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Legalized Highway Robbery, Cop Caught on Dashcam Stealing $50,000 Cash

“How much money you got?….I’m seizing it!”

April 30, 2014

Infuriating dashcam footage has been released of literal “highway robbery” and it is being carried out by the police!

The door to state sanctioned robbery has been open for a long time, thanks to the illegitimate and immoral “war on drugs.” However, the police in Nevada have taken this thievery and racketeering to a new level.

In something that you’d expect to see in a third world county, 8 News Now in Las Vegas has obtained exclusive dash-cam video from one of these drug interdiction stops. While no drugs were found, that didn’t stop the deputy from grabbing the cash.

“How much money you got?” Humboldt County Deputy Lee Dove can be heard asking on the video.

Dove can be seen dropping cash on the hood of the car.

Deputy Dove: “That’s not yours, is it?”
Motorist: “That’s mine.”
Deputy Dove: “Well, I’m seizing it.”

The media is referring to this is a “questionable” practice, but it is nothing short of grand theft. The man in the video was not only stolen from by police, but he was illegally searched as well. 

Deputy Dove: “Well, I’m gonna search that vehicle first, ok?”
Nguyen: “Hey, what’s the reason you’re searching my car?”
Deputy Dove: “Because I’m talking to you … well, no, I don’t have to explain that to you. I’m not going to explain that to you, but I am gonna put my drug dog on that (pointing to money). If my dog alerts, I’m seizing the money. You can try to get it back but you’re not.”
Nguyen: (inaudible) got it in Vegas.”
Deputy Dove: “Good luck proving it. Good luck proving it. You’ll burn it up in attorney fees before we give it back to you.”

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Then this road pirate tells the man how he can leave with a warning as long as he leaves his $50,000 with him.

Deputy Dove: “It’s your call. If you want to walk away, you can take the cashiers checks, the car and everything and you can bolt and you’re on your way. But you’re gonna be walking away from this money and abandoning it.

Deputy Dove: “I don’t have all day to sit here debating it. You need to give me a decision what you want to do.”

The reason that they have been able to get away with this type of theft is because they are threatening drivers with more theft and even kidnapping if they don’t simply “walk away” from their cash.

John Ohlson, the attorney for the man in the video, lays out the reality of the situation, “An armed person stops a traveler and demands the traveler’s money and tells the traveler that unless he gets in his car and moves on down the road and forgets all about it, he’s going to take his car too. I would say that’s pretty close to what you’re describing as highway robbery.”

A uniform and a badge do not grant the ability to pilfer the masses. Theft is a crime regardless of state approval.


  • Byrne Berggren

    And cops cry and wonder why they are despised. To have the DA, and sheriff state that “they didn’t see anything wrong here” proves the whole system is money-hungry and corrupt.

    Civil forfeiture is and has always been, and always will be illegal according to the U.S. Constitution. Just because some bureaucrat or politician says it’s legal does not make it so. The police community is “aghast” at why they are shown no respect nationwide… well, when you, who are sworn to protect and serve, are more of a threat to me than the local drug dealer, a threat to my personal liberties and Constitutionally guaranteed right of protection, you become deserving of NONE of my respect.

    You see people harping about the 2nd amendment and how it exists so individuals can protect themselves against criminals…. YOU ARE WRONG. The 2nd amendment is there so the citizens can protect themselves against a tyrannical government and when actions like wholesale robbery from the police are condoned and encouraged by our government, that to me sir, is the textbook definition of a Tyrannical government.

    A recent Washington Post investigation revealed that since 2001, law enforcement seized cash worth more than $2.5 billion from motorists and others without first obtaining search warrants or indictments, and that in 80 percent of those cases, the property owners were never charged with crimes.