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Lawsuit Exposes Police Horror Story, Cops Sic K9 on Peaceful Man, Hogtied Him Face Down Until Dead


Southhaven, MS — Troy Goode had taken LSD at a concert he and his wife attended in Southaven, Mississippi, but must have been having a bad trip and began acting erratically, running around the parking lot. Though the Memphis, Tennessee, man’s behavior wasn’t violent or threatening to anyone, someone felt it necessary — likely out of misguided concern — to summon the police. That fateful decision by a stranger cost Goode his life.

Inept police arrived on scene and, as bystander video footage revealed, forcefully hogtied Goode, placing him face-down — a position known to be potentially deadly — and loaded him onto a stretcher and into a waiting ambulance.

“They hogtied him. That’s such a bad idea,” one witness can be overheard saying in that footage. “He’s currently face-down, on the stretcher,” says another. Shortly after that, a third bystander — who could not have imagined how truly portentous her statement would be — advised her companion, “Video it, just in case he dies.”

Tragically, an hour after arriving at the hospital, that’s exactly what happened.

Southaven Police maintain the absurd and unscientific claim Goode’s death was caused by his consumption of LSD. A Mississippi medical examiner’s report lists “complications of LSD toxicity” as the cause of death and “accidental” as the manner, according to MS News Now.

Police have also claimed Goode was combative, threatening officers and resisting arrest, and his violent behavior continued inside the ambulance. Southaven Mayor Darren Musselwhite even issued a statement in support of this claim, going as far as saying Goode never said he couldn’t breathe — despite the bêtise of such a claim. Goode’s physical and mental distress was clearly evidenced in the video and backed up by audio of bystanders’ narration of the incident.    

As the Free Thought Project previously reported, his friends, family, and an independent autopsy tell a different story, saying Goode — who suffered from asthma — was denied his inhaler, and it was police’ excessive force and use of a dangerous restraint that killed him.

“He was suffocating. His heart[rate] increased into what is called tachycardia. There is no scientific basis to attribute his death to LSD,” said attorney Tim Edwards in November. “This was lethal force, putting someone in a prolonged hogtied position … The toxicology report … rules out any drug-related causes. That takes that off the table. LSD does not cause heart failure.”

On Wednesday, as they promised in November, Goode’s family filed a federal lawsuit against Southaven Police, the City of Southaven, several individual police officers and medical workers, the hospital where he was treated, and others — citing the violation of his civil rights.

According to the lawsuit, Goode’s treatment by police was nothing short of torture. In regards to the police and their use of the K-9, the lawsuit exposes downright sadistic and inhumane behavior by the officers:

  • Troy approached the K-9 unit patrol car and opened the door in an attempt to voluntarily submit to police authority and enter the patrol car to be taken into custody.
  • When Troy opened the door to the patrol car the police dog, a Belgian Malinois named “Weasel”, got out of the vehicle but was not aggressive.
  • Defendant Scallorn grabbed the police dog by the collar, restraining it and preventing it from attacking Troy.
  • Troy, who was an animal lover, began to talk in friendly terms to the dog.
  • At that point and time, one or more of the Defendants willfully, intentionally, wantonly, and with reckless disregard for Decedent’s well-being commanded the police dog to attack Troy.
  • Defendant Scallorn intentionally released the police dog to allow it to attack Troy.

Southaven Police Chief Tom Long recently announced his retirement as of January 22nd, after 26 years in that post and 38 years in law enforcement. Long, 61, “is leaving a department where he started as the first officer hired by the city,” reported the Associated Press. Of course, the timing is purely coincidental.

Though the family of Troy Goode is seeking a nominal $150,000 in damages, the true motivations for the lawsuit appear more altruistic. They have requested class-action status for the claim — an apparent effort to ensure no other family has to face such a tragedy from needless use of force by police.

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    • Sean hartgrove must be a Meth dealer…

    • Seriously how fucking classless could you be?! On an article about a man’s death (which his family and friends will be reading and seeing) you post this? I’m all for females with tattoos and showing them off (I have many myself) but damn have more class and learn what post to comment your pictures on.

  • Most relationships fail because we spend too much time pointing out each others mistakes and not enough time enjoying each others company.

  • They should be fired and put in jail without protective custody !!!

  • He died an HOUR LATER. If he died right there, then I could see the correlation between being hogtied and death. But an hour later? C’mon, let’s show a little common sense. Seriously, its like a bird craps on your head, and an hour later you have a heart attack. Did the bird cause the heart attack??

    • You’re joking right?…

    • No, actually I’m not. Here’s the thing, if the guy was having a hard time breathing, the hospital would have treated him. See, hospitals won’t keep people hogtied. What they would do is put the combative person into 4 or 5 point restraints. The person is laying on their back when this is done, both arms at his sides. Each arm and each leg would be restrained, and if necessary their hips would be secured with a belt that attaches both to the patient and the gurney.

      Also, if he was having difficulty breathing, the hospital would have given the appropriate medicine to help. The article states that he had asthma and used an inhaler. All hospitals have the same medicine used in inhalers on hand. They also have a cart with various emergency medicines nearby.

    • He did not receive proper medical attention dipshit! He was instead hogtied for an hour! Needs to happen to your ass!

    • Jesse Brake, can you prove that he was hogtied for an hour and that he did not receive proper medical attention?

    • It doesn’t matter if we can prove it! It doesn’t change the fact if it really did happen!

    • Actually, Kevin Ariel,it does matter if you can prove it. If you’re going to claim something, if you can’t prove what you’re claiming, then your claim is bovine refuse.

      I’m not disputing that the guy died. What I am disputing is the manner. I agree that hogtying can cause problems that could lead to death, but from what I’ve read, (from sources other than TFTP), the guy was at the hospital for up to two hours before he died. There’s no way a hospital would leave a patient hogtied for that length of time.

      Also, many are forgetting that the guy did LSD that day, probably mere hours before the police confrontation. We don’t know how much LSD he took, and therein lies the problem. If he took a small amount, I would agree that it probably didn’t contribute to his death. If he took a large amount, it damn well could have contributed to his death.

    • I agree, the LSD killed him. Toxicity and possibly stress from a bad trip.

    • The amount of lsd it takes to kill a person is more than can humanly take. Plus they list no ldl which is a measure of how much lsd would have been in his system, compared to the toxicity level for a person of his weight, which shows that they are showing no scientific proof of his death and they are in fact trying to cover up his death, which was caused by traumatic body injury of beating him. There were mutiple eye witnesses at the scene of the crime.

    • Jesse Brake, the autopsy states complications due to LSD toxicity. He didn’t die FROM LSD toxicity, he died from COMPLICATIONS FROM the toxicity. Big difference there. As far as what the levels were in his bloodstream, I don’t know. If you have a link to the official autopsy, I’d love to see it.

      The family states that he took 4-5 hits of LSD, and depending on his experience with the drug, this could be nothing or it could be major. Of course we’ll never know, his family would never admit that he was an addict. Going on the assumption that he’s not a chronic LSD user, 4-5 hits is quite substantial. And if he was a newbie with the drug, newbies are more apt to suffer the effects of toxicity. I’m not going to list all the effects here, but I am linking to a site that does list everything.


    • I’d actually like to point out one very important sentence from the site above:

      “As previously stated, massive overdoses can lead to respiratory arrest, coma (very rare), emesis, hyperthermia, autonomic instability, and bleeding disorders.”

      Respiratory arrest. You stop breathing, you suffocate.

    • Jason I have a question- were you there? Did you see what happened? Did you know Troy? I’m assuming these answers to be no. Well Troy and I actually have many mutual friends, several of which were there and witnessed what happened. Troy was hogtied. Point blank… HOGTIED! This is not okay. I do not give a shit what you are doing- there is NO justification in hogtieing a person. He took LSD before the concert that he attended (when they were leaving the concert that’s when this incident occurred in the parking lot). So he made it through an entire concert without any complications and than an hour after the concert died? That’s just not logical. While he was hogtied he could not breathe. He STATED he could not breathe to the cops. They REFUSED to give him his inhaler- wtf? He was hogtied for over an hour struggling to breathe and than died. His wife was there and was trying to give his inhaler and the cops REFUSED… Ummm since when is that okay? Oh by the way there were TWO different autopsies done. The one that the police had carried out says that it was LSD but the independent one (that had NO ties to the county, cops, or courts) stated it was NOT from LSD.
      Before you judge a case maybe you need to have a bit more information.

    • Exactly steph!

    • “Troy and I have many mutual friends, several of which were there and witnessed what happened.”

      First, it doesn’t sound like you know Troy more than friends-of-friends, but that’s besides the point. I’m not going to debate you on who you’re friends with. But what I will debate is you ask if I were there, when you yourself weren’t. You ask if I saw what happened, when you yourself didn’t see what happened. If you *actually* were there, you would have said, “Watch the video. I’m the woman in the blue shirt, etc, etc.” But you weren’t there.

      Secondly, are you a police officer? Military? If not then you have no idea what is or is not justified. This is not the world according to Stephanie. What you may say is uncalled for could be a widely accepted practice used by agencies around the world. Also, you weren’t there, so all your info is from witnesses that are emotionally involved.

      Third, you say that the second autopsy stated the death was not from LSD. Since you’re not offering any proof here, I can only assume that it says something similar to what the papers say, that he died from suffocation. LSD can lead to respiratory distress. If you stop breathing, you suffocate.

      Finally, you offer no proof whatsoever that anything you said is actually true. For all I know, you could be one of the multitudes of asshats here that chastise and insult people who question or disagree with whatever TFTP tells them is true.

    • Unlike many here, I admit when I’m wrong. Per news sources, the police autopsy stated he died from a heart issue, most likely from LSD. The family autopsy says he died from a heart issue, most likely caused by hogtying. I thought it was resp distress, and was wrong.

      Now that that’s out of the way, both autopsies agree that there was heart problems. From the news story, the lawyer also admits that he had other drugs in his system in addition to the LSD. OTHER DRUGS. Now, some of the drugs that were in his system were administered at the hospital, but I wonder what was in his system prior to the police encounter.

      I also looked into positional asphyxiation. There have been many studies done on this, and the majority all say the same thing. The physiological science of restraint not only clarifies that the restraint position or restraint procedures fail to support a sudden death from ventilatory compromise but also reveal that other more significant factors are more likely to contribute to a sudden violent restraint death. Other factors such as excited delirium, drug intoxication, mental illness, stress, trauma, and catecholamine hyperstimulation, are considered to be factors playing the most significant role in these sudden deaths (Ross, 1998; Ruttenber, et al., 1997; Wetli, 2006, 2005; Laposata, 1993; Karch, 2008; DiMaio and DiMaio, 2006). Moreover, other studies show that a significant number of individuals who suddenly die after restraint have an abnormally enlarged heart, linked to chronic drug abuse, and have internal organ deficiencies (Herd, 1991; Karch, 2008; Karch and Green, 1995; Karch and Stevens, 1999; Laposata, 1991, 2006).

    • And Stephanie, one more reason to call bullshit on your comment is when you state that this incident occurred AFTER the concert in the parking lot. From all the news sources I’ve read thus far, they all say the same thing. They say that he started flipping out BEFORE the concert, that his wife tries to drive him back home, and that they pull into a different parking lot where the incident takes place. Not only does HIS WIFE state this, THE LAWSUIT STATES THIS.

      So what does this mean? It means that your comment is bullshit. A giant farce. On the upside, I did learn more about the case. What I learned really changes my thoughts on it.

    • I will admit I had misspoke about the time frame. I knew that Troy and his wife had driven into southaven to see the concert and did not realize she decided it was best to bring him home since he was acting strange. Yes he did LSD but that does not mean he deserved the actions that led to his death (I do not agree with this drug but it has been around for many years and will continue to be). On route home she had pulled over and it all occurred. Troy was giving himself to the cops and opened the door to the backseat to get in but there was a k9 that came out of the car. He was voluntarily giving himself up to the cops when the cops decided to have the k9 attack him, biting him several times in his arm. Then as he was getting up to get into the vehicle they shot him with the taser in the back and started to hogtie him. He was hogtied for an hour and half, while being transported to hospital and being treated at hospital- yes the hospital left him hogtied while they began to treat him. His oxygen levels showed extremely insufficient but yet they did not treat him for it. The entire time he was in police custody, as well as in the hospital, he stated he was having trouble breathing and was STILL hogtied. Doctors have came forth stating he had no prior heart issues before this. The autopsy report states, “Goode’s blood contained less than half the minimum “threshold toxic dose” of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) – about 1.0 ng/mL.”. The independent autopsy that was done states that death was due to suffocation. Well let’s see- for an hour and half he kept saying he could not breathe, he was hogtied (studies have proven that suffocation is very likely to happen being hogtied for long periods of time), was denied his inhaler over and over again, his oxygen levels at the hospital were extremely low, and yet he was not treated for oxygen… But yet it goes back to LSD? The fact of the matter is that hogtying this man was completely wrong. This is involuntary manslaughter. As a cop if you have to hogtie a man that is literally giving himself up to you and that did not do anything violent, there is a problem. Since when is it okay for police to hogtie people? If it was then you would see/hear about it all the time. It is not okay for a reason. Also who gives a shit if I was there? I wasn’t. You weren’t. We both have different opinions but it comes down to facts… Fact 1- he took LSD before heading to a concert. Fact 2- he was voluntarily giving himself up. Fact 3- they had a k9 attack him while voluntarily giving himself up. Fact 4- they tased him immediately after the k9 attacked him. Fact 5- they hogtied him and kept him hogtied for 1 1/2 hours. Fact 6- he continued to say he couldn’t breathe. Fact 7- they denied him his inhaler. Fact 8- his oxygen levels at the hospital (still hogtied) were extremely low and in need of assistance. Fact 9- the hospital did not treat his oxygen levels and only treated his arm for dog bites. And lastly Fact 10- he died of suffocation IN the hospital. The facts say it all.
      I looked at your page to see what the person I was speaking with looked like and realized that you are a cop. If you could for one moment, step outside of the uniform and look at this case with a civilians’ mentality than maybe you will realize that hogtying is extremely dangerous and completely uncalled for. I also want to make something clear- I am not against cops. I am against those who take their badge too far. I lived in southaven and I know how some of those cops are. Some of these cops have been known to be not-so-nice and let their pride get the best of them (not all but even one is too many).

    • Stupid stupid comments

    • Stephanie Stella, I’ve been thinking about how I should respond, and frankly, I’m at a loss. Nothing I write is going to change anything. You’re going to believe what you want to believe, and I’m going to do the same. But I would like to address one thing.

      Personal responsibility.

      Once, just once, I’d love to see people stand up and accept responsibility for their actions. In this case, the cops did not make him take drugs. He chose to do it, and it was a bad choice. The cops don’t go driving around the city saying, “Hey, let’s find us someone we can kill today!” To think that is absurd. It’s true that some cops do go overboard, but not all. And to think that everyone who showed up to this disturbance was bad is beyond absurd.

      It’s hard to accept the death of a friend or loved one. But blaming everyone else for that person’s bad decisions is criminal.

    • Had the guy been sober, these events never would have happened. It’s as simple as that. He CHOSE to take the drugs. His choices contributed to the outcome. It’s sad that he died, but his death could have been avoided had he made better choices.

    • I don’t think there has ever been a death from lsd overdose.


      People have jumped from Windows, died in vehicle accidents.

      Death by lsd toxicity… None

    • I actually was saying this exact thing a few days ago regarding a different situation. Yes I fully agree people need to start taking responsibility for their actions. Now a days everyone is so quick to blame others for choices of their own. With that said… Yes Troy did not belong taking LSD. Maybe if he didn’t than he would still be alive. But also maybe if the cops didn’t hogtie him for so long he might still be alive. Maybe if they let him have his inhaler or maybe if the hospital treated his oxygen levels he might still be alive. There are always “maybes”. I did not know Troy but friends that knew him only have good things to say about him. It just really gets to me that cops had hogtied an actual person. I’ve never heard of that till now. I’ve heard of hogtying animals but people? To me it’s absurd. Cops don’t even hogtie murderers or rapists (if anyone deserves to be hogtied it’s them). There are better ways to apprehend a person.
      In the last year alone I have heard several horror stories about southaven police that make me scared to drive thru there and I don’t do anything illegal. Just a few months ago a girl was driving down one of the busiest streets and A cop pulled her over and stated she looked suspicious (this girl is the furtherest from looking suspicious) so he asked to search her vehicle. She allowed him and he found nothing. He then told her he wanted to search her but he was alone… He then had her get into the back seat of his vehicle and strip down to nothing- naked in the backseat of his car when it was just a normal traffic stop. End of story was nothing was found so the officer told her have a great day and let her go on her way. This just does not sound okay. She was so shaken up and scared to go to precinct to tell them just in case he was there or if the others were his friends.
      Like I said earlier, I am not against cops… I’m against those who abuse power. Even one person abusing their power is too much. It gives the good cops a bad name.

    • “I did not know Troy….”

      You blast me for not knowing him, or even being there, when you yourself don’t know the guy and wasn’t there when this happened. The more you talk, the more bullshit comes out.

      We can play the “maybe” game all day, but the facts are nobody forced him to take the drugs. Had he not taken the drugs, he wouldn’t have flipped out. It’s just that simple.

      You say there are better ways to apprehend someone? What would those be? And what makes you an authority on police tactics? What are your qualifications?

  • don’t due lsd.

  • This actually happened in the county I grew up in south of memphis, in Mississippi and those cops are the most bullying and wanna be thugs with a badge and a gun assholes I’ve ever been around in my life. Not all, but 90% are more corrupt than the individuals they lock up every day. An innocent man died in their hands while they laughed about it and beat him and those sick sons of bitches deserve the death penalty.

  • Not Heroes!

  • Monkeys with badges!

  • Just another day in America.

  • Drugs kill a man and it’s the police fault? There cannot be this many dumbasses in the world

    • Look at the ld 50 for lsd.. It is impossible to die from its toxicity.

  • How are the cops responsible for this? They were called to stop erratic behavior by a person ingesting a mind altering substance.
    What happened to personal responsibility?
    The police were put in a no win situation, restrain him, take him to the hospital he dies they get the blame.
    If they would have stood by and just watched and the idiot had hurt himself ( he did by the way, by not being in control of HIS OWN ACTIONS ! ) or others, then you would blame the police.
    These men and women are not perfect, they are being Monday morning quarterbacked by a bunch of fools.
    If your going to report on injustices……… find real ones !

  • this has to stop dont they answer to anyone or a contual coverup.