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Large Scale Hypocrisy: Leland Yee, Most Anti-Gun Senator in the US, Pleads Guilty to Gun Running


San Francisco, CA — Last year, San Francisco Democratic Senator Leland Yee was arrested and charged for multiple acts of corruption. The allegations against him ranged from public corruption to running guns.

The hypocrisy involved in these charges was shocking as Yee was one of the state’s strongest advocates for gun control. However, on the large scale scope of the state, this fraud is to be expected.

In March of 2014, Yee, 65, was seized at his home during a string of FBI raids.

Among other charges of bribery and extortion, Yee was also accused of offering to broker a major weapons sale between a gun dealer and an undercover agent claiming to be a member of the New Jersey mob in exchange for campaign donations.

“Do I think we can make some money? I think we can make some money,” the senator said, according to the complaint. “Do I think we can get the goods? I think we can get the goods.”

The fact that one of the most staunch anti-gun politicians in the US was caught trying to run guns to the mafia speaks volumes as to the level of corruption within the US political ranks.

On Wednesday, over a year after the allegations, Yee pleaded guilty in a courtroom after taking an oath before US District Judge, Charles R. Breyer

From the LA Times:

By pleading guilty to racketeering, Yee admitted that he “knowingly and intentionally agreed with another person” to take part in an enterprise, commit at least two offenses and affect state commerce.

“Are you pleading guilty of your own free will because you are guilty?” Breyer asked him.

“I am,” Yee answered.

Keith Jackson, who prosecutors say arranged for a number of the pay-to-play deals, pleaded guilty to the same racketeering count as Yee and received a recommended sentence range from prosecutors of six to 10 years in prison.

To those of us who’ve been watching this gang of criminals run roughshod over the rights and freedoms of Americans, Yee’s guilty plea is shocking though equally expected. The US government has become a cesspool of corruption and tyranny.

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It will be interesting to see if this hypocrite among hypocrites, will receive any jail time. However, Americans will have to wait until October 21 when Breyer is scheduled to hand down Yee’s sentence.


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  • Well, he would make a fortune selling illegal firearms if they were banned. Same thing as the war on drugs.

    • Great reply!

    • I agree. I’m as liberal as they get but gun control talks are such bullshit. There is very little that can be done in 2015. No gun shows is no brainer. No more sales between neighbors. All the toothpaste is out of the tube. We have to quit trying to put it back in already and make society less prone to kill. I got an idea, expand medicare. Maybe offer some free school.

    • that is it

  • Little out dated, but still another bang up job by Congress

  • just one to make all asians in the US look bad

  • USA is a great country. 😀 😀 😀

  • I’m starting to believe now that these politicians really aren’t trying to take away guns or whatever, but creating panic among the people who fear they are to boost sales with the manufacturers they invest in.

    • They aren’t investing in manufacturing, it is the fact they got money involved in running guns that they want to ban guns to exploit profit for themselves.

  • “Turns the rifles into silver, on the border….” follow the $$$$$$

  • Finger pointers ALWAYS have something to hide.

  • Illegalize anything and you create two things:
    Higher interest in the now contraband items, and a black market for criminals to profit from the sales in.
    Illegalize toothpaste and teenagers will be sneaking into back alleys and rooftops to brush their teeth.

  • Democratic…..??? Lol

  • i find that the went ever someone is so pissed off at something and there is so much hate, the reason is that they are what they hate and are just lashing out to keep people from finding out. so one day when ever mike hukabee for example is found to be gay it will not shock me, but ill still mock him until he kill himself for helping to create such a stigma that drives so many to their graves just so he can continue to spew his message of hate over and over again

    • i dont like mayonaise and thats the end of it. if i start to lead a campaign against the makers of it shouldn’t you think there might be an agenda behind that? and usually when they have such a huge agenda against something it eventually turns into hate and sooner or later you become that which you hate the most or you already are which is why the hate started in the first place

    • “The lady doth protest too much methinks” – hamlet

  • Plus he was the one that want to ban violent gaming from minors but the Supreme Court didn’t allow it and it was Unconstitutional… Search Brown vs. EMA/ESA

  • Makes perfect sense,,,the more illegal the guns, the more he can charge. Prob learned it from the CIAs heroin smuggling…

  • And this proves that one man is a hypocrite. It doesn’t prove anything about the need for gun control or the lack of same.

    • No such thing as gun control…only people control

  • Things that make you go hmmmmmm

  • Good way to take out the competition

  • Cunt with a capital C

  • Corruption like this is only the tip of the iceberg for this government.

  • Lessons from prohibition.

  • More Gun Control would create a higher demand for his product and higher prices.. all these politicians are in it for themselves…their pockets, their ideals and the hell with the rest of us when the shit hits the fan…

  • From the distance i just wonder! The enormous number of victims of violence by the Police leave me speechless, but i guess as a police-officer in a country where everybody is allowed to carry a gun i would be very nervous in every second on duty. Maybe i would use my gun earlier , just in case! I have heard that in the US nearly 10000 people each year are murdered by firearms, without the deadly accidents when children play with their parents guns. 10000 people each year, in some countries all over the world, they would call that civil-war. I’m not sure, but with that numbers i am not able to understand why US citizens want everybody to carry a gun.

    • Abortion: 1081350
      Heart Disease: 590754
      Cancer: 571062
      Tobacco: 346584
      Obesity: 304004
      Medical Errors: 207950
      Stroke: 127674
      Lower Respiratory Disease: 141548
      Accident (unintentional): 125204
      Hospital Associated Infection: 98034
      Alcohol: 99024
      Diabetes: 73110
      Alzheimer’s Disease: 84145
      Influenza/Pneumonia: 53301
      Kidney Failure: 42345
      Blood Infection: 33137
      Suicide: 39132
      Drunk Driving: 33478
      Unintentional Poisoning: 31448
      All Drug Abuse: 24761
      Homicide: 16635
      Prescription Drug Overdose: 14854
      Murder by gun: 11381

    • A better bandwagon might be in order…

    • 60 percent of Gun Violence is suicide also

    • Jerry, what’s your source for the above stats? I’m curious about overlapping statistics, i.e. Homicide v Murder by gun; also I know that “police assisted suicide” doesn’t ever register for available numbers and as often as not death by cop isn’t considered a homicide depending on who is taking count…

    • That’s my source but as anything, its validity is subjective.

    • Nice! Thank you!

    • Jerry Gott You forgot to mention the numbers of people who were able to save their own lives & the lives of others BECAUSE they WERE armed !!!

    • Just in case, i’ m not searching for excuses for police force , i just dont get the clue why Firearms are so important to the US citizens. Ok if you are living in the woods, meeting grizzlies all the time, i see its neccassary, but in a normal neighbourhood i dont get it. It’s all driven by fear, but what fear? I guess the british empire is not into conquering you within the next few years, the native americans are also no threat anymore and the russians just come aus tourists. The only reasonable fear is that everyone has a gun, and thats why i would need a gun too, just in case. I still just dont get! it

    • Sebastian, we need guns to protect ourselves from all threats foreign and domestic and could it be that our biggest fear is to protect ourself from our own government… Just orbiter dictum. And Terry, these are not my statistics… My point is that gun deaths are way, way down on the list of causes of death. I am pro gun.

    • Sebastian Ghislain I don’t think you ever will get it, either.

    • That foreign threat…..WHO would be so stupid to conquer a country like the US, and the domestic threat is because everybody has gun because of domestic threat. Your constitution was established when you still fought the british, the native citizens of your country and the fear of bears, wolves and other animals was real . For me you can do like you think you Need to, but i dont understand your reasons at all. The foreign and domestic politics of your government(ours nearly the Same) is driven only by economic interests. The wars around the world where your troops are fighting are all about oil and power. In my opinion its only claimed as war on terror, the truth is thats all about money and other economic interests! Saudi-Arabia, that Country that is supported by the US and the EU with weapons and ” friendship” beheaded more people because of the sharia, than terrorists in syria, all the refugees did not Head towards their islamic neighbours, the ran into our borders. And for sure is there a simple reason for their behavior.

    • I will never get it either Sebastian Ghislain. I have come to accept that it is simply a cultural thing, something uniquely american. Nothing anyone says will change their mind.

    • Let me try to elucidate Sebastian and lest… we all have the delusion that governments are for the people by the people to take care of the people and protect the people. The problem is that people are the government and humans always have this need to control. They are susceptible to greed and power… so on and so forth. We all should be quite aware of the shortcomings of the human species. It’s not so easy to dominate a people if they have weapons to protect themselves. It’s not so easy to take something from somebody if they have weapons to protect themselves. You can sing Kumbaya all you want and put whatever faith you want into humanity, but humans are one of the most deceitful despicable untrustworthy species there is and personally, I would like to have a gun to protect myself from them. Is that simple enough for you to understand or should I go further. There are a group of bullies on the schoolyard that take children’s lunch money. They don’t take mine because I have a stick. Sorry, can’t be anymore simple minded than that.

    • Yo forreal….Suicides and GANG Homicides….Lmfao

    • Terry Hanitsch : have you any statistics to back up your claim of people being saved by a “good guy with a gun”?

    • “Their study, using data from 1977 to 1992, concluded that, had the states which outlaw “concealed carry” allowed their citizens to carry concealed weapons, over 1,500 murders, 4,000 rapes, and 60,000 aggravated assaults could have been prevented yearly since 1992.”


    • Google. Try it, it’s cool. Haha.

    • Most of the gun violence is committed by gang bangers that got the gun illegally, so even if they were takin away from all law abiding citizens the bad guys would still have them.Most people never ever want to have to use them against another person but if some one with a weapon is a threat ( because people can’t just fight with fists anymore ) I like to know I can defend my self, family, property .

  • Because smart people understand that gun control is actually people control

  • he wants them to be illegal so he can make more money on the black market

  • This should be the first of many . . .

  • what they say and do before election is what they think the people want them to say and do, what they do in reality is usually something completely opposite and different, but that is politicians all round!!

  • Typical Demoncrat!

  • awesome


  • .

  • Greed strikes again.

  • That’s the way it is all over the board! Those who claim to be fighting evil have crated that evil to be identified as the righteous one which, they believe, prevents them from being seen as the creators of war and destruction that they really are. When you see or hear something presented to you as an undeniable fact, turn it around…. just for the HELL of it. After a while, you’ll start getting the picture.

  • of course up”d his profit

  • not surprised.

  • supply and demand. the more scarce a product the more profitable it is to sell that product. be it guns,drugs oil or truffles

  • Western civilization is completely run by Luciferians who worship dark energy and are explicitly involved in the encouragement of summoning dark energy through the Ritualistic abuse of people. This includes gang raping children, sacrificing babies, small children and adults etc, all of these activities are their way of feeling an exhilaration on a spiritual level. They experience a feeling of exhilaration by conducting very evil acts upon innocence. These were ancient practices that have been kept hidden as the average human would automatically reject it as most of us are naturally inclined to be good.

    This behavior has to be indoctrinated into the human, it is entirely unnatural. This goes all the way back to the philosophies of Lucifer or Satan who is the negative dark energy that creates lifeless zones in the creation, this energy directly challenges God by deliberately bring suffering into his creation. The Leaders of western civilization embrace this as their religious spirituality that at this point in time is a requirement to join the ranks of the upper upper class. ALL people of political influence in the west are members of these secret societies and only when they threaten to leave do they then get threatened to be exposed as a pedophile etc. They ALL are in on it. The ENTIRE HEAD of western civilization is SICK AS SICK can be…

    This was why the prophets warned us that when Jesus is revealed the Devil will know he is caught out and it is at the height of his power so he is FURIOUS and it is a very scary moment in human history due to the strength of his system that is starting to fall apart right in front of him. In fact we are informed that under this situation with the Devil so powerful and the fact that his system is now in a state of total collapse because of the Revelation of Jesus Christ and the truth, which the Devil is desperately trying to hide.. many people are getting captured and killed as they scramble to survive the second coming of Jesus Christ…BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO ENDURE UNTIL THE END!

  • As well as the biggest anti drug folks

  • Yet he was nearly re elected

  • enemies are all around us, this man could be trying to topple Rome from within

  • A real american hero.

  • You are right. There is no main stream media coverage on this. How anyone can look at the US congress and the Supreme Court and not see corruption is amazing.

    • SF Chronicle has been covering it

  • Why is this not surprising??

  • They should fast track this one, why wait until October? There is so much corruption in government.

  • Got off easy..20 yrs or more ..

  • Follow his money and find his master

  • This guy and his corruption was swept under the rug during the last election. Someone powerful let this happen

  • It is because any form of control manipulates the supply/demand and therefor the cost of the controlled products. Keep the price of guns and drugs high so that profits are maximized.

  • They are all part of legal gun running…

  • Now thats funny and so common.

  • boooooooooooooooooo

  • Sometimes the best place to hide is under the cloak of hypocrisy.

  • typical

  • Jessica Christine Lopez Check this out.

  • this is crazy how corrupt our government can be i wonder what else is going on

  • Just another scumbag politician with absolutely nothing to offer his constituents.

  • F Bag!!!

  • The guilty dog always barks the loudest.

  • Another democrat

  • Philippe Dupre
    Gordon St Aubin
    Sarah Macki
    Derek Anderson

  • wow they are all garbage.

  • Because if something is illegal, it means it becomes hard to get, thus the price goes up.

  • Shot the children protect the gun
    It’s the american way

  • This guy is a toital scumbag

  • The Free Thought Project.com His sentencing was postponed until December, and now until February 2016. If you’re gonna recycle stories, at least bother to update them!

  • the crooks in politics

  • For the Love of Money O-Jays

  • Imagine that!

  • Politicians have the same moral fiber as fucking pedophiles. … they are scum

  • The US Government is by far the world’s biggest gun runner

  • every were is war

  • Bloody smoke & mirrors.

  • Business as usual.

  • Trying to be a kennedy

  • he wasnt a hypocrite, just didnt want any competition

  • All politicians are criminals!

  • Hard @ Work On TAXPAYER DOLLARS!

  • What a shit head , I hope the judge throws the book at him .

  • Typical filthy, stinking, anti-gun Democrat…

  • he wants guns to be illegal so his profits increase

  • republicans and Democrats, doesn’t matter…all untrustworthy and criminal.

  • i dont see what the problem is.

  • It’s true then … reality is actively aping the fictional film world.. fook!

  • I noticed that this article, posted in July 2015, says that sentencing came on OCT 21, 2015 …
    What was the outcome?
    Is there an update?


  • Mary this is also the mandatory vaccine guy right?

  • At least he understands how to create supply and demand. 🙂

  • Wyatt Holliday

    Five years.. That’s all he got for this crap. He should have received 20.

  • BO_stinks

    the most forgotten story of the year of the biggest Democrat hypocrite, so typical.

  • John Parker Jr.

    Any update on sentencing?