‘word only’ claims
            did not sway me. Without evidence, I
            can’t accept them as anything other than opinion. Now, if you want to argue positions that can
            proven, I will listen. More than that, I
            already believe. Positions that CAN be well
            defended: SOME cops are criminals and SOME police agencies show evidence of
            corruption. If that’s your banner, I can
            stand with you because it is a defensible position with evidence to back it up,
            and the more evidence you have, the stronger your position becomes; the more precincts
            you can PROVE are acting corruptly, the more wide spread you can prove the
            problem is. It has to be backed by
            evidence. You mentioned the judicial
            branch for the first time in your last post.
            That is a separate, but definitely related, issue, and all of my same
            rebuttals apply.

            With that, I guess we both know where the other stands and
            I’ll leave it at that. If you want to
            continue to accuse me of ignorance and being a part of the ‘circus’, I won’t
            respond. I put thought and a fair bit
            time into my posts, and it’s not worth either of our’s efforts to keep
            repeating things the other can’t agree to.
            All I can say is “ALL” is an untenable position, and ranting
            about it won’t change anything. Your
            passion is better directed toward specifics.
            Evidence and supporting those who are trying to do something about known
            instances of corruption would be much more effective.

          • Ibcamn

            correct…all cops[world]in brazil they just take you out back and shoot you,did you know that,wow,and of course dubia they cutt off your head if you lie or try to leave[yikes],but you copsuckers all love your cops,they can do no wrong in your eyes..so yes,an impasse,but it’s because the facts and truth can’t be absorbed by a closed and narrow mind,you have my pity…..soemday when they are hauling you and your loved ones off to a camp,maybe you will cahange your mind,a bit late,but non the less a change of heart….you are writing a book i see,and i don’t have to prove anything,the proof is in the reading of their lwa[s] and their actions,wake up,open your eyes to the one world police force they are creating,the UN cops already have the title as thee most corrupted police force in the world,they get you,no one sees you again…….go ahead,go travel to some way off place,shit in some areas if you step on the grass you go to prison till they see fit for you to leave…go to thialand and get drunk and see what happens,go ahead,go check it out for yourself,hell,go to north korea for the family vacation and see what happens if you turn around on the wrong road once,go ahead,go,try your luck with your beloved police forces,wait and see,when the time is right,you and yours will find out what the cops are all about,but thern it will be too late for a”i told you so”moment.and these cops you treat like gods,are nothing more than low brow IQ mental cases….yep,check out the practice test you have to take to become a cop,[it is funny]do you know a barber needs to spend more time to become a barber than a cop needs to,to become a cop..and yes,cops have their own law[s],as in nation wide,cops follow a totally different set of laws than we people do,they work under impunity,and they know it.cops live in their own world of filth and shit…and they love it………good day,good luck with your book too……….

  • Blaine

    More of those wacky “bad apples” at it again!

    • Lakeshia Davis

      It is most of the bunch. This thing can only happen when “good” officers want it to happen by looking the other way.

  • isthatasquirrel

    How about paying a couple of hard pipe hitting …. to go to work on the scum. That is what I would do then go after their families. But that’s just me.

    • SD888

      You’re sick. It’s not the ‘families’ of the cops that are the problem. It’s the COPS THEMSELVES and moreover, their bosses and City Hall that looks the other way when cops are busted for demanding sex acts from prostitutes in LA, etc. The wives of cops have a much higher rate of suffering from physical abuse AND imagine the mental intimidation–trying to get your cop husband reported when he has all the power to ruin your life in his hands. Pretty easy for them to plant evidence and falsify reports–they do it routinely.

  • Lakeshia Davis

    This is why it needs to be a mandatory federal law to publish the addresses, names of ALL family members, and where any kids go to school of the cops who do such things. Let’s just say there would be far less officer misconduct if the wives or daughters of rapist cops were raped and the kids of cops who kill UNARMED subjects for ANY reason were killed (that includes raiding the wrong house or raiding based on a “swatting” call. And there should be a law that if that happens, it should be illegal to attempt to solve any crimes against the families of rapist and killer cops. It should be a nationwide requirement for cops to turn on “brother officers” who betray the profession in such manners and to not help them in any way.

    The defense attorneys obviously wanted the woman raped and ruined for life as she now is. By supporting the cops and pretending she was trying to escape, they were supporting rape and what was done to her. It is impossible to both oppose rape and defend rapists. There’s a special place in Hell for attorneys who defend rapists and brutal cops.

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      Yeah, but weren’t you “defending rapists” when you wished for these guys to be raped? It’s impossible to both oppose rape and suggest that some people deserve it.

  • Lakeshia Davis

    May this officer be raped in prison and if he don’t go to prison, hopefully rendered into a paraplegic, quadriplegic, or vegetable in the streets by someone in this woman’s family.

  • I wonder if she might still have a right to bring a civil suit against the officers themselves. The article says they won’t be fined personally, and if that is correct, something is very wrong. I’m not thrilled with this sue happy world, but there needs to be consequences to these actions that punish those guilty, not the tax payers.

  • Bullet Mari

    This is why I understand why a few members of the society just go and shoot these cops. This case would have been very highly likely to have gotten nowhere if there was no camera showing her state of being partially undressed. Shouldn’t there be cameras inside police cars too?

  • brenda

    Why are there so many psychopaths in law enforcement? Psychopaths have no conscience or empathy if they do something wrong, stupid ,make a mistake etc.they always try to deflect blame on the victim Many law enforcement dingbat cops voted for Trump.