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“Kill this MotherF***er!” — Leaked Video Shows Cop Plot to Kill Unarmed Man then Murder Him

St. Louis, MO — In December 2011, St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley violated department policy when he grabbed his personal AK-47, premeditated, and then murdered Anthony Lamar Smith. The planning of the murder and the actual murder were captured on the officer’s dashcam. However, no one has ever seen that footage — until this week.

Thanks to a St. Louis Police Department insider, the dashcam video of Stockley’s crimes were finally leaked to the public. This week, an anonymous person dropped off a USB drive to a local FOX affiliate of the entire incident. What it shows is nothing short of a conspiracy to commit and then allegedly cover up a murder.

As the dashcam video begins, officer Stockley is attempting to arrest Smith who’s been suspected of possessing a substance deemed illegal by the state — otherwise known as a drug bust. Not wanting to be kidnapped for doing something that harms no one and makes him happy, Smith fled. At this point, Stockley pulls out his personal AK-47 with a drum magazine and begins dangerously squeezing off rounds in the middle of town.

Unable to murder Smith for running away, Stockley and his partner began a highly dangerous pursuit, endangering everyone around him by driving upwards of 90 mph through busy city streets in the rain. At one point, Stockley’s partner Brian Bianchi, who is driving the car, loses control and crashes into a tree. This infuriated the trigger happy cop.

”Back up,” Stockley yells.

According to the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Probable Cause Statement, Stockley then says something that foreshadows what’s about to happen — he premeditates the murder of Smith.  Prosecutors believe he said “…going to kill this mother-******, don’t you know it.”

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After the officers ran through a number of red lights, Stockley tells Bianchi to ram Smith after he’d stopped, “hit him right now.”

The patrol car smashes into the surrendering Smith.

Both cops surround the car with Stockley immediately firing five shots into Smith — killing him.

The in-car camera shows Stockley then throw his personal weapon, which was a violation of department policy, into the back of the cruiser. He then exits and returns moments later and begins to dig around in a bag — most likely grabbing a ‘drop gun’ to plant it on Smith.

After the shooting, police found a pistol lying in Smith’s vehicle. However, according to prosecutors, it “was later determined by lab analysis to have only (Stockley’s) DNA on it.”

The police video then cuts out and we are unable to see anything else.

Before this dashcam footage was released, a citizen’s cellphone video was the only evidence showing that Stockley entered Smith’s car. When we combine the two videos, however, it shows what the police apparently did not want the public to see.

After Stockley rummaged through the bag and got out with empty hands, implying that he’d hid something, he walked over to the car. He then hangs around driver’s side door and makes several attempts to lean in while being pushed back by one of the officers. However, once Smith’s body is dragged from the vehicle, Stockley quickly sits in the driver’s seat.

Knowing there was likely blood all over and this would inevitably get on his uniform, why would Stockley sit in the driver’s side of the vehicle, unless he had to ‘recover’ Smith’s gun? That is exactly what happened.

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When investigators asked him why there was only his DNA on the revolver, Stockley said he immediately unloaded it for safety reasons. However, if Stockley’s story was true and Smith tried to shoot him, there would have been DNA evidence proving this — but there was not.

After the shooting, a federal judge issued a protective order forbidding release of the material by lawyers who obtained it as part of a civil suit in which the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners paid a $900,000 settlement in 2013 for Smith’s young daughter, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. In August, the judge turned down a request from the Post-Dispatch to lift the order.

Stockley was allowed to remain on the force and only faced a slap on the wrist for using his personal weapon to murder Smith. He then left the force in 2013. He was not charged until May of this year, based on what Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce’s office said was new evidence that she did not disclose.

Joyce filed a murder complaint against Stockley in May and obtained an indictment in August. He remains free on $1 million bail, secured by the St. Louis Police Officers’ Association, and stays with relatives in Illinois. A trial setting hearing is scheduled for Oct. 3.

As for Bianchi, who undoubtedly had a hand in protecting his fellow officer, he remains on the force.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit

  • Phil Freeman

    What behavior by cops is required for us to begin to thin that herd?

    • Butch Taylor

      We are long over due. A fully involved race war and were not fighting back.

      • S Johnson

        Race war??? Did you not see this guy was not an innocent black man. There is no race war. FYI, I’m a white male that has a black girlfriend and 2 brothers married to black women.

        • Butch Taylor

          Well whoop-di-fucking-do. I bet you still watch black and white TV too. When a black person goes out in public each day and passes by white people, he/she is the focus of attention. White women cling to their purses tighter, store surveillance monitors them closely, taxis don’t stop, cops harass you for only one thing, because your black. And that’s not even the tip of the ice burg. Oh there is a race war going on. It was spawned out of slavery that never ended, only temporarily applied to the prison system. And it is perpetrated and sanctioned by the corrupt legislature and their controllers and it’s being conducted by the nations law enforcement of racist whites, coons and pet niggers. Maybe you and yours are trying hard to be an exception to the rule. What I saw and heard was an unarmed black man premeditatedly murdered by a racist white cop and a department that did it’s very best to cover it up.

          • FiuToYou

            That’s the cops NOT the white population. It’s a war of::// Govt/cops/national guard against the citizens. It’s called being put under a big thumb! Everybody has to fight this together, in great numbers.If it’s just 3 to 4 people, chances are, they will be shot and that’s that! 3 to 4 thousand of mixed race protesting peacefully, they, (the pigggies), won’t fire. If they do, it’s a war. Protect yourself and your family!!!

          • rioderek

            Racist, murdering white cops do not represent the entire white population of the USA. Racist white cops are supported by government and the racist injustice system. That same system oppresses and victimize poor whites, Latinos and anyone else they see fit. The average white citizen is not the problem. The problem lies with the oppressor class. Wake up !! A nation divided remains a nations of conquered and controlled sheep.

      • Justsomeguy151

        Even though per capita, pigs murder blacks more often than any other ethnicity except for Native Americans, its most definitely NOT a race war thing, its a Pigs vs Us thing. The lying LameStreamMedia are the ones who are trying to divide us w/ this “black vs white” bullshit.

      • FiuToYou

        The way things are looking in America at the moment, you all ought to be getting together, regardless of race, color, etc. Because the govt is coming to take your rights to be free!

      • rioderek

        A race war ? why not a war on the bogus establishment who divide and controls us all. A race war does nothing but benefit the oppressor class, meaning; maintaining the status quo

  • AJ

    Those who seek a career in law enforcement are clinical psychopaths, and they want to be able to legally kill people without legal recourse or repercussions. This is an open and shut case of first degree murder.

    Stockley needs to be locked up for the rest of his natural life.

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  • Ibcamn

    a badge doesn’t come with ability to drive…cops are retarded criminals…nothing more.
    they love to just shoot then cover-up,much easier than being a good cop,all cops are criminals….

  • steve.goodin

    All i gotta say is… Fuck the Police!!!

  • 30yrfed

    All cops and prosecutors are all corrupt. Just ask any cop
    or prosecutor if they have ever see a cop break the law (speeding, lying under
    oath, illegal parking, using excessive force, murder etc) then ask them what they did
    about it considering that they have taken a sworn oath to enforce and uphold
    the law. You will have your answer..

    “Force always attracts men of low
    Albert Einstein

  • Brent Fisher

    There is something wrong when the only species of animal on planet Earth that has evolved the ability to control its environment so well it could visit the Moon and make machinery capable of complex numerical calulating yet still feels a reptilian desire to endanger that same species,their property and pets just to protect one guy from a PLANT. In the Middle East terrorists are afraid of statues in museums while in America the terrorists are afraid of PLANTS. How does it feel to have a spiritual agenda so weak—after I demonstrated the ability of said species to control its environment–that the religion only spreads by the sword and by fear of statues and plants? And you have the brass ones to ask me why I am a heathen?